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March 30 – April 5, 2011

Rockets to wild ponies

Shocker: Athey not running Governor, Speaker react


7 District split into three pieces 2

New bookstore opens in Stephens City
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Dollar General debate continues...


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Va. Del. Chris Jones released the Republican plan for redistricting of the 100 House of Delegates districts close to press time. Del. Clay Athey’s district 18 has been split into at least three pieces. See story on Del. Athey’s political retirement on page 6.

Current Athey district.

Proposed new districts.

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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 3

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Virginia to become next rocket launch destination
By Alissa Smith Virginia Statehouse News RICHMOND — Virginians who want to see a spacecraft take off into the wild blue yonder will no longer need to travel to Florida’s Cape Canaveral to see the event. A spaceport on Virginia’s Eastern Shore may now become the only spaceport in the United States to send crafts up to the International Space Station after the shuttle Endeavor takes off on the last flight from Florida in April. The spaceport, officially the Wallops Flight Facility, is owned by NASA. However the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport leases the land and runs the general operations of space flights. The facility was established in 1945 as a research center. It is now NASA’s primary suborbital research facility, and it provides launch facilities to commercial, governmental and scientific entities, according to Wallops’ website. In late May, Wallops will be launching a satellite for the Air Force that will provide soldiers and commanders with a more effective global-positioning satellite system. Instead of simply using map points, the satellite will provide information on where certain minerals or chemical compounds are in the immediate area. Laurie Naismith, director of Government and Public Affairs for the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, said that she hopes the launches will drive visitors to Virginia as they do in Florida. Naismith is working with hospitality, tourism and economic development specialists on the Eastern Shore to help take advantage of the novelty that a space launch brings to a region. “The umbrella theme has become “America’s first Space Coast” because this is where the nation’s space program was started 65 years ago,” said Naismith. She said that NASA sent monkeys into space from Wallops as part of its research to determine if humans could survive in space. Delegate John Cosgrove, RChesapeake, chairman of the Virginia Aerospace Advisory Council, said that with the last federally funded shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral planned for April, the Wallops spaceport will become the next place to launch rockets. “When these Taurus II rockets take off — these things are 130 feet tall, they’re 13 stories high — they make a big boom when they take off,” said Cosgrove. “It’s not going to be a show as big as a shuttle, but it’s going to be pretty spectacular, and it’s going to be a lot of noise.” The Taurus II rocket will be taking food and necessities to the International Space Station. Naismith said that eventually it will be used to send a multitude of items, such as scientific projects, into space and not just to the ISS. Rockets to wild ponies The event may be spectacular, but Donna Bozza, director of Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Corp., has to find a way to incorporate the space age with the brand of eco-tourism her group wants to promote. “However this comes off, it needs to fit in with our brand, and however we do it, it will be unique to this region,” said Bozza. “When you come here for the launch you will be experiencing the authentic Eastern Shore experience along side of the futuristic space age event.” She said the Eastern Shore isn’t going to become a Disney World because they want to continue with eco-tourism that showcases the rural habitats surrounding the spaceport. “We have a really unique way of doing this. We could say that we’ll be the Cape Canaveral of the north, but really we won’t,” said Bozza. However, she said that the area has seen a significant increase in tourism dollars when an event or activity takes place at Wallops. Accomack County Administrator Stephen Miner said that as a whole, the county is very excited for this new phase of rocketry at Wallops Island. “There are likely to be some problems, like traffic, from the expansion of the tourism. This is not to mean that we see this as a negative. There is quite the expectation for it being a very good thing for the shore,” said Miner. He said that a lot of people around the state are trying to make space tourism as successful as possible. The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to the famed Chincoteague wild ponies, is excited about its working relationship with NASA at Wallops Island. Lou Hinds, the refuge manager at Chincoteague, said that his policy regarding tourism for the launches is to open up the parking lots at the refuge for people to come and view the launch. “We can afford the American public the opportunity to view the launch at a reasonable safe distance but with a spectacular view,” said Hinds. Lynne Lochen, tourism specialist at the Virginia Tourism Corp., said that the Wallops tourism program is in the early stages of development. But, she said she hope to capitalize on the fascination with space travel. “It doesn’t have to be Florida,” said Lochen. “We can change the mentality and get people just as excited to come here because there has always been an interest in what is going on at Wallops.”

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Page 4 • The Sherando Times • March 30 – April 5, 011

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Stephens City

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Seven Sisters’ Books is open for business
Bookworms now have a place to go in Stephens City
units filled with books from which she renews her store’s inventory as needed. When asked if she thinks electronic reading devices such as the Kindle will eventually put bookstores out of business, she said “No.” She believes there are still too many people who love the feel of a book in their hands and the feel of turning the page. There are also some people who like the convenience of the Kindle but who still like to open a book. Cindy currently has no special plans for the Newtown Heritage Festival other than having a display outside and making sure she has plenty of Civil War books available. Some of Cindy’s future plans for the store include offering a store trade policy, doing consignments, making local authors’ books available and offering home-schooling

A variety of fiction and nonfiction can be found on the first floor of Seven Sisters’ Books.

Eight year-old Katie Robinson reads in her grandmother’s store.

By Rachel Hamman The Sherando Times Main Street in Stephens City now has a bookstore to add to its list of businesses. On March 8, 011, Seven Sisters’ Books officially opened. It is located in the chinked log building across from the Laundromat and diagonally across from the outlet store. Inside Seven Sisters’ Books, you will see the children’s section to the left. A self-serve Keurig coffee machine is available on the right. There are several genres to choose

from on the first and second floors. Upstairs, you will find the history section, science fiction, genealogy, religion and philosophy, drama and literature, home and garden, romance, westerns and mystery. According to owner Cindy Roach, all the books are “gently used” and have been donated. She says there are books from $.79 to $00.00. The book she has priced at $00 is about the Hungarian/Austrian region before World War I. It is by P.W. Seton-Watson and was copyrighted in 1911. This book was one she almost threw out until

she did some research and found out how valuable it is. Cindy also has autographed books and has three mentors who help her with verifying the authenticity of the autographs. Cindy chose the name “Seven Sisters” for her bookstore because she has six sisters. They give Cindy moral support and offer input on her store as well. Her daughter Mikaela and son Brent help manage the store for Cindy when she has to be away. When asked why she wanted to open a bookstore, Cindy replied that she

“loves to read and has been selling on-line for seven years,” although she says she has never worked in a bookstore before now. She chose Stephens City as a location because it “has never had a bookstore before.” Cindy also observed traffic and walking patterns prior to choosing this location. Seven Sisters has been “getting busier every day” and would be busier “if the weather would cooperate.” According to Cindy, sci-fi, romance, mystery and younger children’s books are the most popular genres right now. Cindy has two storage

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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 5

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Stephens City

History, religion and philosophy are also available on the second floor.

Romance, mystery and westerns are available on the second floor.

activities. Cindy wants to be community-involved. Cindy says her three main loves are kids, the elderly and books. She was formerly a special education teacher and also home-schooled and tutored children. She works

part-time for Home Instead, which does the “Santa for Seniors” program in the community. She plans to have a Christmas tree for “Santa for Seniors” so people can drop off donations at Seven Sisters’ Books for needy seniors

in the area. Cindy is also a local coordinator for Soldiers’ Angels, which is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that provides “aid and comfort” for military personnel and their families. One of Soldiers’

Angels’ current projects is providing a baby shower for 150 mothers at Fort Hood on April 30. Store hours for Seven Sisters’ Books are subject to change. Seven Sisters is currently closed on Mondays, open from 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Tuesday through Thursday, and from 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. on Fridays. On Saturdays, Seven

Sisters is open from 9:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M., and on Sundays from 1-4 P.M. Appointments can be made to accommodate special circumstances. Seven Sisters accepts Visa and MasterCard. The phone number for Seven Sisters is (540) 869-830, or you can e-mail them at sevensistersbooks@gmail. com.

Page 6 • The Sherando Times • March 30 – April 5, 011

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Like Super Bowl MVPs - Athey opts for Disney World
Fresh from family vacation, 18th District delegate won’t seek re-nomination
House of Delegates,” the former Front Royal mayor and councilman stated in his March 9th press release. “In the forefront of this family decision is the fact that our children, Madagan and Clayton, who will turn five years old next week, will be attending Kindergarten at A.S. Rhodes Elementary School beginning in September. Since another term in Richmond would require me to be away from my children more than I am willing to endure, Stacey and I decided that standing for re-election at this time would not be in our family’s best interest. To stand for re-election when I believe my children need my undivided attention would be contrary to the values I learned by example from my parents, Phyllis Madagan Athey and Lynwood Athey, as a young boy growing up in the Shenandoah Valley.” Athey then turned retrospective on his experiences in the Virginia General Assembly, where he has become a meaningful player in the state political arena. “Although I will certainly miss working with all of my friends at the General Assembly beginning the second Wednesday of each January, I am heartened by the knowledge that the close friendships forged during times of crises and accomplishment over the last ten years can never be extinguished. I will always respect and admire my colleagues in the General Assembly for their commitment to public service and I am sure that the heartfelt feelings of friendship and loyalty we have for our General Assembly family, on both sides of the aisle and in both bodies, shall endure for the rest of our lives.” Governor reacts The personal sentiments were immediately returned by prominent state Republicans, including Governor Robert McDonnell and Virginia House Speaker William J. Howell, in press releases issued later the day of Athey’s announcement. “Clay has been a trusted representative of his constituents in Warren, Frederick and Fauquier counties, a valued associate, and a good friend during his decade of service to the Commonwealth in the Virginia House of Delegates,” Gov. McDonnell said. “Clay has been a solid leader and advocate while serving as the vice chairman

Clay Athey talks with Front Royal Town Councilman Shae Parker in front of the Warren County Government Center in this 2009 file photo.

By Roger Bianchini The Sherando Times He says it every election term – “I’m not sure I’m going to run for reelection this year, Roger – you know how it is, I’m not sure I can do it anymore …” “Bull!!! I’ll believe it when you’re not on the ballot come November. It’s in your blood now,” I reply every two years to my acquaintance of nearly a quarter century. Fiveterm Virginia 18th District State Delegate Clay Athey also denied my forwarding of recent speculation he would move toward the 6th District State Senate seat when fellow Republican incumbent Mark Obenshain maneuvered for a rumored run for Lt. Governor in a year or two; or that redistricting might alter the 18th District in a way not conducive to his reelection. Ironically perhaps, Athey’s announcement came the same day as the first online postings about Virginia’s proposed redistricting. But more recently Athey’s mantra of “tired of the political game” has been accompanied by, “My kids are getting older and I don’t

want to miss them growing up.” And on March 9th that latter factor seems to have pushed Athey to that point of no return to the November ballot for a Virginia House of Delegates seat he has held for five, two-year terms. A quick call to Athey’s secretary at the law offices of Pond-AtheyAthey & Pond in Front Royal confirmed the validity of the press release and that the delegate would not likely be taking calls that day on the heels of his family’s return

from a week-long Florida vacation to Disney World. This is serious, I thought – the announcement comes after an idyllic family week away from the political trenches of Richmond. “Following discussions with my family and my colleagues in the General Assembly over the last several months, I have decided not to seek the nomination of my Party for a sixth term representing the citizens of Warren, Frederick, and Fauquier County in the Virginia

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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 7

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of the Courts of Justice Committee, and as an active partner on the Education, Health, Welfare and Institutions, and Militia, Police and Public Safety committees. His energetic, focused, and strong leadership on a host of issues throughout his tenure has been highly effective in protecting the interests and safety of his constituents and Virginians statewide. Clay’s passion for public service and his keen intellect will be missed in the General Assembly, but will serve as a lasting inspiration to all of those with whom he served. I wish Clay the very best in his future endeavors, and thank him for his tremendous service to the people of the Commonwealth.” House Speaker reacts “Clay has been a true champion for the interests and values of the citizens he ably has represented from Warren, Frederick and Fauquier Counties since 00. His legal acumen and steady stewardship of the Civil Subcommittee of the House Courts of Justice Committee, of which he also was Vice Chair, garnered well-deserved praise on both sides of the aisle,” Howell stated. “He also has been a long-standing advocate for government reform, especially in the vital areas of transportation, education and health care. His success in these and many other policy areas have resulted from his uncanny ability to listen and bring people together around sensible solutions to the every day challenges faces by hard-working, lawabiding and tax-paying Virginians and their families.” “Clay Athey not only is a principled, fair-minded and trusted leader but a person of the highest character who is genuinely committed to serving others. That’s why I and so many more of our legislative colleagues will miss him in the House but certainly understand and respect his very personal decision,” Howell added. Both the governor and house speaker commended Athey for his emphasis on family. “His dedication to his constituents is reflective of the type of person he is, and his decision to focus on his young children Madagan and Clayton and his loving wife Stacey demonstrate the values, honesty and focus that have made him a principled and highly effective legislator,” McDonnell stated. “Family is a true blessing and, like so many, I’ve known Clay as a loving family man, which was the impetus for today’s decision so he could spend more time with his wonderful wife, Stacey, and be more involved in the raising of his beautiful children Madagan and Clayton,” Howell said. “I commend and thank Clay for his distinguished service and wish him continued success in what I hope will be a rewarding life beyond the General Assembly.” What comes after? After expressing appreciation for the public support that kept him in office for five terms and elaborating on the family life he says drove his decision, Athey added an endorsement of political life for others – and obtusely references the political can of worms his announcement has opened. “Although I am not seeking reelection, our family remains committed to public service as a high calling. Without question, Stacey and I would recommend a life in public service to any young person of high ideals …” WOW – this reporter and Publisher Dan McDermott said to each other over the phone as we plotted out which local politicians to call for comment and ask who might be maneuvering to replace Athey on the Republican 18th District ticket. As for Athey’s endorsement of the political life to young people – we suggest they get out of the way or risk being trampled in the stampede of older men already immersed in the not-always-so-holy waters of political life. We developed a local short call list – Warren County Supervisor Tony Carter, Front Royal Mayor Tim Darr, former Front Royal Vice Mayor Bret Hrbek, Front Royal Councilman Tom Sayre, maybe even popular but deposed Front Royal Town Manager Michael Graham … OR – pregnant pause – Warren County Republican activist Matt Tederick. One thing Athey recently told us gave him pause when considering political retirement was what would come after him as far as the political struggle to determine a successor within his own Party and the implication of that struggle on the Republican ability to hold his district seat.

Our bet is realigned district or not, it won’t take long for the political gamesmanship to begin. – Our second bet is that an extraordinary amount of that maneuvering will go on right in Athey’s hometown of Front Royal.

Report from Richmond: 2011
Delegate Clay Athey, R-18th Legislative District
and responsible bidder is a resident of any other state and such state allows a resident contractor of that sate a price-matching preference, then a like preference shall be allowed to responsive and responsible bidders who are residents of Virginia. (Passed House 99 -0; Passed Senate 40-0) (5) HB 2316 - Creates a program that provides financial incentives to companies that manufacture or assemble equipment, systems, or products used to produce renewable or nuclear energy, or products used for energy conservation, storage, or grid efficiency purposes. To be eligible for a grant, the manufacturer must make a capital investment greater than $50 million and create at least 200 full-time jobs that pay at least the prevailing wage. A wind energy supplier must make a capital investment of greater than $10 million and create at least 30 full-time jobs that pay at least the prevailing wage to be eligible for a grant. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (6) HB 2324 - Creates the Virginia Research and Technology Investment Program, consisting of the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) and the GAP Fund program administered by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority. The bill makes significant changes to the existing CRCF, including creating a Commercialization Subfund, a Research Match Subfund, and an Eminent Scholar Subfund, and sets up a new process for the application, review, and award of funds from the CRCF. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (7) HB 1588 - Transfers the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the assessor when a taxpayer appeals the assessment of real property to a board of equalization, and transfers it from the taxpayer to the locality when such appeal is to a circuit court. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (8) HB 1757 - Expands the Address Confidentiality Program for victims of domestic violence to all jurisdictions within the Commonwealth. The bill also provides that the Office of the Attorney General will prepare an evaluation of the statewide implementation of the program by December 31, 2012, and repeals the enactment clause that conditioned the continuation of the program upon an appropriation for that purpose. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (9) HB 1697 - Exempts any facility of the Department of Veterans Services from the certificate of public need requirements. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (10) HB 1698 - Expands a procedure for rescission of a sexually violent predator’s refusal to participate with a mental health examination to allow him to rescind a refusal to participate and provides that assessment hearings may be done by videoconference. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (11) HB 2066 - Expands the prohibition on entry onto school grounds by any adult convicted of a sexually violent offense to include any school bus as defined in § 46.2-100. (Passed House 97-0; Passed Senate 40-0) As always, Stacey and I, along with our twins, Madagan and Clayton thank you for the opportunity to serve. Now that I am home, I can be reached at 1540-635-2123 or E mail me at
Paid political advertisement

Greetings from your Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly who returned home safely on Saturday. In addition to my role as your Delegate, I serve as Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. In that role, I was responsible for shepherding a number of bills of statewide importance to passage this Session. I am relieved to report that the following Policy Bills are on their way to Governor McDonnell’s desk. (1) HB 1447 - Allows income tax credits for individuals and businesses for qualified research and development expenses. There is a $10 million cap on the total amount of credits allowed in any taxable year. (Passed House 87-12; Passed Senate 38-0) (2) HB 1820 - Creates an income tax credit for licensed farm wineries equal to 25 percent of the cost of certain winery equipment and materials for taxable years beginning on and after January 1, 2011. There is a $250,000 cap on the total amount of credits allowed in a calendar year. (Passed House 85-0; Passed Senate 40-0) (3) HB 1837 - Creates an income tax credit for licensed farm wineries equal to 25 percent of the cost of certain winery equipment and materials for taxable years beginning on and after January 1, 2011. There is a $250,000 cap on the total amount of credits allowed in a calendar year. (Passed House 99-0; Passed Senate 39-1) (4) HB 1929 - Provides that whenever the lowest responsive

Page 8 • The Sherando Times • March 30 – April 5, 011

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“Motion to reject site plan as submitted, with an option to come back to the Planning Commission with new plans, or further discussion, or both.” Approved 5 to 1.

Middletown Planning Commission rebuffs Dollar General
By Sue Golden The Sherando Times In its monthly meeting on Monday, March 8, 011, the Middletown Planning Commission rejected the “final” site plan submitted by Dollar General. The plan called for the destruction of a 1900s “four square” house, outbuildings, and old trees, at 7695 Main Street, in the north end of Middletown, and the building of a “box” store on the one acre site. The meeting, which at times became contentious between Town Planner Fred Wharton and the other members of the Planning Commission, looked at the pros and cons of the development, the site, and the Dollar General store. As the commission began its discussion of the proposal, Mr. Wharton produced a new draft version of the store. This version removed the gable, and added windows. Mr. Wharton also said the building could be covered in hardy boy, as opposed to brick. Although most members of the commission agreed that the new version was a step in the right direction, it was not enough to save the plan. The commissioners expressed concerns that the process was going too quickly for proper decisions to be made. The “sketch” plan was delivered two months ago, and the revised plans were distributed recently, with a new version of the building delivered on the night of the vote. The commissioners felt that the Dollar General was not trying to work with them. There were no meetings or conversations between the store and the commission. One telephone call with the developer, during which the commissioners felt they had conveyed what they thought would be appropriate for the site, disappointed the commissioners, since they were told that the company had one design, and would not compromise on its design. The developer suggested on the call that the town could pay the extra money for any changes they required. Commissioner Anita Holley came to the meeting armed with photos of prior general stores in town, and the buildings that would surround the Dollar General. She was hoping that the developer could use the pictures to see what town looked like. Since the Dollar General refused to do a to-scale design, she hoped they would review the photos of the local buildings to further understand the size of local buildings. She was concerned that an $11 billion company would not spend $40,000 to fit into the town, but would ask the town for money. Commissioner Holley also did not think the plans were final, since there were no landscaping plans attached to the proposal. In discussing the design of the building, she noted that Mark and June Brown spent a lot of additional money when renovating their building in town, so it would continue to fit the town “character.” Mr. Wharton insisted that the plan submitted was the final plan, even though commissioners believed pages were missing, and that changes needed to be reflected in the final plan. Insisting that the plan was “final” meant the commission needed to vote on the plan. Commissioner Mark Davis, the Town Council Representative to the Planning Commission, iterated his many concerns as follows: 1. The decisions made by the Planning Commission must be made in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan. The plan provides “firm guidelines to be followed and enforced.” . The plan requires that any new development must be compatible with the “density, type and character” of the town and its goals. Although the new design is better, it is not to scale. A big box store at 7695 Main Street will not comply with this directive. Big stores can, and do, make changes to fit into small towns, but the Dollar General refuses to make changes. 3. The plan requires that the commission “maintain the visual character and historical architectural fabric of Main Street.” The proposed store is out of context with the town, and will look significantly different to scale. Small scale infills, with mixed uses and parking in the back, are more appropriate. 4. The commission can deviate from the plan, but in this case there is no justification for a deviation. Dollar General did not provide any financial information to the town. There is a question of the business’s viability, if it cannot afford to buy a commercial lot in town. The developer noted on the phone call with the commission that the store will not spend any additional money to fit the store into the town; in fact, the developer asked the town to contribute money to the project. Dollar General’s profit margins appear risky; there is no head room to absorb losses, especially if the economy improves, and the Dollar General loses business. 5. The Strasburg store is only 4,000 square foot, and is in a town with five times the population of Middletown. The Strasburg store had $130,000 in receipts last year. The town receives 1% of this amount, or $1,300. Just because the Middletown store would be bigger, that does not guarantee it will make more money. 6. If the Dollar General does not survive in Middletown, the town will be left with a big empty box store on Main Street. This is not conducive to attracting the small scale stores Middletown wants to attract. 7. The Dollar General would almost certainly hurt some of the other stores in town. This would result in a loss of revenue. 8. The store hires a limited number of employees, mostly part time. Only managers are full-time. Commissioner Holley pointed out that at the Kernstown store, which is a larger store than Strasburg, there are only seven employees, and only three are full-time. 9. If the plan is deviated from in this instance, the commission loses its ability to use the plan in the future to maintain appropriate growth. 10. The store will replace a “contributing property in the historic district.” 11. There are other commercial sites in Middletown where the store would fit better, for example, at the former Route 11 Chips site. 1. Added together, there is no financial benefit to approving the plans, and the risk of financial loss and compromising the Comprehensive Plan among other things, does not support approving the plan. Mr. Wharton disagreed with commissioner Davis and other members of the commission on a number of issues. He claims that the developer was looking for advice from the commission, and did not receive it, a view that was met with howls of protest. He feels the Comprehensive Plan that was approved by the Town Council does not fit Middletown. He also believes that the “Buy-Right” status of the site gives Dollar General the right to build there. Other commission members contended that the “Buy-Right” status does not convey to the site plans, only the fact that they can build. Mr. Wharton pointed out that there have been no new businesses brought to Middletown in 0 years. He also noted that the Italian Touch was allowed to tear down a historic property to build a strip mall. Commissioner Peter Heffern does not believe that the final plans meet either the intent of the plan, or the site plan zoning ordinances. He has legitimate concerns about the site itself. One acre of land is probably too small for what the Dollar General wants to do. He asked for additional information regarding the water drainage system; a nine foot high retaining wall, that would require moving a gas pipe to another property; and the fact that trucks entering the property from the north, which is the closest exit from I81, would have to stop traffic on Main Street to back into the unloading lot. Commissioner Heffern asked “Why approve something when you know it is less than ideal to start with?” Commissioner Heffern also noted his dissatisfaction with the handling of the proposal. He said he felt he was being pushed into voting for or against the proposal too soon; two months is “unreasonable for this type of development. Where we are now should have happened at month one and not at month five.” He noted that when the sketch plan was delivered two months ago, the commission suggested that the Dollar General get a copy of the Comprehensive Plan. Commissioner Heffern asked for more time to continue the dialogue, noting, as other commissioners did, that they weren’t against having a Dollar General in town, just not at 7695 Main Street, when so many questions are being left unanswered. Commissioner Stephanie Pendleton agreed with what her colleagues said. She thought that the Dollar General should go to a commercial site that is currently available, for example the Middletown Commons, and not on a historic site, with old, beautiful trees. The crowd of about a dozen people

stayed respectfully quiet during the discussion, unlike during prior meetings when heckling was frequent. In the end, it took three tries to find a motion that could be seconded. The commission wanted everyone to know their reasons for their votes, and that they would continue to work with the Dollar General if the store wanted to. The room grew quiet and hot as chairman Walter McCauley read the motion. “We have a motion to reject the site plan as submitted, with the option to come back to the Planning Commission with new plans, or further discussions, or both.” Mr. Wharton was the sole “no” vote. As the crowd gathered in the hall, laughter was heard, and much discussion. The Dollar General can appeal the decision of the Planning Commission to the Town Council, and then to the Circuit Court.

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Saturday April 9th

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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 9

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Middletown and Frederick County: a meeting full of give and take
By Sue Golden The Sherando Times At its monthly meeting, on Monday, March 8, 011, the Middletown Planning Commission had a full agenda. After approval of the Minutes from the last meeting, the commission moved to a review of the Fifth Draft and final review of the Middletown Planning Commission By-Laws. This is the first set of by-laws ever drafted for the Middletown Planning Commission. It is an internal document of the commission that will be shared with, but does not need approval from, the Town Council. Commissioners have been reviewing by-laws of other municipalities in order to compile their own. Much to the chagrin of commissioner Anita Holley, changes were made; a final review will take place at the next meeting. There were no permits issued to report. However, Town Planner Fred Wharton noted that the owner of the site of the nowburned-down Carter’s Family Store is planning to rebuild. Mr. Wharton does not know what the owners plan on rebuilding. In addition to voting against the final site plan for the proposed Dollar General store at 7695 Main Street, Middletown, the commission reviewed and updated the status of the Land Use Plan for Reliance Road. Middletown proposes to annex certain properties on the east side of I-81, near and around Reliance Road, from Frederick County. The plan calls for certain commercial and other development for the proposed annexed land, a redesign of the I-81 interchange, and the moving of Brockton Road, among other things. Chairman Walter McCauley and other members of the commission attended the meeting of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors when it discussed the proposal at a Board of Supervisor’s meeting. After discussion, the Frederick County Board of Supervisors voted to forward the issue to a public hearing. However, the chairman distributed copies of a document regarding the Frederick County proposal for the land use plan, and it did not conform to the proposal put forth by the Middletown Planning Commission. In addition, three tracts owned by the Molden family that were originally in the plan have been removed without reason. A property owner that did not want to be annexed has been added to the plan by Frederick County. Mr. Robbie Molden, representing the Molden tracts to be annexed into Middletown, asked for the commission’s help in being re-added. He said he has received numerous responses to his questions about the removal of his tracts, but has yet to get a satisfactory answer. In reviewing the document put forth by Frederick County, the county will put the onus on Middletown to find water for any development prior to the development. The county’s plan also gives the county all rezoning approval, which takes away Middletown’s ability to develop the land in accordance with the plans of Middletown, since zoning is its only tool to control development. According to commissioner Peter Heffern, Middletown receives all of the baggage while receiving none of the perks in the county’s plan. Mark Davis, the Town Council’s Representative on the Planning Commission, said the commission needs to meet with individual members of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors to get the project back on track, or it will not be worth proceeding.

Plans will be made to meet with the supervisors. The Planning Commission is holding a meeting to continue its review of the Middletown Comprehensive Plan on Tuesday, March 9, 011, at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall. The Planning Commission will be having a Highway Commercial Ordinance workshop on April 18, 011, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. The Commission also plans to review the Temporary Family Health Care Structures language at the April 18, 011, workshop. The meeting adjoined at approximately 9 p.m. All members were present.

Winchester/Frederick County
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Page 10 • The Sherando Times • March 30 – April 5, 011

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The news
Stephens City meetings Town Council April 5 7:30pm Middletown meetings Work Session First Monday 7pm. Regular Council Second Monday 7pm. Committees Third Tuesday 7pm. Planning Commission Fourth Monday 7pm. Public Hearings as scheduled and properly advertised. All meetings are and always have been open to the public Bingo Every Tuesday at the Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Doors open at 5pm. Bingo starts at 7pm. Located in the social hall rear of building. Concessions sold by Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue auxillary. Paws for reading Apr , 011 1:00 pm - :15 pm Bowman Library Children, come to Bowman Library and read your favorite story to a willing listener-a specially trained dog! Our dogs love to listen to stories, which have a great appeal for beginning readers and those who are struggling as they learn to read. Dogs are happy to hear a good book. The reading times are in 15-minute increments from 1:00 to :15 p.m. Register in person or by calling 869-9000 ext. 15. Book sale Book Sale is March 9 through April nd. Preview Night is Monday, March 8, 011. Barbara Dickinson, Executive Director. Friends of Handley Regional Library. PO Box 4, Winchester , VA 604. (540) 66-6046 ext. 31 Can you can? Yes you can! Mar 31, 011 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Handley Library, Benham Room If you have thought about canning, but don’t know where to begin, join this canning presentation. We will discuss equipment needed for various types of canning and basic procedures to ensure success!!! Jewelry show March 31st 6:00-8:00 p.m. at The Miller House, 5960 Valley Pike, Stephens City. We’ve got your “pink and green” for Apple Blossom and your “Pearls” for the Pumps & Pearls party. Refreshments and door prizes. Be the first to wear the newest designs around town. Colleges against cancer host cars for a cause April , 011 (rain date April 3rd) Colleges Against Cancer, and organization of Shenandoah University, along with Hopper’s Auto Group are hosting the first Cars for a Cause, a nostalgic car show at the former Winchester Armory and Ohrstrom-Bryant Theater lawn. All funds raised will be benefit the 011 Relay For Life of Shenandoah University. We’d love to see the community come out to see the cars and have a good time raising money for the American Cancer Society. For those interested in putting their cars in the show, registration will be from 9am to 1pm, there is a $10 entry fee. Rare, never seen before cars will be inside the Armory. Entrance to the Armory is just a donation, you are then given a ballot to vote for your favorite car. There will be a small auction at 1:00pm that will include a painting of the Armory along with other items. There will be awards for Top 5 and Best in Show Trophies,

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
100 dash plaques, and door prizes for the entered cars. There will also be raffles, bake sales, and a Sodexo catered concessions. 2nd annual Civil War ball On Saturday, April , 011, Historic Jordan Springs will host its Second Annual Civil War in the main ballroom of the grand hotel. Guests can enjoy this (black-tie optional) period-attire suggested event in the one of a kind historic setting that has played host to such notable figures as President Roosevelt, General Robert E. Lee, and General “Stonewall” Jackson, among many others who have attended the balls of days gone by. A cash bar will be available for beer, wine, and cocktails in the smaller ballroom just across the Grand Foyer from the main ballroom beginning at 4pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm as a three-course, period appropriate meal prepared by our Executive Chef and his culinary team. After dinner, guests can enjoy dancing from 7-10pm, while taking instruction from the caller and period band. Enjoy such dances as Ring-Around the Nine Pin, the Grand March Medley, and more! Balls have historically been held at the estate since the first hotel was built in 183, and this one will be every bit as exciting. Enjoy seeing the ballroom in its full splendor, alive with guests in period attire and music of an era past. Guests may also enjoy a stroll on the Grand Veranda and sipping a drink while sitting on the white wicker furniture. Tickets are available immediately, and group bookings are welcome. Seating is limited, so guests are recommended to book right away. $75.00 per Person. Tickets are available online at www.HistoricJordanSprings. com or by calling the box office at 540.667.7744. Further Information: Colt Nutter Phone: 540-667-7744 Email coltnutter@historicjordansprings. com. Located at: 1160 Jordan Springs Road, Stephenson, VA 656 Will work for pet food Apr , 011 By appointment Apr 3, 011 By appointment Apr 9, 011 By appointment Apr 10, 011 By appointment Story Tellers Photography LLC Studio. Will Work for Food. For  weekends in April we will work for pet food. Just bring in 5lbs of pet food and you will receive a complimentary 45 minute portrait session and a FREE 5x7 print. That’s a $175.00 value for 5lbs of pet food! Did you know that the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Counties is funded completely by donations and adoption fees? They have no other funding source and they need all the help we can give them. Last time we raised almost 300 pounds of pet food for the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Counties! Let’s see if we can top that this time. Our goal this time around is 600 pounds of pet food for the SPCA shelter. Remember, even though this event is to benefit the SPCA shelter, this isn’t just for pet portraits. We can do family portraits, children’s portraits - almost anything you want in your 45 minutes. Greg Brown 540-37-53 Fire station fundraiser Sunday, April 3rd. A fundraising dinner will be held from 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the Stephens City fire station, 5346 Mulberry Street. Cost is $8 for adults and $4 for under 1 yrs old. Proceeds benefit fire and rescue operations. Menu: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, lima beans, coffee, tea, and dessert. Rotary club April 5, 011 The Rotary Club of Frederick County meeting is scheduled Tuesday morning, April 5, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. The meeting will feature Mayor Marshall J. Brown of Middletown, Virginia with a program entitled, “You Can’t Eat History” about economic development and historic preservation. Club members, invited guests and visiting Rotarians are welcome. April 1, 011, five new Paul Harris Fellows and two new members will be welcomed to the Club with a brief ceremony conducted by Club President Joe Myer, Membership Chair Lea Glembot and Rotary Foundation Chair Charles Daniels. The Rotary Club of Frederick County meets Tuesday morning, April 1, 011 at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Invited guests, club members and visiting Rotarians
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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 11

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
are welcome. The Rotary Club of Frederick County will meet Tuesday morning, April 19, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Rotarian Dr. Roy Schwartz will present his program about China entitled, “The Dragon Awakes: Should We Tremble?”. Invited guests, club members and visiting Rotarians are welcome The Rotary Club of Frederick County will meet Tuesday morning, April 6, 011 at 7:30 a.m. at Shenandoah University in the Clement Board Room - Allen Dining Hall. Club members, invited guests and visiting Rotarians are welcome. The morning program will feature student leaders with the Talented and Gifted program from Frederick County High Schools - Sherando, Millwood and James Wood. Students will be discussing their organization, accomplishments and goals. Prosperity patio showcase open to public The event will be held from Saturday April 9th from 10 am to 4 pm on the Bowling Green South. (Rain date is April 10). Visit the houses at 15 and 189 Karst Valley Road and 55 Bowling View Road. The event will feature two dry-laid paver patios with segmental block seating walls. Also to be featured will be a new paver driveway, porch and walkway. The projects will highlight such amenities as firepits, columns with lights, seating walls and curved, bull-nosed steps. Prosperity Landscaping construction experts will be on hand to discuss project designs and construction methods. They will also have brochures available that picture and describe all sorts of material options. Light refreshments will be served. For more info call 540-869-004. Bass tournament Apr 9, 011 and April 10, 011 Call for details Sponsored by Watermelon Park & The North Mountain Bass Anglers. Teams can pre-register for $75 (Entry fee includes one night of camping, a ticket to a BBQ dinner being prepared by Big Mike’s BBQ (winner of the 010 Watermelon Park Blues n’ BBQ Festival) and a live band will be performing on stage. Please get pre-registered by going to and you better hurry! The winning Team will be awarded $1000 CASH. Please visit your local business starting February 1st. to pick up a registration form. If you or your company would like to become a sponsor please contact Mike Capanelli 571.40.0646 or S.H.S.B. spaghetti dinner and live auction Sunday April 10, 011 Starting at 1 noon at Sherando High School. To benefit the Sherando High School Band. Sit down spaghetti dinner from 1noon to 1:30pm. Dinner includes spaghetti, bread, salad, dessert and beverages. Live music 1pm to 1:30pm courtesy of Sherando band students. Live auction with professional auctioneer Leon Strosnider at 1:30pm. Adults $7, children ages 4 to1 $5, children 3 and under are FREE. For advanced tickets, contact any band member, call Amy at 540-664-8690 or mail your check and self-addressed & stamped envelope to: Sherando HS Band Booster Assn., 185 South Warrior Drive Stephens City, VA 655. Visit for and up to date list of pledges items and celebrity donars. Symposium The Valley Interfaith Council presents a two hour symposium entitled “Old Time Religion Meets New Politics” on Sunday, April 10, 011, 3:00 - 5:00pm at the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Shenandoah University. Guest speakers will be Dr. James A Davis, President Emeritus of Shenandoah University and Mark Pelavin, Associate Director of The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Dr. Davis will address: Civility: A Necessary Legacy for Modern Society. Mr Pelavin’s topic is “The Role of Faith in Today’s Washington”. The meeting is free and open to the public. For more information visit the VIC Facebook or contact Rabbi Scott Sperling - bethelrabbi@verizon. net or 540-667-1889 Blocks and books bowman library Ap r i l 1 1 ,  0 1 1 4 : 0 0 p m Bowman Library Blocks and Books, a Lego™ building program for Elementary Builders. Bowman Library is conducting days in February, March, and April of imaginative play for children who are just learning to build. This program is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. Builders’ tools will be Lego® bricks. On February 14, the children will build anything they want in the theme of “Construction.” “Pirates” will be the theme on March 14, and on April 11, the children can build anything having to do with “The Circus.” Perhaps there will be houses and skyscrapers in February, ships on the high seas in March, and trapeze artists on the high wire and clowns in April—it’s up to the children’s imaginations as to what they build. Challenging cancer classes Apr 13, 011 Wednesday evenings Apr 0, 011 Wednesday evenings Apr 7, 011 Wednesday evenings May 4, 011 Wednesday evenings May 11, 011 Wednesday evenings May 18, 011 Wednesday evenings May 5, 011 Wednesday evenings Jun 1, 011 Wednesday evenings Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church, Stephens City, VA Free 8 week course held on Wednesday evenings. Topics: Learn 6 skills every cancer patient needs to know. What to do when the doctor says it’s cancer. What in the world can I do for my loved one. This is an 8 one hour group session held at Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church in Stephens City, Va. Ron Combs: 540.868.4030 or 540.37.7898

The news
S.H.S. 4th annual golf tournament Apr 15, 011 1:00 pm, Bowling Green North Golf Course 18 hole fundraiser for our Choral scholarships. $75/golfer or $80/ foursome includes green fees, cart and dinner. You could win a new car at our Hole-in-one. Greg Dowling 540-37-1411 Mulch for sale To benefit Boy scout Troop  in Stephens City. $4.00 per bag. Taking orders through April 14th, orders delivered to home on April 3rd. Please email orders to Congressman Frank Wolf visits Sherando high school Tuesday, April 19, 011– Congressman Frank Wolf Visits Sherando High School. Congressman Wolf will be visiting Sherando to meet the student who discovered a pulsar in January as well as the two students who will be competing at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in April. The visit will include presentations by the students as well as information on how FCPS is utilizing technology and inquiry-based labs to engage students in science. Earth Day seedling giveaway Friday, April , 011– In celebration of Earth Day, Frogale Lumber Supply in Winchester is donating seedlings which will be given to every FCPS third grade student. The seedlings will be distributed prior to Earth Day. Teachers have been made aware of the donation so they can include the donation of the seedlings into any Earth Day lesson plans. Newcomers club being formed Newcomers Club formed for woman new to the Winchester area who would like to meet and become involved with others in the community. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. All interested woman are encouraged to attend a coffee on February 16th. The meeting is being held at Jim Barnett Park, War Memorial Bldg., Lord Fairfax

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Page 1 • The Sherando Times • March 30 – April 5, 011

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The news
Room, with guest speaker Mike Foreman speaking on the history of Winchester. To sign up or get more information please call 540 38-06 or e-mail; Please feel free to join us, it may be a great opportunity for an article about a new group geared towards woman looking to meet others and enjoy monthly coffees, lunch bunches, book clubs, dinners, shows etc... Network for aging support Meets the 3rd Monday of every month at Westminster Canterbury in “The Abbey” on the nd floor. Social time 11:30am-noon. Share ideas & topics on senior issues 1-1 pm . All business associated with seniors are invited. Contact: Lisa Carper 540-7-7458. Spay today Spay Today is this area’s low cost, non-profit program for spaying and neutering cats and dogs. At the time of surgery, initial tests and shots can be obtained at lower rates. To find a participating vet near you: www. or 304-78-8330. Walk in faith nonprofit ongoing event “To Walk In Faith, a grass root nonprofit formed to provide homeless aid, support and relief in Winchester and Frederick Co area is currently conducting an ongoing donation drive of recyclable items including: inkjet and/ or laser printer cartridges, cell phones, aluminum cans, copper wire (stripped or unstripped) and other recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas. Please contact us at: or (540)550-9146 leave voicemail please T.O.P.S. weight loss meetings Take off Pounds S ensibly Wednesday’s at 5:30 PM. 333 W Cork Street Conference Room  Winchester, VA. Let’s start the New Year out right! T.O.P.S. is an economical weight loss club with a small annual registration fee and a monthly fee of only $6.00. For more information call Michelle at 869-9144 or visit Weigh in weekly with us and get the support you need in 011 and lose that unwanted weight.

To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
green beans, applesauce, roll & butter, and a dessert. Please contact our church or visit our website at if you have questions or are interested in coming out for a yummy dinner! Easter holy week services G r a c e Un i t e d M e t h o d i s t Church, Middletown VA. April 17, Psalm Sunday service 8:15 Early, Contemporary service 10am Sunday, School 11am service, April 1, Maundy Thursday 7pm service, April , Good Friday 7pm service, Easter Sunday service 6:30am sunrise, Service @ Middletown Park, no Sunday school, 7:30 to 9:45 am, Brunch at church 10am
Send your NEWS to:

Prayer shawl group meeting Beauty for Ashes Prayer shawl group of The Camp of Faith Church meets the second Saturday of each month at the Martins coffee shop at 9 am. Any and all knitters or crocheters are welcome to join us. Questions can be directed to secretary@faithbap. org or by calling 540.869.0497. Annual ham and oyster dinner Saturday, April nd, 011 at Kernstown United Methodist Church’s. 339 Valley Pike, Winchester, VA 60 540-667-798 Takeout orders from :00 – 3:15, Eat in from 3:30 until ………. Country Ham or Baked Ham $10, Oyster - $14 All meals come with homemade macaroni and cheese, coleslaw,

Mon. - Sat. 10:30 - 6:00 • 3349 Valley Pike Winchester, VA 22602 •

Irina’s Gift Shop
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ALAMO Winchester 181 Kernstown Commons Blvd. General Info: (540) 313-4060 Showtime Info: (540) 313-4060

Wednesday March. 30 SUCKER PUNCH 3:30 pm, 6:20 pm, 9:10 pm DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES 3:10 pm, 6:00 pm, 6:55 pm BEASTLY 6:50 pm LIMITLESS 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:20 pm PAUL 4:00 pm, 7:10 pm, 9:50 pm, LINCOLN LAWYER 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm BATTLE: LOS ANGELES 3:50 pm, 9:40 pm RANGO 3:20 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:55 pm RED RIDING HOOD 4:10 pm, 8:30 pm Horror Remix: RUSH 10:00 pm Thursday, March 31 SUCKER PUNCH 12:40 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:10 pm, 8:55 pm DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES 12:20 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:20 pm BEASTLY 4:20 pm LIMITLESS 1:10 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:30 pm PAUL 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:10 pm, 9:50 pm LINCOLN LAWYER 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:20 pm, 9:10 pm BATTLE: LOS ANGELES 1:20 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:40 pm RANGO 12:30 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:30 pm RED RIDING HOOD 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm, 9:55 pm Stand-up at the Alamo Presents: Marc Unger 9:00 pm

Friday, April 1 SOURCE CODE 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 5:10 pm, 7:40 pm, 10:20 pm HOP 12:20 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:20 pm SUCKER PUNCH 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm, 7:10 pm, 10:20 pm DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES 1:10 pm, 4:10 pm, 6:10 pm, 9:50 pm LIMITLESS 12:40 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:50 pm, 9:55 pm PAUL 4:00 pm, 9:30 pm LINCOLN LAWYER 12:10 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:40 pm BATTLE: LOS ANGELES 1:00 pm RANGO 12:30 pm, 3:20 pm, 8:40 pm RED RIDING HOOD 11:20 pm THIS IS SPINAL TAP 7:00 pm THE BIG UNEASY with HARRY SHEARER 9:00 pm Saturday, April 2 SOURCE CODE 11:20 am, 1:50 pm, 4:30 pm, 7:10 pm, 9:40 pm HOP 10:00 am, 12:40 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:20 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:50 pm THE SIMPSON’S MOVIE 11:00 am SUCKER PUNCH 1:20 pm, 4:20 pm, 7:20 pm, 10:20 pm DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES 10:10 am, 12:50 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:10 pm, 9:50 pm LIMITLESS 1:40 pm, 4:40 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:40 pm PAUL 10:30 am, 2:10 pm, 7:50 pm, 10:30 pm LINCOLN LAWYER 12:00 pm, 3:10 pm, 6:20 pm, 9:30 pm BATTLE: LOS ANGELES 11:10 am, 4:50 pm RANGO 10:20 am, 4:10 pm, 7:00 pm RED RIDING HOOD 10:10 pm


For bookings call


Come to the Warren County Fairgrounds & spend the day learning about your favorite breed or learn a new discipline.

Fairgrounds Rd., Front Royal, VA

Rain date ~ April 10, 2011 FREE Admission ~ Festivities start at 10:00 A.M.
Here are just Some of the exhibitions being featured:

April 3, 2011

• • • • •

Mounted Drill Team Driving Demonstration Gaited Horses Roping Demonstration Re-En-actors of the Civil War

• • • • •

Freestyle Bridle-less Riding Mini Pandemonium Therapeutic Riding Side Saddle Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Various venders & booths to include: Boarding, training, summer camps and lessons in the area. Bring a chair, some seating provided. Breakfast, Lunch and Bake sale items available for sale. For more information or if you would like to participate, please call:

Debbi Garrett - 540-422-1625 or Aletha Craig - 540-671-0466

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March 30 – April 5, 011 • The Sherando Times • Page 13

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For Sale? Wanted? List them here for FREE! Send your ad to: inspection. In the Stephens City area. $3350 OBO. 540-327-0811 4 black metal swival bar stools 24” high, like new. $100 for the set or $30 each. Call 540-465-3898 Pitbull Puppies part red nose and blue nose. $50.00 540-336-4435 Peavey DJ system for sale. Loaded with 2600 watt amp, speakers with stands, lights with foot controls, mic, headphones, & cables. Control panel enclosed in hard case. Great system to get started in your own DJ business. In excellent condition. All you need are your own music cds and you can immediately start your own business. Pictures available. $3000.00.(540) 535-7315. Pet Hair Sheep lambs, they do not have wool so there is no need to ever shear! This breed has hair like a dog ,they shed out to a smooth coat in summer, just like dogs do. Females $200.00 Wethers $150.00 & Rams $300.00. Raised naturally with their mother’s,around human contact daily, in Shenandoah County VA. We have even sold to children’s petting zoo. Please email for more information,photos or to be put on our wait list. unicorn1@ Mens plus size clothing for sale. Sizes 4, 5 and 6X. Good Condition. Urban wear. Many jackets also. Please call 540-631-4552 Handyman/repair/remodeling business assets for sale. 2002 14 foot freightliner/sprinter van fully loaded with tools. Ready to run business now. To much information to list so if you are interested please email me $22,000 for all or willing to split tools and van. $18,000 for van and $4,000 for tools. Call 703-930-3438 / Wedding Gown, size 10, never worn, white form fitting lace & pearls at waist and thruout dress, sleeveless, chiffon full skirt, long chiffon train, 6” satin trim at bottom, scoop neckline, matching short chiffon veil with pearl headband, preserved for storage -$350 or $400 - 540-539-4872. Sony 27” TV w/original remote. Excellent Condition $80. Complete golf club set w/bag, pull cart and accessories. Excellent Condition $100. Call (540) 622-2172 Piano- Wurlitzer, VGC Ivory/cream with gold trim. Has gold cushion seat with storage. $550.00. . Slipcovers for high back dining room chairs. Country look, blue and white. Only 5, $75.00 for all. Lots of kitchen items, dishes, bowls, corning ware, silverware, take all $75.00. Kitchen table, round glass w four cushion high back chairs. very nice $75.00. Leave message 868-9030 Apple iPod Touch 8 GB - Brand new in box-never used. $185/ obo. Wii Game System and Sport Pack rarely used. $200. Call 540-533-1472 1998 Suzuki Motorcycle ( street bike ), LS650 Savage, orange in color, garage kept and no miles: $ 1,395.00 call 540 974 6460 Trolling motor, brand new with new heavy duty battery never used. (Marine battery)/10 Folding chairs and 4 heavy folding tables 5 x 6 ft. long/Carpet steam cleaning unit with attachments, slightly used./Large picnic cooler, operates on 12 volt vehicle system. Call after 5:00 p.m. 540-8692899 For sale NIB fuel pump for 1987-1990 Mazda B2000 truck with 2.0 liter engine. $25.00 Call 540-8696425

“To Walk In Faith”, is conducting a donation drive of aluminum cans, copper wire and recyclable metals. Pickup is available in immediate Winchester and Frederick Co. areas. Call 540-550-9146 Looking for female roommate to share 3 bedroom trailer in Stephens City. $350 per month, includes utilities. Smoking ok. Must like cats. Call Tonya at 540-868-0307


1987 Wedding Dress. Professionally sealed. Long Sleeve. White satin with elaborate beading and lace. V-cut back. Cathedral length train and veil. Includes train carrier. Size 6 to 8. $500. Can email photos. Call 571-405-8350 2007 Ford Focus SES Black, 50K, PW/PL/PM, Sunroof, Leather interior, 30 MPG. $12,000 OBO. Call 540-877-1217 20 ton wood splitter $900, used once.Rototiller $700.00, used once.Call 869-2452 1902 Price & Teeple Fancy Mahogany Upright Piano. Works, but needs to be restored. $2500. OBO.Day Call 540-868-1138 Golf Cart, battery operated, cherry red, new paint, runs great! $2700.00.Call 540-551-2128 2004 White Yamaha Golf Cart. Battery operated, rear seat, full lights, runs great, excellent condition, garage kept since purchased. Charger and cover included. $2,800 OBO. Call 540-667-2735 Guitar, black, 6-string acoustic, exc. cond., $600. Guitar, Jackson, 6-string electric, loaded, a “screamer”, $800. Keyboard, Yamaha Motif 77, full midi, exc. cond., $3,000. Keyboard, Roland RD 700 (88), exc. cond., $2,800. Roland Fantom Synthesizer, loaded, $2,600. ‘92 Cadillac D’Elegant, 4-door, good engine, new tires, good paint, gray, $3,500. Call 540-869-3333 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. Call 540-550-5380 Vending machine route for sale. Locations throughout Frederick County, VA. Nine established locations are included in the sale. There are a total of 13 machines that are placed throughout the route. Asking $28000. Please contact 540-514-9858. King size Simmons firm pillowtop mattress, low profile box springs, & low profile frame. Excellent, practically new condition.$999/set. 7 Foot Air Hockey Table - New Can E-Mail picture $250.00. Call 540-723-0285 1999 Dodge 1500 Ram conversion van. 7 passenger 4 captains seats/ rear bench. Auto, V- 6. Nice Chrome wheels. Green in color. 109,000 miles, very sharp & well maintained in good condition. New


smoking/drugs professional to share a house with two other people in their early 30’s. $550.00 a month, all utilities included plus $550.00 security deposit and 6 month term lease required. A credit and background check will be done on appliicant. Please contact Scott at 540-877-7083.or Melissa 812-341-8101.

Need a good tenant for huge basement apartment in my home. Walkout/Private entrance/ appliances. On 3 country acres, near both Stephens City and Winchester. $ 795.00/month. Call Randy at 540 974 6460 or email

Groomer Needed
Must have own equipment, reliable transportation, and positive customer service skills.
Interested Applicants call 540-868-1082

A bedroom (10X11) with a closet and hallway bathroom to share in a ranch 3 bedroom home in Middletown next Interstate 81 with two others and two loveable dogs. Seeking professional, non


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To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07

Saving Money in 2011
With a little effort, small savings can add up to big money in the space of a year. Here are a few steps to take in 2011. If you’ve filed your taxes and expect a big refund, consider that you’ve just made an interest-free loan to the government. They’ve had use of your money when you could have used it yourself. Take a look at your tax withholding, do the math and make adjustments to bring you as close as possible to the amount you’ll actually owe. If you’re getting a raise this year, put at least half of the increase in savings or toward debt, especially credit cards. Pay down the account with the highest interest rate first. (But don’t cancel the card, as it’s part of your credit profile.) Commit to making one extra mortgage payment per year or sending an additional amount each month. Enclose a note asking that it be applied to your principal. Use an online calculator to see just how many years and dollars you can shave off your mortgage. Comparison shop before you buy big items, especially electronics and

appliances. Check the Sunday sales flyers in the paper and look online at sites like to compare prices. Print out what you find online and take it to your local store: Chances are they’ll meet or beat the other price. Consider whether you’re due for an adjustment in your property taxes. Ask the local tax assessor for a reappraisal if you’ve been in your home for more than three years; it may be worth less than it was, in which case you’re paying too much. Look for new home or vehicle insurance and consider raising your deductible. While a higher deductible will mean that you’ll have to come up with more cash should you ever have a claim, you’ll be making smaller monthly payments on the policy. Ask about combining home and auto with one company. It’s possible you’ll get an additional discount. Shop around for a new bank if yours charges ATM fees, has a monthly service charge for checking accounts or requires you to keep a minimum balance. Call credit unions or savings banks in your area, or check Bankrate. com to find local banks. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
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To advertise in The Sherando Times please contact Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-07
Speedway. surrounding the track. Some of“Really, is surely attributable that we’re working as hard as we can every week to bring the best race to the can to the track,” price of cars we economy, the said Biffle. “It’s important that we it affects gas and everything have the best possible is ... everything), (which equipment right now.wethe “We’re racing as hard as can. for tickets. Fontana blamed uncertainty of the world pothe Academy Awards for fall- litical situation, flooding in ing attendance. NASCAR New Zealand and catastrophe itself claims it’s going to put in Japan. carburetor restrictor plates on But I doubt 50,000 race fans engines that don’t have carbu- spent Sunday collecting foodretors next year. stuffs for disaster relief. Nineteen years in WonderThe more I think about it, land, a few with Alice sitting the more I believe that one next to me in the press box, factor is the aging fan base. have left me just a tad cyni- The more I think about it, the cal where the Greater NAS- more I believe that the people CAR Chamber of Commerce missing from the grandstands is concerned. Before I feel were the people missing from inclined to dwell not on “the the campgrounds. people who weren’t there” The crowd isn’t as rowdy beRoush Fenway driver Greg Biffle says his first priority is making the Chase, at Bristol Motor he’s going to backcause it trying as win races.A man but that doesn’t mean Speedway off from isn’t to young. (Photo: but the “10,000 who were,” gets up in his 50s and he isn’t Getty Images) I’d have to believe in the ex- inclined to rough it as much. We’re not taking big risks, but, at the ular season), and we know we’re on istence of it’s important to have Where five years ago, he (and, same time, we’re racing for the win.” the bubble, so10,000, which I don’t. I could now.” yes, she) stumbledcovered motorMonte Dutton has around for good finishes rightargue successsports days Gaston (N.C.) Gazette Biffle, a jury the wisdom of fully to from Vancouver, Wash., is three for Theand three nights, since 1993. He was named writer of one of only two drivers to have won not believing a word I hear, the year by shirts and showers championships in both the Nation- eschewingthe National Motorsports but and Camping World Truck in favor of booze and 2008. His Press Association in carouswide I’m not inclined to do so blog NASCAR series. (Johnny Benson is the other.) ing, nowadays the This in part because journalism is mantraWeek is ( Biffle also was rookie of the year in more difficult when it dwells “let’s reporting on racing, features all not and say we did.” That of his roots music both series. He came up through on what isn’t instead of what and life feels a lot better on NASCAR’s developmental system, couch on the road. E-mail Monte at winning track championships adapt is. To do so would be to early in race days than the cold, hard his career at Tri-City Raceway in West ground and navigating the NASCAR’s business practices Richland, Wash., and Portland (Ore.) © 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. to my own. bonfires from inside a fishA lot of the people who bowl. weren’t in the grandstands also Six or seven years ago, NASweren’t in the campgrounds CAR claimed most of its fans final four races. if I don’t take Forgive me “We’re just going types to be betwhat NASCAR to have tell me ter,” said Biffle. “We know that. We’re at face about getting in (the Chase), nervous value. and anything can happen. ... as how Bristol once allowed There are some racessix-year waiting about it had a we’re concerned list leading up to the cutoff (end of the reg-

that invariably wins the day. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You usually can win over the most stubborn skeptics on your own. But this time you can benefit from supporters who have been there, done that and are willing to speak up on your behalf. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You win admiration for your determination to do the right thing. Don’t be distracted from that course, despite the offer of tempting alternatives that might suddenly turn up. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) While you still need to maintain control of a dominant situation, a new development emerges, making the task easier and the outcome potentially more rewarding. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) New factors might have a positive effect on a still-pending matter, but only if the information proves to be credible. Trusted colleagues might be able to offer needed advice. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) The week favors moderation, especially if a health problem is involved. Resist the impulse to do more than might be good for you at this time. You can catch up later. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You could feel more than a mite upset by someone or some people who might be creating problems for you. Find out why they won’t change their ways. Their reasons might surprise you. BORN THIS WEEK: You know how to inspire others to do their best by setting a persuasive example of your own.

Posting date August 17, 2009

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This hasn’t been the season Greg Biffle expected, though he certainly hasBRISTOL, up the pieces.When time to pick Tenn. -The 39-year-old Biffle didn’t win I firstthe 2008 regular season, but began writing about during after making the Chase, proceeded to NASCAR, the track in North win its first two races. He wound up Wilkesboro had 60,000 seats. third in the Sprint Cup standings. Thennow, Biffle’s first and Bob For Bruton Smith priority is Bahre the Chase, but that they making carved it up as if doesn’t mean he’s going to back off. were diplomats playing Mo“We’re nopoly certainly not racing conservwith conquered to win, atively,” he said. “We’re racing land, and the capacity do anything stubut we’re not going towas revealed pid. be 37,000. Same when Into “We know we ternational have to stay in (the top Speedway Cor12 in order to qualify for the Chase). poration got its hands can It’s tight ... and we’re doing all weon do.” Martinsville and alleged atRoush Fenway Racing put third tendance dropped by aBiffle in what was then still the Winston Cup even though the grandstands Series back in 2003. He finished second in the Chasesame. remained the standings two years later. A year ago, three of DarlingOld newsreels Roush Fenway drivers — Biffle, Carl Edwards and ton in the 1960s claim 80,000 Matt Kenseth — made the Chase. They could do it again, but the posifans. Now the track has three tions of as many seats and draws times Biffle and Kenseth are hardly secure as the regular season enters its

Where did all the fans Biffle Is Racing as go? Hard as He Can

Many empty seats were visible at Bristol Motor Speedway’s recent Jeff Byrd 500 Presented by Food City. There used to be a six-year waiting list for tickets to Sprint Cup races at the 160,000-seat amphitheater. (Photo: Getty Images)

were God-fearing, gun-toting, Rhodes scholars with family values, a successful practice and a six-figure income. There were 75 million of them watching on TV, even though only a couple dozen such people actually existed. Meanwhile, the empty seats aren’t buying hot dogs, not even the ones at Martinsville.


0,000 fewer fans. I know people have gotten larger, myself notably included, but not that much.

Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at
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1. MATH: What is the Roman numeral for the Arabic number 400? 2. PERFORMANCES: At what event would someone perform a maneuver called the veronica? 3. EXPLORATION: What was the sextant once used for? 4. MUSIC: What does the musical term “con bravura” mean? 5. LANGUAGE: In Arabic, what is the country of Morocco called? 6. INVENTIONS: What common drug was introduced to the world by Felix Hoffmann? 7. MEASUREMENTS: What is the basic unit of temperature? 8. MOVIES: What did the dwarfs do for a living in Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”? 9. GEOGRAPHY: Which nation has a major wine-producing region called Adelaide Hills? 10. LITERATURE: What was the pen name of writer Mary Ann Evans? Answers 1. CD 2. Bullfighting 3. Navigation 4. With boldness 5. Al-Magrib 6. Aspirin 7. Kelvin 8. Miners 9. Australia 10. George Eliot
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1. Who sang the popular “Fernando,” and when? 2. Where did the 1960s band Buffalo Springfield get its name? 3. In “Tell Laura I Love Her,” why does Tommy enter a drag race? 4. Which singer released “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”? 5. Which solo artist released “If I Could Turn Back Time”? 6. Who sang “Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom),” and when? Answers 1. Swedish group ABBA, in 1975. The song was translated into other languages and hit No. 1 on the charts of at least 13 countries. 2. From the side of a steamroller, made by the Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company, parked on the street outside a band member’s house in Los Angeles. 3. In the 1960 hit, Tommy wants the prize money so he can buy Laura a wedding ring. As in all teen tragedy songs, he dies after his car crashes. 4. Michael Jackson in 1979. On his “Off the Wall” album, the song was more than six minutes long. 5. Cher, in 1989. The song was on her 20th album, “Heart of Stone.” In the video, a scantily dressed Cher entertains sailors on a battleship in a naval shipyard. 6. Perry Como, in 1956.
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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) It isn’t always easy for the rambunctious Aries to give a second thought to their often spur-of-the-moment choices. But aspects favor rechecking a decision before declaring it final. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Information emerges for the business-driven Bovine who feels ready to restart a stalled project. Be prepared to make adjustments as needed at any time during the process. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Part of you wants to complete plans for an upcoming event, while your other self wants to see how things develop first. Compromise by moving ahead with your plans while being open to change. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) An unexpected change in a relationship could open up a problem or could lead to a much-needed and too-longdelayed reassessment of a number of matters. The choice is yours to make. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Time for the Lion to total the plusses and minuses resulting from recent personal and/ or professional decisions. See what worked, what didn’t and why, and base your next big move on the results. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) The clever Virgo can make persuasion work by presenting a case built on hard facts. Sentiment might no1. Who threw the last Red Soxtouch the heart, but it’s good, solid information hitter before Hideo Nomo in 2001?

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2. Who holds the record for most home runs hit by a pitcher for a season? 3. What was the last bowl game in which the Temple Owls football team played before 2009’s EagleBank Bowl? 4. In 2010, Atlanta’s Josh Smith By Samantha NBA became the youngest player in Weaver history It was block 1,000 shots in • (24) to American cartoonist, his career. Who had*** the youngbeen humorist and journalist KinLaurence J. Hubbard It who made the following sage obserest? was American educator sage obserPeter who made the following vation: “There’s defenseman Ser5. In 2010, economist is an expert who vation: “An Ottawano secret about success. Did you ever why a successful will know tomorrow the sixth things gei Gonchardidn’t tellknow the Rus- he became you man who predicted yesterday didn’t about it?” happen sian to play he also came upgames. ” in 1,000 NHL with today. Incidentally,time you’re in Iowa, what’s • Next you Name threethe thestop by the do“In a hierof to first five to rural town known as might want Peter Principle: it. 6. Name the last time a non-Ameri- the archy, every employee touts itself asto his of Riverside, which tends to rise level of birthplace of future won the Olympic 200-meter can maleincompetence.”Captain James T. *** Kirk. birthplace. It butterfly.Yep, the future called the silver Ever that “Star Trek” creator Gene why seemswondermajorsit’s golfer Lee 7. How many early days of the cinema did screen? In the asserted that the characRoddenberry industry,win Tiberius Kirkscreens in Trevino Jamesduring his PGA Tour were ter of the projection was born embedded career? butwith real silver to enhance the Iowa, he didn’t specify exactly reflective nature of the surface. where. In 1985, *** Riverside City the Answers Council voted to declareeyesight than Greyhounds have in 1965. their town 1. Dave Morehead, better the future birthplace any other breed of dog. of the character, 2. Wes writingofto *** later Ferrell Cleveland hit nineand Roddenberry receiving 1931. grocery prices going home runs inhis approval. In honor of its Worried about newfound claim Bowl, in In up?The Garden for a pricey egg: the007, a 3. How’s this Stateto fame, 1979. city began hosting an at auction for Fest, Faberge egg was soldwas 25 when he nearly 4. Benoit Benjamin annual Trek battle complete with a Spockapalooza $16.5 million. Good thing the ones used hitof theomelets aren’t encrusted with jewthe 1,000-block mark in the 1989in your bands. 90 season. enjoy cooking, you might els.• If you 5. Sergei Fedorov,*** of the following Alex Kovalev, have heard of some Those who cookbooks: study and things say that Slava Kozlov,“Kill Itsuch Grill It,” “The Alexei carbonated Americans drink more Zhitnik and bevJoy of Pickling,” “Full of Beans,” Sergei Zubov.year than coffee, tea, sports erages every “The Stinking Cookbook” and drinks and juice combined. 6. Russia’s Denis Not Meat!” in “I Pankratov, Then Can’t Believe It’s 1996. maybe not. *** again, 7. •Six — term U.S. Opens (1968, The two “bric-a-brac,” usually ‘71), two Britishto a collection of and used to refer Opens (‘71, ‘72) tawdry trinkets, comes from the French, two PGA Championships (‘74, ‘84).

A legislator in the Louisiana State House of Representatives once introduced a bill that would make it illegal to charge a bald man more than 5 cents for a haircut. *** The plant formally known as titan arum produces the largest cluster of flowers in the world, sometimes reaching more than 10 feet in height. What’s perhaps even more notable, though, is its odor: The plant gives off a strong smell that is most often compared to that of a decomposing animal. Hence the plant’s more common name, the corpse flower. *** Thought for the Day: “First there is a time when we believe everything, then for a little while we believe with discrimination, then we believe nothing whatever, and then we believe everything again -and, moreover, give reasons why we believe.” -- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg •••
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