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Importance of the cutoff ratio for detecting antibodies against hepatitis A viru

s in oral fluids by enzyme immunoassay.

Hepatitis E virus in swine and effluent samples from slaughterhouses in Brazil.
Applied biotechnology for production of immunoglobulin Y specific to hepatitis A
Experimental hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fas
cicularis): evidence of active extrahepatic site of HAV replication.
Kinetics of hepatitis A virus replication in vivo and in vitro using negative-st
rand quantitative PCR.
Serological and molecular evidence of hepatitis E virus in swine in Brazil.
Changes in hepatitis A virus seroepidemiology in HIV-infected Brazilian patients
Comparison between serum and saliva for the detection of hepatitis A virus RNA.
Molecular detection of hepatitis A virus in urban sewage in Rio de Janeiro, Braz
Hepatitis A virus in environmental water samples from the Amazon Basin.
Early infection and asymptomatic spread of hepatitis A virus in a public child c
are center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: should attending children under two years
of age be vaccinated?
Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis A virus in Brazilian Amazon.
Evaluation of methods used to concentrate and detect hepatitis A virus in water
Detection of hepatitis A, B, and C virus-specific antibodies using oral fluid fo
r epidemiological studies.
Characterization of the complete genomic sequence of genotype II hepatitis A vir
us (CF53/Berne isolate).
Genetic analysis of hepatitis A virus isolates from Brazil.
Detection of hepatitis A virus RNA in serum during the window period of infectio
Comparison of four extraction methods to detect hepatitis A virus RNA in serum a
nd stool samples.
Hepatitis A virus infection in hepatitis C Brazilian patients.
Mixed infection of a child care provider with hepatitis A virus isolates from su
bgenotypes IA and IB revealed by heteroduplex mobility assay.
Seasonal variation of hepatitis A virus infection in the city of Rio de Janeiro,
Hepatitis a outbreak in a public school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Seroprevalence of viral hepatitis in riverine communities from the Western Regio
n of the Brazilian Amazon Basin.
Characterization of hepatitis A virus isolates from subgenotypes IA and IB in Ri
o de Janeiro, Brazil.
Hepatitis E virus infection in selected Brazilian populations.