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A  newsletter         for  Parents/Guardians  of  Jefferson  Elementary  Students                   April  2011  

We   have   just   finished   up  
our   MAPS   testing   for   third   STAFF   APPRECIATION   will   be   celebrated   the  
and   fourth   graders.     It   has   morning  of  WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  20th.    This  is  an  
been   very   rewarding   to   look   at   the   scores   of   the   opportunity   for   students   and   parents   to   say,  
students   and   recognize   the   growth   they’ve   “Thank   you,”   to   that   special   teacher   or   staff  
made   this   year.     Students   made   goals   and   member   who   has   made   a   difference   in   your  
worked   hard   at   achieving   those   goals;   students   child’s   life   or   your   life.     A   morning   of  
were  on  task  and  focused  for  this  test!    Way  to   celebration,   hosted   by   the   Board   of   Education   is  
go  3rd  &  4th  graders!!   planned   for   Wednesday,   April   20   at   the   Johnny  
  Carson   Theatre.     There   will   be   NO   SCHOOL   for  
Spring   weather   is   right   around   the   corner,   but   students   on   APRIL   20   because   of   Staff  
can  change  in  an  instant.    Please  send  your  child   Development   in   the   afternoon   and   Staff  
with   appropriate   clothing   for   the   up   and   down   Appreciation  Celebration  in  the  morning.  
  The   following   Jefferson   staff   are   being  
Also,   a   reminder   that   students   are   NOT   recognized  for  the  5/10/15+  years  of  service:  
supervised   until   7:50;   please   do   not   drop   them    
off  before  that  time.   5  Year:    Denise  Bender,  Jeanne  Patrick,  Janet  Mohring  
  10  Year:    Traci  Hastings  
If   you   have   had   a   change   in   address   or   phone   20  Year:    Bonnie  Begeman  
number   please   make   sure   to   call   the   office   so   25  Year:    Jean  Hopkins  
we  have  the  most  current  information.    
  Thank  you  to  those  teachers  and  staff  who  make  
  Jefferson  School  the  best  school  it  can  be.  
Ricci  Benson  mailed  off  $678.10  in  Box  Tops  the    
end  of  February.    That  makes  for  $1352.10  so  far    
this   school   year!     Great   job   students,   keep   up   KINDERGARTEN  ROUNDUP  
the  good  work!!    Thank  you  parents,  for  helping   Kindergarten  Round-­‐
make   that   possible.     It’s   an   easy   way   to   help   out   up   will   be   held   on  
your  school!    Also  our  first  fundraiser  from  Dairy   Thursday,   May   5th  
Queen  came  to  $153.46.    We  hope  to  use  DQ  for   from   6:30   to   7:00  
another  fundraiser  in  the  future.    Watch  for  the   p.m.     This   year   we  
date.   will   have   a  
  presentation   to  
  parents   while   the  
  students   will   be   working   with   our   kindergarten  
  instructors.     If   you   have   not   registered,   please  
  call  the  school  office  at  644-­‐2546.  
the   Smart   Board.     They   have   learned   the  
responsibility   of   getting   homework   done   and  
getting  it  back  to  school.    We  have  really  worked  
on   our   Math   Facts   and   still   have   some   work  
ahead.  Way  to  go  First  Grade!!!  
In   March   we   celebrated   Dr   Seuss,   and   Read  
NOTES  FROM  MUSIC         across   America   with   the   rest   of   the   Jefferson  
Mrs.  Begeman               students.   We   wrote   about   making   wishes   and  
  what  we  would  want  at  the  end  of  our  rainbow  
Thank  you  to  all  the  families  and  friends  for  the   after  reading  about  leprechauns  and  the  legends  
wonderful   attendance   at   the   March   music   about   St   Patrick’s   Day   in   our   Scholastic   News.  
program.   Your   support   for   the   students   and   We   are   now   studying   animals   in   our   class   and  
music  was  appreciated.  A  special  thanks  to  Alysa   soon  will  start  on  the  study  of  plants.    We  will  be  
Battershaw   and   her   family   for   creating   the   planting   seeds   and   watching   them   grow;  
Pirate   flag   for   the   program.   By   the   way,   if   your   observing   the   many   parts.       Spring   is   here   and  
child  came  home  with  a  pirate  prop,  such  as  an   we   are   ready   to   learn   as   much   as   we   can   before  
eye  patch,  sword  or  telescope,  please  have  that   our   year   comes   to   an   end.         May   you   find  
item  returned  to  school.  It  belongs  to  Jefferson   happiness   and   good   luck   at   the   end   of   your  
school.   rainbow.                                                                                      Mrs.  Jensen  
All  of  the  music  classes  will  spend  the  rest  of  the   DR.  SEUSS  FUN  IN  THOMPSON’S    
year   focusing   on   note   names   and   duration,   1st  GRADE  CLASS  
learning   musical   terms   and   signs,   experiencing            We   had   so   much   fun   celebrating   Dr.   Seuss’  
different   styles   of   music,   and   trying   to   folk   birthday!        We  read,  Green  Eggs  and  Ham,  ate  
dance.  Additionally,  the  fourth  grade  classes  will   green   eggs   and   ham,   watched   a   living   book  
be  learning  how  to  play  the  recorder  as  part  of   about   green   eggs   and   ham,   and   read   Dr.   Seuss  
the   music   curriculum.   Fourth   graders   will   also   stories  on  our  I-­‐Pod  Touches.    We  also  graphed  
have   the   option   to   participate   in   an   elective   whether   or   not   we   like   green   eggs   and   ham.    
choir  which  will  meet  during  the  Thursday  noon   Most   of   our   class   decided   that   we   liked   green  
recess.     eggs  and  ham!      YUM,  YUM!!  
We   also   read   another   Dr.   Seuss   story   called,  
Bartholomew   and   the   Oobleck.     After   we   read
FROM  MRS.  JENSEN’S     the   story   we   made   Oobleck   and   got   to   play   with  
1ST  GRADERS   it!     We   got   messy,   but   we   had   soooo   much  
A   Happy   Spring   to   everyone!     fun!!!                                                                                            Mrs.  Thompson  
The   First   Graders   in   Mrs.  
Jensen’s   class   have   been  
looking   forward   to   warmer  
weather  and  the  time  when  they  no  longer  have  
to  wear  hats,  mittens,  boots  and  heavy  coats!  It  
is  hard  to  believe  we  are  in  our  4th  Quarter  but  it  
is  here  and  we  are  working  hard.  
This   year   has   been   a   learning   year   for   both  
teachers   and   students   with   the   introduction   of  
the   Saxon   Math   program.     The   First   Grade   has  
had   some   neat   experiences   with   the   many    
manipulatives,   the   learning   tools,   and   the   use   of  
MRS.  WAPELHORST’S  FIRST  GRADE   May   23rd   is   our   End   of   the   Year   Picnic   with  
This  year  is  going  by  so  fast  and  the  last  day  of   games  at  Johnson’s  Park.      
school  is  quickly  approaching.    Here  is  what  our     Thank  you    
class  is  looking  forward  to  doing  in  the  next  few   Melissa  Kittelson,  Jodi  Cowling  &  Ricci  Benson  
On   March   31st   our   entire   1st   grade   class   will   be  
traveling   to   the   Johnny   Carson   Theatre   to   watch  
“Berenstain  Bears,  In  Family  Matters”.    After  the  
play   we   will   spend   a   short   time   talking   about  
different   families   and   communities.   We   will   be  
receiving   small   Colorado   Spruces   from   the   NRD  
for   Arbor   Day.       Along   with   Arbor   Day   we   will   be  
talking   about   plants,   rocks,   and   recycling.       In  
March   we   did   a   small   until   on   Dinosaurs   and  
fossils.    We  are  currently  working  on  digging  up  
a   fossil   we   have   in   our   classroom.     They   get   so  
excited   when   it   is   their   turn   to   work   on   the  
It   has   been   so   great   to   see   the   achievements  
this   class   has   made,   and   will   continue   to   make  
until  May.        
                         Happy  Spring,  Mrs.  Wapelhorst      
      A   BIG   THANK   YOU   goes   out   to  
everyone   that   helped   make   the  
Basket  Auction  a  success!  
Also,  I  just  want  to  let  you  know  if  you  didn’t  get  
a   yearbook   ordered,   I   ordered   10   extra   books  
and  if  you  would  like  on,  let  me  know.    Contact  
Melissa  Kittelson  at  402-­‐750-­‐3020.  
We  have  a  couple  of  events  coming  up:  
May   2-­‐6   is   Jefferson   Staff   Appreciation   Week.    
This   year   we   will   be   celebrating   the   week   with   a  
Hollywood   theme!     Students   and   staff   will   be  
walking   the   red   carpet   and   getting   the   royal  
treatment!    Take  the  time  and  write  a  thank-­‐you  
note  with  your  child  to  a  staff  member  that  has  
helped   your   child.     The   classrooms   are   in   need  
of   a   lot   of   supplies   like   pencils,   dry   erase  
markers,  Clorox  wipes,  crayons,  glue  sticks,  and  
pens.    Feel  free  to  donate  any  of  these  items  to  
your   child’s   classroom.     Thanks   for   supporting  
your  child’s  education!  

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