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State of Wisconsin

Circuit Court


JO HN R CAMINITI 1437 Mills St

Black Earth, WI 53515 DOB: 11/02/1965 ' Sex/Race: MIW

Eye Color:

Hair Color:




DA Case No.: 2011 DAOO '

Plaintiff, Assigned DAiADA:

Agency Case No.: DCSD 10-325602 Court Case No.:





A complaint, a copy of which is attached, having been made before me accusing the defendant of committing the crime(s) of:


Mental Harm to Child; PTAC

Mental Harm to Child; PTAC

Mental Harm to Child; PTAC

Mental Harm to Child; PTAC

Intentional Child Abuse - Bodily Harm

Intentional Child Abuse - Bodily Harm

Intentional Child AbuseBodily Harm

Intentional Child Abuse - Bodily Harm

Mental Harm to Child Mental Harm to Child Mental Harm to Child Mental Harm to Child


DATE OF VIOLATION: between September 18,2009 and November 19, 2010 between September 18,2009 and November 19, 2010 between September

, 18,2009 and,

November 19,2010

on or between June 1, 2009 through November 29,2010 between June 7, 2006 and December 7, 2007 between December 8, 2007 and June 8, 2009 between June 9, 2009 and November 29, 2001

. on or between June 1, 2008 through November 29,2010 on or between June 1, 2008 through November 29,2010 between September

CONTRARY TO WIS. STATUTE(S).: 948.04(1); 939.05

948.04(1); 939.05

948.04(1); 939.05

948.04(1); 939.05





948.04(1 )


948.04(1 )



18,2009 and November 19,2010 between September 18,2009 and November 19,2010 between September 18,2009 and November 19,2010

And having found that probable cause exists that such violation was committed by the defendant, you are, therefore, commanded to arrest the defendant and bring him before me, or if I am not available, before some other judge of this county.

Date: f\\:-t-4"<-\t\ \ k


.In lieu of holding the defendant in custody, bond may be posted in the amount of BODY ONLV.


Date Entered Date Entered

By By

Date Canceled Date Canceled


NO Nationwide

Adjoining Counties/States






I do certify that by virtue of the within Warrant' ,I did on ' at defendant and informed him of the crime with which he is charged.

P.M .. ,' arrest the

Dated: _









Black Earth, WI 53515 OOB: 11/0211965 Sex/Race: M/w'

Eye Color:

Hair Color:




DA Case No.: 2011 DA000558 Assigned ADA:

Agency Case No.: DCSD 10-325602 Court Case No.:



COMPLAINING WITNESS William Hendrickson, Mary Butler

The above-named complaining witness being first duly sworn states the following:


The above-named defendant on or between January 1, 2010 through November 29, 2010, in the Village of Black Earth, Dane County, Wisconsin, as a party to a crime, in Dane County, Wisconsin, being a person who is exercising temporary or permanent control of a child, namely CMC, DOB: 12/16/1993, did cause mental harm to that child by conduct which demonstrates substantial disregard for the mental well-being of the child., contrary to sec. 948.04(1), 939.50(3)(f), 939.05 Wis. Stats., a Class F Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), or imprisoned not more than twelve (12) years and six (6) months, or' both.


The above-named defendant on or between January 1, 2010, through November 29, 2010, in the Village of Black Earth, Dane County, Wisconsin, as a party to a- crime, in Dane County, Wisconsin, being a person who is exercising temporary or permanent control of 'a child, namely LKC, DOB: 06/18/1998, did - cause mental harm to that child by conduct



The above-named defendant on or between January 1, 2010 through November 29, 2010, in the Village of Black Earth, Dane County, Wisconsin, as a party to a crime, in Dane County, Wisconsin, being a person who is exercising temporary or permanent control of a, child, namely JCC, DOB: 9/13/1995, did cause mental harm to that child by conduct which demonstrates substantial disregard for the mental well-being of the child., contrary to sec. 948.04(1), 939.50(3)(f),. 939.05 Wis. Stats., a Class F Felony, and Upon conviction may be fined not more than Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), or imprisoned not more than twelve (12) years and six (6) months, or both.


which demonstrates substantial disregard for the mental well-being of the child., contrary to sec. 94B.04(1), 939.50(3)(f), 939.05 Wis. 8tats., a Class F Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), or imprisoned not more than twelve (12) years and six (6) months, or both.


The above-named defendant on or between June 1, 2009 through November 29, 2010, in the Village of Black-Earth. Dane County, Wisconsin, as a party to a crime, in Dane County, Wisconsin, being a person who is exercising temporary or permanent control of a child,

, namely RJC, a female, DOB: 11/30/2000, did cause mental harm to that child by conduct which demonstrates substantial disregard for the mental well-being of the child., contrary to sec. 94B.04(1), 939.50(3)(f), 939.05 Wis. 8tats., a Class F Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), or imprisoned not more than twelve (12) years and six (6) months, or both.


The above-named defendant between June 7,2006 and December 7,2007, Dane County, Wisconsin, did intentionally cause bodily harm to a child,' KDC, DOB 12/07/2005, when KDC was between the ages of six to 24 months old, contraiy to sec. 94B.03(2)(b), 939.50(3)(h) Wis. Stats., a Class H Felony, and upon conviction, may be fined not more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or imprisoned not more than six (6) years, or both.


The above-named defendant between December 8,2007 and June B, 2009, Dane County, Wisconsin, did intentionally cause bodily harm to a child, KDC, DOB 12/07/2005, when KDC was between two and 3~ years of age, contrary to sec. 94B.03(2)(b), 939.50(3)(h)' Wis. Stats., a Class H Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or imprisoned not more than six (6) years, or both.


The above-named defendant between June 9, 2009 and November 29, 2001, Dane County, Wisconsin, did intentionally cause bodily harm toa child, KDC, DOB 12/07/2005 after KDC was 3~ years and until shortly before he turned five years old, contrary to sec. 94B.03(2)(b), 939.50(3)(h) Wis. Stats., a Class H Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or imprisoned not more than six (6)

years, or both. '




The above-named defendant on or between June 1, 200B through November 29, 2010, in the Village of Black Earth, Dane County, Wisconsin, did intentionally cause bodily harm' to a child, TRC, DOB 11/20/2007, contrary to sec. 948.03(2)(b), 939.50(3)(h)'Wis. Stats., a Class H Felony, and upon conviction may be flned not more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or imprisoned not more than six (6) years, or both.


Background: Aleitheia Bible Church (ABC)

In November 2010, the Dane County Sheriff's Department (DCSO) commenced an investigation of possible child abuse occurring within a religious group in the Mazomanie area known as the Aleitheia Bible Church (hereinafter ABC). Numerous DC80 Detectives and deputies investigated and learned that the ABC was formed in 2006 as a result of a


Detectives and deputies investigated and learned that the ABC was formed in' 2006 as a' result of a break within the Curtis Street Bible Fellowship (CSBF) in Mazomanie, WI. Between December 2010 and February 2011 , the DCSO submitted approximately 450 pages of reports to the District Attorney's Office for review.

Det. Mary Butler interviewed Mark Cymbalak on 1'1/18/2010 and identified him as the present full-time pastor at the CSBF. Pastor Cymbalak advised that before the split in 2006, the board of directors at the CSBF consisted of 11 elders including himself, PhJI Caminiti, John Caminiti, Todd Barsness, Darwin Parman and Bob Wick. Pastor Cymbalak explained that the board was supposed to work together to share decision-making; however Phil Caminiti wanted to be in charge and asserted that he had better qualifications than the others. Pastor Cymbalak recalled that Phil Caminiti wrote two papers describing why he should be the church's leader. In March 2006, Phil Caminiti left the CSBF along with Todd Barsness, Darwin Parman and Bob Wick and their families. Phil Caminiti then formed the ABC. Pastor Cymbalak stated that Phil teaches "shunning" and that members of the ABC actively shun members of the CSBF by ignoring them and

, refusing to interact with them or their children in any meaningful way.

Phillip Caminiti '

Phil Caminiti resides at 835 Blue Mounds St., in Black Earth alonq with his wife,' Denise (Parman) Caminiti and their children: Andrew Caminiti, DOB: 03/20/1985, Carissa Caminiti, 008: 06/18/1987, Lydia Caminiti, DOB: 03/26/1990, Elisa, DOB: 12/28/1992, MDC, a male, DOB: 05/09/1995,. AJC,a male, DOB: 09/01/1997, and CJC, a male, DOB: 12/07/2000. The youngest, CJC is homeschooled, while EMC, MDC and AJC attend Wisconsin Heights School. Neither Andrew nor Carissa is employed and Lydia, who is 21

years of age; lsthe only household member who works outside of the home. Phil" '

Caminiti's eldest, Maria (Caminiti) Stephenson, DOB: 10/27/1981~ is married to Timothy Stephenson. They have two young sons and belong to the ABC. Phil Caminiti's second eldest, Matthew B. Caminiti, is an ABC elder who is married to Alina (Harrison) Caminiti. They have two young children and are members of ABC

Det. Dawn Johnson interviewed Phil Caminiti (hereinafter "Phil") on 11/30/2010.

Phil provided information regarding theological backqround, He advised that he had served as a pastor at a Bible church in Fennville, MI between 1980 and 1984,'however left that church because he felt that the leaders of the church needed to have a more "pure character and lifestyle." Phil married Denise Parman and they moved to Black Earth, WI in 1986. Phil then served as pastor of the Black Earth Congregational Church until 2004 when the congregation built a new church in Mazomanie, named the CSBF Church. Regarding the ABC split, Phil denied that he wanted more power but acknowledged that his expectations were high and that members of the CSBF felt that Phil was "going beyond scripture." Phil named the seven elders who' stayed with the CSBF and the three families who left him to form ABC.



Phil Caminiti expressed his belief in shunning when people do not repent. In reference to shunning, Phil states that scripture says that you shun people who have chosen not to follow or obey scripture and cited certain biblical references.'

1 In support offus beliefs, Phil mentioned Matthew (QI. 18vs. 1)"Corinthi~ (Ch. ?.vs.' 2) Thessalonians (Ch. 3 VS. 14

& 15),' and Titus (Ch. 3). ' "




Phil further expressed his belief that the Bible dictates the use of a rod over a hand to punish children stating that a child as young as a few months old is "worthy" of the rod and that by "one and a half months" of age the child is old enough to be spanked. Phi!" explained that when a baby is "selfish cry[ing]" you would first squeeze their leg or shoulder and say "no" and if that doesn't work, then a rod could be used. When asked about distinguishing between types of cries, Phil stated that parents can tell very early on what type of cry the infant is exhibiting and if the young child is exhibiting fussiness for no. reason, then they should be punished. Phil admitted to instructing parents to hit their children on the bare butt with the rod 'because "there is a lot of flesh there." Phil stated that he "likes the immediacy of spanking" and "pain is a good way to teach children" and "the scripture is never wrong."

Phil stated "If you spank early and it is done right, then kids will be happy and obedient;" and also that the Bible says that you should use a rod. Det. Johnson asked if the rod spankings left bruising, would that be a sign that the spanking was done too hard or that the use of the rod was too much or too heavy in response to which he stated "I don't think bruises are telltale signs of something bad." He stated "The pain is used to tell them 'this is serious, and I need you to obey'." Phil stated that scripture does not give the exact way to spank, but this is the way he has instructed.

Phil discussed the role and responsibility of women in the church, statinq that they are to teach younger women to be good "home workers," and that moms are responsible for and need-to "tend home fires." He explained that's why many of the women in the church don't work outside the home. Phil also admitted that as the church leaders, they do counsel people whose wives are overweight as the Bible talks about gluttony; if you are overweight, that's a sin.

The ABC does not have an independent place of worship but holds church and other meetings at the homes of Phil & Denise Caminiti, who live in Black Earth; and Bob & Lori Wick, who live in Mazomanie. Phil is the church leader.whlleMatt Caminiti and Todd Barsness are elders of the ABC.

Detective Mary Butler continued to correspond with Phil Caminiti during the course of the investigation, sharing with him the legal definitions of child abuse and reasonable discipline. Subsequent to this exchange, Phil expressed his belief in the child discipline he has practiced and promoted; and indicated his desire to continue promoting the methods of discipline utilizing a rod on young children as described above. In one email.Phil explained that while he wanted to comply with the lawsof Wlsconsin, he was concerned with the standard that the members of his church not cause physical pain, since that was the point of spanking with the rod. In one of his final communlcatlons, he stated that if they needed to, "some of [them] would seek residence in a state that has laws more in keeping with [their] religious beliefs."

Patsy Ubert

On 12/23/2010 Deputy Richard Bennett spoke with Patsy Ubert, (hereinafter "Patsy") who has a son, CJU, DOB: 10/26/2006. Patsy indicated that she dated Kurtis Hahn for a period of time prior to August 2008 and attended his family's church (the ABC) during the summer of 2008. Dep, Bennett asked Patsy about child discipline during church services and Patsy indicated that she often witnessed children be taken away from the church service into another room to be disciplined. Patsy stated that a child would be

STATE OF WISCONSlN - VS - John R Caminiti

disciplined with some type of a wooden stick and that this was common knowledge within· the church. Patsy said that she could hear the discipline and that it was disturbing: "I heard a stick crack from another room" and then heard the cry of a child following the crack of a stick. Patsy stated that this happened in Phil Caminiti's house during church services. Patsy specifically recalled John Caminiti disciplining his younger daughter (TRC, DaB: 11/20/2007) in this way on two occasions that summer when she heard the crack from the stick at Phil's house. Patsy said that on these occasions, John Caminiti came out of the room looking very angry. She described John being "red in the. face" and his body seeming to be very tense with an angry facial expression'. Patsy stated that she attended ABC services on Sundays and Wednesdays between June and August of 2008 and that it seemed as though there was at least one child getting disciplined at each service,

John Caminiti

Phil Caminiti's brother, John Caminiti, resides at 1437 Mills St., Black Earth, which is located in Dane County, WI along with his wife, Carolyn Caminiti and their six children:

CMC, a male, DaB: 12/16/1993, JCC, a male, DaB: 09/13/1995, LKC, a male, DaB: 06/18/1998, RJC, a female, DaB: 11/30/2000, KDC, a male, DaB: 12/07/2005, and TRC, a female, DaB: 11/20/2007. All six children are home-schooled. Approximately five years ago, John Caminiti moved his family from Michigan, where all of his school-aged children attended public schools, to Black Earth. He and his family joined the Curtis Street Bible Fellowship (CSBF) in Mazomanie, WI where his brother, Phil was, in his opinion, a' "figurehead."

On 11/29/2010, Det. Bill Hendrickson interviewed John Caminiti (hereinafter "John"). John stated that they separated from the CSBF because of differing beliefs and now belonged to ABC where they are living in accordance with God's word. John stated that his brother Phil Was the "driving force" in the separation and that Phil is the shepherd and lead teacher of the ABC. When asked about the teaching at the ABC church, John stated that he was learning "who is Christ, why is he coming," and stated that Christ is more important to him than his own family andfelt that it should be for everyone, as he has no higher allegiance to anyone but God.

When Det. Hendrickson asked about physicai punishment, John stated "you mean spare the rod, spoil the child." John said that the use of the rod or stick or dowel began while he was at the ABC'church and that it was clear within the scriptures that this was allowed and was advocated by pastors within the church, including Phil Caminiti. John stated that he had never used a stick, rod or dowel on his children prior to joining ABC. John stated that the church (ABC) teaches them to use a rod or stick against bare skin described as the buttocks or top of hamstrings. John stated that he now used a dowel on his younger children and was just following the teachings of the Bible, stating that the Bible allowed it.

When asked why he only started using the rod after joining the ABC, if the scripture clearly condoned it, John really had no response. He said that it was really not something he was directed to do until coming to ABC church when taught lessons by his brother, Phil, and as a result he continued with them and utilized the dowel in spanking as his main source of issuing discipline for disobedience.



STATE OF WISCONSm - VS - John R Caminiti

John stated that he utilizes the rod or dowei an his two yaungest children, KOC, 008: 12/07/2005, and TRC, DOB: 11/20/2007 whenever they are disabedient. John stated that he began using a dowel against KDC and TRC when they were roughly three months old and that it was primarily done an bare buttocks utilizing a spoon. As KDC and TRC grew he eventually began using a smaller dawel and now uses the larger dowel which he described as being 12 to 18 inches long and the diameter of about a quarter. . When asked abaut leaving marks, John stated that he would typically see a red mark, about the size of a fifty-cent piece, which would last for.a day or two. When asked. if the dowel spankings resulted in any discaloratian or bruising, John stated that this two-day . healing period included the disappearance of any redness to the skin and the fading of . discoloration or bruises.

. John stated that the last time he utilized the dowel on KRC was approximately four days ago and that the last time he used a dowel an TRC was "within the week." He specifically recalled that he struck each child three times with the dowel, that they cried and there was redness, but could not recall if there was bruising. When asked what either children did to deserve a spanking with a dawel, John had difficulty recalling and stated that almost all of the incidents were in respanse to. simple disobedience or not following directions within the hausehold. Jahn stated that bruising would "almast always" accompany the reddening of the skin and that the bruising again was discolored skin iii a circular shape roughly the diameter of a fifty-cent piece cain.

When asked to average out the amount of spankings he would give KDC and TRC, John advised that he typically would give them two to three spankings a week and that this has been going· an since he first learned abaut it. John stated that the dowel spankings would occur at hame or at church (Phil Caminiti's home ar Bob Wick's home).

John described that he believed in a hierarchy within his home, placing himself at the top. Det. Hendrickson asked Jahn if his wife Carolyn had ever caused problems for him in the same way that his children might, what type of discipline he would impose on her. John explained that there was no. physical canflict but stated that he has imposed some sanctions, for lack of a better term, .against Carolyri when she was having difficulty keeping up with the arder needed to be maintained within the hame. When asked if this would be compared to "shunning," John agreed.

John stated that typically when he and his wife have a problem, they wauld begin by talking. about it, hawever, an two occasions, the conversatlons led to shunning Carolyn. John believed that these instances accurred within the past 18 months. John advised that when the shunning process is gQing an, Caro.lyn stays within their bedroom and does nat

. have any contact with their children whatsoever. He stated that typically this shunning or confinement, would take place for approximately two days. When asked if Carolyn would be fed during these periods of time, Jahn stated that food would be taken to her (in the bedroom). John stated the doar to her bedroom was not locked and that she was not forced in there; however, she was given clear instructions (by him) that she was to stay in there until she was able to either talk with him or correct her disabedience.

Det. Hendrickson then inquired as to whether John utilized shunning of his children for disobedience or ather reasans and he stated that he did. John advised that on one occasion, in January 2010, his sen, CMC, DOB: 12/16/1993, was essentially shunned and confined to his roam for a period of time as a result of repeated disobedience and just "not




going along with the program within the home." When asked how long the shunning lasted, John stated that it lasted for three weeks and that CMC was only allowed out of his room for horneschoollnq, but after his sessions, he was required to go back to his room. In a similar fashion, John stated that again the door to the room was not locked and CMC was not confined there by force, but did have clear instructions that he was not to leave. CMC was fed while on this restriction/confinement, however meals were taken to his room and he was not allowed to eat with any family member.

John explained that this shunning was done to maintain the integrity of his family and keep everyone going along with the "plan," which he could not detail further. John stated that he 'advises or.instructs within his family that-shunning (lack of communication) should be implemented towards those who no longer agree with his family (or ABC). John stated that these other beliefs can be a negative influence.on his family and as a result he does not allow communication of any type with people outside his religious belief (ABC). John explained that Phil Caminiti was the driving force with respect to shunning, explaining that this practice wasn't a problem as the "Bible scriptures didn't change" just because their congregation did.

Carolyn Caminiti

On 11/30/2010, Oet. Janet Boehnen interviewed Carolyn Caminiti at her residence in Black Earth while Det. Todd Benisch spoke with 16-year old CMC, in an upstairs room, Det, Ron Darn spoke with 15-year old JCM, Oet. Katherine Wessel spoke with 12-year old LKC and Det. Gwen Ruppert spoke with 1 O-year old RJC in separate rooms.

Carolyn advised that she home schools all six of her children with help from Phil's daughter, Carissa Caminiti. She stated that when they lived in MI and first "moved to Black Earth, the kids attended public school, but they were not doing well, making simple mistakes,and were behind all the other children. She stated Phil and his family offered to help with the kids to get them back on track, which meant home schooling. Carolyn teaches most subjects and Phil's daughter Carissa teaches math to the older boys. Carolyn has a degree in teaching and while living in MI she taught a formal preschool/daycare at the church they attended.

Carolyn advised that they moved to WI from MI to be a part of the church Phil wa's leading. Carolyn advised when they first moved to Black Earth they belonged to the Curtis Street Bible Fellowship (CSBF) in Mazomanie, WI,. where Phil was a pastor. They were members there for about one year before Darwin Parman, T odd Barsness and Phil Caminiti separated, as they did not agree with the other elders and their practices.

Carolyn described the biggest disagreement was questioning who was in charge and what holiness in God really meant. She and John also left CSBF to become active in Phil's new church which goes by the acronym ABC.

When asked if she agreed with the decision-making at ABC, Carolyn advised she grew up Baptist and understood that God's holiness is serious, and sin is not taken lightly; she stated that it is right of her to obey God's word and do what is expected of "us," describing an expectation of perfection in all areas of life. She stated that the ABC believes that people can be blameless describing it to' mean that God wants' us to be imitators of Him and to be sin haters.

Carolyn referred to herself as trying to "get perfection," but stated she has not because she does not understand. When asked who was telling her this, Carolyn

3/4/2011 7

STATE OF WISCONSrn - vs - John R Caminiti

indicated that Phil, her husband, John, and Carissa were telling her this. She admitted that she sometimes feels like giving up, but she knows that isn't right. She stated she needs to get further direction from the individuals "over her" because it's not always clear to her. It then becomes the elders' responsibility to help her understand. When asked to describe what she meant; Carolyn described it as respecting authority and to fear them, meaning the elders of the church.



Det. Boehnen explained that she had worked with victims of emotional and mental abuse previously and, if needed, she could help Carolyn. Det. Boehnen inquired as to whether Carolyn feared her husband. Carolyn denied any physical abuse and took a moment before saying that she believed she lacked success in her role as a mother and a teacher, which resulted in a lack of blamelessness. When asked what might happen when she lacked blamelessness, Carolyn stated that someone could be shunned or separated, which she described as being unable to have contact with anyone, and not being able to carry on as normal within the family.

Carolyn stated that she had been shunned or separated for her lack of blamelessness, which entailed keeping her separated from her family and not being able to gather at church. She stated during one period of separation, which lasted for about one month, she remained mostly in her bedroom where she had to eat most of her meals. She stated at times she did eat at the table with her family, but none of the family members could talk with her nor could she talk with them, basically being isolated. She informed Det~ Boehnen that she could leave the house to go for a walk or go shopping alone, but

, could not engage in any interaction or go shopping with her family.

When asked who made these rules of separationfor her, Carolyn indicated it was her husband, John, with input from Phil. Carolyn has.been "separated" a few times over

. the last couple years, which included the approximate one-month time, and another time, which was not as long. When asked what she did to warrant such a lengthy separation, Carolyn indicated things like disagreeing and having no success with the home schooling of her children, and their lack of obedience.

Det. Boehnen then discussed the discipline in their household and Carolyn said that she and John spank their younger children, but not the older two. Carolyn advised that they discipline by following what the scripture says, which means using a rod or stick, which she agreed was a dowel-type instrument; and they use the dowel on the children's bare buttock·area. Carolyn advised that the teaching at ABC included starting to spank with a rod or dowel at around three months of age; however; they did not do this with all of their children because this became the new practice of the church (ABC) within the last couple of years. Carolyn advised that this was not the teaching or practice when they

were at the CSBF church. .

Carolyn advised that John spanks KDC with the dowel often and because he is , much stronger, has created bruises on KOC's buttocks. S~e recalled bruising on 'KDC as recently as within the last few weeks. Carolyn indicated she didn't recall ever leaving any marks or bruises on the children but offered that she is not as strong, is small statuted, and doesn't hit as hard as John.

Carolyn indicated that Phil teaches that spanking with a rod or stick is successful with children who are disobeying including infants. She then explained how Phil had used

STATE OF WISCONSIN - yS - John R Caminiti

a wooden spoon on himself to show how hard to hit in church. When asked how she felt about this Carolyn said it was new to her, and that she does not always agree with the decisions. Carolyn advised that with the older two boys, CMC and JCC, they never spanked with a dowel, however when they were taught to discipline their children by using a dowel, she was counseled by John and Phil and made to understand things.

Carolyn stated that for discipline, the older four children would typically be separated for more than one day. Carolyn described that when someone is separated, there is no one playing "happy family." She stated on one occasion the older boys, CMC and JCC were separated into their room for a period of a month. She explained there were no locks on their door and they were allowed, at times, to come out to eat at the table, as well as go to the bathroom and shower. Most of the meals however were taken to them in their bedroom. She indicated that their separation was very much like the one she endured. When asked what the boys did to warrant such a long period of separation, Carolyn indicated because they were not doing well in school and doing other things such as not having self-control of their emotions, or feeling nervous, or for disagreeing with her. She indicated that breaking down and 'crying is not a good thing and shows no self-control over emotions.

Det. Boehnen asked Carolyn who was making these decisions to have CMC and JCC separated for these things and she said either it's a directive from John in the decision-making or they go to Phil's family because they have the experience of the right way to do things. When asked about whether she and John give money to ABC, Carolyn stated that typically John decides what to give. He is involved with ABC's budget, which is discussed with the elders. She stated she respects her husband and the elders' opinions

regarding how the money is used. - .



When asked what happens if she does not agree with John's beliefs or rules, Carolyn stated that things would not be right and there would be separation. Carolyn stated that she and John talk with one another, but she should not disagree with him. Carolyn said that at times she has not agreed with John but explained that this was because she wasn't seeing clearly, at which times she is then made to understand. When asked about decision-making being fifty-fifty in their household, Carolyn stated "no" and said that wives should submit to their husbands as he is-the authority over her and the kids. Carolyn said that she has authority over the kids, thechurch has authority over their family and God has authority over allof them. When asked if she agreed with this order, Carolyn indicated that sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. Carolyn advised that when she has questioned things, she is made to understand, otherwise she would have to be separated from-the church. Carolyn stated that they have to separate from members who have left ABC, which means that ABC members could not engage in conversation or even smile .at former members when seeing them because they left the church for different beliefs and they are no longer unified and must separate totally. She indicated that this true even for the children of AB.C, ifthey disagreed orrejected the beliefs of ABC.

Oet. Boehnen asked Carolyn whether she had ever thought about separating from the church and whether anyone had ever threatened her if she were to ever leave ABC or her marriage. Carolyn sat in silence for a brief moment before answering in a careful and measured fashion. Carolyn advised there was talk 01 repercussion in that if she did leave the church, she would not see her children, because she would have to be separated from


all of the members. Det. Boehnen advised Carolyn that while she may be separated from ABC, she could not legally be separated from her children for leaving the church. Carolyn was not sure if she believed this or not, and stated she had no interest in wanting to leave either. Carolyn stated that she loves and respects her husband and respects ABC's elders more than herself. She reiterated that she is working very hard to "understand" and gain ' success as a mom and a teacher. Det. Boehnen clarified what Carolyn meant when she used the word "understand," and Carolyn stated that her husband and the elders help her understand how to be blameless.


10 '

Carolyn again stated that she has been told she is a weak person and that she is supposed to be strong, but she isn't there yet. She stated she works very hard on being stronger by receiving suggestions from her husband and the elders. When asked for specifics, Carolyn said that she needs to be a stronger teacher and stronger with obedience to gain respect from her children.

Carolyn advised that her two youngest children, 4.;year old KOC and three-year old TRC were, currently at Phil Caminiti's residence with his daughter, 22-year old Carissa Caminiti. When initially asked why her two youngest were staying at Phil's residence, she advised that Carissa helps with home schooling, so she agreed to keep the two younger ones at her house for a week or so while she home schooled the four older children. Later in the interview, Det. Boehnen asked Carolyn if she had seen KDC or TRC since they went to Phil's, she said "no," although they live nearby. When asked if she could go to Phil's and see her children if she wanted to, Carolyn stated, probably not because the plan was to leave them there for the week. At this point in the interview, Carolyn's expression changed as she had tears in her eyes and her lips began to quiver. When Oet. Boehnen

, asked Carolyn if it was her idea for these arrangements, Carolyn said "no," and that it was Phil and Carissa's idea. Carolyn stated that she wished her children didn't have to be away from her for the week, but blamed herself for not being successful with obedience and homeschooling, which resulted in this situation.

Oet. Boehnen asked to see the dowel-like instruments they use for spanking and asked if she could have them. Carolyn was not sure and wanted to ask John first, however did take Oet. Boehnen into the bedroom and showed her the two wooden sticks they use on the children. Carolyn advised that she didn't realize they were doing anything wrong orllleqal and that they were just following what was taught to them through the (ABC) church, and scripture.

Carolyn wanted Det. Boehnen to know that she'd had "disagreeing thoughts" about how home schooling was implemented; and because she disagreed with her ,-husband's belief and the church's, she thought about killing herself. She stated she repented and talked with her husband, John, and Phil. They told her there is a judgment day and that it is not her decision to make when she leaves this earth,' but God's decision,

which she now fully understands.' ,

Duan.e Brown

On 01/04/2011, Detectives Dawn Johnson and Janet Boehnen met with Duane Brown (Carolyn Caminiti's father), and his wife, Brenda Hodde-Brown, in their home in Grand Rapids, MI. Duane advised they are and always have been Baptists. Duane

: advised that Carolyn, John and the kids moved to Wisconsm in 2005, but before that, the

kids attended public school in Mlchlqan. '


Since moving to WI, Duane stated they would normally see John, Carolyn and the kids three to four times a year, but in 2010 he did not see them at all until they came to visit just last week. Duane said when he had inquired about the lack of contact, Carolyn told him that they were working on things with their family, and were not where they wanted to be, which prevented them from leaving their house. When Duane asked about coming to WI to visit, Carolyn told him that no one should visit them until their family is where they need to be and referenced this as being John's advice. OWing last week's visit, John told them that they basically needed Phil's permission in order to visit them again. Duane stated it was clear to them that phil tells them what to do.

Duane and Brenda advised that Phil tells John and Carolyn to use the dowel to discipline their children. They informed us they have never seen Carolyn physically discipline her children and in fact she did not approve of the dowel for discipline, but felt it was something she had to do. They described Carolyn as not having a mean streak in her body.

Duane and Brenda talked about how, in the last two years, they've noticed a lack of emotion and affect in Carolyn. They advised that it seemed Carolyn had lost her spirit and enthusiasm, along with the gleam in her eye. They explained if they wanted to visit her in WI, she would have to ask Phil first before she could agree. They made the comment of how John has become a clone of Phil. Duane commented that he knew Phil was all about "spare the rods spoil the child." Duane stated that he interpreted that while the Bible talks of dlscipllnlnq children to be respectful to parents, it does not condone actually beating them with a wooden rod. He stated he never disciplined his children by doing this and it was not ever practiced in their household.

When asked about seeing discipline, Duane and Brenda advised that they saw John slap KDC across the face when he was two or three years old, because he did not want to eat his eggs. KDC cried and John grabbed his face so they were eye to eye, and instructed him not to cry. Duane and Brenda both acknowledged that according to John's rules, the children are not allowed to cry and that this is an expectation of them.



Duane and Brenda recalled that in March 2008, they were on a vacation, driving in

a van together, when KDC, who was not yet three years old, began to "fuss," which was not allowed. John pulled over and hit KDC on his upper thigh with the blade of his hand for discipline. They also recalled an. instance when CMC began to tremble when John had gotten "on him" for something very· minor. They said it was clear that CMC was in fear of John because of the way he trembled just from John's stern voice.

CMC, DaB: 12/16/1993

'. On 11/30/2010, Det. Todd Benisch interviewed 16-year old CMC at his residence in Black Earth. CM~ said that his family moved here in January of 2005 from Wyoming, MI and left MI because his dad didn't agree with the teachings of their church. CMC-recalled that his dad's brother, Phil wanted them to come to WI, where they now belong to the ABC. CMC stated that he has been homeschooled ever since 5th grade. When asked about the split from CSBF Church, CMC stated that some people did not like Phil's teachings (that sin is dealt with quickly; everyone should attemptblamelessness with no history of sin); When asked for an example, CMCexplained that his cousin Carissa Caminiti comes over to teach math as part of the horneschoollnq plan and that he has.felt

STATE OF WISCONSlN - VS - John R Caminiti'

nervous around her and has feelings. Carissa and Phil have told him not to have feelings. When asked to describe what feelings he had with Carissa in the home, CMC explained that he felt pressured and scared feelings. CMC explained he was not doing what was expected and has problems sitting during the day by not getting his math done correctly. CMC explained that these sins are always addressed.

CMC provided another example when his parents and Carissa told him to do some math and instructed him not to have feelings, but he had a hard time with it and ended up being put to his room for four weeks. CMC stated that his brother JCC was also with him and they were not allowed to go downstairs or do school work. Their dad did bring them food and was handed in and the door closed again. After three weeks of this, they were allowed outside the residence about three times for 30 minutes to get fresh air at which time they were allowed to walk to the water tower steps and back. CMC stated that JCC was in the room longer because it took him longer to obey. When asked how he felt about this, CMC said that sometimes he felt cramped as he could only sit day after day and was not allowed to even walk around in his room. Caleb explained that he had disobeyed, and the 'punishment was needed to prove that he understood what he had been instructed to do.



CMC stated that mostly when he's sent to his room, he's there until his dad comes home and sternly talks about their day and obeying, explaining about making simple mistakes and about being blameless and not committing sin. CMC stated things did not end well last week with Carissa so she did not come this week to teach. CMC said that part of the plan was that he is not allowed in the kitchen, only in the living room, He advised that mom and dad eat in the kitchen and when they are done, the kids are allowed to eat and then clean up as this-is part of the discipline and the plan.

CMC explained that Carissa teaches math and science and his mom teaches social studies and helps with grammar books. They also do language on the computer with discs as they do not have Internet. When asked, CMC advised that they did not have cable TV and are not allowed to watch TV if they are under discipline. Caleb states that he likes watching football and sports. Oet. Benisch asked CMC if he was allowed to listen to music or radio and CMC replied, "No we don't listen to stuff like that, we listen to biblical music and classical music, nothing else."

CMC explained that his mom does not work outside the home and that while she used to work when they lived in MI, his dad talked to Phil and ABC believes that "ladies should stay home to take care of the kids and the housework while the men work outside the house." When asked if he had any friends, CMC replied, "No, only the ones from the church. We have neighbors, but we don't interact much. We mostly just stay inside the house." CMC described that within ABC there are four families withat least four boys and they interact and play" but he plays mostly with Phil's children.

CMC described ABC as having church Sunday and Wednesday nights and the older adult men have Bible study Saturday mornings and the ladies get together on Thursday afternoons for Bible study. CMC explained that he wasn't allowed to go to

church last Sunday as he was on the discipline plan. '

, " Det. Benlsch asked CMC what. happens when little kids get. in trouble at church and he' stated, "They get the rod," meaning "spankings." CMC described that his brother

, .


KOC, who is turning five, gets the rod once or twice a week while his sister, RJC, gets it about once every six months. CMC believed that by the time you were seven or eight years old, you no longer got the rod but by being kept in your room, as he was currently doing. When asked if he'd ever seen bruising to' his younger siblinqs from the rod, CMC described seeing black and blue bruises on the buttocks area of KOC and LKC because they allshare the same room. CMC stated that in the past they have had to postpone doctors' appointments until the bruising is gone because they don't want the police to know. CMC stated that KOC has it the worst because 'even when he has bruises, he still gets the rod and CMC has seen the stick marks on KOC. CMC said that his younger siblings cry and scream when they get the rod.



CMC acknowledged that his mother Carolyn has been disciplined and began describing a time when his mom was in her room for a month. CMC knew that for a long time she hasn't agreed with his dad about the ways and beliefs of the church. They are taught that the dad is the leader of the home and the mother must obey what the father

says. The Bible explains that ladies should be submissive to the husbands. .

When asked how things went when his mom was in her room for the month. Caleb said that she has to stay in her room when the entire family is home but when they would leave the residence, she was allowed out to do things like clean the house and prepare meals, but when they come back home, she must retreat back to her room. CMC said that since they moved here he knows that his mom has thought about leaving the home, she's thought about suicide, she's thought about taking off and just driving. In the past, she has

'told the children that she has 'wanted to commit suicide. CMC stated that she has had a hard time when she does not agree with the teachings of ABC. Several times, Phil has come over and talked to her sternly, that she needed to obey her husband. CMC knows that his mom has wanted to leave to see her parents in MI, but that his dad has not allowed her to go until they are doing better with committing less Sin.

. CMC recalled that a couple of times, his mother had her bags packed to leave, but his dad stopped her and has called Phil to come over and talk with her. CMC explained that nobody ever physically restrained his mom but his dad would tell her that she was making bad choices and that she could not leave." CMC recalled that the last time this happened was August 14th 2010 when his mom had her bags packed and was ready to leave, but his dad got home and called Phil who came over' and the plan was that his mom had to speak with Phil's daughter, Carissa, before 10:00 a.m. the next morning or she would be told to leave and not come back. CMC recalled that at first his mom refused to. talk with Carissa but finally gave in and did what she was told. Since then, Phil, mom and dad have talked together many times and there has been no problem since. CMC believes they have understanding. When asked about his mom,CMC observed that he thought she had been miserable and haunted because she had not been doing what dad told her to de and felt she was holding thefamily back due to her sins. When Oet. Benisch

. asked CMC how he felt when his mom talked about suicide in the past, he stated that it made him think that mom is miserable inside. When asked if he felt miserable, CMC explained he has in the past, but not so much now.

When asked if he misses interaction with kids and going to. school CMC stated, "I . wish I was on sports teams, but I'm not good enough in the eyes of the church. I'm told I .need to act older. I wasn't doing that well in public schools because [ am not spiritually strong enough per the church." CMC stated that he doesn't have a driver's license




, because he is not blameless yet as too much sin goes on in his life. He explained that he's supposed to be doing 10th grade math but is working only at 8th grade level math. CMC stated that he believed he would shame the church as people should be able to look at him and see a difference about him and be able to say, "Sin doesn't control him."

CMG explained that he had never been on a date with a girl but if he was to date, she would have to be in agreement with the church. Det. Benisch asked if CMC had any goals in his life to which CMC expressed that he hoped to become respectful in the community and the church. CMC stated that he really never thought about having a career but said that he thinks about ''working where my dad works."

Det. Benisch asked about the worst thing CMC had ever done. CMC explained he would hit himself in the head or the face or hit the walls really hard because he would be so upset for being unable to suppress his feelings and follow the ways of the church and his dad's teachings. CMC stated that he just gets very, very frustrated to be hitting walls because he gets so angry with himself. CMC explained that many times Phil would come over and talk for hours, about trying to be a better person.

JCC, 008: 12/16/1993

On 11/30/2010, Det. Ron Darn interviewed 15-year old JCC in the family room of his residence in Black Earth. JCC said that his family moved here in 2005 from MI they moved here because. his dad wanted to be closer to his brother Phil and to go to his church where his uncle was an Elder.

.JCC ldentifled their church at the ABC (full name) and stated that other churches miss out on God's word: When asked whatGod's word was, he said that it was to be "perfect". JCC said that God was perfect and that all people should be striving to be perfect as well. JCC added that repentance is also an important part of their church. When asked what happens with people who don't believe or leave ABC, JCC said that they fall "out of fellowship" with the church and that the people are "shunned". JCC described shunning as shutting them .out of their lives as they were no longer in

. "fellowship" with them anymore; therefore they would not talk to them. JCC explained that there are two choices taught by the ABC - you either need to be right with God and strive to be like him -' to be "perfect" - or you will face the "Great Fire."

When Det. Darn asked how he was doing with his school work, JCC said that he was "spiritually and physically in trouble." JCC explained that he continued to make simple mistakes on his homework and that by doing so he was considered to be disobeying. Det. Dorn asked what JCC meant by being spiritually in trouble and he explained he was to strive to be perfect like God. JCC said that When he makes these simple mistakes that he is not being like God and needs to be perfect.

JCC then made the comment that he was the worst kid in Black Earth. When asked why, JCC said that everyone else his age goes to public school, but he would fail if he were there at which point,'JCC began to break down a little, and his eyes watered. JCC said that he was a nervous person and that he has a hard time concentrating and has been told that if he were attending public school, he would be failing because they don't want kids like him. JCC described his relationship with' his dad as not "normal" between them, stating that the other kids had an OK relationship with him. JCC said that if he


continued to make these simple mistakes, he would be at odds with his dad, and. that they could then not be a "family."

JCC said that things would be better if he could just learn to stop making the simple mistakes and that he has been told that it is simple to stop these mistakes, but he's not fulfilling his goal to be like God. JCC stated that he went to. public school and he said that he was up until the 4th grade but things weren't right as the teacher had to spend a lot of time with him .. He said that the other kids tried to comfort him, but that his feelings started coming out and he would get emotional and sometimes started crying.



JCC said that if one family member made mistakes it would make the whole family look bad. The goal was to be perfect so that the family can truly be a family. JCC said that he understood that his siblings were taken out of school because they bragged about how they did in school and by doing so; they were not shovying faith because God did not brag. JCC relayed an incident when he was playing football with the kids from ABC during

. a Bible study session. During the game JCC ran for and dove into the end zone. His dad told him that he was not allowed to play football anymore because he was "showing off,"

which represented poorly'on their family. I

Det. Dorn saw a musical instrument case in the room and asked JCC if he played an instrument. JCC said that he used to play the Oboe and played in the school band at Wisconsin Heights and noticeably appeared happy. JCC said. that he really liked playing in the band but wasn't in it anymore because he was "liking it too much," and therefore was "not needed" in his life. His explanation went back to the whole "worldly possessions," and that he should give himself to God and not to things like band.

JCC said that in the past he played a computer game and got pretty good at it, but whim his dad saw him liking it too much, he was told that he didn't need it anymore. When asked what he liked to do for fun, JCC looked around and thought for a bit before saying that piano was fun. JCC described that he had a period of about 15 minutes in the morning he sometimes gets on it. Det. Dorn reported that JCC gave the impression that

. he didn't really play the piano for "fun" but more for a change of pace.

When asked what happens when his dad got home from work, JCC said that his mom will repeat what mistakes were made during the day by each of the kids. His dad will then talk with the kids and because they were bad in that they were still making mistakes and he will not want to be by them. On those days, his dad would eat in a different room. JCC explained that Carissa was not in their home was because he continued to make . simple mistakes that she became frustrated with him and his siblings. He expressed hope that when she returned that he would stop making those mistakes.

JCC explained that in order to go to Wisconsin Heiqhts School he would have to be

. error free for a period of time and that his dad would need to make sure that he had not changed inside - which "he was working at being strong in God's family. When Det. Dorn asked what JCC wanted to do after school, he paused and said that he did not think that far ahead. He said that his main goals are to stop making simple mistakes on his homework. When asked about hobbies or things he liked doing, JCC again paused and said that he used to like making things with Lego's. Det. Dorn reported that JCC again perked up a little bit and said that he thought about doing something creative and maybe


building things, but again, his dad took those away from him when he saw JCC as liking them too much.

When asked if he got to just play outside, JCC said that they got to go outside for exercise and would run a couple of blocks to the water tower and back. Det. Dorn reported that it sounded as though they didnot get out except when they go to church or Bible study. JCC said that he had not been to church the last two weeks because they had not been a good family because of the mistakes they were making, and therefore their family was ashamed to be seen by others. JCC said that the only time they can play with others is at church or Bible studies. Det. Dorn concluded his report noting that JCC continued to maintain that he was the worst kid in Black Earth.

LKC. 008: 06/19/1998

On 11/30/2010, Det. Katherine Wessel intetviewed 12-year old LKC in a bedroom of his residence in Black Earth. LKC stated that his two sisters share one room while he and his three brothers share another room. LKC indicated that when they lived in Michigan, his dad changed the way he looked at the Bible and would have long talks with his brother,

Phil, in Wisconsin and this is why they moved to Black Earth. '

LKC stated that he is being taught "what my dad thinks," such as, "Close enough is not good enough." LKC explained that he and his siblings might make some mistakes in math, however if they make a lot of mistakes because they have "feelings," then it's their choice. ' LKC explained that this meant they were making a choice notto be careful. LKC said that if they make a lot of mistakes, "things wouldn't be normal with mom and dad" and they have to go to their room and sit on their beds. During this time, they were not allowed to talk to each other and would have to sit and think about what they did. Their meals would be brought to them and they weren't allowed to eat with the family,

In order to make it "right," their dad would call them individually to talk; and it was up to them to decide not to be selfish anymore. If their dad thought they were still being selfish, they would be sent back to their room until he returned from work the next day. LKC described being selfish as when he would try to justify his behavior or say something wasn't his fault or blame others. LKC said that he might also have "feelings" and get upset and "break down" in front of his dad, at which point his dad would be able to tell he didn't really want to change.

LKC described an incident earlier in 2010 when there was snow on the ground and when he had to spend about three days in his parent's room. He would sleep in his own bed at night but was not allowed to talk with his brothers and sisters. He stated that he'd been selfish; "I was having feelings during math," which he described being nervous about doing well. LKC stated that his feelings were a choice and "we choose how we feel." LKC said that he was there so long because he was still "shaking" during math. His dad saw that he was still making mistakes. Towards the end of that time, LKC was allowed to walk out of the house to the water tower, up the steps, and then come back; and did this walk on his own. LKC said that he got out because he "appeared to dad I changed", and, "I think my math was getting better." Regarding the experience, LKC said, "I felt like I was getting what I deserved."

LKC briefly described church with the ABC and said he'd like to be able to talk with " people more: When asked, LKC saidthat the thlnq he does not like about going to church




was havirg "feelinqs around my .cousin Carissa." He would be neNOUS if the week didn't end well for him, and Carissa would always bring it up to his dad. LKC advised that he hasn't gone to church the past two Sundays because he, CMC, JCC and RJC have had

"feelings" after bad weeks of school. . .

In response to questions regarding physical discipline within the home, LKC stated that his dad now uses a dowel; which began about four years ago when he stopped using his hand and started using the dowel. LKC thought his dad changed because the Bible said something about "the rod." LKC indicated they would be spanked for not doing what they were told and gave an example of continuing to splash in the 'tub after they were told not to.

LKC stated that his youngest siblings (KDC and TRC) are still old enough to be . spanked and has seen bruising on KDC and TRC on the backs of their legs in the hamstring area. He recalled that they were spanked most recently sometime last week and thought it was because they were "grumpy." His parents would tell KDC and TRC not to be grumpy, but they continued.

LKC described that if a kid was grumpy(pouty, screaming, or crying) at church, they would get taken into another room and spanked. LKC stated that when this happened, he used to feel a "pit in my stomach" but now he understands the spanking has to happen. LKC stated that he now agreed that spanklnq is appropriate for someone who is grumpy. LKC explained that his little brother, KDC and his little sister; TRC went to Phil's house the day before Thanksgiving to be with Carissa and "work on their grumpiness." LKC stated that when his dad agreed, the decision was made.

LKC stated that shunning is basically pretending that the person is not there and is similar to when they had to be in their room. He advised that shortly after the ABC separated, they weren't supposed to talk to the people from the other church. These people might try to be friendly, "but we were supposed to keep it simple." They may answer a question if asked, but they were to end contact as soon as possible. It was the whole church that would agree on the shunning. And when some people left their church

and went back to the other church, they weren't supposed to talk to them either. .

According to LKC, JCC was not doing very well when they first came to Black Earth and they weren't supposed to talk to him.

When Det. Wessel asked how LKC felt about his mom and he said "she has work to do" and also has "decisions she'll need to make." LKC said that on July 4, 2010, his mom thought she couldn't do what his dad was asking her to do and even had her things packed; to go back to her family in Michigan. Most recently, this happened in September 2010. LKC said that he thought his mom would try to take ~ome of the children with her.

LKC said that his mom isn't "doing well with her thinking," so his dad sent her to her room to think about it. His dad would call from work during his breaks and to check and see that everyone was in their room. Back in September 2010, his mom came to their room and asked if she left, would any of the boys go with her. His dad called Phil about . the situation, and Phii came over to talk with his mom about it. LKC stated that he likes the house they live in now, mentioning that they'd thought about buying a different house, but . Phil said they should wait until they are "doing. better with their feelings."




When Oet. Wessel asked LKC who were safe people for him to talk to, he described his dad and maybe his cousin, Carissa, and didn't think there was really anyone·else. When asked about his mom, LKC said he guessed his mom would be an option but that would be his "last resort."

RJC, 008: 11/30/2000

On 11/30/2010, Oet. Gwen Ruppert interviewed 10-year old RJC in the front room of her residence in Black Earth. RJC stated that she and her family moved to Black Earth when shewas four and they attend her "Uncle Phil's" church which is on Sunday's at his house, or Bob & Lori Wick's house. RJC described the leaders of the church as Matt (Caminiti) and Uncle Phil (Caminiti) and Mr. Barsness; but Uncle Phil is the one leader

over them all. .

RJC said that on Sunday church, they will sing some hymns and that Uncle Phil will normally talk about 1 % hours or more and the whole thing lasts about two hours. RJC said that sometimes KDC and :rRC will fall asleep, and her dad says they should stay awake, even though they don't understand. RJC added that they don't really get in trouble for it because they are being quiet. RJC 'stated that families bring spanking sticks to church, which she described as about two feet long and an inch around; saying that her dad had one in his room. RJC talked with Det, Ruppert about the fact that little kids shouldn't just cry. RJC said that they were encouraged to be tougher and not be emotional. RJC described one time when CMC was 13 or 14 years old and broke his arm, but didn't cry because he'd been taught that he shouldn't cry and should be tough.

RJC stated that she was spanked with the stick when 'she was younqer for crying, and at times, for not doing what she was told. RJC stated that her dad did the spanking while they were at home, but her mom would do it if her dad was gone to work. When asked if it hurt, RJC said it would make her cry, but "you couldn't cry for very long because you needed to be tough." Oet. Ruppert asked, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much it hurt meaning that a number 1 was a hurt you barely noticed and a number 10 was something that hurts so bad you might pass out, like getting hit by a car. RJC started to say 7, then 6, then said "maybe a 5." RJC said that that sometimes she had bruising as a result of the spanking. When asked about other kids having bruises, RJC said that her brother KOC had bruises all over on his bottom.

RJC said that she'd gone to public school until the middle of first grade and after that they started doing home schooling. When asked if she liked home schooling, RJC said, "Um, we don't have recess." RJC stated that her mom taught social studies, cursive language, and the arts, while Carissa taught science and math to the boys while her mom taught her math. RJC said that some kids in her church go to public school, but that

they're home schooled first, so they know how to act. '



Oet. Ruppert asked whether she or any of her sibling's (other than LKC who played baritone in band) had any other outside activities, either through school or other organizations, RJC said that they did not. RJC said that they get to exercise and go outside for about 15 minutes almost every day. They walk or run to the park and walk up and down some stairs there and then come back. When Oet. Ruppert asked RJC if she went out to play, RJC said "play?" and added, "Not usually, we don't play during school."




RJC said that the youngest two like to play hide and seek and the older kids will play that game with them. Otherwise, RJC said that many times they just have family talks in the evening about school and how thlnqs are going. After some thought, RJC said that the family sometimes plays some board games in the evening. Det. Ruppert asked RJC if they belonged to any sort of a home schooling group, where they would get toqether with

, other kids in the area and she said no.

When Det. Ruppert asked RJC what it meant to shun someone, she said that it meant that they "were moving away from them and that we can't be normal with them". As an example, she said that she was best friends with a girl named Emily from the old church

that they split from, but now she can't play with her or even-talk to her.' '

In discussing the discipline used on the older children, RJK said that her brother CMC has been in trouble lately because he is nervous around people and "not thinking well and he's feeling.'" RJC said that Carissa is known for "finding stuff in us that gets us in trouble" and CMC seems to be particularly nervous around Carissa. RJC said they had all been in trouble a lot lately for making simple mistakes and being nervous. RJC said that the result of making a lot of "simple mistakes" would be that they'd have to go to their rooms for the rest of the day, miss school, and then have to do homework later or get up earlier the next day to do it. RJC explained that while in their rooms, they were expected not to study, read, sleep or do anything other than sit on their beds and be quiet, and think about what they had done in making these simple mistakes. In describing the frequency of this, RJC, estimated that it was probably once a week that they didn't get sent to their rooms. She added that it would often happen before lunch in which case they would not be allowed to join the family for lunch with either Mom or Carissa bringing lunch up to

them. RJC said that they then-sit in their rooms until their dad gets home at which point he ' decided if they would be allowed .to come out.

If this happens on a Friday, RJC said that sometimes they would have to stay in their rooms over the weekend, andwouldn't even go to church. RJC mentioned that for the last two weekends, they have remained in the home because she and the boys all made mistakes on their Friday homework. She remembered that, recently, she had an error in a math problem and "it was a simple mistake that I shouldn't have done again," which got her grounded to her room again. RJC said that sometimes when they are grounded to their rooms over the weekend, they might be brought some homework but other than that they just needed to be quiet and be in their rooms and .behave.

In discussing possible discipline directed at her Mom, RJC said that her dad "talks

, '

strongly towards" her mom and that in the past, he has told her mom to go to her room to

think. RJC said that there have been times that her mom wanted to go back to Michigan and be with her family, because she wanted to think. RJC thought this happened this year and last year. She said that her mom would come to the kids' rooms and talk to them r about going with her, because she wanted to take them with her, but they said no, because they don't want to split up the family. RJC said that her mom "gets really tired of all the things that happen that make us go to our rooms" and 'it's like she doesn't even

want to take part in it anymore. '

Det. Ruppert asked RJC if anybody had ever shunned her mom and she said only the time that she went to her room. RJC said that her Uncle Phil had come over to help her dad with what to say to her mom whenshe needed to go to her room. When asked if


she felt safe in her house, RJC said she did, then stated that last year she was on a timeout in her room for almost a month until Uncle Phil came and "made me more happy." RJC said that she spent a lot of time in her room and wishes there weren't so much discipline and time spent alone thinking about the stuff.

Dr. Anna C. Salter, PhD

Dr. Anna C. Salter, PhD, who is a licensed psychologist reviewed the DCSO reports of the interviews of Phil Caminiti, John Caminiti, Carolyn Carninltl, CMC, DOB: 12/16/1993, LKC, DOB: 06/18/1998 and RJC, DOB: 11/30/2000. After reviewing these reports, Dr. Salter made the following preliminary observations regarding impact on children and child development in the described circumstances of John Caminiti's household.

1. Children are brainwashed into thinking they are sinful because they cannot control their fear and because they cannot learn some of the math. They are told this is all their fault.

2. Punishment consists of beatings and extreme isolation for long periods of time. These are harmful to children.

3. Children's thought processes are extremely controlled. If children do not agree ,100% with adults, they are punished (extremely). All curiosity, independence, and selfreliance are stifled. They are taught to be dependent on others for all beliefs and all critical reasoning is denounced as "sin." This is, harmful to children.

4. Normal social life is stifled. Children, are only allowed to have contact with other children whose families share the same extreme views. All others are shunned. With only 70 individuals in the church there are few children at each -aqe group. Normal socializing with a variety of children in their age group would expose them to different points of view

and would lead to independent thouqht and reasoning abilities. This is not allowed. '

this is harmful to children.

5. Children are not allowed ~ny degree of independent choice or decision making. Any attempts to make independent judgments are beaten or the child is, put in isolation. Thus fear and isolation are used to deprive the child of any ability to reason independently. This does not prepare children for life as independent adults and is likely only to prepare them for life within the church.

6. These children are living in conditions far more extreme than any prison. Prisons do not beat or isolate prisoners for independent thought.




Your affiant 'is a Detective with the Dane County Sheriffs Department (DCSO) who has knowledge of these facts from reading: 1) the official law enforcement agency reports of the DCSO prepared by Deputies Josalyn Longley, Timothy Blanke, James Kartman, Stacy Dura-Jacobs, Cindy Holmes, Leslie Fox, Clint Selzner, Todd Dosher, Richard Bennett and Brooke Gagner; as well as the reports of DCSO Detectives William Hendrickson, Mary Butler, Janet Boehnen, Dawn Johnson, Steve Wegner, Peter Hanson, Gwen Ruppert, Brian Lukens, Ron Dorn and Katherine Wessel, whose reports are reliable as they were prepared in the normal course of law enforcement duties; 2) the statements of Phillip and John Caminiti who provided their information contrary to their penal interest; 3) the statements make by citizens including Mark Cymbalak, Duane and' Brenda Brown, Patsy Ubert, Carissa Caminiti, Carolyn Caminiti, CMC, a male, DOB: 12/16/1993, JCC, a


male, DOB: 09/13/1995, LKC, a male, DOB: 06/18/1998, RJC, a female, DOB: 11/30/2000, who are eyewitnesses to the facts they relate; and 4) the preliminary report of Dr. Anna Salter who reviewed reports and prepared her initial findings based upon her training, expertise and experience as a licensed psychologist.



Subscribed and sworn to before me, and approved for filing on:

This (1 ~ay of March 2011