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You are welcome, it is ok!

See you tomorrow, i am looking forward.
Good night

Good morning Professor,
i have just done it, no problem!
See you tomorrow at 12 then.
Best regards

Ok then...see you on Thursday (tomorrow) at 12, I suppose we will meet at centro linguistico.
Thank you very much

Dear Professor,
I have written a post on the students virtual space to let students know about the CPE course. Please
let us know if the first lesson will take place on Thursday (or any other day in this week).
Thank you very much
Best regards

thank you very much for your great moral support... I was really worried
about the oral examination!

Dear Prof.,
I send here my writing test level C2 as you asked me.
Best regards,

Dear Prof. Smith,
As you requested, I attach a corrected copy of my C2 writing assessment.
Best regards,

Dear Smith,
I am F., a student who took the c2 exam last week.
i am sending you my writing paper in attachment as you asked me.
All the best
see you soon

n the attached file you will find my writing for C1
exam of 12th of Jenuary.
Thanks a lot!
There's only two thing that it's not clear:
1) in the last 2 lines, what I wanted to say was not that the Festival is very famous (because it isn't!)
but that year after year it's becoming more and more could I express this idea?
2) I wrote "it offers many reasons of interest" and you added "it offers many areas reasons of
interest"...just out of it a more formal expression?
Thanks thanks thanks!

I send you the writing as attachment.
Chiara L.

Hello prof,
I am Simone T.. I send you my certificazion essay. I have just one
question; when can I take the attestato for my certification?
Thank you

Dear Bob,
of course I remember you and...of course you can use
my article! This is very flattering actually! :-)
Unfortunately I am not working (for money) yet, but
I've just returned from Santiago de Chile where I have
been working as an intern at the Italian Embassy for 3
months. It has been a wonderful experience and in
March I should be graduating with a -very predictable-
thesis on Chile!
I am currently looking for a Leonardo grant starting
from April, since I would like to have another
inetrnational working experience before looking for a
'permanent' job, possibly in an English-speaking
country because I spent the whole 2006 in Spain and
Chili and I need to freshen up my English!
In the meantime, however, I'll have to get down to
business and write my thesis! I will be in Modena
tomorrow and I'll probably stay there for a month or
two because I need to meet several teachers and settle
some bureaucratic issues, so we might meet at CLA (I
still haven't gone to withdraw my C2 certificate..)
I hope to see you soon! Thank you for thinking about
me for the choice of the model texts for C2!

Yours sincerely,
Thanks for the models essays, they have been very useful. I corrected the assignent I have sended
you last week and I wrote other 2 assigments.

Thank you for your attention.

Good evening and happy new year.

Good afternoon,
I'm G.M., and i've sent you the essay and the cover letter I told
you last friday at the end of the lesson.
The essay is about my interest in the internship program, museum work and
the reasons for applying, while the cover letter is to give them information
about my name, home and school addresses, telephone numbers....

Could you please, read them and correct so as to make them like
C2-documents and, above all, convincing essay/letter?
Thank you very very much!!!!!

Have nice Christmas Holidays,

Best regards,

PS: I promise I'll send you my "shopping malls" as soon as possible!! be


Prof, my writing 'bout smoking...

Merry Christmas..

Dear Professoressa Smith,
as you kindly suggested during our Friday lesson (Specialistica), I am writing this email to ask you
when we can make an appointment for your ricevimento.
Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerly,


hallo prof., could you send me the writing models 'bout which you talked tuesday? thanks

Dear Professor,
As attached files you can find two of the papers we had
to realize for the "proficiency lessons".
See you

I'm writing to send you my writing about "Smoke".
Sorry if i'm late.

prof, I've already sent the story of mrs williams but, in Sicily, I've written another ministory together with a friend of
mine so I'm sending also that. thanks.

Here is my writing

good afternoon,
I'm S. G., i'm trying for the forth time to send you my production. I hope you receive it the soonest
is possible. however i'll print them as i can give you anyway.
thank you very much

thank you prof. I'm happy to hear your positive comment.
I have to admit that I dared a bit...

Good morning,
I'm GM, a student of her lettorato.
I send
you the short story about DR HOMES.
Have a nice weekend,

dear prof.
find attached my essay.
best regards,

I'm sorry but I haven't still found a copy of Word. So, I decided to write the composition here. Anyway, it's possible to
copy it and transfer it in Word. Sorry again.

Good evening Teacher!
I send you my essays about television and climate
See you tomorrow,

Sorry, I know I'm late, but I had some problems with internet at home.
Chiara F.
Dear Mrs.Smith

I'm sending you the text we wrote in class last time.

See you on Wednesday.

Gentile Professoressa,
i am sending you a few writing assignments I have tried to do for the
I hope you could give them a look, I am doing the test in December, so it
would be very helpful to have even an overall mark on my work.
many thanks in advance.

Dear Mrs. Smith
I am very sorry but I can't attend tomorrow's lesson at Centro Linguistico as
I have to work.
I therefore take this opportunity to enclose the written homework you gave us
last Friday. Could you please check it for me?
The CPE writing test is on Thursday 15th - is there any way you could correct
some additional pieces of writing for me early next week before the exam? That
would be very helpful...
I thank you in advance for all your support
Have a nice evening

Dear. Mrs. Smith,
here are the assestments you asked tuesay to e-mail you. I hope they will be useful
material for your corpus of student's writings.

See you next week

Dear Mr John Smith,
a friend of mine (who came to your ricevimento) said to me that we can re-do the mock test of 13/12 after
your correction and then send you the correction of it. So I send you my test with the new corrections.
Best regards.


Good afternoon, I send you again my article on news programmes. Good luck for your research. Best wishes

Dear Prof
> this morning I had some problems with the sending of my
> essays taped.
> I'm trying once again...I'll leave the original copy as
> soon as possible at the Centro Linguistico..
> Bye

Dear Bob,
Hope you are fine.
I'll leave the hand written assessment at the Centro Linguistico tomorrow
after the exam...fingers crossed!
Hope to speech you soon.


Hi prof!

Here I send you the final assessment you asked me to type up, and I will leave for you the original
paper at the portineria del Centro Linguistico on the 5th of July.

I have finished yesterday with the English exam and it has gone much better than I expected, so I
would like to thank you very very much for your help and for the useful teachings you gave us
during this year!

Have a good summer!

A. B

I'm pleased hearing this :-) Here you find attached the transcription of the mock test.

I'm coming to Modena on Monday the 19th. I could come and look at the TV news article with you after the
oral exam of Economics of European Integration (!).

Nice Sunday.

Here are the writing assessment of the 18.05.06. I send both of them.
Good afternoon, prof.Smith!

Elisabetta V..

apologize for beeing so late and also because last thursday I had an exam. How we can receive the
results of the writing text?

Thanking you in advance

I want to thank you for your lovely lessons and I hope that you will be my "lettrice" once (or more than
once) again in the future!
Dear MsSmith,
I have finally found the piece of paper with my written assessment about
TV news in Italy. I am sorry for the delay.

I take advantage to tell you that I won't be in Modena on Thursday, but I

am interested in the final ricevimento. As soon as I know when I am coming
to Modena next time I will let you know so that we could arrange a meeting.

Thank you very much. See you soon.

Good morning prof,
> this is my work about news programs!
Nadia B.
> (matr 8906)
> I had forgotten to send it to you!!
> Sorry
> Bye

I send you the 7th assessment. I'm sorry for my delay.
Good evening, prof. Smith!
Dear prof. Smith,

I send you the Presentation and the essay about TV news programmes. Before
Easter you remind me to send an old one about "school system", but I
remember I made it with VZ (perhaps you have only her name).
Thank you very much and have a nice week end in Rimini!!!! :-)
Yours faithfully,

Dear Mrs Smith,
I send you my work.

I send you news programmes.

Dear Bob,
eventually I got my computer fixed and I'm sorry if I couldn't send this
stuff to you before.
I hope you'll have a good evening.

Here is my text on french TV news.
Good bye, see you on thursday .
I'm Alice R., I'm sending you the article about news programmes.
Thank you.

Sorry for the lateness with which I send you this work but we have an amount
of things to do in these days...Perhaps the text is longer than that it must
be, but I hope it won't be a problem.

Here is the fourth assessment of this semester.
Good evening, prof. Smith!

Here is the sixth assessment of this semester.
Good evening, prof. Smith!

I'll send you mw writing about "italian news programmes".
Alice Ballestrazzo

Dear Mrs Smith,
this is my article about tv news programms in Italy, the task of our
last lesson before the Easter holidays...
Best regards,


Dear Mrs. Smith,

I send you the paper we began in class last week about the Tv news programs.

I wish you a very happy Easter.

Best Regards,


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