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Introduction 7


Miroslav Babič
Balanced Scorecard and Performance Measurement System in an Industrial Company 9

Tadeusz Banek – Edward Kozłowski

Change Control in Turbulent Environment as Stochastic Monotone Follower Problem 15

Steffen Bremer
Multicriterial Evaluation of Causes of Business Failure of Small and Medium Sized
Companies 20

Andrzej Głowacki – Marika Wata

Management of Creativity in Design 29

Alina Gorczyoska
The Use of Consolidation Processes in the Development of Businesses Entities in Poland 34

Grzegorz Karpiuk – Joanna Swiętoniowska

The Age Management as a Contemporary Challenge for the Corporate Strategy
Development 40

Justyna Łukomska-Szarek
New Public Management and Financial Standing in Local Self-Governments in Poland 44

Helena Nešetřilová
On Social Choice Procedures in Multicriteria Evaluation 50

Paweł Nowodzioski
Evaluate Newconnect Life Science Index Companies Strategic Intent Based on their Mission
Statements 55

Omar Gonzalo Ruíz Santamaría

Decisions Making in Management and Regional Development 61

Michal Varmus
8D Approach and Value Net – Modern Management Methods 67


Aneta Aleksander
Corporate Crisis as a Disturbing Force for an Organizational Identity 72

Jarema Batorski
Research of Crisis Management in a Tourist Enterprise: Methodological Assumptions 78
Iwona Gorzeo-Mitka
Evolution of Corporate Risk Management Approach 84

Grzegorz Karpiuk – Joanna Świętoniowska – Anna Warzybok

Project Management Office at Institutions of Higher Education 90

Anna Korombel
Firm Risk Scorecard as Tool of Risk Management 95

Seweryn Spałek
The Project Management Office Concept Supporting the Decision Making Process within an
Organisation 100

Emil Svoboda
Strategic Decision-Making of Business Management Focused on Crisis Management 105

Dariusz Wieczorek
Dilemmas of Success Criteria in Project Management 112


Tatiana Čorejová – Emília Imríšková – Angelika Podperová

ICT Sector Dimensions of the Knowledge Economy in Žilina Self Governing Region 119

Robert Golej
Evaluation of NPD Projects in Managing Innovation–Based on Research 125

Robert Stanisławski – Renata Lisowska

The Polish SME Innovativeness Against a Background of European Union Countries 131


Ewa Beck-Krala
Motivating Employees within the IT Sector 147

Marzena Frankowska – Jolanta Witek

Improvement of Management Staff Competencies in a Changing Enviroment 154

Robert Golej – Michał Struś

Selected Problems of Managing the Organizational Climate 160

Edyta Gwarda-Gruszczyoska
Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights 166

Krystyna Heinz
New Trends in Intercultural Communication Teaching – Personal Development Skills for
Mobilities Course 172

Bauer Kinga
Management of Undertakings in Bankruptcy in Poland 177
Agnieszka Krugiełka, Joanna Furmaoczyk, Grażyna Bartowiak
The Negatively Perceived Strategy and Organisational Climate of a Work Place as Factors
Limiting or Stimulating Employee’s Professional Success 182

Beata Kulisa
Flexibility of Employment in an Enterprise – Temporary Work 195

Zurab Laliashvili
Management of Qualified Labor Resources Migration from Georgia 202

Ewa Matuska
Innovations via Human Potentials – Redefinition of Approach 208

Joanna Olga Paliszkiewicz

Building Trust in the Workplace 214

Grażyna Śmigielska
Human Resources in Developing the Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Retail
Companies 218

Martin Šikýř
How Human Resource Management Impacts on Organizational Performance? 224

Juraj Tomlain
How to Prevent Long –Term Unemployment? 230


Andrzej Fiodorow
Competitive Position Based on Learning Organization Approach 237

Elżbieta Kowalczyk
Effective Job Negotiator as a Condition of Successful Managing of Contemporary
Organization 241

Mirosława Marciniak
The Selected Problems of Knowledge Management in Fisheries 248


Algendy Shaker Algendy

Cost Management Considerations for Better Building 255

Łukasz Błoch
Chewable poison pills as antitakeover measures 263

Izabela Dembioska
Logistics Management in Functioning of a Hospital – Experience of a Polish Hospital 268
Josef Drahokoupil – Petra Marešová
Consumer Behaviour on Insurance Market 276

Konrad Głębocki
Marketing Strategy of Economic Zones in Cities on the Example of Economic Zone of State
Owned Partnership “Operator” in Częstochowa 281

Agnieszka Misztal
Product Improvement on the Basis of Data Analysis Concerning Customer Satisfaction 287

Mikołaj Pindelski
Sales Based on Exports. Assumptions for Corporate Competitive Strategies. 292

Jaroslaw Ropega
Symptoms and Reasons of Small Firm’s Failure 297

Włodzimierz Sroka
Measurement of Alliance and Network Effectiveness 308

Adam R. Szromek – Adrian Kapczyoski

The Problem of Thermal Spas Location on the Example of Poland 313

Wiesław Urban
Prospects of Service Offshoring in Central and Eastern Europe 324

Dariusz Wielgórka
The Situation of Banks in Poland in the Phase of Financial Markets’ Globalization 329