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Curriculum Vitae

Deepmala Gorana
Mobile: +918878884824


Aspiring to become member of the core team, where I can explore my domain knowledge, analytical skills and
progressive attitude for consistent growth of the organization.

Professional Skill-set:

1) Software Engineering, computer network ,Computer Graphics & Multimedia 2) C, C++, Java (core, advance
or java2.0), Html 3) Presentation Skills

Academic & Professional Profile


• Pursuing B.E(Information Technology) (2006-10) from Central India Institute of Technology, Bhopal

Semester Percentage Semester percentage

8th 83.2 4th 66.8

7th 66.8 3rd 59.6

6th 67.0 2nd 56.3

5th 67.8 1st 54.5

Aggregate Percentage : 71
• 12th from Jain Girls H S School Ratlam(MP Board) with 63%

• 10th from Sharda Gourav H S School Ratlam (MP Board) with 68%

Training Undergone:
Organization: Minor Training - From Indore “BSNL CIRCLE TELECOME TRAINING CENTRE”.
Major Training -From Indore “JS INFORMATICS”, From Hyderabad “EPSILON IT SOLUTION”
Exposure to: Minor Training - Internet, Landline phone connections
Major Training - Java Technologies, SDLC life cycle
Key Learning: Minor Training- how Landlines line are going etc.
Major Training - Applet, Swing, Awt, Exception, servlet etc. Various process model, URL, DFDS etc.

Deepmala Gorana Phone: +918878884824 Email:

House no. 46 , Vardan Nagar, Ratlam, Pin 457001

Project undertaken:
Title: Minor Project - “BANKING SYSTEM”
Major Project - Create website”dws ”
Description: Minor Project -It is a banking system project in which we can see all details of customer like
withdrawn, deposit, transaction, also we can see all automatic updates
Major Project - It is a door of weather & songs website in which we can see all things like weather updates ,all
songs dictionary, news etc together & also download songs, videos.
Tools Used: Minor Project -Turbo C, C++
Major Project –Java 2.0
Team Size: both in 2
Key Learning: Minor Project -How we can manage all things in software $ how automatic updates work.
Major Project -How download process work, how we can see updates.

Experience:- Working as a lecturer in SYSITS Ratlam (mp).

Personal Profile
Father’s Name: Mr. H L Gorana

Strengths: Sincerity, Hard worker, Friendliness, Good grasping power.

Achievements: Top3 level presentation, Source Sense, international naturopathy organization, National Science
model competition
Activities: Rile race, Cricket, Dancing

Hobbies: Painting, Traveling, Internet Surfing, Cooking, Dancing, Reading book

Date of Birth: July 07, 1987

Languages know: Hindi, English

Contact address: 46, Vardan Nagar,
Near neaw gurudwara,
Ratlam (MP),
I hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge & belief

Place: Ratlam Deepmala Gorana

Deepmala Gorana Phone: +918878884824 Email:

House no. 46 , Vardan Nagar, Ratlam, Pin 457001