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March 2011

From city to province: Durban to Kwazulu-Natal

Doing Solarium
Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear with students at Edgewood
fruit of itself, unless It abides in the vine,
neither can you, unless you abide in Me.
I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him bears much fruit,
for without Me you can do nothing.
John 15:4-5

Sphae at Ukukhanya Life

Care Center

I can’t believe that 2 ½ months have Africa and how tightly they are
come and gone this quickly. So much bound by a yoke of slavery to Gospel, initiating by sharing your life
has been happening this month, so ancestrialism, generational sin such and serving others, loving by hanging
bear with me as I try to put into as alcohol, disease, and curses that out with new friends and letting
words the work that God is doing have been holding families from people belong in your life before they
here in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. experiencing Christ. Students left believe, staying and embracing them
You can read more about life in South filled with the Holy Spirit and so completely, transferring-being a
Africa on my blog: excited to share their experiences of disciple means multiplying your life, how God set them free back on their and repeating that process. It’s a
New posts are coming! campuses. challenging process, but this is what
happens when your whole life

Camp update We had main meeting sessions where becomes the Gospel!
my teammate, Alyssa, and Pastor
We began this month with our Mtumsi Nama, shared from Scripture, Thank you so much to those of you
student camp focused on Galatians break-out sessions that students and who financially supported students to
5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has my team and I taught, lots of games, go to camp as well as for all your
set us free. Stand firm, then, and do and time for the students to spend prayers. Many students would not
not let yourselves be burdened again with the Lord. I had the opportunity have experienced the freedom they
by a yoke of slavery.” We had about to teach a break-out session called experienced this weekend without
50 students come representing the 4 “You are the Movement”. This was a your generosity and intercession. I
campuses and there is no doubt that talk that I had heard as a student at fully believe that you will be blessed
God set the captives free that UCF which significantly impacted my and God’s work will continue to take
weekend. Several students life. The gist of the seminar was root in students’ hearts through your
experienced release from oppression about how to practically experience prayers and support. Thank you!
and were set free from not only discipleship by building relationships
personal sin, but also generational sin. with people through believing the
My eyes were opened to so many
issues that students struggle with in
Getting ready for one Learning a Zulu worship
of the main meetings song with motions

Students at one of
Students making breakfast
my seminars
From city to province: Durban to Kwazulu-Natal

About 2 ½ months ago, I would have probably laughed at the idea much greater than our own. So, all this to say, we have taken the
of launching a new movement on a third campus during my STINT challenge and are on 4 campuses now!
year. It was not even a small thought that had crossed my mind.
There were 2 existing ministries that we were going to continue My teammate, Lauren, and I are working at Edgewood which is the
with and it seemed like we education campus of the University Kwazulu-Natal. At times it is
Lauren and I briefing with the Eastern Cape, overwhelming to think that we have been called to reach a campus
South Africa STINT team at the of 5,000 students, but God has provided about six students who are
one of my
Disciples- end of January, our STINT team committed to being involved with Cru and reaching their campus.
Asiphe name changed from the These six students are a complete blessing and they keep Lauren and
Durban team to the Kwazulu- I constantly encouraged with their excitement to proclaim the name
Natal team (Durban is a city of Christ at Edgewood.
inside the Kwazulu-Natal
province). So, we were challenged to now We have a Bible study on Thursdays and a weekly meeting on
reach the province instead of only Durban? Fridays. This past week, we tried three different times to print our
Really? Now, let me remind you that we are Bible study material handouts for the students and each time
a team of 4 girls… How in the world would something was wrong with the copy machine or we couldn’t find a
4 girls reach a province? Oh how I have free computer in the lab. Once again, our plan was not God’s. Six
been experiencing something so beyond myself! This year has been students came, most of which had come to previous weekly
everything that I had not imagined it would be like, but I’m so glad meetings, but not the Bible study. From this meeting, we gained one
that it is beyond my expectations and my capabilities. I have been official leader for the leadership team who wants to help with
reminded that apart from Christ I am nothing (John 15:5). God’s meeting student and community needs, a social/outreach was
Kingdom is not meant to be built in human power, for it would planned and a Hindu student heard the Gospel. Praise the Lord for
never be accomplished if that were the case. He calls us to plans His sovereignty! I am so excited to see a group of students being
built to further God’s Kingdom at Edgewood!
Wine country- Delaire Winery

Waiting on God Prayer Retreat

We had the wonderful blessing of traveling to Cape Town for a
campus staff prayer retreat this month. It was a very
encouraging weekend as we spent time away from campus being refreshed in the presence of
Pray! Pray! Pray! God through Scripture and in community with our
fellow STINT team that serves in Eastern Cape and a
Pray that God would continue to raise up student few others serving around South Africa.
leaders at Edgewood, Howard, and
The Lord met me there in a unique way as the
Pietermaritzburg (there is a large leadership team
weekend was focused around reflecting on and
at Westville) Student Led Ministry staff
of South Africa
Pray that our team would be united and love each
other well experiencing a set up of what the tabernacle was
like. It was a sweet time in the presence of the
Anele and Mdu (South African interns) as they
Lord to say the least! I spent much time studying
continue to raise financial support
John 15 and learning more about what it looks like
Pray that the name of the Lord will be made known to abide in Christ. After the retreat we were able to
in Kwazulu-Natal! do some sightseeing and visited a few different
cities on the way back to Durban. Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal STINT teams at
La Province B&B in Franshoek, South Africa

Route 62 from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth