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Business Building Center – BBC

Get Started and Build INDIA Now

To Whom It May Concern:

As members of the Unicity’s INDIA Leadership Launch Team, we want to thank you for your inquiry as
we welcome your request concerning a Unicity INDIA Business Building Center (BBC). A Unicity Business
Building Center is a physical location where new Distributors introduce consumers and prospective
Distributors to Unicity’s products and business opportunity. The purpose of each Business Building
Center is to expand the reach of Unicity’s business in INDIA. A well-operated BBC provides many
benefits to the owner, as well as to the expanded Distributor team.

Below are Highlights of Eligibility and On Going Operations Requirements for BBC’s.

For Eligibility for a Business Building Center License

There is a formal application process to determine if a BBC applicant is eligible for a BBC license. Primary
eligibility requirements include:

1) Being a Unicity Distributor in good standing

2) Completion of the Business Building Center license application

3) Demonstrating the skills required to successfully operate a BBC

4) Demonstrating the financial ability to establish a BBC

5) Demonstrating the financial ability to purchase inventory

Ongoing Business Operations

Each BBC is required to generate a minimum amount of volume each month to stay in good standing
with Unicity. After the first three months of operation, a BBC must maintain volume sold (through the
BBC) of at least 10,000 points per month.

Because a BBC needs adequate inventory, the initial product purchase must total at least 10,000 PV

Each Box of Bios Life Slim is 3,900 Rupees (50 PV) and Each Box of Bios Life D is 2,250 Rupees (35 PV).

Current Status

At this time Unicity is all Hands-on-Deck for a successful INDIA launch. As you can imagine there are
hundreds if not thousands of things to do just to get the BASICS in place. The point being they are
swamped. They are also literally being approached daily by many potentially very well qualified BBC
Candidates just like you. At the end of the day there are only so many hours.

While Unicity has awarded two BBCs to date. Currently they are not awarding any BBCs. These two were
set up initially to test the waters with intent to expand additional BBCs as Unicity begins to iron out the
business processes that come with successfully launching a new market.

Unicity will Not Guarantee a BBC Distributorship and/or Territorial Rights to any person(s), companies or
other. Never has happened and won’t happen now. They have been highly successful to date. No need
to reinvent the wheel!

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Business Building Center – BBC
Get Started and Build INDIA Now
Unicity is currently in approximately 30 Countries. The Bios Life Product has been around for
approximately 20yrs with close to $2 Billion US in Sales. They have extensive experience with the launch
process as it has been working for them for years.

Many folks want to meet and recite credentials and accomplishments as to why they should be awarded
a BBC. In all honesty, the hours and resources required are just not available at this time to interview all
the prospects.

With all due respect you can keep talking or you can take action now, the choice is yours. Go to Plan B.
There’s more than one way to “Skin the Cat” – “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”!

Unicity at this point is looking to see who is going to get going and start building their Organization as if
they already are a BBC. This will definitely bring those Distributors serious about obtaining a BBC License
to the attention of Unicity and therefore lead to serious consideration for granting of a BBC.

How To Get Stated and Build INDIA Now - The following is an outline of
steps you might consider to get going and start seriously building your Unicity Organization and start
operating like a BBC.

1) Register as a Unicity Distributor. It’s currently Free until May 1st, 2011 (See Attached)

2) Complete the Business Building Center license application. (See Attached)

3) Place and take Delivery of at least 200 Boxes of Bios Life Slim. Shipment will be free anywhere in the
United States. You will be responsible for Shipping and Customs to INDIA. You will also receive an
additional 30-35% Discount. The boxes could be shipped as samples for distribution to those you are
wishing to help build their downline. You can also ship the boxes as Inventory for Resale.

For example if you purchase Slim in the US and ship to INDIA your Transaction Action would be:

US Cost per Box $69, PV 52, 30% Personal Rebate, 5% Auto Ship Discount:

Purchase of 200 Boxes of Slim x $69 = $13,800


Personal Rebate:

200 x 52 PV per Box = 10,400 PV x 30% = $3,120

Auto Ship Discount 5% x $13,800 = 690

Net Cost $9,990

4) Continue to place an Order of at least 200+ Boxes Monthly. Inventory in-hand will be important to
maintain demand and grow your Organization and also a BBC requirement.

5) Have your Leaders register as a Unicity Distributor. It’s currently Free until May 1st, 2011 (See

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Business Building Center – BBC
Get Started and Build INDIA Now
6) Once registered, have your Leaders place their first order, preferably a Manager Order. If their funds
are low, they can place a Jr. Manager or Associate Order. Your Customers can just purchase from you or
Order Single Boxes. (See Attached Order Form). They can fax or email back as indicated on the form. We
will ensure it gets processed ASAP.

7) Inventory is currently not available in INDIA. Unicity is in the process of completing this Business
Process. When available there will be two products available – Bios Life Slim and Bios Life D. When
Unicity’s On-Line Ordering process is available, route those wishing to Order to the Unicity On-Line

8.) When they order On-Line you will be receiving Commissionable Volume from which you are paid
additional Monthly Commissions.

9.) We will assume you have a physical location where new Distributors introduce consumers and
prospective Distributors to Unicity’s products and business opportunity. If you have a location available
Great, otherwise you need to seriously consider this aspect of your Unicity Business.

10.) Plug-In and Plug your Organization in to Unicity’s Product and Business Training. This is important
for their success and yours.

You can wait until Product is available in INDIA or Get Started and Build INDIA Now as outlined above. If
you Get Started Now you have gone a long way to Satisfy the Eligibility Requirements for a Business
Building Center License. Most importantly you have:

1. Completed Registration as a Distributor

2. Completed the Business Building Center license application
3. Built an Organization of Distributors and Customers.
4. Most likely you have met the requirements for Unicity’s Coveted Presidential Club.
5. Demonstrated the skills required to successfully operate a BBC.
6. Demonstrated the financial ability to establish a BBC.
7. Demonstrated the financial ability to purchase inventory

By being Pro-Active and Doing these things Now you have performed Actions that make you a VERY
STRONG Candidate for BBC.



Please let us know what we can do to help you in this process.

See You At The Top!

God Bless,

Miles & Desiree

Miles & Desiree McKellar

Unicity INDIA Leadership Launch Team
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Distributorship Agreement
401- 404 Dynasty Business Park • B – Wing, Level – 4 • Kanakia Spaces,
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069

Applicant Information

Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) or Business Name PAN

Co-Applicant/Spouse Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) (if applicable) Birth Date (DD/MM/YY) Gender

Street Address (Current Mailing Address) STD Code Home Phone Number

City State PIN Code STD Code Work Phone Number

E-Mail Address Mobile Phone Number

Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Husband/Wife Co-Applicants

STD Code Fax Number

Sponsor Information The Sponsor is the Distributor who is the immediate upline of a Distributor.

Distributor ID Number Sponsor Name STD Code Daytime Phone Number

Membership and Order Payment Information

Please accept my payment of the `900 fee plus any applicable VAT and shipping/handling.

American Express®
Credit Card Expiration Date (MM/YY) CVC

Cash/money order
Cardholder’s Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

Item Number Product Description Quantity PV Unit Price Total PV Extended Price

Bank Information (to receive commision payments)

Full Name of Bank Branch Bank Branch Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)

Full Address of Bank Branch

Full name of account holder(s) as stated on bank account

Bank Account Number

Bank/Branch Pin Code Bank Swift Code

By signing and submitting this form and payment of my Distributorship fee, I acknowledge that I am applying to become a Unicity Distributor. I consent to Unicity contacting me at the
telephone numbers, fax number, and/or e-mail address listed on my application or as updated. I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of
this form. I further certify that I have received, have read, understand, and agree to the Unicity Award and the Unicity Policies & Procedures, which are incorporated herein and made
part of this Agreement.

Applicant Signature Date (MM/DD/YY) Co-Applicant/Spouse Signature Date (DD/MM/YY)

© 2011 Unicity International Distributors and applicants may photocopy this form or download it from ID 0311
Distributor Order Form

BBC Location
Item # Product Unit Price Qty Total
Billing Information

PV Month Distributor ID Number

Distributor Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Mailing Address

City State PIN Code

Business/Daytime Phone Mobile Phone

E-mail Address

Shipping Information

Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Shipping Address (If different from mailing address or if mailing address is a P.O. Box)

City State PIN Code

Business/Daytime Phone Mobile Phone

Payment Method

n VISA® n MasterCard® n American Express® n Cash/Cheque n Money Order VAT

If you have questions on whether VAT is applicable, please contact your BBC.

Credit Card Number Shipping & Handling

Expiration (MM/YY) CVC



Statement of Responsible Consumption The 70% Rule

At Unicity, we believe that proper diet and supplementation have a direct impact on the quality Distributors may purchase Unicity products only for resale to consumers, for personal
of life. We are proud of our products and are gratified to see the benefit that so many receive consumption, or to provide prompt product delivery to Downline Distributors in their own
from our efforts. As a responsible corporate citizen, we promote and advocate the responsible personal group. Distributors may not stockpile or acquire excessive inventories. By making any
use of any nutritional supplement or personal care product. Our products are formulated purchase or product order, Distributors certify that they have used or sold a minimum of 70%
with great care, and labeling guidelines have been developed to guide proper use. Abusive of all previous orders.
consumption of any product is unwise and may have negative consequences. We encourage
everyone to receive the full benefit of Unicity products through wise and informed consumption. By submitting this order, I certify that a minimum of 70% of all Unicity products
previously purchased under this Distributors ID number have been sold
and/or consumed.
Tax Responsibility
Please Initial
Unicity Health Private Limited assumes no tax responsibility for this transaction. The India
Business Building Center that sold you this product is the sole responsible party for any and all
tax or legal obligations that attach to this sale.
© 2011 Unicity International ID 0311
Auto-Payment/Bank Draft
Attach a voided check or a Customer Service Center
deposit slip for savings account. 1-800-UNICITY (864-2489)
1201 North 800 East • Orem, UT 84097 Fax 1-801-226-6232

Distributor/Franchise Owner Information (Please print clearly.)

Distributor ID Number Area Code Daytime Phone Number Date (MM/DD/YY)

Name on Bank Account (Last, First, Middle Initial)

Bank Information

Bank Routing Number Distributor’s Bank Account Number

Bank Name Bank Phone Number

Bank Address

City State Zip Code

Terms and Conditions

I request Unicity to set up an automatic payment plan for orders in the amount that I authorize. I have read and agree to the

1. Unicity will draw checks or initiate electronic automatic debits, collectively “automatic payments,” to pay for orders that I
2. I agree to maintain sufficient funds in my account to cover any authorized withdrawal on my account. I understand that
this is my responsibility and not the responsibility of the bank.
3. In the event that an automatic payment is returned to Unicity for any reason, or in the event payment is stopped on any
automatic payment, I agree to pay a service fee and Unicity may stop shipment en route. Unicity may refuse to accept
any further orders until payment on said automatic payment is received by Unicity.
4. I shall indemnify and hold Unicity harmless from any and all liability, which may arise out of Unicity’s initiating an
automatic payment on my account (except the liability to ship the product as ordered).
5. I may terminate this agreement at any time by so indicating in writing to Unicity.
6. If this agreement is terminated, I will pay for all orders in advance, according to the usual procedures.
7. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time upon written notification. Any such notification to Unicity shall be
effective only with respect to entries initiated by Unicity after receipt of such notification and a reasonable opportunity to
act on it.

I hereby authorize and request the privilege of paying for my Unicity orders through automatic deduction from my checking or
savings account and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Distributor/Franchise Owner Signature Date (MM/DD/YY)

Attach a voided check to this form or a deposit slip for savings account.

©2007 Unicity International, Inc. Distributors may photocopy this form or download it from US-0907
Automatic Refill
Customer Service Center • 1-800-UNICITY
1201 North 800 East • Orem, UT 84097 If you fax this form, please do not mail the original. Fax • 1-800-226-6232

General Information

Distributor or Customer Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) Distributor or Customer ID Number

Shipping Address Area Code Daytime Phone

City State Zip Code

E-Mail Address

If you are a customer, please enter referring Distributor’s name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

Check Applicable Box: NEW Auto-Refill MODIFY Auto-Refill STOP Auto-Refill Preferred Monthly Ship Date: (1-20)

Automatic Refill Order Information Preferred Monthly Ship Date (1-25)

Quantity PV Total PV Extended
Item No. Product Description (FO Use)
Unit Price (FO Use) Price

f 23865 Bios Life Slim™ (60 packets) 52

(Attach separate sheet for additional products.)

Shipping & Handling (Additional shipping may apply.) Subtotal $_____________

Order Subtotal Shipping & Handling + Shipping & Handling  $_____________
Up to $100.99 $4.00
$101.00-$249.99 4.0% + Sales Tax (where applicable)  $_____________
$250.00-$499.99 3.5%
$500.00+ 2.5% Total Amount $_____________
$1,000 PV+ FREE

Payment Information Visa® MC Discover® AmEx

Credit Card Number Expiration Date (MM/YY) CVC

Cardholder’s Name

*Please verify your shipping address above as you my be subject to fees due to UPS/USPS address corrections. Refused orders will be charged a $10.00 fee per box.
My signature below indicates that I am the cardholder and have thoroughly read and accepted all of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. I understand and agree that Unicity will automatically ship the order
and charge me as I have indicated until the company has received written notification from me to cancel my automatic order. I authorize Unicity to use the above method of payment in processing my order monthly.


Automatic Refill Agreement Terms and Conditions

As a participant in the Unicity Automatic Refill program, I authorize Unicity to ship my order to me monthly after processing the payment method that I have indicated. Unicity is authorized to bill my credit card company or withdraw from my bank account
as indicated herein, each month of this agreement. Unicity is under no obligation to ship any products until full payment has been received. Shipment will take place approximately two days from payment confirmation. Any new Automatic Refill Agreement
received will cause an order to be shipped within two days of receipt of said agreement. Each month thereafter, my Automatic Refill order will be sent. Each Automatic Refill order will be received within three to five days after the date of shipment. Shipping
and handling charges will be applied to each Automatic Refill order.
1. AUTOMATIC REFILL: This program allows me to automatically receive my product order each month and guarantees that, as a Distributor in good standing, I will meet the PV qualification requirement to be eligible for awards under the Compensation
Plan in that month, if my Automatic Refill order is for at least the minimum Qualifying amount required by the Compensation Plan.
2. REVISION: I may revise my Automatic Refill Agreement by submitting a new Automatic Refill Agreement and checking the box labeled “Modify Auto-Refill” above on this form. The Customer Service Center must receive revisions no later than 10 calendar
days prior to my next Automatic Refill shipment date. If the revision is received less than 10 calendar days prior to shipment, there will be no guarantee that the revision will be effective for that shipment. No exchanges may be made for previous orders that
were shipped. The revised agreement will be in effect for the next shipment date.
3. CANCELLATION: I may cancel my Automatic Refill Agreement by submitting a new Automatic Refill Agreement and checking the box labeled “Stop Auto-Refill” above on this form. The Customer Service Center must receive the cancellation notice no later
than 10 business days prior to my next Automatic Refill shipment date. If the cancellation is received less than 10 business days prior to shipment, there will be no guarantee that the last order will not ship. I will not be allowed to return any Automatic Refill
orders to Unicity if I remain a Distributor, unless I can provide evidence to show that the cancellation had been received more than 10 business days before the order was shipped, such as a fax transmittal sheet.

© 2010 Unicity International, Inc. Permission is granted to Distributors and Customers to photocopy this form or download it from US1210 Item 21051 Rev10