Name: __________________________________ Mob No: ______________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ Sex: Male 25-35 Business 50000-2 lack 5lack-10lack Female 35-45 Service 2lack-5lack 10lack & above 45& above

Age:-18-25 Occupation: Other Income: -

___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Do you own a four wheeler? Yes No

2. If yes, then specify________________________________________________ 3. Are you satisfied with your car manufacturer services? Yes Above expectation As per Expectation 5. How would you rate the services of your car manufacturer? Excellent Poor Excellent Average Maruti Chevrolet Maruti Chevrolet Good Terrible Good Poor Hyundai Ford Hyundai TATA Ford Average No Below expectation Can’t say

4. How will you rate your car manufacturer on the basis of ‘Value for Money?’

6. How do you find Maruti services compared to that of competitors?

7. Which of the four companies' ads you have viewed the most?

8. Which manufacture’s car will you prefer as a new car?

based on your preference? (Where 1 is least preferred and 7 most preferred. According to you. Your Suggestions to car manufacturer. Which Car will you prefer among the following? Swift M-Finance Any Time Maruti All of the above M-Insurance M-On Road Services None of the above 15.No. which of the following Maruti ‘ADD-ON’ services are you aware? Swift Beat Figo Other Figo Other i10 11. 1 2 3 4 Factor Price Mileage Performance Safety and comfort Looks Brand value After sales services 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 5 6 7 10. 14.) Tick mark Sr. who is the strongest competitor of Swift in current market? 15. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Sign. Among the following which car fulfills your requirement most? Ritz Figo i10 Beat i10 Beat Ritz MTV MGA Extended warranty 13. . who is the strongest competitor of Ritz in current market? 12. Rate the following factors in a car on the scale 1-7.9. According to you.

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