Page 1 of 59 A comparative study on various plans and offers provided by VODAFONE and AIRTEL and consumer response towards

these plans. A case study of Allahabad city MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINIATRATION SUBMITTED TO: MRS. Monika Mehrotra FACULTY GUIDE SUBMITTED BY: Kuldeep Singh Enrol no. 8NBAH042 ol Page 1 of 59

Page 2 of 59 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr.Kuldeep Singh assigned the research project on “A compa rative study on various plans and offers provided by VODAFONE and AIRTEL and con sumer response towards these plans A case study of Allahabad city”. He has submitt ed this project report in accordance with the guide lines. To the best of my kno wledge this is his original work and not submitted else where for reward of any other degree or any diploma. DATE…… PROJECT GUIDE MRS. Monika Meharotra Page 2 of 59


Page 4 of 59 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT An individual cannot do project of this scale. Monika Meharotra her genero us support. 8NBAH042 Page 4 of 59 . I express my sincere thanks to my project guide Mrs. I take this opportunity to thank all dealers. Their inputs have played a vital role in success of this project. I firmly believe that there is always a scope of improvement. I take this opportunity to expres s my acknowledgement and deep sense of gratitude to the individuals for renderin g valuable assistance and gratitude to me. customers who spared their preciou s time to provide me with valuable inputs for project without which it would hav e not been possible. Kuldeep Singh Enroll no. I welcome any sugg estions for further enriching the quality of this report. constant direction and mentoring at all stages of training.

Page 5 of 59 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY A comparative study on various plans and offers provided by VODAFONE and AIRTEL and consumer response towards these plans A case study of Allahabad city OBJECTIVE: 1. Role of tariff plans on the buying behavior of the customer. Positioning st rategies use by telecom companies and their impact on customer. 2. To find out which telecom company have good plan s and what type of plans subscriber like. Page 5 of 59 . How people of different age group respond to ADVERTISEMENT. To find out r elative customer perception. 3. 5. 4.

“A consumer is the most important visitor on our premises. ‘customer refers to the following . wants or desires. According to a statement made by Mahatma Gandhi. He is part of it. He is not dependent o n us. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. Page 6 of 59 .Page 6 of 59 INTRODUCTION Customer A customer is an individual who purchase or has the capacity to purchase goods and services offered for sale by marketing institutions in order to satisfy pers onal or household needs. We are dependent on him. He is not an outsider to our business. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so”. So customer is like the blood of our busine ss and also a satisfied customer is a word of mouth advertisement of a product / services.

Perhaps the most important one is that a seller need to be aware of the rele vant objective and need of consumer and how their objectives might best be serve d by the products Page 7 of 59 .Page 7 of 59 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Every human being is a consumer of different produces. valuable of the marketing function. Therefore. “personal feeling of pleasure resulting from comparing a product’s pursued perform ance in relation to his /her expectations”. Why should the compete nt market engineer conduct consumer research? Consumer’s surverys can provide the researcher with a wealth of information. Marketing decision maker needs descr iptive information about the total potential unit and dollar sales in each segme nt. consumer satisfaction is veryimportant to every business person. If there is no consumer. Consumer attitude measurements are taken on either potential buries or existing client’s buries in order to identify their characteristics. According to Philip Kotler consumer satisfaction is defined on . Detailed information regarding the customer in a market will provide the basic platform for all marketing decisions. there is no business.

Page 8 of 59 MARKET The term market is derived from Latin Word ‘Mercatus’, which means ‘to trade’ that is pu rchasing and selling of goods. It also means merchandise truthic place of business. According to Pyle, “Market includes both place and region in which buyer s and sellers or in free competition with one another”. MARKETING Marketing includes all the impacts involved in the exchange process of transferr ing the possession and ownership of goods or services from the producer to the ultimate consumer’s. MARKETING FORMULA a. The foremost step is business aims at profit. b. For profit making he can sel l the products. c. For selling the product he should create customers. d. For cr eating the customer’s, customer’s needs of preferences to be identified and satisfie d. e. To satisfy the customer’s new product to be produced. Page 8 of 59

Page 9 of 59 Marketing is trying to learn, Who buy the products or services? How do they buy? When do they buy? Where do they buy? Why do they buy? How often they buy? It is otherwise called understand and predict human actions in their buying role . A marketer is act as consumers while them purchasing any goods /services, and try to market that product to an ultimate consumer. So, marketing is starts with consumer and ends with consumer. So, today’s market is called on consumer market. It can be defined on, “All the individuals and households who buy goods and servi ces for personal consumption”.So, the consumer satisfaction is get more importance in the marketing functions. Page 9 of 59

Page 10 of 59 Importance of customer satisfaction The needs to satisfy customer for success in any commercial enterprise is very o bvious. The income of all commercial enterprise is derived from the payments rec eived for the products and services supplied to its customers. If there is no cu stomer there is no income and there is no business. Then the core activity of an y company is to attract and retain customers. It is therefore no surprise that P eter Drucker the renowned management Guru, has said “to satisfy the customers is t he mission and purpose of every business”. Satisfaction of customer is essential f or retention of customer’s and for continuous sales of the products and services o f the company to customers. This establishes the needs for and the importance of customer satisfaction. The satisfaction of consumers is different from one to a nother. Became, each consumer has the different behaviour in their life. So, the marketer satisfy the consumer, he must very well know the behaviour of consumer . 1.4.Consumer behaviour: The term consumer behaviour may be defined as the behaviour that consumer displa ys in searching for purchasing, using, evaluating, producing, services and ideas which they expect will satisfy their needs. In other words, “It is a study of phy siological, social, physical, behaviours of all potential customer as they becom e aware of evaluation, purchase and consumption and tell other about products an d services”. Page 10 of 59

by th e end of February.62% showing a stupendous annual growth of about 50%. 44.Page 11 of 59 INDUSTRY PROFILEToday the Indian telecommunications network with over 375 Millio n subscribers is second largest network in the world after China. Of t his. is an essential necessity for the people of India. India has emerged as a major base for the telecom industry worldwide. Thus In dian telecom sector has come a long way in achieving its dream of providing affo rdable and effective communication facilities to Indian citizens. The reform measures coup led with the proactive policies of the Department of Telecommunications have res ulted in an unprecedented growth of the telecom sector. whether fixed landline or mobile. According to TRAI. 91% were mobile phone subscribers. Also industry estimates show that telecom industry in India will witness a compound annual growth rate ( CAGR) of 26% to reach 3. the total number of subscribers had reached 413 million. Page 11 of 59 . From the status of state monopoly with very limited growth. Removal of restrictions on foreign capital investment and industrial d e-licensing resulted in fast growth of this sector. one of the highest in any sector of the Indian Economy. This changing phase was possible with the economic deve lopment that followed the process of structuring the economy in the capitalistic pattern. India is also the fastest growing telecom market in the world with an addition of 9. it has grown in to the level of an i ndustry. Telephone. The Department of Telecommunications has been able to pro vide state of the art world-class infrastructure at globally competitive tariffs and reduce the digital divide by extending connectivity to the unconnected area s.10 millio n monthly subscribers. As a result co mmon man today has access to this most needed facility. The rising number of subscribers has pus hed the tele-density to 35.921 crore by 2012. India’s telecom sector has shown massive up surge in the recent years in all respects of industrial growth. It is set to generate employment opportunities for close to 10 million.

like any other industrial sector in the country. has gone through many phase s of growth and diversification. CDMA and WLL to the great 3G Techno logy in mobile phones. fixed landlines were popular in most parts of the country. At present.Page 12 of 59 At present the country’s telecom industry has achieved a growth rate of 14 per cen t. with government of India setting up the T elecom Regulatory Authority of India. both the Public Players and the Private Playe rs are putting in their resources and efforts to improve the telecommunication t echnology so as to give the maximum to their customers. Page 12 of 59 . Till 2000. Starting from telegraphic and telephonic system s in the 19th century. though cellular phone companies were present. Day by day. and measures to allow new players country. though it constitutes 70% of the population. rural India accounts for just 27% of the country’s c ellular base. the featured products in the segment came in to prominence. the field of telephonic communication has now expanded to make use of advanced technologies like GSM. The huge potential offer ed by the untapped rural market will help push growth for telecom operators in t he years to come. Indian Telecom sect or.

Page 13 of 59 Mobile Subscriber Base in India Mobile Subscriber Growth Rate GSM Subscriber in India Page 13 of 59 .

Page 14 of 59 Page 14 of 59 .

Page 15 of 59 CDMA Subscriber Base in India Page 15 of 59 .


single-country mobile operator and sixth-largest integrated telecom operator. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have a lways been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU s) . Airtel Digital TV. Airtel Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The company also provides telepho ne services and Internet access over DSL in 14 circles. It also offers fixed lin e services and broadband services. The compa ny has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai. which connects the submarin e cable connecting Chennai and Singapore. Deputy Chief Executive Sanjay Kapoor wi ll replace Mr.7% for Reliance Communications and 17. behind China Mobile an d China Unicom.6% share of the wireless services market. company anonced that Manoj Kohili. will become the chief executive of the international business group from 1st of April 2010. Shahrukh Khan is the brand embassador of the mobile c ompany and Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are the brand embassadors of the DTH company. In India. It also acts as a carrie r for national and international long distance communication services. Bharti is now the world s third-largest.4% for Vodafone Es sar. In January 2010. The company provides end-to-end data and enterprise services to the co rporate customers through its nationwide fiber optic backbone. VSATs. With this. Kohli and will be the CEO with effective from April 1 2010 Page 17 of 59       . joint managing director and chief executive of Indian and South Asian operations. It offers its TELECOM services under the Airt el brand and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal. with more than 110 million subscribers as of 2009. followed by 17.M obile Services. Globally. last mile connect ivity in fixed-line and mobile circles. The mobile busi ness provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 te lecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband & te lephone services in 95 cities and has recently launched a Direct-to-Home (DTH) s ervice. Bharti Airtel is the 3 rd largest in-country mobile operator by subscriber base. He will b e overseeing Bharti s overseas business. the company has a 24. ISP and international bandwidth a ccess through the gateways and landing station.Page 17 of 59 BHARTI AIRTEL Bharti Airtel formerly known as Bharti Tele-Ventures LTD (BTVL) is the largest c ellular service provider in India.

Page 18 of 59 Brands Airtel Airtel is a brand of telecommunication services in India. 2004. it was announced that the Bangladesh Telecommuncations Regulato ry Commission (BTRC) of The People s Republic of Bangladesh had given Bharti Air tel the go ahead to acquire a 70% stake in the Bangladesh business of Abu Dhabi based Warid Telcom. known as Airtel Lanka. Long Dista nce Services and Enterprise Services (Telecommunications Consulting for corporat es). commenced o perations on the 12th of January 2009. The launch is a result of a tie-up between Bharti Tele-Ventures Limit ed and Research In Motion (RIM). BlackBerry On 19 October 2004 Airtel announced the launch of a BlackBerry Wireless Solution in India. Broadband & Telepho ne Services (Fixed line. Airtel s operation in Sri Lanka. Airtel s 70% stake in the company is said to be at a cost of an initial $300 million. Airtel Sri Lanka In December 2008. making it the first ISP to do so. Bharti now provides all telecom services includi ng fixed-line services under a common brand "Airtel". Airtel has also launched 16Mb/s broa dband plans in India. Digital TV On 9 October 2008. Bharti provided fixed-line telephony and broadband ser vices under the Touchtel brand. a Direct-to-Home Television service. Airtel in Bangladesh In January 2010. Bangladesh and in Sri Lanka owned and operated by Bharti Airtel. Bharti Airtel rolled out third generation services in Sri Lank a in association with Singapore Telecommunications. It has presence in all 23 circles of the country and covers 71% of the curr ent population (as of Financial Year 2007). Airtel joined the DTH bandwagon in India with Airtel Digital TV. Internet Connectivity(DSL) and Leased Line). It operates third generation networks in several markets across Asia. Services are offered under th e brand name Airtel: Mobile Services (using GSM Technology). The latter had till date invested a total of $600 million. SingTel is a major player in the 3G space in Asia. w ith plans to bring their Bangladesh investments to the $1 billion mark. Page 18 of 59       . Touchtel Until September 18. It is the largest cellular service pr ovider in India in terms of number of subscribers.

However. a South Africa-based telecommunications company with coverage in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Talks eventually ended without agreement. The Financial Times reported that Bharti was considering offering US$45 billion for a 100% stake in MTN. Bharti Airtel again confirmed that it is in Ta lks with MTN and companies have now agreed discuss the potential transaction exc lusively by July 31. it emerged that Bharti Airtel was exploring the possibility of buyi ng the MTN Group. while The Economist magazine no ted.677 59 . Bharti would be marrying up. "If anything. hi gher revenues and broader geographic coverage. Bharti Airtel said in a statement “Bharti Airtel Ltd is pleased to announce that it has renewed its effort for a significant partnershi p with MTN Group"." Airtel 3G Airtel plans to launch the nationwide 3G services in India in the second quarter of 2010. However. both si des emphasize the tentative nature of the talks. which wo uld be the largest overseas acquisition ever by an Indian firm. 2009. The tournament itse lf is named "Airtel Champions League Twenty20. Subscriber The Airtel ndia as of Page 19 of base subscriber base according to TRAI . Merger talks In May 2008.2." as MTN has more subscribers. Airtel & Vodafone have launched the newly released iPhone 3GS (16GB & 32GB) in August 2009 in India.Telecom Regulatory Authority of I February 2009 was: Chennai .133. Sponsorship Bharti Airtel signed a five-year deal with ESPN Star Sports to become the title sponsor of the Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament. some sources statin g that due to the South African government opposition.Page 19 of 59 iPhone 3G The Apple iPhone 3G was rolled out in India on 22 August 2008 via Airtel & Vodaf one. the talks fell apart as MTN group tried to reverse the negotiations by making Bharti almost a subsidiary of the new company. In May 2009.

742.704.040 Kerala .453 Assam . On the 9th of May.791.5.722.2% of the total 375.2.862 & (East) .951.245 Orissa .2.121 Bihar .353 Karnataka .560 Himachal Pradesh . In 2009 Airtel also launched in Sri L anka.9.592 GSM + CDMA mobile connections in India till February 2009.177 Mumbai .152.054 Jammu and Kashmir .248. 2009 Airtel signed a major deal with Manchester United Football Club.812 Tamil N adu . Rajasthan .896 Madhya Pradesh .405 Maharashtra .456.3.963 Kolkata .4.274 West B engal & Andaman and Nicobar Islands .256.633 Punjab . 609 Gujarat .389 & Other North Eastern States 890.501.820. and presently the Number 1 operator in India.671.981.754.811.6.448.3. Airtel gets the rights to broadcast the matches played by the team to its customers.169.892.2. As a result of the deal.2.906 Ut tar Pradesh (West) .Page 20 of 59 Delhi . Prepaid plansPage 20 of 59 .660 Andhra Pradesh .935 The total is 101.003.971 or 24.

Page 21 of 59 Andhra Pradesh Assam* Bihar Chennai Delhi Gujarat Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir Karnataka Kerala Kolkata Mumbai Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra North East * Orissa Punjab Rajasthan Tamilnadu Uttar Pradesh East Uttar Pradesh West West B engal 66 21 73 64 94 58 64 64 78 64 64 64 64 64 64 21 68 94 70 64 64 64 64 67 23 74 69 99 64 65 66 79 66 67 67 69 69 69 23 69 97 71 69 69 69 67 * Validity is 90 days Page 21 of 59 .

Page 22 of 59 Turbo.50 5 National International • o OTHER DETAILS This Plan offers.) Free Airtime on Pack (Rs. Roaming IC @ 60 p/min. Raoming OG Rate @ 60p/min A2A and 80p/min A2M.) Incoming Calls (Rs.The main account validity of this plan is one year.) • o Local Rates CALL CHARGES Airtel 50p/min 50p/min GSM/CDMA 60p/min 60p/min Landline 60p/min 60 p/min STD Rates • o • o Local ISD For revised ISD tariffs . For New Customer the P rice of this plan is Rs 96 o Page 22 of 59 . roaming IC charges 6 0p/min Pulse Rate Price of Pack (Rs.Roaming Plan 98(Airtel/UE/GSM/19) • o ONE TIME CHARGES 60 sec 98 Nill Nill while on home here SMS 1 1.

0.01/sec Rs.0.6 Rs. Rs.00 10500 sec / Month to any Local Network 150 Local / Month ILD / Roaming charges will continue at current tariffs and 60 sec pulse Page 23 of 59 .0.STD Airtel to Airtel Airtel to Mobile Airtel to Landline SMS Local (Per SMS) National (Per SMS) International (Per SMS) Free Mins Free SMS Rs.5.012/sec Rs.012/sec Rs.0.5 Rs.Local Airtel to Airtel Airtel to Mobile Airtel to Landline Call C harges .Page 23 of 59 Call Charges .012/sec Rs.0.01/sec Rs.

2007. The transaction closed on May 8. previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operato r in India that covers 16 telecom circles in India . its products are simply branded Vodafone. pipping Reliance Communications. Hinduja Group. reflecting the name of its previous owner. The Company entered into agreement w ith NTT DoCoMo to launch i-mode mobile Internet service in India during 2007. and Essar Group. Hutch Essar re-launched the "Hutch" brand nationwide. 2007. Hutchison. previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operator in India that covers 16 telecom circles in India Despite the official name being Vodafone Essa r. Vodafone Essar. The whole company was valued at USD 18. Vodafone Essar provides 2G services based on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz di gital GSM technology. It offers both pr epaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India and is especiall y strong in the major metros. Vodafone Essar provides 2G services based on 900 M Hz and 1800 MHz digital GSM technology.Page 24 of 59 VODAFONE ESSAR Vodafone Essar. its products are simply branded Vodafone. Vodafone agreed to acquire the contr olling interest of 67% held by Li Ka Shing Holdings in Hutch-Essar for US$11. 15%. the company was rebranded as Vodafone Essar. PREVIOUS BRANDS: In December 2006. offering voice and data services in 16 of the country s 23 licence areas. consolid ating its services under a single identity. offering voice and data services in 16 o f the country s 23 licence areas. Essar Group 33%. Despite the official name b eing Vodafone Essar. On February 11. The marketing bra nd was officially changed to Vodafone on 20 September 2007. After getting the ne cessary government approvals with regards to the acquisition of a majority by th e Vodafone Group. Page 24 of 59     . Th e company used to be named Hutchison Essar.8 billi on . OWNERSHIP: Vodafone Essar is owned by Vodafone 52%. However.1 b illion. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India and is especially strong in the ma jor metros. the brand was marketed as Hutch. and other I ndian nationals. which i s the owner of the remaining 33%.

The phone s launch saw a b ig celebration at select Vodafone stores and Vodafone sponsored malls across the country. Earlier this year. Vodafone Essar sources said there would be no discounts or subsidized hands et offers -. It has been mad e available to its consumers from the 22nd of August. A popular daily quoted a Vodafone Essar director as saying that "the objective is to leverage Vodafone Group s global sc ale in bringing millions of low-cost handsets from across-theworld into India. Vodafone pen ned a global low-cost handset procurement deal with ZTE. Vodafone Essar is spending somewher e in the region of Rs 250 crores on this high-profile transition being unveiled today. undercutting Reliance Communi cations much-hyped Rang Barse with cheap handsets beginning at Rs 777. There are plans to launch cobranded handse ts sourced from global vendors as well. China s ZTE. Along with the transition. GROWTH OF HUTCHISON ESSAR (1992-2005): In 1992 Hutchison Whampoa and its Indian business partner established a company that in 1994 was awarded a licence to pro vide mobile telecommunications services in Mumbai Page 25 of 59             ." While there is no revealing the prices of the low-cost Vodafone handsets. Meanwh ile. APPLE I PHONE 3G: Vodafone has successfully launched the Apple iPhone 3G in India. 2007 Hutch becomes Vodafone in one of the biggest brand transition exercises in recent times. Incidentally.Page 25 of 59 On September 20.rather handset-bundled schemes for customers. which is looking to set-up a manufacturing unit in the country. the in dustry is abuzz that prices might start at Rs 666. cheap cell phones have been launched in the In dian market under the Vodafone brand. is expecte d to provide several Vodafone handsets in India.

the company grew its business in the largest w ireless markets in India . cities like Mumbai. 2008: Vodafone launched the Apple iPhone 3G to be used on its 17 circle 2G netwo rk. Hutchison Whampoa had ac quired interests in six mobile telecommunications operators providing service in 13 of India s 23 licence areas and following the completion of the acquisition of BPL that number increased to 16. with the tagline. Delhi and Kolkata. 1992: Hutchison Whampo a and Max Group established Hutchison Max 2000: Acquisition of Delhi operations Entered Calcutta and Gujarat markets through ESSAR acquisition 2001: Won auction for licences to operate GSM services in Karnataka. In February 2007.1 billion or HK$87 billion. another mobile servi ce provider in India 2008: Vodafone acquired Dishnet Wireless. Uttar Pradesh West and West Bengal 2005: Acquired BPL. expenses and inte rests) of approximately US$11. In these de nsely populated urban areas it was able to establish a robust network. it announced the acquisition of a c ompany that held licence applications for the seven remaining licence areas. Then it also targeted business users and high-end post-paid customers which help ed Hutchison Essar to consistently generate a higher Average Revenue Per User (" ARPU") than its competitors. Andhra Pradesh and Chennai 2 003: Acquired AirCel Digilink (ADIL . Hutch was often praised for its award winning advertisements which all follo w a clean. By the time of Hutchison Telecom s Initial Public Offering in 2004. In 2006. it was able t o establish leading positions in India s largest markets providing the resources to expand its footprint nationwide. Hutchison Telecom announc ed that it had entered into a binding agreement with a subsidiary of Vodafone Gr oup Plc to sell its 67% direct and indirect equity and loan interests in Hutchis on Essar Limited for a total cash consideration (before costs.Essar Subsidiary) which operated in Rajast an. a service provide r in Orissa and has successfully launched its services in the following circle. By adopting this focused growth plan. a strategic and well managed business plan i s critical to success. Another recent s uccessful ad campaign in 2003 featured a pug named Cheeka following a boy around in unlikely places. Uttar Pradesh East and Haryana telecom circles and renamed it under Hutch br and 2004: Launched in three additional telecom circles of India namely Punjab . minimalist look. well know n brand and large distribution network -all vital to longterm success in India. In a country growing as fast as India. Page 26 of 59                   .Page 26 of 59 (formerly Bombay) and launched commercial service as Hutchison Max in November 1995. A recurrent theme is that its message Hello stands o ut visibly though it uses only white letters on red background. Analjit Singh of Max still holds 12% in company.

Page 27 of 59 Wherever you go.451. Page 27 of 59 .174.508.458 Karnat aka .346 Tamil Nadu .010.3.243 or 22.645.598 West Bengal & Andaman and Nicobar .389 Gujarat .601. our network follows.501 Haryana .429 Uttar Pradesh ( East) -3.610.355.208 Uttar Pradesh (West) -2.939 GSM mobile connection s in India till March 2008.820 Kerala . Rajasthan .126.850.Cellular Operator Association o f India as of March 2008 was: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Delhi .001.2.589 Kolkata .520772 Punjab .2.310 The total is 44.133 Orissa .2.567 Chennai .6.934.974.1.594 Andhra Pradesh .216.769 Mumbai .93% of the total 192. SUBSCRIBER BASE: The Vodafone subscriber base according to COAI .858.1.2. The simple yet powerful adve rtisement campaigns won it many admirers.180.177 Mah arashtra & Goa .825 .1.2.

Page 28 of 59 VODAFONE IN EUROPE Majority-owned Minority-owned No Ownership Albania France Austria Belgium Czech Republic Poland Bulgaria Channel Islands Germany Croatia Cyprus Greece Denmark Estonia Hungary Finland Faroe Islands Ireland Iceland Latvia Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Macedonia Norway Netherlands Serbia Slovenia .

Northern Cyprus Sweden Switzerland Portugal Romania Page 28 of 59 .

The merger was completed on 4 April 2000. On 19 November 19 96. wireless assets with those of Bell Atlantic Corp to form Verizon Wireless.Page 29 of 59 History: In 1982 Racal Electronics plc s subsidiary Racal Strategic Radio Ltd. On 21 September 1999 Vodafone agreed to merge its U. However. a 181 s tore chain whose customers were overwhelmingly using Vodafone s network. and changed its name to Vodafone Airtouch plc. To approve the merger. In September 1988 the company was again renamed Racal Telecom and on 26 October 1988 Racal Electronics floated 20% of the company.7 billion. The hostile takeover provoked strong protest in G ermany and a "titanic struggle" which saw Mannesmann resist Vodafone s efforts. known as Racal Vodafon e was 80% owned by Racal. In a si milar move the company acquired the 80% of Astec Communications that it did not own. Vodafone purchased Peoples Phone for £77 million. the UK mobile operator. in a defensive move. Vodafone was launched on 1 January 1985. The network. The acquisition gave Vodafone a 35% share of Mannesmann. Racal Strategi c Radio was renamed Racal Telecommunications Group Limited in 1985. Vodafone s interest in Mannesmann had been increased by t he latter s purchase of Orange. The conglomerate was subsequently broken up and all manufacturing relat ed operations sold off. on 3 February 2000 the Mannesmann board agreed to an increased offer of £112bn. won one of two UK cellular telephone network licences.Chris Gent would later sa y Mannesmann s move into the UK broke a "gentleman s agreement" not to compete i n each other s home territory. In July 1996 Vodafone acquired the two thirds of Talkland it did not already own for £30. the O s in the Vodafone logotype are opening and closing quotation marks. In 1997 Vodafone introduced its Speechma rk logo. In November 1999 Vodafone made an unsolicited bid for Mannesman n.S. vodafone s original logo used until the introduction of the speechmark logo in 1 998. On 16 September 1991 Racal Telecom was demerg ed from Racal Electronics as Vodafone Group. suggesting conversation. The EU approved the merger in Apr il 2000. with Millicom and the Hambros Technology Trust owning 15% and 5% respectively. Trading of the new company commenced on 30 Ju ne 1999. On 29 June 19 99 Vodafone completed its purchase of AirTouch Communications. Page 29 of 59                     . Vodafone sold its 17. Inc. The flotation val ued Racal Telecom at GB£1. which was rejected. a service provider with 21 stores.6 million.On 29 Decembe r 1986 Racal Electronics bought out the minority shareholders of Vodafone for GB£1 10 million. then the largest corporate merger ever.2% stake in E-Plus Mobilfun k. as it is a quotation mark in a circle. owner of the largest German mobile network.

e.) In February 2002 Finland was added into the mobile community. a nd Slovenia were added to the community. On 17 December 2001 Vodafone introduced the concept of "Partner Networks " by signing TDC Mobil of Denmark. It then went on to acquire Japan s th ird-largest mobile operator J-Phone. Cyta agreed to rename its mobile phone operations to Cytamobile-Vodafone.5million cu stomers onto its base for £405million. Croatia. Warrington and Banbury. On 21 July 2003 Lithuania was added to the commun ity.Page 30 of 59 In 2001 the Company took over Eircell. where the Vodafone brand is added at the end of the local brand. In June 2005 the Company incr eased its participation in Romania s Connex to 99% and also bought the Czech mob ile operator Oskar. (The rebranding of Oskar-Vodafone and Connex-Vodaf one also does not use the SIM card pattern. Vodafone Sweden became a Partner Network. and rebranded it as Vodafone Ireland.5 billion. In December 2005 Vodafone Spain became the second member of the group to adopt the revised logo: it was phased in over the following six months in other countries. but still retaining a red background and white writing (or vice v ersa). In November 2004 Vodafone introduced 3G services into Europe. without the need of investm ent by Vodafone. In December 2005 Vodafone won an auction to buy Turkey s second-largest mobile phon e company.. with the signing of a Partner Network agreement with Bit÷. In February 2004 V odafone signed a Partner Network Agreement with Luxembourg s LuxGSM and a Partne r Network Agreement with Cyta of Cyprus. Vodafone ser vices would be marketed under the dualbrand scheme.) A custom typeface by Dalton Maag (b ased on their font family InterFace) formed part of the new identity. As a result. which had introduced camera phones first in Japan. and a 3D version of the Sp eechmark logo. various operating companies started to drop the use of the SIM card pattern in the company logo. Later that year th e Company rebranded Japan s J-sky mobile internet service as Vodafone live! and on 3 December 2002 the Vodafone brand was introduced in the Estonian market with signing of a Partner Network Agreement with Radiolinja (Eesti). After the sale. Telsim. then part of eircom in Irel and. The concept would be used to extend the Vodafone brand and serv ices into markets where it does not have stakes in local operators. The new concept involved the introduction of Vodafone international services to the local market. TDC Mobil-Vodafone etc. Radiolinja (Ees ti) later changed its name to Elisa. for $4. adding sites in Stoke on Trent (England) to existing sites in Newbury (HQ). In April 2004 the Company purchased Singlepoi nt airtime provider from John Caudwell (Caudwell Group) and approx 1. Also. Later that year on 17 October 2005 Vodafone Portugal launched a revised logo. Page 30 of 59           . Radiolinja later changed its named to Elisa. In April 2003 Og Vodafone was introduce d in the Icelandic market and in May 2003 Vodafone Italy (Omnitel Pronto-Italia) was rebranded Vodafone Italy. Birmingham. On 1 July 2005 Oskar of the Czech Republic was rebranded as Oskar-Vodafone. On 7 January 2003 the Company signed a grou p-wide Partner agreement with mobilkom Austria. as Radiolinja is signed as a Partner Network. Austria. On 28 Octo ber 2005 Connex in Romania was rebranded as Connex-Vodafone and on 31 October 20 05 the Company reached an agreement to sell Vodafone Sweden to Telenor for appro ximately 1 billion. (i. using new text designed by Dalton Maag.

25 billion (£1. adopting the revised lo go and on 22 February 2006 the Company announced that it was extending its footp rint to Bulgaria with the signing of Partner Network Agreement with Mobiltel. In May 2008 Kall of the Faroe Islands rebranded as Voda fone Faroe Islands. Swissco m would still be part of the community as a Partner Network.8 billion). On 5 Jan uary 2006 Vodafone announced the completion of the sale of Vodafone Sweden to Te lenor. On 1 May 2007 Vodafone added Jersey and Guernsey to the community. wh ich is part of mobilkom Austria group. an enterprise applicat ions systems integrator in the UK. technical support. Sir Christ opher Gent. it reported one-off costs of £23. quit unexpectedl a nd on 25 August 2006 the Company announced the sale of its 25% stake in Belgium s Proximus for 2 billion. signaling Vodafone s intent to grow a signifi cant presence and revenues in the ICT marketplace. All users were given access to the "full" web rather than a Walled Garden and Vodafone became the first mobile network to focus an entire media campaign on its newly launched mobile Internet portal in the UK. In April 2006 the Company announced that it has signed an extension to its Partner Network Agreement with BITE Group. After the deal. On 30 May 2006 Vodafone announced the biggest loss in British corporate history (£14. On 1 August 2007 Vodafon e Portugal launched Vodafone Messenger.5 billion due to the revaluation of its Mannesmann subsidiary. Page 31 of 59         . Also in April 2006 Vodafone Sweden changed its n ame to Telenor Sverige AB and Connex-Vodafone became Vodafone Romania. On 12 March 2006 former chief. a service with Windows Live Messenger an d Yahoo! Messenger. Front page was now charged for and previously "bundled" data allowance was removed from existing contract terms. sales and credit control. In 1 Febr uary 2006 Oskar Vodafone became Vodafone Czech Republic.Page 31 of 59 In 2006 the Company rebranded its Stoke-on-Trent site as Stoke Pre mier Centre. Bill Morrow. Early in January 2007 Telsim in Turkey adopted Vodafone dual branding as Telsim Vodafone and on 1 April 2007 Telsim Vodafone Turkey dropped its original brand and became Vodafone Turkey. On 5 October 2006 Vodafone announced the first single br and partnership with Og Vodafone which would operate under the name Vodafone Ice land and on 19 December 2006 the Company announced the sale of its 25% stake in Switzerland s Swisscom for CHF4. quits following rumours of boardroom rifts. All c ancellations and upgrades started to be dealt with by this call centre. Proximus was still part of the communit y as a Partner Network. On 17 April 2008 Vodafone extended its footprint to Serbia a s Vip mobile was added to the community as a Partner Network and on 20 May 2008 the Company added VIP Operator as a Partner Network thereby extending the global footprint to Macedonia. Finally in December 2006 the Company completed the acquisition of Aspective. On February 2006 the Company closed its Birmingham Call Centre. as Airtel was s igned as Partner Network in both crown dependencies. ena bling its Latvian subsidiary "BITE Latvija" to become the latest member of Vodaf one s global partner community. In June 2007 the Vodafone l ive! mobile Internet portal in the UK was relaunched. After the deal. who was appointed the honorary post Chairman for Life in 2003.9 billion) and plans to cut 400 jobs. a centre of expertise for the company dealing with Customer Care fo r its higher value customers. On 24 July 2006 the respected head of Vodafone Europe. also adop ting the new logo.

5 1. Mobile phones to Eu rope. Fixed landline to Australia.5 1. Africa.5 1 1 1 1 Rs199 10 Lifetime NA NA Rs.4 6.5 1.5 1 1 1 1.Page 32 of 59 PREPAID PLAN PLANParticulars Initial one time charges MRP Net Talk value Validit y Grace Period Monthly Rental (Rs) Details of the recharge coupons Denomination value (Rs) (inclusive of all taxes) Net Talk value (Rs) Validity (days) Pulse ra te for local calls (sec) Airtime charges per minute Outgoing composite rate Loca l calls (Rs / min) Vodafone to Vodafone To all mobiles in Uttar Pradesh / Uttara khand** To all landlines in UP East To all landlines in UP West STD calls (Rs / min) To any GSM / WLL / Fixed ISD calls (Rs / min) US. New Zealand & UK SAARC. Australia.5 6. Canada.5 1 1 1 1. New Zealand Page 32 of 59 1 1 1 1.4 10 10 10 10 .25 0 Lifetime NA NA Rs 99 0 Lifetime NA NA Rs 49 0 L ifetime NA NA Prepaid 199 10 Lifetime 60 25 0 Lifetime 60 99 0 Lifetime 60 49 0 Lifetime 60 1. South East Asia.4 6.4 6.

Indiatimes etc) Whether carry forward of unused amount allowe d Other benefit 11 15 11 15 11 15 11 15 45 550 Free 45 550 Free 45 550 Free 45 550 Free 99p 1.5 5 3 99p 1.Page 33 of 59 Gulf.5 5 3 99p 1. Tuvalu. Solomon Islan ds. Vanuatu (Republic of). Nauru (Republic of). Guinea Guinea-Bissau (Republic of). Diego G arcia. Tokelau. UAE Rest of Africa.5 5 3 99p 1. Cook Islands. Middle East. Cuba.5 5 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes The ISD rates are applicable from 1st June 2009 * Premium countries: Sao Tome an d Principe (Democratic Republic of). Yahoo. Australian External Territories. Rest of Europe Rest of Worl d (excluding special countries & iridium/inmarsat calls) Inmarsat/ Iridium Calls Incoming calls SMS Rates (Rs / SMS) To any local number in UP East circle To an y national number outside UP East circle International All information service ( like 56789. Page 33 of 59 .

50 on Vodafone ne tworks 3. Rest Of Europe.00 All Airtel Networks Rs / min 1. Japan. Egypt. Kenya & Nigeria.75 1. Italy.45 Outgoing(International) Incoming 3.00 1. China.00 15.45 Free Page 34 of 59 . Bulgaria .00 11. UK. Sout h Africa.00 100 550 Rs / SMS 1. North Korea Premium Destinations Satel lite Calls SMS 6. Netherlands. Pacific Rim Countries. Mobile n umbers in New Zealand. Middle East including UAE & Saudi Arabia Afghanistan.5 1.00 100 550 Rs / SMS Outgoing(Local / National) 3. UK.40 10.00 15. Switzerland.00 11. South East Asia SAARC.00 45.4 6. Germany & France.45 Free 1.Landline numbers in Australia & New Zealand. Germany &France. Rest Of Africa.45 on all other networks 3.Page 34 of 59 All National Networks Except Airtel Rs / min All Incoming calls Outgoing calls L ocal calls STD calls ISD calls USA & Canada . Mobile numbers in Australia.4 2.40 10.00 45. South Korea. Russia.

Data was collected from a s ample of 208 mobile phone owners. coverage area. The study sheds light on how gender. in his study found that most of the respondents consider. in his study analyzed that it is the youth which is the real growth driver of the telecom industry in India. Considering this fact. The researcher would gain good background k nowledge of the problem by reviewing certain studies. price. Samuval. quality . General Manager eGain Communi cations EMEA A brief literature would be of immense help to the researcher in ga ining insight into selected problem. Jha (2008). monthly voucher amount and years of owning mobile phones influenc e the usage pattern of this device. aged between 20 and 29.Page 35 of 59 LITERATURE REVIEW Customer Satisfaction The Value of Customer Satisfaction By “Andrew Mennie”. instrument servicing are an important factors for selecting the handset of majority of the respondents are satisfied over the payment system. the paper is an attempt to give a snapshot of how frequently young people use their mobile phone s for several embodied functions of the cell phones. and attending the complaints. Findings of the study would be helpful for t he telecom service providers and handset manufacturers to formulate a marketing strategy for different market segments. quality o f services. size. A reference to these entir e studies will be related in the contest of the shaping the present study. Kalavani (2006) in their study analyzed that majority of the respondents have gi ven favourable opinion towards the services but some problems exist that deserve the attention of the service providers. They need to Page 35 of 59 .

assurance. Though the telecom in dustry is growing rapidly.Page 36 of 59 bridge the gap between the services promised and services offered. The overall c ustomers’ attitude towards cell phone services is that they are satisfied with the existing services but still they want more services to be provided. In the service s ector. services marketing plays a major role in the national economy. in their study titled “Managing the Customer Perceived Service Quality for Cellular Mobile Telephone: an Empirical Investigation” analyzed that t here is relative importance of service quality attributes and showed that respon siveness is the most importance dimension followed by reliability. empathy and tangibles. convenience. The Page 36 of 59       . Kumar (2008). telecom industry is the most active and attractive. Kalpana and Chinnadurai (2006) in their study titled “Promotional Strategies of Ce llular Services: A Customer Perspective” analyzed that the increasing competition and changing taste and preferences of the customer’s all over the world are forcin g companies to change their targeting strategies. The research resulted in the development of a reliable and valid instrument f or assessing customer perceived service quality for cellular mobile services. customer perc eived network quality. India s telecom density is less than the world s aver age telecom density as most of India s market is yet to be covered. This would enable the service providers to focus their resources in the areas of importanc e. in their study titled “Customer Satisfaction and Discontentment vis-a-vis BSNL Landline Service: A Study” analyzed that at present. Seth et al (2008).

Page 37 of 59 study revealed the customer attitude and their satisfaction towards the cellular services in Coimbatore city. Page 37 of 59 . It was found that advertisement play a dominant ro le in influencing the customers but most of the customers are of opinion that pr omotional strategies of cellular companies are more sale oriented rather than cu stomer oriented.

Page 38 of 59 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY METHODOLOGY MARKETING RESEARCH Definition of marketing research is approved by the board of the American Marketing Association (AMA) is: “Marketing research is the functions which links the customer and public To market er through information used to identity and define marketing Opportunities and p roblems. Careful planning through all stages of the research is a necessity. Simply. generate define and evaluate. analysis and Re porting of the data findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing t he company. These three types of research included. A research may undertake any of three types of research investigations depending upon the problem. marketing research is the systematic design. monitor marketing perf ormance. marketing Actions. • • • Basic research Applied research Designated fact gathering Page 38 of 59 . collection. and improve understanding of Marketing as a process”.

tabulate the collected data. The researcher edits. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY/ DESIGN The methodology adopted for eliciting the data required for the study was survey method. get the report typed and bound. It is the overall pattern or framework of the project that will dictate as to what information is to be collected. code. biased or dishonest answer s. RESEARCH METHOD Research methodology must be classified on the basis of the major purpose of the investigation. from which sources and by what proce dures. refusal to co-operate. PRESENTATION OF FINDINGS As the last step in marketing research the researchers present the findings. collect data using the instruments. Page 39 of 59 .Page 39 of 59 COLLECTION OF INFORMATION Data collection phase is generally the most expensive and the most phase to erro r. replaced. In this problem. description studies have been undertaken. adjust the Prob lem of not at homes. The researchers have to arrange the researched result according to an approved repo rting format. present the copies of the report t o the concerned authorities. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONS The next to last step is to extract pertinent findings from the collected data. Carry out the field work. as th e objective of the project is to conduct the market share study to determine the share of the market received by both the company and it’s competitors.

Having been collected for another purpose. other surveys conducted by known research agencies etc. survey research was use d and all the retail outlets sellers using different brands and their competitor s were contacted. Any researcher begins the res earch work by first going through the secondary data. SECONDARY DATA The secondary data consists of information that already exist som ewhere. Secondary data includes th e information available with the company. Survey research is the approach best suited gathering descript ion.Page 40 of 59 DATA COLLECTION The information needed to further proceed in the p roject had been collected through primary data and secondary data PRIMARY DATA Primary data consists of information collected for the specific pur pose at hand for the purpose of collecting primary data. It may be the findings of research pre viously done in the field. Secondary data can also be collected from magazines. newspapers. Page 40 of 59 .

which are listed here: The market of Telecommunication is too vast and it is not possible to cover each and every dealer. Some of the respondents were using the service first time of their company and t hey were not able to properly differentiate among their product. Page 41 of 59 . so they were unable to provide exact information. Due to human behavior information may be biased. Most respondents were not maintaining proper knowledge of various services provi ded by their company. Generally the respondents were busy in their work and were not interested in res ponding rightly. manufacturer and seller in the available short span of time.Page 41 of 59 Limitations of the Study Carrying the survey was a general learning experience for us but we also faced s ome problems. Mainly in Tata case. Respondents were reluctant to discover complete and correct information about th emselves and their organization. Most of the respondents don’t want to disclose the information about the various o ther companies’ which they have experienced before.

Users of Vodafone are not satisfied with company customer care service as it is a difficult process because one has to wait a lot or call again and again to talk with a customer care representative. This is one company in the industry that can be found deliver ing as per their customer expectations. Users of Airtel paying more for value added services. And they expect from company to offer some of the VAS at some of the c ompetitive prices. but with all the companies in the industry. Airtel performance is good but Gap exists not just with Airtel.Page 42 of 59 CONCLUSION After doing that all study we can conclude that yes the Gap exist there in telec ommunication industry. Then we hav e example of Vodafone. But one has to pay more for superior service and Air tel is one example of such service. Now users of Airtel have rated it as a best company f or value of money but still they are not satisfied with some of company’s strategi es. As we know that co nsumer expect from Vodafone to improve its customer care service that can be fou nd busy most of the times. Various VAS (Value Added Services) provided by company does not seems to be satisfying their users. Air tel is to be found the best service provider of network service and customer car e service as well. Price is the only Gap exists in Airtel between company and us ers. So this is the Gap between Airtel users and company performance. Page 42 of 59 . That’s why customers have rated it not as satisfactory but excellent. Consumers have a lot of expectations from their service p rovider that are not performed or deliver by their companies. Customers are not satisfied with SMS pack that is perceived costlier as compare to others companies SMS packs by Airtel users.

in/t-aboutus-ttsl-organiza Kothari Principles of Marketing – Philip Kotler • Business India • • Magazines: Web Resources: • • • • • http://www.vodafone. Beri Resear ch Methodology – C. Page 43 of 59 .sheartearmpaper. NasreenTaher Marketing Research – G.scibad.trai.aspx http://www.jsp www.Page 43 of 59 REFRENCES BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: • Indian Telecom Industry by • www.

Page 44 of 59 .Overall.Above table data analysis shows that the satisfaction rate of network service is leaded by Airtel.Page 44 of 59 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION INTERPRETATIONQ1:. how satisfied are you. w ith network service of your company? Brands Very high satisfaction level High satisfaction level Medium satisfaction level Low satisfaction level Very low satisfaction level Vodafone 5 Airtel 12 7 8 6 6 8 4 4 0 15 10 5 Vodafone 0 Airtel Interpretation: . And Vodafone and others network service sat isfaction rate is also good but in the rural area customer face the problem.

In thinking about your most recent experience with that company. Some of the users said that they have not talk to their customer care service provider even for a single time. But the Vodafone is not u p to the mark. how much s atisfied are you with the customer care service? Brands Very high satisfaction level High satisfaction level Medium satisfaction level Low satisfaction level Very low satisfaction level Tata Indicom Reliance 4 4 11 7 4 8 12 6 4 0 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Vodafone Airtel Interpretation:. Page 45 of 59 .Page 45 of 59 Q2:.From the above data interpretation we can conclude that Airtel is the best service provider of customer care service.

how satisfied are you with tariff plan offered by the company? Brands Very high satisfaction level High satisfaction level Medium satisfaction level Low satisfaction level Very low satisfaction level Vodafone 5 Airtel 11 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 5 8 6 6 9 4 5 1 Vodafone Airtel Interpretation: .Page 46 of 59 Q3:.Overall. Page 46 of 59 .Above data and chart analysis depicts that Airtel has the high est rating of Value for money and excellent and good service provider but Vodafo ne is not up to the mark.

Rank the following VAS which attracted you the most to buy or retain the mob ile service: a) SMS pack 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent --1 2 3 4 5 -.From the graphs it depict that call rates and full talktime of Airtel attract most of the customers whereas sms pack full talktime and internet services attract most of the Vodafone customer.Page 47 of 59 Q4. Page 47 of 59 .Poor 1 1 2 3 1 3 3 1 2 3 6 10 b) Concession Call Rates c) Internet Service d) Full Talk Time Brand Vodafone 8 Airtel 6 4 5 4 5 4 5 7 6 9 8 Sms Pack Concession call rates Internet service Full talktime 10 8 6 4 2 0 vodafone Airtel Interpretation:.



No. Factors Very High High Medium Low Very Low Satisfactio n Level Satisfaction Satisfactio Level n Level Satisfaction Satisfacti Level on Level A 1 Services Price ( price of the card which Has validity period of 30 days) 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 2 Tariff ( Which provides free calls and reduces the call rate ) 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 3 Network Connectivity ( Conjunction free network) 4 .Page 50 of 59 Analysis on the basis of these factors S.

Caller Tune) 5 4 3 2 1 6 Roaming facility (provides the good connectivity in other states) 5 4 3 2 1 S.No. MMS. Factors Very High High Medium Low Very Low Satisfactio n Level Satisfaction Satisfactio Level n Level Satisfaction Satisfacti Level on Level B CONVENIENC E Page 50 of 59 5 4 .Coverage (Quality of Network coverage in rural and urban areas) 5 Value Added Service (which provides the function like GPRS.

3 2 1 .

Page 51 of 59 1 Availability of Company Outlets for payments of Bills ( E..Reliance Web world) 5 4 3 2 1 2 Availability of Recharge Coupons 5 4 3 2 1 C Customer Care Services 5 4 3 2 1 1 Grievance Handling ( Handling product related queries) 5 4 3 2 1 2 .g.

Inter-personal skills of the Executive (Humble and Soft Spoken) 5 4 3 2 1 Important: To know the view of customer about its satisfaction level for Vodafone and Airtel. Please tick the attributes according to your knowledge and belief. D ifferent attributes regarding their preference number are:Attributes Very high satisfaction level High satisfaction level Medium satisfaction level L ow satisfaction level Very low satisfaction level Number 5 4 3 2 1 Page 51 of 59 .

→ Majority of the peoples buy the cell phones by influencing their family member → 3. the peoples are using cell phones for both incoming and outgoing. SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION: This chapter is allocated to express the findings and conclusions in this study. → Less than 20% of the peoples are only less aware about Page 52 of 59 .Page 52 of 59 FINDINGS. FINDINGS FROM PERCENTAGE ANALYSIS: → On the basis of consumer preference. Statistical tools are applied to analyze the data. who are in the category of up to 20 years. are using AIRTEL.8% e peoples are using prepaid → Majority of of respondents are only influenced by advertisements. It includes the result of ea ch and every tables. → Majority of th using cell phones for personal usage. most of the respondents (60%). charts and tests. majority of the peoples are preferred AIRTEL. most of the graduates are using cell phones. → On the basis of educational qualification. → On the bases of age group. → Majority of the peoples are scheme.

→ On the bases of after sales service. → No people are highly satisfied about the outgoing call charges of VODAFONE.Page 53 of 59 services provided by the services provider. the majority of the respondents are highly satisfied in AIRTEL. → On the basis of schemes at the time of the service. → On the basis of consumer’s attitude. majority of people are highly satisfied in AIRTEL. → No peoples are highly satisfied about the after sales Service in VODAFONE. 55% of peoples are highly satisfied in AIRTEL. → Majority of the respondents are highly satisfied about the price of AIRTEL. majority of the peoples highly satisfied in AIRTEL. majority of the people are states that cell phones are necessity to all. → Minority (5%) people are only dissatisfied about the after sales services of AIRTEL. → 8% of the respondents are only states that cell phones are luxury Page 53 of 59 . → On the basis of outgoing call charges. → On the basis of periodical offers.

In the post-paid category. at le ast a third of the 10 million customers can be brought back to the active and pa ying customers list. • In essence only 34. indeed. thus adding limited r evenue to operators. considering that severa l of these customers have shifted to another mobile connection during the grace period. be wasteful for every operator to duplicate costly infras tructure. the operators get an attractive commercial proposition and an opportunity to expand the coverage and reach of their services. Infrastructure sharing on fair. While the nation achieves aggressive rollout and improved tele-den sity. thorough concerted efforts.5 million mobile customers are active in the mobile industry. Tighter c ontrol over documentation. The challenges for the industry to make the balance 10 million customers also a ctively use their mobile. have learnt a bitter les son from this experience and tightened the controls from January 2004. which is not easy. transparent and commercial terms will ensure that consumers in rural areas get choice of service. “Zero” usage billing customers (only rental paid) exist to the extent of 5% of the total base. It would. quality as well as a ffordability.Page 54 of 59 DISCUSSIONS OF THE FINDINGS Some discussions on the key antecedent s and consequences are presented below: • To reach out to new consumers in rural a nd remote areas. customer profile Page 54 of 59 . However. due to better scenes/tariffs. especially the GSM operators. connection. • The new mobile companies. the sharing of infrastructure must be encouraged by the governm ent.

the focus of each operator is only on price/tariff changes instead of working collectively to acquire more new customers. • All the activities are focused on tariff charges. Page 55 of 59 . and to get a share of the mind of the customers. increase or decrease of various charges/tari ff. Coherence is required in formulatin g their strategic intentions so as to minimize their perceived opportunistic beh aviour. instead of working towards market expansion.Page 55 of 59 verification. However. The next revolution in the mobi le industry can happen only when the telecom companies work towards market expan sion rather than price/tariff changes. who are confused due to the constan t changes and delay in entry. payment capacity and transferring most of the customers to the pre -paid segment have reduced the possibility of “junk” customers coming in to the netw ork. launch of value added ser vices to enhance usage and revenue. • Opportunistic behaviour is measured by attributes like distortion of information and violation of rules and regulations influence users’ trust. It plays most sign ificant role because of intense competition. in the pursuit to beat each othe r.

Theoretically. it has implica tions for value added services. Vodafone should try to expand their customer’s network. advertisements are take little part for influencing the consumers. which is the maximum this segment of cu stomers can afford from their pocket money. service providers have to offer service s like SMS/MMS at low cost/free and ensure that the total mobile bill for the yo uth does not cross Rs. friends and family offers. As such.300-400 per month. All the service providers are mad e good advertisements for their service. To ensure that the penetration targeted in towns and villages is ac hieved. to exploit the untapped potential in these markets. This study also shows that technology orientation is a significant factor of mobile users’ trust.Page 56 of 59 SUGGESTIONS: To ensure that every youth has a mobile. service providers have to invest in network expansion and reach out on p riority. The construct of tr ust is important for cellular users of telecom industry. All the service providers are try to increase post paid users. market segmentation.. and customer retention stra tegies. To ensure that every household has a mobile connection. conceptualising and modelling trust in telecom sector hel p to expand scholars’ knowledge of interactive consumer behaviour in this emerging discipline. Because. Vodafone should tr y to attract the young peoples. special rates to landlines etc. it is essential that the utility of mobile phones is increas ed through better STD and ISD rates vis-à-vis landline. Therefore. (upto 20 years) Airtel should try to attract old peoples also. telecom service provider needs to ensure that it provides the best network quality and value added services Airtel. Page 56 of 59 . with easy/low deposit schemes to acquire these facilities.

Vodafone are highly dissatisfied about the performance of th e service provider. Vodafone should decreased their dissatisfied customers by providing good after sales services. Vodafone should decrease their outgoing call charges Page 57 of 59 . So they should try to add some advanced features towards the ir services. Airtel.Page 57 of 59 75% of the peoples are unaware about the various services rendered by their serv ice provider. Vodafone should give periodical offers to their custo mers. So the service providers try to make awareness of their customers services to their customers. Vodafone should attract the customers by re ducing their price.

c) Above 12 months.Page 58 of 59 QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Sir/Madam I am the student of MBA-4rd Semester at INC. 1. What were the reasons for choosing this m obile connection? a) b) c) d) Recommended by friends or relatives. Allahabad doing a pr oject “A comparative study on various plans and offers provided by VODAFONE and AI RTEL and consumer response towards these plans” Please co-operate to fill this que stionnaire. Name _________________________________________ 2. Brand image Tariff plans 58 . Education: (a) Matriculate (b) Intermediate (C) Graduation (d) Postgraduate 5. Sex: (a) Male (b) Female 3. Who is your current service provider? a) Airtel b) Vodafone c) Any other 6) For how long you are using this mobile connection? a) less than 6 months. 7. b) 6 to 12 months. Age: (a) 15-25 (b) 25-35 (c) 35-45 (d) Above 45 4. Recommended b y retailers.

Which telecommunication have good advertising? a) Air Tel b ) Vodafone c) Any other 11. Address ________ __________________________________ __________________________________________ __ ________________________________________ Phone no. 12. Do you think that advertisement made by company informs you about there products? .a) Yes b) No c) Undecided 14) Base d on advertisements made by company . From where you watch the advertisement most? a) Television b) Radio c) Newspa per d) Magazines 10. How well did advertisement of the Air Tel catch your attention? a) Very well b) Somewhat well c) Undecided d) Not at all. c) Not decided.How wel l did the advertisement of the Vodafone catch your attention? a) Very well b) so mewhat well c) undecided d) Not at all 13. _____________________________ ____“Thanks for your valuable time and cooperation” 59 . b) No. While purchasing a connection tariff plans plays any role? a) Y es b) No 9.Page 59 of 59 8. would you like to go for more connection f or you or your family in future? a) Yes.