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Lot G23A The BoardWalk, No 2 Jalan Taylors, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor DarulEhsan, Malaysia. (T) +603 - 5629 5501 / 5502 / 5503 | (F) +603 5629 5128 | http://adp.taylors.edu.my English Composition 1 ENGL 101 Credit Hours Semester Class Times : : : 3 Winter 2011 M Tu W Th ± 8.00 ± 9.00am (Section 2) M Tu W Th ± 9.10 ± 10.10am (Section 4) Ms.Mary Varghese e-mail: mary.v@taylors.edu.my Tel: 603-56295501 ADP Staff Room - Room 12 Tu, Th 10.00-11.00am Other times ± By prior appointment EPT > 60%





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COURSE DESCRIPTION English Composition 1 is a writing workshop. This course involves writing, editing, revising and critical reading. Students will be introduced to the principles of essay writing as well as some rhetorical modes. At the end of the course, students should be able to write academic essays of about 800 words on various contemporary issues.

COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To know the basic principles of essay writing and use them effectively 2. To be able to infer, synthesize and evaluate information from readings 3. To prepare for research writing (English 102).

66% 60% .30 3. Acknowledge sources referred to through the use of MLA documentation. 5.63% 55% . 6. Read critically to extract relevant points of support from identified texts. New York: McGraw-Hill Inc. Clouse. 4. Identify question and purpose of essay.LEARNING OUTCOMES 1.College Writing Skills with Readings (6th Edition). Barbara Fine. COURSE EVALUATION Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 2 Impromptu Essays 2 Reflective Essays Attendance & Participation Total GRADING SCALE 20% 20% 20% 15% 15% 10% 100% Percentage 97% . John. 3. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues.2002. .00 1.00 4.86% 80% .00 0.00 REFERENCE TEXTS 1. Boston: Houghton. 4.76% Grade A+ A AB+ B BC+ Points per Credit Hour 4. Ackley. 3. Carol. 2005.89% 84% . Prepare outlines of essays to show logical development of points. Write a minimum of 3 short essays of 750 words each as well as 2 reflective essays and 2 impromptu essays of 500 words each.70 3. Use appropriate essay format in essay writing.96% 87% .00 2.70 1.73% 67% . Patterns for a Purpose (3rd Edition). Langan.79% 74% .70 2. 2.30 1. New York: McGraw-Hill Inc. Kanar.100% 90% .30 Percentage 70% .83% 77% . Apply the steps in essay writing to compose a short essay.70 0. 2.00 3.54% Grade C CD+ D DF Points per Credit Hour 2.59% 0% .69% 64% . Katherine Anne. 1998. 7. The Confident Writer.

If you have accumulated up to three unexcused absences. & Miller.4th ed. Boston: Thomson. Connelly. COURSE SCHEDULE Please note that the course instructor reserves the right to modify the work schedule as and when deemed necessary. you will automatically lose the 10 marks allocated for Attendance. 7. Boston: Heinle. Connelly. There will be no make-up tests for students who are absent during quizzes. 2010.F.3rded. M. Students must speak English in class. Attendance is essential especially because of group activities. The Sundance Reader . Boston: Thomson. Cohen. Class time will often involve homework assigned at a previous class meeting so there is a point at which a student will be considered incapable of satisfactory work. . Academic Dishonesty The academic principles of honesty and fairness should be upheld in this course. J. Thus it is impossible to "make up" missed classes. he/she is required to find out what work was assigned for the day and hand it in on the stipulated date. If a student is absent. M. tests or exams unless the student produces a medical certificate (MC). 5. and Participation.L. Class Participation You are expected to participate in daily classroom discussions and group work. CLASS POLICIES Course Requirements This course requires students to work on a class to class basis with their classmates to read. Any student caught cheating will automatically be given an µF¶ and will be referred to the Program Director for disciplinary action. Attitude. 2006. Three lates equals one absence. The Sundance Writer . complete all assignments. 2003. R. Group members will depend on the cooperation and collaboration of each member of the group. a student must achieve a score of 55% or higher. No absence is excused unless the student confers with the instructor and provides proper documentation. To obtain a pass. North Star 2nd ed. discuss topics and write journals and assignments. 2004 6. New york: Longman.4th ed. Attendance Being on time for class is necessary.

3 (PFR) Chaps 1-6 (CWS) 3 Cause-Effect Essays Discussion of CIs for ass. 2 8&9 Introduction to Argumentative essays Writing a draft for Assig.editing Revising assig.2 Submission of assignment 2 6&7 Writing an outline for Assig. CS) Chapters /Ex. 1 Chap 12 (CWS) Chap 9 (PFR) Chap 11 (TSR) Submission of outline for Assig. 2 Peer. 13 (PFR) Submission of draft for ass. 14 (CWS) Chap.Week 1 Skills Ice Breaker Introduction to the Course Narrative Essays Unity & coherence Thesis statements Introductions and Conclusions Writing an essay outline Basic Paragraphing (TS. 1 Submission of assignment 1 Chap. 3 Discussion and peer editing of Assig. 1 Editing & revising ass. SD. 21 (CWS) Chap. 1-6 (CWS) Chap. Evaluating & Drawing on Sources In-text citations (MLA) Discussing & writing a draft for ass. 12 (PFR) Chap 12 (TSR) Submission of draft for assig. 3 Submission of Assignment 3 Chap 15 (CWS) Chap 10 (PFR) Chap 9 (TSR) Impromptu Essay1 Impromptu Essay 2 10 Classification Essay Discussion of topics for impromptu Essays . 1 Introduction to Definition essays Discussion of thesis statements for Assig. /Assessment Chap 9 (CWS) Chap 5 (PFR) Chap 4 (TSR) 2 Chaps. 1 4&5 Locating. 11(PFR) Chap 6 (TSR) Submission of outline for assig. 1 Writing essay outlines for Assig. 3 Chapter 16 (CWS) Chap. 2 Chap.

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