SUBMITTED BY:Garima Arora(0822910026) Ankush Mehrotra(0822910010) Deepti Singh (0822910024)

Under the guidence:Mrs. Shivani Jain
Assistant Professor



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We hereby certify that the work which is being presented in the B.Tech Mini Project Report entitled m.vidya.in , in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering and submitted to the department of Computer Science & Engineering of Vidya College Of Engineering, Meerut is an authentic record of our own work carried out during a period from 10th Feb 2011 to 10th Apr 2011 under the guidance of Mrs Shivani Jain, Asst. Professor, Vidya College Of Engineering.

This is to certify that the above statement made by the candidates is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Mrs.Shivani Jain (Assistant Professor) Vidya College Of Engineering


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for his valuable suggestion and support for the successful completion of our final Project Synopsis. one to achieve success. we have been fortunate to have handful of creative and insightful friends who have added much to development of the project.vidya. Vidya College Of Engineering without whose immeasurable priceless support. We are extremely pleased to present ourself through this dissertation. after getting innumerable moments of anxiety and hard time with a never-ending determination. Lastly. The culmination of one s hard work is in acknowledging the omni presence of all those who made that final leap towards success a reality. Rajendra Kumar (HOD of CS/IT) VCE. the best way is suggestion and guidance provided by one s mention. Shivani Jain.in Page 3 . Work without faith & prayer is like an artificial flower that has no fragrance. MEERUT.m. First and foremost we would like to express our gratitude to respected Mrs. http://www. the culmination of this project would have been never possible. For. hearty & profound sense of gratitude to honourable Mr.vidya.theankush. continuous encouragement and motivation. Assistant Professor.in ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We feel pleasure in expressing our deep.


tab.in.in INTRODUCTION In the present scenario. that would be a clone of its original complete site. www. So that at any step these details can be acquired from the database. Uptil now there are only two English universities that have their mobile portals( Minerva & Florida).theankush. and the outlining of the institute. or from the admin e-mail. and the lives of the existing students.vidya. more than 1.This is a platform independent web portal( one may access it from smartphones. to be up to date with the CMS( Career Management Services) Deptt.5 billion people are using internet all over the world.vidya. and alumnis available on the web. Its been published on the robust servers that guarantees 24x7 availability. pda or even Ipod. to let them currently updated with the current-affairs. cellphone. Vidya has decided to launch its own mobile portal. of Vidya Knowledge Park. For the freshers or the visitors it is a carry-along site or the group of pages. and a majority of them uses handheld devices for the same. http://www. The included blog allows the user to speak the words. These services include majorly the uploading of the curriculum vitae. parents. that have the reach their voice upto the highest authority of the instiution. for the presentation to the companies and job employers.m. pc. and the happenings of the campus.This portal will cater all the needs of the students. Being a prestigious educational institution.vidya.in Page 5 .).

an provide functionality to upload their cv. and the requests/complaints via the mode of introducing mobile blog.  This system provides students to interact with their cms faculties.in OBJECTIVES The objective of this portal is to completely provide portability to the following processes:  The main objective of the project is to establish a network among the people residing in all over the world.vidya.m.theankush.  This system provides users to send their messages.in Page 6 .vidya. http://www.  This system provides user to join the communities (and other SNSs) according to their scenario. All the information can be easily accessed and shared among the people.  This system provides user to send invitation to another friend to join m.in and can add to their friend.vidya.

in . NET.vidya. JAVA Script.vidya. SQL server User End Software Required: OS : Windows XP/Vista or above Page 7 http://www. H/W & S/W REQUIREMENTS Developer End Software Required: OS Tool Hardware Required: Processor Main Memory Hard Disk : : : Intel Pentium 4 512 MB DDR2 Approximate of 8 GB of Disk Space : : Windows XP ASP.in y TOOLS / PLATFORM.theankush.m.

8 GHz 1024 MB DDR2 Approximate of 8 GB of Disk Space To take Hard Copies of required Data.VB script Packages Reporting Tool Database Operating System Microsoft Word 2000 or above Report 6.NET.in Tool Hardware Required: Processor Main Memory Hard Disk : : : Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1. Languages ASP.vidya.vidya.0 Windows xp service pack 2 Hardware: Pentium IV or higher. mouse as a pointing device. colored monitor.m.theankush.in Page 8 .NET. 512 MB RAM for better performance. : Eclipse Printer : Following environments were used for the development of this project. http://www. VGA Adapter supporting 32 bit Color resolution.0 SQL Server 7.JavaScript. 101 keys keyboard.

m. y VB Script is a high-level component that takes advantage of scalable. y VB Script is to implement with ASP.in Reasons for Selecting Tools: There are certain reasons for selecting ASP.vidya. VB Script and SQL Server as the Developing tools for the project: VB Script: y VB code is easy to maintain and understand. y In future if any enhancement is to be made by other programmer then it can be easily carried out in VB with only a little documentation available.in Page 9 . y VB Script is the fastest and easiest way to create applications for Microsoft Windows. Java Script.NET. y VB code is easy to maintain and understand.theankush. y In future if any enhancement is to be made by other programmer then it can be easily carried out in VB with only a little documentation available.vidya.NET code. high performance capabilities of windows to provide developers with http://www.

y In future if any enhancement is to be made by other programmer then it can be easily carried out in Java with only a little documentation available.in a rich environment for creating applications.in Page 10 . y Java code is easy to maintain and understand. It gives full support to system services.vidya. y Java Script is a high-level component that takes advantage of scalable. http://www. database access and transaction processing y Java script is used for client side validation.vidya.theankush. y Java Script is to implement with HTML code.m. It gives full support to system services. database access and transaction processing. y Java Script is the fastest and easiest way to create applications for Microsoft Windows. y In future if any enhancement is to be made by other programmer then it can be easily carried out in Java with only a little documentation available. high performance capabilities of windows to provide developers with a rich environment for creating applications. Java Script: y Java code is easy to maintain and understand.

y VB Script is a high-level component that takes advantage of scalable. y ASP.0 Option Pack Page 11 http://www.vidya.in ASP.NET code is easy to maintain and understand.theankush. high performance capabilities of windows to provide developers with a rich environment for creating applications.in .vidya. It gives full support to system services.NET is a program that runs inside IIS IIS stands for Internet Information Services IIS comes as a free component with Windows 2000 IIS is also a part of the Windows NT 4.NET: y ASP. y In future if any enhancement is to be made by other programmer then it can be easily carried out in VB with only a little documentation available. It can be local and if we want the variable is globe we use session variable. y ASP. database access and transaction processing What is ASP.NET is used on web site mainly for connecting the database.NET objects are used for holding the various values from one page to another. y ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages ASP.m.NET? y y y y y ASP.NET code is easy to maintain and understand.

HTML.vidya. Finally. IIS passes the request to the ASP.NET file is returned to the browser as plain HTML What can ASP.NET is a technology that runs ASP.NET without Windows OS InstantASP.theankush.vidya.in y y y The Option Pack can be downloaded from Microsoft PWS is a smaller .NET Compatibility y y y y y ASP.NET Differ from HTML? y y When a browser requests an HTML file. and executes the scripts in the file. the ASP.NET file are executed on the server An ASP.0 or later To run PWS you must have Windows 95 or later ChiliASP.NET file is just the same as an HTML file An ASP.NET file.ASP.m. change or add any content of a Web page Respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms Access any data or databases and return the results to a browser Customize a Web page to make it more useful for individual users Page 12 http://www. The ASP.NET" How Does ASP. the server returns the file When a browser requests an ASP.NET file.NET File? y y y y An ASP.in . XML.NET file has the file extension ".NET engine.version of IIS PWS can be found on your Windows 95/98 CD ASP.NET file can contain text.NET is another technology that runs ASP.NET without Windows What is an ASP.NET is a Microsoft Technology To run IIS you must have Windows NT 4.but fully functional . and scripts Scripts in an ASP.NET do for you? y y y y Dynamically edit. line by line.NET engine reads the ASP.

It also provides access to many concurrent users to the of thousands or ten thousand users.in y y The advantages of using ASP. A large table that is partitioned can enhance the performance because accessing can be done on Multi-partition in parallel. It can support ten times the amounts of data. SQL SERVER database offers capabilities of both relational & object oriented database systems.vidya. Individual table can now have up to http://www. are those of simplicity and speed Provide security since your ASP. SQL SERVER supports Multi Thread Servers (MTS). Even if one or more partitions fail then the partitions are available to applications. We will access an SQL Server Database taught ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). which is an interface between our application and Database and allow us to access the Database just like others. SQL Server converts the standard SQL queries SQL Server is a popular RDBMS feature today. These features allow multiple executions.m.NET code can not be viewed from the browser y SQL is used as main Database: its Database management. acceptable at the same time for transactions.theankush. SQL SERVER is an Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). Many organizations use SQL Server for passed to it into its own query Language style. SQL SERVER supports very large database that could contain hundreds of terabytes of information.vidya. We can pass our queries as we pass them other Database. SQL SERVER provides ten fold size improvements. SQL SERVER has advance queuing features.NET instead of CGI and Perl.in Page 13 . SQL SERVER data partitioning features helps to minimize the problems. We don t have to worry about how this is going to work.

It checks whether each record has fields containing all information about one particular item. y Runs on Windows NT and Windows 95-98. the database can now support very large objects known as LOBS.theankush. y Centralized management. y Can support data warehouses. y Support multiple client applications. y Supports data replication. y Supports many different development platforms.m. Database Management System Offers the Following Services: Data Definition: Data Maintenance: It is a method of data definition and storage. y Total cost of ownership is less than its competitors. Data Manipulation: Data Display: Allows data in the database to be updated and stored.vidya.vidya.in . y Graphical based management tools. y Support enterprise class applications are available. y SQL Server is a very ideal RDBMS. y Online analytical processing is built-in.in one thousand. Page 14 http://www. I addition. This helps in viewing data. y Supports distributed transactions.

 Fast and simple recovery mechanisms. http://www.  It represents complex relationship between data.in Page 15 . intelligent back up and recovery procedures for data.  Has automatic.  Disk mirroring.  Enforces user-defined rules to ensure the integrity of table data.  Keep a tight control of data redundancy.  Have different interfaces which users can manipulate data.theankush.vidya.in Data Integrity: This ensures the accuracy of the data.vidya. SQL Server's reliability is built around technologies such as:  The SQL Server parallel server product.  Ensures that data can be shared across authorization.m.  Enforces data access authorization.

in SQL SERVER now offers most of the features that most operating systems have had for years:  Account disablement after a specified number of failed attempts.  Password history maintenance to prevent users from reusing previous passwords.in Page 16 .theankush.  Complex password enforcement that forces users to choose passwords which cannot easily be guessed by potential intruders.m.  Password expiration and forced password changes.vidya.vidya. http://www.

ECLIPSE can easily be installed on Windows XP and we do not require any extra features. Technology and System Feasibility The project IINN EXAMINATION deals with examining candidates knowledge.e. It is a competition for answering the questions using ECLIPSE.theankush.vidya. what is required is just operating system and development tools such as ECLIPSE Legal Feasibility The project is not meant for commercial use as it is at learning level. Hence it does not void any of the commercial rules.in Page 17 . where expenditure are within the range of students.vidya. Economic Feasibility Since the project IINN EXAMINATION is at the learning level. Hence it is technologically feasible. what is the attendance potential of the project and what its likely financial performance is.m. Operational Feasibility http://www.in FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility Study majorly covers two main issues i.

A competition in the answering of questions.theankush.in Page 18 . The level 1 DFD shows that the exam is divided into various process .vidya. The level 0 DFD shows that the user answers and comes to know about various facts regarding the respective subject .in This project will be designed by using reliable development tools hence it is supposed to run accordingly.vidya. which includes : categorization of different fields. marks evaluation http://www.m. SYSTEM DESIGN The project IINN EXAMINATION is : Examining candidates knowledge .


geography . literature .vidya.vidya.m.theankush. Science Computer Literature Geography Music CANDIDATE S http://www. etc .in LEVEL µ1¶ DATA FLOW DIAGRAM : USER IINN EXAMINATION examn Consist of 8 different CATEGORIES : Science Computer .in Marks and details Page 20 . Music .

4.vidya. Module for the RULES AND REGULATION. http://www. Module for the LOGIN PAGE. designing and it also helps in clear understanding of the project. Module for the FRONT PAGE 2.in Page 21 .theankush.vidya.in DETAILED DESIGN: The project is divided into 5 modules to simplify its coding .m. 3. The modules are as follows : 1. Module for the DESIGNING VARIOUS ASPECTS.

Progress Bar 2.m. String named WELCOME TO IINN EXAMINATION . http://www.vidya. Next Button 3.in MODULE FOR ³FRONT PAGE´: PROGRAMMER FRONT PAGE DESIGNING OP1 OP2 OP3 DESIGNING OF IMAGE EXAM NAME DESIGNING OF PROGRESSBAR DESIGNING OF NEXT BUTTON FEATURES OF THE MODULES : It contains the following features :1.theankush.vidya. Image for the EXAM 4.in Page 22 .

GEOGRAPHY. ( I V ) Any question answered incorrectly leads to addition of no marks. 1. ( V ) You will have 2 help lines:  SKIP . Stores information regarding rules and regulation which are as follows : ( I ) The exam consists of various sections of general knowledge questions.in Page 23 .The section include: 1.m. 1. ( I I I ) He / She will be awarded 5 marks for each correct answer. COMPUTER. CELEBRITY. LITERATURE. 1. CLASSICAL.2. POP MUSIC.vidya.which leads to the next page when an action is being performed or it is clicked.8. 1.4.7. 1.6. http://www. MOVIE.in MODULE FOR PAGE : PROGRAMMER RULES AND REGULATION OP1 DESIGNING OF RULES AND REGULATION FOR THE EXAM Stores information regarding Rules and regulation FEATURES OF THE MODULE: 1.1. ( I I ) Each participant will have to answer 5 questions in each section of the EXAM.  NEXT.5.theankush.using which you can skip any one ques. 1. 1.vidya.3. SCIENCE.

DESIGNING OF LABELS.in MODULE FOR THE CANDIDATE: LOGIN PAGE OF THE PROGRAMMER DESIGNING OF THE LOGIN PAGE Parameters such as Name.m.vidya. It contains the introductory information about the candidate such as : Names Enrollment no. TEXTAREA DESIGINING OF SUBMIT BUTTON FEATURES OF MODULE: 1.theankush. enrollment no.vidya. http://www.in Page 24 . Contains the ³SUBMIT´ button . 2.

3. 2. 4. Each questions carry 5 mark. Before the final submission of the answer . 5. On starting the exam. we select the section of the exam.m. the marks of the candidate are displayed. a pop up dialog box appears asking for final submission. The image icon continues on each page of the exam.vidya. There are a total of 5 questions. 6.in . Page 25 http://www. At the last .theankush.vidya.in MODULE FOR DESIGNING VARIOUS ASPECTS: PROGRAMMER DESIGNING VARIOUS ASPECTS DISPLAY OF ICONS DESIGNING OF QUESTIONS DESIGNING OF BUTTONS POP UP DISPLAY EVALUATION OF MARKS DESIGNING OF QUESTIONS FOR EACH SECTION FEATURES OF THE MODULE: 1.

The use of this project is also that a lot of manual work is reduced and a high service is achieved.vidya.in Page 26 . efficiency and effectiveness. y Certain improvements can also be made in the field of security by creating a more secure mechanism for faculty identification. y All information is centrally stored in a database that avoids data redundancy.in CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE SCOPE y This project is very useful for learners as they can check their knowledge of various languages in a very efficient manner. y It is fully automated system and thus no manual searching or manipulation of records is required by the users. y Provides the interactive environment of the GUI( Graphical User Interface). There exist certain aspects where further enhancement is possible: y In the near future as we can make this software online so that it can be easily used by anyone. y We leave all this as a part of enhancements to be made in the future.vidya. It provides automated systems. and provides instant information about any language. http://www. y It saves manual working and time.m. y We look forward to develop more advanced software and a refined version of the same project by increasing its functionality.theankush.

theankush.W3school. Pro C# with .in Page 27 .by Apress publication 6.Java Script Programming .m.Pro ASP. Rolf Rasmussen 4.in REFERENCES 1.co.NET 2.0 (Andrew Troelsen) . Head First Java O Rielly 3. JAVA: The Complete Reference Herbert Schildt 2. A Programmer s Guide To SCJP Certification Khalid A Mughal.0in C# 2005 .in http://www.by Apress publication 5.by Wrox publication 7.vidya.Roseindia.NET 3.vidya.com 8.

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