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Sebastián Camilo Neira Santisteban

Mob. 300 324 56 23

Twitter: @sebastiansantis



Professional Objective: To create business value through innovation.

Business Development professional specialized in designing and implementing on-line strategy projects in
the fields of Social Media, community management, business intelligence and innovation.

Qualifications Summary:

- Passionate on what I do.

- Resourceful, team worker and goal oriented.
- Creative and determined, always striving to improve.


2011 PhD. (Candidate) Social Studies - Social Networks

Universidad Externado de Colombia

12/10 Master of Commerce

Information Systems and Technology Management.
Macquarie University

01/05 – 07/09 Bachelor in International Business

Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería “Julio Garavito”

International Trade and Finance
Main Project:
“Outdoor Training. The benefits of outdoor activities in business learning”

01/01 – 11/02 Diploma in Computing.

Instituto de Estudios Técnicos del Valle de Tenza

Work Experience

05/10 BCI Business Brokers – Sydney ( ,

IT Manager


- Design and implementation of business strategy model.

- Design and implementation of Social Media Strategy plan (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog)
- Research, development and implementation of new products, services and business strategies.
- Database Management.
- Customer service.

01/10 – 06/10 Solar Energy Store – Sydney (

Account Manager


- Sales
- Rise customer satisfaction levels.
- Cross-selling strategies (Development of two new lines of product)
- Industry analysis and report.
- Research and Development
- Online strategy plan.

08/08 – 07/09 Legis S.A. – Bogotá (Colombia)

Portal specialized in international trade information and reports.

Business Analyst


- Latin American markets research and analysis (Macroeconomics).

- Business strategy plan.
- Product Development: Research and development of a new financial database.

01/04 – 12/08 Riesgo Natural – Bogotá (Colombia)

A Project designed to evaluate the benefits of outdoor activities (Extreme Sports) in order to develop
emotional skills such as team-working, self-confidence, creativity, empowerment and leadership.

Creator and Project Director


- Product design and development: Data research, case studies, interviews, surveys and outdoor
courses building.
- Team direction.


- Honor Degree
Business Administrator
Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria

- Honor Degree
High School
Colegio Técnico Valle de Tenza
Spanish – English