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(Saint Augustine Church, Barberton, OH)

(March 27, 2011)

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Third Sunday of Lent
In Jesus’ time, men and women did not converse; Samaritans and Jews hated each other. In today’s
Gospel, Jesus was able to change the life of the woman at the well because he was willing to break down
the barriers of hatred and misunderstanding. Whenever we break the barriers of misunderstanding and
mend tattered relationships in our own families, we too discover the “gift of God.”
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369 Holy Hours were spent before the Blessed Sacrament this past week. The specific way Jesus asks
you to love him is to spend one quiet hour with Him in the Blessed Sacrament. "Could you not watch one
hour with me?" (Mt 26-40) Now is the perfect time to make your first Holy Hour, please call Judy at

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First Saturday Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima we be held April 2, 2011 at 6:00pm. We have much to pray
for ---our parish, our church, our world, especially now! Disaster after Disaster! Come and join us for this
special devotion, all are encouraged to attend.

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“Fill the Ark” Heifer International”
Dear Parishioners: The stories are already coming in. Our alms giving effort for Heifer International is
helping our children and parishioners understand how blessed they are and how poor many people are
in our world and that they can make a difference. One child in the pre-school said “we have honey at
home”, another child in the day school said “if I have to put a quarter in every time I say “hey Mom”, I’ll
be broke” and a parent said “we have four different kinds of milk in the refrigerator” an awareness of
our own blessings and the ability to change the lives of the poor and hungry around the world. This is
Heifer International. Help fill the Ark in giving alms this Lent. Christ’s Peace! Fr. David Majikas

Would you like to see Fr. David ride a donkey? The goal for Saint Augustine Parish is to
raise $5,000 for “Fill the Ark” we currently stand at $146.00, when that goal is achieved;
Fr. David has agreed to ride a donkey from the Parish Steps into the parking lot. Keep
using the calendars and banks and or the envelopes at the ends of the pews this Lenten
season, the banks will be collected at all Masses the weekend of April 9 &10.

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Barberton Area Community Ministries item for the Month of March is Cereal/Oatmeal. Please bring
your donations when you come to Mass, together we can help those less fortunate, a box has been
placed in the vestibule for donations. Items will be delivered to BACM on Monday.
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The next Coffee and Donuts will be served Sunday, April 3, following the 9:00 and 11:00 Masses. Hosts
will be Wane & Mary Jo Goss, JoAnn Hummel & Barb Stith.

GENERATIONS OF FAITH – Join us on the Journey, Thursday, April 7 when Mrs. Mary Pat Frey, the
Director of Diocesan Stewardship Office will present “Got Gift?” Registration forms are available on
the bookrack. Sessions will be held at Immaculate Conception Waldeisen Hall from 6-9pm, all are
welcome to attend. Enjoy a meal from 6-6:30pm followed by the session.
ST. AUGUSTINE BUS TRIP NEWS: Will be held on Wednesday, April 27, the week after Easter
when Easter flowers will still be in full bloom! Travelers will meet at the Magic City
Shopping Center to board the bus at 8:30am, the bus will leave at 9:00am sharp, we will
return at 5:00pm. The day will include Mass and visits to St. Rita’s (Fr. Burchell’s parish) and
Resurrection of Our Lord in Solon. A sure-to-be delicious lunch will be served when we visit SS.
Cosmas & Damien in Twinsburg, hosted by Fr. Jim’s twin brother, Fr. John, who is pastor. Time
permitting, our trip will also include a stop at Petitti’s to pick up spring/summer flowers OR at Trader
Joe’s. Payment is due by Monday, April 25.

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Springtime of Hope a nonprofit organization which feeds and clothes the homeless and local poor of
Summit County, is asking for our support in supplying basic items to distribute to the needy. Items in
need are: toiletries such as; toilet paper, Kleenex, toothbrush, toothpaste, face soap, liquid hand soap,
razors, etc. Items will be collected on the first weekend of the month, a box will be provided for your
donations. Should you have any questions, please contact Grey Meier at 330-289-3987.

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Have you made your confirmation yet? It is feasible that some adults have not received the Sacrament
of Confirmation for one reason or another. Saint Augustine would like to invite adults who have not
been confirmed to consider doing so this year. Fr. Jim is inviting all catholic men and women who have
already been baptized, made your First Confession and have receive your First Holy Communion to work
with him so you can be ready to be confirmed here at Saint Augustine Church. Confirmation will be held
here on Sunday, May 8, at the 11:00 Mass. If you are interested in being confirmed this year, please
contact Fr. Jim at 330-745-0011 or at

Have you purchased your tickets to “THE BEST REVERSE RAFFLE EVER.” Saint Augustine CYO Athletic
Board Reverse Raffle to fund CYO Sports, Uniforms, Equipment and fees will be held Saturday, April 30 in
the SAC, doors to open at 6:00pm. Food and drink will be provided, tickets are $35.00 per person,
Grand Prize will be $1,000. For more information, please contact Chris Christoff at 330-825-3431.


“I did find it interesting”, “The new words have a flow to them”, “I found the words
beautiful and meaningful” were some of the comments from parishioners. Over thirty
people attended the first talk on the New Roman Missal. The talk was held during this
Lenten season to begin to explain the new words the people will use for Mass beginning November 27,
2011. It was explained there are seven significant acclamations or prayers that our assembly must
change: “and also with you”, the words of the Confiteor, Gloria, Creed, the dialogue to introduce the
Eucharistic Prayers, the Memorial Acclamations and the Communion Rite Acclamation. Join Fr. Jim
Singler on Thursday, April 7 for Let’s Talk: The Words we use at Mass, Part II. The talk will be held in
the school cafeteria and will begin at 7:00pm, hope to see you there.

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Men, mark your calendars for this year’s “Answer the Call” Conference to be held at the James A
Rhodes Center this Saturday, April 2 from 8AM –5PM. For questions, please call Gib Adolph at 330-
848-1043 or e-mail
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Michael Jerin Sr., Patrick Blasdel, Patricia Patterson, Jon Lombardi, Karl Bartel,
Frank Skraba, Jennifer Marco, Kenny Carpenter, Ruth Barker, Betty Herold,
Betty Morlan, Abigail Schultz, Sylvia Berdes, Margaret Somerick, Frances Schlernitzauer, Phoebe
Bernard and Jacob Herchek


Victoria Voyk
Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord!
Attention Youth Group Members, join us on Sunday, April 10, as we take on “The Cleaning of the
Yard”. Students will be cleaning the property of Saint Augustine. Bring garden gloves,
work clothes and work shoes; we will begin at 6:00pm sharp. Dinner will be provided
for all your hard work. Please come and help prepare the grounds for Easter. Youth
group will end at 8:00pm. Contact Renee Barker should you have any questions or
concerns at 330-745-1080.

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Is it that time of year? During the season of Lent Catholics try to improve in their spiritual lives. In an
effort to improve, we are asked to fast (give up something and not eat meat on Fridays), to pray, and to
give alms (help the needy through participation in Heifer International). One can be creative as to how
we increase praying in our life during this season. Increasing prayer for Lent could also be done by going
to confession. Catholics should go to confession at least once a year. During the Lenten season could be
just the right time. Consider this for Lent. Saint Augustine Parish confessions are heard on Mondays
from 6:00-6:60pm, Saturdays from 5:15-6:00pm and a Communal Penance Service will be Monday, April
4 at 7:00pm.
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March 13, 2011
Envelopes Mailed 1647
Envelopes Used 424
Collection Amount (Envelopes) $ 9,370
Collection Amount (Loose) $ 899
Total Sunday Collection $ 10,269

Saint Vincent De Paul $ 365

School Support $ 682
Fill the Ark $ 5
Home Missions $ 408
Ash Wednesday $ 1,321
Last weekend there was a second collection to help the people of Japan, many parishioners were not
prepared to assist at that time, and therefore, we will have a second collection again today. Funds will
be sent to Catholic Relief Services who will transmit these donations to CARITAS JAPAN, the
humanitarian organization of the Japanese Catholic Conference. Funds will benefit the people of Japan
following the massive earthquake and 33-foot tsunami which struck their nation. If writing a check
make them payable to Saint Augustine Parish with (Japan Relief) in the memo. Please keep the people
of Japan and those affected in the United States in your prayers.
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March 28 – April 3
Monday, March 28 – Lenten Weekday
6:30 Margo Carmichael – Anniversary
12:05 Louis Stumpo
Tuesday, March 29 – Lenten Weekday
5:15 Jack Odra
Wednesday, March 30 – Lenten Weekday
6:30 Living and Deceased of the Saint Augustine Adoration Society
12:05 Fr. Joseph Gorski – Anniversary
Thursday, March 31 – Lenten Weekday
6:30 Normagaye Hummel
Friday, April 1 – Lenten Weekday
6:30 Patricia Maximovich
12:05 Herbert Artino
2:00 Stations of the Cross
7:00 Stations of the Cross
Saturday, April 2 – Lenten Weekday
8:30 Special Intentions of Genevieve Bania
4:00 Kathy Zellia
Sunday, April 3 – Fourth Sunday of Lent
7:30 Craig Wilson
9:00 Robert Mackey
11:00 James Stith
5:15 The People of Saint Augustine Parish
Readings for the Week of March 28
Monday 2 Kgs 5:1-15b, Ps 42:2,3;43:3,4,Lk 4:24-30
Tuesday Dn 3:25,34-43, Ps 25:4-5ab,6 & 7bc,8-9,Mt 18:21-35
Wednesday Dt 4:1,5-9, Ps 147:12-13,15-16,19-20,Mt 5:17-19
Thursday Jer 7:23-28,Ps 95:1-2,6-7,8-9,Lk 11:14-23
Friday Hos 14:2-10,Ps 81:6c-8a,8bc-9,10-11ab,14 & 17,Mk 12:28-34
Saturday Hos 6:1-6, Ps 51:3-4,18-19,20-21ab,Lk 18:9-14
Sunday 1Sm 16:1b,6-7,10-13a, Ps 23:1-3a,3b-4,5,6 (1), Eph 5:8-14, Jn 9:1-41 or 9:1,6-9,13-17
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Please join us Friday evening before Stations of the Cross for Homemade Soup Supper in the school
cafeteria at 6:00pm. Soup selections will be Homemade Chunky Vegetable and Tuna Cheddar Chowder
All are encouraged to participate in this wonderful meal.
LENTEN ACTS OF CHARITY: Please start considering how you can share your time and talent by
baking or providing other food for the EASTER VIGIL RECEPTION that is held to welcome and honor
our neophytes (those who have completed the RCIA Process and received the Sacraments of Initiation
during the Easter Vigil). Parishioner contributions speak highly of St. Augustine hospitality and of the
importance the new members of the Church to our faith community. Kim Petroff will again generously
chair the reception (330-848-9138).

Stewardship Corner: Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give. Mt 10:8