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3 4Bill Number: F-09-10-06 Final Vote: 5 6Authors: Jack Benage, Jake Torres, Alex Ehmke _Student Senate Secretary: Peter Goldschmidt 7 8Dean of Student Life: Dr. Lisa Webb Student Senate Chair: Alaa Al- Barghuthi 9 10 11 12 A RESOLUTION REGARDING THE GIFT OF MUSTANGS TO THE UNIVERSITY 13 AND THE FUTURE OF PERUNA AS OUR MASCOT 14 15WHEREAS SMU has been presented with two mustangs in the hope 16 that their “rugged determination to survive and thrive” will 17 be put on display as a symbol of the rugged determination 18 of SMU’s football team and athletic programs, and 19 20NOTING WITH SATISFACTION the selfless and honorable work of the National Wild Horse 21 Foundation and the generous Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, and 22 23DEEPLY THANKFUL for the Pickens’ dedication and commitment to the spirit 24 and traditions of Southern Methodist University, and 25 26CONSCIOUS of the university’s plans to have these new mustangs 27 represent SMU at university events as well as at football 28 games and on the boulevard as supplements to our current 29 mascot arrangement and not as replacement mascots, and 30 31MINDFUL that some of the only time that our university interacts with 32 other institutions is at athletic events, and that this time is 33 often the only opportunity that other colleges and 34 universities have a chance to form opinions about who we 35 are as a university, and 36 37NOTING that our current mascot and symbol of the student body, a 38 black shetland pony named Peruna, has represented us so 39 well in the past, and 40 41RECALLING Peruna’s history as the most dedicated fan of SMU football 42 for the past 77 years, having been in attendance at every 43 home game since 1932 and having led us to three National 44 Championship titles, 10 bowl games, and over 350 total 45 wins during his tenure as our mascot, and 46 47DEEPLY DISTURBED with respect to Coach Jones, about his statement that his 48 “football team wants to come out behind a mustang. I 49 mean, that’s really what it’s about” and differing from 50 Coach Jones in suggesting that “really what it’s about” is 51 toughness, strength, dedication and “All Grit. No Quit,” all 52 qualities possessed by our current mascot, Peruna, and

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that this tradition is one of the most deeply ingrained and long-lived traditions of SMU, with stories and facts about Peruna and his history being shared and taught to every incoming student, including our “Pony Up!” tradition, at our AARO and Mustang Corral events, and that university decision makers did not seek the opinion of the student body (represented by the 96th Student senate) in this matter, one which affects the representation of the entire SMU community, specifically students and alumni, whose image is the one actually being represented by either Peruna or any other mascot-like additions such as these mustangs, and that based on Peruna’s career history he will continue to represent the ideals and strength of our university and its athletic programs with class and honor, and that any additional symbolic representation of our university will be destructive to a legacy that SMU is trying to achieve through it’s hard work with the “Unbridled” campaign, and particularly that mustangs at our events would be bridled which contradicts the spirit of our current capital campaign which aligns very well with Peruna, who is unbridled, and that while the spirit of the mustang is, in many ways, in keeping with our ideals as a university, the student body is concerned that the addition of the new mustangs will detract from a long-standing and important university tradition, however, the work being done by Mr. and Mrs. Pickens to help the mustangs across the country through the National Wild Horse foundation, and that SMU can somehow partner with Mrs. Pickens and the National Wild Horse Foundation to establish sanctuaries for these mustangs, so the university can be responsible for the rescue of these proud animals which are indeed representative of the spirit of our university in many ways, be it therefore I. The Student Senate urge the university to consult the opinion, spirit, and wishes of the student body prior to making important decisions that affect the image of the university and its students. II. That the student body supports Peruna as SMU’s only mascot. III. That the student body wishes Peruna to be the only figure symbolically representing SMU at university athletic

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events, regardless of whether any additional figures are considered official or unofficial mascots or figures. IV. That the student body is thankful and deeply appreciative of the Pickens’ donation, dedication to our university, and the mission of the National Wild Horse Foundation. V. That the student body retains a great interest in the university aiding the National Wild Horse Foundation and any other organizations aiming to help the overall welfare of these mustangs in any way appropriate.

Alex Ehmke Chief of Staff