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Glory OT Love Words & Music by David Foster, Peter Cetera & Diane Nini Slowly ait a To -night_ it's. ver - y 7 as we're both stand - ing here, — FS c/a G ae a a ff there’s so man - y_ things czprtte bu rating ange i Aca Atgheon bea Aer nna Weer Toner Ma open USA SiSghe Resa ereanal CopyightSoes” 360 Re ARR ci a Twill al-ways love Some -times I just for - get, say things I might re - gret,— ‘You keep me stand-ing tall, you help me through it all, — FS. c/e GS Ey i it breaks my heart to you ay Tm al = ways strong— when you're be - side 361 HAH aH = I don’t want to lose you, I could nev -er make T have al-waysneed - ed you, T could ney - er make 2 = " e = who would fight for your Fa ba ™ i 362 Am? Dm7 C/E E/G We'll live for= ev = ch know - ing to = geth = er that we iT Am? pm Gygus4 7 ea A # tae ff & & am Just ike a knightin shin-ing ar - mor, from a longtime a-go, 363 just in time I will save the day, take you to my cas- tle far a-way. if mae io who will fight for your hon b Bbm a Abzoust ia im fa ro that you're dream - ing of. 364 gon-na live for - oe, : to + geth = - er that we —t Bbmt ebm Abzsust Abr Db cb rt fa fa Af ty ah. fan did it all for the glo - ry of love. ( DIF Ab Ab b Bbm7 ebm? Abzsus4 —AbT Fal fh” GR aR Ed 7 aR fa Bbm7 ebm? Abreusd Abt it all for love. Repeat and fade Bbm7 Gb Ab ih Gee We did it all____ for love. 366