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CASE NUMBER: 46C01-2108-MR-000010 FILED: 8/2/2021 ‘STATE OF INDIANA INTHE LAPORTE __courr )ss: COUNTY OF LAPORTE) CAUSENO, STATE OF INDIANA vs. AFFIDAVIT FOR PROBABLE CAUSE Allen, Thessalonica |, Victor Aguilar + being duly sworn upon their oath, states: 1. That attached hereto and made & part of this affidavit is/are reports, statements, and/or other information per- tsining to the investigation of the charge(6) against the above-named Defendant(s). Based upon the attached documents, this affiant hes probable cause to believe the Defendants) committed said erime(s) of oR 2. Based upon hie Investigation this afiant has probable cause to believe the Defendant(s) commited the crime(e) of {and in support thereof states the following facts based upon his investigation, to-wit: (On 07/29/2021 hours, I was briefed by Cpl. Toth about « phone call that 911 had received ftom a subject by the name of Rory Walker who resides in Benton Harbor Michigan, Rory wanted to report a ‘murder that happened in LaPorte. PHONE CALL WITH RORY- | contacted Rory over the phone and be informed me that he was at his x's (Thessalonica Allen) house in LaPorte on 07/28/2021 late in the evening. He stated he has a child in common with her. Rory said she asked him to come to LaPorte because Thessalonica's current ‘husband was beating on Rory's child. Rory said when be got to LaPorte and inside ‘Thessalonica's apartment she showed him a body inside her closet which she claimed it was her current ‘husband Randy Allen. Rory stated that she asked him for help by moving the body into the vehicle. He told her he didn't want anything to do with it and told her to take him back to Michigan. As they were driving back she told Rory that she had to shoot Randy because he was beating on her and the kids. Rory said the older children also told him that they heard a loud bang inside the house while “mommy and dad” were arguing. When he was dropped off by Thessalonica, he stated she threw a gun out of the ‘car and hit him in the lap. She drove off and he kept the gun. Rory said he was dropped offt 2 am and didn't know what Thessalonica is going to do. LOCATING THESSALONICA: After speaking with Rory on the phone, we searched Thesselonica's information and found that she resides at 1405 W. 18th St. Apartment #4A. We immediately had a detective Schaefer sit outside the apartment to secure it until we could figure out what was going on. Continued Second Page CASE NUMBER: 46C01-2108-MR-000010 FILED: 8/2/2021 arrived moments later and we detained Thessalonica at that time and transported her to station INTERVIEW WITH THESSALONICA- After reading Thessalonica her advise of rights, which she signed and ‘was willing to talk to officers without a lawyer present we began to talk about wiset happened. ‘Thessalonica confessed that she had shot her husband Randy Allen because of a physical alt_eation between Gach other. She stated they started arguing because when she got home, the kids old her that Randy bad beaten Ber, She confronted him about it which caused the verbal argument. During the argument, Randy grabbed her by the front neck ares causing her to not be able to breath. Randy le her go and she thought he wae Away, but she saw him come at her again. At that point she stated she decided to grab her gun which she bee! on 2ND INTERVIEW WITH THESSALONICA: She then admitted she had to cut Randy's legs off because she wasn't able to fit him inside the tote. She stated she panicked and did not know what to do after she had shot him. She stated she used an axe to cut his legs off. INTERVIEW WITH AND 1 Both children were present during the altercation and after the fact. They stated the day in question, Randy was helping them with homework on the computer and Randy saw a web site that their mom had visited. When Thessalonica got home, Randy confronted her about it so they began to argue. They took the argument info the bedroom where the kids both reported hearing ¢ loud "bang". They ran over to mom's bedroom and saw Randy on the ground asking for help and asking the kids to call 911. They stated that mom told them not to call 911 Ando go to their room. That night they were woken up by mom in the middle of the night asking them to help her drag Randy's body out of the room, and try to load it in his vehicle, They made several attempts but he wae too heavy. They following day, they saw mom come home with cleaning supplies and an axe, ‘They stated their mom then asked them to helped her drag the body back into her bedroom. Later Wednesday night, they were again woken up to help mom put Randy's body into a tote. stated that he saw Randy's leg's were cut off at that Point and saw his mother had put Randy's legs in a plastic bag. Thesselonica then pulled her vehicle all the way 'p to the front door and asked the children to help her load the tote into the vehicle. The children slated they ‘made several attempts to put the tote into a vehicle but he was still to heavy. The children stated that mom had plans to take the vehicle and body to South Bend and set it on fire. The children stated they didn't see any physical altercation thet day and only verbal arguing. They mentioned ‘that during the argument, they heard Randy say he was getting his things and leaving, smart ( J - HS Contrued on Thi Page CASE NUMBER: 46C01-2108-MR-000010 FILED: 8/2/2021 ‘The kids were also asked if they saw mom with a gun on her hip that day and they seid they didnt see her with # gun. They were also asked if mom usually carries a gun on her person. They stated mom usually carries her ‘gun in the car or inher purse. The children also stated that mom would wake them up to help cleanup the ‘blood. They stated mom had them boil water to use on the earpet in her room, SEARCH WARRANT EXECUTION: During the search warrant Detectives located an axe and knife inside ‘Thessalonica's closet that had residues of red like substance that appear to be blood. The tote with the deceased ‘body was located inside the closet in the children's room. Also several hand written notes were located which appear to be a checklist with the following items: 1. Get drugs from friend, 2. get ziplock bags, 3. when Randy is in shower, get pawn tickets out of wallet, 4). put ‘gun/drugs in car under seat while in car. 5. Call Hearthside and tell them Randy had drugs and gun in car, 2nd Note: 1. Spray shit in face, hit him in right knee whhammer 2) Hit whammet/stab him 3) rll body up in sheets & plastic bags 4) Pick up Jay no phones, Jay follows me to LP, Put body in Lincoln w/his boost phone, Teave Jay car here, 5) take my keys & his car Key off the ring. The above notes were found under the pillow in daughter's room atthe time of the search warrant execution. 3rd Note: Go to SB, Jay follow me back to LaPorte, put body in Lincoln, Drive to SB, leave body in car while running, Jay brings me back to LP. While doing this be on "compt" doing ATI AUTOPSY 06/31/2021: Autopsy revealed that Randy Allen had a gunshot wound to the right arm, re-entering the right side of the chesvabdomen. The round entered the spinal cord area which doctor concluded that it mest likely prohibited the decedent from moving as he bled out. His body was found dismembered with both legs ‘amputated, the left arm attempted to be amputated, (V. 13 in Subscribed and sworn to before me this. 224 ggy er August gan JOHN F. LAKE, Prosecuting Attomey i ae — 32nd Judicial Circuit ‘This affidavt, having been filed In Open Court thie__deyof 20—., and having been examined by the Court, the Court now finds upon the basis of examination of sald aff. ‘davit that probable cause exists for lesuance of a warrant for the arrest of — ‘on a charge(s) of es Judge, LaPorte —_____ coun.

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