Vocabulary 11 Review 



Timidity or shyness

Julio’s diffidence ruined his chances of picking up a “hottie” like Stephanie, who, as a matter of fact, is also shy herself.


Quickness and keenness of judgment or insight.

Coach Bryant’s acumen in the kitchen is never more apparent when he inspects whether his students washed dishes correctly or not.


and keenness of judgment or insight

Louis’s acumen is evident in the student projects she creates. Some of the most enjoyable are created on the spot.


Inclined to keep silent; reserved After being obnoxious and loud in the hallways of school, Ricardo became RETICENT once Mrs. Slocum was nearby.


Mr. Acosta is scolding Geo for her dilatory attendance; her many tardies will result in a grade deduction.


and cheerful readiness

Prado is a very cheerful person and is also very fast to help others.


Coach Baez’s ALACRITY was evident as he skipped through the halls and headed for the district baseball game.


Brisk and cheerful readiness

As Mrs. Mena strides towards her business meeting, she portrays a sense of alacrity.


uprightness; righteousness

Moore possesses rectitude; he is big on morals and keeps us in line.

serious •Kaitlynn’s staid face in no way indicates her personality; she’s actually fun!


Adroit/Dexterous (adj)
My friend is extremely adroit when it goes to making origami; she can finish constructing a boat in less than a minute.

The students were impressed by Ms. Robinson’s adroit ability when it came to dissecting the cat. Her hands are quite dexterous!



Great personal dishonor or humiliation; disgraceful conduct Jason was unable to reach the bathroom in time and peed himself right outside the door, causing great IGNOMINY and discomfort.


Eager to fight; hostile or aggressive The security guard showed his BELLIGERENT personality when he became annoyed by the crying man.


Eager to right; hostile or aggressive

Mr. Granados pitbulllike belligerence makes him a threatening administrative figure. The fragile student body cowers in fear!


This is a mendacious advertisement! Low Fat Chocolate??? What a paradox!


The cosmopolitan poster expresses world unity and illustrates how a smile is international.


Worldly; widely sophisticated; influenced by many cultures

Mrs. Abesada’s cosmopolitan nature allows her to relate well to diverse groups of teachers and students.


Mrs. Liu’s traveled all the way from China to our humble high school to teach us Chinese and make us a more COSMOPOLITAN student body.


The lonely piece of gum stares at the world through a lonely hole at the insular girl.

Hello Kitty is very banal; it use to be original, but most girls have tons of Hello Kitty products now.

Mr. Burgos’s Arab features led students to write flippant comments on his board. Luckily, he was not offended by their antics!


Very productive; producing great qualities

C-Rod is prolific; she produces great qualities in her students with her own.


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