This is just my personal experience in installing Oracle Application R12.0.

4 and is not intended as a replacement of the original Oracle Application documentation. A brief summary are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Install the Operating System. Prepare the Operating system prior to installation of Oracle Database and Application. Install Oracle Maintenance: o must know on how to start and stop the database o must know on how to start and stop the application

Requirements: Oracle Enterprise Linux Operationg System you download the software here. Oracle Application you download the software here.

Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux
Before installing Oracle Application we need to select a host operating system for our database and application. For our documentation Oracle Enterprise Linux a clone of RHEL will be selected as host operating system for our oracle database and application.

Desktop Environments - GNOME Desktop Environment Applications - Editors - Graphical Internet - Text-based Internet Developement - Developement Libraries - Development Tools - GNOME Software Developement - Legacy Software Developement - X Software Developement Servers - DNS Name Server - FTP Server - Printing Support Base System - Administration Tools - Base - Java - Legacy Software Support - System Tools - X Windows System *** After boot *** * Firewall - Disabled * SELinux - Disabled * Kdump - Don't check the box

Operating System Preparation
This will focus on the preparation of Oracle Application in operating system tier. Not configuring the operating system tier may cause performance issue on database after installation of the Oracle Application. So please take note on the configuration of the operating system tier for database optimal performance. DNS resolver parameters

ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500 net.rmem_max = 1048576 = 1048576 net.ipv4.sem = 250 32000 100 128 fs.2 /usr/lib/libdb.shmmni = 4096 kernel. For Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 only : # ln -s /usr/bin/ld215 /usr/bin/ld Download and apply the OS library patch 6078836 from OracleMetaLink and create the following symbolic link: # ln -s /usr/lib/libdb. then ulimit -u 16384 ulimit -n 65535 fi Modifying the Port Range Values Append the following to /etc/sysctl. 1.core.d/login file session required pam_limits.file-max = 65536 net.ipv4.Append to file /etc/resolv.tcp_rmem = 4194304 4194304 4194304 Setting the Environment Perform the following tasks to set the environment before you run Rapid Install.wmem_max = 262144 Add the following lines to the /etc/profile if [ $USER = "oracle" ].conf options attempts:5 options timeout:15 Append to /etc/security/limits.core.3 Create Oracle users .core.1 * hard nofile 65535 * soft nofile 4096 * hard nproc 16384 * soft nproc 2047 Add the following line in the /etc/pam.ipv4.core.conf # From Oracle Document ID: 419646.tcp_wmem = 262144 262144 262144 net.wmem_default = 262144 net.

14 99/07/13.3.1.e15 make-3.5-12 glibc-headers-2.81-1. The installation fails when the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL variable is set by the file.5-12 glibc-devel-2.6-2. mkdir -p $STAGE_TOP/oraDB/Disk3/db/stage/appsutil/bin mkdir -p $STAGE_TOP/oraApps/Disk5/appl/stage/bin .rpm <<-.1. the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable should be unset before starting the installation.i386.3-61 file in the Oracle Applications 11i shiphome.EL.2.11 unixODBC-devel-2.EL5.database user Software Requirements ar gcc g++ ld ksh make X Display Server binutils-2.5-12 glibc-common-2.[root @localhost]# groupadd -g 9910 dba [root @localhost]# useradd -u 9910 -g 9910 applmgr <-.2' export STAGE_TOP=/u01/Stage11i Create the following directories in the stage area.0.0.application user [root @localhost]# useradd -u 9911 -g 9910 oracle <-.125 gcc-4.2.5-12 file during the course of the installation.1-52 gcc-c++-4.Must be the version xorg-x11-libs-compat-6.30-11.el5 elfutils-libelf-devel-0.106 libaio-devel-0.1 libstdc++-devel-4.1-52 libstdc++-4.Must be the version compat-libstdc++-egcs compat-libcwait compat-oracle-el5 Completing Preinstallation Tasks For Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Create Stage Area and patch for RHEL 5.1-52.2. The procedure below is a guideline for replacing the adgetlnxver.1.0 compat-db unixODBC-2.0-8 libXp-devel compat-libgcc-296 openmotif21-2.x As root please append this to your . Patch 6365595 contains the fix for adgetlnxver.el5 compat-libstdc++-33-3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 users.11 libXp-1.1 sysstat-7.125-3.bashrc export KSH_VERSION='@(#)PD KSH v5.i386.1.106 libgcc- glibc-2.2.rpm <<-.17.

B19296-03 Post install Apply patch 6365595 Maintenance NOTE: <SID>: Oracle System ID(UPPER CASE) <sid>: Oracle System ID(lower case) Set the proper environment # Add to bashrc for application user . cp -p 6365595-location/ad/bin/ cd $STAGE_TOP/oraApps/Disk5/appl/stage zip -uv ad_CORE bin/adgetlnxver. /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>appl/ Start All Middle/Application Tier Sequence for Oracle Application startup and shutdown .sh $STAGE_TOP/oraDB/Disk3/db/stage/appsutil/bin cp -p 6365595-location/ad/bin/ stop start Start / Shudown application adstpall.0/<SID_hostname>. Shutdown database database startup shutdown script Stop All Middle/Application Tier adstrtall.env # Add to bashrc for database user .sh file).env .sh $STAGE_TOP/oraApps/Disk5/appl/stage/bin Update the zip archive with the fix (adgetlnxver. cd $STAGE_TOP/oraDB/Disk3/db/stage zip -uv dboh0_appsutil appsutil/bin/ start stop addlnctl.2.Copy the adgetlnxver. /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>appl/APPS<SID_hostname>.sh file in the patch 6365595 to the following directories created in earlier Install Follow Part No. Start database addlnctl. /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>db/ database listener Script Sequence for Oracle database startup and shutdown 1.env Start and shutdown scripts # Start / Shutdown database addbctl.

Start Application apps/apps start_oracle: /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>db/9.1 start /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>db/ Stop 2.2.fnd.AdminAppServer apps/apps AUTHENTICATION OFF DBC=/<sid>/<sid>appl/fnd/11.2.AdminAppServer apps/apps_password AUTHENTICATION OFF DBC=$FND_SECURE/<sid>.apps.5.0/appsutil/scripts/<SID_hostname>/addlnctl.log appltop logfile .1.dbc java oracle./<sid>/<sid>appl/admin/<SID_hostname>/log/02271009.0/appsutil/log/<SID_hostname>/02271009.0/appsutil/scripts/<SID_hostname>/addbctl.log TURN OFF AUTHENTICATION To access dev60cgi/f60cgi authentication must be turned off: java stop /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>db/ Start Maintenance: Scripts start_application: /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>comn/admin/scripts/<SID_hostname>/adstrtal.dbc You may now access http://<hostname.domain>:<port>/dev60cgi/f60cgi NOTE: If errors from discovery are found pleaes read apps/apps stop_application: /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>comn/admin/scripts/<SID_hostname>/adstpall.0/appsutil/scripts/<SID_hostname>/addbctl.apps./<sid>/<sid>db/9. Upgrading the database to 10gR2 please see document id 362203.1 and 564174.2.1 to upgrade stop LISTENER Log files database logfile .security.0/secure/<SID_hostname>/<sid> start LISTENER stop_oracle: /<install-path>/<sid>/<sid>db/9.0/appsutil/scripts/<SID_hostname>/addlnctl. Shutdown application adstpall.

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