Oh Look At The Hole-Punch! Look At The Cute Little HolePunch!

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Jonny Sharples 3/18/2011

Jonny Sharples 2 Oh Look At The Hole -Punch! Look At The Cute Little Hole Punch!

The Treatment Act One: Introduce Problem Scene 1 INT. Office Cubicle ± MORNING, Opening Shot see a Box placed by a pair of hands on to a desk. The camera goes to the top of the box as the hands open the box and places hole-punch on the desk. The camera focuses on the hole -punch as it begins to move and get use to it gets use to its surroundings. The workers hand becomes visible as he strokes the hole -punch and then types on the keyboard. Fade Out Transition Act Two Scene 2 Int. Office Cubicle ± Midday, Fade In, camera focus on the hand typing (sound of printer). Camera focus on the hole -punch blowing bubbles sleeping. The Hand comes in to shot with paper in hand and tries to get the hole-punch to punch a hole in the paper b ut the hole-punch wake shocked rejects it by pinching it lips the laughs . The camera focuses on hole -punch hand come in and rocking the piece of paper (human made side -effects of a plane can be heard). The Hole -Punch looks to open his but turns at the last minute. Now the hand appears slowly into the screen as the hole-punch smile. As the hand inches towards the hole -punch becomes shocked. The Hand immediately jab the paper forward as the hole punch dodges the jabs. Finally the hand throws down the paper and begins typing as hole -punch relaxes. Act 03 Scene 3 Int. Office Cubicle ± Late Afternoon Fade In, Camera focus on the hand typing on the keyboard. The Hole punch come in to screen and nudges the arm once and waits. Moment later it nudges again, this time stopping the hand from typing. This time the hole-punch extends i t mouth to suggest food. The hand brings toward the paper as hole -punch clamps down punching holes in the paper. As the hand tries to pull the paper out the hole punch lock and stop it from coming out. The hand and the hole -punch tug at the paper before it tears and a thud is heard as the hand flies backward with the paper torn in the hand and the camera shakes. The Step Outline Act One: Introduce Problem

Jonny Sharples 3 Oh Look At The Hole -Punch! Look At The Cute Little Hole Punch!

Hand opens box contains the new hole -punch and places it on the desk. The hand gets the hole -punch to punch a document which it does. When he tries to hole -punch another documents the whole punch refuses turning away. Act Two: Fighting The Problem The hand attempts again to get the hole -punch to cooperate but this time by using an airplane noise to ge t the outcome. The result sees the hole-punch blow raspberries and laugh . Attempting for a second time the hand goes in with Choo -choo noises. This time the hole -punch turn away every time the paper gets close say µno...no...no¶ In final attempt seems al most successful as the hole -punch is asleep but as the paper get near the hole -punch awakes and dodges the jabs the hand makes. Act Three: Resolving the Problem The hand is working on the keyboard, as the hole -punch nudges the hand to get its attention for feeding. Yet when giving paper the hole-punch tries eating it all whilst the hand tugs to get it off the hole-punch. Ripping the document is ruined.

The Premise The story is of an office worker who tries to get his childish, new hole-punch to punch p apers. The Logline This story is a depict ion of an office worker battle to get co operation from his newly bought childish hole-punch. Throughout he uses different baby techniques to get it to punch the paper which in the end goes all wrong. Character Biographies The Office Worker The Office worker is a fresher at the new agency and his all about the best impressions. During his second day at the job his big boss asking to right memos for his next lecture. Knowing this the worker hit Staples and purchased new stationary. The memos will have to go in a folder as the manager request. Yet when inheriting a new hold punch he didn¶t know how hard it would be. The Hole-Punch

Jonny Sharples 4 Oh Look At The Hole -Punch! Look At The Cute Little Hole Punch!

After travelling from China ; the newly made hole -punch lays in hibernation waiting for it new master. Yet for months the box lay dominant. Yet as one day the hole -punch shell rattle awaking the hole-punch. No sooner he was born into the world as a bright light comes from the top of h is box. What it doesn¶t know is what to come.

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