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We express our sincere gratitude and intense thanks to the Chairman Thiru R.P.SARATHY CHETTIER, vice-chairmen Thiru K.R.RAMANUJAM, vice-chairman-admin Thiru G.PRABAKARAN,prochair-man Mr.NITISH B.HARIHAR for the excellent educational environment extended for us for doing the project work. We thanks to our correspondent Thiru JAYAPRAKASH A.GANDHI a well known educationalist and analyst and principal Dr.K.RAJA, M.E..,Ph.D., MBA.,M.Phil.,PGDPM., M.I.S.T.E.,MCSE.,M.I.E., of our engineering college and the management for having given their consent to undertake software development for the project. We wish to extend our special thanks to our Head of the Department Ms.J.ANITHA M.E.,Phd.,Department of computer engineering for motivating and inspiring us to complete this project We enormously thank our project coordinator Department of computer engineering for inspiring us throughout this project work I express my deep thanks to our internal project guide Deparment of computer engineering for helping the journey of developing this project.they had been a great teacher as well as our inspiration. Their tremendous source of insight help us to expend our ability and enrich our knowledge also provides foundation for many insights in this project

Finally we submit our sincere thanks to the parents, department staff members, friends And all who supported in the development of our project to make this a successful task

Existing System: 1. The bank doesn’t have the ATM and Tele Banking facility. 2. The bank has a computerized system. 3. Any customer of bank has to form queue and do any transaction or transaction information.

Limitation of Existing System: 1. Lack of transactional security. 2. Less reliable and efficient. 3. The customer has to form queue and hence time consuming. 4. Work load on the part of staff members.

Problem Statement: 1. Due to increasing proficiency in the current world of technology the organization has to up to date as well as be superior operational to maintain good reputation in competitive environment. In order to be well operational one need to be quick and accurate. Use of technology enables the institution to be quick as well as precise.

The ATM identifies the customer by Cash Card and password. Software Requirement Specification: - The software is developed on Microsoft Visual Basic 6. User 2.2. ATM Machine 3.0 as Front End and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft access 2003 as Back End. balance enquiry) communicates the transaction . 4. It collects information about a simple account transaction (withdraw. ATM Banking The actors of the system are: 1. The new details can be entered and previous details can be easily modified or delete with the aid of proposed system. It helps the bank administrator to view all users and modify. 5. Bank Scope: The software supports a computerized banking. deposit. the customer can’t withdraw the money or have the account information 24 x 7. The proposed system help the customer to perform account information (withdraw. print mini-statement) through ATM banking and to withdraw the money through TELE banking. 3. balance enquiry. The system enables a customer to complete simple banking services via ATM machine that may be located off premise. Since the existing system is computerized but don’t have the facility of ATM and TELE Banking. delete data.

and dispenses cash to the customer. Get mini-statement 5. Login 2. Software interface: The system is able to connect to the Bank’s administrator computer at any given time Functional Requirement: The functions of the system are: 1. Get Balance Information 3. The software handles the concurrent access to the account correctly. The software also provides provision to record keeping and security. Withdraw Cash 4. Product perspective: • • Hardware interface: The software run on an ATM machine installed by Bank. Changing Pin number The following is the diagram of the functional requirement of ATM .information to the customer’s bank.

The following is the sequence diagram for ATM system: .

AM T Daae a bs t Cd a r Cdnm r a ub r e CdO a K r PNeus I rqet PN I Oi nm u po e t n <ecpi n > <xeto> i vldcr nai ad Wt da rqet ihrweus Aon rqet m t eus u Aon m t u Vldt cr ai ae ad Bac rqet a ne eus l Bac a ne l H derqet a l eus n D i (m n) etao t b u <ecpi n > <xeto> i s f fcetcs nu i i n ah Cd a r Cdrm e a eod r v Ch a s C hrm e a eo d s v R ep eit c D i rs os e t epne b Cmee o pt l tasci n rnato Non-functional Requirement: .

Operating requirements: • • The computer should have about 100 MB space on hard disk. high resolution monitor supporting 800 x 600 screen resolution The software can be run on any Windows OS versions Performance requirements: • High data transfer rate Security requirements: • • • • Users accessibility is censured in all the ways Users are advised to change their PIN on first use Users are advised not to tell their PIN to anyone The maximum number of attempts to enter PIN will be three TELE Banking: The hardware. software and technology used should have following specifications:  There should be a very large number phones so that each user can be attended by bank’s staff  A connection of phones should never be failed  A very high rate of data retrieval  Money should be delivered to the customer within 24 hours  A bank staff should be honest enough and should not stole money while delivering it to the customer PROPOSED SYSTEM . 300 MHz or faster processor.

and maintain the records of customer. it is assumed as forgotten and ATM card safely retains it. 2. the customer dials a secret code. The bank verifies this information and then allows the customer to dial specific amount of money that the customer wants to withdraw. if ATM card remains un-retrieved. it will retain the card. 4. card number and then dials his account number. Request for statement of account. After this process. After completion of transaction. The customers don’t have to form queue and hence it is time effective. In this. Any wrong pin fed to ATM Machine for more than three occasions. which can be accessed by the system. and can be retrieved from CIB (Card Issuing Branch). Any additional facilities made available by bank from time to time.   TELE Banking:  TELE banking service helps the customer to withdraw money by dialing a telephone to the bank. . Enquiry of the balance can be done.Need for Proposed System: 1. There is more transactional security. ATM Card has all the information of the customer. Each ATM card holder has to select his/her PIN that is Personal Identification Number to gain access from any ATM and to operate the account. within 24 hours bank’s employee delivers specified money to customer. Objectives of Proposed System: ATM Features: The facilities offered by ATM System are as follows: 1. The bank verifies the information and then dials his account number. 3. The proposed system will help the organization to add ATM and TELE banking facility. Proposed System:  ATM BANKING:  ATM Service consists of ATM Card and ATM pin. 3. 2. Withdrawal of cash by Card Holder from his AATM account up to certain amount limit only as fixed by bank.

so it is not necessary for user to have great knowledge of inner working of TELE banking.TELE Features: The facilities offered by TELE System are as follows: 1. from login to cash. Money withdraws from the account reaches the user within 24-hours from the time of withdrawal. Any additional facilities made available by bank from time to time. Withdrawal of cash is done from TELE account up to a certain amount limit fixed by bank from time to time. The system itself is least complicate. in less than 2 minutes for a first time user. “The system shall complete a standard withdrawal from a personal account. TELE banking is a system where users have to dial and enter a pin number. . such that all new ATM users are able to complete their banking transactions without any assistance. User Requirements: User requirements focus on experience user need to have with the system. The customer user interface should be intuitive. 2. with no concern for the inner workings of the system.


Fragmented DFD For Bank: .

This request will help the customer to withdraw money through cash dispenser. Accounts can be of many types: checking and savings. the correspondence is not relevant to this problem. A customer can hold more than one account. Account A single account at a bank against which the transactions can be applied. The same person holding an Account at a different Bank is considered a different customer. balance check.t. Custome r The holder of one or more Accounts in a Bank. The ATM interacts with the customer to gather transaction information. the Accounts of a single Customer. and print ministatement. Bank A financial institution that holds accounts for customers and issues cash cards authorizing access to accounts over the ATM network. We assume that the ATM need not operate independently of the network. Transacti on A single integral request for service w. . A customer may consist of one or more persons or corporations.DATA DICTTIONARY: Clas s ATM Description A station which allows customers to enter their own transactions using cash cards as identification.r. sends the transaction information to the central computer for validation and processing and dispenses cash to the user.

Transactions. the customer dials a secret code. The magnetic strip behind the card provides the personal details of customer for authentication. User A customer with bank and uses the ATM and Tell banking facility TELE TELE service helps the customer to withdraw money by dialing a telephone to the bank. The bank verifies the information and then dials his account number.Cash card A card assigned to each Customer authorizing access to accounts: via an ATM. The bank verifies this information and then allows the customer to dial specific amount of money. The card number determines the Accounts the card may access. . Manager A Bank employee authorized to enter Transactions into a Bank Station and accept and dispense cash to Customers. cash and transaction information handled by each manager must be logged and properly accounted for. In this. Each contains a bank code and a card number. card number and then dials his account number. Each cash card is owned by a single Customer.

Modularization: .

Class Diagram: .

Data Model and Data Integrity and Constraints: .

• Main The Main procedure is called when the system is started. Services. This message could include one of several informative messages or displays shown in rotation. If a card is detected in the Card Reader.Pseudo Code: The pseudo code below consists of a starting procedure called Main and six sub-procedures called CheckPIN. It consists of a loop which repeats until the system is switched off. If not. If not. the Card Reader is checked to see whether a card has been inserted. an 'insert card' message is displayed. the CheckPIN procedure is called. an 'out of service' message is displayed and the system then waits for the Control System to be enabled. Withdrawal. Balance. The loop first checks the Control System to see if it is enabled. PROGRAM CODE PROCEDURE Main BEGIN LOOP IF control system is disabled THEN BEGIN display 'out of service' message . and Mini-statement. If the Control System is enabled.

the Services procedure is called.LOOP UNTIL control system is enabled END ELSE IF no card is inserted THEN display 'insert card' message ELSE CALL PROCEDURE CheckPIN ENDIF ENDIF ENDLOOP END Main CheckPIN The CheckPIN procedure handles the verification of the customer's Personal Identification Number (PIN) using data retrieved from the card's magnetic strip. PROCEDURE CheckPIN CONSTANTS MAXPINS IS 3 VARIABLES PINCounter IS NUMBER BEGIN read data from card . after which the card is confiscated as a security precaution. If the correct PIN is entered. The procedure invites the customer to enter their PIN using the keypad. If this does not match the PIN stored on the card. a limited number of retries is permitted.

set PINCounter to zero LOOP UNTIL PINCounter is equal to MAXPINS input PIN from customer keypad IF entered PIN matches card PIN THEN EXITLOOP ENDIF add 1 to PINCounter ENDLOOP IF PINCounter is equal to MAXPINS THEN blocked customer's card ELSE CALL PROCEDURE Services ENDIF END CheckPIN • Services The Services procedure presents a menu of the options which are currently available to customers. The key is identified and the relevant option is activated. The options which request a cash withdrawal call the Withdrawal procedure.' or 'Return Card' option was selected.. PROCEDURE Services VARIABLES . If a 'Withdrawal. The customer selects an option by pressing a key on the keypad. the selection process is repeated to allow the customer to use another service. After processing an option the procedure will do one of two things. If any one of the other options were selected. the procedure will terminate..

ExitServicesFlag IS BOOLEAN BEGIN RESET ExitServicesFlag LOOP UNTIL ExitServicesFlag is SET display customer services input selection CASE OF selection: WHEN withdrawal with receipt BEGIN CALL PROCEDURE Withdrawal (with_receipt) SET ExitServicesFlag END WHEN withdrawal without receipt BEGIN CALL PROCEDURE Withdrawal (no_receipt) SET ExitServicesFlag END WHEN display balance get and display balance WHEN print balance get and print balance .

if required. the card is first returned to ensure it is not forgotten.DEFAULT return customer's card SET ExitServicesFlag ENDCASE ENDLOOP END Services • Withdrawal The Withdrawal procedure handles the process of withdrawing cash from the customer's account. the customer's account details are checked in the Accounts Database. If there are no funds available. It receives one parameter which indicates the type of withdrawal (i. the customer's card is returned and the procedure terminates. with or without a printed receipt). The customer's account details are then updated in the Accounts Database and the procedure terminates. PROCEDURE Withdrawal (WithdrawalType) VARIABLES Amount IS NUMBER BEGIN . If this reduced offer is declined. Once a value has been specified.e. If the customer has insufficient funds to cover the requested amount. a receipt is printed. The customer is first presented with a list of cash values to select from and an option to enter their own value explicitly. the customer is informed. If an available amount is specified. the actual amount available is offered. the card is returned and the procedure terminates. The cash is then dispensed and.

input Amount from customer read customer's details from accounts database IF customer has insufficient funds THEN IF customer has zero funds THEN BEGIN display 'insufficient funds' message set Amount to zero END ELSE BEGIN display offer of available funds input customer's response (Y/N) IF response is 'Y' THEN set reduced Amount ELSE set Amount to zero ENDIF END ENDIF ENDIF return customer's card IF Amount is not zero THEN BEGIN .

Procedure checkbalance Display balance from customer account IF checkbalance is with_receipt THEN print receipt for checkbalance ENDIF Customer wants another transcation If customer response is yes Then load PROCEDURE Services Else return customer's card .dispense cash Amount IF WithdrawalType is with_receipt THEN print receipt for Amount ENDIF update accounts database END ENDIF END Withdrawal Balance The procedure checkbalance helps the customer to check the balance in his/her account.

Procedure mini-statement Print mini-statement (y/n) If customer response is yes Then print for mini-statement End if End mini-statement .end if End check balance Mini-statement Procedure print_mini-statement helps the customer to print the mini-statement.

SCREEN SHOTS Form Layout Form option .

If the number matches to the database entry then next form is loaded. Tele Banking. Frmsplashatm This form is a splash screen for ATM Form account This form displays a text box to enter the account number and the processing can made. .This form allows the user to choose option like ATM. User login for bank.

. Frmatm_machine If the pin number matches to the account number then it enables all buttons.This screen allows the user to enter pin and check the pin entered matches to the account number entered.

If user select transaction balance inquiry. then it shows the balance in his account. .

clicking on ok will show message box “WITHDRAWL IS SUCCESSFUL. Frmatm_machine .Frmatm_machine If user select withdrawl then he enter the amount to withdraw and press ok.

This form help the user to print the mini statement of last five transaction. If user clicks on Take button then Reciept and image cash get disappear.This screen shows a message “TAKE CASH AND RECEIPT”. . Frmatm_machine If user select transaction mini statement then this form get loaded.

Frmatm_machine .Frmatm_machine This form helps the user to get the print.

. clicking on ok will show message “YOUR PIN NUMBER HAS SUCCEFFULLY CHANGED”.If user select Change pin number transaction then screen get loaded. Frmatm_machine If user select Cancel Transaction then it show message box “Transaction canceled”.

.Frmatm_machine This screen ask user that they want to continue after every transaction. If user select yes then it again ask for pin number and if no then it shows message box ”Take card”.

Formtelecodeno This form allow user to enter the code number for the tele transaction. Frmtele_amounttowithdraw .

. Frmlogin This form allows the user to enter into bank system.Formtelethankyou This form is a Thank you form which is shown when the transaction is complete.

. by just entering question and answer. The record will be matched with the database and if the answer is correct then the password will be given.Form forgot password This form allows the user to retrieve his/her password if forgotten.

Form create new user This form allow to create a new user Form id user .

We can do various processes like Find a user.Form view all user This form is loaded to view all user in the bank. Remove a user. Save the details of the user. . Edit user.

Form card This form allow user to browse customer of the bank Frmaccinfo .

Form delete card This form allows the user to delete the customer record. Form login 1 .

Form with draw Clerk enter the account no and the amount customer wishes to withdraw Form deposit .

their validations are checked. . This was done twice for every form. • STEP BY STEP EXECUTION :- Here.This form is filled by customer to deposit the amount in his/her account. including errors were verified. Since my Front End is Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Testing Procedure and Test Report Testing is a procedure where all the modules are run. the code was run and step by step and the execution flow in case of Looping and branching constructs for all the possible conditions. the Backend compatibility is verified and all the errors called “Bugs” are eliminated to the best possible extent.0 the following are types of Testing done by me.

This procedure was repeated twice for all the important global variables in a project. TEST CASES/ TEST REPORT DATA INPUT OUTPUT CORRECTIOS TO BE MADE PIN NUMBER ABC NIL NUMBERS ENTERED SHOULD BE 123 OK NIL @. whenever the variable changes the value through out the Module. Breaks were put on a particular variable and it was checked that whether it contains the expected value or not. The same above procedure was implemented for variables global to the whole system.&.• BREAKS ON VARIABLES :- Here.$ NIL NUMBERS ENTERED SHOULD BE .

$ OK NIL SECURITY MECHANISMS  Pin number can be entered three times. . If wrong pin entered then it block the card.&.AMOUNT 123 OK NIL ABC NIL NUMBERS ENTERED SHOULD BE NAME 123 NIL ALPHABETS ENTERED SHOULD BE ABC OK NIL 123 OK NIL PASSWORD ABC OK 123 OK NIL @.

 While login to Bank. wrong password for user name will restricted the access.  While depositing. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT  Data backup and recovery option.  The ATM card is only a simple ATM card and not ATM cum credit card. LIMITATION  This system accepts only the ATM card of its own bank and not of other banks. wrong code number entered will give the error message. bill payment. After every transaction it ask for any new transaction  If user response is yes then it again ask for pin number else it gives message to take card.  Making project to run in different resolutions. the system will check the account number entered.  For Tele Banking it ask for code number.  If wrong account number entered it will show the error message. it ask for password. .  Making facility like fund transfer.

.0  Internet resource Conclusion Thus the project for simple atm is created for the money transaction limitation is rectified by using this project.BIBILOGRAPHY  Advanced VB 6 Projects  Mastering in Visual Basic 6.The bank doesn’t have the ATM and Tele Banking facility.Any customer of bank has to form queue and do any transaction or transaction information.The bank has a computerized system. Is rectified according to the project.

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