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After Elijah¶s death in 1975 his son Wallace D. Mohammed took over the Nation
of Islam. He denounced black supremacy and many of his father¶s apostate beliefs, and
like Malcolm, embraced traditional Islam. Louis Farrakhan led a break away movement
that sought to maintain the Muslim heresy such as: ³Bombs from spaceships circling the
earth created the mountains.´ Like Wallace Fard, Louis Farrakhan also believes in
spaceships. He claims Elijah Muhammad is living on one that is circling the planet and a
few years after Elijah ³died,´ the spaceship picked up Farrakhan and the two men had a
chat with each other. Afterward, Farrakhan says the spaceship let him off near
Washington, D.C.


On February 13, 1996 during a Tehran radio interview, Farrakhan predicted that
his preaching might lead to imprisonment, perhaps along side Sheik Omar Abdel-
Rahman: ³Maybe there's a cell next to Abdel-Rahman for me, and maybe he and I will
be together reading the Qur`an and encouraging each other. America feels that a
person like that who is listened to and loved, as Imam Abdel-Rahman was, needs to be
confined when he preaches the message of true Islam, which inspires the militants
among us as Muslims.´1

On May 19, 2000 Yousry and Sister Lynne discussed a possible visit from
Farrakhan with Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman.

Yousry: The visit, Sir.... May I tell him about the Louis Farrakhan thing and
what's (UI)?

Stewart: Oh, please.

Yousry: You, Sir, agreed to have Louis Farrakhan visit you.


Yousry: Fine. Now, Sir, we said so to Mr. Abdeen-


Yousry: -and to Mr. Ramsey.


. ADL Travels With Tyrants ³Minister Louis Farrakhan¶s 1996 Anti-American World Tour ± Iran.´
Yousry: [Gesticulating] Now, neither Mr. Abdeen nor Mr. Ramsey sent
letters to Kaukab or to Louis Farrakhan saying that you, Sir, approved the


Yousry: You, Sir, did approve the visit.


Yousry: [Gesticulating] Kaukab calls Ahmed, he tells him, ³We need the
answer.´ Ahmed calls Abdeen and says, ³Send the answer.´ Abdeen says
okay, but nothing is received. Ahmed and Nasser visited Lynne last night
and told her they are worried that Ramsey and Abdeen do not want this to
take place now.


Yousry: Why do you think Ramsey and Abdeen don't want it to go through

Stewart: Uhm....

Yousry: What Ahmed and Nasser told you?

Stewart: Farrakhan has a, a, a very, uh, heavy reputation, by that I mean

eh, he is really despised by a lot of groups, as the Sheikh knows this, so
ah, and eh....

Yousry: Mainstream.

Stewart: Mainstream, definitely, and eh, but also, you know, he, he¶s a
deathly enemy of, of, Jewish interests because of his remarks and eh, you
know people are very timid these days (UI).

Yousry: She says, Sir, that she believes, or that they believe, that because
Louis Farrakhan has a reputation in the American society that he is an
enemy of the Jews, a reputation that he is against the surrendering
movements, a reputation that he resists oppressive governments,
opposes American foreign policy, it is possible that they are worried about
him interfering with this issue as it may cause harm, not help.

ABDEL RAHMAN: But no, we need any opportunity, any opportunity to

publicize my case. If he is capable of that, we have to do so. Besides, he
is not accused of any crime, he is accused of good things....
Yousry: [Laughing] Yes. Well actually, we need any opportunity for our
case to be eh, public (UI) and people speak about it and if he will help us
and he¶ll speak about it, why not?

Stewart: [Simultaneously] Absolutely.

Yousry: Especially that he is not accused of crimes; he is accused so far

of the things that you told me, they are great things... why can¶t we all be
like him?

Stewart: Well, the bad things are that eh, there is, um, he has taken a lot
of money on behalf of his community....

Yousry: (UI)

Stewart: other words, black people from Libya and other places; and
every...nothing has ever been successful, nothing eh, you know, they had
a fish business for a long time, things like that. So he is definitely thought
that he has put a lot of that money in his pockets and never done anything
for the people with it...corrupt.

Yousry: She says, Sir, that he is accused of taking money from Qaddafi
and from Saudi Arabia to assist Muslims here, the money was not all
spent on the Muslims. Some of it was spent on things it was not supposed
to be spent on. However, this doesn¶t stop us from... all these things
should not stop us from using him...


Yousry: (UI).

ABDEL RAHMAN: [Simultaneously] It is a great opportunity. Besides, he

will struggle till he-

Yousry: - till he comes.

ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, till he comes. We will not worry about anything.

Yousry: Exactly. Well actually, it¶s a great opportunity for us, and....

Stewart: [Simultaneously] Absolutely.

Yousry: ...regardless of what he does, regardless of what people think of

him, let him try to come, and let him try to bring out to the public that the
American government is refusing him.
Stewart: I am a 100%... and especially since he certainly would try to eh...I
understand he¶s very ill. That¶s what I had heard-

Yousry: Yeah.

Stewart: And that uh, this may be, you know, his way of moving towards
mainstream Islam and away from the eh, the so- called-

Yousry: Black Islam.

Stewart: Black Islam.

Yousry: She says, Sir that she knows now and agrees a hundred percent,
especially since Louis Farrakhan is sick, he had cancer, he was cured,
praise be to God, but his health is bad. She knows that his health is bad,
she is aware of the bad picture the people use here. It is in his interest to
fight for you, to regain his good reputation among Muslims.

ABDEL RAHMAN: Exactly so.

Yousry: That is a good-

ABDEL RAHMAN: And tell her if she would please write it herself or
authorize one of the paralegal people to write it with her permission.

Yousry: Well, this is what they agreed upon yesterday, Sir. Lynne will tell
Abdeen that she will write a letter if he doesn¶t.

ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, yeah, tell her, tell her that this is in the Sheikh¶s
interest, and that everybody thinks it is so.

Yousry: Yes, Sir. Well actually, I would, uh, ask you a favor. If, um, you
can please call Abdeen and tell him if he¶s not going to write that letter,
and you have to read it, and if he¶s not going to write it, you write one and
you send it to both.... Sir, to Kaukab and to Farrakhan, right?

ABDEL RAHMAN: No, if he struggles and tries by any means, it¶s a big
Yousry: Uhm. And even if he doesn¶t succeed in coming, it¶s a big gain
that the newspapers write-


Yousry: -that Louis Farrakhan is not allowed to visit Sheikh Omar

Abdel Rahman.
ABDEL RAHMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He can make the newspapers write.

Yousry: He is capable...

ABDEL RAHMAN: He has power-

Yousry: Right.

ABDEL RAHMAN: -or authority.

Yousry: He is capable of eh, bringing the news media into this place-

Stewart: Absolutely.

Yousry: -and writing about why was he rejected, why can¶t he visit and
they bring me up to the floor-

Stewart: Absolutely.

Yousry: -and that will start the discussion.

Stewart: Absolutely. And he definitely wants the visit, as the Sheikh being
a great scholar and a great religious leader.

Yousry: And of course, Sir, it is very useful for us, because he doesn¶t
want to visit ³the prisoner,´ he wants to visit the scholar of Al-Azhar, more
well known for his knowledge and understanding of Islam than anyone.
This is useful for us because it will help change the bad image the people
have of you, Sir.


Yousry: That¶s a very good idea (UI).

Stewart: A very, very good (UI).

Yousry: He wrote it in his letter, Sir. He wrote that you are a scholar of Al-
Azhar, known for your great knowledge, et cetera, et cetera. And he hopes
to meet you, Sir, to get hold of the truth from you, not from the American
government. Here Lynne, you see?

Stewart: Uhm hm.

Yousry: This is the uh, the Nation of Islam letter.

Stewart: Uhm hm.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique is the publisher and editor-in-chief of | 
 , an Islamist publication. He is involved in the liberation of
Muslim political prisoners such as Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman and Imam
Jamil Abdullah El-Amin (H. Rap Brown) as head of Jamaat-al Muslimeen,
based in Baltimore, Maryland.2 On July 8, 2006 Kaukab Siddique attended
a program in Arlington, Virginia organized by the Institute for Historical
Review to listen to two top-notch revisionists.3


Despite his apostasy the both Sunnis and Shi¶ia embrace Minister Farrakhan, at
least for the time being. In February 1996 Farrakhan visited Iran where he proclaimed:
³This is a theocracy, but it is also a democracy. Iran is now in the vanguard of an Islamic
revolution that is sweeping the earth. You can quote me: God will destroy America by
the hands of Muslims. God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the
United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.´ Farrakhan proceeded to
Iraq from Iran, meeting Saddam Hussein on February 15, 1996. Farrakhan stated:

We visited the children's hospital...and I must say if I were made of stone,

seeing what I saw today would bring tears from my eyes. Sanctions are a
crime against humanity. Visiting the hospital that we visited today would
be, or could be, compared to visiting one of the (Nazi) death camps.

On February 8, 1996 during a five-hour visit to Khartoum, Farrakhan met with

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Hassan al-Turabi. Farrakhan stated:
³Muslims in America stand behind Sudanese Muslims, whom the Western enemy wants
to eliminate,´ and assured them that ³More than 40 million American Muslims stand with
Sudan against the unjust plots that it is subjected to.´ Minister Farrakhan also said that
the ³Western campaign´ against the Sudan would ultimately fail. The Jewish press tried
to discredit Farrakhan by reporting that Muslims from Sudan¶s north regularly enslave
Sudanese Blacks. Defense of the Sudanese leaders could also be found in the pages of
the Nation of Islam¶s newspaper,     after two     reporters
traveled to Sudan and documented their success in buying slaves, in response to a
Farrakhan challenge for proof of the existence of slavery there.4 The Sudanese enslave
Blacks, but it is not because they are black, it is because they are Christian captured in
a religious war.


Many people out of ignorance or out of bias attack the Islamic State of the Sudan
for its stand on slavery, distorting and misrepresenting the true stand of Islam. The
Qu¶ran says that it is a meritorious act to release a slave, however, Mohammed, like

. Jewish Virtual Library ³The Nation of Islam in 1996.´
Thomas Jefferson, was himself a slave owner. In general, slavery is not permitted in
Islam, with one exception. Those captured in war become the property of the victor. Just
like any property, they can be sold or transferred. In the Sudan, where a holy war was
raged, the soldiers of Islam took black pagan women and children as slaves from
African villages in the south and Nuba Mountains, fully in accordance with Shari¶a. Over
100,000 ð are serving as slaves today, thriving as domestics and concubines.
Those taken in slave raids were roped by the neck or strapped to animals and then
marched north. Along the way, many women and girls were violated, as Mohammed did
not forbid sexual intercourse with slaves. Those who tried to escape had their Achilles
tendons cut to hamper their ability to run. These pagan¶s souls were saved for they
were given Arabic names and were forced to pray as Muslims. A 1989 military coup by
General Omar al-Bashir spurred a dramatic increase in slave raids by the brave warriors
of Islam.

In April 2006 Usama bin Laden commented on the situation: ³The US sought to
reach southern Sudan, recruited an army of southerners, supported them with weapons
and funding and directed them to seek separation from Sudan. Then it exercised
pressure against Khartoum government to sign an unjust agreement that permits south
Sudan to gain independence from the north within six years. [Sudanese President
Omar] al-Bashir and [US President George] Bush should have been aware that this
agreement is not worth the ink by which it was written, and we do not accord the least
concern to it. Nobody, whoever he was, has the right to accede an inch of the land of
Islam and the south will remain an inseparable part of the land of Islam, God willing,
even if the war continued for decades. The US was not satisfied by all the sedition and
crimes, but went on to incite sedition, the largest of which was the west Sudan sedition
by exploiting some disputes between the tribes and sparking a savage war between
them that will spare nothing, prior to sending in Crusader troops to occupy the region
and steal its oil wealth under the pretext of peacekeeping. This is a continuous
Crusader-Zionist war against Muslims. In this respect I am inviting the mujahideen and
their supporters in the Sudan and other countries around, including the Arabian
Peninsula in particular, to prepare all that is needed for a long-term war against the
Crusaders and thieves in western Sudan.´

c      c

Farrakhan was closest to Muammar Qaddafi: On January 23, 1996 Farrakhan

arrived in Tripoli, Libya, where he met with Qaddafi. Farrakhan had previously traveled
to Tripoli for other meetings with this communist, including one in 1986 that offered
training seminars on weapons and explosives. In 1985, Qaddafi extended the Nation of
Islam a $5 million interest-free loan to launch a line of household and beauty products.
Later that year, the Libyan leader spoke by satellite to the Nation Of Islam¶s Savior¶s
Day Convention in Chicago, and told Farrakhan supporters that he was prepared to
provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy ³white America.´ In 1986 U.S.
law enforcement indicted and convicted several members of the black El Rukns street
gang, that has a close relationship with the Nation Of Islam,5 for conspiring to purchase
an inert light anti-tank weapon from an undercover FBI Agent that was to be used in an
operation sponsored by Libya.6

Farrakhan and Qaddafi agreed to work together to mobilize ³oppressed blacks,

Arabs, Muslims and Red Indians´ in the United States. Until now, Qaddafi said, ³Our
confrontation with America was like a fight against a fortress from outside. Now we have
a breach to enter into this fortress and confront it.´ Qaddafi also agreed to bankroll a $1
billion Muslim lobby in America, but never came up with the money.

Qaddafi and Farrakhan were often on the same wavelength: Qaddafi revealed
that Libyan children in the city of Benghazi suffered from the most abominable crime in
the history of mankind, when foreign nurses injected them with the AIDS virus, while
pretending to immunize them. In a speech given during the closing session of  
            Qaddafi said that Libya
would hand over all information regarding this vile crime to the World Health
Organization and that there are those who think that the CIA or the Israeli Mossad were
behind this crime. Qaddafi added that this act, which is a malicious sex crime, revealed
the ugly face of those who introduced the AIDS virus to Africa in order to exhaust its
strength and deplete its resources with the intention of gaining control over Africa. Six
Bulgarians and a Palestinian were arrested in 1999 and charged with being Mossad
agents assigned to commit this heinous crime. According to a Libyan intelligence report
nurse Kristiyana Vulcheva confessed that a British friend who was working in Libya had
given the vials of HIV tainted blood to her. She said she and her colleagues had used
the vials to infect the children. The six health workers were sentenced to death by firing
squad in May 2004. The Libyan Supreme Court on December 25, 2005, overturned the
convictions and ordered a retrial in a lower court.7 A team of international scientists who
reconstructed the history of the virus from samples from the Libyan children claimed
that a subtype of H.I.V. began infecting patients at Al Fatah Children¶s Hospital in
Benghazi before the foreign medical team arrived.8 A Libyan court on December 20,
2006 again sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to be shot by a
firing squad for deliberately infecting more than 400 children with H.I.V., more than 50 of
whom have died. Prominent Farrakhan follower Steve Cokely has charged that the
blame for the AIDS epidemic can be traced to doctors, especially Jewish ones, injecting
black babies with the AIDS virus. Said Farrakhan, ³Cokely spoke the truth.´ Abuzed
Omar Dorda added, ³Homosexuality is one of the main causes of this disease. In fact,
God sent the Prophet [PBUH] with a clear message for preventing such practices and
banning them!´

Farrakhan described AIDS as God¶s wrath against homosexuals and called

homosexuality ³«that degenerative crap. The Holy Qu¶ran refers to homosexuality as

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Islam 1994.
. ³Terrorism in the United States: 1995´ - Federation of American Scientists.
. Patrick E. Tyler ³Another Test for Quaddafi. Who Infected the Children?´ |  ð    January 11, 2004.
. | ð   December 7, 2006
an abomination, meaning it is so utterly loathsome in the sight of God. I hope I ain¶t
hurting no feelings!´ None-the-less, when AIDS was primarily a homosexual disease
Farrakhan promoted the herbal extract drug Ê , invented by a Blackman in Kenya,
as a cure for AIDS, and sold it for $1,500 for a sixth months supply.9 Ê  did not
cure AIDS as evidenced by the millions of people dying from this disease throughout the
world. Instead of relying on other treatments, homosexuals who took Ê  fulfilled
the will of Allah and died. As late as 1998 the   was promoting Ê . It is
Farrakhan¶s genius in fulfilling the will of Allah and making money at the same time that
has earned him the temporary respect of the Learned Elders of Islam, despite his
connection to the communist Qaddafi.

Farrakhan is a bridge between groups that share one thing in common ± hatred
for the Jews. The LaRouchites wrote this about Qaddafi: ³The inner hierarchy of the
Episcopagan church controls, with complicity of Venice, Libya¶s psychotic Colonel
Qaddafi, and most of the New York Council on Foreign Relations«´10 LaRouche hates
Qaddafi, Farrakhan loves him yet the two organizations are connected by James Bevel,
LaRouche¶s 1992 vice-presidential running mate11 who helped coordinate the Black
Muslims 1996 Million Man March on Washington and who writes for the .12

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, a spokesman for the Nation of Islam, told
LaRouche¶s International Caucus of Labor Committees, ³To Lyndon LaRouche and his
wife, and to those members of his organization, especially those who are the teachers
and writers who put out the |     newspaper and the   !     
" ! , I want to say on behalf of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the entire Nation of
Islam, how much we admire you and respect you for the great work that you are
doing...´13 Did this ³great work´ include the LaRouchites contract for the
apartheid government of South Africa that involved collecting
information on anti-apartheid organizations operating in the United
States?14 The crypto-Nazis now see the value of the Nation of Islam,
however, it was the neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell who first saw it:
³Elijah Muhammad has taken a million or more of the lowest kind of
people on earth - lazy, drunken, dirty, filthy-mouthed, nasty-minded
black bums and criminals, the repulsive creatures called µniggers¶ and
turned them into disciplined, self-respecting, sober, hard-working, courteous, clean-
talking and clean people. Let the White men who tax me with being a µnigger lover¶ for
respecting Elijah Muhammad show me the White leader today who has demonstrated
any such masterful ability to lead! As Muhammad has grown in wisdom and stature, he
has also become more moderate and statesman-like in his program and demands. He
knows how the Jews are using and abusing his people and he does not fear to say so.´

. James Muhammad ³Conquering the AIDS scourge´ - The Final Call December 20, 1995.
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There are some that say Qaddafi is an enemy of Islam and will always be. They
claim he is a Pharaoh who has transgressed beyond bounds in the land and caused
monstrous corruption and is actually a Jew (the     #, on April 18, 1972,
carried a report that Qaddafi¶s mother was a Jew) who became one of the true
successors to Kamal Ataturk, following his footsteps in more than one way, but
particularly by the implementing of Ataturk¶s primary Jewish propaganda tool of ³using
religion to combat religion´ by promoting ideas and concepts outwardly Islamic but in
reality designed to destroy the foundations of the religion.

The Islamic Fighting Group (FIG) was formed in 1995 among Libyans who had
fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. FIG declared the Government of Qaddafi
un-Islamic and pledged to overthrow it. FIG is aligned with al-Qaeda and is active in the
international mujahideen network. When a crowd at a rally in Wadi Achatt greeted
Qaddafi in February 1996 a FIG member threw a hand grenade at him from less than
nine feet away. Libyan bodyguards moved Qaddafi to a platform some feet away from
where he was to sit in front of the crowds, while other bodyguards seized the man.
Qaddafi later said the man, who appeared in television images to be in his 30¶s and who
had a moustache, was ³an agent of the British intelligence´ and had
confessed he wanted to kill him. He gave no further details about the
identity of the man, or his fate. David Shayler, (left) a former MI5
intelligence officer now living in Paris, went public in 1997 with
information from intelligence agency files that confirmed Qaddafi¶s
contention that MI6 was involved in a 1996 assassination attempt on
Qaddafi without permission from Prime Minister John Major. In May
2000 the British Government sued Shayler and a London newspaper
on the grounds that publishing government documents without
permission violated copyright law, rather than prosecuting him under the Official Secrets
Act. In November 2002 Shayler was convicted of breaching the Official Secrets Act and
sentenced to six months in jail.15 In 2006 Shayler stated, ³The more I look at 9/11, the
more I am convinced it was a staged event. I am convinced the U.S. government
manipulated events - let it happen ± to create a trigger for the invasion of Afghanistan,
the invasion of Iraq and of course what they're trying to do now with the imminent
invasions of Iran and Syria.´

In the early 1970¶s Qaddafi routed Islamists from Libya. In 1986 he closed down
48 of our institutions, for being Islamist front groups. Qaddafi replaced the Shari¶a of
Allah, unparalleled justice and wisdom, with his utterly foolish $ ð. In addition to
this, he has created doubts in matters of religion, and has mocked the Prophet [PBUH],
the honorable companions, with whom Allah was pleased, and the great leaders of
Islam, may Allah have mercy on them, as is clear to anyone who has followed his
speeches. Qaddafi attacked the sanctity of this religion and its followers by imposing his
evil designs on the people by the policies of an iron fist and fire and subjecting the
Muslims to extreme torture, punishment, degradation, and discrimination! Qaddafi has

substituted man-made law for the laws of the Lord of the universe. Qaddafi¶s anti-
Islamic laws included communist theories found in his accursed $ ð that is full
of kufr, abominable heresy! Although alcohol and music are banned women are allowed
to appear in public unveiled and are allowed to attend university.

In 1994 Qaddafi sought to placate Islamist sentiments by broadening Shari¶a law

provisions, and ordering the Islamic Call Society to fund our activities abroad, while at
the same time expanding co-operation with neighboring Maghreb states (Morocco,
Algeria and Tunisia) to fight Islamist groups. This was confusing for many Brothers. In
May 1998 Qaddafi¶s motorcade was attacked near the city of Benghazi. Several
bodyguards were killed, but Qaddafi was only lightly wounded. The Islamic Fighting
Group was responsible. Qaddafi denied news of the attack, but, soon afterward, at least
100 people were arrested in and around Benghazi on suspicions of links to opposition
groups. The fate of the detainees, who were tortured, remains unclear. A 1997 law
allowed collective punishment, including the elimination of public services and food
subsidies, for communities alleged to support insurgents. In 2000 he unleashed his
secret police against our Brothers at the University of Benghazi, killing several and
imprisoning many more.


Abdurahman Alamoudi, (Alamoudi the Elder) whose offices

were invaded by the FBI, once ran the American Muslim Armed
Forces and Veteran Affairs Council. Abdurahman Alamoudi was
an associate of Shukri Baker of the Holy Land Foundation16 and
was a principal in the American Muslim Council as well as the
American Muslim Foundation. In December 2000, the American
Muslim Council Dallas chapter honored Ghassan Dahduli who was
soon to be deported due to connection with al-Qaeda and Hamas.
Under Alamoudi's leadership, the American Muslim Council
operated as an umbrella organization for a group called "American Muslims for
Jerusalem," which routinely exposed Zionist conspiracies and has featured calls at its
conferences for the killing of Jews. The AMC also served as the headquarters for the
United States office of the Islamic Salvation Front, a militant group with ties to the global
terrorist network.



The International Muslim Youth Forum of the World Association of Muslim Youth
(WAMY), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia¶s treasurer in the U.S. was at one time, Abdullah A. Bin
Laden, a nephew of Usama bin Laden. Abdullah A. bin Laden is a founding officer of the
Taibah International Aid Association a non-profit organization established in 1991 and
headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. Abdurahman Alamoudi was the vice president

. In the United States District Court for the Eastern District Of Virginia Appeal from Case No. 03-1009M
Supplemental Declaration In Support Of Detention
of the Taibah International Aid Association.17 Brother Ajaj was found with an envelope
containing WAMY¶s return address and another WAMY Brother was questioned for
hand delivering a recorded message from Usama bin Laden to local media praising the
Bali nightclub event.

On June 28, 2002 FBI Director Robert S. Mueller agreed to give a talk before the
American Muslim Council. Not a smart move on his part. The American Muslim Council
is the ocean in which the fish of the Brotherhood of Islamists swim! Abdurahman
Alamoudi chuckled, ³We are grateful at least that Director Mueller is sticking to his
commitment [to speak before the American Muslim Council], I am very pleased that at
least there are some people who are in the administration who call people by their
names - yes, the American Muslim Council, whether [critics like it] or not, we are a
mainstream organization, and we are the senior mainstream [Muslim] political
organization in Washington.´18 In the course of the Bassem Youssef lawsuit Mueller was
asked if he was aware of Shiekh Rahman:

: I am.
: And are you aware of his relationship with bin Laden?

: I'm actually not. Let me answer if I could. Not with any
specificity inasmuch as that prosecution and those events happened in
New York way before I became director.
: Were you aware that the blind sheik was Mr. Bin Laden's
spiritual leader?

: Again, I am not certain of the role played between the blind
sheik and bin Laden.19

Abdurahman Alamoudi is a native of Eritrea, Ethiopia, where he was born in

March 19, 1952. Abdurahman Alamoudi first arrived in the United States in 1979. He
became a naturalized U.S. citizen on May 23, 1996. At an October 1993 conference
sponsored by the American Muslim Council and attended by former Democratic U.S.
Representative Robert G. Torricelli of New Jersey, who is known for his integrity,
Abdurahman Alamoudi was the guest speaker. That same month the financial conduit
support groups of Hamas met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where, according to the
FBI ³a speaker identified as Abdul Rahman (Last Name Unknown) urged that the group
should µconcentrate our efforts on supporting Jihad«This can be done he said by
concentrating our financial resources on those directly connected with Jihad, such as
the injured, the martyrs, their families and the prisoners.´20 In 1998 Alamoudi criticized
our East African Embassy operation and the FBI recorded his conversation: ³What is
the result you achieve in destroying an embassy in an African country? I prefer to hit a
Zionist target in America or Europe ... I prefer, honestly, like what happened in
Argentina ... The Jewish Community Center. It is a worthy operation.´ In 2000,

. USDC Eastern District of Virginia USA v Alamoudi Appeal from Case 03-1009M Supplemental Declaration in Support of
. IslamOnline June 19, 2002
Daniel Pipes, [The AMC:] 'Mainstream' Muslims? New York Post June 18, 2002.
. page 50
Abdurahman Alamoudi told a group of Arab patriots: ³I have been labeled by the media
in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody support this Hamas here? Hear that
Bill Clinton, we are all supporters of Hamas! I wish to add here I am also a supporter of
Hizb¶allah! Anybody supports Hizb¶allah here? When will you talk to the President to
free Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman?¶´21 In the fall of 2000 Alamoudi met with Mohammed
Belfas, an Elder of Islam from Hamburg who roomed with Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the
paymaster of the September 11th Operation. Belfas was also acquainted with
September 11th Shaheed Mohammed Atta.22 In January 2001 Abdurahman Alamoudi
was part of an Islamist conference in Beirut alongside leaders of Hamas, Hizb¶allah,
Islamic Jihad, and al-Qaeda that called for a boycott of all the goods America
produces.23 Alamoudi praised the Holy Land Foundation, a conduit of funds for al-
Qaeda activities.

In May 2002 Alamoudi purchased a permanent quarters for the American Muslim
Council, the American Muslim Foundation and the Hajj Foundation for $2.5 million
dollars and the value of the real estate in March 2003 was described as $3.5 million.
The building was acquired by three loans two of which, from Islamic Development Bank
and the Saudi Economic Development Company were interest-free. The third loan was
interest free for six months. At this time Alamoudi had scheduled an upcoming meeting
with the Iranian President, Mohamed Khatami, in New York. Alamoudi further requested
Abuzed O. Dorda, the Libyan Ambassador to the United Nations, assistance in
arranging meetings with other leaders and ministers of foreign affairs from Pakistan,
Libya, Sudan, and Iraq, or others who are deemed important in the realm of decision-
making in the Arab and Islamic world.

On August 16, 2003, Alamoudi and his family traveled to London, England where
officers of Metropolitan Police Service (New Scotland Yard), Special Branch National
Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit questioned them. Its report indicates that on
August 11, 2003 Alamoudi attempted to travel from London, England, to Damascus,
Syria, when United Kingdom Customs officers conducted a search of Alamoudi and his
belongings at London Heathrow Airport and seized $340,000. The currency consisted of
34 bundles of sequentially numbered $100 bills.

Alamoudi stated that he is the President of the American Muslim Foundation and
that financing the organization¶s work is a constant struggle and in order to alleviate the
problem in 1997 he approached Ambassador Abuzed O. Dorda. At a subsequent
meeting between the two, the frozen Libyan assets in the United States were discussed
and Ambassador Dorda suggested he (Abdurahman Alamoudi) could receive an
unspecified share of any assets he may succeed in releasing. Abdurahman Alamoudi
then had a series of meetings with Clinton and Bush the Elder and Younger White
House officials who informed him Libyan assets were frozen as a result of the downing
of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

. Daniel Pipes, [The AMC:] 'Mainstream' Muslims? New York Post June 18, 2002.
. ³Who and What Does He Know?´ Newsweek National News October 2, 2002.
. Jerusalem Post June 22, 2001.
Abdurahman Alamoudi said that at a further meeting with Ambassador Dorda it
was suggested to Alamoudi that, in order to mitigate the funding problem, he contact the
Tripoli-based Libyan Islamic Call Society, which had funded Brother Marzook. In Libya
the Islamic Call Society represents Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islamia / World Muslim
Congress.24 The Islamic Call was created at the behest of Colonel Qaddafi; its purpose
was to spread Islam, by force through Jihad. Actually Alamoudi was the United States
representative of the World Islamic Call Council and had traveled to Tripoli on at least
ten occasions, usually to negotiate with the President of the Islamic Call Society. The
World Islamic Call Council is charged with the duty of implementing the programs
adopted at the World Islamic Call Society Conference. A World Islamic Call Society
Conference Confirmation of Participation Form containing Alamoudi¶s name, address
etc. was contained among documents stolen from the offices of Alamoudi¶s  
  in March 2002 by the FBI.

It was arranged for Alamoudi to receive a sizeable cash donation during his stay
at the London Metropole Hotel and on August 13, 2003, he received a telephone call to
his room from someone who spoke Arabic with a Libyan accent, informing him he had
³something´ for him. The individual arrived at Alamoudi¶s room and handed him a small
Samsonite style briefcase. Alamoudi said there was no conversation and the visitor
abruptly left Alamoudi's room. Upon opening the case he discovered $340,000 of United
States currency. Alamoudi told officers that he then transferred the money to his own
luggage and left the other case in the hotel room. Alamoudi's justification for the cash
transaction is that the American authorities have stringent measures to reduce the
amounts of cash entering and leaving the United States. He believed it was illegal to be
in possession of any amount exceeding $10,000. He stated it was solely for this reason
that he involved himself in this surreptitious transaction. Alamoudi was adamant that this
was the only such transaction in which he has been involved. Alamoudi told officers that
he intended eventually to deposit the money in banks located in Saudi Arabia, from
where he would feed it back in smaller sums into accounts in the United States. On
August 17, 2003, Alamoudi agreed to meet again with Special Branch Officers. During
this second interview, the report states that he conceded he had been involved in other
similar cash transactions involving amounts in the range of $10,000 to $20,000.
Alamoudi was arrested on September 29, 2003 and charged with violating the laws
against dealing with Libya.25 He was indicted on October 23, 2003 and charged with
money laundering, misuse of a passport, failure to report a foreign bank account and
many other charges.26 Stanley L. Cohen who represented Alamoudi the Elder called the
Government¶s case ³allegations of white collar crime dressed up in terrorism drag.´27 It
has been alleged Alamoudi planned to use $340,000 in cash to finance the
assassination of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, according to several people who have
been briefed by U.S. and Saudi officials.28 Mohamed Ismael, a Libyan intelligence

. United States District Court Eastern District of Viginia Criminal Complaint United States v. Alamoudi
. United States District Court Eastern District of Viginia Indictment United States v. Alamoudi
. Eric Lichtblau ³Islamic Leader Tied to Libya Is Denied Bail´ | ð   October 30, 2003.
. Wall Street Journal cited by SITE
officer now in Saudi custody stated that four Saudi Brothers were to fire upon Abdullah's
motorcade with shoulder-fired missiles from a room at the Hilton Hotel in Mecca as
Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah traveled to the Grand Mosque.29 They distributed more
than $2 million in cash in this recruitment drive in London to find Brothers willing to take
on this task.30 Prince Abdullah had insulted Qaddafi when he asked, ³You, who brought
you to power? Don¶t talk about matters that you fail to prove. Your lies precede you,
while the grave is ahead of you.´ Brothers who ran front groups in London such as the
Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights were recruited for this activity.31
Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights leader Muhammad al-Massari said he
was "acquainted" with Abdurahman Alamoudi.32

Abdurahman Alamoudi, 52, pleaded guilty to engaging in prohibited transactions

with a foreign country, unlawful procurement of citizenship and impeding administration
of the Internal Revenue Service. Stanley L. Cohen said the government conceded that
Alamoudi's role was "minimal" and he was unaware of much of the conspiracy. U.S.
District Judge Claude M. Hilton sentenced Abdurahman Alamoudi to the maximum 23
years in prison. Andrew McCarthy claimed that Alamoudi agreed to become a traitor:
³Whether Alamoudi will actually serve the 23 years is questionable. His plea agreement
contemplates co-operation with the government. If he provides truthful information or
testimony that helps the government further investigations -- particularly terrorism cases
-- he could become eligible for a significant reduction. Time will tell.´ Alamoudi is at U.S.
Penitentiary McCreary in McCreary, Kentucky.33

In order to cloak his support of Islamism Qaddafi reportedly issued an arrest

warrant for bin Laden and the State Department placed FIG on its terrorist exclusion list
in December 2001; its members are to be denied U.S. visas. In December 2003
Qaddafi announced that Libya would cease work on its programs to develop nuclear,
chemical and biological weapons, including an effort to refine uranium for use in nuclear
devices and it has signed the nuclear test ban treaty.34 The Elder¶s believe Qaddafi is
insane, and has a personality split between Islamism and Communism, and as such
can be used by the West.




. Patrick Tyler ³Two Said To Tell Of Libyan Plot Against Saudi´ | ð   June 10, 2004
. Plea agreement USA v Alamoudi 728.doc
. Al-Massari¶s son, Majid Al-Massari was studying in
the US until he visa problems thanks to a drug arrest and was arrested in July 2004. He will be tortured if his is returned to Saudi
. John Lumpkin ³Secret Meeting Preceeded Libya Arms Pact´ Associated Press, December 20, 2003. George Jahn ³Libya Ratifies
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty´ Associated Press Jan 14, 2004.
The % are the chosen people, not the Jews, as we have been chosen to
bring the word of God to all Mankind. Peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad Bin-
Abdallah, who said: ³I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that
no one but Allah is worshipped, Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my
spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my orders.´ In
Islamic battle order, the Jews must be dealt with first as the words of Almighty Allah
indicate that camel urine flows through their veins, not blood, ³Thou shalt certainly find
the Jews to be the most vehement of men in enmity against the believers. And thou
shalt assuredly find those who say, µWe are Christians¶, to be the nearest of them in
love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and
because they are not proud.´35 This Catholics have not lived up to the faith placed in
them by the Prophet [MPBUH]. In September 2006 Pope Ratzinger quoted the
Byzantine Crusader emperor Manuel II Paleologus ³Show me just what Mohammed
brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his
command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.´ The emperor, after having
expressed himself so forcefully, went on to explain in detail the reasons why spreading
the faith through violence is something unreasonable. Violence is incompatible with the
nature of God and the nature of the soul.´36 The Qu¶ran also says: ³And fight the pagans
all together as they fight you all together,´ and ³fight them until there is no more tumult
or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah´ so after we eliminate the
Jews, it will become the Christians turn to give up their faith, beginning with the Coptics.


We believe that in all lands, ruling a government should be the step that follows
preparing society for accepting the Islamic laws. Otherwise, ruling a totally corrupt
society through a Islamist government makes overthrow a great risk, for every man
aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare
indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of
securing their own welfare. Preparing society for this is achieved through plans for:
Spreading the Islamic culture, the possible media means, mosques, and dawa work in
public organizations such as syndicates, parliaments, student unions. Parallel to that,
distinct Muslims should be trained to administer political, economic, social, and student
organizations efficiently (and Islamically), as another preparatory step.


The masses of people living under Islam must be made to understand that
democracy is not an ideal, but a temporary means to a theocracy. One must know how
to apply this idea whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the
masses of the people to one¶s party for the purpose of crushing another who is in
authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself been infected with the
idea of freedom, so-called democracy, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield

35. Surah 5, Al-Maidah, verse 83

some of his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the
slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and
gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot, for one
single day, exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the
old, already weakened by democracy.

Gamal Sultan the founder of Egyptian Al-Islah Party, or Egyptian Reform Party
whose goals are not dissimilar from the Yemeni Al-Islah Party, asked for Sheik Omar
Abdul Rahman¶s blessing in taking over Egypt by using the democratic process and
then banning democracy once elected, ³In the name of God, the compassionate and
merciful. His eminence, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, may God keep him. Peace be
upon you and God's mercy and blessings and many happy returns. We ask God that
this same time next year we are blessed by having you free, praying to God guide to His
straight way. Eminent Sheikh, it is not hidden from you what the Muslims and Islamic
Call have faced in Egypt throughout the past years, from troubles and enormous
anxieties, huge losses in human life and in the Islamic ranks; also in the Islamic reform
itself in the arenas of creed, morals or rituals. When we saw that other Brothers in the
Al-Gama¶a al-Islamiyya have started to re-examine the experiment of armed
confrontation and to re-evaluate the good and the bad consequences that have resulted
from it, it appears, without a doubt, that the latter outweighed the former. Hence, some
of the Islamists from the followers of The Call and the Islamic Jihadist movement in
Egypt called for the necessity of establishing a new Islamic political party. It would be a
legal and practical umbrella, appropriate to revitalize the Islamic Call and to work for its
protection through peaceful Jihad and political struggle. Being cautious that the policies
of the party preserve the fundamentals of Islamic Call, the authority of Islamic law and
the ruling of the Qu¶ran and the prophetic tradition. Also, cautious not to slip back in its
[the party's] practical policies and not to practice politics in the trivial way it is currently
practiced. We found it necessary to send you this urgent letter, hoping to receive your
response to it as soon as possible, including your opinion regarding this idea and these
efforts, so that our work is based on clear vision and enlightenment. May God keep you
(pl.) and may He benefit from you. And peace be upon you and God's mercy and
blessings. Founders of the Islamic Social [Reform] Party Kamal Al-Sa'id Habib, Jamal
Sultan, January 15, 1999.37

The Egyptian Al-Islah Party was affiliated with&'(&)*. Gamal

Sultan¶s partner in the Reform Party, Salah Hashim, was one of the founders of al-
Gama'a al-Islamiyya. The other major Islamist Party, the Al- Shari'ah Party was also
composed of former +  , as its founder is Mamdouh Ismaiil, a former member of
 *  &, . These political parties are indicative of the attempt to abandon the
theoretical frame and practice of violence, and temporarily forgo Jihad.38 Basically, the
Brothers were suggesting that Gama¶a al-Islamiyya become a political party or align
itself with the Islamic political parties Al-Islah and Al-Shari'ah. Among the names that
were included in the list of the Shari'ah Party was Abdel Khaleq and Majdi Ibrahim Al-
Najar, who are the brothers of Ahmad Al-Najar, the prime suspect in the case of the

. %! Government Exhibit 2203AT
returnees of Albania, and who is awaiting execution. The two were previously accused
in the case of President Sadat's assassination. The list also included the attorney,
Hasan Ali Mahmoud, who was accused in 1993 in the case of the famous writer Faraj
Fouda's assassination. It also included Ismail Mohammed Ali, who was accused in the
Sadat case, which caused him to be discharged from the army. At that time, he was
supposed to be one of Abud Al-Zumar's (Zumar¶s) aides. Zumar was the leader of the
Vanguards of Conquest, a faction of Egyptian Islamic Jihad that emerged in 1992.39
Ismail Mohammed Ali was also accused in the 1987 in the case of reviving the Egyptian
Al-Jihad organization, and in the assassination attempt of the former Interior Minister
Major General Hasan Abu Basha. Concerning the Reform Party, its list contained 70
people. Among them many Brothers who were previously accused in religious violence
related cases.

A letter smuggled out of Rochester prison in Minnesota stated unequivocally that

it was the wrong tactic to transform Egypt into an Islamic state democratically. Sheik
Omar Abdul Rahman emphatically rejected the idea of the Islamic parties and cited
many Islamic legal references. The  '& newspaper received a copy of the
letter via the Islamic Media Observation Center, London, in which Sheik Omar Abdul
Rahman wholly rejected the concept of Islamic parties based on Islamic legal principles.
His letter prohibits the militants from participating in the political parliamentary arena,
the democratic process, and the people's assemblies. Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman
alleged in his reasoning that the militants' participation in the political life will bolster the
concept of parliamentary counsels and support the regime. Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman
said ³the sacrifice for the sake of God does not bear any losses. Their dead ones are in
heaven.´ It is worth mentioning that the list of founders of the Shari'ah Party which was
presented last month by their representative attorney, Mamdouh Ismail (he was
accused in the case of the late President Anwar Sadat's assassination. He is
considered one of the prominent members of the legal defense team defending
Islamists) to the Parties Affairs Committee of the Egyptian Consultative council. It
included some names of militants who are considered "extremists who were accused in
the assassination of the late president Anwar Sadat and who were involved in other
religious violence cases."

Jamal Sultan said that Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman's letter was fabricated, and
added that this was propaganda to "derail the new political project which was presented
by the Reform Party.´ He also said, whoever ponders the letter will find out that it
answered a question other than the one that was asked by the founders. The alleged
letter did not address the political parties. However, it only addressed the Parliaments.
The poor language and weak evidence had clearly proved that the letter had been
falsely attributed to Sheikh Omar, who is an Azhar University graduate. Jamal Sultan
expressed his deep regrets regarding what he described as an attempt of some
Islamists to adopt and refuse the ills of covert operations in the political action arena.
The founders of the Reform Party are historic figures and not "affiliates" to the Islamic
movement as they were depicted in the letter.40

. Asharq al-Awsat, report by Muhamad al-Shafi'i from London - %!-  Exhibit 2415-8T
When Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman was asked by Kamal Habil and Gamal Sultan
about forming a Muslim party and compete in the election this raised the Sheikh¶s blood
pressure and made him Sheikh angry. He kept asking God to give him patience and
replied "no" citing several reasons. ±

I don't agree for the following reasons: One, to sacrifice one's life is not
catastrophes because all those who were killed are already in heaven.
Two, the cessation of violence which is decided by the leadership for the
group to apply is a matter of tactic and not a matter of principle. Three, the
people's assembly was founded on non-Islamic basis, so how could we
participate in it? Four, the prophet of God did not transform the Dirar
mosque41 to a serviceable one, but on the contrary, he gave orders to
burn it. Five, we were instructed by the Qu¶ran to take Ibrahim as an
example: "I don't belong to you who don't worship God." Six, it is not
permissible to join the oppressors or mingle with them. Seven, entering
the entity of this ruling is in itself a recognition and reaffirmation of its
legality. Eight, for the Muslims to enter the people's assembly, it is
reaffirmation to its ruling in addition that it does not rule by the Shari'ah.
Have we become, unintelligible, in both directions?" The Sheikh summed
up his views on political parties, ³the establishment of these parties is but
a cosmetic cover-up for the face of the ð  Egyptian government; I
refused it completely.

In October 2003 Mubarak released many Gama¶a al-Islamiyya leaders based on

their renunciations of violence. He also released a thousand Brothers. On October 7,
2004 commandoes attacked tourist targets in Taba and Nuweiba on the Sinai peninsula
in three separate but coordinated actions. Thirty-four people were killed and over 140
were injured. The targets were Israelis vacationing there during the holiday of Succoth.
Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri had called for action against Jews, ³Defending Palestine is not a
national zeal or ethnic bigotry, nor is it a political struggle, but it is a religious cause in
the first place. The liberation of Palestine is an individual duty for every Muslim. That is
why Muslims cannot abandon Palestine, even if the entire world abandoned it. We, in
Palestine, do not confront the Jews only, but also the international alliance that is hostile
to Islam. Crusader United States, Zionism, the Crusader West, and the agent rulers
head this alliance. Hence, confining the battle against the Jews to Palestine, and
leaving the United States without attacking it, will not curb the excesses of the
Americans and the crusaders against us.´42

Some Egyptian commentators blamed the Taba Event on Israeli intelligence, as

they shared our hatred of Israel. On April 30, 2005 Ihab Yousri Yassin, along with his
sister and fiancé detonated anti-personal explosive devices in front of the Egyptian
Museum. In 1997 a bomb planted by Gama¶a al-Islamiyya exploded outside the

. A group of hypocrites built a Mosque. These hypocrites were led by Abu `Amir ("the Monk"), who had his own plans of destroying
Islam. Their intentions were actually to dismantle Muslim unity but they wanted to appear as if they were pious. Of course, they and
their intentions were transparent to God. So the Dirar Mosque was destroyed and burnt to the ground.
Egyptian museum in Cairo, killing nine German tourists.43 The tradition lives on in a new
generation of +  calling themselves Mujahedeen of Egypt or the Abdullah Azzam
Brigade, the name does not matter as we all interpret the holy Qu¶ran in the same
fashion that Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman has taught us to. We can never be stopped in
the march to victory, because the people of Egypt are with us for the Egyptian is
suckled on the milk of the hatred of Jews and when the Pew polling organization came
to Egypt in 2006 it found that 97% of those polled hated Jews.44

On Sunday August 6, 2006 the | ð   ran this story, ³Militants in Egypt
Terror Group Are Said to Be Joining Al Qaeda - Ayman al-Zawahiri, announced
Saturday that it was being joined by a string of major players from Al Gama¶a al-
Islamiyya, the Egyptian militant group. In a message run by Al Jazeera television, Mr.
Al-Zawahiri, who was born in Egypt, welcomed ³a number´ of the group's leaders ³under
the Al Qaeda banner.´ They have decided, he said, to ³merge with Al Qaeda to unite the
forces of the nation into one, to face its enemies which are launching the most ferocious
campaign ever seen against Islam. Abu Jihad Al-Masri, Mohamed Khalil Hukayma who
assures the Muslim nation in this message the steadfastness of the large crowd and the
majority of Al-Gama¶a al-Islamiyya are on the true path of Jihad against the enemies of
Islam, crusaders, Jews and their treacherous agents. Unknown pressures influenced a
faction of Al-Gama¶a Al-Islamiyya. They went along with the Egyptian and American
governments in their claims deviating from the true path of Al-Gama¶a Al-Islamiyya¶s
beliefs that are based on God¶s spoken word & the prophet¶s traditions.´


The Islamist Justice and Development Party won a clear majority in Turkey¶s
parliament and now has formed Turkey¶s new government. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
founded the Justice and Development Party. Erdogan has stated, ³Thank God, I am for
Shari'ah. For us, democracy is a means to an end. One cannot be a secularist and a
Muslim at the same time.´ On his election as Mayor of Istanbul in 1994, he banned
alcohol from city restaurants, proclaimed himself the city¶s Imam and opened public
meetings with prayers and poems. The lines from one poem ³The mosques are our
barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our
soldiers...´ resulted in a prison term for Erdogan and a prohibition against running for
public office.

In 1997, having won 20% of the vote, Necmettin Erbakan, who had met with
Louis Farrakhan, formed a coalition government based on Islam. His first state trips
included visits to Iran and Libya. He spoke of leading a worldwide alliance of Islamic
countries. Within one year he was overthrown by the military and his party was banned.
Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party are now in power as a constitutional
amendment was passed allowing Erdogan to hold office. Now Erdogan has stated,
³Before anything else, I¶m a Muslim. As a Muslim, I try to comply with the requirements
of my religion. I have a responsibility to God, who created me, and I try to fulfill that

. New York Times June 23, 2006 A3
responsibility. But I try now very much to keep this away from my political life, to keep it

Erdogan has not lived up to his early promise and if he stays on the secularist
road he may someday be labeled a traitor to Islamism. Women who dare to wear
headscarves are still forbidden to attend universities or work in government. Erdogan¶s
two daughters go to Indiana University, where they are free to do this. Erdogan¶s wife
cannot attend state functions because of her headscarf. In July 2003 the Turkish
Parliament passed legislation curtailing the power of the secularist military but it meant
nothing. In May 2006 Alparslan Arslan, a lawyer and a solider of Allah, stormed into a
courthouse meeting room in Ankara and shot five judges, apparently in anger at a ruling
enforcing a strict ban on the wearing of Islamic head scarves. One day Islam will soon
rule this pivotal land, without the interference of the military, as long as Turkey is kept
out of the European Community.45 When the Day of Judgment comes the secularist
generals will be forced at gunpoint to wear headscarves!


Even America¶s closest allies will fall, victims of Jeffersonian democracy: The
Kuwaiti National Assembly, shut down three times since 1961, has become filled with
Islamists who have succeeded in preventing women from voting, have separated male
and female students, banned public dancing, and put a hold on government plans to
expand the role of America in Kuwait¶s oil production. Soon Islamists will push for a tax
on the rich to redistribute wealth to the poor and for a constitutional amendment making
Islamic law, the law of the land. The International Islamist Network has been in touch
with these legislators. The FBI found a letter Brother Sami Al-Arian wrote to an Islamist
elected to the Kuwaiti Parliament seeking funds for the families of Palestinian Islamic
Jihad martyrs, since the Palestinian Islamic Jihad carries out selective operations that
all the Arab armies together couldn't do. Al-Arian told the Kuwaiti that ³[r]elations with
the brothers who are part of Hamas is very good, and progressing well. There are
serious attempts at establishing permanent coordination and unity of action.´ Enclosing
his address and phone number, Sami Al-Arian called upon the Kuwaiti ³to strongly
support the Jihad effort in Palestine in order for such operations to continue.´ In July
2003 the Sunni and Shi¶ite Islamists took more than a third of the seats in the 50-seat
Kuwaiti Parliament.46


. Elaine Sciolino ³European Union Turns Down Turkey's Bid for Membership´ |  ð    December 13, 2002
. Our presence is being felt in Kuwait on other levels: On October 8, 2002 two Brothers opened fire on Marines taking a break from
war games, killing one and injuring another. Other Marines killed the Jihadists. A ³mentally unstable´ policeman shot and seriously
injured two U.S. soldiers in their civilian car on a highway on November 21, 2002 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. ³The
man on trial has lost his mind « he has committed his crime in a heated political situation,´ his defense lawyer argued. In January
2003 one American was killed and another wounded by Sami al-Mutairi, who was in a sleeper cell with two Brothers known as
³Afghan Kuwaitis´ because they were trained in Islamist camps in Afghanistan. On June 4, 2003 Sami was sentenced to death. He
had told police: ³I¶m convinced of what I did ... I don't regret it.´ ³Kuwait Shooter Sentenced To Death´ June 4, 2003
Associated Press.
The Armed Islamic Group of Algeria began its blessed activities in early 1992
after Algiers voided the victory of the Islamic Salvation Front, the largest Islamic party,
in the first round of legislative elections in December 1991. In December 1994 a
commando action against an Air France flight from Algiers was carried out by four
members of the ³Phalange of the Signers in Blood,´ a subsidiary of the Armed Islamic
Group. These mujahedeen seized control of the plane and demanded that it fly to
Marseilles, where it was to be refueled for a trip to Paris. They also demanded that the
Airbus A300, a plane of comparable size to the Boeing 767s that were used to attack
the World Trade Center, be loaded with 27 tons of fuel, which was three times what was
necessary for the short trip. These soldiers of Islam intended to ram the aircraft into the
Eiffel Tower. Twenty sticks of dynamite were found by French troops who stormed the
plane and killed the martyrs.47 During his interrogation Abdul Hakim Murad stated,
³Yousef has not been to Egypt, Algeria and France. Murad said that Yousef was just
planning to go to these countries in order to conduct explosives training to their Muslim
Brothers there because the people who have knowledge of this training were all dead.
Furthermore, Murad mentioned that he came to know these plans during the hijacking
of the French Airlines in December 1994 when Yousef told it to him at the Josefa


c > 

 !"# $#%& '&(") & %*+& ,-*.&/ & 0#1 * / %*#2&/ #0-- #%& *1 3 '4/!& #

+&21#0&#%&150 /-&#%&302&3(*26 --*%/#%&7#0 !40"%0#894##%&1:&+&2;"#20+&
#/0".%0&3 &*2#% / --*%-+&#% ##%"&(%/0".%0&3 -<*0/*%=<

The Wolfowitz PAC followed the wishes of the Likud, who wanted revenge for the
Scud missiles that hit Israel during the Gulf War, missiles that had the potential to turn
the Zionist entity into one big gas chamber, missiles that could have killed Wolfowitz¶s
sister who lives in Israel, or could have killed Wolfowitz himself, who was visiting Israel
during these attacks.48 There had been no reprisal against Iraq for this act of war and
this made Israel seem weak and vulnerable. In 1992, while he was working under then-
Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz, upset by President Bush the Elder¶s
decision to leave Saddam Hussein's regime in place after the 1991 Gulf War Wolfowitz
argued in a draft version of a Defense Policy Guidance paper that the U.S. should use
pre-emptive force to prevent countries from developing weapons of mass destruction,
and act alone if necessary. Although the draft guidance was quashed soon after it was
leaked to the |  ð   , these doctrines later found their way into Bush the
Younger¶s national security strategy.49 Bush confidant, former United States Treasury
Secretary John O¶Neill said Bush planned to invade Iraq prior to the September 11th
Raids. Wolfowitz planned his evil machinations years in advance.

. George Bush, A World Transformed, Knopf September 14, 1998.
. Interhemispheric Resource Center Profile of Lewis Libby
As more and more neo-cons infiltrated key positions in the Department of
Defense certain key Jews who had entered into a conspiracy of mutual assent to follow
the Likud Party line manipulated the thinking of President Bush the Younger, who is
smart enough to know he is stupid. Jews had done well managing the countries
Treasury and Federal Reserve, why not American foreign policy? Bush the Younger
reasoned. Deputy Director of Defense Paul Wolfowitz led this ³attack Iraq wolfowitz
pack´ and Vice President Dick Cheney aided and abetted them in leading America into
a pointless war. This grouping represented the interests of Israel not America, but
ultimately these policies will result in the destruction of both the Jewish and Christian

When the CIA failed to find a link between Saddam¶s Iraq and Al-Qaeda
Wolfowitz had the Jew Douglas J. Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, form a
special unit in the Pentagon to link the two. Feith¶s unit was known as the Office of
Special Plans; actually it was the Office of War Propaganda. Before he became part of
the Wolfowitz Pack Feith ³represented a leading Israeli armaments manufacturer (the
IDF ± the Israeli Defense Forces) in establishing joint ventures with leading U.S.
aerospace manufacturers for manufacture and sale of missile systems, to the U.S.
Department of Defense and worldwide.´50 A report by the Pentagon's acting inspector
general, Thomas F. Gimble, stated Feith, ''developed, produced and then disseminated
alternative intelligence assessments on the Iraq and Al Qaeda relationship, which
included some conclusions that were inconsistent with the consensus of the Intelligence
Community, to senior decision-makers.'' The Jew Eric S. Edelman, the under secretary
of defense, attacked the Gimble Report. Feith was pleased that the inspector general
had cleared him of violating laws or Defense Department policies. Richard Pearle,
Michael Maloof, a Lebanese-American, and the Jew David Wurmser aided Feith:


Richard Perle, a former aide to the Zionist Senator from Washington ³Scoop´
Jackson was an assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration, and a
former member of Bush the Younger¶s Defense Policy Board who had strong ties to
Likud. Dr. Zogby discovered Pearle served as a consultant to Douglas Feith when Feith
ran a firm that was involved with the anti-Islamist government of Turkey.51 Seymour
Hersh quoted Prince Bandar as saying this about a business meeting between Richard
Perle and Saudi industrialist Harb Saleh Zuhair, ³There were elements of the
appearance of blackmail - 'If we get in business, he'll back off on Saudi Arabia' - as I
have been informed by participants in the meeting.´ Perle who called Hersh, ³the closest
thing American journalism has to a terrorist´ was absolved of any guilt by a Pentagon
whitewash.52 Left to their own devices, Jews like Pearl and Hersh will ultimately destroy
one another.53 Richard Perle resigned from the Defense Policy Board in February

. James Zogby ³Revolving Door Poses Danger to Defense´ Baltimore Sun August 7, 2001.
. James Zogby ³New Questions About Feith´ Washington Watch May 13, 2001.
. The Wall Street Journal November 17, 2003 ³Review & Outlook Perle's Vindication.´
. New Yorker March 17, 2003.
2004,54 after he called for the head of the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency to step
down due to the fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.55


Before the occupation of Iraq F. Michael Maloof had worked for Richard Perle at
the Pentagon during the reign of Ronald Reagan. F. Michael Maloof was certified in
Defense Intelligence Agency Attaché Training: His resume read, ³Intermediate and
advanced firearms training; tactical shotgun; executive protection; intermediate and
advanced evasive and defensive driver training, including basic and advanced route
analysis, surveillance detection and attack recognition; and intermediate and advanced
off-road driving. Certified in High Risk Personnel (HRP) Training, U.S. Marine Corps,
Quantico, Virginia. Included training in defensive handgun, shotgun and various assault
rifles. Certified in Individual Terrorism Awareness, U.S. Army Special Forces, Ft. Bragg,
North Carolina. Completed the Combat Tracking training. Was an assistant to tracker
instructor in training law enforcement, U.S. Marine Scout/Snipers, U.S. Marine Security.
In addition, provided similar training to border guards in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and
Georgia Republic under DOD/U.S. Customs Non-Proliferation Program. Certified NRA
Pistol Instructor.´

After 9/11 F. Michael Maloof, who had previously worked on WMD technological
non-proliferation issues as Director, since May 1985, of Technology Security Operations
in the Defense Technology Security Administration, was given the task of linking al-
Qaeda with Saddam Hussein¶s regime: ³October 2001 to August 2004: On special detail
to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Work product also prepared
for use by Deputy Secretary of Defense. Work included analysis of worldwide terrorist
networks and making recommendations to render them ineffective. Analysis includes
determining worldwide links of those networks, including their front companies, cutouts
and terrorist cells, relationships to state sponsors of terrorism as well as their activities
in launching attacks. Also detect, determine acquisitions of equipment and technologies
for the development and deployment of weapons of mass destruction and conventional
weapons. Analysis also looks to policy implications as they relate to cooperation with
other countries¶ security and enforcement entities in waging the effort against

F. Michael Maloof introduced Richard Perle to Imad Hage (Imad El-Haje), a

Maronite Christian and Lebanese-American businessman who informally represented
the Iraqis. In February 2003 Imad Hage relayed a message that Saddam was willing to
give up oil, allow FBI inspections anywhere in Iraq, help the Arab world make peace
with Israel and even turn over Abdul Rahman Yasin. This amounted to an unconditional
surrender. Richard Perle met with Hage in London but Richard Perle¶s mind was set on
war, on Israel¶s interests, not on America¶s interests. In May 2003 the Pentagon placed

. Wall Street Journal Review and Outlook February 26, 2004.
. Eric Rosenberg ³Advisor Want U.S. Intelligence Chiefs to Quit´ The Toronto Star February 18, 2004
. His references included Mobbes, Feith, Pearl, Curt Weldon, Woolsey and Stephen Bryen.
Maloof, who had lost his security clearances in December 2001 (Maloof had
unauthorized contact with a foreign national, a woman he had met while traveling in the
Republic of Georgia and eventually married) on paid administrative leave ostensibly
because of his association with Imad Hage who was under federal investigation for
possible involvement in a gun-running scheme to Liberia and who had approached
Maloof on behalf of Syria to establish a communications channel between Syria and the
America.57 Maloof¶s lawyer, Sam Abady (who signed a petition for Lynne Stewart) said
that he was a target because of his political ties to the Wolfowitz Pack58 and his refusal
to admit that there were no significant connections between al-Qaeda and Saddam.


The Jew David Wurmser is married to an Israelian ³terrorism´ expert at the

Hudson Institute, Meyrav Wurmser. Her Ph.D. thesis was on the ideas that informed the
Likud Party, from Ze¶ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky through Menachem Begin to Yitzhak
Shamir. Dr. Wurmser taught political science at the United States Naval Academy. She
writes articles for such neo-con pro-Israel publications as the ( ð* and has
a low opinion of Arabs, ³the Arab world in fact did look to the West for new ideas,
especially over the last one hundred years. Unfortunately, what it borrowed were the
wrong ideas: communism, fascism, and Nazism, all forms of tyranny and totalitarianism,
which were born in the West and were adopted by the region¶s despots. Moreover, the
Middle Eastern adaptations of these ideas have proven even more resilient than their
European inspirations.´59 David Wurmser is a special advisor to Vice President Cheney
and a former Director of Middle East Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

This Attack Iraq Likudnick Pack cooked up the stories of Iraq¶s potential
deployment of WMD¶s and attempts by Iraq to purchase yellow cake uranium in Niger.
Perhaps they were envisioning the yellow sponge cake Jews love so much. In his State
of the Union speech on January 28, 2003 Bush said, ³The British government has
learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from
Africa.´ WMD investigator Joseph C. Wilson debunked this lie in February 2002 and as
a result the Jew and Likudnick ³Scooter´ Libby released the fact that Wilson¶s wife,
Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent60 to the press as a reprisal against Wilson. At Yale
Libby was a supporter of the Black Panthers and a hippy who took part in the anti-
Vietnam War movement. It was there Libby took courses from Wolfowitz who hired him
first in 1981 as a speechwriter and an Asia analyst at the State Department under
President Ronald Reagan and in 1989 as a strategist in the Defense Department,
headed by Cheney in the administration of the first President George Bush. Between
government stints, Libby practiced law with the firm of the Jew Leonard Garment,
counsel to President Richard M. Nixon. Libby was convicted for perjury in connection
with the Plame Affair and is deep camel dung, where he belongs. Before he goes to

. James Risen ³Iraq Said to Have Tried to Reach Last-Minute Deal to Avert War´ | ð   November 6, 2003 Warren P.
Strobel ³U.S. Revokes Security Clearance for Pentagon Employee´ Knight Ridder Newspapers August 1, 2003.
. James Risen | ð   April 28, 2004 ³How Pair's Finding on Terror Led to Clash on Shaping Intelligence´
prison he was hired by the Hudson Institute,61 which has other candidates for
incarceration such as Conrad Black, the one time owner of the ,   .. The
Hudson Institute, which has more Jews than a shuck62 has thieves, is funded by a host
of multi-nationals63 who have been convinced by the Jews that their future well being is
somehow intertwined with that of the State of Israel when just the opposite is true.

Feith¶s unit generated so much propaganda one would think Saddam Hussein
started the Chicago Fire, instead of Mrs. O¶Leary¶s cow. When no weapons of mass
destruction were found in Iraq Feith explained. ³The danger was too great that Saddam
might give the fruits of his programs to terrorists for use against the United States. And
that threat did not hinge on whether Saddam was actually stockpiling chemical or
biological weapons.´64 Feith¶s office concocted non-existent links between al-Qaeda and
Iraq, such as an October 27, 2003 memo from Feith to Senators Pat Roberts and Jay
Rockefeller, the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,
rehashing the fabrications of anonymous sources and placing it next to some valid
information.65 The American Department of Defense issued this press release in regard
to this memo: ³The classified annex was not an analysis of the substantive issue of the
relationship between Iraq and al-Qaeda, and it drew no conclusions.´66 Lie after bold-
faced lie.

The neo-cons who might just as well have been Likud moles (but they were too
smart to have any covert contact with Israeli Intelligence), through their Zionist lobby
front group AIPAC recruited Larry Franklin, a Brooklyn-born Catholic father of five.
Franklin had put himself through school, earning a doctorate, as an Air Force reservist,
and served as a Soviet intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency until
about 1996, when he learned Farsi and became an Iran specialist. Franklin worked in
the office of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Feith and reported on the progress of
our Iranian Brothers in their quest for ³nuclear energy.´ Franklin even went as far as
meeting with traitorous Iranians under the auspices of neo-con Michael Ledeen.67
Franklin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twelve years in prison. He agreed to
testify against Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman the two Israeli spies but the neo-cons
and their ³think tank infrastructure´ behind them will remain untouched. Franklin, Rosen
and Weissman were more attuned to the real problems Israel faced in the future, then
those who worked the Iraqi angle.



. An open air market.
. Gerry G. Gilmore ³9/11 Caused Reassessment of Saddam Threat´ American Forces Press Service May 4, 2004.
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. (   *, September 2004YIran-Contra II? Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operationYBy Joshua Micah Marshall,
Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris
In the early 1990's Richard Perle and the vanguard of the Jewish
think tank infrastructure, the American Enterprise Institute, befriended
Ahmad Chalabi who was on the CIA payroll68 via the Iraqi National
Congress in a very meaningful way. Ahmad Chalabi was the source of
much of the |  ð    reporter Judith Miller¶s information on
WMD being produced in Iraq. Jewdith Miller is a Jew. Chalabi was
supposed to rule Iraq after the Jewish-inspired invasion ended but this never happened
leaving Iraq in chaos. Chalabi: ''The real culprit in all this is Wolfowitz. They chickened
out. The Pentagon guys chickened out. We would have taken hold of the country. We
would have revitalized the civil service immediately. We would have been able to put
together a military force and an intelligence service. There would have
been no insurgency. We would have had electricity. The
Americans screwed it up. In Wolfowitz's mind, you couldn't trust the
Iraqis to run a democracy. 'We have to teach them, give them
lessons,' in Wolfowitz's mind.´ Chalabi became a liability for the CIA.
His funding got cut. Wolfowitz told the American Congress, ³That was
a decision that was made in light of the process of transferring
sovereignty to the Iraqi people. We felt it was no longer
appropriate for us to continue funding in that fashion.´69

The CIA started leaking false news stories about Chalabi: In 1995 Ahmad
Chalabi's name was discovered in an encrypted Iranian cable regarding a CIA-backed
plan to assassinate Saddam Hussein. In 2004 an Iranian message from an agent in
Baghdad revealed Ahmad Chalabi had told him that U.S. intelligence was able decode
Iran¶s cryptography.70 Seymour Hersh got in on the act to further his own agenda and
reported that it was the Israelis who cracked the code. This implied that the Israelians
leaked this information to Ahmad Chalabi.71

The offices of the Iraqi National Congress in Baghdad were raided on November
20, 2004 and the American puppets sought to arrest some Iraqi National Congress
employees for kidnapping and embezzlement of American funds. The Iraqi National
Congress issued this press release: ³The Iraqi National Congress today announced that
the US Central Intelligence Agency led raids on four Iraqi National Congress facilities
recently. Three Iraqi National Congress offices in Baghdad were attacked and heavily
armed US civilians accompanied by masked Iraqis attacked the Iraqi National Congress
office in Najaf last week. The offices were vandalized, a number of staff was assaulted,
and equipment and documents were stolen. Staff members who requested to see
search warrants were beaten and abused and no warrants were produced. CIA
operatives in Iraq are out of control and are operating outside the bounds of American
and Iraqi law. The CIA is failing in its duty to protect US forces and the Iraqi people from
terrorists and is attacking groups and individuals who point out its failures. The Iraqi
National Congress will take action in the Iraqi legal system to force the CIA and its Iraqi

. Jonathan S. Landay, Warren P. Strobel and John Walcott ³U.S. still paying millions to group that provided false Iraqi intelligence´
Knight Ridder Newspapers February 21, 2004.
. Yaakov Katz ³Report Says Israel Unit Cracked Iranian Code´ Jerusalem Post March 3, 2004
agents to act within the law. The Iraqi National Congress appeals to the US government
to stop the CIA from engaging in political vendettas and rededicate itself to fighting
America's true enemies.´72 Richard Perle commented on another raid: ''I think the raid
on his house was intended to result in violence. They had sent 20 or 40 Humvees over
there. A force of about 100 guys with machine guns was protecting Chalabi. It is a
miracle that it didn't result in a massive shootout.''

Aside from spying for Iran Ahmad Chalabi¶s crew was accused of having
substituted counterfeit Iraqi dinars for real ones when they were destroying dinars with
Saddam¶ face on them and were given new ones to replace them. The Jewish Senator
Lieberman came to Ahmad Chalabi¶s defense73 as did the homosexual Jew Edward Jay
Epstein as quoted in the |  " ! - The CIA fought back against the neo-cons
and leaked a story that Ahmad Chalabi¶s Intelligence chief Aras Karim Habib has been
accused of being an Iranian spy in September.74 The FBI took this story seriously and
gave polygraph tests to everyone in the Pentagon who had access to the Iranian code
information in order to find out who gave Chalabi this information. Even after this
scandal broke open Wolfowitz continued to defend Chalabi: ³some of the intelligence
that his organization has provided us has saved American lives and enabled us to
capture some key enemy targets.´75 All the charges were dropped against Chalabi76 just
as Jordan agreed to vacate Chalabi¶s conviction for bank fraud in Jordan and his 22-
year sentence. There were stories in the press linking his ³exposure´ as an Iranian
agent to the Jordanians.77

On September 1, 2004 Chalabi, exonerated, re-entered Iraqi politics.78 By

November 2005 Chalabi was having dinner at the home of Richard Perle along with
some of Chalabi's old neo-con Washington friends. He gave a speech at American
Enterprise Institute. Ostensibly, he has been invited to Washington by Treasury
Secretary John Snow to talk about the Iraqi economy. But met with Cheney, Rice and
Rumsfeld.79 The allegations that prompted the raid on Chalabi's compound 18 months
before that he tipped the Iranians to American eavesdropping, are mysteriously
forgotten. In July 2005 Deputy Prime Minister Chalabi¶s convoy was attacked.80 In May
2006 in Mansour, Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded near the motorcade of Ahmed
al-Chalabi, head of the De-Baathification committee. Chalabi was not injured.81
Homemade bombs struck two sport utility vehicles belonging Ahmad Chalabi, a
Mansour resident, twice in June 2006.82

. Contact: Entifadh Qanbar telephone +1-914-360-3875
. Daniel Ledeen ³Lieberman: jury is still out on Chalabis´ New York Sun June 17, 2004
(story archived)
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June 23, 2004
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. Sabrina Taverne Chabali, Claim Exoneration, Plans Another Comeback | ð   September 2, 2004
When President Bush expressed his desire to destroy Saddam Hussein Vincent
Cannistraro said that the flow of intelligence to the top levels of the administration had
been deliberately skewed by hawks at the Pentagon, an oblique reference to the
Wolfowitz PAC: ³CIA assessments are being put aside by the Defense Department in
favor of intelligence they are getting from various Iraqi exiles, Machiavelli warned
princes against listening to exiles. Well, that is what is happening now.´ He also said: ³I
think the campaign is well underway to tie all kinds of terrorism to Saddam as a way of
promoting an invasion of Iraq. But Saddam has been pretty careful to keep his skirts
clean in terms of actual involvement, other than funding for the families of suicide
bombers.´83 Americans For Middle East Understanding¶s Robert L. Norberg wrote a
letter to the (  . protesting the Attack Iraq Wolfpack¶s war mongering and
demanding its members recuse themselves due to their dual loyalty.84

Thank Allah [subhanahu wa ta¶ala] that Wolfowitz failed to comprehend the

danger to America of a Shi¶ite government in Iraq and has suggested that a ³moderate´
ayatollah would make an acceptable President. While an anti-American Shi¶ite
demonstration was in progress, Wolfowitz cited the fact that our Shi¶ite Brothers had
failed to rise up against the American troops as proof of their loyalty. This Jew was to
decide which of America¶s prisoners of Islam would be charged with crimes and brought
before military tribunals. But having a Jew preside over these tribunals would have
exposed the hidden hand of Likud, so Rumsfeld appointed several Christians to do the
job.85 On Sunday October 26, 2003 al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia almost killed the dog
Wolfowitz at the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad with rockets fired from beyond the security
wall that surrounds the hotel. Wolfowitz¶s visit was supposed to be a secret, but there
was a source within the hotel that an informant has alleged was Muslel Muhammed
Farhan Al-Dilemi, 53, the manager of the Al-Tamoor Trading Company that provides
kitchen services to the hotel.86 We even knew the floor he was on but the missile
missed and killed an American officer one floor below Wolfowitz.

The paramour of Wolfowitz, Shaha Ali Riza is a senior World

Bank official who was born in Tunis, grew up in Saudi Arabia and holds
an international relations masters degree from St Anthony's College,
Oxford. The Jew and the Muslim rarely go out as a couple openly or
demonstrate affection publicly, all praise to Allah, otherwise our
stomachs would turn if a picture like this appeared in the press. Shaha
Ali Riza sometimes goes to official functions and dinners with him, but
is not identified as his partner. Shaha Ali Riza joined the World Bank in
1997 as the senior gender coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, a role that

83. Marc Perelman ³Courting America, Jerusalem Links Saddam With Arafat´ Forward April 19, 2002.
. February 26, 2003.
. Will Dunham Reuters December 30, 2003 ³Pentagon Takes Key Steps Toward Terrorism Trials.´
. Paul Martin ³Saddam Ally an Insider at Hotel Hit by Rockets´ The Washington Times October 27, 2003. Bill Gertz reported in the
March 7, 2003 edition of The Washington Times that Iraq was receiving spare parts for its military helicopters from France via
transshipment through the Dubai-based Al Tamoor Trading Company L.L.C. Po Box 25474 Dubai United Arab Emirates Telephone
+971(4) 2214800 Facsimile +971(4) 2218765 Laura Rozen reported in the Nation Magazine (October 25, 2003) that the CEO of the
Al-Bunnia Trading Company, a major subcontractor in rebuilding Iraq, has business connections to Youssef Nada.
involved extensive travel in the region after which she reported back to American and
Zionist intelligence agencies. She previously worked for the Iraq Foundation, set up by
the CIA and expatriates in 1991 then established the Middle East programme at the
National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA front created under Ronald Reagan in 1983.
The Chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy, Vin Weber is co-director with
Jack Kemp, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Bill Bennett, of the neo-con front group Empower
America, and both Kirkpatrick and Bennett are part of the American Enterprise Institute,
the nexus of Jewish control of American foreign policy.87 Riza is divorced and has a 17-
year-old son, who lives with her in Wesley Heights in an elegant street of townhouses
popular with foreign diplomats who are based in nearby embassies. Her former
husband, Bulent Ali Riza, is a Turkish Cypriot who heads the Turkish programme at the
Center for Strategic and International Studies.88 As president of the World Bank Paul D.
Wolfowitz has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and contracts to
nations including India, Chad, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.89


,  have had some help from Iraq in the 1980¶s, but our major supporters
have been elements within Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Iran. Despite our religious
doctoral differences with the Islamic Republic of Iran the Elder¶s of Islam have ruled that
it is permissible to allow them to help in the struggle against our non-Muslim enemies
and at the same time it is also permissible to kill Shi¶ite rejectionists. America should
have invaded Iran not Iraq and al-Qaeda thanks the vindictive Wolfowitz PAC for
quenching its thirst for revenge for the Iraqi SCUDs that hit Israel. The Wolfowitz PAC
convinced themselves through a form of self-hypnosis that Saddam was producing
WMD¶s.90 If Saddam was not producing WMDs then why throw out the U.N. weapons
inspectors? These donkeys failed to see that Saddam was a modern day Caligula who
possessed elements of madness, cruelty, viciousness, extravagance and megalomania.
Like Saddam, Caligula was a coarse and cruel despot with an extraordinary passion for
sadism, though was himself a coward who surrendered to the Americans without firing a
single shot. He led his country into disaster by fighting wars against Iran and the United
States that he had no hope of winning. He was a madman willing to destroy willing to
murder countless Muslim Brothers and their women and children in Saudi Arabia as
evidenced by this transcript of a tape seized by the American occupation forces:

Saddam: What is it doing with you, I need these germs to be fixed on the
missiles, and tell him to hit, because starting the 15th, everyone should be

. Even General Services Administration of the American Government had to admit no WMD¶s were found: ³In March 2003, the
Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) was assigned the responsibility of destroying any WMD materials found in Iraq. DTRA
personnel remain in Iraq and continue to support efforts to search for WMD and WMD-related materials. ( , DTRA
personnel would have the responsibility for securing and eliminating them.´
$/"  February 2004 ³Weapons Of Mass Destruction Defense Threat Reduction Agency Addresses Broad Range of Threats,
but Performance Reporting Can Be Improved.´
ready for the action to happen at anytime, and I consider Riyadh as a

Husayn Kamil: (door slams) Sir, we have three types of germ weapons,
but we have to decide which one we should use, some types stay capable
for many years (interrupted).

Saddam: We want the long term, the many years kind . . .

Husayn Kamil: There has to be a decision about which method of attack

we use; a missile, a fighter bomb or a fighter plane.

Saddam: With them all, all the methods. I want as soon as possible, if we
are not transferring the weapons, to issue a clear order to [those
concerned] that the weapon should be in their hands ASAP. I might even
give them a ³non-return access.´ (Translator Comment: to have access to
the weapons; to take them with them and not to return them). I will give
them an order stating that at ³one moment,´ if Iµm not there and you don¶t
hear my voice, you will hear somebody else¶s voice, so you can receive
the order from him, and then you can go attack your targets. I want the
weapons to be distributed to targets; I want Riyadh and Jeddah, which are
the biggest Saudi cities with all the decision makers, and the Saudi rulers
live there. This is for the germ and chemical weapons«Also, all the Israeli
cities, all of them. Of course you should concentrate on Tel Aviv, since it is
their center.

Husayn Kamil: Sir, the best way to transport this weapon and achieve the
most harmful effects would come by using planes, like a   ; to
scatter it. This is, Sir, a thousand times more harmful. This is according to
the analyses of the technicians (interrupted)«

Saddam: May God help us do it . . . We will never lower our heads as long
as we are alive, even if we have to destroy everybody.91

But once again, no matter how much al-Qaeda opposed Iraq¶s secularism92 we
despised America more. This ambivalent attitude caused al-Qaeda to create a
documentary video that was highly critical in which Usama bin Laden called Saddam
Hussein a ³bad Muslim´93 but in February 2003 bin Laden, well aware that America was

. Saddam Hussein¶s allegiance to Islam was theoretically written in blood as he donated 28 liters of his blood over two years, and a
famous calligrapher mixed it with ink and preservatives. Inside a special sanctum in an Iraqi mosque, there were 650 pages of the
Qu¶ran written with this mixture! In reality his allegiance was to wealth: After the American occupation of Iraq the invaders tore down
a cinderblock and concrete barricade at an abandoned cottage and found $320 million American dollars. An additional $600 million
was found in a palace and $112 million was discovered inside seven dog kennels where top Baath Party and Republican Guard
officials had lived. Saddam looted the National Bank of Iraq before he went, literally, underground. Syria's Central Bank and the
Medina Bank in Lebanon are holding at least $2 billion in cash, as well as gold bullion and platinum, in a Presidential account.
Paul Martin, ´Iraq riches whisked to Syria´ Washington Times, January 19, 2004
93. Judith Miller ³Qaeda Video Seems to Show Chemical Tests´ | ð   August 19, 2002.
determined to occupy Iraq, released this statement: ³Regardless of the removal or the
survival of the socialist94 party or Saddam, Muslims in general and the Iraqis in
particular must brace themselves for Jihad against this unjust campaign and acquire
ammunition and weapons. Under these circumstances, there will be no harm if the
interests of Muslims converge with the interests of the socialists in the fight against the
crusaders, despite our belief in the infidelity of socialists. The jurisdiction of the
socialists and those rulers has fallen a long time ago. Socialists are ð wherever
they are, whether they are in Baghdad or Aden.´ A document found with Saddam
Hussein warned his Iraqi supporters to be wary of joining forces with al-Qaeda.95 Sheik
Omar Abdul Rahman publicly denounced Saddam and had once been booed off the
pulpit at the Al-Farooq Mosque because of this, but on other occasions he stated: ³It is
legitimate to kill all those who are standing with the United States and against Iraq.´

Abu Zubaydah, when in United States custody, stated that al-Qaeda had no links
to Saddam Hussein. He told the CIA that Usama bin Laden rejected the very thought of
working with the corrupt and irredeemable Hussein. A CIA interrogation report
concerning Zubaydah read, "Bin Laden viewed the Iraqis, particularly the military and
security services, as corrupt, irreligious and hypocritical in that they succumb to
Western vices while concurrently remaining at war with the United States. The Iraqis
were not viewed as true +  , and there was doubt amongst the senior Al-Qaeda
leadership on the depth of Saddam's commitment to destroy Israel and further the
cause of cleansing the Holy Land of ð influences or presence.´ A five-member team
appointed by the United Nations Security Council found no evidence linking Al-Qaeda to
Saddam. Only a small number of prisoners in Guantanamo who wished to please the
Americans claimed there was the slightest co-operation between Usama bin Laden and
Saddam. High-ranking Iraqi officials now in American prisons, such as Khalid Shaikh
Mohammed, have denied any such co-operation existed.96

According to debriefs of multiple Iraqi detainees - including Saddam Hussein and

former Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz and captured documents, Saddam did not trust
al-Qaeda or any other radical Islamist group and did not want to cooperate with them.
Hussein reportedly believed, however, that al-Qaeda was an effective organization
because of its ability to successfully attack U.S. interests. The FBI provided the Senate
Intelligence Committee with two summaries of statements made by Saddam Hussein
regarding his regime's relationship with al-Qaeda. The summary said that when told
there was clear evidence that the Iraqi government had previously met with bin Ladin,
Saddam responded, "yes." Saddam then specified that Iraq did not cooperate with bin
Ladin. In response to the suggestion that he might cooperate with al-Qa'ida because
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend," Sadaam answered that the United States was
not Iraq's enemy. He claimed that Iraq only opposed U.S. policies. He specified that if
Bill Gertz reported in the March 7, 2003 edition of The Washington Times that Iraq was receiving spare parts for it military
helicopters from France via transshipment through the
. Some have translated this as ³communist.´
. James Risen ³Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says´ | ð   January 14, 2004.
. James Risen, ³Iraqi Agent Denies He Met 9/11 Hijacker in Prague Before Attacks on the U.S.´ The | ð   December
13, 2003.
he wanted to cooperate with the enemies of the U.S., he would have allied with North
Korea or China."'

(U) According to Tariq Aziz, "Sad darn only expressed negative sentiments about
bin Ladin." Aziz told the FBI that "when the Taliban was in power, the Iraq government
deliberately avoided opening an embassy in Kabul." Aziz underscored Saddam's
distrust of Islamic extremists like bin Ladin, stating that when the Iraqi regime started to
see evidence that Wahabists had come to Iraq, "the Iraqi regime issued a decree
aggressively outlawing Wahhabism in Iraq and threatening offenders with execution."

169 FBI, IIR: Interview with Aziz Regarding former Regime's

Posture Toward al-Qa'ida, June 2004.

170 FBI, Response to SSCI Questions, p. 3.

171 FBI, IJR: Interview with Aziz Regarding former Regime's Posture
Toward al-Qa'ida, June 2004. 172 Id. 173 Id.
Page 67

A simple check of Usama bin Ladin¶s phone records revealed little contact with
Iraq: Doctor Saad al-Fagih, 45, a bearded surgeon in charge of our London-based
Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia used his credit card to help buy
the Compact-M satellite phone in the United States that was shipped to
his home in north London and then transported to Afghanistan for use by
Usama bin Laden. More than 200 calls were made to Khalid al-Fawwaz,
or to pay phones near where he lived. From 1996 to 1998 there were
also no cell phone calls to Iraq.97


In January 1998 a call was made to Mahfuz Azzam, a retired diplomat from
Egypt who lives in London and is the great-uncle of Ayman al-Zawahiri. Mahfuz Azzam,
74, is a ranking member of Egypt's Labor Party, an Islamist group allied with the Muslim
Brotherhood. At a conference sponsored by Montassar AI-Zayyat Azzam stated,

The campaign against the international terrorism is a mask for an excuse

to dismantle the Muslim world. The current war no longer has anything to
do with bin Laden or the Taliban: the objective is to besiege the Islamic
world and to dismantle the Arab nation. Any attack against Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Sudan or Iraq will wake up, without a doubt,
a sleepy giant. I talk about the Islamic forces that once imagined that the
coexistence with them (the West) was possible. Those forces will end the
present image of the world and they will transform it.98

. Records show 260 calls were made to 27 phone numbers in Britain. The other countries called were Yemen (over 200 calls),
Sudan (131), Iran (106), Azerbaijan (67), Pakistan (59), Saudi Arabia (57), a ship in the Indian Ocean (13), the US (6), Italy (6),
Malaysia (4), and Senegal (2). [Sunday Times (London), 4/24/2002]
His other maternal uncle is Salem Azzam, who runs the European Islamic
Council in London. At the close of 1993, Kalim Siddiqui appeared to be moving towards
formal international co-operation under the banner "European Islamic Council."99 Kalim
Siddiqui founded the Muslim Institute and arranged a lecture course in London by
Hamid Algar,100 translator of Imam Khomeini's writings into English. Dr. Kalim Siddiqui
and other Institute members also toured Britain, the US and other countries, addressing
meetings to explain the true significance of events in Iran to excited, but often
uninformed Muslim audiences.101 Siddiqui held a book burning after the fatwa was put
out on Rushdie. In a word Siddiqui was an agent of Iran.

In his interrogations in 1981, al-Zawahiri stated that his uncle Salem provided
him with money and Mahfuz had links with the Muslim Brotherhood: ³As for the
financing of our cell, it was self-financed in part through donations and subscriptions
from our members. Such sources, however, were not sufficient. When my brother
traveled to Saudi Arabia at the end of 1976, he put aside part of his salary which he
used to send us: and so did his two other friends who were also working in Saudi
Arabia. My brother Mohamed called a friend of ours named Salem Azzam in London
and asked him for money to use against the Egyptian Government. So he sent one
thousand dollars to my brother who then forwarded it to me.´ Later al-Zawahiri testified
that these confessions were extracted from him under torture and that Azzam did not
give him any money. This testimony led to the acquittal of the Azzam brothers.102

Other members of the al-Zawahiri family involved in Jihad include Dr. Al-
Zawahiri¶s brother, Muhammad al-Zawahiri. In April 1999 Muhammad al-Zawahiri was
rendered from UAE to Cairo. In 1981, his name was on the list of defendants in the
assassination of President Sadat. He was acquitted of all charges  )   by an
Emergency State Security court but, according to his uncle, was afraid to return to
Egypt. In the mid-1980s, Muhammad joined the Saudi government-run World Islamic
Relief Organization (the Muslim World League) as an architect then moved to Yemen
and the Sudan in the early 1990¶s where he was re-united with his brother Ayman. In
1999 a military court sentenced him death in ³the returnees from Albania´ case as he
had set up a training camp there on the instructions of his brother. Muhammad¶s
youngest brother, Hussain al-Zawahiri, was arrested in Malaysia and sent to Egypt in an
operation coordinated between Malaysian security, Egyptian intelligence, and the CIA.
Hussain was working as an engineer for Multidiscovery, a Malaysian company, building
power plants. He had been arrested few times in Egypt on suspicion of affiliation with
Egyptian Islamic Jihad, but was never indicted and was not wanted in Egypt or
elsewhere at the time of his arrest. He was held for six months, tortured and then

. http://
. Hamid O. Algar is now a professor at the U of C at Berkeley. He has written, ³As for the comparison of Pan-Arabists and Pan-
Islamists with Fascists and Nazis, it is elsewhere in the contemporary Middle East that one might look for a closer analogue. 510-
. Zayyat The Road to Al-Qaeda
Although al-Qaeda did not support Saddam we opposed the sanctions the brunt
of which fell on the Iraqi people. Usama bin Laden: ³As for their accusations of
terrorizing the innocent, the children, and the women, these are in the category of
accusing others with their own affliction in order to fool the masses. The evidence
overwhelmingly shows America and Israel killing the weaker men, women, and children
in the Muslim world and elsewhere. An example of this is the death of more than six
hundred thousands Iraqi children because of the shortage of food and medicine that
resulted from the boycotts and sanctions against the Muslim Iraqi people« Then, killing
hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq, and whose numbers (of dead) continue to
increase as a result of the sanctions.´

The fairy tale fed to the American people claims that in 1992 al-Qaeda had
established low-level contact with Iraqi intelligence agents in the Sudan, Afghanistan,
Iraq and elsewhere. Colin Powell upped the ante: ³We know members of both
organizations met repeatedly and have met at least eight times at very senior levels
since the early 1990¶s.´ In January 2004 Powell conceded he had no incontrovertible
proof of a link between the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Al-

Papers of questionable origin found in the headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence

Service indicated that an al-Qaeda envoy was invited clandestinely to Baghdad in
March 1998 after which arrangements were discussed for bin Laden to visit Baghdad,
however this visit never took place.105 The American propaganda machine, aided by
those who wished to sue Iraq for allegedly taking part in the events of September 11,
2001, churned out numerous unsubstantiated reports about our connection to Saddam
such as: Between April 25, 1998 and May 1, 1998, two of bin Laden¶s senior military
commanders, Muhammad Abu-Islam and Abdallah Qassim   * visited Baghdad
for discussions with Qusay Hussein. By mid-June 1998 operatives of bin Laden and al-
Qaeda were  * at the at the Nasiriyah training camp in Iraq receiving instruction
and training from Iraqi intelligence and military officials on reconnaissance and targeting
American facilities and installations for attacks. (We had more experience than the
Iraqis in this brand of unconventional warfare. What is more America¶s main source of
this information, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, later admitted he was lying most likely to please
his captors).106 This disinformation was based on Abu Hafs al-Mauritani's travels as it
has since been determined, "it appears likely, in retrospect, that senior al-Qa'ida official,
Abu-Hafs, the Mauritanian, visited Iraq at least once in June 1998. He possibly also
visited Iraq in March 1998, but this is less certain and based solely on circumstantial
evidence." Senior Iraqi official Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Khattab al Tikriti told the FBI that
once Saddam learned of Abu Hafs' presence in Iraq, Saddam directed that Abu Hafs
should leave Iraq as soon as possible. Saddam asked al-Tikriti and his group of senior
advisors why the al-Qa'ida representative had chosen to come to Iraq. Al-Tikriti told the
FBI "Hussein was worried that the al-Qa'ida operative's presence in Baghdad would
cause a problem for Iraq." Another group of bin Laden and al-Qaeda +    *

. Christopher Marquis ³Powell Admits No Hard Proof in Linking Iraq to Al Qaeda´ The | ð   January 9, 2004.
. Inigo Gilmore ³The Proof the Saddam Worked With Bin Laden´ Sunday Telegraph April 27, 2003.
. Douglas Jehl ³High Qaeda Aid Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq´ | ð   July 31, 2004
received a month of sophisticated guerrilla operations training from Iraqi intelligence
officials later in June 1998. In mid-July 1998, Usama bin Laden   * sent Dr. Al-
Zawahiri to Iraq to meet with senior Iraqi officials, including Iraqi vice president Taha
Yassin Ramadan al-Jizrawi. Iraqi officials  * pledged Iraq¶s full support and co-
operation on the condition that bin Laden and al-Qaeda not incite the Iraqi Supreme
Shi¶ite Council and the Muslim Brotherhood against the regime of Saddam Hussein.
This would have been in violation of the laws of the Qu¶ran that only recognize a
government based on Shari'ah. In FBI postwar debriefings of Former Iraqi Vice
President Taha Ramadan, Ramadan stated that prewar "press reports which claimed
that he had met with al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri were completely false.
Ramadan denied having any connections to bin Ladin.107

The legend invented by the Wolfowitz PAC continued: By mid-November 1998,

Iraqi intelligence officials met with bin Laden in Afghanistan. Bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and
Iraq agreed to join efforts in a detailed coordinated plan for a protracted war against the
United States. Iraq also agreed to provide bin Laden and al-Qaeda with the assistance
of an expert in chemical weapons, and bin Laden agreed to hunt down Iraqi opposition
leaders who co-operated with the United States against Saddam Hussein. In
furtherance of this agreement, bin Laden reportedly dispatched four hundred of al-
Qaeda¶s ³Afghan´ Arabs to Iraq to fight the Kurds, forming Ansar al-Islam. This
information is part of a legend created by an Iraqi exile regarding the functions and
connections of Unit 999, part of Saddam¶s secret police apparatus. Subsequently it was
demonstrated that Iran sponsored Ansar al-Islam. Mullah Krekar told &0*: ³When I
arrived in Tehran, an official from Iranian intelligence called Hashemi, who is in charge
of Iranian intelligence operations in Syria and Lebanon, visited me. An official from the
Iranian Revolutionary Guards called Elnouriyan accompanied him. They asked me to
announce that I had stopped working with Ansar al-Islam and to start working with them.
They explained that my mission would be to undermine security in Iraq by sending
persons to plant devices and assassinate Iraqi officials.´ Mullah Krekar said that he
refused Iran¶s offer. Iran has steadfastly denied any connection to Ansar al-Islam
despite reports that its supplies originated in Iran.108 Despite numerous efforts to deport
him, Mullah Krekar remains in Norway where he recently termed the Danish
Blasphemous Cartoons, ³A declaration of war.´

>  <  
 @ < 


The former Iraqi Intelligence Service Director Brigadier Majid Hasan al-Majid
warned Saddam on an unknown date that U.S. intelligence was
attempting to fabricate connections between the Iraqi Intelligence
Service and al-Qaeda. He noted that U.S. intelligence alleged meetings
between an Iraqi Intelligence Service officer Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim al-

. ³Al-Islam leader says FBI questioned him on Al-Qa'idah links´ Kurdistan Observer Jan 17, 2003
Samir al-Ani109 and Shaheed Mohammad Atta in Prague. The mythological Atta ± Ani
meetings of June 2, 2000 and April 9, 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic was a foul
smelling load of bird droppings dumped on the Americans by the Iraqi war hawks.

Mohammed Atta, who entered the United States on a temporary visa and lived in
the United States for nearly a year and a half, spent about three weeks in total outside
the United States coordinating our activities110 but did not meet with or encounter Al-Ani
as the neo-cons convinced most Americans he had.111 In May 2000 Mohammed Atta
obtained a visa for the Czech Republic from the Czech Consulate in Hamburg. Atta
arrived in Prague from Germany by bus then flew to the United States the next day.
Atta¶s roundabout route was ascribed to his seeking a cheap fare or concealing the
origin of his travel to the United States but the Iraqi War Propagandists realized this
circuitous route would be just what the doctor ordered in terms of dirtying up Iraq for
9/11 and justifying the its upcoming occupation. The Elder¶s are aware that the CIA had
an asset who was also an informant for the Czechs. This Arab asset was instructed to
link Al-Ani to Atta after shortly *3#&2 9/11 in a classic false flag operation. Only years
later was it revealed that according to all other intelligence agents working for the Czech
government Ahmad Al-Ani was about 70 miles away from Prague on April 8-9, 2001
and did not return until the afternoon of April 9, 2001 while the source was firm that the
sighting occurred at 11:00 A.M.




The Jew William Safire and other neo-cons disseminated a story that on June 2,
2000 Mohammed Atta met with Ahmad al-Ani at the Iraqi Embassy in Prague, but Safire
had the most credibility. His story was based on information allegedly indirectly supplied
to him and other journalists by a Arab snitch working only for the Czechs. The story
defies the rules of tradecraft - although Iraq enjoyed good relations with
Czechoslovakia¶s Communist rulers and procured weapons and military technology
from them, it was no secret that the Czech¶s had the Iraqi Embassy under surveillance
and might have even had agents within.112 It would have been dangerous to rendezvous
at this hotspot rather than at a neutral location.

>   >  


The British Broadcasting Company reported that Czech counter-intelligence

photographed Mohammed Atta and Ahmad al-Ani at the Embassy on the day
Mohammed Atta flew to the United States, which would be June 3, 2000. No such
photograph ever surfaced. When Mohammed Atta¶s presence was disputed Interior

. Al-Ani was a spy whose cover was Chief of Consular Affairs at the Iraqi Embassy. Czech intelligence officers spotted Ahmad Al-
Ani in the vicinity of the Prague Radio Free Europe building, a facility that was beaming hostile broadcasts to Iraq at the time, while
he was taking pictures of it.
110. Steven Camarota - ³The Open Door How Militantant Islamic Terrorists Entered and Remained in the United States 1993 to
2001.´ Center for Immigration Studies
111. Brian Whitmore The Boston Globe, ³Prague was Rendezvous for Iraqis, Terror Suspect´ October 28, 2001, p. 10,
112. William Safire, ³The Prague Connection, Saddam and Bin Laden´ International Herald Tribune November 13, 2001.
Minister Stanislav Gross issued a statement that ³B.I.S. (Czech Intelligence) guarantees
the information, so we stick by that information. No backing away; on the contrary,
strong reaffirmation.´ Later, Czech President Vaclav Havel told the White House he had
concluded that there was no evidence to confirm earlier reports of this meeting and that
proof of its existence was based on the testimony of one Arab informant, not on
surveillance photos.113 The CIA Director, George J. Tenet, agreed with Havel. In June
2004 Stanislav Gross and former Prime Minister Milos Zeman blamed each other for
having confirmed this information.114




In January 2001 Mohammed Atta flew from Miami to Madrid and returned to the
U.S. six days later. When he returned to Miami, an alert immigration officer noticed his
tourist visa has expired, and that he had violated its terms by taking flight lessons.
Mohammed Atta was held for questioning then granted an eight-month visa extension.
Czech Interior Minister Stanislav Gross initially stated that Mohammed Atta had a
second meeting with al-Ani in April 8, 2001. Mohammed Atta allegedly flew in directly
from Florida and returned to Florida several days later. No record has been found of
Atta having spent the night at any Czech hotel.115 Analysis by the FBI of Atta's travel
and financial records demonstrated that it was extremely unlikely that Atta could have
been in Prague for the April 9, 2001 meeting. The FBI had evidence that Atta checked
out of a hotel in Virginia Beach on April 4, 2001 and cashed a check in the area that
same day. On April 11, 2001, Atta rented an apartment in Coral Spring, Florida.
Between April 6, 2001 and April 17, 2001, billing records indicate that a cell phone
registered to Atta placed several calls to numbers in Florida. The September 11th
Commission reported, ³We have examined the allegation that Mohammed Atta met with
an Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague on April 9, 2001. Based on the evidence
available²including investigation by Czech and U.S. authorities plus detainee
reporting²we do not believe that such a meeting occurred. The FBI¶s investigation
places him in Virginia as of April 4, 2001 as evidenced by this bank surveillance camera
shot of Atta withdrawing $8,000 from his account. Mohammed Atta was back in Florida
by April 11, 2001 if not before. Indeed, investigation has established that, on April 6,
2001, April 9, 2001, April 10, 2001, and April 11, 2001 Mohammed Atta¶s cellular
telephone was used numerous times to call Florida phone numbers from cell sites within
Florida. We have seen no evidence that Atta ventured overseas again or re-entered the
United States before July, when he traveled to Spain and back under his true name.´

In July 2002, a DIA paper stated that "Muhammad Atta reportedly was identified
by an asset (not an officer) of the Czech service only after Atta's picture was widely
circulated in the media after the attacks, approximately five months after the alleged
meeting occurred. The paper added: ³There are significant information gaps in this
reporting that render the issue impossible to prove or disprove with available
information. It is unclear why the source did not report on the meeting in April 2001 or

. Jaroslav Spurny, Respekt (independent weekly), Prague, Czech Republic, Nov. 10, 2003
May 2001. Atta was unknown at the time but he would have been significant as a
contact of al-Ani, who was under Czech scrutiny at the time. Also, there is no
photographic, immigration or other documentary evidence.´116

In '    the CIA noted, "various reports put Atta in Prague
on at least four occasions between late 1994 and the spring of 2001." The CIA could
confirm only two of the visits - in December 1994 and June 2000 -but neither of the trips
matched the date of the meeting between al-Ani and Atta alleged by the Czechs. The
June 2002 CIA paper, ' 1 &2 3       ð* "   , stated
regarding the April 9, 2001 meeting that "Reporting is contradictory on hijacker
Mohammed Atta's alleged trip to Prague and meeting with an Iraqi intelligence officer,
and we have not verified his travels.117

William Safire claimed the FBI had car-rental and other records that Atta left for
Prague on April 8, 2001, and returned on April 11, 2001.118 Who leaked Safire this
information or did he make it up? No car rental records or references to them in FBI
reports have ever surfaced. It was an out and out lie to the American people, to get
them to go to war against Iraq. Other than Safire¶s dirty lies, there is no evidence that
Mohammed Atta was not in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in early April 2001.


The Czechs eventually expelled Ahmad al-Ani for the Radio Free Europe
surveillance. Ahmad Al-Ani was arrested on July 2, 2003. Ahmad Al-Ani was
interrogated but had provided little information. The American Vice President Cheney
said this after his capture: ³We've never been able to develop anymore of that yet either
in terms of confirming it or discrediting it. We just don't know.´119 The American media
had reported that Ahmad al-Ani has denied having met with Mohammed Atta, in Prague
or anywhere else for that matter.120 The 9/11 Commission backed up the media

When questioned about the reported April 2001 meeting, Ahmad Al-Ani
now in custody - has denied ever meeting or having any contact with Atta.
Ahmad Al-Ani says that shortly after 9/11, he became concerned that
press stories about the alleged meeting might hurt his career. Hoping to
clear his name, Ahmad Al-Ani asked his superiors to approach the Czech
government about refuting the allegation. He also denies knowing of any
other Iraqi official having contact with Mohammed Atta.´

. CIA, Iraqi Supportfor Terrorism, January 2003, p. 25. 259 CIA, Iraq and al-Qa'ida: Interpreting a Murky Relationship, June 2002,
p. 7. 260 DIA, Special Analysis, July 31, 2002. Page 95
. CIA, Iraqi Supportfor Terrorism, January 2003, p. 25. 259 CIA, Iraq and al-Qa'ida: Interpreting a Murky Relationship, June 2002,
p. 7. 260 DIA, Special Analysis, July 31, 2002. Page 95
March 18, 2002
118. William Safire, ³Protecting Saddam´ - The | ð   .
. Meet the Press September 14, 2003.
. Isikoff and Hosenball ³The Defense Dept. memo allegedly proving a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam does nothing of the
sort.´ Newsweek November 19, 2003.
America¶s Senate Committee on Intelligence agreed, ³During the June 2004
debriefing of former Iraqi Intelligence Service Officer, Ahmad Khahlil Ibrahim Samir al-
Ani, the FBI noted that "al-Ani claimed he never saw or heard of Atta until after [Atta's]
face was shown on the news.´ Al-Ani also told the FBI that he was: ³Very surprised to
hear that a 9/11 hijacker was associated with travel to Czech Republic. When he heard
that his own name was being linked with that tragic event, he knew there would be
problems. As the story began to escalate, he [al-Ani] made several unsuccessful
attempts to persuade the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a statement addressing the
issue and correcting the inaccuracy, especially since it had brought him so much
unwanted attention."'

Tariq Aziz, Iraq¶s deputy prime minister, denied these meetings took place:
This is not only baseless. It is also ridiculous. I checked with the diplomat
when I read the allegations against him and I can say categorically that
they are false. I know these reports are being published in the American
and British press all the time, but they are not true. We have no
connection with al-Qaeda or Usama bin Laden. It¶s clear, you see, our
national and political system is different; we are a socialist party, we don¶t
condone religious fundamentalism, and therefore we don¶t have any
relationship with those people.´

Tariq Aziz has been seized by the Americans but has still maintained no such
meeting took place. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Brother Ramzi bin al-Shibh both
deny that an Atta-Al-Ani meeting occurred. There was no reason for such a meeting,
especially considering the risk it would pose to the operation. Bush the Younger
admitted, ³We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September
11th.´ If the Atta-al-Ani meeting was the biggest lie, then this allegation put forth by the
relatives of John O¶Neill, a former FBI agent killed on September 11th is the most
absurd: ³According to Giovanni DeStafant, an international lawyer visiting Baghdad on
business, he encountered bin Laden in the lobby of the five-star al-Rashid Hotel in
Baghdad. They engaged in light conversation.´121


The former Iranian state¶s elected executive branch, led by President

Mohammad Khatami and the Council of Ministers, had no jurisdiction over any branch
of the security forces, not even the traffic police. President Khatami complained that
hard-line clerics had made it all but impossible for him to do his job and that he would
propose legislation to adjust the balance of power so that he could pursue reforms. He
attempted to curb the powers of the Guardian Council, a panel consisting of six
members appointed by the supreme religious leader Ayatolah Ali Khamenei, and six
jurists, elected by the Majlis122 from among Muslim jurists proposed to the Majlis by the
non-elected Head of the Judiciary. This panel has the power to reject any legislation

. USDC District Of ColumbiaThe Estate of John Patrick O¶Neill, Sr. on behalf of JOHN PATRICK O¶NEILL, SR., deceased, and on
behalf of decedent Jury Trial Demanded filed August 20, 2003
. Iranian Parliament
that violates Islamic law. The panel has the right to interpret the Constitution and
disqualify apostate candidates from running for office and in January 2004 they
disqualified half the 8,200 candidates in parliamentary elections.123 As a result most so-
called reformist candidates were defeated. Ayatolah Shahrudi, who heads the panel,
has the license to annul verdicts or request new trials if he found court decisions go
against Shari'ah. He has shut down many so-called reformist newspapers and put their
owners on trial.124 The vast majority of those publications can be characterized as anti-
Islamist in their editorial orientation. Ayatolah Ali Khamenei forbade the Majles to
consider a new bill that would have rolled back necessary press curbs passed in the
final days of the previous, Islamic-majority Majles. The current press law also gives the
courts, which are dominated by Islamists, the power to determine who may own and
work for a particular paper. Ayatollah Khamenei also has strong ties to the Basij
volunteer morality squads and the Revolutionary Guards, and has won
the allegiance of some powerful seminaries in the religious center of
Qum by giving them state funds. He also has strong allies in the
Guardian Council and the Assembly of Experts, an Iranian version of the
Americans Electoral College, which exercises oversight of the leader.125

The Americans point to this as an example of autocratic rule.

However, the Christian fundamentalist and former Attorney General
John Ashcroft, who, like the Learned Elders of Islam, believes that all dancing is
immoral, has become a one man Guardian Council of America, and has rejected a
recommendation from federal prosecutors not to seek the death penalty for a suspect
despite the fact that the suspect was promised life imprisonment in return for his co-
operation.126 Ashcroft ordered prosecutors to show no mercy and seek the most
serious, readily provable offense in all federal prosecutions.127 Ashcroft is a member of
the Christian Assembly of God. Other members of this sect have included Jim Bakker, a
once popular televangelist (defrocked by the Assembly of God after a sex/financial
scandal), Tammy Faye Bakker, former wife of Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart a
televangelist who was instrumental in exposing the Jim Bakker scandal; soon thereafter
scandalized himself after being repeatedly caught with prostitutes.128 The Learned
Elders of Islam hope John Ashcroft comes to realize that he is part of a church with a
long history of corruption and converts to Islam. We know he is out of work and believe
he would make a very effective prosecutor in a Shari'ah court.

. Nazila Fathi ³Iranian Council Bars Thousands From Vote´ The | ð   January 12, 2004
. For example in April 2000 Iranian authorities launched a crackdown on the reformist press following a speech by Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei, in which Iran¶s supreme leader accused newspapers of ³undermining Islamic and revolutionary principles.´ Two days
after the speech, Islamic judicial authorities launched a campaign that resulted in the suspension of 16 publications. At least 43
newspapers and magazines have since been shut down since the speech was given. ³CPJ Chronicles Crackdown on Iran¶s News
Media´ Committee to Protect Journalists November 16, 2001
. Of the twenty-eight cases in which Ashcroft ordered prosecutors to seek the death penalty, two of the defendants were white,
nineteen were African-American, five were Hispanic, one was Native American and one was of Asian descent.
. All Federal Prosecutors From: John Ashcroft Attorney General SUBJECT: Department Policy Concerning Charging Criminal
Offenses, Disposition of Charges, and Sentencing
. Famous Assemblies of God members
In the Islamic Republic of Iran restrictions on assembly, association, religion, and
movement are harshly enforced. Evangelical Christian groups must compile and hand
over membership lists for their congregations to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and
Guidance and to the Ministry of Intelligence and Security. Of course non-believers
cannot serve in the army, the judiciary, and the security services. The Constitution
states: ³The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be an Islamic army, i.e.,
committed to an Islamic ideology and the people, and must recruit into its service
individuals who have faith in the objectives of the Islamic Revolution and are devoted to
the cause of achieving its goals.´

Non-believers, in particular Baha¶is, are allowed no freedom by the judiciary and

security establishment because the Bahá¶ís are not a legitimate religious group, but are
considered an outlawed political organization and must register with the police.
Ruhollah Rowhani, a Bahá¶í, was executed in July 1998 after having served nine
months in solitary confinement on a charge of apostasy stemming from allegedly having
converted a Muslim woman to the Bahá¶í ³faith.´129 Bahá¶í marriages are not recognized;
leaving Bahá¶í women open to charges of prostitution. The current regime believes that
execution by stoning is a fitting penalty for prostitution and it is common. Women are
buried up to their armpits to stop stones hitting their breasts. Men who are stoned to
death are first buried waist-deep in the ground. If they have confessed to their crimes
and manage to escape, they can go free. With the support of some misguided clerics,
female members of the Iranian Parliament have put together a bill that would eliminate
stoning from the penal code. In 2002 the head of the judiciary announced a moratorium
on stoning.

In its 2002 annual session, the U.N. Human Rights Commission130 excluded Iran
from its list of countries that violate human rights. According to the United Nations,
violations of civil and individual liberties such as freedom of expression, association,
organization, discrimination against women, abuse of children, and also executions,
torture, amputations, and stoning, which have been carried out in the last 23 years, do
not continue today. This U.N. Human Rights Commission resolution must be decisively
applauded by all genuine Islamic organizations.

Decades after the Islamic Revolution the human rights situation in Iran remains
much the same as was under the rule of the Shah and the SAVAK, his secret police
force, except this time, the right people are being arrested and tortured. This despite the
fact that the Islamic Republic¶s Constitution states, ³All forms of torture for the purpose
of extracting confessions or acquiring information are forbidden. Any testimony,
confession or oath obtained under duress is devoid of value.´ Ahmad Zeidabadi, a 37-
year-old journalist was put in solitary confinement and then thrown in with heroin addicts
and the criminally ill. ³The criminals use rape, especially with the newcomers. And when
you¶re taken everywhere blindfolded and hear horrible, scary screams, and you are put
in a tiny cell, you have the feeling you will never see normal life again,´ he said. This

. Bahai Faith Index -
. In January 2003 the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, meeting in Geneva, elected Libya to its chairmanship after
the United States demanded and lost a vote. This offended the West to the point where the UN Commission on Human Rights was
disbanded until 2006, when it was revived as the UN Human Rights Council.
torture was not done by guards or police but by other prisoners so it conformed to the

The justice of Islamic law is blind. In January 2002, the Ayatollah Mahmud
Hashemi-Shahrudi, a stalwart of Iran¶s conservative camp which already dominates the
country¶s judiciary and political institutions, presided over the trial of 15 people, including
journalists, intellectuals, and a former cabinet minister. Tried in the Revolutionary Court
for plotting to overthrow the Islamic system, they had no jury. The Ayatollah was the
prosecutor, and the defendants¶ lawyers were maneuvered through the trial without
having seen the several-hundred-page indictment or meeting with the prisoners.
Ayatollah Shahrudi was appointed the Islamic Republic¶s Deputy Justice Chief on May
12, 2002.

With the help of the Guardian Council and the invasion and
occupation of Iraq, the Iranian people have overwhelmingly elected
hard line conservative legislators ± knowing that Islamists would fight
to the end if America invaded Iran. The electorate put into power
perhaps the greatest threat to the Jews since Hitler, Dr. Mahmood
Ahmadi-Najad. Once again there are myriad extra judicial killings,
summary executions and disappearances in Iran. When these so-
called human rights abuses that exist only in the eyes of the Western
ð occur and are brought to light, and the followers of the Prophet [PBUH] must go
unpunished. Due, however, to the overwhelming reformist feelings of the Iranian
masses Islamists are sometimes forced to sacrifice those who have been loyal to Allah
and the Islamic regime of Iran, such as Saeed Emami.

>       cc


The future of Islamism rests with Pakistan, a country still filled with freedom
fighters. Brother Saifullah Paracha: ³When President Reagan was elected in 1980, Vice
President Bush a former CIA director, realized the importance of the Afghan invasion
and the defense of Muslims. So, the U.S. propagated Jihad, called freedom fighting;
freedom fighters, young rebellious, radical Muslims were brought in to fight the
Russians. It took almost 10 years to win that war. Finally, Russia left. Those freedom
fighters were left there, and are still there in thousands. Pakistan and Afghanistan share
an unregulated, uncontrolled border. Many fled to Pakistan as refugees, and they are
still there and have been there for 20 years. They have no family, parents, or brothers
and sisters. They have not been accepted back to their home countries - they have
become Pakistanis. They act like Pakistanis, eat the same food, look like Pakistanis, so
no one can tell them apart. Anybody raised in Pakistan could come from anywhere, and
nobody knows who's who.´

America harbors deep-seated doubts about the Pakistanis: The September 11th
detainees were citizens of more than 20 countries, however, the largest number, 254 or
33 percent, came from Pakistan, more than double the number of any other country. We
will wait patiently for all of Pakistan, including Kashmir, Balochistan and Punjab to join
the % and become an Islamic Republic, for al-Qaeda has known forever that the
Pakistani political situation has always been fluid, to use a euphemism.131 In
&,#&9&2AD Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri ordered Busharraf¶s death:

It is Musharraf who enabled America to topple the (Taliban¶s) Islamic

emirate in Afghanistan. Had it not been for his tremendous help, America
would not have been able to do this, nor would it have been able to kill
thousands of innocents in Afghanistan. It is Musharraf who is seeking to
send Pakistani forces to Iraq so that they, rather than American soldiers,
are killed and so that they kill Muslims in Iraq and enable America to
control Muslim lands. Muslims in Pakistan must unite and co-operate to
topple this traitor and install a sincere leadership that would defend Islam
and Muslims.

On &.&9&2 ?6 AD Busharraf came within a camel¶s hairbreadth of

assassination when a bomb detonated under a bridge 30 seconds after his motorcade
crossed. Broad frequency jamming devices in Musharraf¶s limousine interfered with the
remote transmitter. On November 19, 2004, a military court sentenced civilian Mushtaq
Ahmed to death for inciting six junior officers of the Pakistan Air Force,132 including two
who were jailed for life and four who were sentenced to death. Mushtaq Ahmed
escaped from an Air Force Prison in November 2004. ³He made good his escape while
going to the bathroom to make ablutions for pre-dawn prayers. He broke a window in
the bathroom and escaped´ but was captured in May 2005 along with Mohammad
Arshad a Pakistani al-Qaeda militant freed from prison in Afghanistan. Amjad Hussain
Farooqi who drove Daniel Pearl to the nursery where Pearl would meet his death,
helped organize these assassination attempts on behalf of al-Qaeda. On September 26,
2004 Musharraf¶s henchmen killed Farooqi133 who was under the command of Abu
Faraj al-Libbi.

. In 1958 martial law was declared and political parties abolished. General Ayub Khan became ³President´ in 1960. In 1969 the
head of the army, General Agha Muhammed Yahya Khan, replaced General Ayub Khan. After Bengla-Desh won its independence
in 1971, President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took over as President from the military regime. In 1977 the military again took power in a
coup, and re-established martial law under General Mohammed Zia ul-Haq. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was executed in 1979. Zia confirmed
the death sentence on the man who, as prime minister, had personally picked Zia, then the most junior lieutenant general, for
promotion to Chief of Army Staff over the heads of his seniors. Military rule continued until the death of former President General
Mohammed Zia ul-Haq in a plane crash in 1988, after which a democratic Constitution and civilian government were re-instituted.
There were six previous attempts at assassinating Zia, including a near miss by a missile fired at his plane. (Brigadier Mohammad
Yousaf ³The Man Behind the Afghan Jihad.´ Ali Bhutto¶s daughter, Benazir
Bhutto, came to power. In August 1990 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed Bhutto and her government. In the next election in
October 1990 the Islamic Democratic Alliance, led by Mohammed Nawaz Sharif, defeated Bhutto. In July 1993, the army forced the
resignation of Mohammed Nawaz Sharif and supervised new elections, which were won by Benazir Bhutto¶s ally Farooq Ahmad
Khan Leghari. In October 1996, President Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari dismissed Bhutto and her government, and dissolved the
National Assembly. The ensuing general election returned Mohammed Nawaz Sharif for a second term as premier. Sharif forced
President Leghari from office and installed his own nominee, Mohammed Rafiq Tarar. In May 1998 Sharif authorized the military to
carry out a series of nuclear tests. Throughout 1998 and 1999, the army assumed a more aggressive stance towards India but in
August 1999, under pressure from the U.S.A., Sharif ordered the army to back down. This triggered a series of clashes between
Sharif and his army chief of staff, General Pervez Musharraf, which culminated in October 1999 with a military coup. Musharraf
forced President Tarar out of office and had Sharif imprisoned pending trial. In August 2002 Musharraf unilaterally redrew the
Pakistani Constitution, and imposed 29 amendments that expanded his control and undermined coming parliamentary elections
meant to return the nation to democracy.
. Chief Technician Khalid Mehmood, Senior Technician Karam Din, Corporal Technician Nawazish Ali, Junior Tehnicians Niaz
Mohammad, Adnan Rasheed and Nasrullah. Karam Din and Nasrullah
. Salman Masood Suspect In Attacks On Pakistani President Is Killed | ð   September 27, 2004
c  ' <

Abu Faraj Al-Libbi temporarily took over Al-Qaeda operations in Pakistan after
the March 2003 arrest of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.134 On May 3, 2005, after receiving
a tip from the head of US Central Command, who paid a surprise visit to Pakistan and
conveyed information to president Pervez Musharraf on al-Libbi¶s location in Mardan in
Pakistan¶s North West Frontier Province based on cell phone positioning, al-Libbi was
bagged. The raid turned into a chase when two Brothers fled on a motorbike. One, clad
in a Burqa, was later identified as al-Libbi. The chase involving three vehicles ended
when security officials overpowered the man driving the bike. They also fired at the
second fugitive, but he ran towards a half-built house, jumped into an adjoining house
and locked himself in a room. When efforts to break open the door failed, police lobbed
a teargas canister inside the room through smashed windowpanes. "From the smoke-
filled room emerged a young man, hands up and head slightly bowed. He was unarmed
and later identified as Abu Faraj Al Libbi," a police official said.135

In the Ayman al-Zawahiri to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi letter a reference was made
to Abu al-Faraj Al Libbi¶s arrest: ³Please take every caution in the meetings, especially
when someone claims to carry an important letter or contributions. It was in this way
that they arrested Khalid Sheikh. Likewise, please, if you want to meet one of your
 , I hope that you don't meet him in a public place or in a place that is not
known to you. I hope that you would meet him in a secure place, not the place of your
residence«´ (one of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed¶s  4, Mohammed Omar Abdel
Rahman, had given him up)«because Abu al-Faraj - may God set him free and release
him from his torment - was lured by one of his brothers, who had been taken into
custody, to meet him at a public location where a trap had been set.´

After Pakistani security forces arrested Abu al-Faraj al-Libbi the Bush
administration thought they had captured Abu Anas al-Libbi, the third most powerful
figure within the al-Qaeda hierarchy. But there had been a case of mistaken identity.
Abu Anas al-Libbi is on the list of 22 "most wanted" figures drawn up by the United
States after the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

On &.&9&2A=6AD Busharraf, who acts more like a Christian than a Muslim,

received a Christmas present from the Brothers of Al-Qaeda affiliate Jaish-e-
Muhammad when two suicide bombers plowed their vehicles into his motorcade and
detonated car bombs. Busharraf was unhurt, but the bombs killed at least 14 people,
including both Shaheeds. At least 46 other people were wounded. Muhammad Naeem,
an official of the Islamabad¶s police Special Branch, who was described as an
Intelligence Officer with the National Emergency Relief Cell,136 tipped off Brother
Mohammad Jamil to Musharraf¶s precise movements. Pakistani police recovered
Mohammad Jamil¶s cell phone chip and found an incoming call from the mole.137

. ³Official held in Musharraf assassination bid.´ Press Trust of India;
David Rohde, ³Pakistan's President Narrowly Escapes Assassin's Bomb´| ð   December 15, 2003.
Maulana Abdul Jabbar was detained for the attack on the
president because Mohammad Jamil, who was reading the
Qu¶ran just before he went to heaven,138 had worked under his
command in Jaish-e-Muhammad. Maulana Abdul Jabbar had
previously been detained for attacking churches such as the
Protestant International Church in Islamabad on March 17, 2002,
Christian School at Gharial near Murree on August 5, 2002, and
Taxila Christian Hospital on August 9, 2002. Maulana Abdul
Jabbar was responsible for gathering Pakistan's first group of
suicide bombers and was a middle-rung leader in Maulana Fazlur
Rehman Khalil's group HUM before he joined hands in January 2000 with Maulana
Masood Azhar to form a splinter group, Jaish-e-Mohammad.


In 1994, Maulana Masood Azhar, a leader of the HUM, who had fought along
with bin Laden's Al Qaeda against the US troops in Somalia and had participated in the
training of Al Qaeda's supporters in Yemen, was arrested by the Indian authorities and
detained in a Jammu jail till December 1999, when he had to be released as demanded
by HUM cadres, including Azhar's brother, who had hijacked an Indian Airlines' plane to
Kandahar. Sheikh Gilani said Daniel Pearl visited Maulana Masood Azhar before
Pearl¶s kidnapping. Busharaff was supportive of the warrior-cleric Azhar. When Azhar
was released from an Indian jail he was permitted to stage a huge rally in Karachi
attended by gun-bearing followers. In 2001 Musharraf even tried unsuccessfully to
persuade the various Kashmiri guerrilla groups to unite under Azhar. Maulana Masood
Azhar was kept under house arrest on quite a few occasions, but he was never charged
under any terrorist laws.


Rashid Rauf, described as the key planner of the aborted August 2006 Bojinka
Sequel Operation to blow up US-bound airliners using bombs made from low density
material smuggled on board then assembled in the men¶s room, was closely associated
with Jaish-e-Mohammed. Rashid Rauf is married to a close relative of Maulana Masood
Azhar.140 He fled to Pakistan in April 2002 after the honor killing of his uncle,
Mohammed Sayeed, in Birmingham and became the liason between Jaish-e-
Mohammed and al-Qaeda. S o f a r , t h e
P a k i s t a n i s h a v e f a i l e d t o b r e a k
B r o t h e r R a u f i n i d e n t i f y i n g t h e
A f g h a n n a t i o n a l w h o w a s h i s
m a i n m a n i n a l - Q a e d a , b u t R a u f
a d m i t t e d t o t r a v e l i n g t o
A f g h a n i s t a n s e v e r a l t i m e s s i n c e

˜ YDaniel Pipes ³Study the Qu¶ran´ New York Sun January 20, 2004.
2 0 0 2 t o m e e t w i t h t h e
o p e r a t i v e , w h o c o n v e y e d
c o m m a n d s o n a l - Q a e d a ' s
b e h a l f . 141

Jaish-e-Mohammad is still politically aligned with the radical political party Jamiat
Ulema-i-Islam¶s Fazlur Rehman Khalil faction.142 Rashid Rauf was also believed to have
had co-operation from the members of Jamaatul Furqan, another breakaway group from
Jaish-e-Mohamed, which was banned by Britain in October 2005. Maulana Abdul
Jabbar is the leader of Jamaatul Furqan. Although Maulana Abdul Jabbar's name had
surfaced in at least three suicide attacks, he was arrested late 2003 and was released in
August 2004 because the police concluded that he had a change of heart. Maulana Abdul
Jabbar is close to Pakistan's intelligence agencies.143 In January 2005 Maulana Fazlur
Rehman Khalil, Maulana Abdul Jabbar and many other +  were placed under
"informal" detention at the behest of the US and are still under observation.144 In
February 2006 Jabbar might have been in the UK.145 The UK is seeking Brothers Rauf¶s
extradition on the basis of his complicity in his uncles killing, however there is no
extradition treaty between Pakistan and the UK. In December 2006 a Pakistani judge
threw out terrorism charges against Rashid Rauf. The ruling means there are now no
terrorism charges against two people once accused of being linchpins. The other is
Tayib Rauf, Mr. Rauf's younger brother, who was detained in Britain in August and was
soon set free without charge. ''Rauf was booked under six charges, such as
impersonation, cheating, forging documents, presenting those forged documents as real
and keeping explosives,'' Hashmat Habib, his lawyer, said. ''When we scrutinized the
charges, we were of the opinion that none of the charges fell under the jurisdiction of
the antiterrorism court. The court agreed with our objection.''146

Musharraf still needs domestic Islamists in the popular war to liberate Kashmir
from the Hindu idolaters and the Pakistani Government still utilizes fighters like Hafiz
Sayeed, leader of Lashkar-i-Taiba,147 (also spelled Lashkar-e-Tayyaba) considered to
be the largest of Pakistan¶s militant Islamist Kashmirian independence groups.148 The
Markaz campus at Muridke in Lahore, Lashkar-i-Taiba headquarters, was used as a
hide-out for Ramzi Yousef and Mir Aimal Kansi.149 In 1998 Pakistani Information
Minister Mushahid Hussain, along with Punjab Province Governor Shahid Hamid, and
other provincial ministers, visited the headquarters of Lashkar-e-Taiba and appreciated
the work of the organization. Mushahid Hussain not only hailed the activities of Markaz
Dawa al-Irshad,150 which trains and maintains Lashkar-e-Taiba, but he also said the
Markaz taught the true concept of Islam. Although he was arrested in the anti-´terrorist´

. January 8 2005
. ³The Army of the Pure.´
148. Dexter Filkins ³Al Qaeda Paid For Car Bomb At U.S. Office, Pakistani Says´ |  ð    July 3, 2002.
. A ³Center for Preaching.´
sweep following 9/11, Brother Hafiz Sayeed served his sentence in a government
guesthouse with access to a mobile phone. He is now free. Of the Brothers who were
arrested and were not Pakistanis, 443 have been remanded to the custody of U.S.
authorities. In August 2006 Brother Hafiz was re-house-arrested but released in October
2006 for lack of evidence.

Randall Todd Royer, who served as a communications

specialist and a civil rights coordinator at CAIR was indicted and
arrested for his association with Lashkar-e-Taiba. He allegedly
traveled to Pakistan, did propaganda work for it, and ³fired at Indian
positions in Kashmir´ with a machine gun and Rocket Propelled
Grenade. In addition, his indictment states that Royer ³possessed
in his automobile an AK-47-style rifle and 219 rounds of
ammunition´ in September 2001. It was charged that on or about
May 8, 2003, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, codefendant Masoud Ahmad Khan possessed
a photograph downloaded from the Internet of the FBI Headquarters building in
Washington, D.C.151 In November Judge Leonie Brinkema sentenced three of Royer¶s
co-defendants to 11½, 11¼ and 3 years and 10 months in prison.152 Royer received a
twenty-year prison sentence.

Someday al-Qaeda will take out Musharaff. The preceedings incidents were the
seventh and eighth attempt since he took power in 1999 and will not be the last.153 No
one likes this man. Neo-con Richard Armitage had to threaten to ³bomb Pakistan back
to the Stone Age´ to get Busharaff to cooperate after 9/11. In late February 2007
Cheney flew to Pakistan after almost being taken out in Afganistan to threaten
Musharffaf with a cut-off of aid if he did not behave. Musharraf got our messages, along
with the message of the Islamists in the Pakistani parliament and he proclaimed that he
would step down as army chief by the end of 2004 but remain the country's president
but when the time came to do so he reneged.154 President Musharraf relies on the
religious party Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam, or J.U.I., which dominates Balochistan, as an
important partner in the provincial and national parliaments. The Inter-Services
Intelligence has been supporting a Taliban restoration, motivated not only by Islamic
fervor but also by a longstanding view that the jihadist movement allows them to assert
greater influence on Pakistan's vulnerable North West Frontier Provinces. Former
Taliban members who have refused to fight in Afghanistan have been arrested -- or
even mysteriously killed by the ISI -- after resisting pressure to re-enlist in the Taliban.
Hamid Gul, the former director general of Pakistani intelligence, remains a public and
unapologetic supporter of the Taliban, visiting madrasas and speaking in support of
Jihad at graduation ceremonies. Afghan intelligence officials recently produced a
captured insurgent who said Gul facilitated his training and logistics through an office in
the Pakistani town of Nowshera, in the North-West Frontier Province, west of the

. Indictment: USA v Royer Eastern District of Virginia.
. Justin Bergman ³Three Men Sentenced In Jihad Paintball Case´ Associated Press November 7, 2003.
˜  Salman Masood ³Pakistani Leader Escapes 2 Assassination Attempt´ | ð   December 26, 2003.
. Salman Masood ³Pakistani President Agrees to Give Up Control of Military´ | ð   December 25, 2003.
capital, Islamabad.155 After a jihadi cell of 12 people was picked up in Kabul, two of the
men continued to receive cellphone calls while in custody, urging them to explode their
bombs, the intelligence official said. The calls came from an Afghan commander called
Pir Farouq, who lives in the Shamshatoo Afghan refugee camp in Peshawar and is
closely allied with Hekmatyar. When Afghan intelligence, at NATO's behest, passed on
the cellphone number of Pir Farouq to Pakistani intelligence officers, the Afghan
informer, a member of the commander's inner circle, was swiftly killed, his body cut into
eight pieces and dumped in the camp. Another group of jihadi were captured as they
were planning attacks on NATO forces in northern Afghanistan. That cell was also
connected to Hekmatyar, but organized by another of his commanders who lives in
Quetta.156 The Afgan Intelligence Service fought back by floating a false news story
based on a statement by a detained Taliban spokesman157 that alleged Mullah
Muhammad Omar was hiding in Pakistan.


In October 2002, religious parties that had won only four seats in the Pakistan
National Assembly in last election in 1997, won at least 49 seats, and had the elections
not been rigged would have garnered a majority. What is more important is that
Islamists have taken control of the local government in two provinces of Pakistan, the
North West Frontier Province and Balochistan. The pro-Taliban Islamist government
elected in the North West Frontier Province has passed the Enforcement of Shari'ah Act
and Provincial Accountability Act in the provincial assembly. Islamic Shari'ah is the
supreme law in the province, and Qu¶ran and Sunnah is the sources of guidance for
future legislation in the North West Frontier Province. Even before this the playing of
music and videos in public transport was banned. Pubs and gambling dens were
closed. Special police squads raided cinema houses in the city of Peshawar and
brought down posters showing actresses in vulgar postures - twenty-three cinema
owners were detained. Drivers of buses were ordered to stop their vehicles at mosques
during prayer times, if passengers makes specific requests and it is now a legal offence
if any driver turned down such a request. Separate mosques for women at bus stands
were set up since there was no separate place for women to offer their prayers.
Pakistani military officers stationed in this province have been arrested and accused of
having ties to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.158 Recently the Islamist-led provincial
legislature has passed a bill that would empower religious police to ensure that the
people of Frontier Province comply with "Islamic values and etiquettes" in everyday life.
The hisba police and a government-appointed cleric would adjudicate cases.159

. | ð  January 18, 2007 Abdul Haq ± claimed he used name Dr. Muhammad Hanif for 14 months.
. Christian Science Monitor September 11, 2003.
. New York Times August 3, 2005 A4
Neighboring Balochistan province has agreed to form a coalition
with the North West Frontier Province.160 Alcohol is now banned in both
provinces and the prisoners belonging to the defunct religious outfits
that were banned by Busharraf claiming that they were involved in
sectarian killings and terrorist activities were ordered released before
Eid.161 General Hamid Gul, the retired head of the Inter-Services
Intelligence agency who advises the new government of the North West
Frontier Province stated: ³We have the nuclear capability that can
destroy Madras [India]. Surely the same missile can do the same to Tel Aviv.
Washington cannot stop Muslim suicidal attacks. Taliban are still alive and along with
friends they will continue the Holy Jihad against the U.S.´ Hamid Gul is "strategic
adviser" to the six-party coalition of Islamists known as Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal that
threatened nationwide demonstrations to protest Musharraf's military offensive in the
federally administered tribal areas to find Usama bin Laden. Presumably to preempt
this, Musharraf announced military operations in federally administered tribal areas
were completed and the army was satisfied bin Laden was not hiding somewhere in the
2,500-killometer-long Afghan-Pakistan frontier region. General bin Laden and General
Gul share a geopolitical vision that merges Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and the oil riches
of a post-monarchy Saudi Arabia in a revival of the Holy Muslim Caliphate. Gul told a
closed meeting of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal leaders who were attending a wake for the
deceased wife of the coalition's vice president Sami ul-Haq they should begin planning
for Musharraf's succession. General Gul's candidate: Dr. Abdel Qader (A.Q.) Khan.162
Balochistan Information Minister Hafiz Husain Ahmed Sharodi said 9/11 was ³a
conspiracy by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad to start a war between Muslims
and Christians.´163

The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal an Islamist Pakistani Party came in third place in

the 2002 National Assembly elections. When a true Islamic Republic is installed in
Pakistan, al-Qaeda will have access to atomic weapons and the means to deliver them.
We know from the Jew Seymour Hersh and other sources that the United States has
contingency plans to seize Pakistan¶s nuclear arsenal if Busharraf falls and al-Qaeda
has developed a plan to counter this. After the September 11th Raids, Busharraf ordered
the country¶s nuclear weapons to be detached from their launchers and stored in six
different secret locations with fail-safe security systems.164 Without Musharraf, who has
blocked our infiltration into the Indian-held part of Kashmir, as did President Omar Sharif
al-Qaeda will liberate the Muslims of Kashmir and destroy the polytheistic Hindus who
have oppressed them!

Allah - through the Prophets - cursed the Jews throughout time because like the
Jew Hersh they constantly propagated treason, be it their way of life and their way of
dealing with people. Because of this Allah, be He praised, said: ³The heretics among
the Israelites were cursed by David and by Jesus the son of Mary because they rebelled

161. Coming with the new moon, the festival marks the end of Ramadan.
. GULLED BY GUL by Arnaud de Borchgrave Washington Times/UPI November 29, 2004
. Arnaud de Borchgrave UPI October 28, 2003.
164. Seymour M. Hersh ³Watching the Warheads: The Risks to Pakistan ¶s Nuclear Arsenal,´ New Yorker, November 5, 2001.
and acted violently. They did not counsel each other from committing evil, but [indeed]
did it and therefore their deeds are sinful.´165





Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad adopted the Nazi revisionist line and
publicly denied the holocaust. This sent a message to the Jews that their time for
extermination has come once again. He is following in the footsteps of Hitler and
especially Mussolini who pursued 'natalist' policies, to promote large families.
Ahmadinejad has called for a purge of liberal and secular professors from Iranian
universities, just as Hitler called for a purge of the Jews.

Long before Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad made this statement and all that it implied
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, told a pro-
intifada conference in Teheran that Zionists exaggerated the holocaust to justify their
crimes against Palestinians. ³There is evidence which shows that Zionists had close
relations with German Nazis and exaggerated statistics on Jewish killings. There is
even evidence on hand that a large number of non-Jewish hooligans and thugs of
Eastern Europe were forced to migrate to Palestine as Jews. The purpose was to install
in the heart of the Islamic world an anti-Islamic state under the guise of supporting the
victims of racism and to create a rift between the East and the West of the Islamic
world.´166 In a sermon on Tehran Radio the former president of Iran, Ali Akbar Hashemi
Rafsanjani, who ran against Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad, declared himself fully convinced
that ³Hitler had only killed 20,000 Jews and not six million.´

Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad took a lot of flack for his statements but he was not the
only Muslim leader to espouse historical revisionism. In 1983, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu
Mazen), the golden boy of America, who subsequently emerged as the chief PLO
architect of the Oslo Peace Accords, wrote   /    3      "  
    #       5   !  - It was originally his
doctoral dissertation, completed at Moscow Oriental College, in the Soviet Union. In it
he wrote:

Following the war, word was spread that six million Jews were amongst
the victims and that a war of extermination was aimed primarily at the
Jews...The truth is that no one can either confirm or deny this figure. In
other words, it is possible that the number of Jewish victims reached six
million, but at the same time it is possible that the figure is much smaller--
below one million...It seems that the interest of the Zionist movement,
however, is to inflate this figure so that their gains will be greater. This led
them to emphasize this figure [six million] in order to gain the solidarity of

. Qu¶ran 5: 78-79
166. Peace Watch, The Washington Institute¶s Special Reports on the Arab-Israeli Peace Process, Number 320, April 25, 2001.
international public opinion with Zionism. Many scholars have debated the
figure of six million and reached stunning conclusions--fixing the number
of Jewish victims at only a few hundred thousand.

Abbas denied that the gas chambers were used to murder Jews, quoting a
scientific study to that effect by French Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson. Mahmoud
Abbas, who met with President Bush and other senior members of the administration,
was Arafat¶s choice for Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority. He resigned when
asked to imprison the Brothers of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad but reappeared
only to have his party defeated by Hamas.167 He still remains President of the
Palestinian Authority.

The reason the world is taking Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad¶s threats seriously is

because Iran with soon have atomic bombs and is determined to bomb Israel. Ahmadi-
Najad¶s moderate opponent, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani proclaimed on Jerusalem
Day in Iran that ³one atomic bomb would wipe out Israel without a trace´ while the
Islamic world would only be damaged rather than destroyed by Israeli nuclear
retaliation.168 In December 2002 Seyed Mohammad Khatami, Shi¶ite religious leader
and Iranian President, visited the Sunni leaders of Pakistan and complained that some
countries were pressuring Pakistan to abandon its nuclear program. ³Pakistan is being
pressured and influenced to give up its nuclear program by some countries but these
countries should press Israel that has hundreds of nuclear warheads which are a
serious threat to peace and security of the world.´ Despite Bush the Younger¶s threats,
Iran is developing a uranium-enrichment plant that will be used for weapons-grade
material for nuclear weapons as well as fuel for power generation and will have the
bomb within two years.169 Iran has built a uranium enrichment plant in Natanz along with
two other backup laboratories in the event the Natanz site is bombed.170 Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei warned: ³If the enemy attacks our scientific, natural, human or technological
interests, the Iranian people will cut off its hand without hesitation and place in danger
the interests of the aggressor everywhere in the world.´ By 2006 Iran¶s desire to
produce a nuclear weapon became apparent to the world, as did the Iran¶s desire to
exterminate the Israelis, ³wipe Israel off the map.´ That year Ahmadi-Najad convened a
conference in Tehran to deny the holocaust so that when the one he has planned was
effectuated, that one could be denied too! Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, in his
opening address, styled the conference as a scientific forum that would seek to find
answers to the questioning of the holocaust by Ahmadi-Najad. Ahmadi-Najad has

. The Zionist Organization of America Press Release August 28, 2003 ³Palestinian Authority P.M. Abu Mazen, Calls The
Holocaust A Hoax.´
They Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies citing translation by Wisenthal Foundation
. Robert S. Wistrich Muslim Anti-Semitism: A Clear and Present Danger, The American Jewish Committee
. Joe Buff: Too Many Nuke Blind Spots March 15, 2004.
. A centrifuge of Pakistani design, although somewhat primitive is being utilized there. International inspectors discovered traces
of highly enriched uranium (U-235 enriched to 36% and even 90%) at Natanz and at the Kalaye Electric Plant and discovered Iran
had produced plutonium. The Iranians explained the traces had been on the equipment when it was purchased from another country
and agreed to tougher United Nations inspections, but said nothing regarding the plutonium. International Atomic Energy Agency
inspectors claim Iran also produced polonium, a key element of an atomic device ³Iran Has Made Plutonium, U.N. Reports´ | 
ð   November 11, 2003.
repeatedly questioned the truth of the holocaust, describing it as a "myth" and casting
doubt on the scale of the killings.

The simple question of the president of Iran: 'If the holocaust is a historical
event why can it not be researched?' The basic aim of this conference is
not to deny or to prove the holocaust but is to provide an opportunity for
researchers from Europe to give their views about this historical
phenomenon. The reiteration of the necessity for the review and
reexamination of the holocaust from a historical and scientific perspective
is taking place in the same context. However, those whose political
interests are tied to this formalistic interpretation do not tolerate the
scientific skeptical approach of scholars and researchers and seek to
prevent any independent research on the holocaust by whatever excuse
they can make and accusations they can level against them. How can pro-
Nazism and anti-Semitism accusations against the researchers of history
who whish only to know more about the historical events and the
holocaust be justified? Today, many of those who claim to be against
Nazism have themselves a track record of racist and colonial activism.
And what colonialists have done against the local people in their own
colonies is no less horrible than the crimes committed by the Nazis. Why
should, then, only one form of such crimes be condemned and other forms
of them be condoned. I declare explicitly that anti-Semitism is a Western
phenomenon, which is peculiar to the Western states. This phenomenon
has never existed in Islamic lands. However, we see today that the Islamic
Republic of Iran and all those who think that scientific research about a
historical event is necessary are subject to some unfounded accusations.
And the accusations of pro-Nazism and pro-fascism leveled against such
thinkers and researchers are the least price they should pay for their
views; these accusations have no scientific basis since many of the critics
of the holocaust have been themselves victims of racism.171

Robert Faurisson and German-born Australian Fredrick Toeben attended:

Toeben, who maintains the existence of gas chambers is an "outright lie," and
brought with him a model of the Treblinka extermination camp to this end,
praised Ahmadi-Najad¶s stance on the holocaust. "He has clearly seen the
importance the holocaust has for the rest of the world, which is beholden to the
holocaust as a dogma, as an unquestioning dogma.´ David Duke, a US white
supremacist and former Klu Klux Klan member, said he believed it was
"scandalous" that Europeans could be sent to prison for expressing opinions
about the Holocaust. "I think that Ahmadinejad is a very courageous man to talk
about some of these issues," he said.

For more and more Shi¶ia Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad is the Mahdi, or "Rightly-
guided One," one of two messianic figures who, according to Islamic teachings, will
appear at the end of time or in its latter day sense just before Israel is about to get

nuked. The Prophet Jesus is the other Mahdi. Together, these two will combat
unbelievers and the forces of evil: the antichrist-like ++, or "Deceiver"; the )) ,
or "Beast"; and the murderous, rapacious hordes of ++&++, who appear earlier
in the Bible as ³Gog and Magog.´ After emerging victorious, they will then usher in a
worldwide Islamic state and redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor on a global

But beware! If Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad turns out to be the Mahdi then Allah
favors the Shi¶ia, which cannot be.172 In any event, Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad, does not
openly claim to be the Mahdi, just to enjoy a special relationship with him, ³Our
revolution¶s main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, the
Mahdi,´ Ahmadi-Najad told a meeting of national religious leaders in November 2005.
³Today, we should formulate our economic, cultural and political policies based on the
policy of Imam Mahdi¶s return.´ In 2004, while still mayor of Tehran, Ahmadi-Najad
secretly ordered an urban reconstruction plan to make the city more accessible for the
Mahdi¶s return. Since his ascension to the presidency, he has perpetuated this practice,
funneling substantial federal funds (some $17 million) to renovate the Jamkaran
mosque²which houses the well from which the Mahdi is expected to materialize²and
opening discussions about the creation of a direct train route from there to Tehran.173

Prior to this historic conference in Tehran, in solidarity with Muslim the revisionist
movement and the unseen hand of the Hizb¶allah, the Institute for Historical Review¶s
Swiss affiliate organized a conference on Zionism and Revisionism that was to be held
in Beirut Lebanon. After the Zionists put pressure on the Lebanese Government the
conference was moved to Amman, Jordan. The featured speaker at this meeting, which
was hosted by the Jordanian Writers¶ Federation, was French historical revisionist
Robert Faurisson, who told a sympathetic audience: ³Hitler never ordered or allowed the
killing of anyone on account of his or her race or religion and the Germans suffered, in
reality, a fate far worse than that of the Jews.´

Robert Faurisson, a professor of French literature at the University of Lyon,

France, and a crypto-Nazi who shares our goal of the destruction of world Jewry, was
fired for being a ³racist´, after he was convicted for ³falsification of history´ in court, for
writings denying the existence of gas chambers in Nazi Germany and calling into
question the holocaust itself. During a radio interview Faurisson remarked: ³The alleged
Hitler gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one µsingle and same¶
historic lie, which has permitted a gigantic political financial hoax of which the principal
beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and of which the principal
victims are the German people (but not their rulers) and the entire Palestinian
people.´174 A Paris court, however, acquitted French novelist Michel Houellebecq of
charges of inciting racial hatred after he declared in an interview in 2002 that Islam was
³the most stupid religion.´ Three Muslim associations brought the case against him.

. Robert Faurisson ³Revisionism on Trial: Developments in France, 1979-1983´ Noontide Press Audio Cassette.
³When you read the Qu¶ran, you give up,´ he said. ³At least the Bible is very beautiful
because Jews have an extraordinary literary talent.´175

In the mid-1960¶s, the Jew Professor Noam Chomsky, who is some species of
Marxist was part of a number of New Leftists grouped around publisher Pierre
Guillaume. These men were prominent for their support of the 1968 student
demonstrators, and included Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, brother of Danny-the-Red
Cohn-Bendit, the leader of the demonstrations, along with several historical revisionists.
Pierre Guillaume published numerous works by rightwing historical revisionists. Noam
Chomsky said, ³I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas
chambers or even denial of the holocaust, nor would there be anti-Semitic implications,
per se, in the claim that the holocaust, whether one believes it took place or not, is
being exploited, viciously so, by apologists for Israeli repression and violence. I see no
hint of anti-Semitic implications in Faurisson¶s work.´176 Abu Jihad asked Chomsky
about this statement. He responded:

Part of the purpose of these hysterical attacks on me is to immobilize

critics of their Holy States, and I have better things to do. Remember that
it takes one phrase to produce some outrageous slander, and a paragraph
to refute it. The quote comes from a personal letter I wrote about 1980 or
so. And of course I agree with it, just as you do. U.S. anthropologists, until
the 1960¶s, underestimated the number of indigenous people eliminated
by about a factor of ten. We don¶t condemn them as racists. There were
other reasons. Americans underestimate the number of victims of the U.S.
wars in Indochina by a factor of twenty. We don¶t accuse them of being
racist. There are other reasons. If a peasant from Mongolia heard about
the Holocaust and refused to believe it, thinking that humans are not
capable of such atrocities, we would not condemn him as an anti-Semite.
You agree with this and so do I. That was precisely the context of the first
sentence you quote, so we all agree with it. The only question of interest is
why people who agree with it pretend to be scandalized by it. On the
implications of Faurisson¶s work, at the time of the letter no one regarded
it as anti-Semitic: neither his most extreme critics, like Vidal-Naquet, nor, a
few years later, the French Courts, which condemned him for µFalsification
of History¶ (a judgment that would greatly have pleased Stalin and
Goebbels), but not for anti-Semitism: only for µallowing¶ his work to be
used by others for nefarious purposes, whatever that is supposed to

Noam Chomsky signed a petition in Faurisson¶s behalf that became part of the
introduction to one of the Professor¶s books: ³It is elementary that freedom of
expression (including academic freedom) is not to be restricted to views of which one
approves...´ This sounded like a defense of free speech, but the Elder¶s, who are

. Alan Rinding ³French Writer Cleared of Hate Charge´ International Herald Tribune October 23, 2002
176. Werner Cohn -.  0 3 ð* 0   ± also Paul Berman ³Culture Shock - Noam Chomsky
Revisited´ Village Voice February 18, 1986.
familiar with Chomsky¶s agenda, believe that this Jew lent his name to the revisionists
because of his underlying desire to see his own race annihilated, just as Karl Marx did
in ( (   , , since Chomsky and Marx view Jews as the shock troops of
capitalism. When Robert Faurisson was put on trial Alfred Lilienthal and Noam
Chomsky defended him. In a brochure published by the Institute for Historical Review,
Noam Chomsky was listed as giving a speech entitled ³The Middle East Crisis and the
Threat of Nuclear War´ at the Fifth International Revisionist Conference held in 1983.177
Chomsky said that this was false.

During the Revisionist Conference in Jordan, Palestinian Authority

Communications Minister, Imad al-Falouji, and Palestinian Authority Secretary General,
Ahmed Abdel Rahman, spoke about their experiences at a rally by
prominent Palestinians in support of Roger Garaudy, 84, who was put
on trial in Paris for denying the holocaust in his 1995 book  
   *      .  . Zionist groups accused him of
denying crimes committed against humanity. Garaudy wrote that
Hitler¶s killing of the Jews amounted to ³pogroms´ or ³massacres´ but
that it was an exaggeration to call the Nazi crimes ³genocide´ or the
³holocaust.´ He also denied that six million Jews were killed. Garaudy
is known for the radical changes in his views through a life that has seen him
successively as a devout Christian, an atheist leader of the French Communist party
and, when he was expelled from its ranks, a convert to Islam and a Muslim philosopher.
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani stated, ³Garaudy¶s crime derives from the doubt he cast
on Zionist propaganda.´ An Iranian human rights body defended Garaudy as a scholar
whose free speech rights were violated. ³This trial is a demonstration of disrespect and
nonconformity to the practice of freedom of speech in association with a scholar who
intends to make public his research to the community of mankind,´ said the Tehran-
based Islamic Human Rights Commission.178 The commission, formed in 1995 by
lawyers, parliament members and senior state officials, claims to be independent of the
government, but of course, it is not, after all what is?

At this meeting Islamists were given reprints from the official newspaper of the
Palestinian Authority, &0* &,  , of an article labeling the holocaust, ³the
forged claims of the Zionists regarding the alleged acts of slaughter perpetrated against
the Jews during the same period´ and a reprint from the July 1990 issue of ,
published by the Palestinian Red Cross. This article asserted that ³the lie concerning
the gas chambers enabled the Jews to establish the State of Israel,´ and ³Jews regard
themselves as the landlords of humanity, and the Nuremberg courts were manned
mainly by Jews and their friends.´ The Learned Elders of Islam are puzzled as to why
the Israelis are willing to meet with, and negotiate with Arab holocaust deniers but are
unwilling to meet with those of European descent?

. Institute Historical Revisionism 1822½ Newport Blvd. Suite 191 Costa Mesa, California 92627 1988 Catalogue of Books,
Periodicals Audio/Video Cassettes & Pamphlets ³Noam Chomsky The Middle East Conference and the Threat of Nuclear.´
. ³Holocaust doubter on trial in France.´ Middle East Times
The idea of holocaust denial has always been part of the non-Jewish psyche.
The revisionists did not invent it nor did we. In January 1943, after United States
Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles publicly confirmed the ³final solution,´ a poll
said that more than half of the American people did not believe that the Nazis were
deliberately killing the Jews. In December 1944 the American public was asked:
³Nobody knows, of course, how many may have been murdered, but what would be
your best guess?´ Twenty-seven percent of Americans answered, ³fewer than 100,000.´
One percent answered, ³up to 1 million.´179

The Learned Elders of Islam are well aware that the Jews did not invent the
holocaust as an excuse to steal our lands. We know that six million died and hope that
this was an     . Through the Mufti and others Islamists were part of the final
solution. We gave haven to our Nazi brothers by granting them refuge in Egypt and
Syria after the war ended. But Islamists also know that if we can convince the world that
the last holocaust was a hoax, when we launch another holocaust against Israel and
world Jewry, we can convince them, with the help of Allah, that the new one was also a


Our goal is Religious Holy War or REHOWA unlike the RAHOWA (Racial Holy
War) of the neo-Nazis. George Lincoln Rockwell founded Neo-Nazism in America.
Unlike the historical revisionist crypto-Nazis, the Neo-Nazis believed:

By being an open, arrogant, all-out Nazi, not a sneaky Nazi, but a Nazi
with the Swastika, storm-troopers and open declarations of our intentions
to gas the Jew-traitors, I would not only make an end of the filthy µsilent
treatment¶ - for they could never ignore Nazis with Swastika armbands and
talk of gas chambers - but I would also force the Jews to publish my
propaganda in their press! Every time they would howl that I advocated
µgas chambers¶, people would be shocked, but they would also lose a tiny
bit of their µfear of the Jews¶ as the Bible calls the filthy terror inspired by
these µapostles of tolerance.¶

George Lincoln Rockwell was one of the first American Nazis to seek our
support. Rockwell wrote:

There was a pro-Jewish puppet government in Lebanon. The enraged

Lebanese Arabs, who had suffered and had witnessed over a million of
their fellow-Arabs driven into starvation and misery in the desert so that
the Jews could µtake back a homeland¶ occupied by the Arabs for over
2,000 years threatened to take over their traitorous government and go
after the international criminals who had butchered and banished their
Arab brothers. The U.S. Jews used their usual tactics - press distortion

. Lecture delivered by Marvin Kalb at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on February 27, 1996.
and secret pressure - to force µour¶ government to send the Marines to
µdefend¶ the Lebanese puppet regime against its own people. The Jewish
liars told us our intervention was to stop Gamal Abdul Nasser¶s
µcommunism¶, when the truth was that we were saving Israel.

George Lincoln Rockwell overlooked Nasser¶s communist tendencies because

he received support from him:

Harold Arrowsmith [a multi-millionaire eugenicist] appeared with an Arab

he claimed was head of Nasser¶s intelligence. I had warned Arrowsmith to
have nothing to do with Arabs, since we were picketing on the Lebanon
situation and I wanted no charges of being a foreign agent. He had
nevertheless brought this intelligence officer into the house, where my wife
and another lady met him, and he now gave him all our oilcloth signs. He
later told me that they were displayed to Nasser in Cairo.

In the early 1970s, the Saudis worked with the Nazis and hired an American neo-
Nazi, William Grimstead, as a lobbyist, to further their interests in the United States.180
We have nothing but admiration for Hitler and the leadership of the Third Reich. Fuzi
Salim Ali Madi, one of the leaders of Arafat¶s elite unit, al-Fatah Force 17, went by the
name ³Abu Hitler´ and named his two sons ³Eichmann´ and ³Hitler.´ In late 1997, a
German neo-Nazi and convert to Islam, Steven Smyrek, who trained at an al-Qaeda
camp in Afghanistan, was arrested with the Zionist entity for planning a suicide

On November 8, 2002 Swiss police raided the offices and home of

our Brother, Ahmed Huber, 75, a neo-Nazi convert to Islam from Berne,
Switzerland who had extensive dealings with the Grand Mufti Haj Amin
al-Husseini and who, until recently, made frequent trips to the United
States. The raid was part of a coordinated dragnet that stole records from
the offices of Al Taqwa.182 While Huber has worked closely with the Sunni
wing of Islam represented by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Taqwa, he
has long been a leading supporter of the Shi¶ite Islamic Republic of Iran. Huber's is the
only European Muslim ever to give a speech before the tomb of Imam Khomeini.183
Shortly after dual U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, U.S. intelligence
agencies tracked telephone contact between al-Qaeda and Albert Ahmed Huber.184 The
U.S. government froze Huber¶s assets and pressured the Swiss government to arrest
him. Huber, who was released from jail, now serves as the liaison between European
neo-Nazis and Islamic organizations in Europe.185

180. Martin A. Lee, The Swastika and the Crescent. The Intelligence Report, a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
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Other Brothers with Nazi backgrounds include Louis Heiden also known as Louis
Al-Hadj, a German expatriate, who translated Hitler¶s  Ê into Arabic. Johannes
von Leers, one of the Third Reich¶s most prolific Jew-haters, converted to Islam and
changed his name to Omar Amin after he was given asylum in Cairo in 1955. ³If there is
any hope to free the world from Jewish tyranny,´ Amin said ³it is with the Muslims, who
stand steadfastly against Zionism, Colonialism and Imperialism.´ Formerly Goebbels¶
right-hand man, Amin became a top official in the Egyptian Information Ministry, which
employed several European fascists who churned out literature and broadcasts that
exposed the evil of the Jews.186

The now deceased William Pierce, author of the inspirational book,    
  , has appeared on the web site of our Brothers in the Hizb¶allah. Pierce also was
interviewed regularly on Radio Iran by telephone from his compound in West Virginia.
³We have a common cause: getting the U.S. government off the back of the rest of the
world and getting the Jews off the back of the U.S. government. There is grounds for
joint action,´ he said.

In November 2002 a former U.S. Senator arrived in Bahrain to lecture on

Behind the scene influence of the Zionist lobby on U.S. politics,´ at the
invitation of a local religious centre. David Duke, who represented
Louisiana in the U.S. Senate from 1989 to 1991 and ran unsuccessfully for
governor the same year is a ³well-known critic of the Zionist lobby in the
U.S. and its threat to the U.S. national security,´ said Mohammed Zuhair,
manager of Discover Islam Centre. The centre, an educational institute
serving mostly the non-Muslim community in Bahrain, sponsored Duke¶s
four-day visit. During his stay, he delivered two lectures, ³Global Struggle
against Zionism´ and ³Israeli Involvement in September 11 (attacks).

Duke was a leader of the Klu Klux Klan in America.187

Tariq Ramadan also spoke at the Bahraini conference. Ramadan

is a Swiss citizen, born in Geneva in 1962, the Grandson of Hassan Al-
Banna.188 Ramadan has been called the Martin Luther King of Islam as
he has called for co-existence with West. This is merely a smokescreen.
Ramadan had pointed out that the reality of Muslim life in Europe is not
that there is freedom of religion, but that secularism is aggressively
taught in schools; issues such as the hijab ban in France are often
mentioned in Ramadan¶s lectures. He knows that the reality is not that
there is freedom of speech, but that Muslims in Britain were vilified for defending the
Prophet¶s [PBUH] honor in the Rushdie affair and that the reality is not of equal
citizenship, but of widespread Islamophobia and discrimination. Ramadan understands

. ³David Duke Due in Bahrain for Lecture´ Manama November 14, 2002.
. Nicholas Le Quesne, ³Trying to Bridge a Great Divide´ Time Magazine.
that the Muslim position in the West is inseparable from that of the % 4 relations
with the West at a global level. As long as the Islamic movement fights Western
hegemony in Muslim lands, Muslims in the West will be seen as the enemy within,
which we most certainly are.189 When Tariq wrote that ³French Jewish intellectuals'' --
like Bernard-Henri Levy, Alain Finkielkraut, Bernard Kouchner, Andre Glucksmann and
Pierre-Andre Taguieff (in fact not Jewish at all) -- who used to be ''considered
universalist intellectuals'' had become knee-jerk defenders of Israel and thus ''had
relativized the defense of universal principles of equality and justice´ it became more
apparent why he spoke at the Bahraini conference. Both #  and # )   had
turned down this article. Hani Ramadan, Tariq's brother, the head of the Swiss Islamic
center founded by their father has a similar understanding of Islam, but he is more open
in his beliefs. Hani Ramadan was suspended from his job as a high school French
teacher in Geneva when #  published his essay that justified stoning women as
punishment for adultery.190 Brother Tariq Ramadan was given a position at Indiana¶s
Notre Dame University but the Department of Homeland Security would not allow him to
enter the United States. According to Ramadan191 this was a result of the efforts of a
dangerous enemy of Islam, Daniel Pipes, who makes war on the soldiers of Allah, just
as Pipe¶s father did on the atheists who ruled Russia. Daniel Pipes, a Jew, was behind
the blasphemous cartoons including the one of the Prophet [PBUH] with a bomb in his
turban that set off riots throughout our world. He confessed to this, ³Flemming Rose,
cultural editor of a Danish newspaper, ,*&. , sent me an e-mail on
September 29, 2004, introducing himself and requesting an in-person interview during
his American trip. I agreed and Mr. Rose came to my Philadelphia office on October 25,
2004.´192 Just as the Department of Homeland Security was influenced by Pipes
statement that Tariq Ramadan ³is playing a double game of hiding an Islamist agenda´
Rose was influenced by Pipes and published the now infamous cartoons that are the
subject of a defamation action in France after the satirical newspaper    0 )
reprinted them. In March 2006 Tariq reapplied for entry to the United States. In
September 2006 Ramadan, who took a post at Oxford University, said he had received
an official letter effectively clearing him of charges that kept him from taking up a
teaching position at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. However, the letter from
the United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, explained the continued ban by saying
he had contributed about $770 to the French-based Committee for Charity and Aid to
Palestinians, a Hamas front group.193

Ramadan's main argument was that ''We have heard the cries of 'down with the
Jews!' shouted during protest demonstrations, and reports of synagogues being
vandalized in various French cities. One also hears ambiguous statements about Jews,
their secret power, their insidious role within the media, and their nefarious plans...Too

. Iqbal Siddiqui - Crescent International, April 16-30, 2000 reprinted by Muslim Media ³Theoretical and philosophical discussion
which fails to address the realities facing European Muslims.´
. Elaine Sciolino, ³A Muslim Scholar Raises Hackles in France´ The |  ð    November 16, 2003 Section 1, Page 3,
Column 1
rarely do we hear Muslim voices that set themselves apart from this kind of discourse
and attitude.''

In 1988 Inmullas Kahn, Secretary General of the World Muslim Congress

 & & , maintained close relations with the defunct crypto-Nazi
newspaper,  .194 The constitution and rules and regulations of the &
 & were framed and approved in a 1926 conference in Mecca held under
the presidentship of Haj Amin al-Husseini, his Eminence the Grand Mufti of Palestine.
He was elected as a President of the  & & . The American-Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee published the work of Mark Weber, a contributor to
 .195 Members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had been scattered throughout
the Middle East beginning in 1960 started the Muslim Student Association.196 In October
2003 the Muslim Student Association of the University of Pennsylvania asked the
Reverend William W. Baker, a former chairman, the Populist Party and director of
Christians and Muslims for Peace to speak. The Populist Party was an initiative of Willis
Carto.197 In January 2004 Baker spoke at a Muslim conference in Toronto, Canada,
along with Tariq Ramadan and Sirhaj Wahhaj.198 Baker, a resident of Laguna Hills,
California, was once a regular guest speaker at the mainstream Reverend Robert
Schuller's Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. He was later ousted from the mega-
church when the Jews put pressure on Schuller.

> <

 The mujahideen of many lands, under our guidance, have annihilated the godless
Soviet communists, who had assumed power for the sake of their own advantage that is
inseparably bound up with the well being of their elite communist aristocracy. But
nowadays, with the destruction of the mujahideen of Afghanistan by the United States,
the Afghanis have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who
have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the devout.

A The Communists appeared on the scene as alleged saviors of the worker from
oppression, so we propose to them to enter the ranks of our fighting forces ± even
Socialists, Anarchists, Maoists -- to whom we always give support in accordance with
brotherly love (of the solidarity of all Islam), after they accept and submit to Allah. These
groups will be won over to Islam when they come to the conclusion that the communist
aristocracy, which enjoyed, by law, the labor of the workers, was disinterested in seeing
that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. Their power was in the chronic
shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies,

194. ³Celebrating anti-Semitism,´ Editorial New York Post November 3, 1988.

. B¶nai Brith Messinger, May 20, 1983
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. Daniel Pipes ³Canadian Islamist Host a Neo-Nazi,´ January 7, 2004.
he is made the slave of their will, and he will not find in his own authorities either
strength or energy to set against their will. Hunger created the right of the Communist
Party to rule the worker by the authority of the Jew Karl Marx.

The Supreme Lord who will replace all now existing rulers among sub-cultures
conquered by us, sub-societies that have denied even the authority of God, from whose
midst breeds out on all sides the fire of leftism, radicalism, environmentalism,
communism, anarchy, we must first of all proceed to quench this all-devouring flame.
Therefore we will be obliged to kill off those existing sub-societies, or merge them with
our own blood, that we may resurrect them again in the form of regularly organized
troops fighting consciously with every kind of weapon at their disposal for Islam. The
Jews in those sub-societies will find that this mercy of the Prophet [PBUH] shall elude


Jacques Verges, a half-French, half-Vietnamese ³leftist,´ is one

of France¶s most notorious lawyers and a witting agent of Islam. In
1942, even though he was only seventeen, Jacques Vergès joined the
French Resistance but because France was blockaded, he wound up
with the Free French in Britain under the command of General
Charles de Gaulle. In 1949, he became president of the Association
for Colonial Students, and quickly turned the group into a militant
organization. One of the more active members of Vergès¶ student
organization and one who influenced Vergès very much over the years was the young
Pol Pot, who was studying at the Sorbonne.

As an attorney, Verges first major case was that of a Muslim,

Djamila Bouhired: On September 30, 1956 3 bombs were planted by
women working with Yacef Saadi (producer of the movie Battle of
Algiers): Zorah Drif (now Zorah Drif Bita Vice President of the Algerian
National Council), and Samia Lakhdari and Djamila Bouhired a twenty-
year-old Algerian woman. Two of the bombs actually exploded in
public places patronized by local French youths. Three died and flying
shards of splintered glass horribly injured 50 persons. During his courtroom speeches
Vergès condemned the atrocities conducted by the French army in Algeria and the
inherent unfairness of the imperial system that the government supported. Djamila
Bouhired was sentenced to death. Soon after the trial, however, several journalists
demanded that Djamila Bouhired be released on the account of her youth. By 1962
Djamila Bouhired was freed and she married Vergès in 1963. By this time Vergès had
converted to Islam.

In 1960 Vergès served two-months in prison for ³attempting to undermine the

security of the state.´ His license to practice law was suspended for several years. In
1969 members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were being tried for
hijacking El Al planes and Vergès appeared as their attorney. When three members of
the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stood trial after blowing up an Israeli jet
in Zurich, Verges defended them. Francois Genoud paid for their legal costs. Again,
Vergès employed his strategy by claiming the so-called terrorists¶ acts were political, not
criminal, and that Israel was to be blamed for the El Al passengers¶ deaths, not the
Palestinians. As in his previous cases, his defendants were found guilty, but in the
process of their trial, their cause was well publicized. In 1970 Verges disappeared. He
resurfaced in 1978 and was asked about his disappearance in 1984: ³I am a discreet
man. I stepped through the looking glass, where I served an apprenticeship.´199

Had Verges served an apprenticeship with Francois

Genoud? It was after his disappearance that he crossed the
thin line between the left and right, for these terms have no
relevance. Where did they originate? In the French
Assembly before the revolution, the king¶s loyalists - nobles,
aristocrats, courtiers, and supporters of the monarchy - sat
to his right, whereas the bourgeois, democrats,
republicanists, and opponents of the monarchy sat to his left.
Ever since then, those who have advocated making society more egalitarian, liberal,
and popularly managed and less hierarchical and stratified have been considered ³left-
wing.´ The Communists were leftwing yet were hierarchical and far from liberal in their
social attitudes. The National Socialists were rightwing yet were not monarchists who
wished to restore the Kaiser to the German throne.
Verges understood that his anti-imperialist goals were best
served by abandoning this antiquated way of looking at
the world. Verges began defending Nazis. In 1987
Verges represented Klaus Barbie, a Third Reich Nazi, the
so-called Butcher of Lyons. In 1935, after submitting to
undergo a test for his racial and medical purity, Barbie
joined Himmler¶s SS. Barbie owed his postwar
notoriety not to the deportation to Nazi death camps of 44 Jewish children and twenty
thousand others, but to the arrest and torture unto death of Jean Moulin, (right) one of
the highest-ranking members of the French Resistance. Hot needles where shoved
under Moulin¶s fingernails. His fingers were forced through the narrow space between
the hinges of a door and a wall and then the door was repeatedly slammed until the
knuckles broke. Screw-levered handcuffs were placed on Moulin and tightened until
they bit through his flesh and broke through the bones of his wrists. He would not talk.
He was whipped. He was beaten until his face was an unrecognizable pulp. Jean
Moulin remained in this coma when he was shown to other resistance leaders who were
being interrogated at Gestapo headquarters. Barbie had ordered Moulin put on display
in an office. It was the last time Moulin was seen alive.

In Barbie¶s defense Verges argued that Nazi atrocities were comparable to

French atrocities during their war against our Algerian Brothers who lived in the Third
World under colonial oppression. Jacques Verges¶ hatred for Jews allowed him to

199. Peter Sandmeyer ³The Jackal and the Villain,´ Stern (Hamburg), September 22,1993 - ³Stasi files disclose data on notorious
terrorist ³Carlos´ and lawyer now defending him, Jacques Verges.
dismiss the real possibility that had he been able to join the Resistance within France,
Barbie might have tortured . At Brother Garaudy¶s trial in 1995 Verges said the law
forbidding the denial of Nazi crimes against humanity was ³fascist, racist, wicked and
against freedom´ and tried to ³freeze history.´ ³This is a witch hunt,´ Verges told the
Paris court.

Verges, who like most Communists wished to see the workers triumph over the
bosses, represented Omar Raddad, a 37-year old Moroccan gardener who was
sentenced in 1994 to an 18-year prison term for the murder of his employer, who wrote
µOmar did it¶ in blood just before he died. Raddad was released after serving 7 years of
the 18 year-prison term after French President Jacques Chirac granted him a partial
amnesty. Verges also represented African leaders who had been accused of being in
collusion with French colonialism in the book ð   , which set out to explore the
murky relationship between France and its former African colonies. Presidents Denis
Sassou Nguesso of Congo, Idriss Deby of Chad and Omar Bongo200 of Gabon used an
1881 law designed to protect foreign leaders from attack in print to demand a $42,000-
dollar fine for author Francois-Xavier Verschave. A French court dismissed their claim,
declaring that the law was in contravention of the European Convention on Human
Rights, which protects freedom of speech.201

Verges prepared a lawsuit against Amnesty International, on behalf of the

government of Togo, which has accused it of human rights violations. The case was
sparked by an Amnesty International report that accused the Togolese government of
the disappearance of some 100 people, whose bodies were thrown into the Atlantic
Ocean, only to resurface later. ³It¶s simply not credible that the army killed hundreds of
people, threw them out of planes into the ocean and that hundreds then washed up
along the beaches of Benin and Togo,´ Verges said.202

The Bosnian war brought to the world¶s attention the practice of ³ethnic
cleansing,´ or forcibly expelling other minorities from certain areas in an effort to create
an ethnically pure region. Christian Bosnian Serbs were at the forefront of such efforts.
In the summer of 1992, they set up concentration camps at Omarska, Trnopolje and
other Bosnian towns where thousands of Muslims were incarcerated and killed. The
Saudi Arabian government demanded that the U.S. and Western Europe do something
to aid its co-religionists. NATO attacked and Milosevic and his Christian forces were
defeated. Milosevic was put on trial before an International Tribunal in The Hague.
Jacque Verges was on Milosevic¶s defense committee. Why was this friend of Islamism
defending a murderer of Muslims? Verges objected to the financiers behind the
Tribunal. He has said: ³The donor States, don¶t forget that they are Muslim States like
Saudi Arabia. As we all know, Saudi Arabia is an example of democracy...And then
there is Mr. Soros! Today, one does not speak any more proletarians, Jews, Nazis...But

200. Judicial authorities in Switzerland investigating the French oil giant, ELF, have frozen the bank account of Gabon's President
Omar Bongo. Jacques Verges petitioned the court in closed session to unfreeze the account and stop the investigation accessing
certain bank records.
. BBC News Online April 25, 2001 ³French Author Wins Africa Book Case.´
202. Online International News June 19, 1999.
one speaks good people or bad as seen by NATO. Those which I believe are the new
Masters of the world.´203 Saddam Hussein¶s half brother asked Verges to defend
Saddam and he agreed to do so. In April 2006 Verges had this to say about the Islamic
Republic of Iran, ³One threatens Iran, by saying that Iran should not have the atomic
bomb. It should not be even suspected of having the means of making the nuclear
bomb. Whereas Iran has two neighbors who have it already: Pakistan on one side and
Israel of the other. Why these two countries have do right to the bomb and Iran not? Do
not seek answers. They are decisions of powerful moment.204


Francois Genoud convinced Verges that Hitler wanted the people of the Third
World to carry on the work of the Thousand Year Reich, even though Hitler would have
regarded Verges as a half-breed, a mongrel; a genetic misfit. Genoud had convinced
Verges that Western democracy was inherently racist and wished to enslave the world
and not Adolf Hitler!

In 1932, Francois Genoud briefly met Adolf Hitler. He told Hitler of his great
interest in National Socialism, and Hitler shook his hand. Francois Genoud¶s parents
had sent him from Lausanne, Switzerland, to study in Germany at 16 in order to learn
discipline. Francois Genoud: ³My views have not changed since I was a young man.
Hitler was a great leader, and if he had won the War the world would be a better place.´
In 1934 Genoud joined the pro-Nazi Swiss National Front. He traveled to Palestine.
There he met the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin el-Husseini. El-Husseini considered
Francois Genoud a confidant until El-Husseini¶s death in 1974, may Allah have mercy
on his soul. Francois Genoud traveled to Berlin frequently during the war to see El-
Husseini and visited him afterward many times in Beirut. The Grand Mufti entrusted
Genoud with the management of his enormous financial affairs. Genoud was made an
honorary SS member, and awarded a Gold Badge by Hitler. A close friend of many of
the leaders of the Third Reich, Genoud held the copyrights on the writings of Hitler,
Bormann and Goebbels, from which he derived millions of dollars in funds.205

The Nazis extracted gold from the teeth of people they executed in death camps
and melted it down to sell for the war effort. Allied soldiers found bags of gold fillings
from human teeth hidden by the Nazis in Germany at the end of the war. Stacks of gold
bars, gold coins, silver, Passover candlesticks, paintings and other assets looted by the
Nazis were hidden. Francois Genoud told the Elders: ³I was dealing in all kinds of things
including currency, diamonds and gold, and my Abwehr Case Officer Dickopf206 liked
dealing, too. So I pushed things his way, and he pushed things my way.´ At the end of
the war, Genoud took this gold from Germany and placed it into Swiss bank accounts.

203. Stephanie Maupas ³Interview Of Jacques Verges´ Support Slobodan Milosevic January 8, 2002.
205. David Lee Preston, ³Hitler's Swiss Connection´ Philadelphia Inquirer January 5, 1997.
206. Dickopf was president of Interpol from 1968 to 1972. At the end of the war, Genoud represented the Swiss Red Cross in
The money was used to finance ODESSA, which helped with the evacuation of key
World War II war heroes into Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Latin America.

Francois Genoud had continued contacts with ex-SS men, was

prominent in the New European Order, a Nazi-front group, and in 1958,
set up the Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva to manage the war chest
of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN), whose partisans were
fighting to free their country from French colonial rule. He also
established Arabo-Afrika; an import-export company that distributed
anti-Jewish propaganda and delivered weapons to the Algerian National
Liberation Front. Several veterans of the Third Reich, including Hitler¶s
bodyguard, Major General Otto Ernst Remer, smuggled the weapons to
our Algerian Brothers, while other Nazis provided military instruction. Francois Genoud
made investments in Islamic Africa for Hjalmar Schacht, (left) the former Nazi
Reichsminister of Finance, president of the Reichsbank and a key postwar intermediary
between Germans and the Elders of Islam. When Algerian independence was
proclaimed in 1962, Francois Genoud became director of the Arab Peoples¶ Bank in
Algiers, as did Schacht. Francois Genoud was later arrested in Algeria for transferring
$15 million of Algerian National Liberation Front money to a Swiss bank. Gamal Abdel
Nasser got Francois Genoud out of Algeria without a trial, and he never returned. After
a 15-years of litigation in a Swiss court, the money was returned to Algeria.

On February 21, 1972 a Lufthansa Boeing 747 bound

for Frankfurt was ready for takeoff in Bombay when Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijackers took the plane
hostage. Among the 188 passengers was Joseph Kennedy,
19-year-old son of assassinated Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
Wadi Haddad formulated this operation. The Lufthansa
operation was carried out with the assistance of Francois
Genoud, who drove to Cologne carrying the letter with the
ransom demand. After sending the letter to Lufthansa and to news agencies, Genoud
took off for a vacation in the Belgian Ardennes. ³The amount of money demanded of
Lufthansa was very high. Too low a number would have made us lose credibility. Too
high a number might have made the operation fall through, especially considering how
quickly the money had to be produced.´207 Francois Genoud made this public, after a 20
year statute of limitations gave him immunity from prosecution. But, none-the-less, in
February 1996 the Swiss attorney general summoned Genoud to Bern to explain his
role in the hijacking why had he been in contact with Carlos the Jackal since the early

Francois Genoud had ties to the family of Usama bin Laden. Much of the Bin
Laden group¶s international activities took place in the Geneva offices of Saudi
Investment Company, managed by Yeslam Bin Laden. Board members include Baudoin

207. L'extrémiste: François Genoud, de Hitler à Carlos, Pierre Pean, Fayard, 1996.
Dunant. Baudoin Dunant represented Francois Genoud when Genoud was on trial for
participation in international terrorism.208

Francois Genoud narrowly escaped a Mossad assassination attempt in October

1993 when a bomb exploded in front of the door to his home and he was aware that
Zionist and Swiss circles of inquiry were closing in on him. Genoud committed suicide
on May 30, 1996 shortly after Jewish leaders and Swiss banking officials announced an
unprecedented agreement to set up a commission to examine secret bank and
government files to search for funds deposited in Switzerland by Jews who had been
exterminated by Hitler. The Jew Paul Volker was to head this investigation. Francois
Genoud¶s death was a severe blow to the Nazi and Islamist Movements ± as he
covered the legal expenses of Adolf Eichmann before an Israeli court in 1961 and
subsidized Ayatollah Khomeini¶s prolonged exile in France when Shah Mohammed
Reza Pahlavi governed Iran.209

The Committee of Solidarity with Arab and Middle East Political Prisoners was a
group of Paris-based Shiite Muslims linked closely to Hezbollah and Iran that carried out
a series of 1985 - 1986 bombings in public places in Paris that killed 13 and injured over
300. In early 1987 French Security learned from an informer that the attacks had been
carried out by a group of Shiite Muslims based in an Islamic school in a Paris suburb led
by Fouad Ben Ali Saleh. Information obtained by wiretaps led investigators to suspect
Wahid Gordji, a translator at Iran¶s Paris Embassy, of coordinating the attacks. In June,
French authorities subpoenaed Gordji who fled to the Paris Embassy leading to a six-
month standoff in which French police surrounded the Embassy. In response, Iranian
police surrounded the French Embassy in Tehran. The two countries severed diplomatic
relations in July and Hezbollah took several French citizens hostage. The standoff
ended in November 1987 when Gordji was briefly interviewed by French authorities
before flying to Iran. Francois Genoud was a key member of the ³Friends of Wahid
Gordji Committee´ which had interceded on Gordji¶s behalf and convinced the French to
grant him safe passage. The French hostages in Lebanon were released shortly
thereafter and full diplomatic relations were restored in June 1988.210

Francois Genoud paid for the legal defenses of the Baader-Meinhoff group211
and allocated the resources of the Al Taqwa Bank and the Nada Group to support
Carlos the Jackal and then paid Verges to defend him.


When the Gulf war broke out in 1990 Carlos worked for Saddam Hussein until
moving to Syria. In November 1991 he was expelled from Syria and traveled to

208. ³Hunting Bin Laden About the Bin Laden Family´ PBS
209. Jay Bushinsky, ³Swiss Probe Anti-U.S. Neo-Nazi Suspected Financial Ties to al-Qaeda´. San Francisco Chronicle March 12,
211. Michael Kapal Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council October 20, 1996 ³Hitler¶s Willing Helper´
Yemen.212 Carlos was arrested in August 1994 in the Sudan. He was kidnapped by
French policemen and is now serving a life sentence in France. Carlos believes the
price for his capture was decided by the U.S. and paid by Saudi Arabia by U.S. order. In
an interview from prison Carlos has stated that Dr. Hassan al-Turabi was complicit in his
arrest when, in reality, is was Sudanese President al-Bashir, struggling for dominance
over al-Turabi, who had delivered Carlos to France. Usama bin Laden, who lived
contemporaneously with Carlos in Khartoum, Sudan, emulated Carlos¶ United Front
tactics in the formation of his International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the U.S. and
Israel in 1998. After the arrest of Carlos, the Jackal¶s United Front withered away and
the Yemeni and other +  trained by them gravitated to al-Qaeda.

Carlos married Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, his 48-year-old lawyer

in a Muslim ceremony in a glass-walled prison room containing a few
sticks of furniture covered in graffiti. There was a solitary witness and
they were watched over by guards. Carlos recited verses from the
Qu¶ran, they signed a sheet of paper, exchanged rings and kissed.213
After the civil ceremony, conjugal visits might be possible.214 Isabelle
Coutant-Peyre, who has known Jacques Verges since 1981 and
worked with him for decades, represented Mohamed Chalabi, an Algerian Islamist and
leader of the Armed Islamic Group imprisoned by France then deported to Algeria
where he faced an even worse fate than that of Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman. Mrs.
Coutant-Peyre represented Zacarias Moussaoui who is a French citizen. Roger
Garaudy¶s publication  &|  includes articles by Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, so it is
unlikely Isabelle is a big fan of the Jews. In many respects she is the French equivalent
to Lynne Stewart.


In the 1970¶s Horst Mahler was a Marxist urban guerrilla and lawyer
for the Red Army Faction in Germany. Now he represents the National
Democratic Party, a rightwing grouping.215 Although many German right-
wingers have a problem with immigration, foreign workers and asylum
seekers Mahler stated: ³For decades, the Jihad has been the agenda of
the Islamic world against the Western value system. The Anglo-American and European
employees of the global players, dispersed throughout the world are, as Usama bin
Laden proclaimed a long while ago, military targets. Only a few need be liquidated in
this manner; the survivors will run off like hares into their respective home countries,
where they belong.´ In October 2002, Mahler and his party¶s leader, Udo Voigt,
attended an event sponsored by Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamist group with 27,000 members
in Germany that was recently banned here for extremism and for spreading anti-Semitic
propaganda in universities. On April 10, 2003 German police raided some 80 buildings

212. Uri Dan ³Syria Boots Jackal´ New York Post November 29, 1991.
. Marylin Bardsley Court TV¶s Crime Library ³Carlos the Jackal Trail of Terror.´
. Baader-Meinhof Discussion Forumhorst ³Mahler is now a Nazi.´
throughout the country linked to Hizb ut-Tahrir but no arrests were made. Hizb ut-Tahrir
Brother Nizar al-Saqeb was expelled from Germany due to his connection with
September 11th Raid planner Ramzi bin al-Shibh.216 Mahler's license to practice as a
lawyer was withdrawn in 2004 and in January, 2005 he was sentenced to nine months
in prison for inciting racial hatred. He was chosen by Ernst Zündel to help the defense in
his 2005 trial for inciting racial hatred. In England the East London Youth Forum is
dominated by Hizb ut-Tahrir. An Internet site listing Muslim events in Britain carried a
notice that listed the youth forum and Hizb ut-Tahrir, along with a British cola company,
as the main supporters of a charity dinner. Hizb ut-Tahrir urges Muslims NOT to take
part in the British political system.217

> A 


Having established approximately the modus agendi to achieve our ends, we will
occupy ourselves with the details of creating the environment conducive to completing
the Islamic revolution within the borders of the United States by moving the machinery
of State in a direction favorable to achieving our goals. Every one of our efforts must
have an underlying ulterior motivation cloaked in the robes of religious or political


Al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith, a banned Kuwaiti Imam removed

the cloak for a moment, and said that ³the Republican Party has every reason to be
worried´218 and was justified in having sponsored the Patriot Act in terms of survival and
self-preservation, because Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are planning the death of up to
four million Americans, including one million children, through the use of chemical and
biological weapons. He explained, ³Carrying out terrorism against the oppressors is one
of the tenets of our religion.´219 Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman agreed and stated in a
speech given prior to May 2, 1994: ³Why do we fear the word   ? If the    is
the person who defends his right, so we are   . And if the    is the one who
struggles for the sake of God, then we are   . We... have been ordered with
   because we must prepare what power we can to  
the enemy of God
and yours. The Qu¶ran mentioned the word  ð  , therefore we don't fear to be
described with   6 They may say          !      
 . Let them say that. We are ordered to prepare whatever we can of power to
the enemies of Islam.´ We are terrorists, but not in the pejorative sense as
Westerners use the word.

>    E 

. | ð   September 26, 2004 p14 Richard Bernstein Germany Struggles to Assess True Aims of Islamic Group
Kahled Abou El Fadl 
218. ³Moderate Muslims Under Siege´ | ð   July 1, 2001.
219. ³In Full Al-Qaeda Statement´ BBC October 10, 2001.
The Patriot Act established the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System,
a system that matches foreign visitors fingerprints against databases of +  and their
supporters. The INS has taken +  into custody as they tried to enter the United
States after their fingerprints matched those lifted by U.S. military officials from
documents found in caves in Afghanistan! Now U.S. immigration officials fingerprint and
photograph all visitors to America who enter from suspect countries.220 On March 1,
2003 the INS was disbanded and the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.)
assumed its functions. Tom Ridge, the square-headed political appointee headed the
D.H.S., despite his lack of experience until the weasel-faced Jew, Michael Chertoff
replaced him. The last time the INS changed places within the American Federal
Bureaucracy was in 1940, when the other ³Axis of Evil´ caused it to become part of the
Justice Department. The D.H.S. will use facial recognition and fingerprint scanning
technologies as the federal standard for identity documents to be issued to foreigners,
however, they cannot issue foreign passports that these identities are based on, nor can
they prevent us from stealing blank passports as we have done in Russia, Mexico and
Saudi Arabia.221 There are Central American plastic surgery mills, now used by drug
lords, that can alter the loops and whorls on a Brother¶s fingertips.

The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 attempted to make all

Americans into deportable aliens:

Under 8 U.S.C. §148 1, an American can lose his citizenship by

voluntarily, and with the intent to relinquish nationality, taking any of a
number of actions, including (1) obtaining Nationality in a foreign state; (2)
taking an oath of allegiance to a foreign state; and, most importantly (3)
serving in the armed forces of a foreign state that is engaged in hostilities
against the United States. The current expatriation statute does not,
however, provide for the loss of citizenship in cases where an American
serves in a hostile foreign so-called terrorist organization. It thus fails to
take account of the myriad ways in which, in the modern world, war can be
waged against the United States. ³This provision would amend 8 U-S.C.
1481 to make clear that, just as an American can relinquish his citizenship
by serving in a hostile foreign army, so can he relinquish his citizenship by
serving in a hostile terrorist organization. Specifically, an American could
be expatriated if with the intent to relinquish his nationality, he becomes a
member of, or provides material support to, a group that the United States
has designated as a     
  if that group is engaged in
hostilities against the United States.

Praise God, this never became law.

. Abby Goodnough and Eric Lichtblau ³U.S. Begins Screening Program for Monitoring Foreign Visitors´ | ð   January
6, 2004.
. ³Terror Groups Could Use Stolen Passports, FBI Says´ Bloomberg News Service July 2, 2003.


The Qu¶ran states emphatically: ³Whoever chooses to follow the right path,
follows it but for his own good; and whoever goes astray, goes but astray to his own
hurt; and no bearer of burdens shall be made to bear another¶s burden.´222 The ð
condemn our justice system as antiquated and inhumane, they should look at their own
before they throw the first stone! Siddig Ali Siddig¶s sentence was symptomatic of
American jurisprudence, wherein, for example, the kingpin of a narcotics distribution
cartel ³rats down´ on his subordinates, many of whom played insignificant roles in his
operation, sends them to prison, then does a very short sentence or none at all.223

Just as Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman possessed no explosives or written plans to

bomb New York City, no money or narcotics is needed in drug cases termed ³a dry
conspiracy.´ What transpires is that the FBI or local police who have a suspect in their
custody call up someone and ask them if they want to help them sell some drugs they
have recently obtained. The call is recorded, and if the person who is being called
agrees to help, they are arrested and charged with conspiracy, a far more serious
charge than sale or possession of narcotics. In other cases the FBI asks the suspect to
name people he had sold drugs to in the past, and if they can come up with any sort of
corroboration ± another informant ± a telephone record ± an apartment lease, a travel
record, the person will be arrested, on the word of the informant, who often has a long
criminal record. The Dry Conspiracy statutes have been used against the Black Muslim
Brothers in Liberty City, Miami, Florida, who were arrested in 2006 for simply talking
Jihad. Nothing transpired and no weapons, IEDs or money were seized.

This is why Islamic law forbids giving and accepting bribes, taking false oath,
betrayal of trust, listening (to) people¶s private conversations and judging unjustly. Our
system has no provisions for rewarding those who testify against their friends, mother,
father or brother. Shari'ah law metes out harsh justice, but justice that is commensurate
with one¶s involvement in a crime. We do not object to mandatory sentences, for our
sentences too are mandatory, and the judges must impose them, unless there are
highly extenuating circumstances. But Islamists object to guilty parties avoiding the just
sentence by making others punished for   shirks.224 Many in America who are on the
receiving end of the judicial system convert to Islam while in prison or jail and will join us
in our struggle when they, with the help of Allah [subhanahu wa ta¶ala], are released.
America will turn out an army of soldiers of Islam who will be more than happy to
destroy the judges, prosecutors and corrupt defense attorneys, a disproportionate
number of whom are JEWS!

E Fc  

222. The Holy Qu¶ran 17:15

. In July 1998 a three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that testimony from a witness who had been offered a
lower sentence in exchange for assistance in the prosecution of a co-defendant violated the federal bribery statute and should not
be admitted. The defendant argued, and the judges agreed, that such testimony was forbidden since the bribery statute prohibits
giving anything ³of value´ to a witness in exchange for testimony. Emad Salem¶s tapes revealed that some of the money sought by
him for informing was going to be put up by ³private individuals,´ a euphemism for rich Jews.
224. Sins.
In 1995, in the midst of the apparent rise of Islamism, the CIA adopted guidelines
requiring Case Officers to get approval from higher CIA officials before recruiting ³dirty´
informants, people who had been involved in human rights abuses or criminal or
terrorist activity. The CIA claimed this was why it was unable to infiltrate our tightly knit
organization. But we wonder how many informants were disqualified because of their
past deeds? Why would CIA officials refuse to let their Case Officers use ³dirty´
informants in so-called terrorist cases when the FBI did so routinely in drug and
Organized Crime cases? Were heroin or marijuana dealers more evil than so called
terrorists in the eyes of America?


Gregory Scarpa, Sr. the father of the FBI spy Gregory Scarpa,
Jr., committed numerous murders while he was an FBI informant.
Gregory Scarpa, Sr. could not have been    yet the FBI used him
for decades. Scarpa Sr. was born in Brooklyn on May 28, 1928. His
older brother, Salvatore, who died in a shooting in 1987 recruited him
into the Colombo family (then called the Profaci family). In the early
1950¶s, Scarpa married Connie Forrest; they had one daughter and
three sons, including Gregory, Jr.

The FBI first officially opened Scarpa as an informant on March 20, 1962, after
agents seized him outside New York State for an armed robbery. At this time FBI Agent
Anthony Villano managed Scarpa, since he was in charge of monitoring the activities of
the Colombo Crime Family. In the early 1960¶s Villano sent Scrapa Sr. to Mississippi to
threaten one of the killers of civil rights activists. The killer led the FBI to the buried
bodies of the civil-rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James
Chaney, slain in Philadelphia, Mississippi, in 1964. During Scarpa¶s final days in prison,
his AIDS dementia took hold, and he told one visitor how, after kidnapping a Mississippi
man for the FBI, ³he placed a gun in the guy¶s mouth, and started cutting his dick off
with a razor´ and demanded that the man tell him the location of ³three kids that were
missing.´ He also spoke about a secret assignment in Costa Rica for the United States
government in the sixties that involved murder. When the FBI asked Scarpa¶s wife Linda
Schiro if Scarpa ever said that he worked for the CIA she denied any knowledge of this.
On January 10, 1966, the day after Vernon Dahmer, a black farmer and merchant in
Forrest County, Mississippi, agreed to make his grocery store available as a place for
blacks to pay poll tax, Klansmen set his house on fire, fatally searing his lungs and
badly burning his ten-year-old daughter. On January 21, 1966 the Jackson, Mississippi,
office of the FBI called the New York office and, as recorded in an internal memo,
requested the use of informant NY-3461-Gregory Scarpa - for a special assignment.
One of the immediate suspects in the Dahmer homicide was Klansman Lawrence Byrd,
the owner of Byrd¶s Radio & TV Service in Laurel, Mississippi. As Byrd was about to
close his shop, Scarpa and an FBI agent agreed to buy a television from Byrd and
asked him to help carry it to a car parked outside. Byrd was pistol-whipped, shoved into
the back seat, forced to lie down, and driven to Camp Shelby, a military base built on
rural Mississippi swampland. There, Scarpa beat a confession out of him. W. O. (Chet)
Dillard, the local district attorney, who visited Byrd in the hospital immediately after the
kidnapping was convinced by Dillard not to investigate the matter, and in early March
1966 he signed a twenty-two-page confession prepared by the FBI, in which he
inculpated himself and seven other Klansmen. He got ten years for arson.

In 1973 Villano became convinced that the mob had penetrated the FBI and
reported this to his superiors.225 For his efforts he was transferred to the Philadelphia
Field Office. Villano had ratted-out his fellow FBI Agent Joseph Stabile who, in 1978
became the first FBI Agent to be indicted for a crime while on active duty ± taking a
bribe from an organized crime figure. This affair became known as       
since both men were Sicilian. Villano was the author of  ð  , an expose of the
FBI¶s often illegal methodology involving Black Bag Jobs and iIlegal Wiretaps. Villano
claimed that he never ³flaked anyone´ ± that is planted evidence on a suspect nor did
he ever perjure himself in court ± otherwise he broke every rule in the book.

In the 1970s Scarpa was transferred to Supervising Special

Agent Lindley DeVecchio. In 1976, as a young FBI agent,
DeVecchio sold old handguns to undercover officers, who later
sought to charge him with a felony. The gun case began in early
1976 when DeVecchio traveled from New York to King of Prussia,
Pennsylvania to sell a Nazi-era Luger at the Valley Forge Gun
Show. He claimed he was looking to sell the weapons ''for the
benefit of the widow'' to whom they belonged. Without a license, he moved through the
stalls of the firearms bazaar, and was soon approached by Michael Flax, an undercover
agent with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Flax's job was to troll
the show in plainclothes looking for such illicit deals. That year alone, he said, several
people he caught similarly selling guns without paperwork went to prison. ''I was usually
like, 'Gee I'd like to get this gun,' he said in an interview from San Diego. ''Do we have to
go through all the paperwork?'' Flax recalled that he bought the Luger in a parking lot
outside the show. Over several weeks he pursued an investigation of DeVecchio in
which a second agent secretly recorded the FBI man selling another gun. He said that
DeVecchio, at one point, gave him a phone number at which he might be reached. It
was, he said, an office of the New York FBI. A few weeks later, Flax brought the case to
Daniel M. Clements, then a young federal prosecutor in Baltimore. ''Flax comes to me
saying, 'You're not going to believe this,' Clements said last week. 'I have an FBI agent
selling guns illegally.' A few months later Clements told the FBI as a courtesy that he
was investigating one of its agents. A few weeks passed with discussions back and
forth with FBI officials in Maryland and in Washington. ''The next person I heard from
was Rudolph Giuliani.'' Giuliani was an aide to Harold Tyler, the deputy attorney
general, who reviewed such cases. Giuliani had joined his staff in 1975 after serving in
the United States attorney's office in Manhattan. Over several weeks Giuliani asked him
to write a pair of memoranda on the case in which he noted that DeVecchio had sold
the guns without the proper paperwork, a crime, Clements said, for which he thought
there was sufficient evidence to prosecute. Clements said he attended a pair of

meetings about the case with Giuliani, including one in Giuliani's office also attended by
Tyler and Jervis Finney, the United States attorney in Maryland who was then
Clements's boss. Had he been convicted, the case might have led to prison or his
dismissal as an agent. But DeVecchio, who said he acted legally and to benefit a
widow, was neither jailed nor fired. Officials at the highest levels of the Justice
Department ultimately discarded the case against him without an indictment. ''Rudy
expressed no other reason not to prosecute the guy except the guy was a cop, and he
didn't want to embarrass the bureau.'' In 1983, a former C.I.A. agent, Edwin Wilson, in
prison awaiting trial for illegally shipping weapons to Libya, was scouting for someone
he could hire to murder two federal prosecutors and several potential witnesses. A
fellow-inmate tipped off the authorities and then agreed to present DeVecchio to Wilson,
in a visitors¶ room, as DeAngelo, the hit man. Days later, Wilson arranged for his son
Erik to pay DeVecchio - unwittingly, it appeared-close to ten thousand dollars in a hotel
men¶s room. Wilson was convicted of attempted murder.

Scarpa separated from his wife around 1973 and had had another son with his
mistress Linda Schiro. Meanwhile, though he continued to live with Schiro, and had
never divorced Forrest, he married Lili Dajani, a Palestinian beauty queen, in 1975, in
Las Vegas. Around 1978, Schiro began seeing a delivery boy named Larry Mazza;
Scarpa permitted their love affair to continue, and, in the meantime, he inducted Mazza
into his crew.

The relationship between DeVecchio and Scarpa was allegedly broken off until
DeVecchio succeeded in renewing Scarpa's informant status in December 1980.
DeVecchio acted as Scarpa's sole FBI handler from that time until Scarpa was finally
terminated as an FBI informant after the Colombo Wars were over in 1992, despite an
FBI protocol which required informants to be handled by two agents at a time. Acting as
a renagade lone wolf DeVecchio, who helped cover up al-Qaeda activities for his own
reasons when he dealt with Gregory Scarpa Jr., conducted a one agent campaign to
destroy organized crime in New York City by managing information in a fashion wherein
Mafioso were bumping each other off like flies swatted by a donkey¶s tail, saving
taxpayers the expense of trial and incarceration.

As a "top echelon" informant, Scarpa initially provided DeVecchio with

information pertaining to organizational activity and personnel movements within the
Colombo Family. After the Colombo Wars commenced in late 1991, he provided
detailed reports of perpetrators and strategic planning of the opposing factions. Even
before the Colombo war started, Scarpa had murdered at least eight people. One of his
victims was a Manhattan doctor named Eli Sckolnick.

A crooked mob attorney named Light decided to rat out Judge Titone as being on
the mafia¶s pad. Mr. Light became an informant for the President's Commission soon
after his sentencing by Federal District Judge Eugene H. Nickerson in Brooklyn. Dr.
Eliezer Shkolnik, an abortion specialist who, in the early 1970's, was medical director of
the Central Women's Center at 331 East 29th Street. In 1974 state and city officials
accused Dr. Shkolnik of gross ineptitude at the clinic and, after a hearing, the State
Board of Regents revoked his medical license on Aug. 10, 1976. Stanley M. Meyer, a
partner of Mr. Light in the Brooklyn law firm of Preminger, Meyer & Light, represented
Dr. Shkolnik, on appeal. On Aug. 19, 1976, Justice Titone, then sitting on the Appellate
Division for the Second Department, in Brooklyn, signed an order staying the revocation
and requiring the Board of Regents to show cause within three weeks why the
revocation should be sustained. The matter was then routinely referred to the Appellate
Division in Albany, which upheld the revocation. Light, according to law-enforcement
authorities, has said that Justice Titone received a cash bribe for issuing the stay order.
The sources said Mr. Light had indicated that Mr. Meyer was present when the money
was paid.

In the late seventies, Shkolnik transferred title to a lucrative abortion clinic to a

nurse who was on intimate terms with Scarpa. Scarpa put a stop to Sckolnick¶s
demands for money from the clinic by obtaining his address in Forest Hills and killing
him. Dr. Shkolnik was shot to death on December 3, 1980, in the lobby of his apartment
house at 67-76 Booth Street in Forest Hills, Queens.226

On September 25, 1984, Mary Bari, a young woman who was thought to know
the whereabouts of a Colombo fugitive, was shot and killed in a Brooklyn social club by
Scarpa and other members of the Colombo crime family. The indictment charges
DeVecchio told Scarpa that Bari had been speaking to federal authorities and should be
taken care of.

DeVecchio reciprocated by passing along unauthorized information to Scarpa.

For example, evidence was presented indicating that DeVecchio warned Scarpa of his
pending arrest on federal credit card fraud charges and may have intervened with the
sentencing judge to request lenient treatment. There also was suspicion that in 1987
DeVecchio leaked to Scarpa information that the Wimpy Boys Social Club, a favorite
Colombo gathering place, was subject to court-ordered electronic surveillance; that he
tipped off Scarpa to the planned DEA arrest of his son, Gregory Scarpa Jr., and others
in connection with the criminal activity at the social club; and that, as a result of the
warning, Gregory Scarpa, Jr. became a fugitive.

On March 3, 1992, Scarpa was closed as an informant after the ASAC of the
Criminal Division of the New York FBI Division, Donald North, "found credible
allegations that Scarpa was involved in planning violent criminal activity." In informal
conversations with North, DeVecchio was allegedly "adamant" that Scarpa was not
involved in violent activity. In early April 1992, DeVecchio initiated the process of having
Scarpa re-opened, and the FBI granted authority to re-open Scarpa on April 8, 1992,
pending completion of a suitability inquiry. On April 22, 1992, DeVecchio notified FBI
Headquarters that such an inquiry had been conducted and that Scarpa was deemed

On August 31, 1992, the Kings County District Attorney¶s Office arrested Scarpa,
Sr. for criminal possession of a weapon. The FBI arrested Scarpa, Sr. after his

arraignment on the Kings County case. A federal indictment charged Scarpa with the
commission of three murders, among other crimes, was handed down. Scarpa was
released on bail under strict house confinement as one of the conditions of release
because of failing health.

The United States Attorney¶s Office for the Eastern District of New York
opposed his pre-trial release. Over the government¶s objection however
Magistrate Judge John L. Caden released Scarpa, Sr. on home detention
with the stipulation that Scarpa wear an electronic anklet that would alert
police if he left the house. The Government appealed Magistrate Judge
Caden¶s decision to Judge I. Leo Glaser. After hearing the government¶s
objections, Judge Glasser upheld Magistrate Judge Caden¶s decision«227

On December 29, 1992, when Scarpa¶s son by Linda Schiro, Joseph, got into a
dispute over a drug transaction Scarpa rushed out of the house armed, went around the
block, and got into a gun battle with two Bay Ridge drug dealers, one of whom he is
believed to have killed. Scarpa¶s left eye was shot out. Joseph was killed in a drug-
related shooting. Scarpa¶s house arrest was revoked. It was agreed that he would be
sent to Rikers Island, a prison known for its superior AIDS facility, to serve a year on his
gun charge.

On May 6, 1993, he appeared before federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein to plead

guilty to three murders and conspiracy to murder several others. Weinstein sentenced
Scarpa to ten years in prison in December 1993 - a life sentence because Scarpa, Sr.
was dying of AIDS he had contracted from a blood transfusion. ³At no time during the
prosecution of Scarpa, Sr., which effectively insured that he died in jail, did he defend
his actions on the grounds that he was authorized by the FBI to engage in criminal
activity.´228 On June 8, 1994, Scarpa died, of complications from aids, at the Federal
Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota.229

During the summer of 1992, Special Agent Christopher Favo, who was working
with DeVecchio during the Colombo investigation, became strongly suspicious of
DeVecchio. Believing that DeVecchio was engaged in misconduct Favo began to
withhold information from DeVecchio pertaining to Scarpa. Other subordinates of
DeVecchio's suspected that Scarpa was a murderer, but none of them reported their
suspicions about Scarpa or DeVecchio to superiors or to the United States Attorney
despite the fact that the Informant Guidelines required agents to report any knowledge
of an informant committing violent crimes. In January 1994, Favo and other agents
approached ASAC North to report their concerns about DeVecchio's relationship with
Scarpa. North immediately submitted a report to the FBI's Office of Professional
Responsibility (OPR). OPR determined that DeVecchio was appropriately a subject of

227. USDC ED 94 Cr. 1119 Memo of Law May 17, 1995.

228. USDC ED 94 Cr. 1119 Memo of Law May 17, 1995.
In June 1995, a jury acquitted seven reputed associates of the Orena wing of the
Colombo family (Victor Orena, Jr., John Orena, Thomas Petrizzo, et al.) of conspiring to
murder members of the rival Persico faction of the family. Scarpa's status as an FBI
informant became a pivotal issue during the trial. Fellow FBI agents testified that they
had become suspicious of DeVecchio and were particularly concerned that he had fed
confidential information to Scarpa that helped him to evade arrest.

In September 1996 the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department

determined that prosecution of DeVecchio was not warranted, and the OPR
investigation was closed. The Government claimed that the FBI¶s Office of Professional
Responsibility found no conclusive evidence that DeVecchio leaked information about
any of the murder victims in the indictment of Scarpa, Jr. to Scarpa, Sr. ± however
Brooklyn Assistant U.S. Attorney Valerie Caproni said that ³they did not believe they
had proof [of a crime] beyond a reasonable doubt.´ DeVecchio resigned shortly after the
Office of Professional Responsibility released its finding. DeVecchio retired from the FBI
in October 1996. The United States Attorney stated: ³The FBI never authorized Scarpa,
Sr. to engage in any violent activity. Moreover Scarpa, Sr. was prosecuted for his

Scarpa's relationship with the FBI generated post-trial motions in another case
following the conviction of LCN defendants on murder and conspiracy to murder
charges. In that case, in March 1997, the trial judge granted a motion for a new trial to
Anthony Russo, Joseph Russo, and Joseph Monteleone, finding that the Government
had improperly failed to disclose evidence bearing on Scarpa's credibility. On February
19, 1997, saying that prosecutors withheld evidence that could have swayed the jury,
Charles P. Sifton of Federal District Court in Brooklyn threw out the murder convictions
of three men involved in the infamous internal Colombo crime family war from 1991 to
1993 in which 10 people were killed and granted new trials to Joseph Russo, who was
the acting underboss of the family, and to Anthony Russo and Joseph Monteleone.
Judge Sifton strongly criticized the relationship between Scarpa and DeVecchio, who
used Mr. Scarpa as an informant. ''Scarpa emerges as sinister and violent and at the
same time manipulative and deceptive with everyone, including DeVecchio, who
emerges as arrogant, stupid or easily manipulated but, at the same time, caught up in
the complex and difficult task of trying to make the best use of Scarpa's information to
bring the war to a close.''- the judge wrote. The Court of Appeals reversed that portion
of the district court's order that granted a new trial, rejecting the trial court's conclusion
that evidence that Scarpa lied to the FBI about his involvement in certain other murders
gave rise to an inference that he lied to his co-conspirators about the murders in

March 11, 1997 Jack B. Weinstein of Federal District Court in Brooklyn refused
yesterday to throw out the murder convictions of two Mafia figures whose lawyers had
contended that prosecutors had withheld vital information about an F.B.I. agent's
tangled relationship with an informer. But the judge upheld the convictions, saying that
the defendants were ''proven by strong evidence to be murderous criminals.'
During the appeal of Gregory Scarpa, Jr.¶s conviction defense attorney Lawrence
Silverman wrote:

By letter dated October 20, 1997, Assistant United States Attorney

Corcella advised defendants of the existence of two reports prepared in
connection with the investigation of the murder of Joseph DeDomenico. In
one, a µDD-5¶,230 a confidential source told New York City Police
Detectives that, according to DeDomenico, Robert µBucky¶ DeLeonardi
(the subject of Racketeering Act Two in Scarpa, Jr.¶s indictment) was
killed because he was an informant, and that a µFed¶ had gotten word of
this back to Scarpa, Sr. (Ironically, the source now denies having made
this statement.) The second - a µrequest for exceptional clearance¶ -
reports Scarpa, Sr.'s confession to the FBI that he killed DeDomenico.

DeDomenico, a Colombo soldier who was considered a threat had been using
drugs, committing crimes without involving Scarpa and talking about becoming a Born-
again Christian. Scarpa and other Colombo associates killed DeDomenico, 45, on
September 17, 1987.

The Government¶s informant Scarpa, Sr. is dead and his FBI handler,
Supervising Special Agent Lindley DeVecchio is pleading the Fifth. As we
stated in our initial memorandum, we would want to ask Agent DeVecchio
what he knew about each of the murders charged as predicates and
whether he provided any information to Scarpa, Sr. regarding the victim
prior to the murder; if DeVecchio pleads the Fifth (as he has recently done
in a hearing before Judge Weinstein), the defense ought to have the
benefit of an adverse inference against the Government. The evidence
that there were other leaks, and that Scarpa, Sr. ordered numerous
killings because the victim was going to co-operate or was cooperating
with law enforcement authorities provides a good faith basis for our
making such an inquiry of Agent DeVecchio regarding the particular
homicide victims identified here. [Scarpa, Jr.¶s codefendant] Carmine
Sessa confessed to a number of homicides. Sessa told us he was
involved in thirteen murders and Scarpa, Sr. was involved in seven or
eight of those homicides. At least two or three of the killings were done
because Scarpa, Sr. had told Sessa that the victim was going to co-
operate or was co-operating with law enforcement authorities.

Any adverse inference that DeVecchio did leak information to Scarpa, Sr.
that the victims identified in the indictment might co-operate with the
Government would provide powerful circumstantial evidence of Scarpa,
Sr.'s motive to kill these individuals. Fearful that they might reveal
information to the FBI that contradicted what he was feeding them, or
fearful that the protection he was enjoying from the FBI would be in

. Complaint Follow-Up Form
jeopardy, Scarpa, Sr. had a strong motive to stifle any such co-

«Scarpa, Sr. wasn¶t hired by the FBI and told to stop what he was doing
for it is plain that he would have been of no use to the FBI the moment he
stopped. Rather, he was paid to provide information that he could only
obtain by continuing his involvement in the criminal affairs of the Colombo
[Crime] Family. This was not the mere passive receipt of information by
the FBI from a person hoping he might not be prosecuted. There was a
determination made early on by the FBI that, to the extent the FBI had any
control, this informant was never going to be prosecuted and never going
to be called as a witness. Moreover, by leaking information to Scarpa, Sr.
(about who was likely to co-operate against him, who was targeted for
arrest, where his µbusiness¶ customers resided), and by intervening on his
behalf to obtain the extraordinary lenient sentence of probation in a multi-
million dollar credit card fraud case, Agent DeVecchio actively,
µaffirmatively¶ promoted and encouraged Scarpa, Sr.¶s continuing
involvement in criminal activities. Indeed, the effort to insure Scarpa, Sr.¶s
continuing ability to participate in the criminal affairs of the Colombo
Family was so extraordinary that the FBI even took steps to obtain
Scarpa, Sr.¶s release after he was arrested for murder in August 1992.
That Scarpa, Sr. was not prosecuted for loan sharking, gambling or
narcotics - not even as a probation violation - is consistent with
authorization and further circumstantial evidence of it.232


By Allah never name a Catholic Italian with a Protestant name like ³Lindley´ least
he meet the same fate as Lindley DeVecchio who was so confused about his religious
identity he once had a gangster killed for flirting with Fundamentalist Christianity ± a
conversion that would have caused the mobster to spill his guts to the FBI. For despite
his one-man clean-up New York City campaign DeVecchio was punished, not
rewarded. In February 2005 a member of the American House Judiciary Committee,
William Delahunt was investigating allegations against FBI Agents involved in
Organized Crime cases and came across this one-man death squad. On March 30,
2006 DeVecchio appeared in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn charged with three
counts of gangland murder along with John Sinagra and Craig Sobel. Communist Judge
Gustav Reichbach set his bail at one million dollars that was promptly paid by former
FBI Agents. DeVecchio is claiming he is immune from State prosecution because he
acted in the course of his federal duties. James Kallstrom and other supporters from the
federal law enforcement community have begun raising money for DeVecchio's
defense. Linda Schiro ratted him out!

231. USDC ED 94 Cr. 1119 Letter from Lawrence Silverman to USA June 12, 1996.
232. USDC ED 94 Cr. 1119 Silverman to Raggi March 25, 1998.
Victor Orena and Pasquale Amato had fingered DeVecchio. In two separate
federal trials in 1992 and 1993, juries found Victor J. Orena, the acting boss of the
Colombo Family, and Pasquale Amato guilty of racketeering, conspiracy, and firearms
charges. The events leading to the convictions of Orena and Amato stemmed from the
Colombo Wars, a power struggle between two Colombo factions, the Persicos and the
Orenas that lasted from the fall of 1991 through the spring of 1992. At Orena's trial,
DeVecchio, who headed the Colombo LCN squad in the FBI's New York Field Office,
testified as an expert witness about the nature and structure of organized crime. Both
defendants were sentenced to life in prison, and the Second Circuit affirmed both
convictions and sentences.

After learning that Scarpa was a long-time FBI informant, Orena and Amato
contended that it was not they, but DeVecchio, who conspired with Scarpa to instigate
the Mafia war and caused the killing of their partner and loan shark, Thomas Ocera, one
of the murders for which Orena and Amato were convicted. Years after their convictions
and following exhaustion of all appeals, Orena and Amato filed motions for dismissal of
their indictments or for new trials alleging a violation of the government's disclosure
obligations under *!-*.

Their motions were based upon DeVecchio's "questionable ethics and

judgments" as revealed in proceedings in another case in which the defendants
included Orena's sons Victor Jr. and John and Thomas Petrizzo, a contractor who
helped build many skyscrapers in the city. The defense argued that the murders were
helped by Scarpa's relationship with DeVecchio. Two FBI agents, Jeffrey W. Tomlinson
and George Leadbetter 2d, who worked under DeVecchio, gave testimony about that.
They said they came to suspect that DeVecchio had disclosed confidential information
that had helped Scarpa evade arrest. The defendants were aquitted of all counts.

Amato and Orena's lawyers also tried to overturn Amato and Orena's life
sentence in prison on racketeering and murder charges by asserting that DeVecchio
fomented an internal war in the Colombo crime family in the early 1990's and that he
framed Orena by funneling confidential F.B.I. information to a rival Colombo gangster,
Gregory Scarpa. At a hearing in May 1995 on Orena¶s appeal for a new trial, DeVecchio
cited his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination rather than testify about his
relationship with Scarpa, and it was suggested that he be granted immunity and forced
to choose between testifying and going to jail. When he testified he said, ''I did not give
him investigative information. Have I ever given him investigative information?'' Mr.
DeVecchio continued rhetorically. ''Absolutely not. I have never given him any
investigative information that would help him in any way.'' On June 19, 1995 the last day
of testimony, a third FBI agent, Christopher Favo, recounted a day in May 1992 when,
he said, DeVecchio slapped his desk at the news that two Orena men had been killed.
³And you wrote down that he got excited about it, didn't he?" Mr. LaRossa asked.
³Yes,´ Mr. Favo responded. ³You said that he said to you, 'We're going to win this thing,'
right? Meaning the war, right?" "Yes." "Meaning the Persico side, right?" "Yes."233

The trial court denied the post-trial motions,234 however, the court closely
examined the relationship between DeVecchio and Scarpa, who rose to the position of
a "capo" or captain in the Colombo family. In its ruling on Orena's and Amato's motions
for dismissal of their indictments or new trials, the district court held that (1) the
defendants either knew or should have known that a member of the organized crime
family to which they belonged had acted as an informant, so the government's failure to
disclose that fact did not warrant a new trial; (2) evidence that a government agent had
leaked information to an informant and that a second government agent had concerns
regarding the relationship between the first agent and the informant was not material to
the Government's charges, so the Government's failure to disclose did not warrant relief
under Brady and (3) newly discovered evidence did not warrant a new trial.235

Angela Clemente who obtained the FBI files from Ramzi

Yousef detailing the Brother¶s mistrust in Scarpa Jr. w a s
s t r a n g l e d a n d
b e a t e n s e n s e l e s s i n
a B r o o k l y n s h o p p i n g
c e n t e r p a r k i n g l o t
o n J u n e 1 6 , 2 0 0 6 . Ex-
FBI agents might have orchestrated the attack. Clemente told
investigators, her assailant asked, "Are you going to keep investigating DeVecchio?"
When she said, "Yes," the man began punching, kicking and choking her until she lost
consciousness.236 Clemente had been hired by the family of a casualty of ³Dirty Lindley´
DeVecchio¶s one-man war on organized crime. In this role, Lindley resembled the
United States and Israel during the Iraq-Iran war. He hoped for maximum casualties on
both sides. Clemente worked for Stephen Dresch who died of cancer on August 6, 2006
at his home in Hancock, Michigan.237

Shari'ah will provide the entire world with prosecutions in all matters concerning
all things far better than Rudi Giuliani. We must make Shari'ah the law of every land,
replacing the fallible and conceited laws of man. For Allah [subhanahu wa ta¶ala] has
written: ³To each among you, we have prescribed a law and a clear way.´238 In our
hearts we know that Shari'ah differs fundamentally from Western Law: It is based on
Revelation, and being of a divine origin, it is virtually immutable and infallible, and finally
it includes, besides public and private laws, even international relationships. It must be
imposed on all unbelievers, or else.




. Orena v. United States, 956 F. Supp. 1071 (E.D.N.Y. 1997)
Orena v. United States, 956 F. Supp. 1071, 1102 (E.D.N.Y. 1997)
American¶s belief in freedom of religion will be used to help destroy that very
freedom, for when we come to power there will be no prophet save Muhamed, and no
God save Allah, may his blessings be upon us! We do not readily admit to this,
however, when Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman was sentenced he said:

The duty is that we should practice the principles of Islam, whether the
prosecutor likes it - the prosecutor likes to Americanize Islam and we
refuse to see Islam being Americanized. But what should be done is
     )    , and the prosecutor wants that we
become subservient to America, or else we have jail for life. And we say
the guard of the jail is better for my heart than what you are calling me to
do. Welcome to jail for life, as long as there is God¶s grace in it. The
prosecutor wants for us to worship America and to worship the American
power, and we say America will go and will wither, and this civilization will
be destroyed, and everything in existence will go. Nothing will remain
except God¶s faith. The time of sleep is over. Rise in God as one man.
And don¶t take the Christians and the Jews as your friends. The Qu¶ran
says if you obey them, they will send you back as disbelievers. Be just
witnesses of God and victors with God. Say the truth even if it is bitter, and
don¶t be afraid of people¶s criticisms. And be peaceful, don¶t cry for me if I
am put in jail for life before I am killed.´

Brother Ajaj was less candid because he was in the midst of being sentenced
when he stated:

Some Brothers chose to migrate to other countries, such as the U.S.,

where the can spread the message of Islam freely and in the same time
support their Brothers and sisters who are continuing their efforts to apply
God¶s rules in the Islamic countries. Those who come to the U.S. were
able to live and follow the teachings of their religion freely, spreading
those teachings also freely, until Islam became the fastest growing religion
in the U.S. as it is in the whole world, all praise be to God first, and to the
tolerant, open society here. We are not asking to apply Islamic law here in
the U.S. where Muslims are less than seven million. Devout Muslims are
not asking to try to test Qur¶anic rules to see if it works for this society or

Sultaana Freeman (Sandra Keller a former utilities-company

engineer and Pentecostal churchgoer from Illinois who converted to
Islam in 1997) refused to replace her driver¶s license photograph with
one that showed her face. She said doing so would violate her
religious freedom, because she wears a  ').239 Sultaana came to
Islam after pleading guilty to one count of felony assault. It was
alleged that she had beaten her foster child. She invoked Shari'ah to
prevent investigators from looking under the children's clothing,

239. A type of veil that covers all but a woman¶s eyes

where one daughter had a broken arm. Both children were bruised. Many American
states foolishly permit people to obtain driver licenses without photographs for ³religious
reasons.´ Sultaana Freeman offered to provide fingerprints, DNA or other information
that could be used to verify her identity, but the police cannot verify and identity in this
fashion because they are in the field and lack access to sophisticated equipment that is
not yet portable.240 Florida Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe ruled that the state had to
protect the public from terrorism, and that Freeman had to show her face on the license.
Thorpe said Sultaana Freeman's right to free exercise of religion would not be infringed,
an outright lie. Sultaana Freeman had a hidden agenda. If there is no picture on the
license it can be used by others to transport the weapons we will use to destroy
America. Freeman's husband Mark was caught with fake IDs bearing his photograph
and other people's names. When asked about that, Freeman said that his religious
practices were his business and no one else¶s. Illinois Police found the fake ID's after
they arrested Freeman for firing a gun while he was wearing his Muslim garments. A
Florida Court of Appeals ruled that the Sister must remove her hijab if she wanted to
possess a Florida driver¶s license. This is nothing more than Islamophobia - in stopping
a motorist for a traffic violation; a state or local law enforcement officer can check the
motorist¶s name against the National Crime Information Center¶s various files, which
include terrorist watch list records exported by the Terrorist Screening Center. The
National Crime Information Center, according to the FBI, is available to virtually every
law enforcement agency nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.241


Nicolas Sarkozy, the law-and-order Minister of the Interior of France told the
annual congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations that Muslim women must remove
their veils for identity photographs or they would be issued identity papers. His remarks
were met with boos and hisses.242 Britain¶s former foreign secretary Jack Straw urged
Muslim women to remove full facial veils when talking to him, saying the veil was ³such
a visible statement of separation and of difference´ that it jeopardized British social

Muazzez Ilmiye Cig, an expert on Sumerian civilization, asserted that 5,000

years ago, the headscarf was a symbol to distinguish the temple priestess who had
ritual sex with young men to celebrate fertility. On December 29, 2003 protestors at the
French Embassy in Tehran shouted not just ³Death to France´ but also ³Death to Chirac
the Zionist´ after the French proposed to ban the hijab in public schools. In September
2004 headscarves were in fact banned in France¶s public schools. The Palestinian
Authority's Chief Mufti declared that, ³French laws banning the hijab constitute a war
against Islam as a religion.´ Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri agreed, ³France, the country of
liberty defends only the liberty of nudity, debauchery and decay, while fighting chastity
and modesty.´ Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia kidnapped two French journalists in Iraq when

Dana Canedy June 27, 2002.

240. ³Lifting Veil For Photo ID Goes Too Far, Driver Says´ |  ð
. Elaine Sciolino ³French Minister Threatens to Expell Extremist Muslims´ | ð   September 20, 2003.
. New York Times November 18, 2006
the ban went into effect and threatened to execute them but the French did not
capitulate and we released the journalists 124 days later. To add further insult to Islam
at Paris fashion shows in 2006, models appeared with their faces hidden or obscured.
Brother Moussaoui summed up our feelings about the French, ³I want to make clear that
I am not French and have no relation. I'm a sworn enemy of France. So I want to make
this in the record that I'm not French, okay? I tell you I am a Muslim, and I have nothing
to do with a nation of homosexual Crusaders. And I am not a frog.´ If Moussaoui had
any access to the outside he would be happy to hear that in Aceh, Indonesia, officers
belonging to a special Shari'ah police unit stop women on the street who do not have
their head scarves properly adjusted and often impose fines.244 In December 2005 the
Dutch parliament voted to forbid women from wearing the burqa or any Muslim face
coverings in public, justifying the move in part as a security measure saying the full-
body garb worn by a small number of Muslim women in the Netherlands posed a grave
security threat. The Dutch cabinet is awaiting the results of a study into the legality of
such a ban under European human rights laws, before making its final decision.


Our unseen grasp reaches out to the highest levels of the American government.
We were covertly behind the compromise version of the Secret Evidence Repeal Act,
H.R. 2121. In 1996, one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation effecting our
movement was passed by the United States Congress with bipartisan support: the
Omnibus Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. This act created Alien Removal
Terrorist Courts in which secret evidence, evidence that the government does not have
to reveal, is used to detain and deport members of the +  community without ever
allowing the person to see the evidence against them. Not only does this make it difficult
for us to defend ourselves in their kangaroo courts, more importantly it makes it
impossible, or very difficult for us, to carry out reprisals against witnesses and informers
and their families and friends.

One of the worst cases of repression under this law concerned Algerian political
leader Dr. Anwar Haddam. A member of the Islamic Salvation Front, an Al-Qaeda
affiliate, Haddam was elected to the Parliament of Algeria in December 1991. After the
military coup in January 1992, members of the Islamic Salvation Front were imprisoned
and tortured; some were killed, while others like Haddam were able to get out of the
country.245 Haddam, who fled to the United States, was selected to head the Islamic
Salvation Front Parliamentary Delegation Abroad, to establish an Islamic Republic-in-
exile. Haddam worked out of the offices of the American Muslim Council and was listed
as President of the Islamic Salvation Front.246

On December 6, 1996 the INS detained Haddam and exclusion proceedings

were initiated ± even though Haddam had been issued valid parole status through
February 16, 1997! On May 5, 2000 Haddam was granted political asylum. On May 12,

245. El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan ³Who is Really Behind the Government¶s Use of Secret Evidence?´
. Lucette Lagnado ³Algeria Envoy Scores Clinton Over Terror´ Forward October 20, 1995.
2000 the INS, who claimed that it was a mistake, revoked this grant. After four years in
prison Haddam was finally released in December 2000. With the help of God, and
despite the fact that Haddam was sentenced to death by an Algerian court for his
alleged role in a deadly 1995 car bombing near a police station in Algiers, he remains in
America until this day.247

The Brother spent four years in prison. The secret evidence provision of this bill
had to be revoked! On May 23, 2000 the full House Judiciary Committee held a hearing
on H.R. 2121 (the Secret Evidence Repeal Act); the witness list was revealing. Apart
from the FBI General Counsel and the INS General Counsel the only other opponents
of the bill to testify were Jewish; Bruce Ramer (president, American Jewish Committee),
Thomas Homburger (National Executive Committee, Anti-Defamation League), Steven
Emerson (Emerson would be hired by counter terror Czar Richard Clarke to report on
our activities within the United States since he believed that the FBI was failing to do so
in an adequate manner).248 Emerson has been a long-term problem for jihadi ± In 1998
he told Congress,

I became the target of radical fundamentalist groups throughout the United

States (and internationally) who fiercely denied the existence of µIslamic
extremism' and accused me of engaging in an µattack against Islam.' For
this µtransgression,' my life has been permanently changed « One
morning, in late 1995, I was paged by a federal law enforcement official «
I found out why I had been summoned: I was told a group of radical
Islamic fundamentalists had been assigned to carry out an assassination
of me.249

Stephen Flatow whose daughter was killed in a bus bombing carried out by
Hamas in the Zionist entity in 1995. Alexander Cockburn has called the secret evidence
cases, ³An ugly affair whose bottom line is whether the Israeli government can reach
into U.S. inhibit the most basic rights of U.S. citizens.´250

On September 26, 2000 the House Judiciary Committee, on a voice vote, passed
H.R. 2121, a bill that would have given our warriors the same rights as defendants in
criminal cases. As amended, the bill permitted the use of classified information in
immigration cases by procedures modeled after the Classified Information Procedure
Act, that is, a detained person would be given an unclassified summary of the classified
information. This summary would give the Brother ³substantially the same ability to
make his defense as would disclosure of the...classified information,´ and would be the
only part of the classified information the immigration judge would be given. The judge
would therefore not be swayed by the sensitive information not shared with the
detainee, for fear that he or is attorney would pass it back to us, his client. This would
eventually result in the informant being killed preferably by decapitation, and his wife

247. ³Algeria: Secular North African Nation Fights Own War On µTerrorism¶´ October 3, 2001.
250. The Link, July-August 1999 also see
drowned in the tears of the children who will perhaps never see their +  fathers
again. There would be no ³secret evidence´ because the immigration judge would base
any decision on the same information that is shared with the defendant, information of a
very limited nature. Many of our people would go free, free to wage war on America¶s
armed forces, police departments and complicitous so-called ³civilians.´

Michigan Democratic Representatives David Bonior and California Republican

Representative Tom Campbell and other members of Congress with a substantial Arab
constituency sponsored the legislation. The amended bill was reintroduced as H.R.
1266 in the 2002 Congress, and has garnered approximately 100 co-sponsors. The
amended bill did not pass and the United States Court of Appeals in Philadelphia
affirmed the constitutionality of closed immigration hearings thanks in part to the
testimony of the hick FBI agent Dale Watson ³that even details that seem innocuous in
isolation, such as the names of those detained, might be pieced together by
knowledgeable people within the terrorist network, who could in turn shift activities to a
yet-undiscovered terrorist cell. Because immigration judges cannot be expected to
accurately assess the harm that might result from disclosing seemingly trivial facts
seeking closure on a case-by-case basis would ineffectively protect the nation¶s
interests.´ In May 2003 the United States Supreme Court refused to review the
constitutionality of secret immigration hearings.

David Bonior, who, like William Kunstler, does not share our religion yet is almost
a Brother, gave up his seat to run for governor but was defeated in the primary. Bonior
was a leading voice opposing support for occupied Palestine throughout his career.
Abdullah Al-Arian, the son of Sami Al-Arian, worked as an intern for Congressman
Bonior. David Bonior received a $3,200 campaign contribution from Brother Sami Al-
Arian. The Secret Service ejected Abdullah from the White House during a June 2001
meeting of Muslims, but Bush later sent the Al-Arians a letter of apology.251

>  D 




In 1991 Hassan al-Turabi was a pan-Islamist visionary who played host to many
divergent Muslim leaders and organizations at Friendship Hall in Khartoum. Iraqi
intelligence agents encountered the leadership of al-Qaeda in Khartoum, as did
numerous other Muslim delegates. The neo-conmen turned this into ³a meeting in 1992
between Iraqi Intelligence and al-Qaeda was brokered by Hassan al-Turabi.´ Hassan Al-
Turabi engineered an alliance among the Sunni-dominated Sudan, Shi¶ite Iran, and
Pakistan. In 1993 under pressure from our clerics, Usama bin Laden faced internal
resistance to any suggestion of co-operation with Saddam.

In December 1993 a major +  conclave took place in Khartoum, Sudan,

sponsored by Hassan al-Turabi. Subsequently, Hassan al-Turabi created the Popular
Arab Islamic Conference that was a vehicle for bringing together Sunni, Shi¶ite, and

. Debbie Schlussel ³Bush¶s Terrorist Buddy´ World Net Daily October 1, 2001.
secular, heretofore Marxist, groups. The outreach went in all directions. Mullahs from
Iran and Afghanistan attended the Popular Arab Islamic Conference meeting, along with
delegates from Hamas, Hizb¶allah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the
Liberation of Palestine, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Two
generals, one of them a former chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, and an
adviser to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto led the Pakistani delegation. Usama bin
Laden, who was living in Sudan, was there, as was Sheik Gilani.252 But Iraq was
conspicuous by it absence. In the evening, large crowds regaled the assembled + 
with chants of ³Down, down U.S.A!´ and (in Arabic) ³Death to the Jews!´

When Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman traveled to Detroit with the informer Emad
Salem in 1991, they attended a meeting where a video taped address by Hassan al-
Turbai was shown. The CIA helped Hassan al-Turabi enter the country to meet with
Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman¶s followers. It was during one such CIA-aided trip in 1992
that Hassan al-Turabi helped map the strategy for the World Trade Center bombing.253
Dr. Hassan al-Turbai was placed under house in February 2001 on charges of
undermining the Constitution of the Sudan and waging war against the state. His house
arrest marked the end of a long power struggle with President Umar al-Bashir, whom he
helped bring to power in a 1989 coup. In September 2002 Hassan al-Turabi was sent to
prison. When his detention expired in August 2003 al-Bashir extended it but finally
released him in October 2003.

c ' 

Postwar debriefs by the Americans provided information on a 1995 meeting

between bin Ladin and senior Iraq Intelligence Service official Faruq Hijazi. According to
the FBI, Hijazi stated during his debriefing that he met bin Ladin once in Sudan in
January 1995. The CIA noted that foreign government intelligence service reporting also
indicated that bin Ladin met with Hijazi in Khartoum in January 1996. The CIA stated
that it lacked information about the content of their conversation. The meeting came in
response to a request to the Iraqi government through the government of Sudan on
behalf of bin Laden. Hijazi told debriefers that Saddam selected him because he was
secular, which would make him less sympathetic to bin Ladin's radical message. Hijazi
also noted that Saddam gave him explicit instructions that he was "only to listen" and
not negotiate or promise anything to bin Ladin."'

During the meeting in Khartoum, bin Ladin reportedly asked that Iraq allow him to
open an office in the country, provide him with Chinese sea mines, provide military
training and broadcast the speeches of a radical anti-Saudi cleric Shaykh Salman al-
Awdah.254 Hijazi told debriefers that once he returned to Iraq, he wrote a negative report

252. Sudan: Human Rights Watch World Report. Footage filmed in December 1993 by the Canadian Broadcasting Company
Human Right Watch ³Biography of Hassan al Turabi´
According to the ADL Helga LaRouche, the wife of Lyndon LaRouche also visited the Sudan that year.
. Colin Miner ³CIA Trained WTC Bombing Suspect´ New York Post January 24, 1994.
. In the early 1990s the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights operated in conjunction with al-Awdah¶s criticisms of the
regime. In November 5, 2004, on the eve of the U.S. siege on the Iraqi city of Falluja, al-Awdah signed an ³open letter to the Iraqi
people´ that called for Iraqis to join in a defensive jihad against the U.S. military occupation.
on the meeting with bin Ladin. Hijazi "criticized bin Ladin for his hostile speech and his
insistence on the Islamization of Iraq." Hijazi said that he assessed that "working with
bin Ladin would damage relations with Arab countries through the region." According to
Hijazi, Saddam immediately refused bin Ladin's requests for the office, mines and
military training, but expressed some willingness to broadcast the requested speeches
from the anti-Saudi cleric. Hijazi did not know if Iraq ever actually broadcast the
speeches because he stated that Saddam delegated the decision to a lower level of the
Iraqi government. Soon after Hijazi filed the report, he "received word from his Iraqi
Intelligence Service chain-of-command that he should not see bin Ladin again." Hijazi
told debriefers that, "this was his sole meeting with bin Ladin or a member of al-Qaeda
and he is not aware of any other individual following up on the initial contact." A
captured document states that bin Ladin asked Hijazi in the 1995 meeting to conduct
joint operations against foreign forces in Saudi Arabia. The document is handwritten,
from an unknown source, and without official stamps or markings. Although the Iraq
Survey Group reported that handwritten records in Iraq were common, the lack of formal
document characteristics or signatures precludes a comparison with documents known
to be authentic to determine signs of forgery. Nonetheless, the DIA assesses that the
document is authentic based on an analysis of its content. The document describes
Iraqi Intelligence Service contacts with Saudi oppositionists, including bin Ladin. The
document does not indicate that Saddam agreed to joint operations with bin Ladin, but
notes that Saddam "agreed to dedicate programs for targeted broadcasting." The
document also states, "Through dialogue and agreements we will leave the door open
to further develop the relationship and cooperation between both sides."

Based on these earlier intelligence reports the Wolfowitz PAC concocted a story
out of whole cloth that Mohammed Atta was also said to have met with Farouk Hijazi.
Farouk Hijazi, who was Iraq¶s ambassador to Turkey, and a former head of the foreign
covert operations division of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, was alleged to have traveled
to Kandahar, Afghanistan to meet with bin Laden in December 1998. Farouk Hijazi had
allegedly gone to Kandahar to recruit bin Laden into a partnership with Saddam Hussein
and to offer bin Laden refuge in Iraq. This is patently ridiculous, as Usama bin Laden¶s
presence in Iraq would have provided an excuse for the Wolfowitz PAC to invade and
occupy that country. Farouk Hijazi allegedly developed plans for hijacking civilian
airliners and crashing them into civilian targets during the mid-1990s at the Iraqi training
facility in Salman Pak, south of Baghdad, and inspired Usama bin Laden. After his
capture, Farouk Hijazi denied having met with Atta.255


6   <

There is no denying that al-Qaeda received much help from the Islamic Republic
of Iran. It escaped major attention as it was carried out in a covert fashion and the neo-
cons had everyone concerned about the Iraq-Al-Qaeda connection. In an effort to
prepare the American public for an eventual war with Iran, the intelligence community
and figures connected to neo-con institutions like the | " !  and the American
Enterprise Institute, had in their employ a defector from Iran

who would claim to have witnessed meetings on a leadership level between Al-Qaeda
and Iranian Government officials. During the trial of Mohamad Atta¶s ex-roommate,
Abdelghani Mzoudi the Moroccan in Germany for working with Al-Qaeda ³the Iranian
defector Hamid Reza Zakeri´ submitted a written statement on behalf of the prosecution
then he reluctantly agreed to testify.


³Hamid Reza Zakeri´ (German intelligence suggested he might be using the

name of a high-ranking Iranian spy who defected to India in 2003) is an Iranian
intelligence official who according to one legend, fled to England. He was reportedly
born in 1962 in Najafabad city in Esfahan Province and worked with the revolutionary
committees and the Revolutionary Guards in Esfahan from the outbreak of the
revolution until 1985. He then reportedly moved to Tehran where he became a
Revolutionary Guards official working as an inspector and director before moving to the
Security Ministry where he held posts for several years. He later reportedly joined the
security organ of the Guide's Bureau as an inspector and official in charge of the
secretariat's security.

Hamid Reza Zakeri claimed he was a CIA asset since 1992 when he made
contact with the agency while running a pizza restaurant as a cover for his intelligence
operation on behalf of Iran and that he was a member of a department of the Iranian
intelligence service that was ³responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks globally.´ The
German magazine    identified him as a former MOIS (Ministry of Intelligence
and Security) officer who developed relationships with German and French intelligence
services after his defection in 2001. He said his department had worked with al-Qaeda,
and Abdelghani Mzoudi had spent three months in Iran learning to master codes and
was a Qu¶ran-carrying member of Al-Qaeda. If al-Qaeda used Iranian codes Iran would
know our every plan and movement and al-Qaeda would no longer be an autonomous
organization. In the document, the bogus defector said he had obtained an e-mail from
Iran referring to ³the person who has just been released in G,´ presumably Germany.
The e-mail stated that Abdelghani Mzoudi had to be eliminated since he was suspected
of co-operation.256 Yet no evidence of this cooperation ever surfaced. Abdelghani
Mzoudi's lawyers were the Jews Gul Pinar and Michael Rosenthal.257 Gül Pinar was
born on November 6, 1968 in Istanbul. Apart from two years of her school time that she
spent at French boarding school among nuns, she grew up in Turkey. In 1982 Gul and
her mother moved to Germany and in 1987 she began her law studies in Hamburg.258

Hamid Reza Zakeri claims were outrageous as he also maintained to have

informed US authorities of an impending attack before September 2001.259 In July 2001,
Hamid Reza Zakeri said, he was informed by a major Iranian intelligence agent who
used the name ³Haddadian´ that an attack against the U.S. was coming within a few

. John Burgess ³Prosecution Claims Eleventh Hour Evidence Against Moroccan Defendant Verdict Postponed in German 9/11
Case´ Washington Post Foreign Service, January 22, 2004; Page A22.
. BBC News Europe New evidence halts 9/11 Verdict January 21, 2004.
weeks of September 10, 2001. Hamid Reza Zakeri fled to Baku, Azerbaijan's capital
where he said he walked into the U.S. Embassy and gave the American ambassador
and a CIA representative a five-page handwritten statement about the upcoming attack.
He said he met with the CIA at a safehouse and the agency seemed interested in his
information then his contact was terminated after a CIA agent named "George" received
a telephone call from Washington.260 Why didn¶t he contact German or French

Hamid Reza Zakeri also claimed that in 2001, a delegation with S¶ad bin Laden,
Usama bin Laden's son, was in Iran and that Sa¶d Usama bin Ladin had apprised the
Iranians of our September 11th Raids since he wanted Tehran's help in sheltering our
members afterwards.261 Here Zakeri adhered to the American Enterprise Institute Party
Line ± turn America against both Iraq and Iran by linking them to Usama bin Laden. The
³S¶ad bin Laden was alleged to be living in Iran in 2003 and was a member of the al-
Qaeda network story´ was cut and pasted on every neo-con Zionist or pro-Zionist
website and blog on the Internet.262 The young Yemeni wife of Usama bin Ladin came
to Iran with her son and the Iranians handed her over to Yemen. Al-Qaeda leaders have
been given sanctuary or medical attention in Iran but not Usama¶s family members.263


In an earlier interview with  ' &, Hamid Reza

Zakeri said that Ayman al-Zawahiri had very close relations with the
Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Deputy Commander Brigadier
General Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr.264 This was valid information
that was made public by Sergeant Ali-Mohamed when he confessed
to his activities in the Sudan during his allocution at his sentencing
hearing. Coincidentally, Hamid Reza Zakeri talked about the time
when bin Ladin was in Sudan where the Revolutionary Guards had an extensive
presence. He said that General Zolqadr and others ran special training camps there for
Hizb¶allah and the Iranian backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which was true. At the time
Palestinian Islamic Jihad was under the command of Fathi Shiqaqi. Shiqaqi formed the
Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip during the 1970s, initially as a branch of the
Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Among the Sunni¶s, Fathi Shiqaqi was the first individual who
published a booklet which legitimized, for the first time the justification of suicide in
Jihad. He called it sacrifice. Not only the suicide was legitimized but also the operation,
as he drew the line between prohibited suicide and martyrdom. Shiqaqi was later
assassinated by Mossad agents in Malta. When General Zolqadr was invited by the
Chief of the General Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces to Khartoum, he inspected
the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory and confirmed that no Vx was produced there when

. John Crewdson, ³Mystery witness to talk of Iran´ Chicago Tribune January 30, 2004.
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2003 p7.
. Bill Gertz Washington Times - February 15, 2003.
. Abolhasan Banisadr, the first president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, now in exile in Versailles, released a communiqué that
stated Ayatollah Ali Khamenei signs the orders for political assassinations within Iran and General Zolqadr carries them out. Safa
Haeri, Iran Press Service, January 6, 1999,
he called the attack on this facility one of the most brutal uncalled for measures ever
taken against a Muslim country.265 In August 2005 Zolqadr congratulated Mahmood
Ahmadi-Najad on his win and termed him a ³model fundamentalist.´ Zolqadr said, ³With
the U.S. army on our borders, if the turnout had been low in this election, the enemy¶s
appetite would have been wetted.´ Zolqadr, who said the outcome of the election
³fulfilled all the objectives of the Supreme Leader´, played a key role in organizing the
300,000-strong Iranian Revolutionary Guard Council and the Bassij force to influence
the outcome of the elections through religious-inspired intervention.

Hamid Reza Zakeri also spoke about the role of Imad Mughniyah of Hizb¶allah in
some joint operations, which he said Iranian intelligence had financed and were carried
out by elements from Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other fundamentalist organizations.
Bin Laden, he said, was to have met with several others of similar mind in Khartoum,
Sudan, in March 1995 on the fifth floor of a building called Friendship Hall. The
discussion included destabilizing the Saudi regime and mounting a +  campaign in
America. There reportedly was specific talk of bombing airliners. By several accounts,
the participants included Mousa Abu Marzook and Imad Mughniyah of Hezbollah.266
Mughniyah directed the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983. He is under
sealed indictment for the hijacking of a TWA plane in 1985 in which an unarmed Navy
SEAL was shot and dumped on the tarmac.267 In July 1996, Western intelligence
learned Mughniyah was a passenger aboard the Kuwaiti-flagged freighter )  . A
joint U.S. Marine/SEAL snatch operation was put together. But at the last minute, the
Clinton White House scrubbed the Navy's plan to board the ship and capture or kill him.
The Operation might have interfered with a rendezvous Clinton had with the Jew
Lewinsky. He was responsible for the kidnapping and torture/murders of CIA Beirut
station chief William Buckley, and Marine Lieutenant Colonel Rich Higgins and was also
an organizer of the Istanbul Synagogue bombing in November 2003. Mughniyah had
infiltrated Turkey and co-operated with the Turkish Hizb¶allah group in the operation.268
Imad Mughniyah was in Damascus in June 2006. He went as part of the official party
when President Ahmadinejad visited Bashar al-Asad.269

According to Zakeri, Imad Mughniyah was the liaison officer with Dr. Al- Zawahiri
and other Islamist organizations¶ leaders who came to Iran and met some senior
officials in the Guide Bureau¶s security organ. Imad Mughniyah supposedly brought
them a message from Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri saying, ³We need your help to carry out an
extremely serious operation America.´ Zakeri said he believed the request was
discussed but was turned down. It was said that Iranian Security possessed a scale
model of the World Trade Center prior to the big day. Zakeri said the head of his
department and Nateq-Nuri, a hard-line Islamist Majles Speaker and Guardian Council

. The CBW Conventions Bulletin News, Background and Comment on Chemical and Biological Weapons Issues Issue NO. 48 ²
Supplement No. 2 JUNE 2000 Quarterly Journal of the Harvard Sussex Program on CBW Armament and Arms Limitation
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1998. (Originated from New York Daily News)
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. Suzan Fraser, ³Turkey Synagogue Bombing Suspect Charged´ Associated Press November 29, 2003.
citing Asharq al-Awsat London November 28, 2003.
. Conspiracy Theory John Weisman July 18, 2006
member Nateq-Nuri who was Khatami¶s election rival, who Zakeri said was head of
inspection in the Guide Bureau¶s office, and his representative in the Higher Security
Committee, decided to ask Imad Mughniyah to maintain his ties with Dr. Ayman al-
Zawahiri and his colleagues but without involving himself in their activities. Nateq-Nuri,
who was a symbol of the religious conservatives of Iran was linked to al-Qaeda by
Zakeri¶s lies.

Who disseminated this propaganda designed to convince America that Iran was
its enemy, so that America would do Israel¶s work for it? A Jew named Kenneth R.
Timmerman connected with the American Enterprise Institute who had a book published
by Random House270    which made Zakeri¶s lies into fact, not fiction.
The usual Internet suspects,   |  ð  Newsmax, Frontpage and the
Rantburg blog promoted Timmerman¶s work, so that if anyone did a search there would
be many references to it giving it an air of credibility to those who were unaware of the
neo-con-spiracy. Timmerman runs a CIA-tainted outfit called the Foundation for
Democracy in Iran that is composed of CIA-proprietary connected propagandists such
as Nader Afshar, who is president of the shadowy Middle East Consulting Associates
and has worked extensively with the former United States Information Agency and the
Voice of America Farsi Service. Joshua Muravchik is another Foundation for
Democracy in Iran Board Member who has been a resident scholar at the American
Enterprise Institute since 1987. Peter Rodman is another Board Member of the
Foundation for Democracy in Iran. Since July 2001, he has been serving as Assistant
Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Rodman¶s wife, Veronique, is
employed as the media liason for the American Enterprise Institute.

There is no need to invent connections between Iran and Al-Qaeda, when they
already exist although in less sensational terms. This seems to be what is going to
happen as the State Department has opened a Department of Iranian Affairs section, a
precursor to a similar unit in the Pentagon.271 But the neo-con-spirators are convinced
that the American people will not make the right choice, if left to their own devices, and
like dumb cattle, must be herded and prodded in the correct direction. They have the
interests of Israel at heart, not the United States, as they lead their cattle to slaughter.

At the end of his trial Abdelghani Mzoudi, who had been who had been released
for lack of evidence then re-arrested, was told, ³You were acquitted not because the
court is convinced of your innocence, but because the evidence was not enough to
convict you" as the U.S. would not let Ramzi Binalshibh testify.

. Laura Rozen, ³U.S. Moves to Weaken Iran,´ #  , May 19, 2006.,0,3463436.story?coll=la-home-world