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Executive Summary . . . . . . . 2
Situation Analysis . . . . . . . 3-6
Marketing Goals . . . . . . . 7
Target Audience . . . . . . . 8-9
Media Objectives . . . . . . . 10
Creative . . . . . . . . 11-12
Media Strategy . . . . . . . . 13
Media Execution . . . . . . 14-18
Promotions and Non-Traditional Efforts . . . 19
Budget . . . . . . . - 20-21
Appendix . . . . . . . . . 22
Executive Summary
Kashi is a division of the food gi- The goals of this marketing cam-
ant Kellogg’s that specializes in all paign are to increase Kashi’s pizza
natural food. Kashi products such sales 15% to $40 million, Increase
all natural cereal and granola bars public awareness that Kashi makes
have gained popularity over the last a frozen pizza, and improve Kashi’s
25 years. Recently Kashi announced brand image.
the introduction of a new line of all
natural frozen pizza. We will significantly increase Kashi’s
web presence and also launch a tele-
Until this point Kashi frozen pizza vision and cable television campaign
has received minimal advertising in the spot markets that represent
exposure. Last year under $200,000 the greatest potential for growth.
was spent on advertising the pizza Internet and spot television were
line, and all of that money was used chosen because of the ability they
for online advertising. Despite it’s give to focus on our target audience.
lack of promotion, Kashi frozen
pizza reached $36 million in sales
for 2008.

Kashi Executives have decided that

Kashi Frozen Pizza represents a
good opportunity for the growth
of their brand, and have decided to
promote it more actively.

Situation Analysis
Kashi History
Kashi began as a small company in would buy Kashi to gain more ground
Southern California. With their blend in the health food industry.
of seven whole grains and sesame
seeds, Kashi set out to change how Not only has Kashi introduced new
people eat to live a healthy life and whole grain products, they also have
forge their way into the health food gone on annual tours to teach people
industry. about their diets and encourage others
to include whole grains to their diets
Kashi introduced their all natural food and issuing challenges to people to
in 1984 with Kashi Pilaf. The response change their life for better with Kashi.
to Kashi Pilaf was not what the In April 2007, Kashi announced
company hoped it would be. Refusing that frozen pizza would be added to
to give up, Kashi soon introduced all their line of all natural, whole grain
natural, who grain cereal which gained food products. Now Kashi has five
a better response and even gained different frozen pizzas and over 50
publicity at the 1984 Olympics. other products stalking grocery store
Kashi continued to introduce new
cereal and other health foods such Kashi shows no signs of stopping
as granola bars, shakes, waffles, and 25 years later. They will continue to
frozen entrees. create new recipes for optimum taste
and nutrition.
In 2000, Kellogg’s announced they
Situation Analysis
Competitive Analysis:

DiGiorno spending. Most of the focus in

“It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.” advertising is in spot television and
DiGiorno’s parent company is KRAFT
Foods Inc. it is seen as one of the California Pizza Kitchen
biggest competitors for Kashi frozen
pizza. DiGiorno offers many different CPK’s parent company is also KRAFT
varieties in toppings, crusts, and also Foods Inc. CPK is well-known for its
sizes. It has been around for over ten nationally famous restaurants. CPK
years. It is currently the top spender offers a variety of choices of pizza
in advertising. All of its focus in toppings and crusts, but only comes in
advertising is using television and the one size. CPK’s advertising focus is on
internet. magazines and the internet,

Tombstone Amy’s Kitchen

“What do you want on your
Tombstone?” Amy’s Kitchen is a family business and
has been around for over 20 years. One
Tombstone’s parent company is also of Amy’s unique selling points is that is
KRAFT Foods Inc. KRAFT does not made with organic ingredients and is a
place as much of a focus on tombstone. healthy choice of pizza. Many of its us-
It is also on the low side of advertising ers are those that are trying to stay
Situation Analysis
Competitive Analysis:

healthy or loose weight. Much of

Amy’s advertising focus is mainly in

Red Baron: “The One for everyone”

Red Barons’ parent company is
Schwan Foods Co. Inc. Red Baron
pizza comes in a variety of toppings
and crusts, and sizes. Red baron’s
media focus consists of spot television,
but mainly magazines.
Situation Analysis
Strengths: Opportunities:
• Kashi is a sub division of food • Sales in the natural/organic food
giant Kellogg’s. category are expected to raise 10% in
• Kashi Already has some name the next year.
recognition because of products that • Families with children are likely to
it has had on the market for several be heavy consumers of frozen pizza.
• Many organic shoppers are more • Since the frozen pizza segment is
loyal than others. small then there is a lot of room for
• The cost of Kashi is significantly
higher than many other frozen pizza • Competition from traditional pizza
brands. stores and frozen pizza companies that
offer lower prices.
• Kashi Pizza’s association with
the gritty Kashi Cereal might be a • As recession drives consumers to cut
deterrent for some consumers. cost, organic food sales will slow.
• Kashi Frozen Pizza has had
minimal advertising exposure and • Competition from all-natural and
will need to be treated as a new organic pizza companies.
Marketing Goals
Kashi’s goals are to increase sales Increase sales by 15%
by 15%. This will increase the sales
Increase sales to hit the $40 million
to $40 million. With the organic
national sales goal.
food market growing 20% a year
this seems plausible. The category Increase awareness that Kashi has
sales for frozen pizza this year are frozen pizza.
forecasted to increase around 10%. Maintain national coverage.
Because of this, not only are we
Improve brand image of Kashi- from
trying to get new customers that are
healthy (gritty) cereal
converting to buying natural and
organic food but we also are trying Find new customers and converts from
to persuade other frozen pizza other frozen pizza brands.
consumers to switch over to Kashi so Make available across the country
we can reach our target of 15%. We
Hit reach of 75
also want to increase awareness that
Kashi has a pizza line since Kashi is Hit frequency of 3.5
generally associated with cereal.
Target Audience
The target market for the new pizza, women are slightly more likely
healthy frozen pizza should be to use frozen pizza products, and they
young white families with children. are more health conscious, and they
are also more likely to be the primary
Indians are more likely to use frozen food purchaser. Women are also 30
pizza, but there are not very many - 40% more likely than men to have
of them. If Hispanics consume pizza, purchased a “healty frozen pizza”
they are likely to be heavy users, but like lean cuisine or healthy choice.
they are significantly less brand loyal (Mediamark)
and there are fewer of them. White
people consume a large amount of Mintel shows that larger families
frozen pizza, and there are a lot of with children are also more likely
them. (Mediamark) to consume frozen pizza. 70% of
children consume frozen pizza. The
The Target age range is 25 - 49 Data average consumption rate of frozen
from Mintel’s new report on pizza pizza for children is 4.5 times a month.
shows that younger people 18-34 According to Mintel, households with
are far more likely to consume all 3 or more people living in them are
pizza products, with over 60% of more likely to eat frozen pizza than
them having consumed frozen pizza those who live alone or with one other
in the last 3 months. person. The convenience of frozen
pizza appeals to larger families. Data
We will target women because while shows that the larger the family is, the
women and men in the target age more likely they are to consume frozen
range are likely to consume frozen pizza. (Mintel. Pizza, Jan 2009)
Target Audience
People who have at least a high Summary:
school diploma and/or some college
education are more likely to be
• Age: 25-49
heavy users of frozen pizza products.
Television is a good medium to • Gender: Female
advertise frozen pizza. Television • Marital status: Married
viewers appear to be more likely to
• Children: Yes
use frozen pizza overall, especially
channels that appeal to families and • Race: White
young adult viewers. ABC Family, • Education: High school / Some
Music television, ect. (http:// College
selectdemo.asp) • Preferred Media: Television
Media Objectives
Our media objectives were
established by utilizing the Ostrow
Model to determine the reach and

We determined that Kashi Pizza

requires moderate reach and high
frequency. Kashi Pizza is a less
established brand and is in the
lower half of its category with strong
competition, Kashi also has a low
market share and Kashi will be
advertised using a flighting schedule.

• Reach: 80% January. 75% April,

June, August
• Frequency 3.5%
• GRP’s: 262.5
• Budget: 8 percent of sales.
Creative Brief
Who? 70% of children consume frozen pizza
and the average consumption rate is
The target audience for Kashi 4.5 times a month. The convenience
frozen pizza is a young, married, of frozen pizza is appealing to larger
Caucasian, couple in the 25-44 families; data shows that the larger
age demographic. They are both a family is the more likely they are
high school graduates and have to eat frozen pizza. The focus will be
completed at least some college. primarily on the wife because, not only
The Husband is a Professional is she more likely to be the primary
occupation and they have a food purchaser, she is also significantly
household income of $50,000 – more likely to purchase “healthy” food
$75,000. They have 2-4 children. products.
The Primary audience will be the
wife. A Woman’s maternal instincts could
also draw her to purchase Kashi.
Women naturally have the desire to
Why? care for and protect their children and
families; this includes seeing that they
Research shows that Young people in are healthy and fed nutritiously.
the 25 - 49 age range are more likely
to consume pizza products than What?
other demographics. The presence
of children in the home significantly Kashi all natural frozen pizza is made
increases the likelihood that a family with Kashi’s signature blend of Seven
will consume frozen pizza. Whole Grains & Sesame® with flax
Creative Brief
seed. The pizzas are topped with Where?
real, wholesome ingredients - things
like fire-roasted vegetables, tasty The advertising will continue to run
cheeses and all natural chicken. nationally on the internet, we will also
Kashi® All Natural Original Crust be using television and cable in our
Pizzas are a wholesome and spot markets. Television networks and
convenient option, and are available channels will be chosen on several
in your local grocery store. viewer characteristics; High frozen
pizza users, users of “healthy” frozen
Position? products like healthy choice and lean
cuisine, and users of other Kashi
We will position Kashi frozen pizza products. Within those categories we
as the all natural pizza that the will target the channels that are likely
whole family will enjoy. to be viewed by our target audience.

Purpose? What Style or Approach?

We want to increase Kashi’s frozen The Advertising should be targeted

pizza sales by attracting consumers to the mother and oriented around
from other brands and getting them the family. The advertising should
to try a Kashi frozen pizza. communicate the health benefits
of feeding you family natural food
Tagline: products, as well as the convenience
and ease of serving Kashi frozen pizza
“Kashi - Pizza for the Natural Family.” for dinner.
Media Strategy
A combination of national and spot We chose the top 20 markets which
advertising will be used for our are: Indianapolis, IN, Ft. Wayne,
Kashi campaign. National advertising IN, Lexington, KY, Charleston-
will continue with Kashi’s current Huntington, WV, Des Moines, IA,
internet advertising strategy. Most Flint, MI, Omaha, NE, Springfield, IL,
of our budget will be spent on spot Paducah, IL, Cedar Rapids, IA, Sioux
television and spot cable advertising. Falls, SD, Wichita-Hutchinson,
This choice was made based on high KS, Lincoln, NE, Davenport, IA-IL,
CDI’s with room for the brand to Evansville, IN, Johnstown-Altoona,
grow in our spot markets. PA, Peoria-Bloomington, IL, Fargo-
Valley City, ND, La Crosse-Eau Claire,
We will be using a flighting schedule, WI, Amarillo, TX.
advertising in January, April, June
and August. This decision was made
based on when Kashi’s competitors
are advertising lightly, giving Kashi
more voice in those months.

We chose our spot markets by

choosing the high CDI and BDI’s and
women age 25-49 in those areas
with the highest EV percentages
weighted at 1.5.
Media Execution
According to MRI research, heavy
frozen pizza consumers as well
as consumers of Kashi watch
television regularly therefore the
traditional media used will be spot
television and spot cable. We chose
to advertise on television that
Kashi cereal consumers watch as
well as television with high index
numbers of people who buy Healthy
Choice and Lean Cuisine Pizza.
These customers have potential
to try Kashi Pizza as they already
eat healthy frozen food and Kashi
products. We will also advertise
using spot television that heavy
frozen pizza eaters watch because
there is potential for these TV
viewers to buy Kashi pizza.
Media Execution
Spot TV programs:
High Kashi cereal and Healthy/Choice/Lean Cuisine consumers

High frozen Pizza consumers

Media Execution
Cable Networks:
High Kashi cereal and Healthy/Choice/Lean Cuisine consumers

High frozen pizza consumers

Media Execution
As well as television advertising
we will continue to use internet
advertising that Kashi has been
using for national advertising. MRI
data supports that Kashi cereal
consumers have broadband or
high speed internet and access the
internet at least two times a day. We
will use banner advertising and key
word searches.

• weatherbug. com (index 123)

• (index 119)
• (index 133)
• (120)
Media Execution
Promotional and
Non-Traditional Media
For the non-traditional portion of
our campaign we will use internet
bloggers to focus in on our target
audience. We will select blogs and
bloggers that are popular with
women in our demographic and
encourage them to promote Kashi
Frozen Pizza in their blogs. The
bloggers who choose to participate,
will be sent packages containing
information on Kashi frozen Pizza, as
well as coupons for free pizzas. The
bloggers will be instructed that they
may write whatever they wish about
the product, positive or negative,
so long as they try the product and
write about it.
The budget for Kashi‘s frozen pizza
campaign will be $2,880,000, 8% of
the pervious years 36 million dollar
sales total.

The average Profit margin for frozen

pizza products is 32.2%. By setting
aside 8% of sales for an advertising
budget, Kashi is left with a profit
margin of 24.2%.

Kashi is a brand that is not well,

know outside of their current
clientel and Kashi frozen pizza is
a new product. Because of these
factors it is necessary to spend a
greater amount of money to launch
the brand and the product.