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Effective Channel Management

Spearheading effective channel strategies while reaching to your customers for an

optimum business performance

Mumbai, India “Next to doing the right thing, the most

important thing is to let people know
7th & 8th April 2011 you are doing the right thing”
John D. Rockefeller

In this competitive market it is rather important to have the right channel strategy to
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success or in some cases failure of a company. However, a well designed strategy will
determine or accelerate the performance of a company.

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Featuring an exclusive case study presentation on:

Your course facilitators:
Recruiting and selecting your channel members for effective relationship
Sukumar Narasimhan Senior Vice President
Reliance Group of Industries, India Guest speaker:
He was voted the “Best young materials manager”in India in 1990, Sanjeev Nimkar Director Marketing
based on a competition organised by the International Federation for Philips Electronics India Limited
Purchasing & Materials Management (IFPMM), Sweden and the Sanjeev has 15 years experience in sales, marketing and channel management
Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), Mumbai.

Inder Madhan Consultant Attend this informative event and gain practical insights into:
Interactive Learning Solutions
• Sustaining channel’s performance with holistic approaches to maximise profits
Inder has trained several hundred participants in sales strategies,
channel management, negotiation skills, service excellence and soft • Delivering customer experience across multiple channels for a successful business
skills from various industries including retail, FMCG, automotive, IT,
• Minimising channel conflicts while creating a win-win situation to improve performance
insurance and financial products.
• Evaluating channel performance in multi channel environments for effective results
• Developing and leveraging your channel partner strategies and strengths
Testimonials from trainer’s previous clients: • Increasing profit and market share through effective channel management
“We would like to thank Inder for the wonderful work he did in teaching • Discovering innovative ways of managing and sustaining channel issues
our executives about the intricacies of high value sales. The participants
enjoyed the programme and were able to apply the learning on the
job” marcus evans training courses are thoroughly researched and
Networth Stockbroking Limited structured to provide intense and intimate practical training
to your organisation. Our format:
“Inder delivered several programmes to our management team over a
period of time. He combines humour and energy with thorough • Combination of educational presentation and case studies, productive in-session
knowledge of the subject, delivered in a style that makes learning easy assignments and participants collaboration to provide actionable learning
to retain and apply to real life situations” • Detailed pre-course questionnaires to allow you to tailor the programme to address your
Bharti Telesoft Limited individual concerns
“Inder is an asset much valued by us at the school. He is talented and is • Hard copies of presentation materials and tools
someone who can be trusted to carry a project forth. He delivers great
results, is very personable and high on integrity.”
Times School of Marketing Pre-course questionnaire
To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this event, a detailed questionnaire will be
sent to you to establish exactly what your training needs are. The completed forms will be
analysed by the course trainer. As a result, we ensure the course is delivered at an appropriate
level and that relevant issues will be addressed. The comprehensive course material will
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professional training
Day 1

Thursday 7th April 2011

Facilitated by:
Sukumar Narasimhan Senior Vice President About your course facilitator
Reliance Group of Industries
Sukumar Narasimhan Senior Vice President
Reliance Group of Industries, India
Session One
Currently senior vice president, supply chain with Reliance Industries Limited, India’s largest
Developing a new way of channel management while capturing more
private sector enterprise, Sukumar has more than 27 years of experience handling different
revenue from your existing channel partners
segments of the supply chain both at the operational & strategic level in firms from diverse
• Analysing the need for channel partners in determining revenue – Inevitable or desirable? industry segments. Beginning his career with the public sector Hindustan Copper, Sukumar
• Maintaining the channels while looking at primary business objectives has worked through organisations like Hindustan Ciba – Geigy (now Novartis), Parke-Davis
• Expectations of the entities in the process – How do we ensure convergence? & Warner Lambert (now part of Pfizer) and briefly even with Miebach Logistics in India.
Among his other responsibilities, Sukumar has trained the company employees in TQM
Session Two extensively earlier on, he has worked in a consulting assignment with the erstwhile
PriceWaterHouseCoopers and with Oracle in India as the industry expert for the life sciences
Continuity is key: Ensuring operational efficiency in channel management
and consumer products group. Sukumar has worked briefly in the US with a SAP Certified
through optimally designed processes
solution provider in Houston, Texas where he was involved with the overall operations
• Devising processes and an optimal channel structure using systems dynamics models function of the firm. Sukumar believes supply chain is an intricate science that calls for the
• Effective ways of capturing customers’ association through the channel for designing convergence of many skills. Anyone with a penchant for process management (having
promotional strategies internalised the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) and imbibed the by now
• Creating a ‘visible’ flow in the business along the channel ‘pipeline’ famous “Theory of Constraints” propounded by Eliyahu Goldratt), who also has a keen
understanding of the fundamentals of the human psyche, will represent according to him,
the perfect elixir for churning the juice out of a supply chain management responsibility.
Session Three
Although this recipe is stringent, Sukumar says he stands by his Bill of Material!! A Post
Execution on-the-ground is the essence: Devising an enabling framework for Graduate in Economics and Masters in Marketing Management with a Post-Graduate
effective channel management Diploma in Materials management, Sukumar speaks on any aspect of Supply Chain
• Importance of clear policies and procedures in channel partner management Management and has apparently drawn very good reviews of not only the manner in which
• Selection an effective performance management regime he presents, but also the thoughts he provokes among the audience! He was voted the
• Designing effective reward and recognition systems in meeting organisations’ goals BEST YOUNG MATERIALS MANAGER in India in 1990, based on a competition organised
by the International Federation for Purchasing & Materials Management (IFPMM), Sweden
and the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), Mumbai.
Session Four
Assessing the impact of channel decision while looking at progressive
strategies in adapting to marketplace realities
• Discovering trends in channel management and the effect on decision making
Why you cannot miss this event:
• Anaylsing the complexity of being a channel partner
• Creating targeted reward and recognition programs based on channel partner performance Channel managers are the back-bone of any organisation. Effective channel management
can create formalised programs for selling and servicing customers within a specific channel,
• Highlighting the right tools for channel partner evaluation and performance measurement
to positively impact your business. A lot of companies are seeking the best possible ways to
support their partners in achieving increased market share and delivering business growth.
Session Five Recruiting the right channel partners and maintaining them is the key to succeed in retaining
Going beyond the obvious: Value added channel management customers. The most important element is building and delivering right message to the right
• Using alternative means to reach customers in a fragmented market partners on the right platforms and getting the most value from partnership and selling
• Driving active sales efforts with effective distribution channel development through indirect channels.
• Importance of partner management system that determines product delivery to the end Effective channel management programme will determine the essence of understanding
consumer your client’s sales and channel issues, multiple channel management approach, sales force,
skill building, innovative channel strategies and maximising the reach of channels in rural
Session Six areas .This event aims at providing excellent discussions and activities and real-time channel
issues faced by delegates in order to help them to solve these issues predominantly. This
Empowering the use of channel score card in maximising the effectiveness of
workshop will address the needs of consumer goods and services companies selling through
direct sales organisations, representatives, distributors and resellers
wholesalers and retailers; business-to-business firms working through independent
• Developing segmented communication plan to improve partner satisfaction distributors and sales representative firms; retailers seeking to improve efficiency in an
• Sharing the same goals and recognising value from the relationship increasingly competitive marketplace; and intermediaries seeking to preserve their role in an
• Facilitating the alignment of strategies within the channel, and defining clear partnership increasingly fluid channel structure.
If you want to increase you sales channel performance and revenue, then you need
• Validating "score card" by looking at previously won business and updating it on an on- to attend this training.
going basis

Session Seven
Recruiting and selecting your channel members for effective relationship Who should attend?
• Explaining the need for channel members in delivering companies objectives
Directors, Heads, General Managers, Senior Managers, Regional Managers,
• Setting up the suitable channel framework to meet business objectives
Managers of:
• Defining role clarity of purpose and objectives from channel partners
• Channel • Distributions
• Looking at channel partner profiles before recruitment
• Sales • Marketing
• Addressing the scenario of scouting, evaluating ,appointing, hand holding and assessment
• Key Account • Product
• Recognising the role of top management in recruitment and termination
• Brand • Business Development
• Real life examples of success and failures of relationship in channel
• Pricing • Logistics
Providing a powerful platform for distribution of products - Real life examples • Retail • Trade Marketing
from Philips India • Distribution Development • Marketing Communications
• Mapping the way in recognising channel conflicts to provide value to the customer and • Sales and Service • Channel Development
opportunity for all channel members
• Strategic Alliances • Indirect Channel
• Recognising types of channel conflicts
- Wholesale Vs. Retail From the following industries:
- Direct sales channel Vs. Trade channel • FMCG
- OEM channel Vs. Trade channel • Large Retailers and Retail Chains
- Modern retail Vs. Traditional trade • Consumer Durables
• Territory crossovers • Hospitality and Restaurant Chains
- Urban channels Vs Rural super stockist • Telecommunications
- Local trade Vs Gray market imports • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
- Company products Vs imitation sellers • Electricals & Electronics
• Real life examples • Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare
• Sharing of successful solutions and failed actions • Manufacturing
• Engineering
Guest speaker:
• Banking / Financial Services / Insurance
Sanjeev Nimkar Director Marketing
Philips Electronics India Limited • Automobile Compartment / Manufacturers / Distributors
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Channel Management - A partnership approach

About your course facilitator
Facilitated by:
Inder Madhan Consultant Inder Madhan Consultant
Interactive Learning Solutions Interactive Learning Solutions
Inder Madhan is an accomplished training professional who has helped several Fortune 500
Session One organisations achieve excellence in the human domain through his proactive training
Leveraging your channel strengths to maximise sales solutions and interventions.A mechanical engineer and a management graduate from
• Examining your market objectives in the context of channels prestigious institutes, Inder has over 30 years’ experience in India, Africa and the Middle
• Identifying current state of achievement of these objectives – Channel wise East in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, General Management, HR, Training and
• Establishing areas of improvement and analysing reasons for those gaps Consulting. He has held senior level positions across the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Real
Estate, Contracting, General Trading, Training & Development sectors. He is an astute
• Creating an action plan to plug the achievement gaps
entrepreneur who holds the distinction of establishing business operations and has also
• Understanding the critical role your channel partner plays in sales maximisation and other
been involved in mergers and acquisitions. He has also consulted with several organisations
tangible market objectives
to assist them in defining their operating and HR processes.
• Bringing your channel partners on board and motivating them to work towards common goals
Inder has vast experience of managing people, processes and training center operations in
Exercise – List your brand and market objectives, examine how you can leverage your channel the manufacturing (both line and process), FMCG, retail and contracting domains. He has
to achieve your objectives initiated and managed large scale roll-outs nationally, and across borders. He has personally
trained several thousand delegates on Behavioral Change, Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills,
Retail Management, Channel Activation, Team Building, Leadership and Management
Session Two Development Programs. Inder has a keen interest in education and youth empowerment as
The distributor’s dashboard – Maximising their ROI a vehicle of nation building, and is a visiting lecturer at various management colleges.
• Building relationship while respecting your distributor’s business objectives and aspirations
• Examining the controls and levers available to you for managing the distributor’s ROI Brief overview
• Managing the three critical factors that impact ROI • Accomplished training professional – helping organisations achieve excellence in the
• Getting your distributor to see you as a growth partner by maximising their profits human capital domain, through proactive learning solutions and interventions.
• Mechanical engineer and management graduate – over 30 years’ experience in India and
Exercise – Using the Dashboard and Levers, calculate and improve a sample distributor’s ROI overseas in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, General Management, HR, Training
and Consulting.
Session Three • Vast experience of managing people, processes and training centre operations in the
Channel Conflict – Cause and effect Manufacturing, Automotive, FMCG and Retail domains.
A video on channel conflict will be shown featuring Dr Kenneth Thomas who is a world • Managed large projects nationally, and across borders. Trained several thousand delegates on:
renowned expert on conflict and resolutions - Selling and consulting skills
• Recognising the negative emotional and tangible effects on both parties in conflict - Account management strategies
management - Negotiation skills
• Common areas of disagreement and the potential areas for channel conflict - FMCG and Retail – sales and management
• Conflict avoidance versus conflict management – The key role of channel communication - Leadership and management skills development
• The importance of channel engagement – Impact of sales-force behaviours on channel
response Professional experience
• Appreciating the impact of channel conflict on the consumer • 8 years in the Manufacturing and Automotive sector handling brands such as Schorling,
• Recognising conflict resolution techniques to sustain channel relationships and prevent channel Honda, Volvo and Chrysler in India and the Middle East.
partner and consumer attrition • 12 years in Africa and the Middle East, handling Real Estate Development, Beverages
Processing, FMCG (food and non-food), Power Products and Automotive Components
Survival at Sea – An exercise in negotiation and conflict avoidance – small group activity trading.
• 2 years in Water Features Engineering in Muscat and Dubai. Responsible for Commercial
Contracts Management, Marketing and Business Development.
Session Four
Cooperative Channel Communication – A partnership approach • 1 year with an Indo-Australian chain of Health and Beauty stores as General
• Understanding the rational-emotive impact of your communication with your channel partners Manager/COO. Responsible for strategic planning, P&L, HR, retail operations, logistics,
supply chain, and customer relationship management.
• Appreciating the need to match your communication style with your channel partners’
expectations and communication behaviours • 1 year in India with a leading training organisation as functional skills trainer
• Transactional communication versus relationship oriented interactions • Independent Trainer and Corporate Consultant since August 2001
• Learning to focus on creating positive experiences that contribute to business results Companies that he has conducted trainings with:
• Building great partnerships while using communication as a contributor to conflict versus • Hindustan Unilever Limited • Marico Industries
• ITC Limited • Dr. Morepen Lifespring
• Moving away from “telling” and developing an approach of “asking” – Establishing a true
business partnership focused on positive experiences and results • Allied Blenders and Distillers • Live-in Fashion
• Home Solutions Retail • Interiors Espania
Session Five • Samsung • Ford Motors
Shaping tomorrow’s business, while initiating and managing change • TVS Motors • Mark Auto Industries
• Looking at the evolving consumer, their expectations and challenges in channel management • Roop Auto • Egis India
• The change imperative in an organisation and its reflections • Solaris Chemtech • HP India
• Diagnosing change: Investigation to understand the need for change • Microsoft • Novell Networks
• Resistance to change: Identifying the action when people push back against the change • Alcatel-Lucent • New Horizons India
• Managing change by understanding and applying Kotler's 8-step change model • Bharti Telesoft • Wipro BPO
• Managing stakeholders and its implication in initiating change • EXL Services • Steria
• Planning for change: Building a bullet-proof plan • AOL • Swissfone India
• Airtel • Tata Teleservices
Methodology of the course:
• Networth Stockbroking • Kotak Securities
• High on energy
• ICICI Prudential • Times Centre for Media Studies
• Question based discussion
• Interactive and engaging style of delivery
• BIMS • Schenker India
• Will include case studies and group activities
• Expo Lanka • Global Energy Talent

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Effective Channel Management
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