Nidhi had a little lamb

Pancharangi girl’s playmates were two sheep, a buffalo and her calf, a dog, two geese, some chicken and a cat
Prathibha Sastry
Posted On Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 06:52:43 PM

Nidhi Subbaiah started her career in the Kannada film industry with Abhimaani, which didn’t fare well at the box-office but got her some rave reviews. She went on to work in Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baaro with Ramesh Arvind and Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi with Komal before Pancharangi with Diganth propelled her into the limelight.

We caught up with her one morning while she was waiting in Bangalore for her father to arrive from Mysore. Over hot cups of coffee, the girl from Coorg told us about her childhood, which sounded like something straight out of a fairy tale, how she got into movies and her dream of sailing off into the sunset with... Here’s what she said: GREW UP IN A FARM I spent seven years in a farm. My parents moved into our farmhouse near Mysore when I was two years old. Since I have no siblings, I spent most of my time playing by myself or with the animals there. We had two sheep, a buffalo and her calf, a dog, two geese, some chicken and a cat. We used to treat these animals like family. They even behaved like they were my siblings! It was straight out of an Enid Blyton novel. MEET MY PLAYMATES There was Chikka, the sheep, who used to follow me wherever I went. Yes...Nidhi had a little lamb! Sometimes right up to my bed, much to my mother’s annoyance. Sheena, my dog… she was one of the best dogs I have ever had. When someone used to leave the farm, she would bark and circle the periphery of my farm till she was really tired. And then, she’d jump into the pond to cool off. Koosa, the buffalo’s calf… He was such a cute fellow. He used to speak to my father every day in his ‘moo’ language and, to everyone’s surprise, my father would actually reply. Their conversations used to leave everyone in splits. I don’t remember naming the geese. They were just Geese 1 and Geese 2. For the short period that they were on the farm, there was no need for Sheena to do anything. They took over her job of attacking strangers. The only hitch was that they couldn’t differentiate between the owners and strangers. The head of the chicken flock was a mighty rooster. He was a very good leader. If the chicken wandered off while searching for grains, he’d herd them back. My cat Tiny was not bothered about what was happening around her. She would just eat and sleep

put some chilly and lime before handing it to me. He has to have a sense of . I was a tomboy. One day. I used to look up to Prema who is the first Coorg to make it big in the film industry. Now. I was told to be part of a fashion show along with some models from Bangalore.blissfully the whole day. MY DREAM MAN He has to be a patient listener because my friends say that I talk a lot. the only thing that interested me was singing. We used to grow corn on the farm. Then my parents moved to an estate in Sakleshpur. I WAS A NAUGHTY GIRL My grandparents spoilt me. I’m still learning. mum used to bring out her guitar and sing. all I thought of was having fun and being with my friends. Every actor must work with him once. FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING I was clueless about what I was supposed to do. I had no clue where I was supposed to look while delivering the line. Those were the best days of my life. I looked at the camera and delivered the dialogue. I intend to raise my children on a farm. My parents were called twice to school to explain why I was so naughty. I had no ambition or inclination of joining movies. you have changed a lot)’. My next film is Veera Bahu in which I play a very traditional Iyengar girl. I am not a trained singer. songs from that movie are played during weddings in Coorg. That’s how I got noticed and was offered Abhimaani. I began visiting Bangalore to do ramp shows. My best experience was working with Yograj Bhat. during a college fest. They gave me a weird look with smoky eyes and curly hair. but not the film industry. My first line was ‘Muthu. Every evening. However. I was sent to my grandparents’ house in Mysore. I was an average student but very naughty. I used to play basketball in class. At that point of time. I was shocked when told that my hair and make-up would take about an hour. At that point. WORK IN FILM INDUSTRY It has been pretty good. nee tumba change agibittidiya (Muttu. Later. I managed to put their doubts at rest and here I am. At times. Even today. Instead of my co-star. While growing up. Mum would roast it. I lived in that farm till I was in Std IV. the director got a decent performance out of me and I went on to do Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baaro followed by Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi. I studied engineering because my friends did and I just wanted to be with them. including one for Fair and Lovely. Growing up. I am keen on playback singing and sang a few lines in Pancharangi also. Somehow. my co-ordinator suggested that I try acting. I am hoping someone will give me a break as a singer. At times. I would get one cob of corn. I did a couple of ads. MY FAVE FILM Mutthina Haara is my favourite film because of the Coorg connection. My parents were okay with modelling. ENTRY TO GLAMOUR WORLD While studying civil engineering in SJCE-Mysore. The character in my latest film Pancharangi comes closest to what I am in real life. but I was the lead singer for the choir.

My dream is to make enough money in the next three years to open a sailing club where I will teach sailing. Asterix.humour and be fond of water because I love sailing. I picked up the basic skills in a lake in Mysore before going sailing in Mangalore. Tin Tin before I took a liking to Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer. Nancy Drew. ENJOYING A GOOD READ I am a voracious reader. I represented Karnataka in competitions in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and won two gold medals. My dream is to sail into the sunset with my dream man. During my childhood. SAILING INTO THE SUNSET I am a trained sailor with two gold medals at the national-level. At present. MY DREAMS I am adventurous and want to live life to the fullest. I am reading The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur. . Book recommendations are welcome. I was posted as the helmsman because the instructor thought I had a knack for it. I would like to sail around the world once. I was fascinated with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. I learnt sailing during my NCC days.

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