The value of mineral salt

A rich in salt ions space helps
Di-Stress Respiratory system Neurological system Dermatological Hypothyroidism Allergies Diabetes Reduction of smoking Gastric system Arterial and Cardiac system Immune system Metabolism disorders Rheumatism, arthritis, skeletal pains   Body weight control

The Salina (natural Ionizer) enriches with salt ions the atmosphere of the cave Walls covered with Large Salt Rocks from Pakistani salt mines, glued together with natural retching

Enter with clothes on, lie on the chair & breath the valuable salt ions

Scientific sources & references
Hippocrates, Greece National Health Systems and Ministries of Health and Human services, USA, Germany, Poland, Russia Medical studies

What does a Salt Cave do?

Live the miracle of Salt therapy
Count 45 minutes… … equals to 3 days at sea aura!

Through respirations we receive the Iodine & the other 83 microelements of mineral salt!

Where are the Crystalotherapy saltcaves?

More than 60 of them are built in various European cities
In the cascade runs water with Polish mineral salt
Roof covered with Polish mineral.

Now also in Greece…

The 1st natural relaxation & rejuvenation center At the center of Athens!

Heated flour covered with Polish mineral & Dead sea salt When Salt is heated generates ions

Put Salt in your Life!

1st alternative: Visit a Salt Cave
A pleasant & natural environment A special place for healthy  kids party  social & family gatherings  team building  group therapy  photo sessions &  unique experiential presents An alternative space for creative company meetings, & collaborations with customers Music Concerts

5 Hours in salt cave = 15 days in sea’s aura

Put Salt in your Life!

2nd alternative: Enjoy Salt therapy at home!
My Salt Cave
A private space for relaxation & balance A friendly & natural environment for all family members

Put Salt in your Life!

3rd alternative: Offer unique approachable luxury & health to your Customers and/or Employees! Salt Cave Professional
A rejuvenating & creative environment for all members of the team A space for Rest & Balance At a hotel, holiday resort, SPA, sport center, ski center, marina, commercial or expo center, office building, airport

Put Salt in your Life!

4th alternative: Invest on Salt!
Salt Cave Franchise
A professional space of unique value to People A spot of reference for the city or region where it is located With low cost of installation, operation and maintenance and surprising return on investment


Put Salt in your Life! alternative: Enjoy the beneficial attributes of salt at your own space!

Decorate & Give away as present sanative mineral salt! Every salt painting, lamp or sculpture is extraordinary due to its unique color and shape Heated, it releases salutary salt traceelements Being a crystal, it neutralizes the ions of computers, TV, air-conditioners & smoke

Reasons to chose Changeland’s Saltcaves
Approachable luxury with exclusive service
 The cave inspire
 Differentiation  Elegance  Exoticism

Put Salt in your life!

Speed of service delivery
 We only take off our shoes!  We keep our socks on

Relaxation & Healing attributes
     Stress relief Relaxation, healthiness Obesity control Smoking reduction Intoxication

Health, Safety & Respect to Environment
 Exclusive use of natural material
 high quality salt, wood and resin as glue

 Technical expertise, legal compliance

Product & Service Innovation
 Compared to a sauna, spa or swimming pool, Changeland’s SaltCave
 requires no maintenance  its easy and accessible to use by anyone  the user does not get undressed, wet or swept!!  can be used daily for as long as we want!

 Fast and economic installation (even in
private spaces)

Body mind rejuvenation and growth

Respect to People & Environment, Simplicity, Innovation, Friendliness, Honesty, Self-confidence, Superior goal setting, Human centered organization, Speed and Continuous Improvement

      Relaxation & rejuvenation in owned Salt Caves Saltcave Design Salt cave building Salt cave Management Saltcave Franchise Interior decoration with mineral salt Commercialization of mineral salt products

World wide experience and Leadership
 

World class technical teams European wide network with more than 60 salt cave installations & franchise Exclusivity for several countries

Our value offer to Customers

Salt cave visitors (i)
Fellow human beings that:
Leave in high stress & workload conditions Give increasingly more importance to healthy leaving & prevention Due to lack of time we are looking for intensive experiences of relaxation, rest & rejuvenation Aim for balance between their professional & personal life Have the required buying capacity to follow the relaxation sessions Are looking for ways to reward themselves Some have specific requirements such as body fat loss, smoking reduction & treatment of health problems

Our value offer to Customers

Salt cave visitors (ii)
For their Employees For their company meetings

Tourists & Athletes
Teams Associations Travel agents

Students Campers Kinden gardens Nurseries

Elderly homes

Our value offer to Customers

A great variety of services for Individuals & Companies (i)
Services for Individuals
Individual sessions, Session packages (members), Family sessions Systemic Self-improvement (personal, group) Music therapy
 Concert, Musical therapeutic session, storytelling Theater plays

Cultural events

Children Parties Massage (Ressuvance, Onsite, Shiachu) Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki Gifts
  Therapeutic dome sculptures Gift therapy sessions.

Our value offer to Customers

Services for Companies

A great variety of services for Individuals & Companies (ii)

Exclusive use of the Saltcave for seminars, meetings.
   Brainstorming Customer focused workshops Stress management & Change Management Seminars

Alternative corporate relaxation circles Systemic self-improvement for colleagues (companies, partners, joint ventures, professionals) Corporate Presents
 Therapeutic dome sculptures made of mineral salt & gift therapy sessions.

Corporate Customers
L’ Oreal, Greek Railways, Spengler Fox, I-learn Consulting, International Life Insurance

Our value offer to Customers

Salt cave building, Salt Decoration, Saltcave Franchise
Companies Industrial parks

Architects Internal designers Civil Engineers Constructors (houses, shopping malls, etc.)

Hotels Airports Marinas SPAs Thematic parks Healing centers (natural baths,
homeopathic center, etc.)

Sport centers Teams Ski centers

Health clinics Sanatoria


Health – Safety – Environment
At Salt Caves Crystalotherapy we use only natural material: mineral, salt, wood & gum resin as glue The salt cave is fully covered with mineral salt rocks (floor, walls, ceiling).
No gesso, plaster or artificial resins are used (in such a salty environment these materials become bacteria nests ) No use of mineral salt tiles Sea salt use is kept to a minimum & only at the floor No mechanical or artificial means for ‘spaying salt’

The Electrical system meet highest standards of Safety, Economy and Environmental specifications:
salt is a positive conduit of electricity, hence the floor is heated with 12 Volts; the lighting of the walls are 24 Volt

Every Crystalotherapy salt cave installation
is based on anti-seismic studies, complies with the EU legal framework and EU quality and guarantee standards comes with a user manual, a business manual, training & business services

With roof & walls from gesso white sea salt or synthetic resins …

You may see ‘similar spaces’

Integrated services to Customers
Business planning for Salt cave Business
Feasibility study Business plan development Alternatives for collaboration

Collaborate with Changeland

Saltcave construction
Research and Selection of space Interior design Salt cave installation (turn key) Design and decoration of reception

Saltcave business management
Staff selection and training # 800 Changeland  Customer Service, Phone reservation Marketing & Τele Marketing Sales & Tele Sales Salt products Public relations Partnerships with specialists (Yoga,
Pilates, Massage, Psychologists, Tai Chi, etc.)

Integrated services to Partners & Franchisees

Collaborate with Changeland

Technical support Customer & Partner Experience IT & Web support

Salt cave Crystalotherapy Salt cave Crystalotherapy Light Salt cave Crystalotherapy Very Light Salt Chamber Crystalotherapy
Model Salt Cave Crystalotherapy 750 kgr / m2 3m Salt Cave Crystalotherapy Light 700 kgr / m2 3m Salt Cave Salt Chamber Crystalotherapy Crystalotherapy Very Light 650 kgr / m2 350 kgr / m2 3m 45 minutes stay inside cave = 2 days at clean sea aura 45 min / sessions 2,8 m 30 minutes stay inside chamber = 3 days at clean sea aura 50 min / sessions

Select from 4 Models

Min load on floor Min room height Strength of cave’s microclimate Minimum Duration of Sessions Proposed locations Delivery time
(depending on size)

45 minutes stay 45 minutes stay inside cave = 4 days inside cave = 3 days at clean sea aura at clean sea aura 30 min / sessions 45 min / sessions

Independent units, Clinics, Sport & Shopping Centers 2 - 6 weeks

Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas 2 - 5 weeks

Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas 1,5 – 4,6 weeks

Houses, Office buildings 1 - 4 weeks

40 m2 for 10 people

Salt cave schemes

48 m2 for 12 people

Salt cave schemes


Salt cave schemes m2 for 3 people

65 m2 for 16 people

Salt cave schemes

Info: +30 210 4225424 or +30 6956 332397


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