micro and macro environment of toyota Macro environment

➢ Political factors ○ No organization or industri ○ Decisions made by government ○ Frequent change in duty tariff and smuggling are main reasons of unstable market conduction ○ Toyota affected by the current changing policies of the government ➢ Economic forces ○ To improve the ability of the industries to survive and progress ➢ Demographical factors ○ Holds a global or summary belief that an organization is proper and worthy of support ○ As a status symbol and being the most trusted name all over Pakistan ○ Guiding principle of Toyota which has strongly develops trust in the people ➢ Cultural factors ○ Respects the culture and customs of every nation and community and contributes to the economic and social development through corporate activities in the communities ➢ Technological forces ○ Main source to increase productivity of company ○ Excellent quality, low maintenance of company high resale value has won in the support and loyalty of its customers

Micro environment
➢ Customers ○ Aim at developing loyal customers relationship to understand who its buyers and what are their needs ○ To be market leader and satisfy the requirement of its customers the company has certain objectives  Improve quality  Enhance efficiency  Minimize cost  Increase productivity ➢ Supplier ○ Suppliers constitute a second component in a typical organization’s micro environment ○ Toyota has to respond not only to the customers, but also to the source from which they supplier ○ The aim of Toyota is to make strong relationship with customers and suppliers ○ For example : japan is major supplier of CBU , CKD is also mainly comprise of engine of vehicles ➢ Internal public ○ Toyota – highly component and skilled people ○ Toyota provided – training camps, short course conducted and various well-known universties, training programs conducted abroad and lectures of foreign exports ➢ Competitors ○ Market competitor is the cornerstone of managerial capitalism ○ Toyota have the most market share ○ Toyota have strong position ○ Toyota try to improve itself at all levels ○ It also makes efforts to improve technology ➢ Intermidiaries of Toyota
○ ○ ○ Banks Car agents Leasing company

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