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Gedung Cyber 11 Fl. Jl. Kuningan Barat no. 8 Jakarta 12710 Ph. (021) 70003839, 92696634 Fx. (021) 5277811 Jl. M. Iskat no. 26 Bandung 40171 Ph. (022) 70003839, 4266407 Fx. (022) 4236882


and partners. They define who we are and how we do our jobs. Yet. Who We Are Our values determine how we treat our people. It also help us to work together in the most effective way. clients. Our values are: 7 7 7 7 7 Integrity Competence Client Forever Committed Added Value .We are software development and IT outsourcing company with experienced professionals ready and committed to provide you IT services to turn your “Concept into Reality”. we have vision “to be the number one player in Indonesian IT Industry”. Our mission is “to provide great business values and optimized solutions needed by our clients to finally improve our stakeholders quality of life”.

many times we found part of the solution in Open Sources. .net’s creative development teams have experienced in developing solution using various platform such as Java. Oracle MSSQL Server. as MySQL. TCO. Konsep. implementation. . and PHP Databases such . development. ROI).Our Technology We deliver the best of breed solution from mature and proven technology.NET Java PHP MS Windows Linux Solaris Operating System Open Sources Our Skills How We Work We offer wide range solutions starting from software products. Database Oracle MSSQL Server IBM db2 MySQL Programming Language . design. training. With plenty of best solution in Open Sources and equal the opportunity in acquiring the best result in the chooses to incorporate Open Sources as one of our competently help its clients to fulfill their business needs including consultation. workflow and enterprise systems. Konsep. Konsep. and maintenance.NET. mobile system. Intranet Open Sources Extranet Internet To optimize our solution and maximize our clients interest (performance. deployed on top of superb application server and operating system that have been successfully integrated in our solution to meet our clients’ needs. testing.

Outsourcing Service We believe that IT services outsourcing will strengthen our partnerships with clients while taking benefits in reducing development cost significantly. The products are designed for further customization to suit our clients’ needs in the most flexible ways. We work closely with our clients not only documenting their requirements but also becoming their partner in providing optimized solutions for their variety needs. specifically designed to meet companies unique business requirements. What We Do Products We also have “off the shelf application” that are ready to use. Custom Solution Custom Solution.We help companies to meet their business objectives by enhancing their daily business activities with the right IT strategies and methods to implement them. .

DMS provides organizations with all the services that are required for creating. Talentis e-HR offers comprehensive online modules that will enable you to manage your human resources implements and customized an open-source DMS called Alfresco.Document Management System (DMS) Konsep. better. converting. . Konsep. managing and sharing electronic documents. and E-Learning Management System Konsep. KLMS emphasizes on enhancing teaching by taking advantage of the revolution of the Internet without replacing the need for a fully realize the need of document management system in supporting companies operational E-Learning (KLMS) is a learning management system that is developed based on an opensource LMS called Moodle. Our Products Talentis e-HR In partnership with Talentis Ardhia Grhadika. Konsep.

We’ve been serving clients from various industries. Outsourcing Service Services Konsep Dot Net. retailers and many others. Our client’s satisfaction is our main objective. such as: o Focus on core competencies o Reducing development cost significantly o Saving companies time & effort in acquiring and maintaining resources Clientele We commit in delivering the most optimized and reliable services to our clients.NET Developer o PHP Developer o Business Analyst / Consultant o Software Architect .Konsep Dot Net offers an opportunity for companies to transfer their IT development and operational needs to us. such as manufacturers. We believe that IT services outsourcing will strengthen our partnerships with clients while taking some benefits. consulting. PT provides variety IT services including: o Software Development Services o Resource Competency Outsourcing Services o Java Developer o .

whether it is for compliance.Document Management System The needs of Document Management System (DMS) in an organization is getting more and more critical. workflow is the operational aspect of a work procedure: how tasks are structured. retrieval. cost saving. how they are synchronized. how information flows support the tasks and how tasks are being tracked. workflow. Today. It handles document management issues such as storage. who performs them. security. More specifically. filing. security or more effective collaboration. or delete the file can be tracked. distribution. DMS can be defined as a computer system that used to tract and store electronic documents. Workflow Workflow at the simplest can be defined as the movement of documents and/or tasks through a work process. users demand simplicity. archival. Email Integration Collaboration / Discussion Forum in Topic / File / Smartspace (Directory) Template There are some templates available such as E-mail Template and Project / Content Template . edit. and higher speed in term of document management process. what their relative order is. Document Management System Key Features: Document Versioning We can implement (optional to smartspace / files) document versioning. consistency. Logging / Auditing Any person who add. creation and authentication. business process improvement.

You can also download the grades into Excel for advanced calculations. articles and many more for students access whenever and wherever they want.Net LMS (KLMS) is a learning management system that is developed based on an open-source LMS called Moodle. chatting and material presentation. Forums and Chats Improve communication media outside classroom meetings. lecture notes. Key Features: Virtual Classroom Experience real class learning environment by real time video streaming. Chats . Great tool for giving students rapid feedback on their performance and for gauging their comprehension of materials. give you a way to quickly and easily communicate with remote students.Konsep. Quizzes and Surveys Instant grading for online quizzes and surveys. At their most basic. . reading assignments. Recording Grades An online grade book can give your students up-to-date information about their performance in your course. on the other hand. KLMS give educators tools to create a course web site and provide access control so only enrolled students can view it. KLMS offer a wide variety of tools that can make your course more effective. K-LMS Gathering and Reviewing Assignments Offers easy way to track and grade student assignments. Uploading and Sharing Materials Simply use the web form to store your syllabus. Forums give your students more time to generate their responses and can lead to more thoughtful discussions. Aside from access control. KLMS emphasizes on enhancing teaching by taking advantage of the revolution of Internet without replacing the need for a Learning Management System Konsep.

resulting in significant improvements in your HR service levels. better and faster.(Talentis E-HR) Konsep. Administrative Costs Reducing total costs to administer your workforce. Key Features: Workforce Deployment Helping manager plan. Personal Info Portal Enabling employees and managers to receive needed information faster. Performance Management Helping employees and managers to manage and align individual performance to support company’s business objective. Its self-service features will fundamentally change the way your HR services perform. Its comprehensive online modules will enable you to manage your human resources easier. Executive Information System Ensuring accurate employment data well kept and easily retrieved by needed parties at anytime from anywhere. Talentis e-HR Competency Development Assisting HR staff & line managers in employee assessment and selection as well as career development. thus allowing more time for work of higher value while reducing HR costs. resource and deploy their workforce more easily. quickly and offers you the state of the art HRIS that is both feasible and affordable. .

It is designed to deliver the most optimized solution by offering broad options of technology utility. PT Founded by a group of veteran corporate executives to provide companies and organizations with top quality management consultation and outsourcing service. PT SiriusERP is a new fully integrated compilation of business applications for small medium .Netmedia Komunika. web web & Our Partners SiriusERP Talentis Ardhia Grhadhika. and maintenance. CV Established in 1999 to provide variety website solution.talentisnet. www. www. starting from consultation. www.bisnismedia. web hosting.

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