NAME: Ang Khai Sian EXTERNAL ID: 772528 DATE SUBMITTED: 9th December 2010 SUBJECT: OL 326, Social Environment

of Business ( Case Study 2) LECTURER: Ms Brigitte Miner

1. Should urine testing, or other types of testing, be permitted among public and private employees to prevent drug and alcohol abuse? Why or why not? In my point of view I think that Urine testing, or other types of testing should be permitted among public and private employees to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. The passage stated that Bill of Rights in U.S Constitution protect public employees from drug testing, whereas private employees are mandatory to conduct drug testing. This show the unfairness between public sector and private sector, public employees are also employees they need to go for the testing so that it won’t create any unfairness. This show that the public interest safety is more important than the privacy rights of employees was in debate. Besides that the safety of the workplace is much more important than the privacy rights of employees. Privacy rights will not guarantee that drug and alcohol problems will not exist in the workplace. Hence, drug and alcohol abuse can be identified by several methods, urine tests are the most common testing method about 90 percent of all tests. Urine testing should be implemented on public and private employees. Based on the passage it mentioned that cost of drug abuse will lead to change of behavior patterns such as frequent tardiness and absences from work and so on. When the workplace is free from drug and alcohol, it will lead to the companies to be more efficient, productivity and provide a good image to the companies. By conducting drug testing, companies can easily achieve the goal to provide a healthy, safe and productive working environment will make the companies achieve their vision and mission as well. 2. If you believed that urine testing in some form might be acceptable, write down the outlines of a sound testing program. Who should be tested? Employees? Job applicants? Should there be random testing? Should people in all job categories be tested? I think that all the people who involved in workplace which including employees and job applicants should go for urine testing. Urine testing is inexpensive and accurate, it can easily detect whether an individual consume drug or alcohol. If the drug testing is not implement on employees and job applicants, they can lie to the companies that they do not take any drug or alcohol, as we know that cheating is very unethical. By

Taking drug and alcohol excessively could cause an individual lost control and cause accident in workplace. e. it also will lead to inefficient of work. d. All these problems exist would be the symptom of taking drug and alcohol. I will suggest this employee go for treatment and ask him not to take drug anymore. urine testing should also be conducted on the current employees who have poor performance such as high absenteeism. As a manager with responsibility for conducting a testing program. so that it will not create any trouble to the companies and workplace. Company. if he refuse to listen what I suggest. . because he did not want to go for random test that mean he had hidden something behind. frequent mistakes ad so on. An employee should not refuse to follow the company’s order. A job applicant who tests positive for cocaine use. National security is an important issue in every country as Transportation Company has the responsibility to ensure its passengers in a safety condition. forgetfulness and done frequent mistakes. besides that I will give him a warning letter. b. An employee who tests positive for cocaine use. An airline pilot who refuses a random test. Urine testing should be implementing before recruit an employee.conducting drug testing on employees and job applicants have no chance to lie to the company it is also one of the way to detect whether they lie to the company or not. An employee who tests positive for marijuana on a Monday morning but has a spotless 10-year work record. c. When an employee is taking drug it will bring some problem to the company such as poor concentration. will not hire someone who is taking to drug and alcohol. I will no longer hire this pilot. if he really go for treatment he can stay in the company and continue to give contribution. An employee who comes to your office the night before announced urinalysis and admits that he regularly use a hallucinogenic drug off the job. I have no choice I must fire him. I will suggest this employee to go for treatment. I will not hire this job applicant because he or she is taking cocaine. On the other hand. perhaps he is taking drug so he afraid to let the company know. what would be your response to the following situations? a. 3. because he had contributed so much to the company. If he does not want to go for treatment I will fire him. poor concentration. this will affect the company’s performance.

Belief is important for an employee but life is more important than everything. Urine testing should be conducted to everyone in the companies. h. in order to make it fair. It’s not too late to fire him when I have enough evidence to prove that he is taking drug. I will not longer hire this employee. f. but I will make sure that he goes for urine testing regularly and the report of checking must be submit to me after the urine test. I will fire him. I will investigate before I fire this employee. because we cannot simply believe in rumors. Without investigates and fire the employee it is very unfair for him if he really did not take drug. . All workers will be treated equally and no discrimination. An employee involved in a serious work accident who refuses to take an immunoassay test based on her belief in the right to privacy. I will follow the law that recommended by the union because that is nation laws. The recommendation of the union that management be given the same tests as workers. Once we lost our live everything is over. A productive worker who gives no outward sign of drug use but who is named as a drug abuser at work in an anonymous tip. g. because of his honestly I will give him another chance. If he repeat it the same mistake again. The safety of workplace must be the priority.In this case. Besides that it’s a duty for an employer to provide a safety and healthy working condition for the employees.

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