MINUTES OF THE TOWN OF NEWBOLD LAKES COMMITTEE TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011 Newbold Town Hall, Highway 47, North, Rhinelander

, WI 54501 1. The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.

2. Jim Staskiewicz moved and J.R. Barteltt seconded to approve the minutes of the January, 2011 meeting. Motion carried on a voice vote.

3. JR Barteltt moved and Jeff Ewald seconded to approve the minutes of the February, 2011 minutes. Motion carried on a voice vote.

4. The following representatives were present: Flannery/Velvet Lake (J.R. Barteltt, Dale Larson) Two Sisters Lake (Bill Jaeger), Tom Doyle Lake (Jim Staskiewicz), Lake Mildred (Connie Muckelberg) Pickerel Lake (Jeff Ewald, Al Eiglmeier) and reported on lake activities as follows: a. Bill Jaeger shared information from Two Sisters Lakes grant detailing that 520 boats were checked at the public landing last year. Bill also answered questions about their boat landing plans for this upcoming season. b. Connie Muckelberg reported that the water testing did not take place as expected and hoped that it would be conducted soon. She also reported that the kickoff for the Lake Mildred lakes management project will occur one week later, on June 18 at the town hall. c. J.R. Barteltt reported on the status of the Flannery/Velvet Lake Grant. He also introduced the President of their association—Dale Larson. d. Al Eiglmeier reported that Pickerel Lake will hold its Association meeting the second Sunday in July at the St. Germain Community Center in the Prime Timer Room. e. Jim Staskiewicz reported on the efforts of the Tom Doyle Lake Association to improve the public boat launch. 5. The Newbold Waterways Map was discussed at great length. Connie reported that it looks as though we may have 23 spaces available which would generate $1150 (at $50 each) as well as 7 sponsors which would generate an additional $350. Sponsors would come through individual lake associations. This would pay for the cost of the printing. Connie agreed to be the coordinator of the ads. Each committee member would attempt to sell 5 ads and report to Connie. Businesses would pay by check and the town would send out a receipt. Each ad, with the business’ agreement would contain a sentence at

the bottom stating their support for CB/CW or fighting invasive species or lakes associations or . . . Jim Staskiewicz agreed to travel the town to ascertain the current status of landings/launches on the old map to see if they are still accurate and active. Scott will check with the county and ask for assistance on the actual map. 6. It was agreed that we would check on the possibility of partnering with the Fire Department to have a booth at the annual picnic. 7. Jim Staskiewicz reported on the Town Board approval of the new wildlife center and that its owners encouraged the harvesting of rusty crayfish to use as food for the animals. 8. Scott Eshelman reported on suggestions that grant moneys from the state will be available at the same levels as last year. He also noted that it appears that the regulations on phosphorus will be significantly relaxed. He further reported on the infestation of blue-green algae on Lake Petenwell and Castle Rock Lake. 9. It was agreed by consensus that future meetings will begin at 5:30 to accommodate the needs of those gainfully employed. 10. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 on a motion by J.R.Barteltt and seconded by Jim Staskiewicz. Respectfully submitted, Scott Eshelman, Chair

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