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In all the situations that we try to imagine or we live have one or more

than one speech act involved, as we co m m unicate with each other the

speech suffers changes and the ways we use it from giving orders to

co m mands, through addressing a person up to being polite with

so meone either with higher, the sa me or lowerstatus also we use to

change the tone of voice or the expressions if want to say the same

thing, but with different tones and words or to change the meaning of a


In classrooms the sa m e pheno m ena ha ppens as teachers influence the

way the class is running and the way teachers com m unicate and give

instructions and provide feedback to students. T hey at the same time

m odel various speech acts that influence the students and the way they

co m municate and the way they interact inside the class

T he purpose of this essay is to analyze what kind of speech acts are

preformed inside the classroom, in which magnitude teacher influences

the way students com m unicate in the L2 and how it occurs through

so me experiences and previous researches inside the class and

through the speech act theory. In order to understand how teacher can

increase the effectiveness on co m municate with their students in a more

directed way. T hat, in my point of view, may reinforce the way I can

optimize my o wn teaching.
T he speech act theory consists primarily in the ³use of the language to

do things and provides a universal characterization of the relationship of

uttering and doing´ (Austin 1962), and a speech act is the action that a

speaker does when he/she is uttering a word or a sentence with a

purpose to com m unicate something.

T here are previous analysis that were done inside the classroom that

reflects how the language is developed inside the classroom like the

one done by Paul Seedhouse in his book !    


  , in which the author analyses the

ways teacher and students com m unicate each other in order to build

theory and to demonstrate it, through conversations taken form the

interactions inside the class.

Another research done inside the classroom that includes analysis of

the speech acts is the 


  (1994) done by Ya muna Ka chru who intends to find out the

ways the integrant inside a classroom address each other making a

deep analysis through the culture and the speech acts. T hose

researches reflects how in the class and possible outside it the

co m munication is done and the function of the speech acts in the

society, but much m ore important to the point of this paper how they

work in the processes of teaching and learning.


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O utline:

1.- Identify how the language inside the classroom is done

2.- identify the way teacher and students interacts and address each


3.- look for the expressions they use inside the class

4.- identify the speech acts involved

5.- analyze the data according with previous theory

6.- provide the results in order to prove the theory or to reinforce it