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STANDARD 5: The student uses technology tools to locate, collect, and evaluate

information from a variety of sources.

Grade One
Uses technology to • Knows that technology can be used to find information.
conduct research.
Grade Two
Uses technology to • Knows resources can be accessed through an electronic card
conduct research. catalog in the library.
Grade Three
Uses technology to • Understands basic navigation in a web browser (e.g., forward,
conduct research. back, click on link).
• Knows that different electronic resources can be used to gather
curriculum information.

• Locates resources by accessing online catalog.

Grade Four
Uses technology to • Navigates various pages within one website.
conduct research. • Uses appropriate technology resources as needed for accessing
curriculum information (e.g., CD ROMs, DVD).
• Understands the difference of subject searching and key word

• Uses an online periodical database to access reference for a

current event (e.g., Electric Library, Infotrack).
Grade Five
Uses technology to • Searches for appropriate curriculum information within clearly
conduct research. defined guidelines using key word search strategy.
• Understands the domain of a URL as the source of information
(e.g., .gov, .com, .edu, .org).
• Evaluates search results to determine relevant sites.
• Locates the author or creator of the web page to determine
credibility of information.

• Uses at least one electronic source for classroom research

Grade Six
Uses technology to • Searches for curriculum information on the Web.
conduct research. • Uses key word search strategies.
• Uses bookmarked sites for information retrieval.
• Downloads information and save to and retrieve from designated
• Credits electronic source when using information or graphics in
classroom projects.

• Accesses library catalog from classrooms.

Grade Six
Uses technology to • Understands how a search engine functions.
conduct research. • Understands components of Internet addressing (URLs).

• Develops Boolean search strategies to locate appropriate

information with assistance.
Grade Eight
Uses technology to • Uses strategies for conducting online and other electronic
conduct research. searches (e.g., Boolean searches, search engine queries).
• Uses Internet information in curriculum projects and multimedia

• Researches and evaluates the accuracy, relevance,

appropriateness, comprehensiveness, and bias of electronic
information sources concerning real problems.
Grade Nine
Uses technology to • Understands different purposes, techniques, and outcomes among
conduct research. various electronic search tools (e.g., search engines, online
databases, CD ROM encyclopedias).
• Understands and uses strategies to select and apply appropriate
technology for evaluating information (e.g., comparison of

• Understands and uses strategies to select and apply appropriate

technology for processing information (e.g., analysis and
synthesis to create new knowledge).