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SAP FICO CONFIGURATION Set is a Screen by Screen configuration guide which enables even a novice to configure the SAP FICO module. The Set simplifies the mystery of configuration. After going through the Configuration Set, FICO configuration becomes so simple and easy. SAP FICO Configuration set is a systematic sap fico training guide which gives you a detailed screen by screen configuration steps.

You can configure the entire SAP FICO module in flat 30 days.

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Understand the SAP New GL functionality:- . I have now become a master in the CO module. But after buying this product. Guys. Jim Gibson SAP FICO Consultant. I never knew that Cost of sales accounting module can do so much wonders! The implementation of cost of sales accounting functionality has really helped many of our customers. ³The Product covers almost everything in the FICO module. SAP FICO Consultant I can just say ³It is years of FICO knowledge bundled in this product´. FICO module implementation looks quite simple. ³It is simply the best product! Kudos. After going through this product. I reckon it is the best product in the SAP FICO training market. my forte now being Product Costing and Profitability analysis. This product is for´. be it a beginner or a Senior consultant like me. I wish them success in all their future endeavors´. John Howkins Sr. Chris Tapper Sr. I was really weak in the CO module. Cheers to for making such a wonderful product. SAP FICO Consultant. Thanks to the team of sapficoconsultant.Jerry Fernandez Freelance SAP FICO Consultant.

1) The GL based approach of having different gl codes for different FSV is now redundant 2) Profit center is now available within New GL 3) No special ledgers required including cost of sales ledger But the Big question is how to configure the SAP New GL ? With that you have many more questions ? Whether profit center configuration still needs to be done ? Whether balance sheet adjustment program still needs to be executed? What is splitting in SAP New GL ? Whether different gl accounts still needs to be assigned for different depreciation area in asset accounting ? All your questions are answered by the SAP FICO Configuration set covering the SAP New GL configuration. Get the SAP FICO configuration Set now and be amongst the top SAP FICO consultants in the market. SAP FICO Configuration Set covers all the sub-modules in FICO Check the contents of SAP FICO configuration Set? A set of 8 CDs containing the following:- .

defining retained earnings account Validation & Substitution Parallel currencies configuration Taxes on Sales Purchase configuration GL Automatic clearing configuration Foreign currency valuation configuration GR/IR Regrouping configuration Financial Statement version configuration (Creating Balance sheet and Profit and Loss account) FI .SD account determination configuration SAP New GL configuration Define Ledgers for GL Define Currencies for Leading Ledger Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledger Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers Define Ledger Group Activate New GL Accounting Define Accounting principles and assign to ledger groups Define Variants for Real-time integration and assign to company code Define document number ranges for GL view (posting only to specific Ledger) Define document types for posting only to non leading ledgers Configuring document splitting Assigning Default profit center to accounts Define Worklist for exchange rate entry Assign Exchange rate to worklist Configuring Assessment and distribution in New GL .SAP GL configuration Company Code configuration Standard Line item text configuration Complete GL configuration.MM account determination configuration FI . defining chart of accounts.

Networks/WBS not settled Internal orders not settled. The document also covers how to create a report for cost of sales accounting.Deactivate update of Classic GL SAP Cost of Sales Accounting configuration Cost of Sales accounting needs to be implemented in a manner which makes it more powerful to reconcile the FI and CO module and enable to do a fast close of month end activities. SAP Bank Configuration Define House Banks Electronic and Manual Bank statement configuration Check Deposit configuration Configuring Cash Journal SAP AR & AP configuration Define Account Groups for Customers and Vendors Define Accounting clerk Delete Customer and Vendor Master data Configuring Payment terms Configuring various automatic account determination Defining Tolerances Configuring Automatic Payment Program Special GL configuration for down payments from customer and vendors . This functionality needs to be implemented to find out balance on the following:Process/Production orders not settled. Plant Maintenance orders not settled.

Configure regrouping of Customers & vendors per remaining terms of receivables &payables Dunning Configuring calculation of Interest on arrears SAP Asset Configuration Copying Chart of Depreciation Define Asset Classes Configuring account determination for Assets (Integration of Asset with GL) Deactivate Asset class for Chart of depreciation Configuring posting of depreciation Configuring the depreciation key Configuring asset classes for group assets Define/Assign Settlement profile Legacy Asset data transfer SAP Asset Configuration (based on New GL) With the introduction of SAP New GL there is no longer a need to maintain different GL codes for different depreciation areas. one real depreciation area and second derived depreciation Configure Depreciation as above Assign target ledger group to the respective depreciation areas Wizard to set up Parallel Valuation.e. The only requirement is to maintain for each reporting 2 additional depreciation areas i. SAP Special Purpose Ledger configuration Define Table Group Maintain Fiscal Year Variant Maintain Ledgers Maintain Local Posting Periods Maintain Actual Versions .

Maintain Valid Document types Maintain local number ranges Perform Diagnosis Entering an FI-SL document Define Libraries Define Report Painter Reports SAP Cost Center Configuration Configuring the Controlling area Maintaining versions in Controlling area Configuring multiple valuation approaches/ Transfer prices Cost element accounting set up Reconciliation ledger configuration Setting Cost center Hierarchy. cost center master data. creating planning layout Configuring various cycles such as Distribution. Assessment. Indirect Activity allocation Configuring Splitting structure Configuring Automatic account assignment (OKB9) SAP Profit Center Configuration Maintain the profit center settings for Controlling area Creation of dummy profit center Creation of Standard hierarchy and creation of profit center master Configuring the transfer price settings Profit center planning configuration Configuring Distribution and Assessment cycle Configuring the 3KEH table (Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts) . activity types Cost center planning which includes creating planner profile.

defining characteristics hierarchy Defining Characteristic derivation Defining keys for accessing material cost estimate and assigning costing key to characteristics Planning configuration Maintaining value field groups Configuration for value flow from SD to PA Configuration for value flow form FI to PA Configuration for settlement of Product costing variance to PA Creation of Profitability report Transporting customizing settings SAP Product Costing Configuration Configuring the Costing sheet for calculating overhead Configuring the Cost component structure Configuring the costing variant Configuration for mixed costing Configuration for joint product Configuration for Work in Process calculation Configuration for Variance calculation Configuration for settlement of variance Configuration for Product cost by period .product cost collector and setting up of variance calculation Configuration for Product cost by sales order SAP Actual Costing & Material Ledger Configuration .SAP Profitability Analysis Configuration Creating Characteristics and value fields Configuring the Operating concern Copying an Operating concern from an existing operating concern Maintain Characteristic values.

Configuring Material Ledger for Plants Configuring dynamic price changes Defining and assigning the material ledger update structure to plants Configuration of Actual costing and activation of actual cost component split Production start up activities in Material Ledger SAP Internal Order Configuration Define Order types Define Model orders Maintain Allocation structure Maintain Settlement profile Maintain number range for settlement documents & Excellent Power Point Presentations & Simple end user documents Further you get the following documents to enhance your skill sets:- .

This tool is a must know for a functional consultant. 3) SAP Query SAP Query is a boon to a functional consultant. 2) SAP LSMW (Data Upload) document Legacy System Migration workbench is a tool for uploading legacy data into SAP. This skill is very helpful in designing new reports without ABAP knowledge. You will now be equipped with this skill set to effectively configure this MM sub module. It is quite a wonderful tool. This is a must required skill for CO consultants.1) SAP Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) Configuration document LIV configuration has always been a joint effort of both MM consultant and FI consultant. . This is also a must know for a Functional consultant. 4) SAP Report Painter Configuration Very few FICO consultants have this skill. A consultant can design and create his own report without any ABAP knowledge. It will be of immense help if you know how to create data upload projects yourself.

Further this document explains the complex variances and makes it look simple. We take a single process order and carry out an entire month end closing steps on it.5) SAP Go live Strategy The project success in a project implementation depends upon the smooth migration of data from a Legacy system into SAP. 6) Product costing month end steps and variance calculation analysis. This is a recipe for a successful interview. A scenario covering the WIP calculation is also covered in this document. We are giving you a Special Time Limited Bonuswhich are as follows:- . This document is priceless. 7) SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers. A compilation of interview questions asked and the answers for it. We have tried to list down a comprehensive list of checks to be carried out for a smooth migration. It gives the entire month procedure for product costing.

. This is useful when a single material is manufactured in-house as well as procured from external vendors. The two most important and powerful report are the Cash Position and the Liquidity Forecast.1) SAP Cash Management Configuration SAP Cash Management helps to monitor payment flows and safeguard liquidity. The Configuration covered:1) Cash Position 2) Liquidity Forecast 3) Master data set up 4) Manual Planning in Cash Position & End user training documents 2) Split Valuation Configuration Split Valuation a must know for an FICO consultant. so that payments commitments can be met.

4) Schedule Manager .This requires the same material to be valued with 2 valuations. This excel sheet will be your reference for the month end tasks and will help you in guiding your customers the sequence of activities to be done in the month end closing. The document beautifully covers the following aspects:1) Configuration steps 2) Steps to maintain a split valuated material 3) Steps on how to create standard cost estimate for a split valuated material 4) Scenario to see the results of split valuation 3) Month end closing task list across all modules (An excel sheet giving the month end closing task list for all modules given as a download link) This task list is a must have for an SAP FICO consultant to get an overall picture of the sequence of activities to be undertaken at the month end.

6) SAP FICO trouble shooting document (Priceless) An FICO supporter¶s handbook. This document is given as a bonus material for a very limited time. 5) SAP Year end closing document (worth 69 USD) A document which lists down and shows all the year end closing steps involved in the FICO module. Configure and use it. We are now offering this entire FICO Configuration Set (a set of 8 CDs) along with the Bonus for a discounted price of 600 USD for a limited time period. . This is the most sought after document by an FICO supporter. It is a compilation of all trouble shooting done by the FICO Consultants during FICO support. is a must know functionality. to help your client achieve a faster period end close.A cross application single point of entry for all transactions related to closing process. Truly a best document made on FICO problems faced by users and how the consultants need to give solution to them.

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