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NAPCA Summer Job Announcement – USC Summer Residential Program 2011


Resident Advisor/Program Assistant
National Association of Peer College Advisors (NAPCA)

University of Southern California (USC)


USC Session I June 19 – June 24

USC Session II June 26 – July 1
USC Session I July 10 – July 15
Program Dates: USC Session II July 17 – July 22
Note: RA training will begin one week prior to the beginning
of session I. The duration of training will be approximately
4-8 hours.

Open Until Filled, Priority Deadline: April 13, 2011

Full Time (Temporary Position)
(Admin - Residence Life and Housing)

The National Association of Peer College Advisors (NAPCA) is a southern California nonprofit organization
based out of the Rossier School of Education and part of the USC Trojan family. Our mission is to increase the
number of students, particularly low income, first generation, foster youth, and underrepresented students, who
aspire to prepare for, enroll, and attain a postsecondary education. The aim of NAPCA is to break barriers to
college access through empowering students to take ownership of their future aspirations.

NAPCA is growing steadily to become a multifaceted educational support system that prepares hard working
students for admission to four year colleges and universities nationwide. We have planned an engaging pre-
collegiate six day summer residential program that provides high school students with an opportunity to stay on
the USC campus overnight while being exposed to different facets of college life. Students will receive
assistance defining their academic and career goals and developing educational plans to achieve them. Students
will attend courses on various topics that will help enrich their academic skills for high school and college
success. Additionally, the program will provide information and resources to help students become better
prepared and competitive applicants for admission to the college of their choice.

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NAPCA Summer Job Announcement – USC Summer Residential Program 2011

NAPCA’s Summer Residential Program seeks live-in Resident Advisors (RA) to serve as an educator, advisor,
administrator, and role model to high school student leaders who will attend NAPCA’s summer residential
program at USC.

Job Responsibilities:
This position is a summer live-in, full-time/temporary position scheduled from June 19 - July 1 and July 10 -
July 22. On-campus housing and 3 meals a day are provided. RA’s will receive a one week break from July 2 –
July 9. However, housing and meals will not be provided during the break.

RA’s should not make additional employment commitments during the period of the Summer Program. Under
the direction of the Summer Residential Program Director, training for the following responsibilities will take
place during the week of Staff Orientation and in sessions throughout the summer program.

RA’s are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while they are working for the summer program. RA’s are
not permitted to smoke in front of students, in any of our offices, or in the residence halls.

Resident Advisors (RA’s) will:

 Develop positive and supportive relationships with students, mentoring and advising them on academic,
personal, social, and college/career concerns. Maintain appropriate, professional boundaries with
 Assist in establishing and maintaining a positive and safe environment in the University residence hall
for students and staff.
 Responsible for an assigned group of students assuring their participation and timely arrival to all
 Responsible for 24 hour supervision of group to assure safety and adherence to program regulations.
 Monitors study sessions each day to assure that students complete homework assignments.
 Take primary responsibility for students in his/her group, by monitoring academic, personal and social
progress, and updating other staff as necessary.
 Participate and assist leadership staff with implementing all scheduled program activities.
 Conduct morning wake up calls and evening lights out rounds in the residence hall and provide
supervisory coverage as needed.
 Assist in monitoring students' arrival during program check-in and check-out.
 Assist teaching staff by collecting student attendance and assignment sheets daily, and serve as a co-
facilitator in college knowledge and academic skills development courses.
 Provide individual and group college advising on the college admissions and financial aid process
 Maintain program rules and expectations by reinforcing and implementing the policies in the
Student/Parent Handbook.
 Perform other tasks as reasonably assigned by Program Coordinator and/or Director.

Educational Requirements: Applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Preference will be given to
applicants who are currently enrolled in a graduate level degree program and have RA experience and
experience working with high school students as a school counselor, counseling intern or college advisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
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NAPCA Summer Job Announcement – USC Summer Residential Program 2011

 Must possess strong leadership qualities and have the ability to function as a team player.
 Must be able to communicate constructively and effectively.
 Must be sensitive, respectful and able to understand the needs of economically and academically
disadvantaged, ethnically diverse high school students.
 Must be able to establish and maintain a trusting and productive working relationship with high school
students and professional staff.
 Must commit to work all program dates/sessions at USC.

Compensation: $400 - 600 per week includes free housing and meals.
RA’s are paid a stipend and receive free housing and meals on a University campus throughout the duration of
the summer program. RA’s will receive a one week break from July 2 – July 9. Housing and meals will not be
provided during the break. The amount of the stipend offered will depend on the applicant’s education and

2011 Summer Program Dates:

USC Session I June 19 – June 24
USC Session II June 26 – July 1
USC Session I July 10 – July 15
USC Session II July 17 – July 22
Note: RA training will begin one week prior to the beginning of session I.

How to Apply:
Please submit the following application materials to be considered for the position:
 Professional Resume
 Cover Letter explaining your qualifications and interest in working for the summer program
 Copy of college transcript (unofficial or official)
 Contact Information for three references
 Interview Availability explaining specific time slots that you are available to interview for each day
from April 16 - 24, 2011.

Interviews will begin April 16th and will end once the positions are filled.

Note: The individuals selected must complete a background check regarding their ability to work with youth,
pursuant to California state law. The screening of applications will continue until the positions are filled.

Submit Application materials via email:

Selection Committee


Please contact Aaron Smith, Director of Summer Programs via email at

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