Scenario You are part of the engineering team of your company; you are given a task by yo ur supervisor to investigate

the possibility of modernization of your power cont rol division. In order to achieve this task, you will need to collect required i nformation to improve and develop their system. Assignment In the existing system of Bahrain Electrical Electronics company are using manua l switching devices, it is required to answer the following question about the e lectronics switch device. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Compare between thyristor and SCR? [ 2marks ] What is the different between reverse blocking and forward blocking? [ 2marks ] What is a conduction state of the thyristor and SCR? [ 2marks ] What are the two ways of turning off a thyristor? [ 2marks ] How can we practically reduce the voltage across the thyristor to zero? [ 2marks ] What is the different between Latching current and holding current? [ 2marks ] When will load current pose a problem? [ 2marks ] What is the meaning of a phase control? [ 2marks ]

9. What would be the function of a diode if it is connected at the gate of an SCR? [ 2marks ] 10. 11. 12. What is the different between firing delay angle and conduction angle? [ 2marks ] How does a commutating capacitor work? [ 2marks ] How does a Triac operate? [ 2marks ] Why the diac is usually connected to the gate of a triac instead of a di [ 2marks ]

13. ode? 14. 15. 16.

Why the triac operates at a maximum of - 360 . [ 2marks ] How does a current flow in a Triac when MT2 more negative than MT1? [ 2marks] What are some methods of triggering a Triac? [ 2marks ]

17. 18. 19. 20.

What is a controlled rectification? [ 2marks ] Sketch the diagram of a single phase double way fully controlled. [ 2marks ] Sketch the diagram of a single phase single way fully controlled. [ 2marks ]

In an ac circuit, how does an SCR turn off? [ 2marks ] Presentation Since this case study carries the weight of 10 % of the total grade, you should present your work by: 1: The power points software. 2: Avoid reading from the slide. [ 30marks ] 3: Questions [ 30marks ] Report This is the product of your work. A report is due in Week 8-12. As usual, late s ubmission will be penalized per day basis (5% downgraded per day). Report should by typed by word software. The format of the report is as follows: • Objective philosophy • Calculation if required • Simulation if possible • Discussion • Conclusion. • In your report you need to show input and output waveform. The report is NO MORE than 5 pages long, inclusive of diagrams, with 1 ½ spacing i n between lines. I'm expecting a solid engineering style and grammatically good report. Grammatic al errors and lousy sentence structure will be penalized heavily.

Good luck

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