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Hall Awards 2008-09
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Suvrat Bafna
Sumeet Mohanty
Srinath Sinha
K.Ravi Theja
Tushar Gulati
Dipa Dubhashi
Ankit Goenka
Mohammad Arshad
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d 'loI<TI&"cfi01 dl6Idlcli
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CONTENTS ....... .
Hall Council 2008-09
Hall Awards 2007-08
Hall Awards 2008-09
From the Editor's Desk
From the Warden's Desk
From the Hall President's Desk
From the Second Senate Member's Desk
By G.Sec Tech.
By G .Sec Sports
By G.Sec Maintenance
By G.Sec Library
By G.sec Mess
A day in the Life of a Kgpian ............ .
Tempo ...... .
First Blood ..... .
Conquered In Silence ....
Funny N Interesting Facts ...
Natural Wonders ..... .
Y did it happen to me .......... .
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Suvrat Bafna
Sumeet Mohanty
Srinath Sinha
K.Ravi Theja
Tushar Gulati
Dipa Dubhashi
Ankit Goenka
Mohammad Arshad

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'Basketba{4 Jtquatics, Lawn T'ennis Secretary
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Sarvesfi SingFi
:Jvt.oFiammaa .JlrsfiacC
kfiisfi (jupta .
.Jtns fiu { XhancCe{wa{
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Hiraj Sinafi
Piyusfi Sanduja,
X austubfi (jururaj
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Pranav Sfiarma
5lsfiisfi Yerma
Mainak M i tra
(jaurav 'laneja
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1{aliu{ :Melita
.Jl.sli isli Xumar
Suni{ Xumar vas
5\ryit Mislira
'Rofi i t Xawatfieliar
nura nja n xumar
Best Outgoing Azadian
Freedom of the Hall
Bodhisatva Award
Shanti Gupta Trophy
Gautam De Cup
Bhagat Singh Cup
CVRaman Cup
Spirit of Azad
Manjit Singh Grewal Cup
Hall Blues
Soc n Cult
Best Fresher
Eureka Cup
Young Blood Cup
Best Secretary
.:A6fiijeet Natfi
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Pankaj Xumar Cfiaukikar
yanesfi 'Bfiafsing
Suni{ Xumar V as
Prankur Srivastava
.Jlsfiisfi ')1 erma
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Sfiasfivat Voorwar
Piyusfi Santfuja
Pramey l1yatffiyaya
Partfi Setfii
.:Amiya Patnaik
Lokesfi Pant
.:Adityenara Suman
.:A6fii manyu Lafiiri
Xayi{ (jumasta
Xaustu6fi Xasfiyay
.:Ani{ Sfianna
.:A{Cen 'Dan 'Ba6u
Sukfideey Singfi 'Brar
.Jtsfiisfi Guyta
'Dipanjan 'Dey
AZADfAN 2 00
From The Editor's desk
Sheer passion .. . layers of st.eely fiery. Wrapped under threads
undying flair, flair to persIst, flaIr to fight, flaIr to WID, flaIr to dIe. Sweat dnppmg down the forehead of
the rugged chin, kissing the bosom. Every known boundary of human strength stands infringed ' past
limit of human knowledge challenged, every realm ofthe soul transgressed. The gladiator stands afievery
battle, the arrogant sun rays glistening offhis unnerved face. The arena bursts into a hideous apPlaus:.
Swamim hai ye bhav hamara
Sarvottam Azad hamara
As the sun on glorious chapter of Azad, we our indomitable
perfonnance ID the SOCial and Cultural GC and the pre-emmence and unflmchmg authonty displayed'
the Sports GC all humility. We face little disappointments in the Tech .GC though, being
defending champIOns and as the seOlor year stalwarts graduate, we need to dig deep and galvanise
ourselves for the roadblocks ahead. The fact that we have the second VP, TSG in a span on years speaks
volumes of the position of Azad Hall in the institute. Overall, this year we have set standards for us to
match and build upon and I am certain that in the coming year, our Hall will blossom in the reflection of its
new found potential. That apart, it is heart rendering indeed to see such fervour in the eyes of the new
generation and an intense desire to succeed in whatever sphere it comes across and the reader can be rest
assured that the future of Azad is in safe hands.
The Editor
Azadian 2009

As the warden, I am indeed proud of the Azad Hall of Residence for its glorious heritage, its
achievements and the diversified events it is a host to. The boarders have shown true spirit in both
academic and extra-academic activities, as was amply displayed this year, to bring immense repute to this
The management skills of the hall council members are laudable from the point of view of discipline,
maintenance, mess bill and security. Also having two Gymkhana Vice-Presidents elected within a mere
span on years is very commendable and I hope the glorious past of the hall will be further built upon in the
future and the excellent treads that have been set will be maintained.
I wish the entire outgoing batch a very prosperous and bright career ahead and I welcome the newcomers
with a desire that their stay here will be full of achievements, vigour and vitality.
Prot: T.K Cbaki
Fellow Azadians,
nother year has passed and now it is time to reflect on the past year, the time that we have sp
. . . d . h) h . ent on
various endeavors - tndlvldually and together, the days (an mg ts we ave spent trymg to ach'
. . leVe
success in the various GCs, the hours of hard work we put m to make our hall proud. And the results h
been tremendous. It was hard luck on our part that the GCs were scrapped and so they won't be in our h U
they were ours for the taking. We are easily the uncrowned champions of the insti - we were leading
Soc-n-Cult "AND" Sports GCs with a comfortable margin. No other hall dared challenge the winru e
spirit and detennination shown by us. We also proved our mettle in the Gymkhana elections - getting
post ofVP back in Azad for the second time in three years.
The past ear has been a very eventful year even at the institUte level. Although none of us would have
hoped that such unfortunate incidents would come to pass at our beloved institute.
There were a series of chaoses since the beginning of the semester. Starting with 11 pm ban on students
going outside the campus, which was further exteljded to restriction on the movements even outside the
halls . ith a series of meetings and negotiations we were able to get the inside ban lifted and outside ban
relaxed. econdly there was a steep increase in the insti fees .Sweeping contract was another area with
series of loopholes in it specially the charges per student which was just a magic number to us with no
e planation .Finally we were able to draft proper conditions and guidelines for the sweeping contract
tender and hope in future the students will get proper service and value for their fee.
KHOr08 was a grand success with all clues cracked and no unfortunate incidents by its closure· a
remarkable impro ernent over the yesteryears.
Illumination was brought to a halt th is year, mainly as a fonn of protest against the 11 P.M. ban on students.
As a result, Diwali celebrations this year were more fun-fined and less labor intensive. A symbolic IlIu,
o e er as organized on the day of the Alumni Meet to pass on the funda to the freshers' batch. Even if
the mu tradition is continued this year we shall still be the flag-bearers since most of the fourth-year junta
ho ha e funda regarding IIIu will still be here.
Comin to ( e GCs, we led the Soc-n-Cult and Sports GCs throughout the year. Although, the fall in our
in from champions in the Tech GC was discomforting. The Dramatics team deserves kudos for their
in perfonnance inviting insti-wide applause in Hindi Drams and Choreo. This went a long way
the tempo of everyone in the hall, especially freshers. Perfonnances in the Ent and Lit cup
ed ub ntially. The hard work of the Farts team also brought expected results. In sports th.e
e t am perfonned e cellently with the Volley team continuously impro iog their
innm itv r th is year which made a significant contribution to our kitty of medals. We
oot r te m to follO\: uit and improve on the Bronze 0 this year.
ion \\er in the midst of chaose nd unfortun te in idents whi h m de it less
o i i ible poli i .But in th nd , 'on the I tions b a narrow margUl
i in ym'h na I lion .
habit" d what J
th innio pirit
. that
n m ut from th past year I
z d " ill d finit Iy ntinue and
hts od in the im t

Being n AZ
The year of drama, chaoses & most importantly the year of is still on but what's common i ever
dying passion for AZAD in the hearts of each and every Azadlan.
Th II m ban and the chapter of innumerable DC's and consequently boycott of illumination& the open
h e the charts of So-Cult and sports GC, the tragic event of death of Rohit due to lack of
o:s'l facilities consequent changes in the administration and formation of student welfare committee
:d perfect end with a vice president of gymkhana from AZAD . This year had it all spices pos ib e.
The 11 pm ban was something which certainly one of the most enjoyable thing in this lIT campus
i.e. freedom of an individual. D.Bhattacharya, thiS name was even more popular and figure at t e
than anyone else in the adm inistration: A number DC called for students on arbitrary grounds. The
matter of relief was that very few azadlans where mvolved ill It .
On the grounds of this ban and innumerable number of DC , community really to
had a talk to administration but no one was ready to entertam. Then came the Idea of boycottmg
illumination as and idea to raise your voice and ensure that it is being heard by the deaf administration.
Finally a weak before the illumination when the institute thought that the student where serious with their
idea ad the pressure from the alumni mounted raising the question about illumination, the administration
was ready to have a "formal" talk with student But that was too much "formal" for some good results to
come out of it and it was decided that the tradition started by AZAD since 1989 would be boycotted this
year and it will b done in a bit different style. This was the frrst time in this year that student where facing
the administration one on one.
The passion of each and every participant for gold brought laurels for the haH at the Inter hall events and
results came accordingly. This was the most satisfying thing that happened this as our efforts where seen to
get the aspired results and after so many years we went to lead both the GC's .In tech GC we cud not repeat
the last year performances but in that too we were among the top three position holder. We could seeAzad
as a much better coordinated team on stage and off stage in events .The commitment of the captains and
their "pali" with each other is worth mentioning in this regard.
The political drama and the GC fever was on the top, suddenly something came out very tragic. The death
of one the 3 nI year student ofLLR hall due to lack of medical facilities and attention by the BC Roy hospital
gave student another point to raise their voice against the administration .This time the protest had taken
an another direction and such incidents happen that could be found in the history of any of the lIT's. The
rampage of students at the Director's Bungalow and the forceful resignation of the director of the institute
.Each and every student in lIT Campus outraged with anger and frustration over the facilities availed by
the student here. Even the Chairman of BC Roy and Dean of student affairs (DOSA) had to resign. The
matter is being investigated by the external enquiry committee set up and a student welfare committee has
been formed to a track over the development of facilities at lIT Kgp paqicularly on the medical lines.
The role of Azadlans was prominent the protest and the student welfare committee that was setup.
The "poltu" scene for gymkhana election was even much more eventful. The Vice President OfgyrnKtl8Wl\
was elected with a minimum margin of 19 votes that ever happened in the history of institute and it was
AZAD which performed such wonders.
Shubham Mata!t the new VP is representing the whole student community now and it feels great
efforts of Azadlans for the entire academic season produced favorable results. Well I am proud to stat,tb
factthatAzad has produced 2 VP in 3 years.
In spite of going through such an eventful year what strikes me first is the way each and every sn.aellt
the hall up for the name" Azad "whatever be the occasion. Well the scene looks promising
next academIC season too and I wish to say all the best to everyone for it. Finally as a SSM nf"tllwP'fl
year student and above all being anAzadian I wish we will continue to prove that
We are united, We are the best ,& We are -AZAD
Niraj Singh
econd enate member
AZADfAN 2003
Tech ka Baal
It.1I began with the celebration of Azad winning the Technology General Championship 2008. """->d
.13 saps(Standong Appeals) were filed for the first time in tech gc history. Stdl fightmg.1I oddslDd """
Its coveted tech GC ... The VP(victory procession) was carried from netaji to azad hall, TheemotionaJlIId
satIsfactory look of Kumar Anubhav,'Nathu'(AbhijeetNath), Porth Sethi (the one leading the army) ....
unforgettable. Baba and 'KK'(Kunal Kashyap)embracing the trophy and thetola! galosh in the hall ,w.,.
the unforgettable moments. So was the night long photo session ....
The day is still vivid in the memories of all azadians as well as the whole ofinsti.
Well that was Tech GC 2007·08 and then came the responsibility to cany on the legacy for 2008-091Dd
get back the tech GC to where it belongs. The overall scenario ofTech GC 2008-09 was not that culturod
with many frustrating subcoms and a few chaoses from the usually chaotic hall(s), not to mention.
Th.e journey began with the chern innovation wherein our team with night long effort got a bronze, gold
beong shared by ms and RK. Ours was the team to get the best presentation point for the event
and thalloo we lost gold by cliche 0.5 marks. :.(
The next event that came rolling was Product design wherein few judges fililed to understand ourproduot
(high end computer with many facilities like 3d projection, multipointer etc). No wODdertbey w ... from
chemical and biotechnology since they considered it too filrfetched. However this same idea
appears in ted talks and digit magazine Feb. edition 2009, 3 months after the event So it seems lllIdions
always think a step ahead then the rest.
Next came the case study. With too many judges contacted and finally settling for XLRI maoag<ment
scbooljudge. This event saw a drastic change compared to last yr. since last yr the q-paper was 4 pages it
turned to be 24 pages this time. Though we got highest in the report part and the presentation was also
good we managed to get a bronze here. However RP and LLR met \vith chaoses . Since RP made. cd
submission which could not be read and LLR exceeded the presentation time by 5 sees. RP escaped by
recovering the data from cd using some blah blah software however LLR \.:" penalized.
Then carne ad design wherein compared to last time this time q·paper was of2lines. :haha though RPnied
many efforts about winning the event by giving pamphlets and wearing t·shirts during presentation .W.
josh mein aake hosh kho gaye ... :P I mean they got penalized for overruling 8 rule. and azad 1aodedwi1b
silver here with a simple attractive design campaign. Yo "Linire" (the product name).
The Maths Olympiad team was good and so was the preparation The funny part being the ...., ...
undecided till 1 minute before the event since all the 5 team members were equal1y good . Yo team ... and
wegotasilverin the event.
However the unfortunate demise of Late Mr. Rohit Kumar due to lack of medical facilities left
Cients outraged. Lets hope that authority takes constructive steps to improve medical facilities III
Th the overall scene of Tech GC this yr was good, and let the spirit be held up high.
'If better to die fighting for Azad thlin to live 8 lowly life.'
Times ure are changing ...
F .... lhi " ",-.. yo ...sill
.ed no" 00 to the reason tha. make< me shout (read shout) it We had a gtUl year as fill as the field of
sports and games i <l<lIKlCfII(ld. Leading the sportS GC, Gold and Si lvers, impressive
.. U) ... but abo, .. all. this was theyelllwhieh saw theco!"ingtogetherofaIOlofpeop": belongtJlglO
differen.$ and ideologies altogether, a yeIII whIch showed everyone everyt/nng that Az.Id
smnds fur, dedication. strength of character and I never-say .. die anitude.
The lear stomd offwilh the usual Aquatics event Though we had a few very good swimmers in our IeIm,
and despi.e ofthe mlllnmoth elTon put up by them, we CIIIOe fouM. Nevertheless, the tightt/uot they put up
mode us all proud r<gIIIdlC5S of the outcome.
In Table Tennis.. \o\c were ousted in the first round, but the future looks promising.. given we find. wwyto
cash in theta":n. pool available '0 us.
And then CIIIOe the Athletics, the mother of every sport. An outstanding performance by our captain Vo.
and got us silver in the esteemed competition. Though we narrowly missed Gold, by a men:
diffen:oce of5 points, it was an exhilarating experience nonetheless, and it came with 12 points in the
SportsGCtoboot! :)
The next event to follow suit was hockey. where a dynamic leadership by our captain matched in
excel":nce only by the rest of the team, fetched us yet another silver.
We also bagged silver in volleyball and bronze in footer.
With the spirit of the Hall running on an all-time high, we were unstoppable. Ne'" in line wascrickeL A
scintillating perfonnance by Prankur and team fetched us a shining gold! A brilliant work by every .... ia
the crick. .. team, especial ly Prankur and Sukhdeep Singh Brar, won the gold for us and which, ia tum put
us 00 the lOp of the sports GC table, combined with LLR.
But due to a sad and unfortunate demise of one of our fellow students from the LLR hall, it was decided
that all the GC. be scrapped for this year, though it was decided that the sports events be allowed 10
continue. Righ. before the GC was scrapped; we were still on the top of the GC table, with ourstrongbolds
sucb as Basketball, . Volleyball, Football , Weightlifting and Badminton yet to come,
To some. GC tSJust the number of points you get to point at in the GC table, tbereare IIiU
othen' for wh,ch It means somethong far more than that A zest for success, making ita habit, IDd ...,
=g the whole world to achIeve what you set out for. This YOlll, Azad was everything of the above, IDd
In the end, I take the opportunity to thank every outgoing Azadian on the behalf of everyone else. You all
,",ve Wlgh. us a lot and we thank you all for everything that you have done for us. And, as fortiIC
1 assure you that you need not worry. This year has infused a new vigour in every one ofUS;
Jtreak.will be continued. A few yOlllS ago, Azad was unhellld of in sports and you helped III
chango .. wewoll seal thedeal •.
Tun .. oure ""'changing, and for the better.
Ujj ... 1 Ankur
GJi« Sporn
From the G.Sec Maintenance's
At.d h.1I and RP h611 were lIenerally known for bod mainlenonce condilions arnon •• " ... IIa, ..... _ .. 1
Ihi had been Irue in IIOme ,.speCIS. Oul Ihis year I fecllhol bllllic maintenance
'mprevcd rcmRrkably. lhanks 10 very l11ueh suppol1ing maintenance warden Prof. B.idyL
Mylenure 85 goneral secretary l11.inlonan .. Slarted wilh room allolment in autumn_.
was mOSI phase and il demnnded peak management skills out ofmc.11 WIt
sen,ors. Juniors und Ihei r parenlS ond DOSA 01 Ihe same lime with .horfIr
IVI,lable. OUI fin.lly aller) days ofexhouslillg il wos done peacefully.
As far as basic mainlenance is cOllcemed eleclrical works mainlenance has imlll'lw.dlllll •• - -
are lubehghlS in all wings and bOlhrooms and fan regulolors in almost all
were also promplly auempted by Ihe authority.
!!" bscn as . Iso surpfls1l1gly beaulifullhis year. I really feel IhutlTlai;nlenan""o:rAa'.".
In SU quent years tocomc.
Unfortunately there was ' 11 . .
properl y wi lh lot of .on sund scale Ihis year. Our junior
healthy interaction. IS. lope th.tthey get lot of other
This year ended with very unfort d
that authority takes some const ulI.ate eath of a student due to lack of
soul rest in peace. ructlve steps to Improve medical facilities in CI
I finally thank my fellow HeM and all beardcrs for their k' d
III support throughouttbe"..:.
Kedar nadoll<ar
Gsec Mainteoance
From the G.sec Library's Desk
Dear zadians,
Thi i )'etanotheryear AZAD hascompleled with elan. T h e ~ is no doubl thai the amalgamation of spirit,
contrivance and energy is a hall mali< ofazadians. The year ended with AZAD top on Soc n cult as well as
sports and nol far behind in lech as well. Congrats and adulation for all of them who has contributed to the
cause directly or indirectl .. and made us proud.
I " QUid like 10 sincerely thank my fellow Gsecs, LCMs as well as seniors specially Dhiman who Iw
"'.Iped me in runn ing my posl smooth Iy.
II was a wonderful experience 10 be • part of weighllifting leam and play under· Burban, Marandi and
Diwaur" "00 encouraged me alot as a novice. It was 8 great learning experience for me personally. Also
Second ) ear as well as firsl year balch though less in number was prolific and hopefully they will continue
to serve the hall with perseverance and att itude.
The year broughlalol of good memories 10 me I will ~ I i s h upon throughout my life. A few great seniors
will be lea"ing the hall this year and we would try our besiiO maintain the glory they have provided to
AZAD. Soon a new HCM will be sel up and I wish them good luck 10 cany on the good wort.
I "ish best ofluck and pompouscareerto those seniors who are getting passed this year, we will missyou a
IoL Yourardenl offan has made us proudly proclaim ourselves 10 beAZADIANS; we will bopefuUycany
forward the legacy.
San'esb Singb
GSec Library
From the G.sec Mess's Desk
Hmm: ... I was asked to pen down some of my experiences as General Sec M .
I1ISI)' In th, .. butso.mehow I gathered some of experiences and tried t . st ' bl hretary ess, I am a b.
oJu Jum et eseup.
When I was the responsibility of our mess, that best in IIT'Kharagpur(Hats 0fP. to TusharGu .
!hen I There was a feehng that always kept popping in my mind, how am I goin k
malntAtned? But somewhere in my hean I had always a feeling that if my seniors j;
In me and my batch mates to support me, l will overcome this. "'""
most thing about this job is that people can always come with a new complaint even when
IS good (?r n?t rno.d):P, because you never suffice the need of each and every ind;"idual.
But, thIS IS a blessing In d,sgu,se; as 01 makes an indivIdual mentally tough as you never take 1IIese
discouraging rather by this you try even harder so as to please everyone. as
Moving on fi'om this abstract world I would like to cite an instance while I was this position of
responsibility. Just before the alumni meet, the G. Sec. Mess of batch '93, Mr. Aman Ulah visited us. So
intact was his love for mess even after 15 years that he presented a pair of pants and shirts to each of1ll.
mess and office staff. One thing worth mentioning, he liked the mess food very much. :)
A few super hit items on which everyone could reach a common consensus were: Gazar ka Halwa, Maal
puwa (my tribute to the Gold winning Hindi Drams team and Suthar's character), Tandoori chicken and
Looking at the standings in Soc'oCult and Sports GC, I would congratulate all the .capta.i ns and 1IIe
freshers in our hall. Right now we have the potential to win all the. GC' s, th.ough the participation on Tech.
events needs to be increased. The victory march after the Gold wonnong Hondl Drams was almost like 1IIe
one for tech GC last year, Apart from all the events, I enjoyed the Bong Drams the most. Thanks So·Jmy.
DaandArko for identifying an actor in m·e ..
The year came to an end with the untimely demise afmy batch mate Rohit Kumar. May his soul, rest in
peace. .' helped me io<""
I would like to conclude this by thankong effortlessly undorthe pro""r
aspect in which they could and It was due Singh. I would also like to thank m) f.ll o\\
guidance of hall preSIdent Sushll T,wan an J function in of the hall .
HCM's for supporting and workong together for the smooth g . . me
. nd I end with a mess which raised the enter'! or .
Finally I would say that I was given the I hope the nextG. Sec." ill do. good job.
bestmess:P. Jokesapart,butltl ssulioneo t e s.
A day in the life of a kgpian
I was so happy at home. Life sucks. KGPsucks. 1 mi ss you mom and dad.
When you get up in d,e morning, you dream of a day. Drea.m of a day rou've never had in KGP, one you
know you'll never have. Seen enough of these days to JUShl)- Murphy s Law. But, I am Human - cannot
help. Tomorrow I'll wake up again.
But at the end ofthe day, when you come back in reflection, what stands out is a long, ignorant night.
Things I might have done but didn't. Things I did and their futi lity. You make compromises, make them
every day, but to no avail. What started out as a perfectly happy day ends with me sulking. See, thi s post .s
a testimony. I am sulking. Primarily because I do not care to, or do not have the time to study. Yes, at the
end of the day all that malters in KGP, and in life for that matter. How much you've studied,
what keeps you happy. Looking around, the only people who are carefree, who truly are happy are nehlis.
They are satisfied, I am not. Secondly, because my parents deserve belterthan to see their son going down
me drain. Thirdly because she deserves a fair deal, something which includes more of me and less of this
painful separation.
Maaroed two nights out, worked hard to learn Phatoshop and Corel. By morning, made the thing dad
asked me to. Dad happy, me happy.
Lunch with her. The three words cropped up. Said them from the depths down there. She's
Jubllantl m Happy. Went back, got screwed for not being there. Captain's happy. I am subdued because I
had been happy. work your,ass a!fand then you crack it. They still want you there. Until you can't feel
It, keep work mg. Everyone d.d .s the statement of common enmity of at least a hundred fellow members
of the Jungle every year now.
Basket Ball: The one thing that kept visiting my dreams for some time. Today, basket ball was a night-
mare. Played played. Stood stIli, but was stIli playing. Didn't get the ball once you see Now I am
disaster- struck. I ' m retiring from the rofes s'o I . . .
Night: Go to this mc:eting I so been looking forward to for so Fong.
gals. But how does It malter. Primary today nat-for-the-first-time I felt Stifled and . htl ' I e
were taken up for a responsible job. I haven't seen he . ' rig Y so .. mean. we
Probably I shouldn't be sulking anymore. I might just cry I'll or ta.1 of that work. LIfe sucks.
day. Butti ll then ... Am human -cannot help Tomorrow I'il wba k
up algam Wake up a new
. go ac tos eepagam.
Suvrat Bafna
AZADfAN 2003
When a certain Mr. Anderson after a sensational tango with Mr. Smith was shot dead by hi s it
took akiss from the gorgeous Trinity to get him back on hi s feel. Therein li ed the key to the resurrectianor
TheOne who would later go on to achieve spine-tingling feats befare orchestrating a peace treaty with the
Empire while all the same sacrificing himself on the altar of immortality and greater good. In the enti"
Mlllrix saga, I found that one kiss to be the pivotal point, the comer stone which translated into such
enormity, yet itselfwas based in hideous nothingness. For it was that one incongruous displayofafl'ection
and I use such an incomprehensible adjective because I am deprived of the fonmer, that rejuvenated aUr
dear Neo, set his adrenaline, his heart and also perhaps hi s testosterones pumping and then eVentually
enabled him to incinerate theAgenl.
Taking a cue from my favourite movie, I would like to extrapolate the idea that for a 'man' to achieve his
destiny. it is necessary that he should be aptly confronted with sufficient motivation and inspiration which
a female kiss can adequately infuse. But taking into consideration the skewed up and the horrendously
lIonaIdous sex ratio in our institute, are all KGPians lost? No, for Providence foresaw such a problem
wbic:h future engineers might face because of the heartlessness of the MHRD to introduce all kinds af
.-vaIions except those for females and it created the lofty concept of'hall tempo' . By definition, these
two concepts-hall tempo and a female kiss, are mutually exclusive and exhaustive and if an individual
wboalso happens to be a hapless male is deprived of both, then word has it that he is to be incarcerated
within !be Gates of Hell for all eternity with daily torture sessions by the gayest man alive, Mr. Satan
It_in tbe days of Hitler's youth that the concept of hall tempo gained momentum when the dictatorwha
lived in a shabby. dilapidated apartment garnered his fellow hall mates and so transcribed their delicate
--.... with feelings of steely grit and detenmi nation that they began to call themselves Nazis, wore
-. caps with feathers and started bashing up the Jews. What historians overlook is that the Nazi
..,.anent originally sprouted from an innocuous concept of hall tempo, the fact that Hitler used to
,.......tly strip down hi s subjects to the bufl'and make them perfonm 'Jugnu dance' to insti ll in them the
_ fervour and fraternal love notwithstanding. If the means justifY the ends. Hitler subdued the Jews
..... _, IUs display"d more tempo than their counterparts who until then were perhaps not aware
up the Jews, the Nazis used to go their rooftops and Genmany used to
",,,,nA.-,f',,,,,;.I··ka tempo high hai" .
Fir t Blood
h II
_. rridors of'he Whi,e House.
"J'mn£ • The r .... bell <dI<led 111\ bu. finnl) .hmugh the I "I!. • ow .... co ada Id
ofela"n i" Illesl.i .bo,e Washi"gton D .• what t Y
brini for •• "as. undoob.edl). the mOSl imponnn. do or my Iof • . Oo"c,., .OI1 S hay. called my poop h
1oI . Tods) . 1 \\11 on tI nlission to hc:arlhosc words from the rnOSI .powerful man on t e
n.Gh him squim' \\ i.h di mnfon 0 my weapon took it slowly bu' sun:ly. None of'he
anno.1 4annes. the mi il the stafT or even the President himself. would be able to change
!hemings. come.
I had been Ii, ing in the Whi. House for a " .. k. incogni to. I was able to explore the Whi'e House at
kisure in lb." time. but f no u _ the Presidenl in the White 1·louse. was out of bounds to everybody.
r,en ",",OOOC lil me. Tad.). I « nainly ",asn't going to get lucky. My only chnnce lay in nn overheard
the night before. The President was making a press conference to be telecast live that
morning at 11 in the Oval Office. The number of newsmen involved would be low, but they were enough
form) JIlIlTl"'CS- I nOll needed 0 woy to get in. Just as I started thinki ng about il in walked Jnne McNeal,
rqxwter ofCS News. Along with her was a merry crew often odd cameramen, sound engineers and
!he loL Her earnpet' we'" follo\\ed in quick succession by BBC, nnd CNN. Whatever the President
plannod 10 tell dlC' press. it cenainly was going to reach he world. Thi s is exactly what I wanted to reach
!he "arid. M) plan f<1I into place. '
I m) mule.lD someone called Jake, cameraman. Hi s machine was a monolith, almost as large as
hnn. Ac:compan)lOg h.m were two large, heavy-set Blacks, swearing as they heaved their equipmen' past
!he 5«urit) Sen.ce men. One of them. presumably friends the Secret Service guards, stopped by for
,cluL \I n" hos bulk obstrucbng the viewofthe guard, the entry to the Oval Office, the most secure place
was wide open. h was now.or never. 1 stepped out of the crevice I was hiding in for close to 2
ep;;:) head and went the two men, a smile of satisfaction written all over my
ace. e most critical phaseofmymlsslon was now complete.
tse as inconSpICUOUS as me Undoubtedly the tak f th . I'
'Ied e o. eor .ves. for most oflbem. 1
and dying. with undying commitment in their last brothers and sisters. from the world over, dead
The President entered. punctually as ever, at II . It was i d d . .
customary opening address. Soon the place was as n
ee .' as they said, show time. He began with his
questions al the same time. I chose'my moment in the as a football stadium people shouting
the rU"St row o.r excited individuals and around the stepped out of lair. Quietly, I eased
notieedas l mtothe void behind the President, sf II th s trymg to restram them. No one even
::rk on the Pre.slden."s bluish-white collar, and ::,:, e faceless on a mission. I landed
the through hIS whn. flesh. At last, I thOUght to myself P k'"5 to take on the moment, plunged
have had me in splitsal other limes but In had drawn First Blood. The humor 0
>0) .; I camfe up to tend ' 0 the prom inent n an instant, just as II ifted offh is
let a mosqui \4CI 10 In ll sneck. Thel astthinglheardhim
Oammit to unle5$ .t had a pass?" "It·s been said .. thought the Oval Office didn't even
.. andlcan tevtntendtolheitchwilhoutlhenewsrc· I.r . Well ,. , think you let one slip t
won Ahhsavage, blood"'5ucklng vamplre l! Yesss ... that's 5 within the hour. Gote a'
. , ' ... sweetwaHhemusicformyclosingscenel 0 mue better I ', he said, as he tended to •
Conquered in Silence
Click. Click Cl ick. OUI comes the flame. "Don', do it ", echoed a voice in my head, so faint I could hardly
hear it. I do not heed to it. Rather, I alii engrossed in using the flame for a purpose. A distorted purpose. A
purpose thai serves 110 good. A purpose thaI may someday leave me as nothing more than a memory. The
sz:noke. whiteycI dull. hangs in theairaround me. Putting the butt to my lips. l suck in the air. "No." Tastes
bmer. Or worse. maybe. I do not know COl it now bUnls my throat as it disperses into my lungs.
nicotine makes me wanl more nicotine. I don't want more nicoline. Stop it. Let go of it. Drop il from
between your fingers. "No." Give me more nicotine. Ir feels ..... Awful , Soothing. Bitter, Sweet.
I Hale If. J Love It.
pr:vailed long white stick of paper and tohacco burned. held gent ly bet\veen my fingers
d y. 'r"ltbhl ?u.t I broke the gri p, lening it go. It fell . Toppled over the roiling and dropped into
ep so 0 rvron. Fmally ...
K.R3\·j Tbcj a
Funny 'N' Interesting Facts
ADULT: A pe""n who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
BEAUTY PARLOUR: A place where women curl up and dye.
CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people.
CHICKENS: The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
COMMITTEE :A body d,at keeps minutes and wastes hours. .
DUST : Mud with the juice squeezed out.
EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.
HANDKERCHI EF :Cold Storage.
INfLATIO : Cuning money in half without damaging the paper.
MOSQUITO: An insect that makes you like fli es better.
RAISIN : Grape with a sunburn.
SECRET : Something you tell to one per.;on at a time.
TOOTIiACHE : The pain that drives you to extraction.
TOMORROW: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
YAWN : An honest opinion openly expressed.
SKELETON:A bunch of bones with the person scraped off
WRINKLES :Something other people have but I have character lines!
did it happen 2 me
cbod "hom 1 koc\\ for years
~ n d :'( had bc!cn through smil and t(!ArS.
Our fnmdshtp turned people ."",nd gre<n
And t ",sh the thmg '"'''' thcf hod been
Bm both lime and people change
And """ her f1lCC h'" become StBng
Htr feelings ha\e changed. al her beh.sviour
Alit am left with i pain I bear
has moved on to people ", ho are bener
And in thIS God hss been • greal helper
he has found prople who will be bene< friend
Tboge ",ho would be there till the end
JUS! hope that her life is devoid of lear
And ofsodness the has no fear
And now, in her life, I realize who 1 WIlS
J •.• I WIS jusI a brief pause
For her I was a railway station
Just another stop before her final destinati on
Like I she stopped at it for some lime
ADd I like an idiot thought she was mine
Those \\'ere the ti mes when we fought a lot
SUI now I wish she forgets me not
'Coz DOW she bas gone for her destination
Wah me dying for her affection
In all this confusion, a friend I lost
T'bc friend .... 'hom I valued the most
Beowoen us the thi ngs an: rough
In fact \lot aren't talking enough
And 'With every talk leadi ng to more pai n
Love looks less boon and more bane
I "isb I could forget her forever
'Ccn. u it iJ 'he remembers ,"e never
But J .. iI/look . , horizon everyday
/iQplOg she would return someday
She WOO'I come back ... ahe i. long gone
With roe lef\ bul •. 11 alone.
lois i. my fate and I know thiJ well
HUI my heart would beat for her till my knell
A.oldt Co.nlta
AZADrAN 200)
As I lay beneath a tree in the countryside out yonder
One amongst the many that served as my glorious mansion
My mind's eye began to drift and wander
Only to stop when it gazed upon the formidable ocean
It then struck its contemplative chord
And my heart obligingly picked up the chorus
I pondered upon the moment when the almighty lord
Took it upon himself to paint this breathtaking colossus
It was so rich, so pure, with its heavenly blues
Even time lay still admiring its raw power
While a rainbow guarded it with its various hues
And the fatherly sun above it seemed to tower
My thoughts took on a different tum
I was enamuored by this giant expanse of water
Nature could teach so much if only one was willing to learn
It could prevent this madness, this unnecessary slaughter
Where human stamped on human in the name of Darwin
Where beauty is sacrificed in the name of progress
Surely there must be some way in which everybody could win
A way that nature itself had adopted with great success
With that my mind steered yet another course
As if unwilling to dwell upon this for long
As if wishing to take some recourse
For of COUBe, it was a part of this song
I began contemplatmg the wonder we call hfe
Wasn't it just like this serene
So vast, so beautiful, so full of stnfe .
So enigmatic, so simple, so full of emotion
Storms come and then just as
The ocean bears it with unwavenng equanlJDlty
then do we falter at every blow
y don't we laugh at fate's comicality
erbaps the reason why we satisfied
The cause of our endless
Can in one simple line be clanfied
We j st could not emulate the ocean
A ~ A D I A N 200j
I wish to far far .w.y .............. .
When I am dead ....... aw.y far long
where event horizon leaps in itself
I try to rest my mind in pe.ce .. .in heaven
Where tulips nod their head in h.ppiness ....
I want you to make my bed.
From the ancient heart of deep,
Lulling me over .... I want to sweetly sleep
Tulips around me.
I want to hear .... clamor of young life near.
where the silvery grass rustle and lisp.
Only the wind in its quest passing by me ...
I want you to make my bed
Far .. far away in Heaven.
The event horizon chiseled in itself
Morning mists whisper, daffodils brood .. . .
lulling me over .. .1 want to quietly sleep ..... .
With wandering waves compamon me.
Mohammad Arshad

AZADfAN 200j
~ ct 1ID!ft ....
Im31 ~ ~ ~ i <:mil,
~ ~ ",aft ~ i ~ lfIRII,
3IJ:j( aft art 3IR!aca i 'BlIIIIlIIIZ\I t,
l!III aft CIi'I!It i <it IIC'l <II<:: 311m tl
lR ~ 1R ;:;j\ CIOIIl '!I$l OIl,
CIOIIl oil Iiro, CIOIIl m'II OIl,
'6JOI 3R 3'BlIIl lR!I q311 q311 "" I
3I<Ia1 m i 1fI <it lI'i'll 'i!R = t,
~ flmI "" 3'BlIIl l!J1!I, <it lIIlii «?
~ mil 'BI <it aft, lR IIC'l 3SI t I
3IJ:j( lR!I Gt. t 3ft't: 11 fIlii t,
~ 't1 eM ;:;j\ lR IIC'l OJ$! t,
"Ilfi 11 a-r, 3'BlIft cmr ;:;j\ ~ amI CjQ
11 ~ 1ft at! afra L .. 3ft't: afra ~ = t l

;sm 'IR'I1t'I ('l <!lVI;

ffii!l '!roI I


>ffiIil ('11'11"1;
cw.m!fi'!1'IJ'II ...
'11 '111,
1Sf1iI C'!11mI ...
lfnml <!It'!



<lS"!I"Il "IfIiWI1

.mel <5t<!1 I

f"t>I I
BurhaauddiD Pitb.""ala bJlT' The 80 calJed
badman of the wing. We.ight Lifting, Young Blood Cup, PoUt..,.:, name n he has
always boen a man of the hall (because he failed to be a man for any girl .? ). "Suna"
the word is synonymous to his name; tried to quit but failed. mstcad vehementJy
created many followers and is fmally j oining ITC. A person who is very dedicated
to his goals. Givmg funcia to all, on all aspects of life, a philosopber i:n the makmg
which makes him kinda boring. A good friend (shhh_ .. never trust him :P). We aD
wish him all the best for his future. n Always keep the stick burning ! ..
Abbay Pudey abho)'pamieyJ987@gmai/. com : the one person u can't b sure
whether is dead or alive (is most suicide prone for reasons unJcnov,.1I ). Had the guts
to refuse Reliance PPQ and cracked ZS instead. Very determined and insecure but
nonetheless the high Tempo guy may it be Gym, polm, Kshitij. Career_ Very ape: 111
CODversation and ... Can easily convince (ie. confuse) any DUbee. Likes 2 keep 2
himself and stays locked fo< all days at times (shagging). Hope u take up drinking
soon after ur induction is completed by the wingies. best of luck 4 .. Abhay
Assoc;ates" .. _ ... :)
Siddhan.b Karkare tarJcare.sisiddharth@gmaiLcom: Keeps doing wha! be loves
and excels at it through sheer jetennination, Forrest Gump Le. "Ganja Gumpu" of
BTE. Azad. Can easily imagine a swimming captain lO)TS down the line tell " i de
eyed skinny second yean; about the legend of Siddharth K.arkare. the sv-imming
captain. Rock solid and dependable as a mountain with his intellect level righl: up
there with Everest itself. No wonder then that mountaineering is ODe of his
passions. Display the same passion somewhere else my friend and DOdting can stop
'Ms.@#S%'frombeing urs :P. Keep being the "Proposition Man", cornell dude.
Saga.- Agarwal 1 of the nuest guys u .... 'o.dd find in
kgp ...... thanks to him our wing has an exb'BUlnI recreation room (his mom). Talks
really fast ... some times its best lO JUSI nod along and do ur own worL. well this
explains his hyperactivity. He bas kept our wing alive and m5&.crufree for these: 2
years. Never found reading but thr r plenty of books in his room. He is dereremioed
and never takes ne thing for gnmted. Hope to c him in some big finance finns or
open one of his own. None wd ever forget the past bandibaaj sagar \lobo exisred
around 2 yrs ago ...... who had a cali offinishing full balances of cell of entire "ing in
one night, is now with a chinese phone on which any I rarely calls.
Amritayan Nayak Tota is one ofme
interesting characters of the wing. He lives by his collection of rape porn and CMt
decip her commitment A great guy to talk to (only at the risk of being clsssified
gay), He often gets ambitious but shags it offby night. Some of his most 001
tJaits are his weird jokes and the uncontrollable mge to recite eYel')1hing he "
about a subject even if the audience is ready to fall off the face ofthc earth ",
boredom. The Rapist can identify any actress by her nude scenes. . dude
probably has the highest scoring rate in the wing when it comes to girls. He is a
listener and very easy to talk lO (but don't trust him to keep your
put immense efforts when motivated and will undoubtedly chart
career. Wish you the best of luck forthe future dude!
Ayan Sinba sihayan@gmai/,com: can best be, in 2 state Igh Or getting
high, C Baba has a multifaceted personality, WhIle m?st . us. know Ihe
'kuttaharami' ubermale side of him, he's also a hIt WIth the gIrls WIth h,s Counting
the SI"'" routine, which most recently has first year kId and flOOred. C
baba has admirable willpower, used daily in hIS of smoke upnoghtoutbllnd
new day, He plans to pursue a long PhD in product deSIgn (hUh,,), but
we're sure thats just a side show. If there's anythong that Uncle Sam should be
worried about, irs this druglord we're exporting August. It isn't hard to
imagine Ayan in the near future just the way wants It : a on Malibu,
bling, chicks, the works. Oon'lyou dare not IDvlte us for party, fO er.
Ayaskant Kar ayashlcantkar@gmai/,com: 14jjj"lives by it..couldn't
guess"thars our AOE dude"every time you look at him and you start
wondering"Why doesn't he II)' modelling"Real Fashion wala model wala
modelling" talldarkhandsome hunk".a quintessential indulgent for everything he
likes"Bom gamer,.His fav Tee line", Video Games ruined my life"Thank God I
have two more lives,,! "That tells you"Going to Bangi for his first job"best pan
about Bangi he says"Gaming culture is awesome there"Also talk about any TV
series" Friends for him are like background music" I dude who's more carefree than
the most carefree soul which ever lreaded the campus"and thars his best
virtue"Supercool..No worries ". way to go buddy,,!!
Gyanendra Deo Tripathi gyan3pathi@gmai/,com: He was a fine young man
when carne to our wing in 3rd yr .. Loved porn (the violent type), supported adultery,
believed in polygamy, AOE lover, all in all a perfect friend, But what started as an
innocenl conversation between two consenting adults :) in a train, grew to become a
full blown affair."phone calls lasting for hours, a moratorium on AOE after II.
Summe(08 he showed us a glimpse of the real GO. He had a fling in Jam while
remaining committed to a Mumbaikar "" Yo GO. We shall always remember you
for pionec:ring the, art of crapping on beaches after getting drunk and not
remembenng anythmg dayafter (31 st dec'08) .,," Wish you a happy married life .""
Srinath Sinba : Though he may look like the most
loaded person".he IS one of the most peacemaru guy at heart. The only thing that
ever comes to anyone's mind after looking at him is "Halthi", The size, speed and the
Uwill fmd almost anything in his room."alsohis
room arrangemenlls Ideal tostJpport minimum movemenl. Probably the only guy in
kgp, on whose door people think twice before knocking. This is mainly due 10 his
of throwmg the top floor, Being a schols ave gov. this guy
mfluences ofkgp directly or indirectly. A Iso a major credit of
success 10 101 events goes to this guy ... He is the mOsllazy person u have Of
WIll see ever.
Piyu.h Sanduja all .. "Sweetu" urf"Pussy": piyushJ494@gmail.comTheLata
Mangeshkar of CFM (read: singer of "mai oi maim under - HAHK"), is the
peace maroa person afthe wing. An ardent fan of "Patel ke parathe" and "Kartes kl
coffee". He claims to have seen a thousand movies @ Kgp and revises them
fortnightly in fast forward mode. Even after being busy in watching movies.
sleeping, gymming. singing. bhssting. "Asim"ing the whole day, he manages to
find time for all the existing reality shows. To name 8 few of his favorites - Roadies,
Spitsvi ll a, Indian Idol , Naach india Naach, Nach baliye, TOILC, Sabse bada
baadshah kaun? Comedy circus, Sunderiye munderiye No. 1 (punjabi reality T.V
show), Echudu Pechudu Ventra (telugu real ity T. V show) ..... well we don't know all
the names!Alljokes apart, we wish him all the very best for his future and hope that
koi uFemina" mi ss indiajaisi bandi uski "' Bhawna"oon ko samj he :0
Parth Sethi urf Tahahi
: The Me Kinsey dude, the
golden boy who brought the golden G.C to Azad, I.R - 3, MIT return, Harward
reject _ evel)1hing the brand "Sethi" stands for. The world thinks of him as a total
stud _ Reality begs to differ.Now presenting the real Parth Sethi (the one we know
His real name is not "Parth" but a synonym ofuLove". We have been sweared into
si lence on this (although fewCGM people are aware ofthe truth).
I. He did not fracture his hand while riding a bicycle. All we can say is a train
with a girl on it was involved.
2. His favorite pastime is .. .. Sorry we don't have an answer to this. He mugs
all day. The only thing he likes other than that is arguing. Arguing with him
is like fighting with a pig in mud, while you get all dirty he enjoys it.
3. Post Mc Kinsey. Parth Sethi unleashed hi s insatiable interest in the opposite
sex which sadly led him into getting conned every now and then. Instances
ofhi sjhapofying others' bandi became the talk of the town.
4. Last but not the least, contrary to what he says, he DID appear for CAT. By
the way what was yourscoredude??? :0
N Yuwanlh (Nannem, Tempo - as he was sweetly called
by Goerge) One first look at this guy, and you'd get the impression ... a
fresher ... Thi s shy guy 15 not so shy when it comes to blurting out
frank truths. Mamt seey aka. Common Room Secy. and a substitute hockey player,
he discharged all of hIS duties With unmatchable 'tempo'. A very loving and kind
fellow I:e Is(well,henover saw a bhajan lill endof2nd yr, so u can extrapolate) thaI
uwudn t be surpn>ed to hearthat he's gOI a long list of girls falling for him. ; I 10
divulge any names, but.. her name starts with S. :-P All the very be t t thO h
fellow. 5 0 IS on t
Arvind Agarwal "peace maar nayaar" is the ta r
BATMAN and the best line 10 define him as well. Anyone of you who ev g 10
hands al CSon Ian would have recognised this insli famoussni r He I
away from most of the physical and mental exercises. But .. p ers 10 •
h. makessuft to master it. No wonder he isGOD ofFARTS and Ces
1010 melh
Ramprasad Guttblkonda ramprasadJ67@glllail.colll: RamP, guy without,
comp for 3 yrs In KGP, but has created 2 full-fledged charac rs in World of
Warcraft. He's got ooe of the most noo-typical kgpian life (never orkuts nOr COm
online on gtalk) but spends most of his time other's rooms. Spent his Azadian
equaly in 5 different wings in 3 yrs (and still very less in his own room). He was the
enthusiastic participant in choreo (especially to the song of crazy frog, :Pl.
HIghly addIcted to CS once and WOW now. On a serious note, he's very strict in
financial matters, and he's never-ever seen in an aggressive mood,
Arpit Sankbla aka chintoo aka chotu ghajini as known by
his baski team-mates. A guy with enormous hall tempo, and for this he wins an
award every year. Awesome company and the most helpful and flexible guy you will
ever see. He has seen all that DC++ has to offer, and perhaps watches movies and
SOPs which are not even seen by those who actually download them from the net,
specially the teen movies. U namea teen movie n I bet he has seen it multiple times.
Wou Id have been dancing sumwhere in nach baliye only ifhe bave not come to iii.
Prateek patel well he is all set to attend class of 2016 at
HBS. barely turning 21 while passing out but no kiddo when it comes to jugged in
acads. His cute looks would make anyone envy him (notice the new hair-style). .
Mysterious and silent to everyone, barring Dhaka. Spent halfofkgp time sleeping n
rest half watching sass bahu movies n serial n playing cs . Only grace is that ekta
kapoordidn't produce them. Finally going to UIUC never to come back again.
Menal Gupta Defines the term "non resedenti.1
Azadian." As his childhood chaddi buddy would describe, the young angry munds
turned into dedicated and responsible husband. Would give majnu a fight for his
committment towards his bandi (can be spotted talking to his bandi even when heis
dining in the mess). In the hall can be seen as a guy with a tarbuuz in his hand orby us
near the wash basin. The most dramatic transfonnation as far as scads are
concerned. The lucky bastard and his bandi got a PPO in Cairns energy and are all
set for a happy married life.
Kapil Singb Dbaka A true Jat. Beware not 10
indulge in a physical or verbal conflict with him, either case u would come out
injured (mostly mentally). Don't go by the looks, has an uncanny knack of
perfonning really well in competitive examinations. Some say he would
EX in "Signal Processing" only if it was named "Competitive Signal Process
Laughs on his own jokes and thinks ki sabki maar Ii hai. Has an illicil relationshiP
with our dear wingmale. Has his career plans ranging from kidnapping to lAS. flICk
you dont write nymore fuck ...... . .
Aoikct aka chuha aka C man aka fuck aka fuckin' skI
"fuckin' boy." Has an obsession for chicks ,:"ith initials. the letter "5".
workoholic. You nameacell In KGPnnd he IS Involved 1Il1t.lstho most cheerfu ..
helpful guy you will ever find. Believes thaI either you should be sober "
completely lal1i (only with. chick). Is crazy about long bike rides .. .thats
alsocall him the highway "super"-star. Has thetakia kaloam "Please ek baat
\lshlll Garg \' we know of him, every once in 8 while he
would come out of his room making 8 new technological breakthrough for which he
is awarded heavily by large conglomerates. Not to mention the 2 1akh prize which he
recentl) won. The only guy who actually studies in Manu dept 8 blessing for Nathu
and others. He thinks sleeping is 8 complete waste of time. Another documentary
10\ erofthe wing.
Abhij eet Nath Abb iske beare mein kya hi halein.
From happa to roaming nanga in the wing, he has done it all in kgp. Fundagod after
Nawab. Funniest guy u will meet. His stories and infamy precede him. No day and I
mean it ... no day is a dry day. Loves to get drunk and skin dip in the swi mming pool.
Invented the gult engli sh and watches detective series all thetime ... thinking that he
isAgenlJack BauerofCTU (courtesy 24).
Hemant Jbunjbunwala jhunjhunorsimplyjhun.
Invisible to non· doped eyes. He has the unique capabi li ty of reading and
manipulating minds. The Hypnotoad. How can I even dare to forget that he is the CS
god and a true perfectionist? Recently discovered that BOB from ·infinity to +
Abbimanyu Yadav hellblJ) aka hellboy aka manyu. Dont get too
close to him or you wi ll end in a rehab asking for DOPE. I being his wingmate was
cheated because I would tell everyone that AZ would win GOLD in baski ... not to
mention we neverquaJified the semis. Has a thing for dumb girls. Roams around in a
chaddi and aviator glasses, with joint in his ... dude no junior will come to the wing
becoz of ur psychopathic looks. Documentaries his precious. Left his gold gilded
research career with dope in the fina l few days. A really matured and understanding
person. Dreams of taking over all the oil giants of the world.
Ritesb Parikb ri/ aka dampu aka dumb fuck is a m ks
making machine. Until you know him very well , you wi ll never come to know tha
he is IR I. He had a thing for "Papaj i" until he met "bhabhi ji". He had a dramatic
transformation in his coolnees quotient after returning from Germany. Liked by
everyone you know. Only ifhe had good hair and lost 50 pounds it would complete
him. Dood the problem lies in your gulju blood sucking genes, you wilillever 1 lose
Saumitra Singh :-(AKA Dau
famous personality in wholeofKGP,) The Ten Commandments
I. Dau shall not fuck everything that moves.
2. Dau shall not talk filthy.
3. Dau shall not experiment with his pinky.
4. Dau shall be prepared forSTDs.
5. Dau shall not speak English afterdrinking.
6. Dau shall not fall in love every third day.
7. Dau shall remain helpful.
8. Dau shall remain clear hearted.
9. Dau shall remain as lively as ever.
and finally
10. Dau shall always remain Dau.
Anyone who has met this guy cannot forget him for the rest of his life. Unl ike this
synthetic world this is a guy who never hides his true feelings.. speaks his hean(with
awful lot of slangs) and is never afraid to show his true self. Wish him all the luck
and hopeki woBHELki m*c··dde.
HimaDsbu Gupta -(AKA Gupta, Himrose, SSE
BULL) : The owner of dirtiest room in CGW, baths once every week and was the
only victim to lose one of his balls in "one tip one hand" deadly wing cricket.
Infected by the lethal "kida " of finance giving all sort of I-Banking funda, !hank
god US found the cure to it (God BlessAmerica). The only "Iocallaundiyabaar" of
CGw. The term "friend ditcher" (ditch friends for band/) is coined by him for othm
but suits him the best. His antique laptop is missing the keys "I", "L" and "U"( God
knows how many times he has used them!). All said Gupta is very soft at heart,
caring and helping towards his friends and skilfully manages all our wing trSs. Is
very ambitious and hard working, a dreamer who has the ability to make it big. Best
ofluck for his future ...
Sumit Kumar Jba Zazzy B, Jha Ji): Room
partner of one of the deadliest creatures in KGP (Pumba) which certifies his as the
most flexible and accommodating guy. Is infected by doggy syndrome (fantasises
of peeing at the world's most popular places). The initi ator of online bandiboazi
(Skype), has an online bandi added in skype from every nook and comer of the
world. Has an eternal smile on his face (even when the prof is banging him or an
equally bad situation). Can be envied by Masakali for his malakti chaal. A true
believerofthe famous saying "Marri ko dani nahi hOla" b u ~ was proven wrong by
Himrose after hi s personal encounter (already ment ioned) and so the quote was
rephrased "Sahijagah maro - agar darri nahi 10 mani nah;". The most hardworking
and intelligent guy who still believes everything is luck. Got the most e.xpensive gift
in KGP from a girl (Himros. ke moo pe karara lamacha} Jha is very humble.
always ready to help; calm and cool like a sage, a very big fan ofSollywood movies
who never misses a single god damn Friday releases (even RGV ki AAG and
Deshdrohi wasn't spared!! ), the best guy to refer to during exams. Wish him all til<
LUCK ...
1)( 200)
.... cIram ff. d UDD Bn1M)' (uddu fOf his pu<1lll and Britney for his fetltb)
. 1} 1Dll1UJIIIOItf><-che TROUBLESHOOTER of rw' . Hope be finds
en· UK 8<110 f",fUllmPAL
AZAD!AN 2003
Soumya Kundu You better watch out. guy i •• doI\
horse. Be it acting or picking out subtle issues in someone', 5 tement, be it irI
academics, this guy is always a step ahead of other people. Has recently devel"Ped,
penchant for bridge and will always try to emulate the modus operandi ofthe..."p
be it calls or be itgameplay. '
Vipin Gupta (Iedu)· As the name suggests, he i. the
laziest creature known to mankind. Just refuses to budge whatever be the reason.
One can always find arkut or youtube open on his compo Recently given the title of
Mr. Think- A-Lot, this guy is lazy when it comes to exercising his mind while we
play patti too:) .AII in all, a really nice guy to hang out with once you strip away the
laziness, Once outofhis laziness, he is a bit too exuberant.
Atul Kumar (Shaggy) . More like the guy who is
always in lots of load about something or the other. No one can understand this
weird creature. He was once a founder of the famous "Shag n Fag" revolution. The
best person to get drunk with. He goes out in just one peg. ROFL. He was always a
"29" enthusiast but has recently been initiated into the "bridge" revolution.
T Theja (BD) . Once my roomie, the one thing which sets
apart this MIT-ian from others is hi s perseverance in whatever he sets out to
accomplish. Mostly found in the lab, this guy will contort facts in such adeadly wa)
that you will appreciate hi s quick thinking. I never find this guy wasting time.
Abhijit Sarkar abhijiIl· Watch out from this power house. You
never know when this guy gets all pumped up. Mostly found watching Friends for
the umpteenth time, he could go to over clocked mugging mode at random times.
He will screw you up on the words you say with ease. And one always has to watch
out before bombarding him with any slangcoz he is mostly found talking to his girl .
And mind you, it is so soft. Ihot you will think he was free and ready to be
FRrooque Munshl jarooque.munshi@gmail.colII-A true warrior and a true heart.
There is no better mix to be found. He is a very good friend. Whenever there is a
quarrel in the wing, rest assured that one of the parties was munshi. He has an innate
mlent to gTllSp onto any matter very quickly. Mostly found playing bridge
nowadays, he also can be found cating out every night. Just the awesomeness one
would require to woo any girl! (Iotsofreferences reqd. here. LOLZ! )
Amil Padbi very silent creature who is always soft
spoken. He minds his own business most of the times. You could never find a flaw in
tJl is guy. A very patient listener. He hangs out with his dep mates ( or was it the other
way round?! ).
Sri Bharatb He is never found in his room. Mostly 8 non-
azadian guy, he is also not found in KGP most of the time. Iryou ever meet him, he
will definitely blow your mind with his strange talk. He is too boisterous but always
out with his tam fmds, so no loads:P
Atig Bagchi He is better known among his peers as
Prom an. Such an open minded guy with all the right chemistry to woo you. God like
singer and always ready to tell you the intricacies of music ( I wish 1 could
understand more). The decisions hc takes show how good a manager he is. He has
onc hell of a bond with his 3 Ghz computer. Likes keeping his room clean. Is a bit
lazy though at doing small chores. He is such an adorable little guy, that Ifl were a
girl I would have fallen for him many times over, by now
Dibycndu Kumar Rana Well this dude es
himself as a perfect gentleman down the line; and tries his best to groom hims
accordingly. Has a beautiful mind - testified by the unending series ofarbitr&ry one-
liners which erupt at random moments. Showed a lot of dedication fortennis illu
since hi s 1 st yr but then got into the wrong 'Company'. Has got an eye for
especiall y shoes. A 'nutrition' freak who would even check a pack of fa or ex
calori es, Doesn't seem interested in gals, no one knows why;), A very Ii Icndl
helpful guy whose door can always be found open (PmnDv knows it the t)
AZAtJlAN 200j
Pa",,,,, C ... g pg97 .iit Q'S'"oiLrnm : There i. ery less d,ffi l% betwoo.,.
gh 51 movIng WIth you and Paw.1l oka Pappu as the siknce for
perfect role model fur an intro"n. thi Indiltl Born Chin", rejojo.,s I A
befure when (re )united with hi bel ,ed hinlct-Isnd 1&$1 summer If"
hlghly wIstful biD!!, hardly ' hamko' to the ordinary jun •• but are fun none
We are not sure how his s;gn.lUre parttn Wftrtty 'h."oo' falls shan in .
f-eeble armies lik"e Apshij's., e,ery single time! This 'haloo' insaan w;U never rdent
from arguments in 9 dc.bsre (however absurd his point of view might be) -and b'Usl
me you'll love hi. company for this. ishighly focu ed - u'''''yon multiplemis ...
and even dreamt of openi ngs SIM-Up for gencrat ing startUp ideas!
Suvra, Barna SlI\"rOt. bnftraa ail. com: God of everything. Cycles 5000 KIn.
everyday. 99.99999 percentile in CAT. aim os, int.rllT champ, loss rejected off",
from almost f'\'ery foreign university. h8s 10 research pspers and _0 patents on his
name. 5joboffers __ hen many"i" siljoblessthi year, has some 200giri friendsond
-00 boyfriends. His orienl.tian changed coz of an unfomlOate incident after "hich
his snlle was like that of a filthy sub minded rag clad d tilUte who had been viewed
as B minor, follO\\ed where ever he went by crowds of Kgp boys and girls "no
pelted stones at him and mouthed obscenities. Heving fallen in 10 e and sooa
dumped by almost e\-ery second girl. He is n s real cool dude and a bekwed
mend. We aHlove you Bafus.
Rahul Paul rnhulpaul. iitkgp@gmail. am: Jab Vi\'ek Oberei mS!U1ll hoi tllb log nw
JRRte hain ... Jab sunny deal mnarto hai tnb pura pakist3n mar jars !lei. P!ul da
msane hain tab khud mllr JOSle ... phir bhi din msin -4 ba.'lf m4!llt"e hsin. P!ul da
is cool and Paul da is intell igenl. Having rocked on the runes ofl..,gp bhsjan Pauldl
is all set to roc.k the new stage ofmU Sigma .... Aj kill ek bandi \"i mlssh mllin hain ..
applications invited ...
Pusbpcndrn Singh Lahariya pushpk_004(g'J1.lIIuil. am •. k .• pushpa - The silent
member of the clan whom u would finding either pin) ins bridge or pi!) 109
all througholltthe day - the l09dcd loadlc:iS!!. crazy aoout hindi rom.anti' .:
love stories Rnd cricket hatt' english movies to the core Bod thl! sole sml
fellow is (0 sett le down asap. Will always be remcmbere-d for his tn tit<'
worst silURtions ever and envied for how quickly girls f'Sll f\v him (1 0 00\\
hedo il wilh sllch glean look!!)
Kepin KumRr is passionate abl
Anything and everything. A sincere. intelligent with 8 very high degree of tolerance
le,el: runs like A robot in Jnan Ghosh ( IO.1 2. IS.20 ... ... rounds). Lights up the
moment with his hilari ous Jokes. Extremely duty minded which makes him achieve
\\hatever he wonts: has the capability to ettract any woman - just 8 smi le and thats
all . Another landless fellow _ really!! load less to the core. Think ofa true dedicated
friend. his name shall be the first that nashes your mind. Keep smiling always and
just remain thewayu are. Success wi ll knockyourdooratevery step u take in life!!
Shasvat Ooorwar shashvatiitkgp@gmai l. coma aka Chuam· FineArts stud ofCTE.
Always online for his etemal love .. Bakchodi .. :O .... sachhaibutthen .... itis ajoke. A
very jovial personality one would say, but as the saying goes don't be fooled by
appearances his FArts quotient far exceeds any normal human in a way such that a
survey defines him a Sociopath(Well Oau ka ladla hai [;)] ).We wish him all the
success in life. YoChuara "Karowahijo Dil kahe"
Suman Mukberjee ... : a man with a lot lot of
tempo inside. .. footer god ....... java god ... .... poetry bhi achhi likh leta hai
........ .. . aur haan respeets others' feelings . ..... and that is why we all like him .... a
man ....... can enjoy life being alone.. . .... bengal se hai lekin sal a poora bihari
hal ..... ekdum blOdaas type ka .... keep rocking dude .... remember us ... bye
V Gyaneshwar Ra<.t .& .... :.or :.o ...... .. '" .a3i ouner raJ thigh raaJrel·le.,lunel;\ l.JoJ
.. has a personality have a girl friend. He is a good athlete
butmterlltmelhl goldaur wobhlnotma sprint He is a good bats b h' .
. . . . . man ut Ittmg a
SIX IS a grey 10 He is a good student although he had been
allegedly deOled a project by hIS fay prof. He is a good bowler but was denied a
chance to bowlm mter halls. He is a good centre forward in football but was alwa
forced to playas a defender. He can devour aplenty but was alw . ys
refreshment by his team mates. If only vg had learnt his hockey
a broom hewould have been a bener dribbler than y, s on a
to be a good weightlifter. People collect starn s . Vg IS also
Vg raa has a collection of all non hit movie so P . coms etc. I.e. mundane
If you want to listen to a song you haven't li stened that have released.
raahas been a knight in shining armour for ma f g tovg.Allsaldanddonevg
us forward with his tempo and guts. Accha He has been leading
Saket iitkgp .. man whose passion'
hockey player of liT k w IS playing hockey. godly
Inter-hall s. Soft spoken. hard on the laurels for the best hockey
extremely caring person He h focused
night and sleeps all the bashPosltlve att itude towards life He'
chats too much with gals h
ut paise hai inke pass. Bnhut .
ba.naye vanished. but out of kgp. Gf kc liye
mlsssmghlm o;eriously. g .) J. Azad hall hockey
ROhit newangl n I/I,d.wr!!!Kmol/,com -the dude :"Vaal Holi.
Neulerland jaane ke paise nhi hai :P ," "V. basketball match me k quarters t!:
h.i 7" :D, A unique crulurcofll!. kind, vel)' r.,olO find , Always 20 minJ.ahead .,
Ihe world. he is Ih. guy who can make all poosibl. gestures with all kind ,
squawking ranging from chimps 10 nighlingal. chirps, Any wonder> why ... ,:
gold In crickel this year ??""b' cozdewangan 10M not in the IUJn ,:0
TheAuslralian chicks will find ildifficull 10 resist themsel ves from his"HELLO",A
practical person with solution to all kinds of problems, Always in ajolly mood,he '.
got a gifito make ppl laugh ", 81 him :p, Finally, it was nice being around you may
youalwaysbe li ke thi s, '
Prankur Sriva.tava proniry,iilkgp@gmai/,com: (Pranky) - This cheerlul
chubbyful senior ofoulS is known for his happy go lucky atti and poor Pls, Could
always be seen returning from a bath in his super short lOW. I, (shayad kisi lad;"
shop se khareeda gaya tha :Pl, OP ke samay common room mein ek haanth baal PC.
aur ek haanth neeche rehta tha inka :P. Aur Reliance India Mobile k baare mein U)
poocho hi mat , Anyways, lokes apart, this guy is a VCl)' delennined person and.@O-
geneT. We all will cherish all the laughs we spent with him. And I'm sure he WIll do
wonders. Way to go, Pranky Buoyyyy ...
Anup Goyal = Gola (reasons unknown!!)
His dai ly routine speaks volumes about his character (lets look into ttL
23:00 -All set to hit his bed when other students waste their time gaping in front of
their comp screens. 6:00am -wide awake waiting for the clock to tick :00am- 1I5
time!!.. . ..... Off he goes to the mess. the place where he tnjoys the mOSl apart from
his room (Very often he is the first on the breakfast table. extracting CVC1) pc1Ul) of
hi s mess fees). 7:30am - where is Gala?'??? All these efforts 10 go ro thosr StIfliq
classrooms ..... itean't be!!
How can he go to classes \\hen there are so many movies and TV series to be
seen and guitar to be practiced (In the process inhaling twice the amount ofOl}seo
as used by a nonnal human being!!) ..... ..... thereby enjoying C'vef} III bts
avail . Be itsemesterregistration.ATMormessqueueall are meanl 10 folk>v. him.
Avinash Beniwal (I1 .. Also ca.lled Pappu reason bern
Pappu. The guy who argues \\ ith nonC' \\ er be the- case. Irts
comment di rectedagainslhimpa . passing a halloosnlilc I1Ov.lngnQUungtl"
Besides this we St:e no in him. hope he possesses fev. He qUIlt
helping selfl ess human read t otTe:r'4hat has sot b< •
been challenged to make friendship \\ ith a specie caUed rough OM tiy
him" ,.hope Pappu pass hojuega,
AZADlAN 200)
Raj KalDlr Du rr;aryotLlil@gmalLcom 1.1uI lJus Rl<D .. You
intlft5ting name after entering inro lIT. After heanng RKD you will think be OJ
some rerum but actually he is Bhagalpur return [:PJ .. He .. a very fun guy ..
A)". laughing ... I. small in .ize but has. big bean ..
But !IC\""get fooled by his innocent looks .. He has 1013 of crazy idea going on in his
mind lIevet')' single point of time. He has been the gardening SCCre1ary of our hall
e,en "hen he knows nothing about Hower .. . He has many best buddies allover
IIT .. one of his besl buddies wan13 IP tell something about him ... his name is
Deva. .[: J .. From the .bove testimony u can make out how memorable he is ... We
miss}'OU Raj Kumar Das o.k .• RKD ...
Asbish Verma ashishlJ}: He has a broad personality.
ThaI is why he is also known as 'chaudi'. He has had rendezvous with girls from all
over India on OrKut and gtalk. He is an excellent dribbler and has often run in circles
around refe ..... during hockey mBlches while the opponents took time out have
some wBler while Vermaji completes his dribbling routine. His physical gameplay
in foo<er has created many a crat ... in the normally even footer ground. Legend has
it during a foolm' match wh.n verma ji collided with two fat opponents big hang
took place. In cricket verma did everything vg couldn't but vg can claim that vice
,'ersa is also uue. Be it hitting sixes or taking wickets .. but vgjaisa cover drive nahj
maar skta verma. Verma ji has shared a marital relation of so'" with vg ta. kahbi ye
uparkahhi woo VermaaurVg ki kahaniyan batson yahan gunjengi.
Rishikesb Kumar .. .Rishikesh well known as
"Bodha"(nobody knows why he is call the same :P).One of the brightest and the
laziest guy you can ever come across. His life is the simplest of all, consists of
movies which ranges from the worst of its kind to the strangest you can ever see, the
best box office reviewer as ifhe says a movie to be had its oUght to be bad :P and bis
second passion sleeping you can never beat him in this two fields. Whenever you
can walk into his room you can fmd him in the State of Nature with only chaddis on
that too with months old. A man who never takes any kind ofload, bighly intelligent
and friendly. Hi.s funds oflife unlike any in peace and just have enough
resourses to satISfy your sleep :P . But but the klOd of his intelligence bell achieve a
A.uj Sbrivastava The most peaceful and calm guy of Our
hatch. A you tube freak - he IS gond at exploring huha videos at you tube. He has
watched whole at you tube which arc not available at DC. A sincere me ha
oflSKCON. He eas. ly POlOts out the fissures in the system A hard r
HIJ treots are unique in the sense that they include only shik";"i d loon .. an
a tm>flC retearch interests an
environment oFIITKOP. . ew guys who have not been a!fee by the
Setbl cla •• ic debate of mind hero of
the school and cOllege. Someone who was not only was brilliant at work, but
stakes away at the extracurricular activities as well . However, he onu again
d.ffered from the lots in his onward choice of career. Despite schol."hip oft'",
from famed universities abroad, and from industry giants (try thinking of a useful
website), he opted for something else, something aliule less comfortable. In lieu of
the comforts of instant fame and money, he preferred the challenge of SOCial
upliftment. He started with his own venture in the field of carbon his own start.up
'EXERGY CONSORTIUM' . Hi s intellect and out of the box thinking refleeted in
his start up as he believes sustainable success for the future can only be achieved by
the recognition and action of businesses towards their environmental
responsibilities. He surely is not only a best student but responsible citizen as well
and definitely a role model for many.
Abbi.bek kumar Dubey He appears to be calm and
composed, but always have his nerves, sufficiently tensed to an extent which will
enable him to deliver the goods. Focus is the keyword for him. Above all, he is a fun
loving guy, have an ultimate sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. He cracks
jokes ateverysilly liUlethingthat passes by his way.
Asbisb V be it geUing the highest
paid internship or one oflhe most lucrative PhD offers, being the moderator of LAN
- he has done it all in style. The Encyclopaedia of computer science, the advisory
authority to many professors - there is almost no one who has not gaped in awe at
this marvellous creation of God. A quiet person, who wil l bowl you over with his
simplicity - he is a person who was an honour to interact with
Sirisb (AVA, AVADH, AVADHANI) - : First things first
AVA-da has played more "World ofWarcraft" than anything-anyone else bas eVef
done in their KGP li ves (of course we are not hyperbolizing. have you ever set'D
someone doing the same thing, over and over again 24-7-365 !! I). You give this guy
a comp(ofcourse with "WOW" install ed) he won't give a tiny rat' s a·· to the reslof
the world :P :P. He is presently in a commin'cd relationship with "WOW". for wbich
he ditched hi s ex-long term girlfriend "Counter Strike". With only two major
act ivities all through his KGPlife(computergamingand sleeping), this guy beloog
to theclan oflheso call ed "ulti peace maaru" junta ofKGP. Abig timesunebollZ
piyakkad, over the years thi s fell ow has become completely inured to the cbrmica
reactions of alcohol on his nervous system. H. can guzzle up boule of boOze and
sti ll remain sober .Having maintained a calculated attendance (to a'o'oid a df'"
reg .. lolz I!) since first year and never giving a damn.o acads (or anyUting SO to
sayll!), he has indeed pulled of quite • feat by geuing placed in the very fllS' re.-
days of the pl acement scason .. yoyoAVA.
RUh b - "ritlN •• You can really write volume! about Rlthoosh
and his "heretic" thoughlS, but t.O put it In a nUlShell hi. mind Is perhaps more
complicated and Intriguing than ..... (oh weill sorry we can't think of anything else:O
:0 ). He has the time to visit scores of web sites 0 day, make, a list of them and curse
himself for wasting his time visiting those sites III Often lost in a sea of his own
weird ideas and brainwaves reading his 'cognitive theories', he is one of those guys
who would strike to you as an "extremist" at thought. Put in his own words, "his
voracious appetite for knowledge (strong words ehll) " is his real strength and
weakness. Extremely censorious about the contemporary "gult movies and actors",
he really hates any movie infested with "boring cliches". Trying to improve his
photography skills, he often asks people pose for his experiments with the camera.
Well , a true' intellectual', he wishes to contribute in his own way.
Gourav PaDdey gauravpandeyJ/ A cool dude and never short of
fundas and a horrible sense of humour, often you fmd him in engaged in an argument
with someon • . At the first look you might as well feel he is a Maggol! I But beneath
you find he is a guy who is jovial and has a compassionate heart. Not to mentioD he
hates mess food to the core! Well you don't wanna "mess" with him :P :P (sense of
humour-pandey's style :P).
Sukumar Das OASH ........ this name creates a good
impression, isn't itrrn?? Yes n its true as well. in case of this so called Sukumar
DASH .. .! !! A very talented artist (be it painting, be it sketching .... or be it netype of
8rt). .. always ready to do something creat ive ..... tries to learn new
things .... sometimes acts like a wierdo ... but overall a good personality ... .Iikes him to
be called as SUKU .... (!!!) .... has AJIBOGARlB type of humour that I
undemand till now .... (n 1 pray thatI'll never ever understand it in my whole life .. ).ls
NisbaDtnishanlroya//3@gmai/.com(dehkapujari,rangeela, burters(south park)):
GOD in AOE, the genius .. Crushed the cat maths .. huha pondy skills ..
speakmg,. fantasiZing and getting. too .... is not called deh ka pujari' st
hke that... hIS crush : rokkam ! I! enJoys hfe to the fullest... doesn'taltend cl
his dep'e males during exams. Probably the only GUY who contributes
positively towards the TRP.ofshows like: vs Sarabhai"."BaHka Vadhu"
and Mastram. 70s-80s movies. One ofhis ten (dasvidaniya) osls
were to get a girl before passmg but his dismal progress has left me no c g ice
to request DepC or anyone w,th "deh(body)"(like diwakar's) to fulfill is
se kum to poora ho, sex waala wish ke liye DAR gro k h.j!.,' HM
paisa de raha .... ladkl Puoe moio mil hijaayegi .. . aod yeah peek d I' up us 0
. Rangeela .. .Iiu Ii liu Ii liu .. . we will miss u. PS: He has a se e
ea 'log mat
Roadies 6.0 fame. cre crus I on Po lof
AZAD!AN 2003
Olw ..... (doba-w,Big-8oM) : ..... po PlY
of our wi ng", he " Ihe secrt:t of our .ncrllY", and IIUPI"'I"'" 10 go O'Wing 10
his Sahnan KhlUl biceps, simple IUld smart" witty and humorous" chill maato and
IRk. lood when needed 01 perfect liming. perfect blend III One may find hinl
busy walching IRme series on YOUlube, bul what ... troubling iJ him d ........ ingillem.
Funda guy,alwoy. fordebales( and losing Ihem :P), Girl he loved got matried
so for oillhe girls rt:ading Ihis, muscular dabo-w iJ single and ready 10 mingle. lie
is always rt:ady 10 try oul new Ihings. perfection being hi. top priority. Placed in
SAIL, tempo guy is rcody 10 sail. W. will mi .. u,
Pramey Upodbyayo pramey.lit@gmail,com (pcckered face, south-park gay) : Ibe
ve",oli le guy: aeads phom" papcrehhaapa (as in ",sea",h papers, chcatingkame ka
taakat nahi hai bande mein ;) )" tabla bajaya" guitar bhi bajaya. " US meln bhi
bajayega", sob kuehh ;) competitor 10 nishant fOl' the fight over rotkam
(Rokkam(afierreading Ihis):grrrrr"",,) let th. best guy win the sweetest. Referred 10
as the golden boy in his second year by someone" (coz whichever class he used 10
bunk, there was no attendanee).This fantabulous guy bas a unique ability 1O.1eep ..
will " The little waking he has is spenl on 'host' and 'join' stteam. in the Fif. wingof
ours, and the smallest fraction he spends on publ ishing papers (of .. bleb i have "'"
the count), These days, little kids are his newfound love .. and trust me" The thing!
he does for them, are really worth admiring. Crazy south·park fan, Mr.sLtv. being
his idol. Hatsotfpremy da.,we will miss u.
Tusbar Srivastava tushar.iil@gmail,com (Daddy) : W. always "1>IldeT "do good
guys still exist?". Well, in the world of good guys, this guy is everyone's DADDY!.
He is a sweetheart of a friend, always helpful. A very sincere with Ioedsof
intelligence and dedication. Wants to loose weight and results .,., (oot 11 all)
evident.. always calm and composed, Banda kahhi load leta hi oahi sa
lele".tension se weight thoda kum hoga. Kisi blti aip ka planning bo" all heads tnm
to DADDY""talk to him once and u help falling for him (applies to bezK!i>
exclusively)" got excellent threshold for tolerating fundebeazi ... wishing him III
excellent future ahead ..
Puppa .. His ernail id sl •• l'Y.klIltik@gIIWl.c:om
is good enough to give a fair description of his demeanour, His calto and "1'1""""
peace can be a very lethal dosage of sedalive to mere mortals like us. But eo. ell •
calm ocean can have lorrents sometimes and this happens wben be pia) ooliae
FIFA (you may hear him shouting wilh rage after missing or gooI).A
real Fira god and a virtu.1 footer encyclopaedia. A highly t guy (tho
BLAKJ of our wing and that 100 a.ft" minimal levels of prevaratioo). If)"" tIUnI>
you know all thai is 10 be known about TV SC1'i and such show think lIP;'"
there's always someone who lnows more. He i • Wlioa f tM varied iD:tereSB III
series and shows among his VI ingies.
RlICbll ,an.-.I roc:hirbl He i. a very IAlentcd, run·lovlna, .mart,
understanding and muscular uy (0' rathe, how hethlnkJ about himself). A debate
lover, always eager to discu anythlna thil .. Isla nadi' and zenith. You
can olwl\) hear him pe kl ns and alrlns hi s view. (wHh fe",ent zeal & very
.udibte v ice) about 50me important or idiotic stuff' in any wingic'. room, in mess,
in his department, in some restaurant in Kharagpu, 0' elsewhere. Very prudent
about econ mie affairs, he mainlAins a balance-she. t of hi s expenses. A very sincere
uy (and thi particular point can be vouched fo, by all his wingies) and once he
star1S me endeavour usually takes it to some liltinS end. Nowadays on a mission
10 pataoa matld so that he can compl ete his al..,ady near-perfect profile.
Kunda. Kumar In BiharlWo achievements are highly
revered: I) You are an IInan 2) You e",ck upse. Already an nnan Kundan is on
the road to become one g..,at and honest lAS in near future, whose market value in
matrimonial secto, may thus, be a 8 to 9 digit ligure. Kundan(the true muscle-man
of our wing) is a very different per.;on of our batch. Many may call his usual
manners a bit unusual. but we prefer to describe him iconoclastic. Contrary to our
usual perception of our mess food, you will fmd him religiously treading its path all
the 4 meals any given day. During holidays, he finds Gokhale Mess more preferable
to any other restaurant in and around nT. A great connoisseur of Hindi films and
songs, he has seen a great many old hindi movies (although he takes no more than 15
minutes in completing a given movie). Kundan has 8 class of his own.
Swethab sed", as he is popularly known for his ardent
interest in electronics' book sedra smith impressed many girls with his ftcute, dark
and handsome" per.;onality. Walking encyclopaedia of all the software u know, u
may know or u may never know. A dreamer to the core who could dream to fly high
in the sky (minor in aero) from the depths of the hell (maj or in mining).
P",bkar PP urf'Jiddi bakra". Daru ki tanki .. . He
has got a great brain but uses it only in emergencies. He likes chilling out ·th
friends and always ready to leave all work to have fun with friends.The hest thin
about Pushkar is his "Never Say Die" alt itude·rHe would "'ther die than saying it.
hehe]lfhe IS onto something, he doesn't leave it until he has succeeded in it. Gets
easi ly excited at the small est of news and easily panicky in tensed situations. H has
got a beautiful heart and he conceals nothing in it,just speaks out whatever he h
Ajay Sln&b. Rajawat raja ji ... kabhi bandiyon
me baat "alll karte .. pat...'l nahi sexual orientation me gndbad hoi ya ... wnise n
royalaur tie bhi roy. I ...... inke SUll'e kaalll rajnjaise hi hote huillA is a
person & do not lik. to ",ke load ellSily.3 SUllI 50 Oght maar a hai
JaateJute GOl.D maar hi liyn cricket mein. IIl50 thod.5ambhnl knr ban k Ili
h8l , pata nah, k.b gu,,,,, an j'Rye inh. isliye moi ab aur nnhi likhug. isk. .. re melD
.uhbh MI. b .. ",hi.Jh17 '!!JII"u/lcom. " ""I dude' . mach ... , hIM.
kho jala hal Inm • • one of !he cooiesl and moil '"lalli&<", illY m our 11""P Got
d.h Ali lansUllS_ bul,rr .. lnible for f,end.h,p Sum 1 who it really lazy. ""'"
call in kgp lingo ... m.khau· ... loOJt:S to Wte nap' or him.xlf and m&Rtr m n.c
people Wilh hi. wonb. a u bool hi .. fed hai booki dil '" jawan hai chor. ka. ...
him " AJEES" but he iJ the mOil romantic I t heatt.
Manoj Agarwal manoj./ KhujaJi ... ullimatc dancer
"terrificenergyll. Yes it is his smile .. .. reaJIy cute and in the JITlingo really SEXY ;p
Always ha\le in mind a profess ional approach for every problem in life bot
unfortunately its only in mind. In his presence: u tend to enjoy every rnoma:t.
.specially.jab 15k. andar h HIMESH jaas uth-la haL-.1w ok j»l yadpr bon jill
hai .. . with Girls. he isnol veryaJfablc .. 50 you may have to try aloe initiaUy _ balbe
is worth fighting for . .Infactthese 1024 chat"scannol describebim.
Madao Lal chinkiyoo ka pyara ... ·rnadan ptSrl1M".
known as panDU. awesome suminachabe to china walon se poochh 10
bada fan haijabdekho medical book I.karj .... hue dikh ja) ega. "NEVER Mr.'.1l".
"Money doesn't make you rich· are some indigestible funcia of his life.. Apr UbIY
pannu ko gussa dekh loto samajh lena ye extreme coodition hi rahi hogi. Dc:.aDb
dost dushmano ka dushman.A Very special qua!tiy of him is)'ou nc'\C'f ..... 11rula IoaIr
a friend likehim!(sento to nahi hogaya nan)
Suyas b Partb mysterious · l"· .•. p5U n:Ifu lib
bhadakjaaye ... butdame ki baat nahi hai "L. uchh kateganahs"mishraji
in math onl y" :) .awesome in math and fOOlcr. lru.o ba.har L..h.ane aur gbooma.t:
bahut ichha hoti hai but afsos ..... fOl'" rookic ... .reaJ ly a \-et) simp'-: 811) but a pat
Bulan Kumar l'rasad When it comes to pronounce one's
name this is the man who is in most deep trouble. He can sit at "Park" for the entire
day having Johny Walker, Absolute, Smimoff, ,Red wine allal B He
can h8ve 3 "kings " in hi s mouth ot the same time .Feed him 3 pegs and he will start
breaking things of your house, So guys offer him drinks at your risk. He is popular
for working hard in illumination inspite of not doing even a single bit ofwark there.
H. can take you to ride to Bombay highway on cycle with entire supporting logics
that can exist in this world. A closed book in himself and going to take "pipa.a.
shipyard" to greater heights.
Chandan Kumar aka Majnu bhai: Another close
friend of Ani l bhai Ambani who can even lead to downfall of Reliance
Communicati ons. According to a survey he serves 20·7 services to his phone and
manages hi s rest of work quite well. The most committed person ever seen even
after the fact that he has met some I only twice or thrice face to face. He is among the
victims of interns that Reliance took. He has turned to be a perfect gentleman and
our best wishes with him for his future life.
Niryendra Singh nityendrasingh@gmail.comakaNity:ThisGorakhpurlad is the
AOE stud of the wing whose room is often occupied by his co players of the hall.He
has few great stories of his intern in Amsterdam which can't be disclosed here
[;)].One of those maggu who always had a problem in life with coding stuff and
electrical circuit. A very good pe"on by heart and he plans to have a fight for bandi
when he leaves kgpandjoins his "Bangy" finn.
Vinayak Pathak TIle enquiry box who is driven by
logics for each and every thing in which he is involved. He deserves "Oracle "
accordingly and you may find his name in the list of few top programmers in the
world in upcoming years. He has many chaotic cases associated with him which is
well known to the institute. A real man who follows the principle strictly "Do right
and fear no one ". A very good person at heart, this secret is known to a few person
who know him well and active
Veerapaneni Usba Pba ni Kiran vupkiran@gmail.comakaFunnyakaTed:
A perfect example of from. south .He knows every bits and bytes of
and details of mobile and computer accessories. One 81 s
wants him to go to hi S home as he was the best to bring a lot of eateries from there.
? ne of the best CS playe,,(X-games head) who initiall y got bored and turned to
Wow" player. 8
Never misses to .dance during daaru sessions, that's y his room is a perfe tit
have sessions. Rarely follows Indian timings, leader of the
?atch(lfhe agrees then all others wi ll agree).Never takes issues serio I .
IS a "de.reg" warning. us y even· It
Nikhil f(;uhyap nkashyap.iirkgp@gmail.comakaKota:
lad cigarettes and alcohol and now can't li ve ' th .
Vi ctim of an mCldent when Sirish was drunk A WI out It
scored a 8 somethingasSG .His room peaceful chap w ooff
and Nehru. ..t sesSIon of gult 'yof
More Or less equally talented in I . X .
task of "'worl d of wars "recent lyP ·hsames With Phani and has la n up e
enjoys every bit ofil .U rock man.' Ines t e way to li"e life in 8 cool manner and