shirt, and sandals, he’d stated I was in an expensive suit and costly underwear.

I left the lawyer’s office in the highest order of happiness, naturally. I bought myself a new Herald and drove it very frequently to Yugoslavia, which had shown itself to be so correct and indeed so very generous to me in my misfortune. I’ve written all this, because, as you can see, it’s all tied up with the dividing into thirds of the Julius Campe prize. In the most self-evident way.


From comments by Wikipedia users noting, explaining, and requesting changes to the Wikipedia page for “Iraq War,” first created in December 2004. In August, artist James Bridle compiled every edit made to the page and had the text printed and bound as a twelve-volume book, The Iraq War: A Historiography of Wikipedia Changelogs. 2005 Main reason for war is not “accounting.” “Freedom fighters” is not the correct translation. Removed problematic “ended in 2003” paragraph. Removed “an estimated 30,000 civilians killed.” This needs a source. “Largest documented worldwide protest”—are there larger undocumented protests? 2006 “Liberation” is not neutral. Does not belong in “Culture Wars” category. 15 yr old = teenager, not child. Improper use of the term casus belli. Please see casualty listing. I am getting over 56,000. Am I counting wrong? “Continues in the form of actions against various destabilizing elements”? Way too wordy. Removed sentence regarding lack of U.S. congresspersons’ children serving in conflict. The section is called “Human Rights Abuses.” If you want it renamed “atrocities,” put it to vote. Changed “U.S.” to “Bush” to clarify. Removed irrelevant figure on world hunger. Why is war on terror in quotes? READ THE F UCKING CONSTITUTION YOU FUCKING MORON. Removed Christian cross from Zarqawi. Please find another symbol to refer to deceased people that’s not Christian.

2007 Modified weasel-sounding word in phrase “massive civilian casualties.” Changed “captured” to “executed.” “Execution” is more current and implies capture. Plan B: proper quote marks. Added section on insufficient planning. Cut lengthy and largely unsourced discussion of American empire. Added small international opinion section— hope to expand. Removed “this war sucks” vandalism. Iraqi refugees: uncorroborated claims of crucifixion. Human rights abuses: change pic; thumbs-up over a corpse isn’t exactly an abuse. The picture of the U.S. soldier carrying an Iraqi child is blatantly non-neutral. How is the cheesy photo of toppling of Saddam statue better? Is some desert sand neutral enough for you? Showing the bloody body of an Iraqi teen is not appropriate for this site. Allegement is not a word. Yes it is. 2008 “False statements” and “statements later proven false” are very different things. Whoops, “trillion.” Add stat: Iraqi civilian dead. It’s strange it took so long to add this to the info box. Replaced content with “the cause of the iraq war is Mr Tylors face. if you were wondering who he is he is a rite twat of a teacher.” Clarifying the Arabic term “orphan.” 2009 The memory of the fallen is best served by resisting the urge to remove sources pertinent to a content dispute. Known fraud, assassinations, and threats of violence seem worth four words if the elections should be mentioned here at all. The U.K. has fought in this war? Removed category “Military-Industrial Complex.” Come on. Do we really need three citations for the word “ongoing”? 2010 It is unnecessary for us to specify the surge was “unequivocally successful.” Changed “shelling villages” to “shelling areas” to better reflect info presented in sources provided. Iraq awards oil contracts: this isn’t really relevant to the article, which is already too long. For accuracy: Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended; whether the “war,” “occupation,” etc., is over is a more controversial question.



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