Quizzes or Question Banks: • All quizzes are considered assignments and are included in the Assignments area. • Questions banks are used to create quizzes that are based on randomly selected number of questions. Creating a Question Bank - Part 1: 1. Log into Canvas and select your course 2. Click on Quizzes on the left navigation menu. 3. Click the Manage Question Banks button on the right side. 4. Click Add Question Bank button on the right side. 5. Type in a name for the Question Bank and hit Enter to accept the name. If you typed the name wrong, click the pencil to edit. 6. To add questions, click on the Question Bank’s name. 7. Click the Add a Question button on the right side. 8. You can type in a question title in the Question text area. However, it is recommended that you don’t bother with this part to save time. 9. Type in the points the question will be worth. 10. Choose the question type: a. Multiple Choice – choose one answer from several options b. True/False c. Fill in the Blank – Let students know that answer if case sensitive if you require a specific answer. Otherwise, enter as many of the possible answers as possible. d. Fill in Multiple Blanks – Allows students to complete sentences by choosing the terms. e. Multiple Answers – for questions that have more than one correct answer. Best to signal students by adding (choose all that apply) at the end of the question. f. Multiple Dropdowns – Works like Multiple Answers except uses dropdown menus, instead. g. Matching – Best used to match definition to words, concepts to definitions, names to pictures, etc. h. Numerical Answer – used in math where students type their answers in a text box. i. Formula Question – Used in math where students type in their formula answers. j. Missing Word – Works like Multiple Choice except uses a dropdown menu, instead. k. Essay Question – Students type in their essay answer in the text box. Is the only question type that is manually graded. l. Text (no question) – Used when writing instructions for sections of the test. Note: For all questions types except Essay and Text, there are options below to write out the correct answer or answers. If you need more distracters or add more answers, click the Add Another Answer link. To set the correct answer, click the arrow in front of the answer. It will change to green which indicates the correct answer. Clicking the arrow again will set the answer to incorrect which is indicated by the color red. There are comment boxes below where you can type Correct and Incorrect.

SCHOOL OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY FACULTY ORIENTATION – CANVAS Note: This option will over ride the point option on individual questions in the Question Bank 8. Click the Create Group button. 9. In the Quiz Options, there are several options you can select: a. Quiz Type – Graded Quiz and Graded Survey are recorded in the grade book. Practice Quiz is not recorded in the grade book. Ungraded Survey allows you to collect information about how students feel about the course. b. If Graded Quiz, you can assign the quiz to a specific assignment group if the option is available. c. Shuffle Answers - Allows the answers to be rearranged, so students can’t memorize the letter or number option. d. Time limit – use only if the exam must be completed in a certain amount of time. Keep in mind the ADA rules about timed exams. You can extend time for an individual student. However, the student must be registered with the DRC to receive any accommodations. e. Let Students See their Quiz Results – allows students to review their test. Below this option, you can elect whether or not to allow students to see the correct answers. f. Allow Multiple Attempts - Set how many times a student can take the quiz. Below this option, you can elect to keep the highest score or newest score. Also, you can limit how many attempts. Leaving this blank will set the quiz to unlimited attempts.

11. Click text areas and type the question and answers depending on the question type. You can add multimedia options, such as movies, links, audio, and images. 12. Click the Update Question button at the bottom. Repeat Steps 7 through 11 to build your Question Bank. Creating a Quiz Based on a Question Bank: 1. Log into Canvas and select your course. 2. Click on Quizzes on the left navigation menu. 3. Click the Create a New Quiz button on the right side. 4. Type in the instructions on how to take the exam. 5. Click New Question Group link. Type the name for the group. If you have only one group to create, type in the name of the quiz you want it to be. If you plan to use more than one group, you may want to use Unit, Section, or Chapter heading. 6. Type how many questions you want from the Question Bank in the Pick text area. 7. Type in how many points each question is worth.

SCHOOL OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY FACULTY ORIENTATION – CANVAS g. Restrict this Quiz – Sets how students access the quiz. You can enter a password and/or the Filter IP Address option which will only force students to take their exams on certain computers. h. Due Date – Set this if you have a regular course that you want the exam completed by a certain date. i. Locked Until – Locks the exam up to a certain date. After that date, the exam becomes available. j. Locked After – Locks the exam after a certain date has passed. If students have not taken the exam for that date, they will be locked out the exam. You can release the exam individually to students who missed taking that exam. 10. You can elect to preview the quiz by clicking the Preview the Quiz link. 11. Click the Save Settings button. Creating a Question Bank - Part 2: 1. Log into Canvas and select your course. 2. Click on Quizzes on the left navigation menu. 3. Click on the pencil of the quiz you want to edit. (Use the same one you were working with in Part 1.) 4. Click the Find Questions link at the bottom. 5. Look for the Question Bank you want to base the quiz off of and select it on the left side (if you have created more than one). On the right side, all the questions will be listed. You can select only those questions you want or click the Select all button at the top. 6. Scroll down to the bottom. In the Add Questions area, click the drop down menu and select the group you want to add the questions. 7. Click the Add Questions button. 8. Repeat all the steps in Part1 and 2 to add more grouped questions. 9. Click Save Settings button and click the Publish Quiz button. The quiz is now available to the students. Note: You add individual questions to the quiz by clicking Add new Question link. Questions added in this manner will not be part of the group questions, so adjust your points accordingly.


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