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AMOS good not good good

General Description

Easy to use, online software for maritime maintenance. designed for collaboration within and between companies. owners, managers and service providers use the same application. Disclosure: added by Market Leader in the industry. 7000 ships. the maker of the software. AMOS2 - enterprise management suite..

Maintenance (PMS) description

(Plan) maintenance or repair. assign to Very established module. Been around your engineers or invite service providers. for many years. planned maintenance + Share information and collaborate. spare parts + purchasing


easy, reasonable, learn from others, sharing data & collaboration

new, not so many features

work flows, work instructions, PMS (time, gauges), budgets & cost forecasts



supports spare parts, claims. does not have a specific procurement function


material requirements, quotations, deliveries, budgets, vouchers, procurement docs



you can download your data from the server for reporting does not have an integrated reporting tool

procedures, policies, work instructions, doc handling, non-conformity, incidents, accident tracking, alerts, compliance, etc.





limited to maintenance and repair

registrations, certifications, crew planner


lacks features like vaccinations & time sheets



attach documents to jobs and make information available based on brand, equipment type, equipment group, etc.

See compliance


shows how other companies solved a similar issue on the same equipment, share equipment details & service no version control or history with invited record management service providers functions


description comment

voyage details (port, eta, etd) easy not a lot of detail

your comments please



none other than budget - realization per job needs some accounting software integration or is good at this dupplication



description comment

does not have a reporting tool. you can download your data and manipulate it the way you want/ need it Cognos integration flexible need other tools



onboard client software that syncs with the central database


if you do not wish to install anything, it is available on a USB drive

Breakdown Maintenance

description comment


description comment

Risk assessment

description comment


description comment

Insurance warehouse Management

description comment description comment

Operating systems


you only need a web browser



onboard client software comes with MySQL (you do not need a license)

User friendliness


user friendly, context sensitive explanations should make it possible for people to use the software without formal training

User experience


for an impression for owners, managers comments very or service providers, follow the links below welcome



yes, if you do not have an 'always on' connection, you can sync with the onboard client


General remarks


impression owners/ managers


description description description description

impression service providers



BASSNET not good good not good


not good

Only Total Integrated suite of Application. Web-based software. Works from the Office based server or hosted model with vessels accessing the system thru internet. Novel features like Dashboard, eader in the industry. 7000 ships. Alerts, Scorecards. Handles Data Widely used, full Fleet management/ ERP - enterprise management suite.. Transfer between Databases efficiently. solution

ablished module. Been around years. planned maintenance + rts + purchasing

This is an update from the makers of the (planned) maintenance, tasks, alerts, software. spare parts, material management

Innovative Item master structure included. Makes data entry simple. Has Alerts and Dashboard to monitor scehduled activities easily.

Full fledged Procurement process Requirement-to-procurement, with RFQ, Quotations from Suppliers, Approvals, budgets, Invoice, accounting, etc.

Elect RFQ, quotation comparison, purchase order tracking, alerts, eprocurement + supplier integration.

es, policies, work instructions, dling, non-conformity, incidents, Safety compliance and audit process tracking, alerts, compliance, etc. implemented

KPI's, self assessment + Safir (event reporting - accident -, audits, inspection reports/ planner, cause analysis, suggested improvements, lessons learned, etc.)

ons, certifications, crew planner

Full crew planning with payroll calculating is available Available? - no particulars found -


Online Document Library available over the net anywhere. has full version control and change comparison facility. Change management and approval process implemented Docs, checklists, forms, records, archive

mments please

Voyage details with realtime Map with location available

Operations (vessel details, certificates, voyage man, fleet positions, nav log, engine log, environmental log, alerts, reports)

Base Accounting module is available with full reporting Full + electronic payments


Dashboards, Alerts, Graphs and Charts with adequate reports are available


Risk manager (hazard identification, risk assessment, control measures, review, alerts)

Full functionality of Breakdown mantenance available with consumption of parts incorporated. Integrated with Inventory and purchase. warranty claims management

End-to-end dry dock process implemented

Event reporting and Risk management

Insurance montoring

Web_based solution. Windows Server with SQL Server for office and ships can access thru internet

Microsoft .Net

Onboard installation is optional, depending on customer needs

Very friendly UI with little effort on training

comments very welcome

comments very welcome

Full fledged Data Transfer module is availale in case of distributed installations Available


SHIPNET good not good

good not good

Another provider of integrated suite of products for fleet management. Have most of the areas covered. Little info available online. A live demo can be requested their site.

Integrated ship management solution. "ERP to the maritime industry". Appears to be 'quite heavy' on financial control. 213 organisations including: - Oil Majors, Dry Cargo, Reefer, Product, Chemical, Project, Supply, General Cargo, Multipurpose, Owners, Operators and Time Charter Managers.

PMS and purchasing available

equipment management (?), warehouse control, class reporting, capital project man, dty dock man

available, please comment

contract man, budget, supplier integration, storage man, distribution man

seems to focus on reporting and compliance

Tanker Management Self Assessment compliant, nonconformity reports, incidents, permits, audits, qual. ass., vetting, claim & warranty management.



elect. manuals, responsibility man, review, qual. assurance


voyage estimation, advanced calc, cargo intake calculation, vessel reporting


Strong + integrations


operational, voyage events, commercial, performance, consumptions, data warehousing, forms

time charter management

Client server technology with Microsoft menu=menu1

available via web. emphasizes training element in software implementation.. complex?

comments very welcome

comments very welcome


Orion Marine Concepts

GL Maritime Software

SIS (Star) good not good good not good good

Designed and developed by Orion Marine by virtue of a JV with a decade old well established IT Firm. A modern, cost effective and User friendly software; The vessel and shore operate on the same replicated platform, thereby eradicating the complexities. The system includes all the required modules alongwith features such as realtime backup, Voice - video chat, electronic library, Biometric crew database, PDA work permit system, Bar coded inventory mgt. System has been designed to be accessed on Black berry or any other palm pilots.

Software from Germanische Lloyds. Diffreent modules available: ShipManager, FleetAnalyser, HullManager and CrewManager. Position themselves as big player with big R&D No hands-on experience with this budgets + resources to implement the software. Seem to have a pretty wide software well. software solution. Work with resellers

Simplified PMS together with a Bar coded PMS, purchasing, stock control, control, inventory Mgt system. defect reporting, repairs

plan preventive & corrective mainten work, work done, issue requisitions, w planning, keep stock & handle suppli control plant inventory.

Procurement / spare parts management order , delivery , redelivery management, Included with shore connectivity directly to stock control, budget monitoring, vendors. catalogs, shipyard tenders Central Purchasing System

Developed basis all required standards. PMS type approval process initiated.

Quality & safety management documentation, certificates, ISM, TMSA, Incident / Deficiency Management

Reporting and follow-up of accidents near-misses, and non-conformities

Complete Biometric crew database interlinked to the accounting, travel and training management modules.

Crew data - crew member data, wages, drills & training

Well structured and separated ISO 9001, ISM, EMS 14001, OHSAS 18001, work permit system on PDA with the ability to generate an SMS for Class 1 permits such as hotwork for immediated shore attention. All documents HTML form to Seems to be something there.. Can ensure Controlled at all times. somebody comment?

library of forms and reports that are normal in vessel operation. The syste can present scanned documents, vid recordings, images, cad drawings, fo documents, graphical reports, etc.

Vessel reporting system with performance management bearing all reports for Sea and Ports etc. capable of collating the required data to generate automatic performance reports at shore end for Voyage management - port clearance, Charterers as well as Managers. port information, documentation, eNOA/D Not found

Master's accounting module and the Shore Annual budgeting.

Does not seem to be available. Not sure about integrations. Probably something they offer through consulting

Seems to have only budget tracking. Anyone with hands on experience?

Shore Management Review platform which automatically generates the individual vessels and complete fleet data for analysis of Perfomance, inspections, audits, training statistics, reviews etc. can somebody comment?


Since the system has Data compression ability of 4:1 includes the feature of transferring large files through this system instead of emails.

HullManager (inspections, via reporting and assessment of the conditions of tanks, cargo holds, coatings etc.) Port Clearance Assitant

Information & Planning system, Dock and shiprepair management, follow-u and control of insurance policies and claims.

Training management; for ship and shore to integrate new class room training modules and videos within the system.

Encorporated within the PMS for reporting

Live module for Ship-Shore to collate data and maintain an ongoing list.

OHSAS 18001 structured to cover the Risk assessment and reporting.

Internal TMSA Audits can be reported alongwith the other inspections.

Platform to report Insurance claims etc.

.Net Framework


Web based for vessels operating of Live web communications, for dial up's SQL server.

MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase

Developed as an extremely userfriendly system. The Plug and play//click and learn is the Ideology used to develop this system.

Most welcome to comment.

comments very welcome

comments very welcome

Live realtime for Web operating systems and handshake for dial modes.


View Presentation; esentation.html rontUpload/News/Download/5a9a9b4fab48-4e75-b83f-080754750bd6.jpg

SIS (Star)

Consultas (Jotron)

FlexShip not good good not good

s-on experience with this . Seem to have a pretty wide solution. Work with resellers

offer a wide variety of solutions to assist users’ working processes within planned maintenance, inventory management, procurement, QSE, documentation, forms, certificates, voyage reporting and fleet operations

Microsoft Dynamics AX for shipping offers one fully integrated all in one system automating manual processes and eliminating duplication of information from one system to the other.

ventive & corrective maintenance rk done, issue requisitions, work , keep stock & handle supplies, Planned Maintenance, Jobs, tasks, lant inventory. change history, parts management

Purchasing System

catalogue, supplier evaluation, handling of RFQ, quotations, orders and deliveries, options for e-commerce

g and follow-up of accidents, ses, and non-conformities

Could not find. Your input?

Could not find. Your input?

forms and reports that are n vessel operation. The system ent scanned documents, video gs, images, cad drawings, forms, Some intra-company knowledge sharing nts, graphical reports, etc. (memo's, forms, docs)


Voyage planning & position reporting

o have only budget tracking. with hands on experience?

Some budgetting, account plan, integration on a case by case basis


Available, make your own

on & Planning system, Docking repair management, follow-up rol of insurance policies and

Information sharing function within the company


, Oracle, Sybase

ts very welcome

comments very welcome

Blue Fleet

OPUS Vessel

ABS Nautical good not good good not good


Modular fleet management system.

Complete ship ERP solution from Cybertec = Hanjin South-Korea

planned maintenance (parts, counters, logs), stock control + generates maintenance tasks from condition monitoring software

Planned Maintenance, Repair, history, supply, inventory

Order management for requisitions and ordering services


ISM documents, emergency control

safety status, accidents, incidents, port state control, audit, non-conformity management, risk assessment, improvement

Not found


ISM documents in electronic form


Not found

schedule, passage scan, vessel particulars, vessel tracking

Not found

Budget vs costs.. but accounting??


Claim management, recycling

Fuel consumption, EDI

Dockyard management




ABS Nautical

not good

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