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1º Lesson

Time : 45 minutes

Objective : To identify functions of social networks.

Description : In this class we are going to introduce the unit topic ‘social
networks’. The students will have to discuss about their knowledge of this topic,
what are the websites that they commonly use and in which ways they use them.
We will show them a special blog created by ourselves in which they’ll find a text
(the text given by professor Calderon). The students will read the text and will have
to speak about it giving a very short summary.

2º Lesson

Time: 90 min.

Objective: To identify expressions commonly used in this type of text. (expository)

Description: Using the text given the previous session, the students will have to
work on some key words, cognates, and reflexive pronouns in order to destermine
the meaning and functions of each one. Then, they will have to guess the meaning
of the following expressions: to cope with conflicts, to lead a workshop and to
change oneself, but also they will have to create new sentences following the same
pattern that these expressions have. Taking in consideration all this expressions, we
will ask students to say more expressions that they know that are related to ‘social
networks’, we will give them some more too. All the expressions will be written on
the board.

After this, students will see some messages in English posted on Facebook ( the
posts are written in past and present tense). Students will analize the texts and
identify the different tenses and expressions used on it, paying a lot of attention to
present perfect and past simple. We will give them feedback of their analysis and
will explain them differences and uses among the tenses.

Using all these expressions the student will write a post using the studied
tenses and some of the learnt expressions on facebook.

3º Lesson:

Time: 45 min.

Objective: To understand life experiences by listening to and watching authentic


To express opinions supporting ideas with arguments.

Description: Using the website ‘twitcam’, the studens will see a short video of a
man talking about his daily life (He speaks mostly in present and past tense). Each student
will receive a question related to the video and they will have to answer the question on the
same twitcam site. Then, the students will give their opinions about what the man said,
they must include the word ‘because’ in their opinions (this way we make them support
what they are saying with arguments).