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leave nothing behind except the frustration

Advertising Campaign By: Incondite Productions Inc.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary Creative Breif Promotional Ideas

Situation Analysis Positioning Statement

Marketing Objectives Big Idea

Advertising Objectives Media Goals

Target Market Media Excution

Secondary Research Budget

Primary Research Non- Traditional Plan

SWOT Analysis Public Relations

Executive Summary

Laplink is an international business that has campaign will use various situations and Through the increased use of non-traditional
specialized in PC connectivity for 25 years. metaphors to explore the benefits that PCmover advertising such as I-pod applications and social
PC mover, their flagship product, offers PC has to offer to the everyday consumer. The media promotions, current users will be more
migration software. PCmover now commands campaign will include a national social media likely to spread the word of what Laplink is
70% of the migration software market in campaign as well as traditional media in spot offering. Traditional media in spot markets will
the United States alone and is currently the markets that have a high potential. The main be used to supplement the non-traditional media
best selling migration product in the world – media goal is to increase customer loyalty and creating a national campaign that will increase
outselling its competitors by a margin of 3-to-1. product awareness. Media objectives include awareness of PCmover and Laplink.
Laplink is wishing to increase traffic to their having a reach of 60 and a frequency of 4.0 for
website as well as sales placed on their website. the months that the spot campaign will run for a
Laplink is also wishing to get current PCmover total of 240 GRP’s.
users to spread the word, leading to a wider This campaign will include multiple promotions
customer base and increased sales. which will include promotional codes directing
With a budget of $100,000, the “bring consumers to the Laplink website, helping to
everything with you except the frustration” increase traffic to the website as well as sales.

Marketing Objectives
Laplink has determined the following marketing objectives:

1. Increase traffic to Laplink website by 20% in 2. Inform target audience about the features 3. Increase business to business sales by 10% in
one year. and benefits of PCmover and its competitive one year by increasing contact with businesses
advantage, leading to a 10% increase in sale in that can benefit from the PCmover product
one year.

Advertising Objectives
From this campaign for Laplink’s PCmover we hope to achieve the following:

1. Bring and direct more people to Laplink’s 3. Increase awareness of Laplink and PCmover 5. Let consumers and technology professionals
website through traditional and non-traditional know Laplink has high grade PC software
advertising, promotions, and public relations. products
2. Have more PC owners and technology
professionals join the Laplink family 4. Clear up misconceptions about PCmover and
other Laplink products

Target Markets
The Convenient Consumer and Business to Business:

Convenient Consumer: The husband is a business professional with a family’s groceries at Wal-Mart and clothing at
The convenient consumers are 30-50 year college degree. Since the economic downturn, department stores due to the convenience of a
old adults who make purchases based on he is focused more on providing stability than one stop shop. Brand loyalty isn’t a huge driving
convenience and affordability. They are achieving wealth; therefore, he looks at the factor for her; it’s simply the habit of purchasing
married with two to three children and have a affordability of the product based on the price certain products. She keeps track of the family’s
combined income of approximately $75,000. and value before making a decision. He likes finances, so she’s incredibly value-conscious.
They bought a notebook two years ago, but to scour the Internet, eBay, and electronic She always looks for special offers and utilizes
due to falling prices they want to replace an old stores for the newest gadgets at the best price. coupons. . In order to determine the benefit,
desktop with a new notebook. They primarily He’s driven to the Internet by the convenience she researches products online and by word-of-
use their computer for home banking and of purchasing an unlimited array of products mouth. She uses Facebook and Twitter to keep
word processing. In the past year, they have and having them directly to him. He enjoys track of her vast social circles. Since she’s busy
spent $200 on computer software. They have playing video games, spending time with the with work and the children, she catches up on all
wireless internet which they use to research and family, exercising outdoors, and repairing the her favorite T.V. shows online. She likes reading
purchase products, keep track of bank accounts, house. The wife works part-time in business books and magazines, spending time with the
email, read news, and get health information. sales with a college degree. She purchases the family, yoga, and getting together with friends.

Target Markets
Business to Business: operations.
Business Management Consulting Services- Technology plays an important role in
The U.S. consulting services industry includes consulting services. Some general management
about 140,000 establishments including consulting firms have a division, or sister
single-location companies and branches of company, that specializes in IT consulting. The
multi-location companies. The combined two work together to present an “end-to-end”
annual revenue for consulting services totals solution for clients.
about $150 billion. Strategic management The way consulting services market is often
consulting accounts for 35 percent of the indirect. They often host seminars or participate
revenue, while business strategy and planning in industry conferences and trade shows,
accounts for 25 percent. Large firms offer and mail materials to prospective customers.
broad ranges of services while small firms Personal contacts with prospective clients and
compete by specializing services. Management repeat business from customers or referrals
consultants advise senior and middle managers are important in bringing in clients. Many
about the operations or strategic direction of consulting services also use the Internet to
various functions in the client organization attract the attention of potential clients through
such as finance, HR, logistics, marketing, and white papers, case studies, and testimonials.

Secondary Research

Research Objectives In order to determine potential buyers for in leisure activities, family lifestyle, consumer
- Determine who owns and purchases PCmover, we had to determine who owns and behavior, and purchasing patterns because
computers. purchases computers. According to MediaMark, of the wide age range. Due to generational
- Determine what drives them to make the majority of people who own personal differences, we found that 30-50 year-olds have
purchases. computers are men and women ages 25-54. more in common than 25-54 year-olds, so we
- Understand where they find the find the Furthermore, Mintel reports that one in five 25- narrowed down the market accordingly.
information they use to make purchases. 54 year-olds plan on purchasing a new PC in the What drives them to make purchases?
- Identify a business-to-business target market. next eighteen months. Also, men are more likely According to American Fact Finder, there are
- Discover how people feel about PCmover. to be the main person in charge of PC buying 85.5 million 30-50 year-old adults in the United
- Develop a survey for recent PCmover decisions, but 44% of women state they were States. These adults are college educated,
purchases to determine how people are using primarily responsible for computer purchases; family-oriented, hard-working, middle-class
PCmover. therefore, both men and women need to be citizens. They are value-conscious in their
considered when marketing PCmover. shopping habits by seeking out special offers
Key Research However, while researching the lifestyles of and clipping coupons when needed. They
Who owns and purchase computers? 25-54 year old adults, distinct differences arose attempt to live within their means and reduce

Secondary Research
their dependence on credit. Due to being they shop for products and services. In a study What business-to-business market would
value-conscious, they make purchases based on conducted by Pew Research, 84% of adults aged be interested in PCmover?
affordability rather than brand loyalty. They 33-44 research products online. Out of that After interviewing IT guys in Rexburg, Idaho,
also make purchases based on convenience. 84%, Mintel reports that out of 2,000 adults we discovered that many weren’t aware of
They shop at retailers such as Wal-Mart, surveyed, 60% of 30-50 year-old adults make PCmover. However, professional reviewers
Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club because of the purchases based on product reviews on websites gave PCmover good reviews. Yet rather than
convenience of a one-stop shop. They also lead while 82.5% research products on the sites of solely marketing to IT professionals, we felt it
in online shopping; 80% of 30-50 year-olds have retailers and manufacturers. Pew Research would be profitable for PCmover to market to
shopped online. They value free time, so they reveals that older adults use the Internet as decision makers who heavily influence others,
shop online because it’s less time-consuming and a tool for information searches and buying business management consultants. Businesses
the convenience of shopping at home. products. However, the Internet isn’t their sole rely on management consultants to propose
source of information; they also rely on word- ways to improve an organization’s structure,
Where do they find the information they of-mouth information from family and friends efficiency, or profits. Although consultants
use to make purchases? when making purchasing decisions. If they are specialize in various industries, in all cases,
Adults 30-50 years old find information about referred to a product or service from a family they collect, review, and analyze information in
products and services on the Internet. They or friend, they are likely to consider making a order to make recommendations to managers.
believe that the Internet has changed the way purchase. If PCmover can get into the minds of business

Secondary Research
management consultants, they can increase their About PCmover Professional, precious apps and settings…I think LapLink has
product reach through the recommendations of, November 17, 2009 addressed what is possibly the biggest obstacle to
the consultants. anyone wanting to upgrade to Windows 7, and I
“The migration went fairly quickly. Despite all can’t recommend the software highly enough.”
How do people feel about PCmover? the applications and settings I migrated, building Michael Munchmore about PCmover,
The newest version of PCmover has received the Moving Van took only about 4 minutes,, September 25, 2009.
many positive reviews compared to later and unpacking to the new OS took only about
versions. Here is what some professional 12 minutes…As for content, things went better “Despite the successful transfer, I’m hesitant to
software reviewers have said: than I expected, although not everything worked recommend PCmover to newer users or those
after migration.” who aren’t familiar with involved program
“If you’re worried about losing data, programs Andrew Garcia about PCmover Professional, settings and adjustments. For large hard drives,
and settings when you migrate to Windows XP,, January 12, 2010. it may be faster to save the $30 and the settings
PC Mover does an excellent job and will quickly tweaking adventure in exchange for simply
ease those worries. It is nicely laid out and easy “Laplink PCmover is an impressive piece reinstalling your old programs and then using
to use as it is completely Wizard driven. There of software for those who want to move on Ninite and the Windows Easy Transfer to
are no complicated menus or settings and to Microsoft’s latest and much-praised new restore your settings and files.”
everything we transferred worked perfectly.” operating system without losing all their Seth Rosenblatt about PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade

Secondary Research

Assistant 5.0,, October 27, 2009.

Develop a survey for recent PCmover purchases
to determine how people are using PCmover.
We developed a survey to be sent out to
customers who have purchased PCmover in the
last 90 days. The survey will help Laplink keep
track of sales, customer demographics, customer
satisfaction, and how customers use PCmover.
It will benefit Laplink by creating an awareness
of customer’s needs and the biggest markets for
PCmover and similar products.

Primary Research
These are suggested survey questions to help Laplink understand and be aware of PCmovers strengths and
weaknesses. The first few questions are stated below. The entire survey can be found in the appendix.
PCmover Survey 1. When did you purchase PCmover? 3. Where did you purchase PCmover?
You have been chosen to participate in a a. 0-30 days a. Fry’s
product survey based on your recent purchase b. 31-60 days b. Staples
of PCmover. The purpose of the survey is to c. 61-90 days c. Office Depot
help Laplink Software make improvements to d. 91+ days d. Office Max
PCmover based on your answers. All answers e. Other e.
are confidential. Thank you for choosing to f. Other internet site: Please state
participate. 2. What version of PCmover did you purchase? g. Other: Please state
a. PCmover Professional
Please base your answers to the following b. PCmover Home 4. How did you learn about PCmover?
questions on your most recent purchase of c. PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assist. a. Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Ad
PCmover. d. PCmover Image Assistant b. Review on a website
e. PCmover Business/Enterprise c. Friend/relative
f. Other d. Newspaper
e. Magazine
f. Other: Please state
SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Laplink:

Strengths: computer to another, but also move programs is that PCmover could transfer viruses and
Laplink has been in business for over 25 years. and applications. PCmover also offers transfer infected files from one computer to another.
Their name achieved verb status in the early selectivity, allowing the user to select the kind PCmover faces the challenge of overcoming
days of the company because of their popular of files they want to transfer. PCmover is the less than great reputation that was acquired
Laplink cable. Their years of experience allow available through an online network or through from its earlier versions.
them to continue to develop products that a physical cable. Laplink is an award winning
are useful and relevant in today’s constantly international company with a presence on Opportunities:
changing computer industry. Laplink has a multiple continents. PCmover is currently the Laplink has the opportunity to increase brand
diverse product line, headed by the award best selling PC migration program in Japan. and product awareness and reclaim their old
winning PCmover software. Laplink also boasts position as an industry leader. The release
an award winning defragmentation program. Weaknesses: of Windows 7 gives Laplink the opportunity
Laplink’s PCmover software allows more One weakness that Laplink will have to to make a splash as people work to update
freedom than the competition by letting users overcome is their name being associated with their operating systems. Another opportunity
move not only their flies and settings from one an out of date product, the Laplink Cable, not that Laplink could explore is packaging their
their current line of products. Another weakness products with others in software bundles. The

SWOT Analysis

fact that PCmover is available online gives

Laplink the opportunity to increase Laplink’s
online revenue.

Laplink faces threats from a variety of outside
sources including Windows files and setting
transfer wizard as well as other software
companies who produce similar products. Aloha
Bobs PC Relocator, which is perhaps the most
formidable opponent to PCmover, was recently
acquired by Microsoft.

Creative Brief
Company History: Positioning: transferring data easier. We are going to take
Laplink is a company that has helped clients We will position PCmover as the easiest way “real life metaphors” of everyday situations
for over 25 years with their software needs to transfer all your files, settings, and programs and make them appear unrealistically easy as
and PCmover is the company’s biggest seller. from an old computer to a new computer. a humorous representation of PCmover’s easy
Laplink has a variety of products ranging from transferring capabilities.
Laplink transferring cables, defragmentation Motivation to buy:
software, to PCmover. PCmover is a product Purpose of advertising: Advertising for Suggested Media:
that is able to gather a computer’s information PCmover should not only drive people to We believe that we can effectively promote
and then transfer it over to a new computer Laplink’s website, but also entice the consumer Laplink, and more specifically PCmover,
system. Laplink software is used by 15 million to make their lives easier by purchasing through magazines, promotions, public relations,
PC and Mac users worldwide. Although PCmover. By doing this, online sales for and online advertising. We want to drive up
consumers of Laplink are all over the world, PCmover will increase and the everyday working awareness of Laplink along with PCmover’s
there is a strong area of influence in Japan and parents’ lives will be easier. online sales.
the eastern side of the United States. PCmover
now commands 70% of the migration software
Suggested tone or approach:
market in the U.S. and is currently the best
With 25 years of history, we want to show that
selling computer migration software in the
Laplink has polished products that will make

Positioning and Strategy Statements

Positioning Statement:
We will position PCmover as the easiest way to transfer all your files, settings, and programs from an old computer to a new computer.

Stategy Statement:
Advertising will show convenient consumers the ease of using PCmover to transfer files, settings, and programs from an old computer to a new
computer. Support will be that PCmover is an effective alternative to spending hours transferring files individually. Tone will be humorous and sarcastic.

Big Idea and Tagline

Big Idea Statement:

We are going to take “real life metaphors” of everyday situations and make them appear unrealistically easy as a humorous representation of PCmover’s
easy transferring capabilities.

“Leave nothing behind except the frustration.”

Creative Execution
Commercial: VO: PC Mover is changing your surroundings...

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Qui consequ atemped ea ducidel lorempo
ratquis dolorem fugiasinum hil inim velit lam, Leave nothing behind except the frustration.

sit, occatusto vendeli busdae. Um ipid qui

numquae sedia veles aut exernam destet ea
quosam, quas ad
VO: ...while still feeling right at home.
PC Mover by Laplink. Bringing your files, programs, and settings
to your new computer. Keeping what you want, leaving what you don’t. Get it now at
PC Mover. Leave nothing behind except the frustration.

Creative Execution
Qui alia dolupietur, nonsequi de nitium
quam laborest, sit ende lamustr uptata
Leave nothing behind except the frustration.
PC Mover by Laplink. Bringing your files, programs,
and settings to your new computer. Keeping what
you want, leaving what you don’t.
Leave nothing behind except the frustration.

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venda solorpo resequi volupta as quis Click here and try it yourself!
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re quaspero comnimin pa id ma nobite Sites for banner ad placements.
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occupta vel magnatur, conecab imusam
aspieni minctas molori omnihillabo. Nam
volesequam aut lam, occab idebitas eossin
pressum comnimuscit, num rest, quibus

Creative Execution
We are going to take “real life metaphors” of everyday situations and make them appear unrealistically easy as
a humorous representation of PCmover’s easy transferring capabilities.

Magazine Ad:
Pa ne liquate molorem ut eos molupta erovid
moluptae. Et faceaqui quod modia verepeliciis
cum quatur arum aliquis magnimi nvenim quis Transferring files from an old PC to a new one has never been so smooth.
et quas modit officiisquam repel illores tioribus
quatuscidunt iliquat.

Ruptatem arum reprovidenis dolupti untiatur?
Qui consequ atemped ea ducidel lorempo
ratquis dolorem fugiasinum hil inim velit lam, by Laplink
Leave nothing behing except the frustration.
sit, occatusto vendeli busdae. Um ipid qui You choose which programs, files and settings need to be moved,
and when the transfer is complete your new computer will have the
numquae sedia veles aut exernam destet ea personality and functionality of your old PC. PCmover is the easiest
quosam, quas ad way to move into a new PC without leaving anything behind and
works with almost any Windows operating system. Get it now at!

Creative Execution
Point of Purchase:
Pa ne liquate molorem ut eos molupta erovid
Hate your
moluptae. Et faceaqui quod modia verepeliciis
Hate your
cum quatur arum aliquis magnimi nvenim quis
et quas modit officiisquam repel illores tioribus old PC...
quatuscidunt iliquat.
Ruptatem arum reprovidenis dolupti untiatur? but love your files, programs,
Seamless and settings?
old PC...
Transferring files from an old PC to a new one has never been so smooth.

Qui consequ atemped ea ducidel lorempo

PCmover PCmover moves all your PC's programs,
ratquis dolorem fugiasinum hil inim velit lam, PCmover
by Laplink
Leave nothing behing except the frustration.
files and settings, including:
You choose which programs, files and settings need to be moved,
and when the transfer is complete your new computer will have the
personality and functionality of your old PC. PCmover is the easiest

sit, occatusto vendeli busdae. Um ipid qui

way to move into a new PC without leaving anything behind and
Transfer them by simply installing PCmover works with almost any Windows operating system. Get it now at
* Microsoft Office
on both your old and new computers and!
* Design Programs
go! You choose which programs, files and
* PC Games

numquae sedia veles aut exernam destet ea

settings need to be moved, and when the * Internet & Network Settings
transfer is complete your new computer will * Instant Messengers
* Financial and Tax Software
have the personality and functionality of * Spreadsheets

quosam, quas ad
your old PC. PCmover is the easiest way to * Photos
move into a new PC without leaving anything * Videos
behind and works with almost any Windows * Music
* Podcasts
operating system.
* Desktop Backgrounds
* Icons
* Browser Settings
* Favorites/Bookmark

Enter this promo code at

for 10% off PC Mover:

Creative Execution
Webisodes Storyboard:
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moluptae. Et faceaqui quod modia verepeliciis
cum quatur arum aliquis magnimi nvenim quis
et quas modit officiisquam repel illores tioribus
quatuscidunt iliquat.
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ratquis dolorem fugiasinum hil inim velit lam,
sit, occatusto vendeli busdae. Um ipid qui
numquae sedia veles aut exernam destet ea
quosam, quas ad

Creative Execution
Webisodes Storyboard:
Pa ne liquate molorem ut eos molupta erovid
moluptae. Et faceaqui quod modia verepeliciis
cum quatur arum aliquis magnimi nvenim quis
et quas modit officiisquam repel illores tioribus
quatuscidunt iliquat.
Ruptatem arum reprovidenis dolupti untiatur?
Qui consequ atemped ea ducidel lorempo
ratquis dolorem fugiasinum hil inim velit lam,
sit, occatusto vendeli busdae. Um ipid qui
numquae sedia veles aut exernam destet ea
quosam, quas ad

Media Execution
Media Goals and Objectives:
Our main goal is to increase the customer
loyalty and product awareness. We will
conduct a year round national advertising
and public relations campaign online. The
national campaign will be supplemented by a
flighting schedule of magazine advertising and
promotions in spot markets.

Our objectives are to have a reach of 60 and

a frequency of 4 for the months that our spot
campaign will run for a total of 240 GRP’s.
Online and non-traditional media cannot
be measured in traditional ways. Our non-
traditional media will include methods of
measurement so that we can track their
effectiveness as the campaign progresses.

Media Schedule
We will run a national online and social National
media campaign year round and supplement Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
it with flighting spot market advertising and
Online Banner Ads x x x x x x x x x x x x
POP Promotions x x x x x x x x x x x x
Magazine ads will run in Jan, aug, oct, and
dec. These months were selected so that the Online Promotions x x x x x x x x x x x x
advertising will be present during the time of Social Media x x x x x x x x x x x x
year when business are preparing their budgets Public Relations x x x x x x x x x x x x
and planning expenses for the coming year. This
is the time of year that new computer purchases Spot
are likely to be planned and made. Magazines x x x x
Spot Promotions x x x

Media Placement
Target Spots: 25 years of age, number of stores in the area value calculated from all the factors that are
Target markets have been selected from a list of that sell PCmover, and income per capita. mentioned above.
cities on the east and west coasts. Markets were Advertising budget will be determined for
narrowed down based on adult population over each target market based on the estimated
Direct mail PR/Promotions
Population Stores Income per capPop% Store % Income % EV% $23,000 17,000
New  York,  NY 5,594,154 135 30,415 34.3646478 18.024032 10.8760951 21.0882583 4,850 3,585
Los Angeles 2,407,775 155 27,523 14.7908584 20.694259 9.84194529 15.1090209 3,475 2,569
Chicago,  IL 1,764,936 73 26,814 10.8419261 9.74632844 9.58841409 10.0588895 2,314 1,710
San Francisco 622,591 62 46,015 3.82454977 8.2777036 16.4544967 9.51891669 2,189 1,618
San Diego 1,881,397 34 32,716 11.557341 4.53938585 11.6989094 9.26521206 2,131 1,575
Houston 1,278,866 60 26,158 7.85601892 8.01068091 9.35383515 8.40684499 1,934 1,429
Dallas 771,864 65 27,047 4.7415274 8.67823765 9.67173252 7.69716586 1,770 1,309
Philadelphia,  PA 926,082 66 20,876 5.68888195 8.811749 7.46504559 7.32189218 1,684 1,245
Miami,  FL 246,976 72 20,639 1.51716296 9.61281709 7.3802968 6.17009228 1,419 1,049
San Antonio 784,164 27 21,447 4.81708578 3.60480641 7.66922939 5.36370719 1,234 912
Total 16,278,805 749 279,650 100 23,000

National 60,000 7/9/20107/9/20107/9/2010

Media Placement
Online: Direct Mail:
The internet has become the world’s largest Direct mail is a way to place an advertisement in
medium. Through online advertising it is direct contact of the consumer. By doing direct
possible to reach a large audience at minimal mail businesses can be aware of the easiness that
cost. We will use the Internet to reach more PCmover brings and potentially be a returning
people by: client.
• Buying keyword searches
• Placing banner ads on appropriate web sites Business to Business Direct Mail:
• Producing commercials to be broadcast online We will use direct mail to contact businesses
through sites like YouTube. and introduce them to Laplink’s PCmover
• Promoting discussion of Laplink products in software. The mail pieces will be sent to business
online forums. consulting firms who not only might use the
• Raising awareness of and excitement for software themselves, but may also suggest it
Laplink products through online promotions. to their clients. The mailers will be sent from
• Using social network sites such as Facebook to the Chief Executive Officer of Laplink and
maintain communication with customers and to addressed to business owners and decision
promote products. makers.

Media Placement
Magazines: Medium Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Magazines-General Interest 2 2 2 2 GRPs: 8
Magazines are a good way to reach out $[000] 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 Cost: 50
targeted audience. By placing advertisements Internet-Keyword Imps/Mo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes GRPs: 12
$[000] 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 Cost: 6
in computer industry magazines we will be able Internet-Trgtd Sites Imps/Mo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes GRPs: 12
to reach individuals that have a high interest $[000]
National Only Area
0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 Cost: 6

in computer technology, as well as computer GRPs 2 2 2 2 GRPs: 8

$[000] 13.5 1 1 1 1 1 1 13.5 1 13.5 1 13.5 Cost: 62
industry professionals. This includes “PC Reach 2 2 2 2
World” and “Maximum PC”. Both will be run Avg. Freq. 1 1 1 1
Spot Only Area
on the east and west coast in 4 issues each. GRPs GRPs:
$[000] Cost:
Avg. Freq.
GRPs 2 2 2 2 GRPs: 8
$[000] 13.5 1 1 1 1 1 1 13.5 1 13.5 1 13.5 Cost: 62
Reach 2 2 2 2
Avg. Freq. 1 1 1 1

Social Media
Principles: in every (or select) Packages of PC mover and . The review will be read by a
Get consumers to invite you into their lives. Get will be distributed through email to people who Laplink employee to insure that it meets the
to know your clients. Generate and engage in purchase online. requirements. Upon completion an E-Mail
conversation. Care about the consumer, listen, rebate form will be issued to the customer.
and respond. Customers wishing to obtain a rebate must post
an online review of their experience using PC This program will provide incentive for people
Execution: Mover on an approved website. who have used the product to share their
In order to increase you social media and experiences, initiating conversation about
internet presence we will do the following: Reviews must include: the product. The fact that the customers will
Name. send LapLink a link to their review will allow
Rebates for Reviews: Where was the software purchased? LapLink to join the conversation, addressing
Offer Rebates for people who purchase PC What was the software used for? concerns and obtaining ideas for product
mover and post a review on an approved web Summary of the experience? Positive or improvement.
site. Negative.
Additional comments or suggestions. Blog: (Currently 1-2 posts per month)
Instructions for obtaining a rebate for a portion Sponsor a blogger.
of PC Mover’s purchase price will be included Customer must send a link to their posted This blog will not be hosted on nor
review to an email address such as reviews@

Social Media
will it be specifically about Laplink products. releases and promotions.
The blog will be written by either a Laplink
employee or a contracted individual. The blog Facebook:
will be sponsored by Laplink and will explore Facebook should be used to feature products
emerging computer technologies and trends. and to stay in communication with customers.
Laplink products may be featured in the blog
periodically. Live Chat:
Have a live chat on the website where people
Twitter: can ask questions about products and services as
Laplink: Currently 102 followers. Average 2-3 well as receive product support.
tweets per week.
PC Mover: 12 followers. Last tweet Feb 2nd
CEO messages: (industry trends, new
Twitter Scavenger Hunt: developments)
(See PR suggestions for details) Periodically post video messages from Laplink’s
Use PR suggestions to build a twitter following, CEO about developments in Laplink’s products
use twitter to update followers on product and services as well as industry trends.

Budget Breakdown
(Something about Laplink...blah blah)

We have a budget of $100,000.00 for our PCworld and MaximumPC as to their large also be a mixed effort in advertising banner ads
Laplink’s campaign, which will be distributed index number and that they fit the type of and online video’s. From these ads’s anyone that
among direct mail, magazines, PR and demographic we are trying to reach. clicks and purchases the product, we will be able
promotions, and online advertising. The to track and identify that customer. This will
following pie chart shows how we will allocate Online Advertising: help us to track advertising cost and customer
our budget among our chosen media mix. We Online advertising is a unique form of behavior.
also what to be able to reach about 60% of our advertising that offers great geographic
target with an average frequency of 4. flexibility. Our online advertising will try and Direct Mail:
generate a buzz among our target and keep
Magazines: them excited. We are going to be promoting the (What should go here!)
Magazines will be used as a national medium PCmover to different bloggers that will have the
for its long life, pass-along audience four color opportunity in trying out PCmover. From their
reproductions, and selectivity in audience. first hand experience of the new PCmover, they
Magazines are more visual, it will be easy to will be able to write rave reviews in promoting
inform the target about PCmover. We chose PCmover to all of their followers. There will

Budget Breakdown
For Laplink’s campaign a budget of $100,000
was established, which will be distributed
among direct mail, magazines, public relations
and promotions, and online advertising. The
following chart shows how we will allocate our
budget among our chosen media mix.

Magazines    $        47,388    
Dmail    $        23,000    
PR&Promotions    $        17,000    
Online  Advertising    $        13,000    
Total    $    100,388    
Public Relations
Some PR suggestions:

Increase Social Media Use: Write Positive Reviews on Sites: Community Involvement:
Company Blog: Begin writing on the company Find websites that include multiple negative Give the laplink product a better presence in the
blog multiple times per week and make the reviews on various websites. Include a positive local community. Become involved with local
entries shorter and easier to scan. By blogging comment linking to the website stating that the businesses. Be willing to volunteer items for an
more often with shorter entries it is more likely product has been upgraded since the previous auction, participate in a community day, etc.
that they will be read. reviews had been made.
Choose a cause and have a certain percentage
Twitter: Make a twitter post daily. Include tweets The majority of negative reviews existing on of your sales for that day, week, month etc. go to
about: upcoming promotions, new products, popular sites such as are from a few support that cause.
product upgrades, even a joke from the C.E.O. years back. It would be benefitial to inform
consumers who are reading the reviews that the
Website: Make links to twitter, facebook and product is constantly improving.
the company prominent on every page of the
Laplink website.

Public Relations
Promotional Kits, Blogs and Press Releases:

Business Kit: then write reviews on the PCmover product to Press Release Timeline:
Media Kits will include a free version of increase awareness in the software cyber world. A campaign press release will be added to
PCmover and wil be sent to multiple businesses the Laplink website the week the campaign
across the nation. The purpose of these media Blogs/Sites to send Media Kit to: is launched. Segments of the press release
kits will be to inform businesses of the PCmover will also be placed on Facebook and Twitter,
product as well as to increase the awareness linking back to the full press release on the
of the benefits that PCmover can offer to their website. The promotions press release will be
businesses. added to the Laplink website two weeks prior to the beginning of the promotion to increase
Blogger Kit: awareness and excitement for involvement in
Media Kits will include a free version of the promotion. Segments of this press release
PCmover and wil be sent to multiple bloggers will also be placed on Facebook and Twitter.
that are prevalent in the software review world. Promotional Kits will be sent to bloggers as well
The purpose of these media kits will be to as to businesses one week after the initial launch
allow bloggers to try the product for free and of the campaign.

Public Relations
Press Release (1): hunt give away. Each object will contain a About Laplink Software Inc.
Oct 1, 2010 - Laplink Launches Scavenger promotional code. This code will allow people
Hunt Promotion Throughout the Nation to enter their codes online and keep track of the For nearly 30 years, Laplink has been the leader
various objects they have found. in providing software used for PC migration,
BELLEVUE, Wash. – Oct 1, 2010 – Laplink remote access, file transfer, and synchronization.
Software, Inc. will be starting a citywide Throughout the day, various clues as to where The privately-held company was founded
scavenger hunt in an effort to increase awareness the objects are will be posted on Twitter and in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue,
of their company. This scavenger hunt will take Facebook. These clues will only posted for a Washington.
place in five large cities and will take place over limited amount of time. The first fifteen people
the course of two weeks. in each city to find all the various objects, upload For more information about this release, please
pictures as proof and enter the code found with contact:
Fourteen everyday household objects will be each object will receive a new laptop along with
placed throughout the chosen cities in high the PCmover product. Laplink Software Press Contact
traffic areas. Objects will be branded with Andy Tolton
“Laplink Orange” and will be branded with the To read more about the upcoming scavenger
Laplink logo. A flyer container will accompany hunt and to see if it will be taking place in a city +1-425-952-6000
each object with a description of the scavenger near you, visit us at

Public Relations
Press Release (2): The campaign will be largely digitally based, This new campaign will emphasize more
Sept 1, 2010 - Laplink increases awareness concentration on web banners, blog reviews, business to business involvement. The campaign
of PCMover through innovative advertising and web commercials. A new digital application will also target the everyday consumer,
campaign. has been created as part of the campaign and informing of the individuality of the PCmover
can now be purchased of Apple’s application product. Now with the newest version of
BELLEVUE, Wash. – Sept 1, 2010 – Laplink store in the free app section in the games PCmover being released, the problem is not
Software, Inc. will be launching an innovative category. with the product functionality, it is with a lack of
advertising campaign to increase awareness awareness on the end of consumers.
of the individuality of their ever-improving The campaign will be explaining the unique
PCmover product. The campaign’s tagline benefit that the PCmover product offers, the PCmover Image Assistant is currently available
is “bring everything with you, except the ability to transfer multiple computer files all for download at
frustration.” Imagery for the campaign will at one time onto a new computer. PCmover® pcmover at a suggested retail price of $39.95.
include multiple situations where a group Image Assistant™ solves the problem of how
of items are being moved over and only the to deal with old images and hard drives when Read more about the upcoming “bring
unwanted items are left behind. The campaign a PC has crashed and eliminates a significant everything with you” campaign visit us at
will be launched in September of this year and gap in the functionality of current disk imaging
will be including non-traditional and traditional technology. About Laplink Software Inc.
media both in national and spot markets.

Public Relations
For nearly 30 years, Laplink has been the leader
in providing software used for PC migration,
remote access, file transfer, and synchronization.
The privately-held company was founded
in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue,

For more information about this release, please


Laplink Software Press Contact

Andy Tolton

Promotion Ideas
Point of Purchase (1): rebate. The customer will write a review of the Online:
A point of purchase promotion will take place product on a list of approved sites, and then When the new version of PCmover is released,
at stores that sell top-selling PCs, such as Best they will send a link of that review to Laplink. copies of the product will be given to the top 30
Buy and Wal-Mart. When customers purchase Through sending a link to their review, Laplink technology bloggers. The bloggers will then test
a new PC desktop or laptop they will receive will be keep track of what customers are saying the product, write a review, and post it on their
a free gift inside the box of their new PC. The about their software. blog.
gift will be either a mouse pad or an anti-static
squeegee with the Laplink and PCmover logos, Business to Business: New Media:
as well as the tagline for this campaign. Also Throughout the spot markets, letters will be A citywide scavenger hunt will take place in
included in the gift is a brochure introducing the sent to businesses that fit into the secondary New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco,
benefits of PCmover and a discount towards the market. The letter will include information and San Diego over the course of two weeks.
purchase of PCmover. about PCmover as well as a promotional code Fourteen everyday household objects such as
to receive a free trial and discount on the future a couch, microwave, and clock will be placed
Point of Purchase (2): purchase of PCmover. These letters will be sent around high traffic areas of the city. The
Another point of purchase tactic is inviting to businesses throughout the year. objects will be painted bright orange and will
purchasers of PCmover to write an honest also include Laplink’s logo. A small container
review about the software and receive a $10 will be placed on or around the objects that

Promotion Ideas
contains flyers about PCmover and explaining and upload a picture and the code found on
the scavenger hunt. Each object has a code that each object will receive a new laptop as well
people enter onto Laplink’s website to keep as PCmover. The prizes will vary slightly from
track of the objects they’ve found. Every day city to city. In New York and Los Angeles, the
of the scavenger hunt a new clue to one of first ten winners will receive a Hewlett-Packard
the objects will be posted on Laplink’s blog as mini netbook. The next five winners in these
well as Twitter. Throughout the day the clue cities will receive a $50 BestBuy giftcard. In
will be talked about on Twitter leading up to Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego the first
the reveal of the new clue. Anyone is allowed five winners will receive a Hewlett-Packard mini
to participate. Anyone wishing to participate netbook, the next five winners will receive a
will need to register. They will be able to keep $50 Best Buy giftcard, and the last five winners
track of the revealed clues and enter the objects will receive a $25 Best Buy giftcard. While the
they’ve already found. To help those that are promotion only lasts two weeks in each city, the
participating in the scavenger hunt, an app will promotions in each city will be at a different
be designed which features a map of the city time over the summer months.
and a check off list of objects. Clues can be also
be accessed through the app. The first fifteen
people in each market to find all the objects

Short Summary

Short Summary:
Laplink knows their customer. They have
spent 25 years creating and upgrading their
software products to fit the needs of consumers
and businesses alike. Laplink understands the
frustration consumers feel when they enter
the technology world. Laplink has taken
that understanding and has made products
like PCmover that ease computer migration

Agency Pitch

Agency Pitch: be informed about PCmover and its many Those followers will look to Laplink for the
This campaign is a combination of traditional benefits. Direct mail pieces will also be sent to latest industry trends, software, and solutions to
and non-traditional advertising, promotions, the same audience as magazines. Inside the technology problems.
and public relations aimed at finding solutions direct mail pieces will be a promotional code A multi-city scavenger hunt will also generate
to Laplink’s concerns about their PCmover that consumers will use to receive a discount on a buzz about Laplink and the many software
product. Their concerns focus on generating their purchase of PCmover. These codes will products its offers. Curiosity about the scavenger
both brand and product awareness, encouraging keep track of how many people have opened hunt and Laplink will result in many people
users to recommend PCmover to others, and the piece, have been informed of PCmover’s registering to participate in the hunt and will
inviting consumers to purchase PCmover before benefits, and want to purchase the product. increase the amount of hits to Laplink’s website.
or after buying a new computer. Online advertisements and social media outlets Point of purchase promotional items, as well as
Generating brand and product awareness will also help to reach a wide audience. Online the direct mail pieces, will have a promotional
will be implemented in every aspect of the advertisements will help drive traffic to Laplink’s code, so Laplink can keep track of how many
campaign. Magazines advertisements will be webpage where they can learn more about people are interested in PCmover and have
placed in publications where general consumers what PCmover can do for them. Through social activated the code.
and technology and business professions will media , a loyal band of followers will be built. Through each of the advertisements,

Agency Pitch
promotions, and public relations efforts we
will inform people about the benefits of using
PCmover, generate online traffic to Laplink’s
website, and be able to keep track of how many
people are using discounts and promo codes.
All of these strategies and tactics are about
creating lasting impressions with consumers and
businesses alike. Even if consumers and business
don’t have the need for PCmover immediately,
the campaign will instill in them that Laplink
holds the solution to computer migration
software and will turn towards Laplink to find
those solutions.

Jeremy Erin
President Traffic Manager

For the past five years Jeremy has Erin has been attending Brigham
been living in Idaho Falls while Young
attending BYU Idaho. During University – Idaho for the past
this time he met his beautiful wife four years. She is majoring in
Kassie. The two of them are accounting with a minor in
dreamers, and because they are advertising. Erin recently finished
such big dreamers they have been an internship with the Internal
able to achieve so much over the Audit Department for Utah
years. They currently own and County Government. She hopes to spend her professional
operate three different businesses that have allowed them the career managing the finances of an advertising agency. She
time to work together and accomplish many of their goals. enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and hiking.
They now have three wonderful kids, Ryker, Hope, and
Saylee. Jeremy said, “Family has been the greatest blessing in
our lives. Success is measured by a loving family.”

Bryant Michael Megan

Creative Director Art Director Graphic Designer

Bryant is a senior from West Michael George graduates Megan is senior at Brigham
Valley City, Utah. He is this July with a BS degree Young University-Idaho studying
majoring in graphic design and in communication with an Graphic Design and Advertising.
has a minor in Advertising. advertising emphasis with She gained internship
He likes drawing and making additional clusters in graphic experience in Provo, Utah at
children’s books. He is currently design and business marketing. The Walton Group in the fall of
writing two of them and is He has been married for two 2009. She worked on numerous
hoping to eventually get one years and couldn’t be happier. projects including logos, flyers,
of them published. His freshman year he did a comic for Aside from his wife and Christmas cards, and newspaper ads for different companies
the school newspaper. He is currently working for Event career, the rest of his time is spent collecting sneakers and including LJ Cooper, the Food and Care Coalition, and the
Management at BYU-Idaho. skateboarding. American Red Cross. Besides her love for graphic design she
enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also
enjoys listening to music, watching movies, or working on the
computer. Her hobbies include piano, playing sports, scuba
44 diving, photography, and computer design.
Scotti Ben Courtney
Media Manager Account Planner
Copy Editor
Ben’s focus is on advertising Courtney Christensen is a senior
while he attends Brigham studying communications. She
Scotti Tillery is an English major Young University-Idaho. In was born and raised in Texas,
studying Professional writing. He addition to his advertising but recently married an Idahoan,
is from Alaska and is currently coursework he has worked as so she might be staying in the
a senior. He generally works an Account Executive for the harsh Northwest for a while
as a copywriter in advertising Alloy Advertising division of longer. She enjoys basking in the
campaigns. He worked to write ICOMM Student Media, a sun, reading books, torturing
the copy for the media execution student run media organization, and also has been involved her cat, and spending time with her husband. Ultimately, she
as well as the business promotions. He also edited campaign with the BYU-Idaho chapter of AAF. He is also interested in would like to attend graduate school and teach at a university,
materials for final presentation. copywriting and account management. Other goals include but for now she’s working on finishing school and landing
earning a graduate degree, possibly a law degree specializing internships.
in media law or a business administration degree.

Ashley Rachel Carol

PR Director Promotions Utility Player

Ashley graduates this July with a Carol Rhees was born in the
Rachel Lindsay grew up in the
Business-Marketing Major and Tennessee hills where she ran
frozen landscape of Teton Valley,
a Communication-Advertising around barefoot and happy.
Idaho. She is a senior studying
Minor. Currently she works as Her family then moved to New
advertising and clothing design.
a brand manager for BYU- Mexico where they still reside.
During her breaks from school
Idaho as part of University She is a senior, graduating in
she enjoys working seasonally
Communications. She enjoys Communications while also
with her husband, performing at
marketing and advertising studying photography and
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She has worked for
equally and hope to eventually work as an Account Executive graphic design. She has worked as a photographer for
the Walt Disney Company since 2005 as a performer and
for a smaller advertising agency and maybe end up owning ICOMM Student Media, which included photos for the
campus representative and recruiter. She hopes to go back to
her own agency. school newspaper, advertisements, and other clients. A large
Orlando with her husband and work full time with Disney in
guest relations and live happily ever after. portion of her life has been spent playing soccer, which she
loves. Her and her husband now live in Rexburg, Idaho and
they will remain until another adventure comes along.
d. Office Max
e. 8. What type of computer is your NEW computer?
f. Other internet site: Please state a. Desktop

g. Other: Please state b. Notebook
c. Other: Please state
4. How did you learn about PCmover?
a. Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Ad 9. Where did you use the NEW computer?
b. Review on a website a. Home
c. Friend/relative b. Work
PCmover Survey d.
Other: Please state
1. When did you purchase PCmover? f. Other: Please state
a. 0-30 days 10. What computer brand is your NEW computer?
b. 31-60 days 5. What type of computer was your OLD a. Dell
c. 61-90 days computer? b. HP
d. 91+ days a. Desktop c. Acer
e. Other b. Notebook d. Apple
c. Other: Please state e. Toshiba
2. What version of PCmover did you purchase? f. Other: Please state
a. PCmover Professional 6. Where did you use the OLD computer?
b. PCmover Home a. Home 11. Overall, how satisfied are you with PCmover?
c. PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant b. Work a. Very unsatisfied
d. PCmover Image Assistant c. Both b. Unsatisfied
e. PCmover Business/Enterprise d. Other: Please state c. Somewhat unsatisfied
f. Other 7. What computer brand was your OLD computer? d. Neither unsatisfied nor satisfied
a. Dell e. Somewhat satisfied
3. Where did you purchase PCmover? b. HP f. Satisfied
a. Fry’s c. Acer g. Very satisfied
b. Staples d. Apple
c. Office Depot e. Toshiba 12. Please rate your opinion about your overall
f. Other: Please state satisfaction of PCmover.

a. Very low quality c. Product Support 1 2 3 4 5 Not applicable 22. What is your gender?
b. Low quality d. Installation 1 2 3 4 5 Not applicable a. Male
c. Somewhat low quality e. Features 1 2 3 4 5 Not applicable b. Female
d. Average
e. Somewhat high quality 17. Please rank what you look for in order of 23. What is the highest level of education you have
f. High quality importance when selecting products similar to PCmover. completed?
g. Very high quality a. Quality 1 2 3 4 5 a. Grammar school
b. Cost 1 2 3 4 5 b. High school or equivalent
13. Compared to other products of this type, your c. Convenience 1 2 3 4 5 c. Vocational/technical school (2 year)
overall satisfaction of PCmover is: d. Brand Name 1 2 3 4 5 d. Some college
a. Much worse e. Familiarity 1 2 3 4 5 e. Bachelor’s degree
b. Worse f. Master’s degree
c. Somewhat worse Open-ended questions g. Doctoral degree
d. About the same 18. What do you like most about PCmover? h. Professional degree (MD, JD, etc.)
e. Somewhat better i. Other
f. Better 19. What do you like least about PCmover?
g. Much better 24. What is your current annual household income
20. Do you feel there are any improvements that in U.S. dollars?
14. Will you purchase PCmover in the future? need to be made to PCmover? If so, what improvements a. Under $10,000
a. Yes do you suggest? b. $10,000 - $19,999
b. No c. $20,000 - $29,999
Demographic questions d. $30,000 - $39,999
15. Would you recommend this product to others? 21. What is your age? e. $40,000 - $49,999
a. Yes a. 18 - 24 f. $50,000 - $59,999
b. No b. 25 - 35 g. $60,000 - $69,999
c. 35 - 44 h. $70,000 - $79,999
16. Please rate the following based on your most d. 45 - 54 i. $80,000 - $89,999
recent PCmover purchase (1 is the lowest score, 5 is the e. 55 - 64 j. $90,000 - $99,999
highest). f. 65+ k. $100,000 - $150,000
a. Ease of use 1 2 3 4 5 Not applicable g. Other l. Over $150,000
b. Performance 1 2 3 4 5 Not applicable m. Would rather not say

q. Military
25. Which of the following best describes the r. Mining Western Edition
area you live in? s. Publishing Circulation: 386,180
a. Urban t. Real Estate, Rental, or Leasing $6800
b. Suburban u. Religious Western Edition circulates in Alaska, Arizona (except
c. Rural v. Retail northeast corner), California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,
d. Other w. Scientific or Technical Services Montana, western Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah,
x. Software Washington, Wyoming, western South Dakota and portions
26. What region of the United States do you y. Telecommunications of southwestern Canada
live in? z. Transportation and Warehousing
aa. Utilities CPM $6800/386,180*1000= $17.60
State drop down menu. bb. Wholesale 60 Reach * 4 Average Frequency= 240 GRP
27. Which of the following categories best cc. Other
describes your primary area of employment? Texas
a. Homemaker Extra Budget Information: Circulation: 138,863*
b. Retired PCWorld subscription list $3747
c. Student Eastern Edition
d. Unemployed Circulation: 780,256 CPM $3747/138,863*1000= $26.98
e. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, or Hunting $11,528 60 Reach * 4 Average Frequency= 240 GRP
f. Arts, Entertainment, or Recreation Eastern Edition circulates in Alabama, Connecticut,
g. Education - College, University, or Adult Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, Goals Reach of 60 and Average Frequency of 4
h. Education - Primary/Secondary (K-12) Maryland, Mississippi (except the northwest corner), New
i. Education - Other Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (except the northwest
j. Construction corner), North Carolina, eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode
k. Finance and Insurance Island, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee, Vermont,
l. Government and Public Administration Virginia, Washington, D.C., and portions of West Virginia
m. Health Care and Social Assistance and southeastern Canada
n. Hotel and Food Services
o. Information - Services and Data CPM $11,528/780,256*1000=$14.77
p. Information - Other 60 Reach * 4 Average Frequency= 240 GRP

  Direct  Mail  List        
Ostrow Model:
  Cost   Pop Frequency Reach  
Eastern  Edittion   $11,528     780,256 4 60 $14.77  
Western Edition $6,800 386180 4 60 $17.60  
Texas   $3,747     138863 4 60 $26.98  
Total $22,075.00 1,305,299            

  Regional  Magazine  Rates        

PCWorld   Cost   Pop Frequency Reach CPM Index
4  Issues  1/2  Page  4  
color   $22,453     225,000 4 60 $10.02 132  
Eastern United States            
MaximumPC   Cost   Pop Frequency Reach CPM Index
4  Issues  1/2  Page  4  
color   $24,935     250,000   4   60   $10.03     126  
Western United States            
Total   $47,388     475,000