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Initial SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weakness
 Team player  Sometimes doesn’t read over document
 Good at finding solutions to problems thoroughly
 Work on a timely manner  Will start my week off planned and organized and
 Very service oriented somehow losses sight of the plan and my desk
 Very reliable in maintaining information by looks disorganized
memory  Sometimes a bit late for work
 Work without supervision  Sometimes put off some updates until the
 Work beyond call of duties following week instead of completing them right
 Manage office resources thus saving money away
 Work on own initiative no supervision required  Minor typos which goes back to reading over
 Very knowledgeable with working software thoroughly sometimes instead of 14317,14371 this
 Strong follow through would lead to a different project be charged for a
 Balanced work life perspective
 Limited competencies’ in the Spanish Language
 Project Coordination

Opportunities Threats
 Encourage the smaller contractors to become  Constant change in the company and sometimes
more technologically inclined would make the information doesn’t flow down the chain
corresponding much easier  Time pressure, which can derail my plan for self
 Receive coaching of improving my leadership improvement because it catapults me back to my
skills “usual” habits
 Enhancing my education in the related field
 There is room for further growth
 To engage others in providing feedback about
their experience with me
 To learn from others in similar roles to mine
 To enhance my ability to manage the need to
complete task quickly in order to be able to
deliberate more carefully
 Cross training in other department in the
 Possible promotion
Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

Initial Skills Audit

Skill Typical Descriptors Skill Level Specific Comments

Low High

Organisation and time Prioritising, dealing with paperwork; 1 2 3 [ 4 ] 5 Example usually start out with an tasks organised for the
management interruptions; planning your day. week however the papers tend to get scattered around the
desk, looking disorganised

Decision making and Ability to make decisions; selecting 1 2 3 4 [5] I am know to be able to make rational decisions and
problem solving suitable solutions; analysis of selecting appropriate solutions to issues, example we have
appropriateness. items being shipped from Indonesia instead of air freighting
the items to the US to our procurement company then pay to
have it shipped to us here in Turks I have suggested that it
be air freighted to us directly saving money and time.

Planning Leading teams; consulting team 1 2 3 4 [ 5] Example, would indicate on all pending invoices of items
members; task allocation; objective shipped project and location of the item purchased to guide
setting. the receiving clerking when receiving the items for storage

Delegation Matching tasks to staff; providing 1 2 [3] 4 5 I believe I need to be more assertive, not just doing the job if
guidance and advice; maintaining staff it is not being done the way I want it, but to ensure that
motivation and focus. whatever task is delegated it carried out by the individual in
the time allotted

Motivation Applying motivational techniques; 1 2 3 4 [5]

understanding individual motives;
making tasks challenging; encouraging
creativity; providing team support;
engendering trust and openness.

Skills Audit Continued

Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

Coaching Providing guidance; listening skills; 1 2 3 [4] 5 Very conscientious in this area uses whatever feedback or
ability to draw out information; guidance to effect positive change
reinforcing behaviour using feedback;
negotiating; planning goals and

Target setting Understanding and communicating 1 2 3 [4 ] 5 Need to follow through on targets set and ensure that they
organisational objectives; use of are measurable, specific, attainable, relevant and time-
SMART objectives to achieve targets. bound.

Interpersonal skills Relating to others; building rapport and 1 2 3 [4] 5 Need to improve knowledge of contract law to improve
positive relationships; being sensitive response to Contractor’s enquiries.
to peoples needs; using influencing
and persuasive skills to help others
improve performance or overcome
problems; listening effectively and
providing feedback; being assertive;
use of body language.

Written communications Structure and format of letters, memos, 1 2 3 [4] 5 Have given good response on structure and tone of
e-mails, reports emails/letters being written to contractors and about issues.
However needs to understand the AIA Contract and how to
draft letters using these legal jargons.

Oral communications Structure and format: techniques for 1 2 3 4 [5] Have effectively represented myself orally to the Chairman
effective presentations; using the & CEO and prospective clients and done well
telephone; meetings.

Skills Audit Continued

Other roles specific to

Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

my role

Processing of Invoices Structure and format: effectively 1 2 3 [4] 5 Sometime I would have a typo in project numbers i.e. 14371
following form providing all required instead of 14317 which would be two different project
details for processing of payment to numbers. Need to thoroughly check before sending for
contractors i.e. project numbers and approval, to avoid the incorrect project being charged.
proper description of works.

Maintaining Payment Structure and format: effectively 1 2 3 [4] 5 Minor errors sometime forget to state if the payment is being
Summary following spreadsheet providing all wired from the head office or paid locally. Need to ensure to
required details i.e. to be paid by local read over each transaction thoroughly to avoid such errors.
office or wire from head office

Procurement Structure and format: effectively 1 2 3 [4] 5 Example sometimes if I am busy would order an item by
following the procedure in the email then complete the appropriate form instead of doing
companies procurement process the required RFQ. Need to ensure that is done at all times

Purchase Orders (PO) Structure and format: effectively 1 2 [3] 4 5 Example sometimes I would accumulate PO’s before
tracking and giving updates on updating, which needs to be done immediately for reference
timeframe and landing date on island purposes. Need to work on updating the schedule same day
PO is received from our Buyers

Bank Reconciliation Structure and format: assessing 1 2 3 [4] 5 I believe I need to further master my knowledge and skill to
funding received against monies paid another level
out and providing a balanced
reconciliation providing notes to the
reconciliation if required

Skills Audit Continued

Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

Spanish Language Structure and format: to be able to 1 [2] 3 4 5 This is an opportunity for me to become more marketable
Proficiency carry out conversations using the within the organisation and the wider job market.
correct pronunciations’ and correct

Project Coordination Structure and format: to ensure that 1 [2] 3 4 5 This is a new opportunity for me, as assigned by my Project
Contractors carry out the scope of Manager. I believe I need to become in the case dominating,
work to the required standard and on let the Contractors see that I am serious and get the tasks
time done.
Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

Initial Personal Development Plan


Skill Current Target Development Criteria for Judging Time Scale Evidence
Proficiency Proficiency Opportunity Success

Priority 1 Complete my Completed 6 modules to Possible promotion in Complete a minimum of October 2010 Submitting final
Bachelors HND Business complete my present company 2-3 modules at each paper on Managing
Degree in Finance with final year with assessment period Self & Others
Finance RDI University of

Priority 2 Develop Competent – Good – To be More marketable I have sought the December 2010 He will be grading
Spanish able to talk to able to hold having a second mentoring from a my proficiency at
speaking skills peers but not conversation language Dominican Republic each level
confident on s and National, he will be
the respond monitoring my progress
pronunciations using the
and use of correct forms
verbs of the words

Priority 3 Project Competent – Good – To Become more of an I have sought Continuous He will do a report
Coordination as coordinated able to asset to the projects mentoring from my on my progress
small projects coordinate team Project Manager, how during the period of
but nothing on medium size will be assigning me the course
a large scale projects projects
Karen Robinson-Watson STU07710

PDP Continued

Priority 4

. Learn more Competent Expert Cross training in the Arrange meeting with To be determined by Provide forms for
about the Auditing Section of the the Financial availability them to verify that I
Operation side Organisation Controller/Asst. can covered certain
and there Financial areas
Accounting Controller/Accountant
procedures and to discuss the
times in which they are
able to accommodate
me to review these
procedures and

Priority 4 KSA’s – Good – have a Expert Continue to meet my Make contact with other Continuous growth Staff yearly
Knowledge/ vast knowledge deadlines and targets Project Administrators, and development evaluation to be
Skills/ Abilities and expertise for my work that have been with the completed by
i.e. purchase on office company longer than I Project Manager
orders etc procedures and have to gain further
management knowledge

Priority 5 Competent – Expert Cross train with the Make contact with the Continuous growth
have working Quantity Surveyor, who Training Department to
knowledge of has vast knowledge schedule training
certain and of executive core section with the
techniques and competencies and Managers
procedures project accounting