Basic Definition

Basically, an organization in its simplest form (and not necessarily a legal entity, e.g., corporation or LLC) is a person or group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall, common goal or set of goals. Business organizations can range in size from one person to tens of thousands. There are several important aspects to consider about the goal of the business organization. These features are explicit (deliberate and recognized) or implicit (operating unrecognized, "behind the scenes"). Ideally, these features are carefully considered and established, usually during the strategic planning process. (Later, we'll consider dimensions and concepts that are common to organizations.)

Members of the organization often have some image in their minds about how the organization should be working, how it should appear when things are going well.

An organization operates according to an overall purpose, or mission.

All organizations operate according to overall values, or priorities in the nature of how they carry out their activities. These values are the personality, or culture, of the organization.

Strategic Goals
Organizational members often work to achieve several overall accomplishments, or goals, as they work toward their mission.

etc. along with other subsystems. Each of these subsystems has a way of doing things to.Strategies Organizations usually follow several overall general approaches to reach their goals. these systems and processes are define by plans. (We'll consider more about these metaphors later on in this topic in the library. programs. groups. divisions. policies and procedures. People can view organizations as machines. teams. etc. families. achieve the overall goals of the organization. such as departments. How you interpret each of the above major parts of an organization depends very much on your values and your nature.) . Often. Systems and Processes that (Hopefully) Are Aligned With Achieving the Goals Organizations have major subsystems. organisms.

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