APPENDIX-A INSTRUCTIONS: Here are some situations of daily life, with options of different responses to the situations given

after each of them. Select the option that suits you the most, by ticking it. There are no rights or wrong answers. Do not think over one question too much. The first response that comes to your mind is desired. Do not leave any question unanswered.

1. Your best friend confides in you about his / her homosexuality and that he / she is in love. Your friend wants your help in taking the next step. You tell your friend that – a. You are fully in support and will help him / her in any way you can. b. You understand his / her feelings but can’t support him / her as you would not like to be that involved in this matter. c. You minimize your interaction with that person. d. You suggest some kind of counselling or treatment for your friend’s condition and that of his / her partner. 2. Your sibling wants to move in with her / his boyfriend / girlfriend (and live together) before marriage. Your family doesn’t support this. However, you love your family and sibling dearly. You would – a. Support your family and question your sibling for her / his choice. b. You try to persuade your sibling to change her / his mind for the sake of your family. c. You try to convince your family to change their opinions about your sibling’s choices. d. You support your sibling regardless of anyone else’s opinion. 3. There is a “leper, beggar” woman in your neighborhood. She is with a month old baby. To gain sympathy for money, she throws her child on the floor repeatedly to hurt him and make him cry louder. You would – a. Call the police on her and have her arrested, and the child given away to child protection services. b. Call some ngos and such institutes to take the mother and child into care. c. Leave the mother there and have the child taken into care. d. You would walk away feeling very bad, angry and helpless.


6. you were out with your friends looking for your mother’s medicines. It’s not wrong and the crooked shopkeeper probably deserved it. You reprimand and punish your child and have her / him give you the stolen object to throw away. You deny knowing anything or even being there. You make an anonymous call. You take your child back to the crooked shopkeeper to apologize and return the stolen object.g. However.4. give the information to the police and immediately hang up. You would – a. You go up to your boss the next day and simply confess hoping he’ll forgive it as a one time mistake b. You wait to see if your boss calls you on it and then lie again to cover it all up. You know exactly what happened.. Let it go as if nothing has happened. You are out with your friends instead and someone from office sees and recognized you. You go up to the person from office who saw you and explain the situation to him and hope that he complies. 5. You confide in a confidante and take her / him with you for giving information (in any which way you choose) c. d. c. The cars are severely damaged and people have been injured. For e. d. You anonymously parcel it back to the shopkeeper with a sorry note. You have seen an accident happen on the road. You would – a. You suspect that he might tell your boss. at whatever risks b. c. Returning it will surely get your child into a lot of unwanted and unavoidable trouble. Approach the police and inform them with everything you know. doesn’t tell your boss or blackmail you. What do you do? a. 2 . one of the people involved is an ex-convict. You wait to see if your boss finds out and then confess. d. b. Your child is 16 years old and has stolen something very important and expensive belonging to a crooked shopkeeper. You had lied to your boss about your mother’s illness to get a leave from work.

What would you do? a. You are going to be a part of an upcoming theatre festival. Let only others give their contribution. You anonymously send out your story to various media and hope that no one will trace it back to you while still publishing it in its true form. 9. You stay committed to your current group. You are most likely to – a. You are upset but let it go as it is for a good reason. d. 8. The editor you approach wants to run the story but fears life threatening consequences for both of you. You want your story published in its true form and so take your story elsewhere. So he asks you to make some changes before publishing it. b. You take up the independent project but find a replacement for yourself in your current group and train him fully. What do you do? a.7. c. c. d. You agree to make the necessary changes and run the story. b. Your current team supports your choice. What would you do? a. A 1000 trees are being cut from your locality to develop an opulent religious institution. Contribute whenever you can. b. You are an important member of a theatre group. You do not concern yourself with such matters. c. You now worry for your safety and avoid publishing at all. You take the independent attractive offer. You are a free lance journalist who has uncovered a human trafficking racket involving many political leaders. d. You unexpectedly get an attractive but independent offer to be a part of another production at the same time as your current group’s performance. You stay with your current group for this particular festival and hope that you can take up the attractive offer after the current festival is over. 10. d. Make sure you actively participate to give your contribution. You are assigned to work for a presentation in a group which will be assessed for the term. You protest asking for uprooting and replanting of the trees as compensation. whatever it may be. 3 . c. Contribute when members start to push you. You start a protest against the cutting of the trees irrespective of reason saying that other commercial properties should be used for this reason. b.

you realize that shopkeeper returned you more change than he owed you. Won’t give it any thought. You give the extra money to beggar thinking at least you haven’t kept the extra money with you. the shopkeeper has been known to cheat people out of money in the past. You go back to the shop to give extra money. c. b. You have been asked to read a text for next lecture for class discussion. You go to buy stationery. d. and then do it for her. Your mother wants you to run an errand for a huge gathering at home. you’ll try reading it. Think at least someone from the class would have read it. so you think you’d return him the extra money next time you go. d. he must have deserved it in someway.11. You are most likely to – a. not interested in studies. d. you feel students lose attention in your classes. 12. Just continue to take lectures as you used to. you are just too tired. Make it a point to read it and go for the class. Agree to do it. b. Think if you’d get time. Attempt to reassess teaching strategy to engage them. b. But you have just reached home tired from college. d. You are lecturer. c. with as many attentive. Not do it. Just take attendance and let them go. You are most likely to – a. Be happy. and later bully your sibling into doing it. You are most likely to – a. Ask her to give you sometime. c. 4 . 13. However. 14. You are already on your way back. b. When you are already on your way back. c. Think that’s how students are these days. You are most likely to – a. You go right away to do it.

Your cousin’s marriage has been fixed. Due to the mounting pressure. You will not bother much about it as its just a matter of one year and people will not remember it after that. 18. You will request for another presentation/postponement of date. to help your family. a. 16. You will ask his tutor to help him out. 17. c. You will help him to do the project properly. You have taken the opportunity to make an important presentation on behalf of your organization which is going to have an effect on your organization and career path. What will you do? a. You will take time off from your job and make the necessary arrangements d. You will rely on the preliminary work that has been done. You will divide the responsibility in both events to other people and reduce your involvement in both. a. Your child has to submit a craft project. You will not allow any time to your family till the presentation is over. You will hope he/she manages as you really cannot find the time c. You will take the help of your juniors although you know that they will not be able to perform the job as articulately as yourself. The timing collides with a sudden important event in your family which also requires your attention. You will let the child do what he/she can providing him/her with some direction. you are busy with other unavoidable responsibilities of your job and household. you excuse yourself from both the events. Your uncle/aunt are old people and you are the only person to take full responsibility of the arrangements required for the client.15. What will you do? a. b. However. You will assign the responsibility to marriage agencies though they won’t be as perfect as you. b. You come to know that you are to do the prestigious task of editing of the annual magazine of your college in just 3 days. d. d. b. 5 . b. You will make sure to do all the editing. He/ she really needs your help. You will ask other relatives to help you out c. d. You can do as much as you can in the time you can fetch without much effort. c.

and apologize later citing reasons of your unbearable condition. You are apprehensive about the plan but agree nevertheless. What will you do? a. Gather all the data which will assist him somewhat with the report. You will help him find the file by searching every possible place anyhow. and still have about one hour to go. since you are unwell and its justified for that day. Send the cab back ahead to your friends. Your friend’s parents call up. Wait for your friends because you cannot let them travel in discomfort because of you. Cover up for your friend under any circumstance d. Call up the parents and tell them everything yourself since you don’t want to be caught up in a mess later 6 . b. Your involvement can have negative consequences for you too. You want to take the cab home but that would mean your friends would have to come in public transport under uncomfortable conditions. Your friends are still not through with their classes. Take the cab without telling them. 20. Tell them the truth b. Don’t tell them about with whom your friend is but do say that he/she is not with you c. Take the cab back home alone. What will you do? a. Let him solve his own problem. c. while you yourself take a public transport home. d. Help him to prepare the report once again. One day you are feeling a little dizzy and want to go back home. Your best friend in office has lost an important file. c. An acquaintance from your college goes to meet her/his boyfriend/girlfriend and tells his /her parents and that he/ she is with you. You and your 6 other friends share a cab to college and come from a distant place. It is to be found or replaced in 24 hours to avoid severe negative consequences. What will you do? a. d. 21. b.19. She requests you to cover up in case if the parents call up to check on her.

Few weeks into the marriage and you realize that your spouse is not mentally fit. as you don’t want to lose face. This colleague is very resourceful and influential and reporting about him/her can even cost you your job. regardless of the dependence b. c. As a senior year student of your college you have been assigned the responsibility of framing the question paper of the junior year for one term.22. You separate legally from the person but continue to provide emotional support and whatever other help you can comfortably provide 24. One of the applying parties offers you a hefty amount to pass it in their favor. Tell them to come later and avoid them after that. and shows abnormal behavior. b. d.” What will you do? a. What will you do? a. plagiarizing the student’s work. Continue living as the divorce is unacceptable but live a distant life while fulfilling all your needs from external sources. Give them a brief idea about the topics being covered without telling the questions. Convey to the concerned student about the plagiarism of his/her work 23. Convey your displeasure indirectly like by mentioning in front of him how you despise those professors who steal others’ work and you will report if you ever find about such a case d. Do nothing about it as you don’t want to lose your job c. c. b. Immediately refuse for any kind of help. Leave him or her immediately. d. Take the money and pas it in their favour Complain to the relevant authorities and disqualify it Ignore it. You find yourself stuck. Some of the juniors who are also your friends come to know about this and approach you for some “help. You are the youngest lecturer in a prestigious educational institute. At the same time you find that he/she has developed emotional dependence on you. You have been assigned the responsibility to execute a tender of your company. You find out that one of your colleagues is publishing the work of his/her students in his/her own name i.e. Stay with your spouse since you feel that he/she is your responsibility and make active efforts to help him/her and get professional help c. You recently got married. d. 7 . and proceed as decided Give the responsibility of filing the tender to someone else 25. Give them the entire question paper. What will you do? a. Report nevertheless to the authorities b. What will you do? a.

You have been given the responsibility to organize an important event for your company. Smoke when no one is looking. You’ll report to work. but still smoke in non-smoking areas if the urge is irresistible. What will you do? a. You will delegate most of the tasks to your subordinates and take a leave. c. ban isn’t likely to bother you. Keep the extra change. While trying to save your own life you see a family from the other community stuck in a fatal situation. 29.26. d. An anti-smoking ban has been recently enforced in your country. You bought some items from the super market. Smoke wherever you like. where it is not likely to affect anyone else. trapped. but keep on reminding everyone about your condition. b. c. You are a chain smoker. You will immediately back out. b. 28. you notice that the cashier accidentally gives extra change. You will take medication and report to work nevertheless. You run for your own life ignoring the situation You hope someone else will see and save them and continue with your escape You immediately rush to the situation and try to rescue them You report to the police. d. You are stuck in a riot. Smoke indoors only. Immediately point out the error to the cashier and return the extra amount 27. d. b. Face the temptation of keeping it but ultimately decide to return. unload the responsibility on to them hoping that they will do something about it 8 . You belong to one of the fighting communities. c. Just on the day before the event you come down with a bad case of food poisoning. What are you likely to do? a. and now because of the ban you are not allowed to smoke in public places. Wait for the cashier to notice his mistake. What will you do? a.stricken area. Try to smoke at places where it is allowed. b. What will you do? a. Saving them might invite the anger of your people. if doesn’t then its your luck and his fault. d. The execution of the event depends on you. c. and while handling out the cash.

30. You discover that despite being told to do so repeatedly by many people. Try to talk sense into him and take him to a marriage counselor. c. Talking to your partner does not seem feasible. What will you do? a. and get him/her another copy of the same. but you somehow lose it. 31. 9 . b. d. You are newly married. d. Have an extra marital affair to satisfy your physical needs. your partner repeatedly takes holidays and leaves you with a lot of work which is logically impossible to complete in the given time frame. 33. Leave / divorce your spouse. Keep mum about it. Come to a compromise like asking him to bathe at least on alternate days. Remain quiet about it. Give him a taste of his own medicine and not bathe yourself along with him. even unwilling to talk about it. Apologize to your friend about the loss of the book. 32. What would you do? a. c. Get another copy of the book and give it to him/her and never tell him/her about the loss of the book. You do the work without complaint. c. d. till your friend asks b. b. You are a successful businessman. Leave / divorce your spouse. Deny ever having taken the book c. You make excuses of sickness and evade the situation. You feel guilty. You break up your partnership. You pass on the load to your juniors. You would – a. your spouse does not bathe for days together and does not maintain even basic hygiene. Force marriage counselling on your spouse. Your newly married life is sexually unsatisfying as your partner / spouse is uninterested and additionally. b. Your friend lent you her book. You would – a. d. However.

10 . You have an attractive girlfriend / boyfriend. You are both working and busy. Quietly do all the work. c. Move into a new apartment. making you more available at the apartment than your friend. Quit college and come back to your home town to your previous comfortable life and enroll into a local but equally good educational institution. Do only whatever is necessary for yourself. Constantly confront those who try to make a pass at your girlfriend / boyfriend. Urge your spouse to learn. You – a. You – a. You would – a. d. Start focusing very little on academics and try to earn as much as possible through a good / higher profiled job. You – a. You are extremely well off financially and have lived a very comfortable and effortless life. Start a part time job enough to let you study all you need and give you enough money for basic requirements and just a little more for saving / splurging. 36. Understand as she / he just does it for fun and you trust them completely. You have tried to talk to her / him about this but she / he cannot help it due to their work. she / he works and you are a student. c. Both start trying to learn through TV and books despite your busy schedules and extreme tiredness. Just order take out repeatedly or go out for meals. Talk to your girlfriend / boyfriend and have her / him consciously reduce and repel this behavior. You have newly moved in to an apartment with a friend with the understanding that all work is to be shared by both equally.34. You are shocked and feel helpless in a foreign land. 35. Now you are sent to a far away land for your under graduation. b. Ask your friends / relatives to bring in your meals till you can make alternative arrangements. you two are great as a couple. You have just been married. c. b. b. Your parents don’t give you any allowance for yourself and ask you to work for it and earn for yourself. However. However. You promise to pay them for the groceries. d. d. Break up as you cannot deal with it. d. You notice that she / he flirts a little and gets enough provocation to do so as well. already pressured by academics. You and your spouse cannot cook and afford to hire one. 37. Start telling your friends over there about your problem and gaining their sympathy and money for all activities for as long as possible. Ask her / him to move out. c. b.

You put up in a hostel where people do not watch the kind of programs you like to watch. you find staying a day longer to be a distressing thought. You are assigned to an uncooperative guide for your research project. c. You – a. c. remote by force 11 . You simply cheat through your exams. Modify the topic to suit both of you to gain cooperation. You change job to save face. c. You stop watching television You change your preference and start watching what others watch. What will you do? a. Continue putting in efforts to adapt despite distressing conditions. You are a student in a tough academic class. The work culture there is absolutely different and despite all your efforts. What will you do? a. b. 40. You have been sent abroad on deputation all alone for a particular project for 6 months. d. d.38. b. No professor in that institute will adjust for a single student due to lack of time and resources. You wait for everyone to finish watching and then watch whatever you can. d. 41.V. You decide to give up your current project and get back to your own country to your own company. Take up a topic of your guide’s choice. to at least sometimes give you some extra help. Continue your own research ignoring your guide’s inputs and suggestions. You try to talk to your professors despite knowing otherwise. You ask your busy and competitive friends to help you repeatedly. 39. nothing is ever agreed upon. You try to possess the T. d. What will you do? a. b. Take external help against the rules for guidance in a project. You leave the course for a simpler alternative b. Work in adverse conditions but look for other engaging/ fun activities in free time. You seem to be the only one who cannot cope with the teaching styles and curriculum. c. Somehow.

You are assigned to a group for a project. Tweak your schedule in such a way to manage the workload. But it’s uncomfortable for you since you are too used to having your room for yourself. Just try to contribute as much you can with their present style of working. b. Just slide into a passive mode. c. Drop out of the course. You are most likely to – a. You as a lecturer find dictating notes most convenient way of teaching. d. You yourself walk out of the room. but continue with the way that suits you. Make it clear to them that this is the only way with which you can finish the course. You are most likely to – a. But your students seem to be uncomfortable with your present style of teaching. You are most likely to – a. Not allow them to stay in your room. Attempt to discuss it with them. You realize that workload at college has increased too much and its bothering you. Allow them to stay. Listen to them. else you won’t cooperate. Tell them clearly they must change their style. c. c. Do as much you can with your present schedule. and let things be. but you find your group members seem to have a work strategy that doesn’t suit you. 12 . Think it’s only a matter of few days. with some inventions far in between. Your mother announces you will be having cousins coming over and that you’d have to share your room with them for the duration of the visit. d. You change your method of teaching to interest your students. b. d. b. b. 44. Somehow bring yourself to not think about it & let it pile up. 45.42. d. 43. c. but you make your displeasure evident in very many ways. and be ok with it. to sleep in living room. You are most likely to – a. Try to discuss other options with them.

b. Try to start liking the food. However. You both decide to study/ play music for a mutually decided number of hours. Just straight go on sharing with her how thrilled you were to see your marks. 13 . c. d. You go over to stay at your friend’s place for the summer break for 3 months. You discover that your new roommate is a musician. d. The food available there is radically different from the food found at your place. Contain yourself. What would u do? a. Leave your college and come back. b. You leave/change your hostel. c. You leave the comfort of your room and study elsewhere. Acknowledge her sadness. You are sharing the room with your friend and find that it’s very messy and cluttered. You put ear plugs to try and minimize the noise around you and continue your work in the room. then go on to share your excitement. which obviously disturbs you. Buy some packaged food everyday. You find it very difficult to cope. c. 49. 47.46. What will you do? a. What will you do? a. d. but your best friend fared much lower than her expectations and that has her visibly sad. and focus on her since she is sad. even if it means losing out on some precious time. You join a prestigious college of your choice in the other part of the country for a course of 4 years. You are most likely to – a. He/she practices all the time. d. Eat as less as possible. Ask him/her to clean the room Just make space for yourself or start cleaning it Propose the idea of cleaning the room together Do nothing about it 48. You are in a demanding academic course. b. Avoid meeting her. b. c. changing your room is not an possibility and your roommate says its equally important for him/her to practice music as its important for you to study. You’ve just gotten to know that you aced your final examination.

Do all the work on your own. You give it to a tailor to stitch. Try to avoid him/her as far as possible. e. c. Change your job. What will you do? a. etc. What will you do? a. 14 . You walk away with your stitched dress as it is. What will you do? a. You buy another cloth piece and make him stitch this one for no additional cost. Complain to the authorities. c. laidback and uninterested about it and often sheds responsibility of working on it. Ask your guide to change your team mate and not let it be known to your friend. You start actively and repetitively showing your frustration while simultaneously hiding your work away from him. d. You force him to buy a similar piece of cloth and stitch you another dress. 52. He completely and irreversibly spoils it. which disturbs your sleep. Your new boss is a chain smoker and you are allergic to smoke. He is inconsiderate about your sleep requirements despite your repeated requests. What will you do? a. Get a petition signed from all affected neighbors that forces him to either lower the volume or leave the premises. purposely take medication in front of him each time he/she smokes. Complaining to him/her or your senior management is not an option. Risk making subtle indications to him/her. covering your face. c. c. Your neighbor is a late sleeper and has a habit of putting on loud music late at night. b. b. You ask the tailor to compensate you monetarily as a consumer right. You are teamed up with your best friend for the first time for an important longterm project. Ask your guide to talk to your friend. b. Your parents buy a very expensive piece of cloth for you on your birthday. You find out that your friend is unserious. d.g. d. and makes excuses whenever you ask him/her to join you. Bear with it as he/she is your boss. and do nothing. Start playing loud music yourself at odd hours to disturb him. b. Just bear with it. d. 51. 53. claiming bad luck.50.

You do not go. However. You have been chosen to represent your country in a foreign delegation. You leave your partner. you find out that it is a pool party and you are required to wear a bathing suit. But he/she has some very stringent religious beliefs. d. You ask your lover to leave the job. and more importantly be a part of them. 15 . You come to a compromise and decide certain things you might do and draw a line in other situations. However. You eat it. What will you do? a. You eat a little and quietly put the rest away (e. b. 57. They have an impact on every thing in his/her life from food habits to lifestyle. At dinner there. d. c. You imbibe his/her beliefs anyway. b.54. c. in the washroom. which are very important for him/her and are indispensable. However. you both are individually very well established where you are. You go as you want but make an excuse about not knowing of the dress code. leave the job. risking humiliation. refusal is considered impolite. You both leave the job to work elsewhere. you are presented with unpalatable food. dustbin). but not together. You feel like this is where you can make friends and get accepted to the peer group of your choice. You realize the impracticality and end the relationship. What will you do? a. You and your colleague have fallen in love. You risk it and refuse the food. You have recently shifted schools. 55. You yourself. but violate the dress code and wear something you are comfortable with risking rejection. risking rejection. You have just been invited to your first party. You start suggesting your own beliefs on him/her. You make excuses like of an illness. with severe consequences if found. You are very uncomfortable with your body weight and shape. What will you do? a. Your have a very loving and caring partner. You find it extremely difficult to accept these ideologies. b. 56. allergy. What will you do? a. You go. You wear a bathing suit. d. b. c. and hope that probably one day you might agree with them. This is strictly against the office policy. d. and fast to avoid the food.g. You are now anxious. c.

You try to understand the perspective and preferences of your band members and learn their style of music. but do away with any extra demands. You have always been a solo musician. c. What will you do? a. What will you do? a. Your phone is only a month old but has started giving you trouble. The style of music this band makes is very different from what you like and have been doing throughout your life. Go to the store where you bought it from and create a scene trying to make your claim. they place you in the college’s music band. You have lost the warranty card but don’t report that. b. and you are facing obvious difficulties. You come to know of another accommodation where the water supply is adequate but it is expensive in comparison to your current residence. You continue to live in your existing residence and try to bring in the water supply condition of your locality to the authorities’ notice. Play only that you are comfortable with within the band. d. Buy a new cell phone. d. Get a local but not so trusted repairman to try his hand at fixing the phone. Talk to the relevant authorities and request them to let you leave the band. Talk to your group members. 60. the problems are nominal and the phone is still usable. make them listen to your kind of music and try to convince them to even experiment in your genre. 59. though not to its best. Shift to the new residence and make some adjustments in your budget to fit in the added expenditure. c. Buy packaged water to meet your day-to-day requirements and continue to live in your current residence. b. Your current residence has scanty water supply.58. You have bought a new expensive cell phone. b. However. When you enter college. Manage with the existing phone despite the problems. d. Continue living in your current residence and try to reduce your water consumption. 16 . c. You would – a.

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