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Basic v)l .:?"Aircraft






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The most compact reference source to the entire spectrum of today's military aircraft for pocket or bookshelf, this volume of lhe Observer's BASIC Book of Airclaft illustrates the vast majority of the aeroplanes serving with the world's air forces and naval air arms, from attack bombers to assault transports; from strike fighters to support helicopters. For the first time in a book of this size comparison silhouette drawings are provided to enable differing versions of one basic aircraft design to be readily compared. and tn addition to no fewer than 406 individual drawings and 140 photographs, the rcader will f ind an enormous wealth of information. much of which has remained previously unpublished, concerning the production status of each aircraft type. quantities built of each version, the air arms by which it is uscd, its characteristics and its history.
Never before has so much fact been gathered

Aircralt devoted lo civil aircraft which illustrates and describes all the most im-

An indispensable companion to this volume is The Observer's BASIC Book of
portant long-, medium- and short-haul transports, feeder liners, cxecutive transports and utility aircraft, agricultural, sporls and touring aircraft, and commercial helicopters. Unrform with this volume.
Pnntt'd ilt Gterl Bntrttl

l)etween the covers of so small a book.

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Tho Obsorver'e Books
Iul"rEnil.lBl wll,D ANlMAll


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ull{iltwATER nIsHEs


IrtItNtt t,An(.ltill Mo'l'ns
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Compiled by



IlA[.WAY I,OCOM(r',llvlfi
oAnDllN rLOWtilr


With silhouettes by

I|()NI) LII'I' l,AlN't'lNo
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lt^Fl(: AlllcltAlrl'

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Suplr-rr,rrNrrNc the annual Obseruer's Book oJ Aircraft, which,
cach year, surveys the newest aircraft and the latest variants of cxisting types that have appeared in the preceding twelve months

or are expccted to appear during the currency of the edition, this volume of The Obserter's BASIC Book of AircraJt l'as a

t,ililrAll\' orr coNcltliss c,\'fALoG

CARD NO. 66-17234

different purpose: it has been designed to provide the most compact reference source possible to the world's most important and most widely-used military aircraft, irrespective of age. Thus, on the pages that follow will be found attack aircraft ranging from the Douglas Skyraider, phased out of production in t957, to Ling-Temco-Vought's Corsair II which entered service ten years later, in 1967; fighters from the MiG-r5 and F-86 Sabre which met in combat over Korea, having appeared a score of years ago, to the variable-geometry F-rrr now being delivered to the U.S.A.F.; and trainers dating back to the'thirties in the shape of the T-6 Texan and contrasting sharply with their successors of the 'sixties, such as the supersonic T-38 Talon. But although the piston-engined old stagers that rub shoulders on the follolving pages with the very latest military types differ radically in appearance and performance from their intended successors, the aircraft illustrated and described in this book have one common denominator: they are all serving with world's air arms in substantial numbers, or, in the case of the newest models, are in quantity production. To facilitate comparison between the widely-differing aircraft that make up the contents of this volume, they have been divided into the following broad categories:


Pages 8 7t
exo Alt.,tcx Arncnepr



Parnor, ANtt-suulrlntNn aNl RncosNalssaNco
Arncnent Arn OnsenverloN Posrs
Ptiiltcd iil Great Britain b! Rutlcr €l 'L'anntr, Iirortc ctnd l.ondon

ro8 rzg
I30-r35 r36-r89
19o 239


li(3. r 66


infornration in so snrirll l rrrltrnrc it hls bccn nccessary to make extensive use of irbbreviations, an cxpllnntion of rvhich follon's:

ABBRDVIATIONS EMPLOYED IN THE TEXT In addition to illustrating a widc varicty of aircraft types and providing basic details of thcir porvcr pliurts, pcrformances, u'eights and dimentions, The Obscrotr's IIA SIC Ilooh oJ Airctuft <tftcrs details of production quantitics, first fliglrt clrtcs, rncl thc principal variants of each type, as well as listing thcir currcnt ol)crilto.s, but in order to include so much

cotJN l nY

l,)ilrll,,r,,t,iI Iriillilrrl Iririlcc -,lo{i0nnrny (li) c0r'nal'y (W)
(;hana G[^temala

.Dl Cueryo de

SERVICE TITLE Aviaci6n MiliLar DonfnicaDa Fueza A6rea Ecuatoriana Impedal Ethiopian Ar Forco AJmac de


!cua. -{.F. lrio. A.F. Fr. A.ts.
Fr. ],ith. A.F.

Ldtvafte der Deutschen Bundesrepublik
trlrinediegcr der Bundesrehr Iioyal Eelledc Air l'orce
Ileeresuiegerei Ghana Air tsorce

A,ironautique Navale Aviattuil L6gdre {le l'Am6c dc Tcilc Luf tstreitkrif te der DDn,

Ihmvoimat I'Air luit, Luli.
Kriegsmarine Fed. G. Amy Chan. A.)'.



sDccd Nhxinrurrr sDectl in lclel lliaht M. cruisc Nlaximum cruising NI.

'I'lc. rad, '.factical radius

Com, rad. Combat radius

climb Maximum


end. Nor. cr.

M.range Maximun rangc Ilangc cr. Long-range cruising

climb rate Maximum cnclurancc Normal cruising spccd
spced sPccd


S. ccil.


rlngc Cruising range

Short take-off and landing Vertical take-off and Sewice ceiling
Sea level

I{aiii Irdir

HuDgary ]n(lonesia

Ifuerza A6rea de Guatemala Force A6rieDne de Guinfo Corys d'dviation d'Haiti



Economical cruising

s.l. AAM ASM



Initial climb

Air-to-air missile

I.aB Iraq

Maryar L6gierd fndian Air Force Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesla Im1)erjal Iranian Air Force

!'ueza Aara Honduefla


Air-to-surface missile

Irelanal Israel

High-velocity Aircraft


Italy -doIvory -do-



The air arms currently operating each aircraft type are listed in abbreviated form on the following pages under "Operators", and the abbreviations employed for each service are as follows:


Kenya Kor@ (N)
Korea (g)

Laos Lebanoq

Royal Afghan Air }'orco Anny Air I'orc€

noral ludtralinn Naw Osterreichischo Luftstroitkrift€ lforce icrlrnne Ilel(c I\trun ACrer llriivirno I0rqr i6rca lhrsikrin Il;rrirlril rlo llrilNil llx,lnrf! irirtioD lirl,)'r oi lJrrrDril lir lorco ( rrrr\1)uil -^ir n)rr€ Il0\trl l(l'n)rr lvjrtion ll(,\,xl ('rrrilliirr lir lorco llr'!rl ( rrrr(li:ril Nr!vy It,'rrl (lfvl{,r Air lorco lfrrrzrr 4,1rft rfu Chilc lr l{,r!..i llri ll!rl)k's l,ilrrrtir)n nny 1 l,ir,+x! Nrli(r'rljst Air Ion,e rrr,'r Atr, l ( 1il,'rril)irn, ll'rr'r llrl rrx.H (l,rAohilcs l il, r/iL r\, rri! la, v('lilriorrrrir ( r'rLtNl',! (:lrla lrtrjctvo li,r,1! larl l)rl,oIrre Ill "'ro,lr \e\ib(u

Fuerza A6rea Argentina Aviacifrn NaYal Argentina Iioyal Australian Ar Forco

Air Force

ABBREVIATION Afg. A.F. Alb, A.r'. Alg, A.F, Arg. A,F. Arg. NaYJr n,.A.A.F. R.A.N. llelg. A.F. }loliv. A.F. Itraz. A,!'. IlrM. Navy Bul, A.F. Bur. A.F. Carner. A.F. Oamb. A.Ir. R.C.A.F.

ltahsasy MihFia


AeroDautica trIiliLxre It.xliana AYiazione per la Marina Militare tr'orco Adrienne de C6te d'Ivoire Japan Ar Seu-Defence Force Japan Maritime Self-DefeDce Force Japan Ground geu-Defence Force Royal Jordanian Air Force Kerrya Air Force Korean leople's Amed l'orces Air Force Bepublic o{ Korm Air Forco Kuwait Air Forco n,oyal Lao Air Forco tr'orce Aerieme Lib&naho

Iraqi Air Force frilh Air CoryB Eeil Avir Le kr&l

r.a.F, A.U.A.I. Imn. A.I.. lraqi A.F.

R.E.A.II. 0uat. A.F. Cuin. A.I. Hait. A.0. Hon. A.F. lutr. A.F.





N etherlaDalg

zaland Nicaragu liiger

Nigeria Norway Pakisian


chit, A.F, Chin. A.!'.





Philippines ?oland Portugal Iihodesia
Il,umania Salvado

Am6e de i'Air Ualgache Force A6riconc lslamituc dF Mrurihnie Tetrtum Udara Diraia Malay8ia l'orce A6detrne du Mali Fuerza A6rca Meiicana Aviatior lioyale Ch6rilienne Koninkli jke Luchtmacht Koni*lijke Marjne LuchtlaartdieDBt Royal New ZealaDd Air Force Fueza Adrea, Ouardia Nacioml de Nicangua tr'orce Adrienne du Nigea Ni{erian Air Force KoDselige Nurike FlvvSpen PakistaD Air Force Fuerza A6rea del Paragmy FueMa A6rca del Peru

Iibyan Air lorce

J.A.S.D.F. J.M.S.D.F. J.G.S.D,t'. Jor, A.n. Ken. A.F. l{.P.A.F.A.F. R.O.K.A.F. Kuw. A.F. Lnos A.F. Leb.4.ts. Lib. A.ts. [Iad. A.]'. traur. A.l'. R.M.A.F. Mali A.F. Mex. A.F. trtor. A.F. Ii. Netrh.'. X,. Neth. N.A.g.
Niger A.F. Nig. A.F. R. No. l.F. Pak. A.F. Para. A.F. P€ru. A.F. Phit. A.!., P.L.W. Po$. A.F.

LD.r''/A.F. Ital, A.F. Ital. Navy Iv. C.A.F.

ri.N.z.A.F, liic, A.E.

Irtnictwo Woiskowo Forca A6rea Portuguese Ioyal Rhodesian AiI Forco
tsnev^ A6rer Srlwedo.effA

Ihililpino Air l'orce AYiatir n,odni

n.Ii.a.F. n,m. A.F.
Aal. A.F. n, Saud.



saudi Arabia

(long. i.F. onban i.F. Dahom. A.F. R. Dan. A.F.


somalia south AJrier

Iloyal Saudi Air Force Arnr6e de I'Air du S6n6gal Cuerpo Aeronautica dclla SoDralia Suid-AJrikaame Lugmag




Som. A.C.


Abbreaiations continued on pqge 272

figllfiers BAC LIGHTNING

cquivalent of Mk. 3. F. Mk. 6-Similar to F. Mk. 3 apart from cambered wing and larger ventral tank. F. Mk. 5z-Four ex-R.A.F. F. Mk. zs supplied (r966) to R. Saud. A.F. F. Mk. 53-Basically similar to F. Mk. 6 for R. Saud. A.F. (34 ordered r965) and I{uw A.F. (rz ordercd 1966) with cannon and attack pods. T. Mk.54-Trvo ex-R.A.F. T. Mk. 4s delivered (r966) to R. Saud. A.F. T. Mk.55-ex-R.A.F. T. Mk. 5s for R. Saud. A.F. (six) and l(uw. A.F. (two). Dimensions: Span, 34 ft. ro in.; length (inc. probe), 55 ft. 3 in.; height, 19 ft.7 in. Photograph: Lightning F. Mk. 3 (XP756) of No. z3 Squadron, R.A.F.

Type: (F. Mks. z, 3, 6, Sz & 53) Single-seat Allweather Interceptor I'ightcr and (T. Mks. 4, 5, 54 & 55) Two-seat Conversion 'frnincr. Power Plants: Two (F. \{k z & T. Mk. 4) Rolls-Royce Avon zro turbojets of r r,z5o lb.s.t. and r4,43o lb. with reheat, or (F. Mks. 3 & 6 and T. Mk. 5) Avon 3or turbojets of r3,zzo lb.s.t. and r6,36o lb. rvith reheat. Estimated Performance: (Specification applied to F. Mk. 3 but is generally applicable to other marks) M' speed, r,5oo m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; m. cl., 5o,ooof fi./min.; time to 4o,ooo ft., z'5 min.; s. ceil., 60,000 ft. Weights : Loaded, 4o,ooo-4z,ooo lb. Armament: (F. Mks. 2 & 53) Two 3o-mm. Aden can(.b. 1vlk. .lrirestreak AAIVls, non and two Firestreak AAMs, or (F. Mk. 53) two ground-attack rocket pods or two r,ooo-lb. bombs; (f'. iUt<s. 3 & 6) Two Firestreak or Red Top AAMs. Operators: (F. Mks. z, 3.&_6_and' T. Mks. +^& S.) R:A.F., (F. Mks. s2, fi & T. Mks. 54, 5 R. Saud. I(.A..t'., (f . 55) 52, 53 e r'. lvrks. A.F,. (F<r <<) A.F., (F. Mk. S: & T. Mk. 55) Kuw. A.F. (P.rB) April 4, rg57; (pre' tg57; (pre-production) First Flights: Anril 3, rqSS; Oct. 29, rgsg; April r. ro<8: (F. Mk. r) Oct. 20. ro<o: (F. Mk. ?) Jtily ri, 196r;(F. Mk.3) June 16, 196z; (F. Mk.6) Junc 16, 1965;('1. Mk.4) May 6, rs59; (T. Mk. s) March 29, r962. I>roductiort Ilistory: Prototypes (3); pre-production (z); Ir. Ml<. r (zo*); Ir. Ml<. rA (+o*); F.Mk. z (4o5o); F. Mks. (r &
Country of Origin: United I(ingdom.

F. Mk.6

rvith zncl n'l'n1t (1967). T. Mk. 4-Side-by-side tltincr ctpivitlcnt oI Mk. z. T. Mk. 5-Trainer

[/ariants: F. Mk. z--liqrrippirrg Nos. r9 and 9z Sqdns'


(ctrrrcnt procluction). *Approx.




thc fighter's engine at the same time as the tank is being rcfilled. At the beginning of 1967, 16 of the zr Air National Guard Fighter-Interceptor Squadtons were equipped rvith the F-rozA, each squadron normally having two TF-rozA two-seaters on strength. TFrozA-Orders for r r r originally placed were cut back to 63. Weapons capability retained but Hughes MG-ro system not installed. Dhnensions: Span, 38 ft. r| in.; length (including probe), 68 ft. +? in., (TF-rozA), 63 ft. 4$ in.; height, zr ft. z! in., (TF-rozA), zo ft.7 in.; wing area,695 sq. ft. Photograph: F-roz{ (56-roz8) of U.S.A.F.'s 3znd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron.

Count.ry o.f Origin: U.S.A.

?y2c.' Singlc-scrt All-rvclthcr Interceptor and (TF-


rozA) Sidc-by-sidc Trvo-scat Combat


Plant: One Platt & Whitncy IS7-P-zl turbojet of rr,7oo lb.s.t. and g,zoolb. with reheat. Performance: (Figurcs in parcnthcses relate to the TF-rozA) M. spccd, 8z.S (6+6) m.p.h. at 4o,ooo (38,ooo) ft., with two 23o U.S. gal. tanks, 63o m.p.h.

at 36,000 ft.; nor. cr., 54o m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft.; time to 4o,ooo (3z,ooo) ft., 4'25 (z'8) min.; s. ceil., 54,ooo (5o,ooo) ft.; m. range, r,35o mls. 'Weights: Nor. loaded, z7,7oo (27,778) lb.; max., 3 r,5oo lb. Armament: Up to six AIM-4A or -4C Falcon AAMs.
Operators: U.S.A.F. (A.D.C., A.A.C.,

& U.S.A.F.E.)'


First Flights: (YF-roz) Oct. 24, 1953; (YF-rozA)
Dec. zo, 19-54; (TF-rozA) Nov. 8, r955. Production History: YF-roz (ro); YF-rozA (+); F-rozA (873); TIr-rozA (63). Manufacturcd r954-8.

Variants:F-rozA-All cxamplcs in scrvice have underg<;no succcssivc uroclcrnisution programmes aimed at

rctl caplbilily li)l tilrgct acquisition, lock-on and cornplclion ol rrrrr llrs bccn pt'oviclccl, and provision lirr nvcnty-lorrl e 7s-in. ttngttidccl rockcts originally nrirtlc hus lrt't'tt tle lclt:tl. In-llight rcfuclling capability introtltrcctl lrorn r9(16, thc pxrbc, mountcd above the coclipit, pcrrrritting frrcl to bc drarvu from the tanh for

incrcasing ovcrall c{licicncy at both high and low altitrrrlcs antl uguitrst cnctny cottl]tcnneasures. Full infra-

Tr -1 024


fuellcd or jettisoned in flight, and
bcen introduced behind the


Differs solely from F-ro6A in having a second seat insorted immediateiy aft of the standard seat at some cxpense to fuselage fuel capacity. Retains MA-r system and missile armament of the single-seater, and F-ro6's cockpit. F-ro6Brefuelling probe has

full operational potential. Each of the 13 F-ro6cludes several two-seaters.

equipped Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons (1967) in-

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: Single- or (F-ro68) Two-seat All-weather Interceptor and (F-ro68) Combat Proficiency Trainer. Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney (F-ro68) JZS-P-g

Dimensions: Span, 38 ft. :# in.; length (including probe), 7o ft. 8f in.; height, zo ft. 3$ in.; wing area, 697'83 sq. ft. Photograph: A U.S.A.F. Air Defence Command F-ro68 Delta Dart, the eighth production
example (57-zSt4.

or (F-ro6A) I7S-I'-I7 turbojet of r7,zoo lb.s.t. and z4,5oo Lb. with reheat. Piiformance: (Specification applies to F-ro6A but is
also generally applicable

to the F-ro68 which has an identical performance envclope apart from slightly

reduced range capability) M. speed, r,525 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; com. rad. (intcrnal fuel), 575 mls.; ferry iange, r,5oo mls. at 6ro m.p.h. at 4r,ooo ft.1 s. ceil.,
57,ooo ft. Weights: Empty, 4,646lb.; loaded (clean), 35,5oo max. overload. 38,25o lb.


Armament: Four AIM-4E or -4F Super Falcon AAMs ancl one AIR-zA or -zB Genie nuclear-tipped AAM. Operators: U.S.A.F. (Air Defence Command). First Flights: (F-ro64) Dec. 26, 1956; (F-ro6B) April 9, 1958. Prodiction llistory: F-ro64' (257); F-ro68 (63).
Manufacturcd r956-6o. Variants: F-ro6A-Principal U.S.A.F.
Command interceptor. Became operational in June rgsg and has undergone successive modernisation piogrammes. Dquippcd with advanced Hughes



This opcratcs with thc Semi-Automatic Ground Environmint defcncc system. During r967, F-ro6s werc

MA-r electronic guidance and fire control


being fitted with external fuel tanks suitable for retention during supcrsonic flight. These tanks may be re-




clmeras in cannon bay, and three forward and oblique cameras in extreme nose. Serving with Flottille r6F'
Dimensions: Span,

height, rz ft. 7}'in.; wing area, 3o6 scI. ft. Photograph: An Etendard IVP of the A6ronavale.

3r ft. 6 in.; length, 47-ft. 3


Cowtlry 'factical I{ccotrnitissltrcc Aircraft. Porut'r l>lant: Onc SNI|CNIIA Atar
9,7oo lb.s.t.

; Iil rttrcc' ?ylc.' Sirisle-scat Shipboard Strike Fighter and (IVP)

o.[ ()vigi11

88 turbojet of

Pir[,,rnmttcr': (IVM) M. spccd, 673 m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft.. 68.r nr.p.h. itt s.l.; lirc. mcl., r86 mls. at s.1., 435 mls. 'ft.; r'itngc rvith t*io l3z Imp. gal. tanks' "t 4","ooo rt.5ro r)r.p.h. rtt t(r,ooo ft.;in' cl., r9,685 r,7io mls. fi./min.; tirnc to 4z,ooo It.,6 nrir-r.; s. ccil., 5o,85o ft. Weights: Iinrpty, rz,7S(r lb.; lolclccl, r9,4oo lb.; max.

Armamcnt: (lVM) 'l'rvo 3o-rnm. I)DFA cann-on, two Nord AS. fo ASM* rtrcl trvo Sidcwindcr AAMs, or tu'o 496-lb. or liliz-lb. bombs. (Notc: Only one 30-



being removed -r'r'r. bitrr,rtt Irc<ltrcrrtly crtn'iccl, sccond to proviclc slrtco foltAcAN.) O f ara I or s : Airotritvitlc, I;irst It!i.!!hts: (lVM-or) Mrry zr, rqs8; (IVB) Dec. z, rgca; (IVl)-o7) Nov. r9, rr-16o; (IVM No. r) Julv r96t. Protluclioil Ilislory: l)rototypcs (r); prc-productton IVM (.s); prc-protittctiotr lVl'(r); IVM (69); IVP (zr). Manullcttrrctl r gsli-6s. Varianls: IVB Also linc,.vn as IVM-o3 was experirncntirl vcrsion fctturing rr,zoo lb.s't. Avon 5r turbo-


ict and llaD blorvirrs. IVM-Nincteen have flight 1rtol,, * ,i".[ cqtripmcnt for " buddy " tanl<cr citrtics. liquips l;loitilles rrF, r5F and r7F, and cntclcrl Adlorrlvilc sct'vicc in r9(rz. Iixpccted to
bc rcplacccl cluring carly 'scvclrtics by-thc nnvalised versio-n of thc Anglo-lilench Jnguar. fVP-Has nose
rcfuelling probc in placc of Aida 7 radar, twin vertical


14 rz


DASSAULT MIRAGE III rn,,rlcl. 'l'rvo built by G.A.M.D', fifty-two being t,rrrpltlt't[ for thc attack role (IIIOA) and for-ty-eight ,,', iirt.'rc.,1rt<rrs (IIIOF). IIIS-Swiss manufactured r,,.r'ri,,n oi IIID'with Hughes TARAN Mk. rS fire
t or

cl in.. (IIIE) +6 tt. ztr in'; height (IIIC)' r: ft.9] in', Origin: 'lype.. Single-seat France. it'tttij i+ ft. b in.; wing area, 365'9 sq. ft. Photograph: All_weather (C, CJ, CZ and S IllE of the Armde de I'Air. (E, EZ and O) Striti"'una'iAlg.-nTin. A Milage 1::"_r_.,:oi"" connarssance .hrchter. rnd (8, BO, BS, BZ-i.-i) Tandem Two-seit Traine.. Powry Plant: One SNECMA Atar (B & C) gB turbo. Jet or 9,r70 lb.s.r. and rt zz| lb. with * r. (E. O reheit-or ib, "b, ril" 1"3' *t"' l? :'.'.?' $-'^3: " i,ia 1,3,ori sl sC or .s^,q6 ru.sli. 11 ir-. "*t,il i""t", * P.e rJ or m a n c e : (Refers I II E uut gEi.' -a;'1.;#;"ri;';"" .. all.versions) M. speed, r, 3^g6 mlp.h."iiriv'";;il;i; "i'u" rad.,_ r8o mls. at-36,ooo'fg. at 285 Imp. gal. tanki, 42o rnts. 594,-*i*,i*
C_ountry oJ



r I lol r:rdrtr, hinged nose, strengthened unde-rcarriage, rrrrrl crtrrying.a pair of HM-55S Falcon A4V:, /)irrr,'a.srorrs.j Spin, z6 ft. rr] in.; length (IIIC)' 45. ft'



nrmam?nt: lwo 3o_mm. DEFA S_Sj'iannon an (jl{c_) one MAT-RA R-53o and"t"*i -Sft;;";. *1M:,.. (i{lE_) up to s,a5J rr. ;i".i;;."i;;;;;;:,

C, E & R) Fr.

4.F.; (IIIBZ, cz' & EZ) S.A.A.irlt Ali'o'&'-D * ' l,A.A.!..i(IIIS, BS & RS)'Swiss' ' ''^'" f trst Flighrs: (IIl_oor) Nov. 17, rg5Oi (lte,_or) Ma rz, r958; (IilB_or) Oct. zr,,qs_qi-fIiigNo.;i j"ii



!19!ygt.ion History:

sion of standard I I IC.

IIIA IIIBZ(i; IIID iro): III (ro); f II,B-_(3Q); IIIBS (z); (r9r,"rii6iG!"))iii#'(8c),!'fi 'd.lil""$,(1i?hJi'r:fi IIIRS{F (rB): [t rS* (e6). '*Crr."nt d;j;1;;j;;i. Varian-ts: IIIcz- Eiieiimcnral Atai qK_p.r;;r;al;;?. ii.-

t i i *) o"t. z 8, r i6 (l.Il 9* e 5.'. **First Swiss assembl"ed. i,i.ii

n"li ii,?'ff ie,eljl,lflhl# li i inl | * t'."i il'".:"J,,''d;il





FIAT G.9t I)imensions: Span, z8 ft. r in.; length- 33 f!'-9+.lgr' lC.orT). r8 fi. r,i in'; height, r3 ft' rl in' (G'qrT)' i. ft. ri1";n.r wins area, 176'7+ sq. ft. Photograph:
G.qrT.r of the lialian Scuola Volo Basico Avanzato Aviogetti at Amendola.

Strile and Reconnaissance Fighter fC.orTl Two-scat Opcrational Trainer. Po*i, i'!oni: Onc Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 8o3oz

Countv! of Oririn: Italv' -Si"ot"





turboiet of <.ooo lb.s.t. Pnrfoimarrii (Specification applies to G9rR.r, figures 'relatins

i. t"t".rth"s"t 668 (6:f) m.p.h.

at s.l', 675 m.p'h-. at-5,ooo ft'; com' rad., r96 mls.;ferry range, r'r50 (r,3b7^) mls'; ln' cl',

to the G.grT.r) M'
(rq,:7o) ft.


lveiphtsiEmpiv (G.qrR.i), o,s:s lb., (G.9rT.r) 7'z4o ?.4oilb.; loadcd (G.9IR.r), rr,755 lb', (G.orR.r), tr,q9+ 16., (G.qrT'r), rr,8oo lb. Armament: Two ('f) or fottr (G'9rR't) o'5-tn' machine guns, or iwo (G.9rIt.3) 39-mry. DEFA canzso-lb.'or-.5oo-ib. bombs, two Nord """- ^"dt*o or iwo packs of z-in. or z'75-in' rockets' AS.zo ASMs 'oiiatirs: (G.orR.rA & -rB) Ital.A.F.; (G.9rR'3)





iiifr.; (G.qrR.4) Port. A.F.; (G'9rT.r) Ital' A'F';
(G.or'I.r) I-uft.

ilr{t niintt' (rst Prototvpc) Aug. 9, r956; (rst.pre-

nroductiin) Feb. zo, r95b; (rsrGerman-assembled) iuly zo, r96r; (rst prototypc G'9rT) May^:r,..r96o' ({); niairi;oi n;itoryt Prototypes 13); (so); G'srT'r . G.'grl (5o)iG.9rR.a c.qtn.' (e8); G.{rR'3 *Sixtecn (16): G.or'l.r (++). converted to Li'9r ijeiv. M.""iirciui"d rqsT-66. In addition, Dornier assemblcd lz and tnrnrtfrcturcd z8z G.9lR'3s' iiriants: G.9rR.4-sirlilar to Il.3 with,armament of -feN-Conversion for Italian National R.;.
Acrobatic tcam.



Countrv of Orlsin: U.S.A. -T*o-t"i't

l;-rr rA (t8j. F-ttrB (5); production F-rrrA* (389), i.-iiit.'?rii, F-rr rC"(z+); F'-rrrK (ro)r FB-r rrA (zro). *Orders placed at bcginning of r967'.. ., '
t i i



i".iuffotlo".-uircraft for reconnaissancc

(F-rrrA; Tactical Strike, (RF-rrrA) iranr R-"ionttui..utt.e, and (F-irrts) Shipboard Air Superi-

oritv FiEhter. Poriu Plortt: Two Pratt & Whitney (F-r r rA) TF3oP-r turbofans of approx. zr,ooo lb. rvith reheat, or (FlrrrB) TF3o-P-ij turbolans of approx. z3,5oo Ib' with reheat. Performance: M. spced (design), r,65o m p'h' at 4o,ooo
ft.."86< m.p.h. at s.l.; s. ccil., 6o,ooo

seriiiA,-sttut"cic bomber dcvelopment for r968.bas-rc vice. Up t; fifty 75oJb. bombs' Retalns r rB, .ii""t"t"'or F-r r rA with .ving extensions of F-r ;;-;;fu;i"; and. strengthened undercarriage' FiirK-Version for R.A.F. basically similar toTB-r -r.r ' 'O;r*"t;oi', ipan (F-rrrA), 6f f-''. o 11'' (f111n)' zo ft. o in.: length (F-r r rA), 73 ft' 6 in', (F-r trts) 66 lt' fr. r] in', (F-r.rrB)' r6 tt' I in.; height (F-rirA), r7 research and devclopmcnt 8 in.' PFotoiraph: Eiftln

i ii io t, i -rt te-E ehtv p "i ce n t' tom m on al v " w th -nr-irrA-'Elevinth F-rrrA served as trial ir-lilii. version-'- FBt




(interrial fuel), 3,8oo mls., (F-rrrB, approx' 2'9oo

I ft'; ferry


mls.). (max. cxternal fucl), 4,5oo 5,ooo mls' iiiiinit, tp-trrA) Emprv, 43-,5oo lb.; approi{' loaded' ?o,o"oo lb., max. overloid, 95,ooo lb. ; (F'-r r rB), empty' ar.soo Ib.: loaded, 75,ooo lb. iiiro^nnt't (F-r r rA) Two tactical nuclearweapons or Condor ASMs internally and additional weapons on Pylons' foui swivelling and four fixed underrvilg p-rac-tice Mo*-u- ordnance load is 37,5oo lb' but in i. ti-;tca to approx. zo,ooo Ib. One zo-mm' M-6rA t mounted internally. (F- r r r B) Six t"i"r" """"o" AfNlI'-s+A Phocnix AAMs, trvo internally and four on srvivcllinc underwinq PYlons. 'U.S.A.F.;


7|i"r"],,r?t (F-r r rA)

R.A.F.; (FB-r-rr)* tt.,q.n.r.; ail;ict. *Dclireries (F-rrrK)* to R.A.A.F' schedol F-rrrC



rB)* U'S N':

iJ.s.A.F. f.i i968, cleliveries of F-r.rrB.for U'S' Nar'ry and "f"a F-;;ii ?6t ft.A'r'. commcncinginin same vear, with FB-rrrs for U.S.A.F. following r969' nitiitigirtt' (rst Ir-rrrA) Dcc' zr, 1964; (rst F-rrrB)

fihiii ri' i

Mav r8, r965. i tlory.' Devclopmcnt and pre-p roduction



HAL HF-z+ MARUT (r6): Mk. rA* (44). *Pre-production batch completcd -i.i*t'pioduction' were scheduled
],, commence r967. ti"riiiii deliveries
t wrU. rA-Ittitiul production model with nonifu.["."i"e "ngines, fully duplicated power controls Ai.pu... Mk. rn-si-ilar to Mk' rA ""J-i"tt""?iIndian-developed afterburners' Mk' zil; t";-t i;;;J"J For Mach z'o peifot-uttce with E-3-oo turbo'a"""t.p"a 'United

or (Mk. rB) Two-seat Interceptor, Siiike and Rcconnaissance Fighter. Power Plants: Two HAl-built Bristol Siddeley O-rturboiets of +,86o lb.s.t., or (Mk' rR) "nt". "o, brpheu. io3R of-approx. 6'6oo l!'s.t. with.reh^eat,,or
with reheat.

Countrv of Oripin: India. 'Sinsl"-"



fff'-za-g-loo combination xt very earl5r stage. at besinnine'of rq6Z, and production of the Mk' 2 version ofTIF-ze unlikelv before r969. Dimensio'ns: Span, z9 ft. 6ir in.; length, 5r 11' 73t rn'; 'in.; approx. wing area, 295 ft' rt"ighi,"l3 r,.'r | -i;nEiiiriint -sq' 'pri-production Third

Arab Rcpublic' - C.olin the tetween India and U.A.R' in developing

z) A"iorrot-t B-3oo of 7,o55 lb.s.t. and 9,84o lb'

Marut Mk'




relates to Mk' rA, figures in parenthesei ielating to the Mk. rR) Approx' m' ;;";J, 6j. (zqo) m.p.hl at 4o,ooo ft., 7o5^(745)rn'p'h' ai s.l.'(rlooo)-fr.; com. rad. on internal fuel.38o-4zo ft',7 36,ooo -t.. ui!0" m.p.h. at(<z,ooo) ft.; time to 4o,ooo ft. min.: s.-ceil.. a6'ooo Wcig:hts: Empiy, r:,sio lb'; loaded, r9,45o lb'; max'' z4,z5o


Viio-rnt, Four 3o-mm. Aden cannon and (op.tional ;; Mk.. rA and rfl) internal missile launcher with four rows of spin-stabilised rockets*,,-plus four ""rii"ut Sial*i"a". A-\Ms. (Attack) Four r,ooo-lb' bombs, nineteen 3four MATRA launchers each containing*May b.e rei". t""t"t., or sixteen 6olb. HVARs. .in."d br camcra pack, weapons system electronics or I""iii".v'f""i, and^(in Mk. isl u"y may be supplanted bv second seat. ii*rntors: l.A.F.x *First squadron with pre-pro-



J.l"tint-r NIk. rs wrs scheduled to be formed during first half of u167. i;ril ilistrtt,irst Prototvpe) June 17, rs6r; (Ind proi,,iop"l il"'., i,r(tz; (rst pic-pioduction Mk' r) March, r96j; (prot,,typc Mk. rl{) Scpttmber r966' Productiott Histoty: Prototypes (2); pre-productton



Dimensions: Span, 33 ft. 8 in'; lerrgth' .45 ft'. rol rn';wrn€-area' (Mk. :) a8 ft. roi in.; height, I3 tl' -i;lrotogropt


Sqdn., R.A.F.


, Hunter-F'R' Mk' ro of No'



HAWKER HUNTER Counlrv of Origin: United l(ingdom' ?voer Sincle-seat (F. Mks. 6, 5r & 52) lnterceptot' ii."C..{'N[k. q-a h'. tul,.. s6. !2, ss & 5e) Ground Attack and (F.R. Mk' ro) l{econnatssance 'Frgnter' ia.ilNii;. c;";;J Attack Trainer,.and (T' Mks'



';i ii"*,;'if;,i:uof;i'.fl :)fl;:;'i1l.T?oliisr&sz) lb's't'' or

rr< or (Mks. 7,8, fi & 6z) tt?-ot 7'575 iridr.''ol"iii, sb'&'66) 2o3, or (Mks' q & ro) zo7 of r o. r <o lb. s.t. at s't'.,627 ;;,f;;;;;;;' (Mk. e) M. speed, 7r5 m'p'h'mls', (max' ut 16,ooo ft. ; rcnge (clcan), 489 -.i.h. fuel), r,8S+ mls. ; in. cl'' r7,'lmrn' exiernal

Weichts: Embtv, r4,4oo lb. ; max', 24,boo Ib' Aniuntent: (Mk. S) Four 3o-mm' c^annon.and two.5ooIh or r ooo-lb bombs' or twenty-tour 3-ln rocKcrs'Jor' A'F' o;;*;;;;: A.F.;-Iraq A'F';ro) R'A F' r; lrrlrL-- ol n"t. i:;- "a"il', : n.n.e.r'.1 (Mk. A'F'; (\4F' Fi. fMl.;;i ii.\i.; tiitt 5r)(vt Dan. Kurv' A'F' r 5z)Peru' (Mk'-s8) ' sz) X.ii.'' (Mi.'sai i.A.F:i 'si";.l X.E.;irltk. 5e) traq. e.F.' n' Saud' A'F'-r (Mk' -N";i:

:i''1"^'; :' ii

A.F.: (Mk. 8) R.N.; (l\1k. 53) ii. ij",i.,,ile.i iMr.. or) piru. n.r.i (Mk. 66) I.A.F.' A.F.r ii.5#.'A:F:;'iMt oil l(uw. receive (Mk' 6q) rraq' r8 refurbi''hed e]F)"di,l"d to .i"J*-i" oncl thrce two-seaters from Julv r-967' r) "rilirii"ai', ii.'i-pi",.,vp"l June zo, rss r r-(F -M-k' ''a: ;,;; ji innr*. +l"ir.i. 2.' tss+i (Mk' 6) Mar' Ni;; 2(.-r()s(t (Mk. Z) Oct. rr, t957'

piodiiiiun Ilistory: 'I'otrl of r,7o8 ot nllversrons manu-pi,. u.ii. is' lraf Mk -4s an-d z-j7.Mk' 6s)



in Ilclgium.

i"' tt'""


of which



f"""itr, ,q ft.'9 in', (T. Mk' r),.3r ft'.9 in'; herght' in'; wing area'-r36-'6 iiii.''tli.,lr1 irir..''), s rt.7L- Photograph: A HAL.q.'i.:if. 'illk. rl, rzi'sq' ft

HAWKER SIDDELEY GNAT I)imensions: Span, zz ft. z in' (T' Mk: r), z4 ft' , C'"ut intcrceptoi of ihe Indiun Air Force'



Countrv of Origin: United Kingdom'

i'l?,''siitr="-."";; ilt IntercEptor and (T' Mk' r) i-"'"a"-'lYwo-seat-n Advanced Trainer' d del ev Orqhe us o tl.t if,ii i ii i"| t-o i" or (T.sMk' r) Orpheus 7rorr turb o "t turboJet of 4,7oo lb's.t., 'i;r"i;;;i;r',l'.,Jioil,j':
iet of a.zro lb.s.t.

iSpecification applies to .Gnat interceoior. figures in parentheses being appttcaole to tne at,2o'ooo f. ntl. I) M. speed, 695 (636) m'p'h' gal' tanxs' ( ft.: tac. rad. with two 66 (59) lmp'

". W)'iinii'"-iiiiii,
(q,roZ) lb.

4s,ooo (z6,ooo) ceil., 5o,ooo (48,ooo) ft' -o,osb



5'25 (a'65)


lb'; max', 8,885


two coo-lb. bombs or twelve 3-in rockets' ?ii)#iiiii'ri..' e.n,-i e.e. ; (r. Mk' r ) R'A'F' ,First Fliphts: (Prototype) July r8, r955; (rst produc3r' i;"") Mav 16. rqs6; (T. Mk' r) Aug'(in-at1959' lntercep,tor Pro1uctiin Histoiy: Prototypes (r);

(lntcrccptor) Two 3o-mm' Aden cannon

(u'\:T. Mk. r (ros). T. Mk' I manulactured' t9o2itol" llit,dttrun- Aeronautics holds a manutacturtng ii;;"";-;;d had asscmbled fifteen Gnat interce.ptors .apirl--l-no.t"d components and manufacturedwhen tv' tr'e beginning of re66 ;;;il;ii'ty' '; contlnulnA nroduction

V.iii r iir-'dtt"t -Sut""ss ofol t965lishtwe':sht -this- and delays irr fishtcr "," lndian-l)akistrrni conflict programme- have resulted iti'ih; tiF-;n-ptuJ""tio" Hindustan Aeronautrcs'
in extendcd pio.luction by


Itiglfic'rs primarily for a tri-partite evaluation squadron manned irv U.K., U.S. and German personnel, and operated from October t5, 1964, until November 3o, 1965. Subsequently two of the surviving tri-partite aircraft rvere retained in the U.K., the remaining six being delivetcd to the U.S.A. under thc designation XV-6A. Harrier F.G.A. Mk.r-Six additionai evaluation aircraft ordered February 17, 1965 with changes proposed for the definitive production model for the iL.A.F. of R.A.F. evaluation aircraft with similar r5,zoo lb.s.t. Pegasus B.Pg.5 to Tri-partite. model' Iniroduced extended wingtips, re-positioned air brake,
strengthened outrigger wheels, etc. Diminsions : (Kestrel) Span, zz ft. ro in. ; length, 4z ft. o in.; height, ro ft. 9 in.; wing arca, r89 sq. ft. - Pftolograph:Thc first R.A.F. evaluetion P.rrz7 (XYz76).


Country of Origin: United Kingdom' ?ype: Single-seat V./S.T.O.L. Tactical Strike and
Reconnaissance Aircraft,

Power Plant: One Bristol Siddele;r Pegasus B. Pg. 6 vectored-thrust turbofan of r8,ooo-l8,5oo lb.s.t. Performance : (Specification relates to tri-partit-e evaluation model but is generally applicable to R.A.F. version) M. speed, 66o m.p.h. at s.1., m. cr., 6+S !g.p.h. at s.i.; endurance (V.T.O.L.), 3o min. at s'l'; radius of action (S.T.O.L.), zzo mls. rt r,ooo ft', 359 mls' at 4o,ooo ft.;in. cl. (at rz,4oo lb.),35,ooo+ f1./4i1'_

iirighttt'Empty,' ro,7oo lb.; loaded (V.T.O.L.), rz,4oo lb., (S.T.O.L.), r.5,5oo lb. Armament: (S.T.O.L.) Iiour 5oo-lb. or r,ooo-lb.
bombs, z-in rochct pods, or Martcl AGMs.
Operators: (lf.A.F'.

for r968 9 service). First Fligtti: (rst Prototype-vertical take-off) Oct. zr, 196o, (hor:izontal take-off) Mar. r3, r96-r; (rst 'l'rii-partitc If valuation Aircraft) Mar. 7, r964; (rst R.A.F. I'l'alurrtion Aircraft) Aug. 3r, r966.
Production Ilistory : Prototypcs (6);

rion aircraft (o)i l{.A.F.'development aircraft*

Tri-partite evalua-


early r967 rvith follorv-on contract for 4o-5o examples of morc porvcrful models. Variants : P.rrz7-Six prototypes with qrogres-sively more powclfui engines. The first live differed in detail but all had unswept wing trailing edges. The sixth prototypc, flown on Fcbruary 13, 1964, introducedswcplwing trailing edges and, apart from operational equipmeni was representative of ttr,e tri-partite

Initial contraci for 6o Harriers for R.A.F. was placed

evaluation-aircraft. Kestrel F.G.A. Mk. r-Built




HAWKER SIDDELEY SEA VIXEN l)imensions: Span, 5o ft. o in.; Iengtlr, 55-ft' 7 in'; lrcisht, ro ft. 9 in.'; atea, 648 sq. ft, Pho-tograph: '(XS58z) -s"u


Squadron, the Naval Air Fighter School.

vi""tt F.A.w."Mk' z

of No.


Countrv of Oripin: United Kingdom. ?vre; Two-sea1 Shipboard Ail-weather Strike Fighter. P'ower Plants: Two Rolls-Royce Avon 2o8 turbojets of r r.z<o lb.s.t. PerJoriance: (The following specification is estimated and applies to ihe F.A.W. Mk. z) M. speed, 645 m.p.h. at ropbo ft., 6ro m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; typical mission

endurance, r'5 hr.; time to 4o,ooo ft', 6-7 min. 'W eights : Loaded, 35,ooo-37,ooo Ib' Armament: Trvo rciractable packs cach u'ith fourteen z-in, rockets and four Filestrcak or Red Top AAMs' or trvo Rcd Tops and two packs of tu'enty-four z-in. rockets, four 5oo-lb. bombs and trvo clusters of six 3-in. IIVAI{s, or trvo I}ullpup ASMs and trvo z,ooo-lb.

Iir:oiluction llistory: F.A.W. Mk. r (roo*). . Manufactured 95(t-63.' F.A.W. Mk. z production initiated in r963 rvith lirst dclivcries in r964. xApproximate. Variaitt: F.A.W. Mk. r-F'irst squadron, No. 892, commissioned on Jull' 2, t959' and subsequently issued to Nos. 8go :u.rd 893 Squadrons. l-argely supplanted bv Ir.A.W. NIk. z rvhich entered service in 1964. F:A.W. Mk. z--I'ossessing similar overall performance to prcdccessor but up-dated equipment-offering morc sophisticntcd interccpt potential. Differs externally from F.A.W. NIk. r in h:rving extendedbooms to house additional fucl. Limited new production augmented by convcrsion of F.A.W. NlIk. rs'

hirst Flights: (rst Scmi-navalised Prototype) June zo, 195-5; (Ir.A.W. Mk. r) Mar. 20, 1957. . ...




LTV F-8 CRUSADER Span, 35 ft' z in'; lengrh (F-8D)' 54. ft' l)irttertsiotts: in., (RF-SC), S+ ft'3 in.: height' rq ft' 9ln'i :io i'i# Iii':dC C;;""d'"'. (n". No. '+08ss) converted
rnnrox. wtnq area, from l{F-SAs.



Photigraph:. One of the

CottntrY of Origin: U-'S'A' ?vlc: (F-SC & I)) Srngle-scat Shipboard-Interceptor'



rdldei^ei*"ii Figt.,t"., ancl (RF-8G)

i;;';rmt*'iri'flb"l ] oo b',' t'

Pratt & whitnev !57-P-zz

" (Ir-8C) J57-P-r6 of r63oo l$.,iil ;r i;









i'.p.r.. time to^t57,ooo tt'' b'5 m

;t'! ;.T"' ?;lilih : #1; H: T::i:l:' A:sa l:':;ll;.1 i,"l Sl,u,,,,,,oo (F-8D & el, :r'ffi?<loi, ir,. cannon and (F-Sc) '"-u*. Armatnent: Four zo-mm' p f,,J i' li i e s it * r' :' :;i ";"J t3:i l,tyt: J 5--fJ

;ppri*ut" to ai vcrsions) 4o,'ooo.f t' ;.ru'' r*,il;'

(SPeclncatri : 1:'i :., l!:::';,1 1X,:?;:'



snegd' t-'1zo

3j $ 1"1," "l;


iltl#fr h#m-'fi ':;ffii:lllh;'5:*


rq6r; (F''oitiiie:ssj iijgDj /F-,lc\ Auo. 20, rg5d; (RF-EU)l"t" :o' reu5'-Auq 3r' r96-.+l [ef.-eXtl Junc 26,

First Flishts: (XF-8A) \{ rq.szr (t{F-sA) o"". '2,

:u ruiul5

*fi ;i+*ggiii ; m,:* scpt'3.re58;


iflf tT,zug.i+*+f$,:"i*qit+illq$ffi and -SJs'




i''.ii; ',t-lii'

(F-roaG & CF-roa) All-weather Strike and Reconiaissance Fighter, and (F-ro4B, D, DJ, F, TF-ro4G & CF-ro4D) Two-seat Operational Trainer.
Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?ype; Single-siat (F-ro4A, C, J & S) Interceptor and

(2;);'F-i;4F (ro);. .19F-roa '"*-1. i',s],'*El'"+pJ +F-;;4G (i,266); *Tf-ro4(i \iF:lo4l i;]o1t ii;;il --F--';o:i-1''o;1. CF-ro4s manufactured as-rliit.uli.rti. *Nincteen F-ro4DJs. bv Iii'ti"a rru r77 C;;;;uit. 'Mitsubishi assembled or manufactured o4G ,,rppl"-"'.'tarv order for.3o'^ F- r ;;i;;;;ilt;i;.. total includes q77 built in Europe and r ro by uanaoarr' 'iri:j-;C";;;i'i'"i'a"' cur'rent orders' rt*Beins
built bv Fiat.

LOCKHEED F-ro4 STARFIGH'|ER I,roduction History: XF-ro+,(z); YI:to+ (s)t \-t:n3 (77)i F-ro+D (22)i urp-to+u (26;; F-ro+C

Power Plant: One General Electric (F-ro4A & B) JZSGE-3B of 9,6oo lb.s.t. and r4,8oo lb. with reheat,

(F-ro+C, D & F) IZg-GE-l or (F-ro4G, J, TF-ro4G, F-ro+DJ & CF-ro4) -rrA of ro,ooo lb.s.t. and r5,8oo

lb. wittr rcheat, or (F-ro4S) J79-GE-JIQ of r7,9oo lb. u'ith reheat. Perform.ance: (F-ro+G) M. speed, r,3zo m'p.h. at 4o,boo ft., 915 m.p.h. at r,ooo ft.; tac. rad. (with two izo and ilvo-zoo U.S. gal. tanks), 69o mls. at 6ro m.p.h.; in. cl. 5o,ooo ft./min.; com. ceiling, 55,ooo-ft. Wiights: (F-ro+G) Empty, r4,o8z lb.; loaded, r9,84r lb.; max., 28,779 lb. Armament: One zo-mm. M-6r rotary cannon and up
to r'.ooo lb. of extcrnal ordnance.

V;;;rit; i-ro+C-Fi"t multi-mission version' ^Ffor strike ;;6:iiJJgi"d.t'.'.r"'" with Sparrowrolc' - F-ro4SAAMs' a new prLurilv an interceptor i,+!"i"'p't-'' maxi speed, and improved il..i:iil'; radius of action. 'ni"i"';ii-'"siin, zt fr' rr in'; length' si. ft' e in'; p Ziili ffiil;,' ;; r;.No. *in g"'"u,' ?g' i,'q A't'' P hot ogr h : ;f'; Sqdn'' R' Neth'




Obiiators: (F-ro+A) U.S.A.F., Jor' A.F., Pak. A.F.; (F-ro+B) c.N.A.F.; U.S.A.F.; (F-ro+C) U.q.A.L; ip-'",io) U.S.A.F.; (F-ro+J & DJ) J.A.S.D'F.; (Fro4F) Luft.; (CF-ro+) R.C.A.F'; (F-ro+G) q ry 4.F Luft., I{riegsmarine, R. No. A.F., Span. A.F. B.Pl".' A.F., Turk-. A.F., R.H.A.F., Neth. A.F', Bel' A.F.' A.F., ItalA.F.; (TF-ro+G) I-uft., Ncth. *Ital. Bel.A.F.' A.F' *On Ital. A.F., R. Dan. A.F.; (F-ro4S) order for t967-7r deliver'-v. First Ftiy4hisi(XF-ro4) Feb.7, 195,1; (F-ro4A) Feb. tj, rys6i (F-ro+B) Iicb. 7, 19-57; (F-ro4G) Oct. 5' t6Oo;'(Cf'-r"+) Mar. 28, 196r; (CF-ro4D) June 14'
196r; (F-ro4J) June 3o, 196r.



(sl'i:). The r,oooth F-4 delivered mid-1965 and
.'.,ooo* delivered by beginning of tg67-



Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: Two-seat (F-4B, G, J & K) Shipboard Interceptor, Attack and (RF-4B) Reconnaissance, (F-4C, D,

Bomber and (RF-4C) Reconnaissance Aircraft. Power Plants: Two General Electric (F-48, RF-48 & F-aG) l7e-GE-8 or (F-4C, RF-4C & F-+D) JZq-GE-

E & M) Land-based Interceptor, Tactical Fighter-

crnnon and Hughes COITDS and APQ-rr7 radar. F-aG-AN/ASW-zr communications. F-4J-Nerv ,rilcrons, flaps, and Doppler fire control' F-+K i\nglicised version. F-4M-Similar for R.A.F. Diilensions: Span, 38 fi' 4l in.; length, 58 ft' 3| in.' (RF-+B), 6zft. rcl' in.; height, 16 ft.6 in.;wing area, iro sq.'ft. Photograph: F-4B (Bu. No. r5o4r9) of U.S. Navy Squadron VF-r43'

l/ariants: F-4D-APQ-ro9 supplanting APQ-roo mtlar. F-4E Internally-mounted 2o-mm. M-6rA

r5 turbojets of ro,9oo lb.s.t. and r7,ooo lb. with reheat, or (F-al) J7g-GE-ro or (F-4E) I7g-GE-r7 turbojets of rr,87o lb.s.t. and r7,9oo lb. with reheat, or (F-4K & F-aNI) Rolls-Royce RB. r68-a5R Spey
Performance: (Specification applies to F-4B but is generally applicablc to other J7g-powered variants) M. speed, r,584 m.p.h. at 48,ooo ft., (with four Sparrow AAMs), r,45o m.p.h., 9r5 m.p.h. at s.l.; in. cl., z8,ooo ft./min.; low-level tac. rad. (with 6,ooo-lb. ordnance load), 4oo mls.; fcrry range, z,3oo mls. Weights: Empty, z8,ooo lb.; loaded (clean), 44,6oo lb.; max., 54,6oo lb. Armament: (Intercept) Four or six Sparrow III AAMs, or four Sparrow IIIs and four Sidewinder AAMs, or (F-aC & F-4E) Falcon AAMs, or (attack) various ordnance loads up to a maximum of r3,3zo lb, Operators: (F-aB, G, I & RF'-aB) U.S.N., U.S.M.C.;

R.Sp.5R turbofans of rz,5oo lb.s.t. and approx. zr,ooo lb. with reheat.

(F-aC, D, E & RF-aC) U.S.A.F.; (F-4I() *R.N.; (F-+M) *R.A.F. *Ordered for 1967-8 service. First Flights: (F-aA) May 27, rg58; (F-4C) N{ay 27, 1963; (RF-4B) Mar. rz, 1965; (YRF-4C) Aug. 9, 1963; (RF-4C) May 18, 1964; (F-4D) Dec. 8, rs65; (F-aJ) May rs66; (YF-+II) June 27, 1966. Production Historj: F-+A (+Z); F-aB (9oo*); F-aC





o I{F'- rorC configuration. RF-rorA-Tactical reconrririssance derivative of F-rorA, the RF-rolC bcing an

truivalent version of the F-rorC. F-rorB-Embodics sril)stantial re-design for intercept role. Serves with tj.S.A.F. Air Defence Command. Also operatcd by It.C.A.Ir. as CF-rorB and, rvith dual controls, as the

Cotmtry of Origin: U.S.A. Type: (F-rorB) Two-seat All-weather Interceptor and (TF-rorB) Trainer, and (RF-rorC) Single-seat Tac-


l)inensions: Span, 39 ft. B in'; length (F-rorB),' -r? in.. (RF-r-orC),6s ft.3 in.;heisht, r8 ft. o in.; *lrs ur"", 368 sq. ft. Photograph: RF-rorC Voodoos

of the U.S.A.F. Pacific Air Forccs.

tical Reconnaissance Aircraft. Power Plants:'fwo Pratt & Whitney (F-rorB) J57-P53 or -55 turbojets of rr,99o lb.s.t. and r4,99o lb. with reheat, or (RF-rorC) JS7-P-I: turbojets of ro,roo lb.s.t. and r4,88o lb. with reheat.
Performance: (Specification applies




parentheses relating to the RF-rorC) M. speed, t,z2o (r,o4o) m.p.h. at 4o,ooo (38,ooo) ft., 7I6 m.p.h. at s.l.;m. range on internal fucl, r,55o (r,7oo) mls. at 595 m.p.h. at 36,ooo-4o,ooo ft., with two 45o U.S. gal. tanks, z,zoo mls.;in. cl., r7,ooo (r4,ooo) ft./min.;

to F-rorB, figures

s. ceil., 5z,ooo ft.
46,673 @8,72o)

Waights: Nor. loaded, 3g,9oo (42,55o)



Armament: (F'-rorB) Tr.vo AIR-zA Genie and three AIM-4E or -4F Super Falcon AAMs. Operators: (F-rorB) U.S.A.F., R.C.A.F.; (RF-rorC)

U.S.A.F., C.N.A.F. Itirst tr'ligltts: (F-rorA) Sep. 29, r954; (YRF-rorA)

May ro, r9-56; (F-rorB) Mar. 27, r957; (RF-rorC) luly rz, 1957. Production lTistory: F-rorA (79); RF-rorA (fS); F-rorC (47);IlF-rorC (r66); F-rorB* (478). Manufactured 19-53-6r. *A number completed with dual
controls as'f F-rorB Voodoos.
V ariants :

now supplanted by F-4C Phantom. F-rorC-Some structural strcngthcning introduced on Srst production aircraft rcsulted in change of designation from F-rorA. Now supplanted in service, Some converted

F-rorA-Single-seat tactical fi ghter-bomber




MIKOYAN-GUREVICH N{IG-I5 I)intensions: Span, 33 ft. of in.; length (MiG-r5 and -r<UTI) rr ft. rl in', (MiG-rsbis) 16 ft' 5 in'; lreieht, iz'f"t. rf in.; $ing area, z<5'r sq. ft. Photo' graph i };4.ic-r 5UTI of Finnish Air Force's lILeLv. 3 r .

NATO Code Names: (MiG-r5 and -r5bis) Fagot and (MiG-r5UTI) Midget. Narzes: (MiG-r5 and -r5bis) Fagot and (MiG-r5UTI)
Midget. Country of Origin: U.S.S.R.

Typi: Single-seat Duy Interceptor (MiG-t5SB) Fighter-Bomber, and (MiG-I5UTI) Tandem Twoseat Advanced Trainer. Power Plant: One Klimov RD-45FA or VK-r turbo-

iet of <.o<z lb.s.t. Perfor"ioire: (Figures in parentheses relate to MiGrsUTI) M. speed, 668 (63o) m.p.h. at s.1., 6zo m.p.h. at lg,zio ft.; -r. range, 48o (4zz) mls. at 16,4oo ft., 65o (sqo) mls. at 3z,8ro ft., with trvo 66 Imp' gal. tanks, 88c mls.; in. cl., ro,8z7 ft./rnin.; s' ceil.,47,98z ft. Wiights: Empty, 8,32o lb.; clean loaded, rr,o85 (ro,6qz) lb.; max., r3,BB9 (rr,9o5) lb. Armiment: One 37-mm. N-37 and two z3-mrn. NROperators: (MiG-r5bis) Alg- A.F., - -Cqmb.-&-F' Chin. A.F., iraqi A.F., Syr. A.F. (MiG-r5UTI) Afg. A.F., Alb. A.F., Bul. A.F., Chin. A.F., Qrlban
23 cannon, plus two 55oJb. bombs' -

A.F., Czech A.F., Fin. A.F., G.D.R. Luft', A.U.R.I., IraqiA.F., I(.P.A.F.A.F., Mor.A.F., P.L.W., Rum. A.F., Syr. A.F., UAR A.F. Production History: MiG-r5 rvas licence-built in
Czechoslovakia, Poland and China.

First Flights: (Prototypc) Dec. 3o, r947.

Variants: MiG-rs-Otiginal modcl had 5,ooo lb. RD-+SF. MiG-r5bis-VI(-r engine with enlarged
combustion chamber, turbine blades and jct pipe.



I)imensions: Span, 3r ft. Sl in'; -length (Fresco-C), 36 ft.9 in., (Fresco-D),38 ft.5 in'; herght. rr tt..5i ln'; iuine irea, zzz'26+ sq. ft. Photograph: Al eariy pro.lucfion MiG-17 (Fresco-A) of the V'-V.S.


Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NAafO Code Name: Fresco. ?y2e; Single-seat (Fresco-A & -B) Day Intercepto-r, (Fiesco-Ct Fighter-Bomber, and (Fresco-D & -E) Limited All-Weather and Night Fighter. Power Plant: One Klimov (Fresco-A, -B & -E) VK-r turbojet of 5,952 lb.s.t. or (MiG-r7F or Fresco-C & MiG-r7PF Fresco-D) VK-rA of 7,o55 lb. with reheat or VK-rFA of 7,496 lb. with reheat'

PerJormance: (Spec. relates specifically to MiG-r7F) M. speed, 692 m.p.h. at s.1., 635 m.p.h. at 39370 !t.; endurancc (with trvo 88 Imp. gal. tanks)' r hr. 5o min'; approx. com. r'ad., 36o mls. at 48o m.p.h, at 32,8ro ft.; in. cl., 9,842 ft./min.

Weighti: Loadod (clean), rr,464 lb.; max., r4,ooo lb. Ariament: (Frcsco-A & -B) Two 23-mm. and one 37-mm. or (Fresco-C, -D & -E) three z3-mm. cannon


two 55o-lb. bombs, or (Fresco-D) four beam-riding

(Fresco-C) four pods of eight 55-mm. rockets, or

A*\Ms (with which cannon are deleted). Operdtors: Sov. A.F., Sov. Narry, Alg. A.F., ,1fe. 4.f.' Aib. A.F., Camb. A.F., Chin. A.F., Cuban A.F., Czech. A.F., G.D.R. Luft., Hun' A.F., A.U.R.I.' Iraqi A.F., I{.P.A.F.A.F., Mor. A.F., L.L.W., Rum. A.F., Syr. A.F., UAR A.F., N. Viet. A.F.
Variants: LIM-5-Number modified for P.L.W.

Firsi F[ishts: (Prototype) 1949; (rst Production) r95r. Production History: Manufactured under licence in Czechoslovakia, Poland and China.

close-support fighters with extended, -deeper,inboard wing seCtions, twin-mainwheels and additional fuel'




MIKOYAN MIG-I9 I)imensions: Span, z9 ft.6 in.; length,4r ft.4f in.; Ireight, rz ft. 5] in.; wing area, 269'r sq. ft. Photo-

traph: A Farmer-B, the first all-weather development of basic MiG-r9 design with extended fuselage.

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NA'IO Code Name: Farmer. ?ype.' Single-seat Day and (Farmer-D) Limited Allweather Interceptor. Power Plants: Two Klimov VK-q (RD-q) turbojets of 6,r7o lb.s.t. and 7,85o lb. with reheat. Performance: (Farmer-C) M. speed, 9oz m.p.h, at 3z,8ro ft.; range with two 176 Imp. gal. tanks, r,365 mls.; time to 32,8ro ft., r'r min.; s. ceil., 55,775 ft. '[tr/eights: Empty, rz,r3z lb.; loaded (clean) r8,63o lb.

Armament: (Farmer-C) 'l'hrcc ao-mm. cannon and two Atoll AAMs or up to four pods each housing eight
55-mm. rockcts, or two pods housing ninetcen 55-mm,

rockets. (Irarmcr-D) Four Alkali AAMs. Operators: A.U.R.I., Chin. A.F., CubanA.F., Czech A.F., G.Il.D. Luft., IraqiA.F., K.P.A.F.A.F., Pak. A.F., P.L.W., Sov. A.F., UARA.F.

First Flights: (rst Prototype) rg5:; (Production) r955. Production History: First deliveries 1955. Manufactured 1954-6o. Built in China without licence. Variants: Farrner-A-Initial model of MiG-r9, first Soviet supersonic fighter, with VK-5 (RD-S) engines of 4,8oo lb.s.t. and 6,zoo lb. with reheat. Tailplane

carried convcntional elevators. Farmer-B-First limitcd all-weathcr vcrsion with trvo radar antennae
in nose, similar gun armament to -A (i.e., one 37-mm. and two 23-mm. weapons), and VK-g engines.

Farrner-C Definitive day fighter model.

built copics supplied to Pakistan. Farmer-D-A.W.
equipment, missilc armament with cannon deleted.






siroaanni ", or " Roosted ", and presumably referring to thc increased cngine powcr. Additional pair of air brakcs fonvard, and updated avionics. Dubbed Fish-

r,167 after r-c-asscmbly of 48 Russian-built airframes. (loov manufactured in China without liccncc. Voiiartt, MiG-zrF-Suffix letter indicating " For-


bcd-C by

largccl intakc rvith A.I. radome producing double shocl< for improved high-spccd thrust. Attbrox. Diiensions: (N[iG-zrF) Span, z5 ft. o in.; te"sth, +z ft. o in.; height, r4 ft. 6 in.; wing arca, z5o sq. tt. Pltotograph: E;rly production MiG-zr of the
Ccskoslot'ensk6 letcctvo.

NATO. MiG-zrPF-The -D featuring


NAT5 Code Names: Fishbed and (MiG-zrUTI)
Countly of Origin: U.S.S.R. Mongol. ?r,rel Sinele-seat (MiG-z r F or Fishbed-C) Day Interceptor, (Flshbed-D) Limited All-weather Interceptor, and (MiG-zIUTI) Two-seat Advanccd Traincr. Pouir Plant: One axial-flow turbojet of 9,5oo lb.s.t' and rz,5oo lb. with rehcat, or (MiG-zrF) ro'ooo lb.s.t. and r3,zoo lb. with rehcat.

Pcrformanee: (Spccification applie,s t6 MiG-zrF) M. .pe'"d, r,3zo m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft., r'vith two Atoll drop iank, 99o m.p.h.; tac. rad., lfJ mls.; Aelti "nd range with one r32 Imp. gal. tank, r,z6o mls.; in. cl.

rvith two Atoll AAMs, 3o,ooo ft./min. Weigltts: Nor. loadcd, r7,ooo lb';max., r8, Ariamcnt: (MiG-zrF) One 3o-mm. cannon in starboard fusclage side, and two Atoll AAMs or two pods
each containing nincteen -55-mm. rockets.

Oberators: Als. A.F., A.U.R.I., Chin. A.F', Cuban Czcch. A.F., F'in. A.F.' G.R.D. Luft., tlun. A.F.: I.A.F., Iraqi A.Ir., K.P.A.F.A.F., P.L.W., Rum. A.F.. Sov. A.F., Syr. A.F., UAR A.F., Yugo. A.F. First Flights: (Aerodynamic prototype) r955; (rst prototype) rg57; (rst production) r959. Produition History: Deliverics commenced r9.59, Manufacturcd in Czcchoslovakia from r963, and (Fishbed-D version) in India from 1966. HAL at Nasik to build approx. 45o rvith deliveries commencing late



triglficrs NORTH


ft. 6l in.; ft. Photo" Blue Im-



Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?y2e: Single-seat Interceptor, Fighter-Bomber and (RF-86F) Rcconnaissancc Fighter. Power Plant: One General Electric J47-GD-27 twrbojet of 5,9ro lb.s.t. Performance: M. specd (at rS,53z lb.), 678 m.p.h. at s.l. (Mach o'89), 599 m.p.h. at 3.5,ooo ft. (Mach o'9), (at r4,zrz lb.), 687 m.p.h. at s.1., 6o4 m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft._; com. rad. (with trvo 166.5 Imp. gal. tanks), 463 mls. at S29 m.p.h.;ferry range, r,525 mls. Weights: Empty, rr,rz-5 lb.;loadcd (clean), r5,r98 lb.; m. overload, zo,6rr lb.

Armament: Six o.5-in. Colt-Brorvning M-3 machine guns and tlvo AIM-gB Sidewinder AANIs or two .5oolb., 75o-1b., or r,ooo-lb. bombs, or eight .5-in. HVARs. Operators: (F-86ElMl)'Iurk. A.F.. Yugo. A.F., (F86F) C.N.A.F., Span. A.F., J.A.S.D.F., Erh. A.F., R. Saud. A.F., R. No. A.F., Per. A.F., Arg. A.!-., Venez. A.F., II.O.K.A.F., Thai A.F., Port. A.F., Pak. A.F., (RF-86F) J.A.S.D.F., C.N.A.F. First Flights: (XP-86) Oct. r, rs47; (F-86A) May zo, r9a8; (F-B6E) Sept. 23, r95o; (F-86F) March rg, rg5z. Production History : F-86A (55a) ; F-86E (116); F-86F (r,S:S). Manufactured r946-.56. In addition, Mitsubishi assenrbled 3oo F-86F Sabrcs r956-6r. Mks. z and 4 rvith 5,zoo lb.s.t. J47-GE-r3. RF-86FRecce conversion r.vith one I{-r7 and trvo l(-zz
Variants :

F-86E(M)-Updated Canadair CL-r3 Sabre

with 7,5oo lb.s.t. Avon z6 and 3o-mm. Aden c:rnnon. Sabre Mk. 6-Canadian version with 7,275 lb.s.t. Orenda r4 serving with Colombia and Iran.

cameras. CA-27 Sabre-Australian-built version



NORTH AMERICAN F-86D (K) SABRE I)imensions: Span (F-86D & K), Zl ft. r+ in. (F+qK & L), :S ft. r+ in.; length (F-86D & L). 4o ft- :1 in. (F--B6K), 4o ft. rr in.; height, r5 f!.,o in.; wing area


r'-SOO' & K), z8z q sq. ft. (F-86K & L)' 313'37 ft. Photograph: F-86D Sabres of thc R.O.K.A.F.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.



7y2e.' Single-scat All-weathcr Interceptor Fighter. Power Plant: One (F-86D-45) General Electric J47GE-33 turbojet of 5,5oo lb.s.t. and 7,65o lb.s.t. with reheat, or (F-86K) J+7-GE-qB turbojet of 5,425 lb.s.t. and 7,5oo lb.s.t. with reheat. Performance: (Specification relates to F-86D-45, figures in parentheses relating to the F-86I() M. ipeed, 693 m.p.h. at s.1. (Mach o.9), 616 (6rz) m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; com. rad., z7o mls. at 55o m.p.h.; ferry range (with t\^/o roo Imp. gal. tanks), 769 (744) mls.; in. cl., rz,ooo ft./rnin.; s. ceil.,49,6oo ft.
area defence, rg,g5z (zo,r7r) lb. Armament: Tu'enty-four 2.75-in. rockcts or (F-86K) lggr 3o--mm. M-z4A-r cannon and trvo AIM-gB Sidervindcr AAMs. Operators: (F-B6D) R. Dan. A.F., J.A.S.D.F.,


Weights: (F-86K in parentheses) Empty, r3,498 (r:,S62) lb.; loaded for intercept, r8,r6o (r8,379) lb.,


R.H.A.F., Phil. A.F., C.N.A.F., R.O.K.A.F., Turk.

Turk. A.F., Vcnez. A.F., (F-86L) R. Thai A.F. First Flights-: (YI'--86D) Dec. zz, r949; (yF-86K) July r5, r9-54;-(Eirst Fiat-assembled F-B6K) N{ay 23, r955; (First Ir-86L conversion) Oct. r9-56. Prothrction Ilistory: F-86D (2,5o4); F-86I{ (34r); F-86L conver{ons (98r). Manufactured (F-86D) r950-5-5, (F-86K) r954-58. Variants : F-86K-Total of zz r assembled bv Fiat. last forty-fivc rvith cxtcnded rvingtips. F-86l--similar wing_ to F-B6I(. Convcrted from F-86D with updatcd clcctronics,

A.F., (F-86K)

R. No.

A.F., Ital. A.F.,



I)imensions: Span, 38 ft. 9]' in.; length (F-rooD), +9 ft. in., (F-rooF), Sz ft.6 in.; height, 16 ft' 7? in.;^wing 385'z sq. ft. Photograph: F-tooD Super Sabre

"r"n, (ss-:iti) of the U.S.A.F. Tactical Air


Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: (F-tooA, C & D) Single-seat Tactical FighterBomber and (F-rooF) Two-seat Trainer. Pouer Plant: One Pratt & Whitney J57-P-zrA turbojet of rr,7oo lb.s.t. and r6,95o lb. with reheat. Performance: (F-rooC, D & F) NlI. speed, 864 m.p.h. 45,ooo

at 3.5,ooo ft. (Mach r'3);range cr. .565 m.p.h. at 36ft.; m. rangc, r,5oo mls.; climb to 3z,z8o ft. (F-rooC & D), z'.5 min. lVeights: Empty (F-rooD), zr,ooo lb., (F-rooF) zz,3oo lb.; normal ioaded (Ir-rooD), zg,j6z lb., (F-rooF),
3o,7oo lb.; max. (F-rooD), 34,832 lb. Annament: (F-rooF) Two or (F-rooC & D) four zomm. M-39E cannon and (F-rooF) 6,ooo lb. or (FrooD) 7,5oo lb. of cxtcrnal ordnance.

Operators: (F-rooA) C.N.A.F., A.N.G., (F-rooC) 'I'urk. A.F., A.N.G., (F-rooD) U.S.A.F., Fr. A.F., I{. Dan., (F-rooF) U.S.A.F., Fr. A.F., R. Dan. A.F., Turk. A.F. First Flights: (YF-rooA) Nllay 2.5, r953; (F-rooA) Oct. 29, r9-53; (F-rooC) Jan. r7, r955; (F-rooD) Jan. 24, 1956; (F-rooF) March 7, ry57. Prodttction History: F-rooA (zo3); Ir-rooC (476); F-rooD (r,.74; F-rooF (333). Manufactured r95z-5


First r67 po*'ctccl by 9,7oo lb. J.57-P-7. Six cxtcrnai F-rooD-Landing flaps ar-rd rcvised tail.

Variants :


F-rooA-First U.S.A.F. supersonic fighter.

points. F-rooC-Trvo additional stores points. First roo rctaincd -39 cnginc installcd in last 36 As.



Fightus NORTHROP F-s CF-5A/R and CF-5D, for R.C.A--F.,- togcther. wijh

Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?ype.' Single-seat (F-sA & CF-SA/R) and Two-seat (F-5B & CF-5D) Strike and Reconnaissance Fighter. Pouer Plants: Two General Electric J85-GE-r3 turbojets ol z,7zo lb.s.t. and 4,o8o 1b. with reheat, or (CF-5) JS-S-GE-rS turbojets of 4,3oo ib. with reheat. Performance: (Specilication relates to basic F-5A,

rrroved model with J8-S-GE-r5s, louvred doors to infor talie-bfi, and tr.vo-position nosewheel leg. Essentially similar version for Netherlands. Iiimensions: Span, z5 ft. 3 in.; length, 41 ft. z- in.; height, r3 tt.Z ii.; i,itg it"", 11j'8z,sq..f-t. PhotosrA;n! li F-5A of the U.S.A.F.'s roth Fighter Commando Squadron.
crease airflorv

fariaits: F-5A-r5-Company designation for im-

si'nele-seatcrs and 3o two-seaters


figurcs in parentheses applying to the F-5A-r5) M. speed, 924 (g:Z) -.p.h. at 36,86o ft., 745 (79o) m.p.h. at s.1.; tac. rad. for supcrsonic intercept mission r,vith one r.5o U.S. gal. tanli, r67 mls.; in. cl., 3o,ooo (37,ooo) ft./min. (F-5B) M. spccd, 88,1 m.p.h. at 36,86o ft.;

fcrry rangc, r,894 mls. IVeights: (F-58 in parentheses) Empty, 7,86o (B,zz7) lb.; loaded, 13337 Qz,g8z) lb.; max. zo,o5o lb. Armament: Up to 6,zoo lb. of ordnance on seven ex-

tcrnal stations and (F-.5A) two 2o-mm. cannon. Operators: (F--SA & Il) C.N.A.F., R.H.A.F., Iran A.F., R.O.K.A.Ii., Phil. A.F'., Turk. A.F., R. No. A.F., Mor. A.F.; Viet. A.F.; Eth. A.F.; *R. Neth. A.F.; *Span. A.F., U.S.A.F.xis (CF-5A & -.SD) *R.C.A.F. *Delivcrics to Spain and to Ii.C.A.F. scheduled to commence 1967,and to R. Neth. A.F. in 1969. **Purchased by U.S.A.F. for evaluation in Vietnam. First llights: (rst N-r56F) July 3o, 1959; (rst MAP F-5A) May ry, ry64; (F-58) Feb. 24, 1964.
Production History: N-r56F

*Approx. quantity programmed for supply undcr

(:); F-SA & B


U.S. Military Assistance Programme, 3oo having been delivered by tg67 when production rate was io pcr n-ronth. In addition, 7o ordered by Spain as national purchasc, rz5 to be licencc-built by Canadair as



REPUBLIC F-TO5 THUNDERCHIEF bomber. F-ro5F-Two-seat equivalent of F-ro5D
rvith similar avionics. Dimensions: Span, 34 ft. rrt in.; length (F-ro5D), 6+ ft. z in., (F-roSF), 69 ft. 7l in.; height (F-ro.5D) r9 ft. 8 in. (F-ro-sF), zoft. zin.; wing area, 385 sq' ft. I'hotograph: An F-ro5D (Srl-t7z) of the T.A.C.

Country of Oriqifl: U.S.A.
Typa.' Single-seat Tactical Strike and Reconnaissance Fighter and (F-ro5F) Mission Training Aircraft. Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney (F-ro5B) JZS-P-S turbojet of z3,5oo lb. with reheat, or (F-toSD & F) IZ.s-P-rqW of t7,zoo lb.s.t. and z4,5oo lb. with reheat (z6,5oo lb. wet).

Performance: (Specification applies to F-ro5D, performance of the F-ro5F being within 3o/o) M. speed, 855 m.p.h. at s.1., r,39o m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft., rszz m.p.h. at 5o,ooo ft.; tac. rad. (two 45o and one 65o U.S. gal. tanks), 9zo mls.; m. ferry range, 2,39o mls. Weights: Empty, z7,5oo 1b.; nor. loaded, 38,o34 1b., (!'-roSF), 4o,o73 lb.; nax., 92,546 lb., (F-ro5F),

Armament: One zo-mm. M-6r rotary cannon and up to (F-ro5D) r3,ooo lb. or (F-ro5F) rz,ooo lb. of ordnance internally and cxternaily.


Operators: (F-ro5B) A.N.G.; (F-ro5D & F) U.S.A.F. First Flights: (YF-ro5A) Oct. zz, rg.S5; (F-ro5B) May 26, ry56; (F-ro5D) Junc a, 1959; (F-ro5F) June rr,

ry63. Production History: YF-ro5A

factured t()Sj-64.

(z); JF-roSB (:); FroSB (7S); F-ro5D (6ro); F-ro5F (r43). ManuYF-ro5A
Prototypes pon'eled by J57-P-25

enginc. F-ro5B-Withdrawn from U.S.A.F. inventory and assigned A.N.G. F-ro5C-Proposed trvo-scat traincr. F-ro5D-Equippcd zr U.S.A.F. squadrons GS6Z). Morc sophisticated systems than F-ro5B. F-ro5E-Proposed two-seat all-weather fighter-





ft. 1f, in.; length (F-84F), +: ft. +? in., (RF-8+F),47 ft. 7f in.; height (F-84F), 14 ft. +1 in., (RF-S+F), 15 ft. o in.; wing area, 325 sq' ft. Photograph: An F-8aF Thundcrstreak (Sz-7r+Z) of the rire Dscadrille, zdme Wing, Belgian Air Forcc.
Dimensions: Span, 33

(F-84F) Tactical Fighter-Bomber ?ype.' and (RF-84F) Reconnaissance Fighter. Power Planti (RF-8aF in parentheses) One Wright J6S-W-: (J6S-W-Z) turbojet of 7,zzo (7,8oo) lb.s,.t..
Country of Origin: U.S.A. -single-seat

PerJormance: (RF-8+F in parentheses) M. speed, 695 (679) m.p.h. at s.1., 658 (6o7) m.p.h. 2o,ooo (g5,ooo)


tanks, 8ro mls.; ferry r^nge, 2,r4o (z,zoo) mls.; in. cl', 8,zoo (7,9oo) ft./min.; s.ccil. 46,ooo ft. Weighti: I-oaded (clean), r9,34o lb.; nor. loaded (RF-8aF), z6,8oo lb.; max., z8,ooo lb.

^t com. rad.,4.5o mls., with two 23o U.S. gal. drop

Armament: (F-8+F) Six o'5-in. Colt-Brorvning M-3 machine guns plus max. of 6,ooo lb. of external ordnance. (IUr-SaF) Four o'5-in. Colt-Bror.vning M-3
machine guns.

Operatori: (F-SaF) A.N.G., Ital.A.F., T"t\.- .f., N-eth.A.F., R.H.A.F., Bel. A.F.; (RF-SaF) AN.q, C.N.A.F., R. No. A.F., Bel. A.F., Turk. A.F.' R.H.A.F., Ital. A.Ir., R. Dan. A.F.


First tr'lishts: (YF-8+F) June 3, r95o; (F-8+F) Nov. zz, r9-52; (YRtr-S4F; Fch. r9sz. Ilisioiy : YF-Sa-F (:) ; F-S+F (z'7rr); YRFSaF (r); IIF-8+F (7r5). Manufactured (F-84F) r95r-

<r and (RF-SaF) rosr-s8.

for supply undir MDAP. RF-84F-Essentially similar airframc apart from rving root intake duct location. Up to six camcr:ls in nose bay.

ioriantit F-84F-fotal of r,3or built





Dimensions: Span, 3o ft. rot in.; length (35D & F), 46 ft. roal in., (35C) $ft.7 in.;hcight, rz ft. B{ in.; wing area, 529'8 sq. ft. Photogrrph: A Saab 35E


(S SSE) of the Ir



Country of Origin: Sweden. ?ype.' Single-seat (35A, B, D & F) Interceptor (35E) Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft and (35C) Two-seat Operational Trainer. Power Plant: One S.F.A. (aSA, B & C) RM 68 turbojet of rr,z5o lb.s.t. and r5,r9o lb. with reheat, or (35D, E & F) RM 6C turbojet of rz,7ro lb.s.t. and 17,z6o

lb. with reheat. Performance: (Specification relates

generally applicable to the 35E and 35F) M. speed, r,3zo m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; nor. cr., 59o m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft.;in. cl., 39,5ro ft./min.;time to 5o,ooo ft., 4.5 min.; tac. rad. (internal fuel), 35o mls. Weights: Empty, r6,73o lb.; loaded (clean), 2z,S3oIb.; max. z7,o5o lb. Armannent: (:SB & D) Two 3o-mm. Aden M/55 cannon and four Rb :z+ (Sider.vinder) AAMs, four pods of nineteen 75-mm. rockets, or four 55o-lb. bombs. (35F) One 3o-mm. Aden M/5S cannon and up to four I{b 327 or 3zB (Falcon) AAMs. Operators: Sw. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) Oct. 25, 1955; (rst preproduction) Feb. r5, rg-s8; (:SB) Nov. 29, r959; (:SC) Dec. 30, 1959; (35D) Dec. 27, 1960; (3SE) Jtnc 27, 1963. Production History: Prototypes (3); pre-production (3). Total of 5.5o Drakens of all versions ordered fot Sw. A.F. Most Saab 35As converted to 35Cs and Ds. Production deliverics commenced rg6o. Variants: Srv. A.F. dcsignations are J 35A, B, D and

to 35D but is


F for the intcrccptors, Sk 35C for the trainer,
S 35E for the tactical rcconnaissance tnodel.







A.F. Note: It should be noted that the desig" Su-7 " was first applied to an experimental piston-engined fighter in rg44, Pavel Sukhoi's design bureau was disbanded in rg4g, and when re-established in 1953 began designating its new aircraft from " Su-r ", thus duplicating designations assigned 1g3g / 49. Approximate Dimensions: Span, 3z ft. 3 in.; length, si ft. o in.; height, 16 ft. o in. Photograph: An


Su-7MB ground attack fighter of the Czech A.F., the first foreign recipient of this combat type.

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Fitter.


?ype.' Single-seat Ground Attack Fighter. Power Plant: One axial-flow turbojet of r4,5oo* lb.s.t.


and zo,ooo* lb. rvith reheat. *Approximate.



at Perfonnance 36,ooo ft., with two rz-5 Imp. gal. tanks and trvo pods, 79o m.p.h.; in. cl, 3o,ooo ft./min., with extcrnal stores'

: (Estimated) M. spccd, r,o56 m.p.h.

z3,ooo ft./min. I,Veights: (Dstirnatcd) Normal loaded, z7,ooo lb.; max., 3o,5oo lb. Arnament: Trvo 3o-mm. cannon and tr.vo r,roo-lb. bombs and two pods each rvith ninetccn 55-mm. rockcts or trvo ASMs. Operators: Sov. A.F., Czech. A.F., P.L.W. I"irst Flights: (Prototype) r955; (production) r958. Productiott History: Deliveries to Sov. A.F. operational clements reportedly commenced 1959-6o. Export deliverics (e.g., Czechoslovakia) commenced r964.

dynnmic prototype demonstratcd over Tushino in Junc r956. Su-7-Initial model with lower-porvered cnginc rvhich reportedly entered Sov. A.F. service in r959-60. Su-7M-Presumably the current Sov. A.F. version u'ith uprated engine, the " M " sufllx lettcr

Variatts: Su-r-Allegedly designation of


indicating Modifihatsiya. Su-7MB-This dcsignation is applied to thc vcrsion of the Su-7 serving with the



SUKHOI SU-9 moved forward to produce a trvo-shock intake, and this is likely to be the version of the Su-9 labelled
sustained altitude record of almost 7o,ooo ft,

" T-43l' " which, in the following year, established a Nole.' Two aerodynamic prototypes of the Su-9

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NAT'O Code Name: Fishpot.


demonstrated at Tushino in r956 were possibly designated Su-3 and Su-5. Approximate Dimensions: Span, 3r ft. o in.; length, 55 ft. o in.; height, 16 ft. o in.; wing area, 425 sq. ft. Photograph: An Su-g with Alkali AAMs beneath the wings and drop tanks of approximately t3z Imp. gal. capacity beneath the fuselage.

?ype.' Single-seat All-weather Interceptor Fighter. Power Plant: One axial-flow turbojet of r5,5oo* lb.s.t. and zz,o5o* lb. r'vith reheat. *Approximate.

Performance: (Estimated) z7,ooo

4o,ooo ft., rvith four Alkali AAN{s, 99o m.p.h.;
5.5,ooo ft. TVcights: (Iistimatcd) Normal loaded, z5,5oo

M. spced, r,r9o m.p.h. at
lb.; max.,

ft./nin; timc to 4o,ooo ft., 4'5 min.; s. ceil.,

in. cl.,

Artnanettt: Four Alhali AAMs or two Awl AAMs. Operators: Sov. A.F. Irirst l4igltts: (Prototypc*) r955; (production prototype) r9-57; (production) 1959. *Refers aerodynamic

z9,ooo lb.


Production History: Production deliveries to Sov. A.F. believed to have commenced r959. Vaiants : Su-g-Designcd on the principle of " limited commonality " in that major components (i.e., fuselage

See notc.

and tail assembly) are shared with the swept-rving Su-7 ground attack fighter (see pages 6z-3), these

components being married to wings best suited to the u'idcly-diffcring roles of the two aircraft types. Later production Su-9 interceptors (as illustrated) feature a slightly cnlarged engine air intake suggesting the introduction of an uprated engine. A further development, demonstrated in r96r, had the nose centre-body




For the strike mission the ventral by an internal weapons bay, and as ln intcrceptor this aircraft can opcrate lvell beyond lhc range of ground-based radar control. Equipment is bc'lieved to include early warning radar to detoct Iorv-flying intruders, passive homing devices, fretlucncy-switching A.I., and navigational aids of exceptionally long range. The design has been biased tor,;rncc missions. raclar is rcplaced

rvards economical high altitude operation and is one of

thc largcst fighter aircraft yet evolved. Its normal

Countrjt of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Fiddler. Type: Two-seat Long-range All-weather Interceptor and Reconnaissance-Strike Aircraft. Power Plants: Two turbojets of r8,ooo* lb.s.t. and zz,ooo* lb. with reheat. *Approximate. Performance: (The following figures are estimated for the interceptor version) M. speed, r,o56 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; m. cr.,63o m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft.; nor. cr., 56o m.p.h.; nor. tac. rad., 5oo mls.; m. range (internal fuel), z,ooo mls.; time to 4o,ooo ft.,5 min.; s. ceil.,

cndurance in the patrol-interceptor role is likely to be of the order of 3'5 hours. Estimated Dimensions: Span, 56 ft.; length, 85 ft.; height, zo ft.; wing area, 8oo sq. ft. Photograph: A Fiddler with an Ash AAM beneath each wing.


-==-= :Cd)::=_ X: /\=/\ *)<

Armament: (Intercept) Two Ash AAMs, or (Strike) various free-falling weapons in internal bay and ASMs on wing pylons. Operators: Sov. A.F. First Flights: (Prototype) *r958; (Production) *r96r. *Existence of this type was first reported in r9q9 but development time scale is not known with certainty. Production History: It is believed that deliveries of this multi-purpose aircraft began in q6z-3, but its present
production status is uncertain,

6o,ooo ft. Weights: Nor. loaded, 8o,ooo lb.

Variants: The Fiddler, the Russian designation for which was not known at the time of closing for press, is illustrated above and on the opposite page with a large ventral bulge which may be presumed to house high definition ground mapping radar for reconnais-



rvcather and night fighter production version of the Yak-25 which, now obsolescent, allegedly flew in r95z lnd still exists in some numbers in second-line service. Flashlight-B-A second-generation tactical strike and rcconnaissance derivative of the Yak-25 evolved into

Yak-28. Flashlight-C-Experimental two-seat allrveather and night fighter apparently abandoned.

Flashlight-D-The definitive


development of the Yak-25, the Yak-28. Dimensions*: Span, 38 ft. 6 in.; length, 53 ft.6 in.; hcight, rz ft. 6 in.; rving area, 342 sq. ft. *Approxi-

mate. Photograph: A Yak-28 of the

Sov. A.F.



--==='_o-@E:-'YAKOVLEV YAK-25 & YAK-28
Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Flashlight.



Plants:'fwo I(limov RD-g turbojcts of 5,5oo* lb.s.t. arrd (Y:rk-z8) 7,zoo* lb. rvith reheat. *Appiox. Estinated PerJornance: (Yak-z8) M. speed, 686-m.p.h. at s.1., 627 n.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; cr. speed, 57o m.p.h. at S,ooo-ro,ooo ft.; tac. rad., zoo mls. at r,ooo ft., 5oo mls. at 36,ooo ft.; in. cl., r6,ooo-18,ooo ft./rnin.;
s. ccil., 5o,ooo ft. Weights: Approx. loaded, z5,ooo lb.

(Yak-28) Tacticrl Rcconnaissance Fighter. -

Type: (Yak-25) Two-seat All-rvcathcr Fightcr, and

Armanrcnt: One 3o-mm. cannon in starboard side of foru'ard fusclage and two r,roo-lb. bombs or rocket pods on two underr,ving pylons. Operators: Sov. A.F. First F'lights: (Yah-z-5) r953; (Yak-28) r957. Production llistory: Deliveries to the Sov. A.F. of the Yak-2.5 are bclicved to havc begun late r955 rvith thc Yak-28 following early r959.

F lash


ight- D

Variants: Flashlight-A-The original trvo-seat all-





primarily in having straight inboard wing trailing edges, increased inboard leading-edge sweep, larger vertical tail surfaces, and a " zero-track tricycle " undercarriage in p'lace of the " bicycle " type arrangepages 68-9)

rnent. Brewer-Similar to Firebar but having slazed nose and internal weapons bay. Dimensions*: Span, 38 ft. 6 in.; length, 59 ft. o in.; height, r3 ft. o in.; rving area, 4oo sq. ft. *Approxinate. Photograph: A Brewer of the Sov. A.F.

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NAaIO Code Names: Firebar and Brewer. Type: Two-seat (Firebar) All-weather Interceptor and (Brewcr) I-ight Reconnaissance and Strike Aircraft. Power l>lants: Two axial-flow turbojets of 9,5oo* lb.s.t. and rz,.5oo* lb. rvith reheat. *Approximate. Estinated Perforiltailce: M. speed, 735 m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft., 7z-5 m.p.h. at s.l.; tac. rad., z3o mls. at 63o m.p.h. at s.1.,57.5 mls. at 57o m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft.; m. range (n'ith underwing pinion tanks), r,75o mls. Weights: Approx. loaded, 35,ooo lb. Armament: (Firebar) Two AAMs or (Brewer) one tactical nuclc:rr store in internal bay and conventional bombs or ASMs on trvo undcrwing pylons, and one 3o-mm. cannon in forward fuselage. Operators: Sov. A.F.
First Flights : (Prototypcs) r 959-6o ;(production) r 96 r-2. Production l:Iistory: l)eliveries of Brewer and Firebar believed to havc commenced 196r & 196z respectively.

carrics its two crew members in tandem cockpits and differs from the second generation developments (see

Variants: Firebar-Ilepresentative of the third gcneration of Yak-25 dcvclopmcnts, the Firebar

Bombers & Attacls Aircraft

Dimensions: Span, r85

Ilotnbers & Attttck Aircraft

BOEING B-52 STRATOFORTRESS in., (B-szH), tS7 ft.6t in.; height (B-SzF) +8 ft. 3 in., (B-5zH),4o ft.8 in.; wing area,4,ooo sq. ft.
ft. o in.; length (B-5zF),


Photograph: The fourth production B-5zG (57-647r).

Country of Origin: U.S.A, Type: Long-P.ange Strategic Healry Bomber. Power Plants: Eight Pratt & Whitney (B-5zC & D) IS7-P-zgW turbojets of ro,9oo lb.s.t. (rz,5oo lb. wet),

lb.s.t. (r3,75o lb. wet), or TF33-P-3 turbofans of
r7,ooo lb.s.t.
Performance: (Spec. relates to B-52H, figures in paren-

(B-SzE, F & G) JSZ-P-+:W turbojets of rr,zoo

theses relating specifically to the B-52E) M. speed, 63o (6rz) m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; average cr., 565 m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft. I m. range, 9,2oo (6,500) mls.; s. ceil.,
.5-5,ooo (47,ooo)

Armament: Up to 85 5oo-lb. or +z 71o-1b. bombs in weapons bay plus o 75o-lb. bombs on each of two under-wing pylons, or (B-5zG & H) conventional or nuclear free-falling stores internally and two AGM-

Weights: Max., 488,ooo (45o,ooo) lb.


Operators: U.S.A.F. Strategic Air Command. First Flights: (XB-52) Oct. 2, tg52', (YB-52) April r5, rgsz; (B--szA) A.,g. 5, r954; (8, 5zB) Jan. 25, rgSSi

z8A or -z8B Hound Dog stand-off missiles. Four o'5-in. guns in MD-9 tail turret, or (B-5zH) one 20mm, ASG-zr rotary cannon. Boeing short-range attack missile (SRAM) from r968*69.

(B-5zC) March 9, r956; (B-S2D) June 4, tgl6; (B-5zE) Oct.3, rs57; (B-.szF) May 6, r958; (B-5zG) Sept. 26, 1958; (B-5zlI) March 6, 196r. Production History: ll-SzA (:); B-5zB (5o); B-5zC (sS); S-SzD (r7o); B--5zE (roo); B-5zF (88); B-5zG
Variants: B-5zB scrapped, B-5zC to F to bc rctircd not later than r97o, and B-5zG and H by 1975.

(rg:) B-SzH (roz). Manufacturcd


Bombers & Attaclt Aircraft

Bornbers & Attaclc Aircraft

Mach o'g to within 6oo mls. of target and then accelerating to Mach z'o for the run-in and escape. TB-58A to B-58A except for dcletion of bomb-Similar system, electronic countermeasures equipn:rvigation rnent and defence systems, and thc provision of ex-

tended glazing to permit the aircraft to be flown visually from either of the two forward cockpits, both of which have dual controls.

lfype: Three-seat Strategic Medium Bomber and (TB-58A) Dual-control Conversion Trainer. Power Plants: Four General Electric J79-GE-58 turbojets of ro,ooo lb.s.t. and r5,6oo lb. with reheat. Performance: M. speed, r,385 m.p.h. at 55,ooo ft.,
Weights: Max. loaded, r63,ooe-r65,ooo lb. Armament: Single " mission pod " housing various combinations of nuclear store and fuel, or electronic countermeasures

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

hcight, 3r ft. 5 in.; wing area, r,542 sq. ft. Photograph: A B-58A Hustler (6r-zo69) of the U.S.A.F.

Dimensions: Span, 56

ft, ro in.; length,96 ft. I in.;

ft.; approx. tac. rad., r,zoo mls.; typical high-altitude mission endurance, 2.7 ht,; s. ceil., 6o,ooo ft.
or reconnaissance equipment. One

7oo m.p.h. at s.l. I nor. cr., S95 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo-55,ooo

2o-mm. M-6r tail cannon.

Operators: U.S.A.F. tr-irst Flights : (rst Test Acft.) Nov.

May ro,


r956; (TB-58A)


production B-58A (86); TB-58A* (8). Manufactured 1956-62. *Ten pre-production Hustlers brought up to full production standards, eight converted as TB-.sSA traincrs, one as YRB-58A for testing reconnaissance systems, and one as NB-58A for testing JS:-GE-:

Production Hislary : Test & pre-production B-S8A*(:o)

Variants: B-58A cquips two Bomber Wings of U.S.A.F. Strategic Air Command, the 43rd and 3o5th, and is scheduled to bc phased out of service betwcen tg67 and tg7r. Each crew member is housed in an individual capsulated cockpit rvhich can be ejected for escape at high speeds. Thc aircraft is not intended for sustained supersonic speeds, normally cruising at

Ilornbefs & Attack Aira'aft

Ilombers & Attacl: Airuaft

Country of Origin: France. Type: Two-seat Light Bomber. Power Plants: Two SNECMA Atar 9K turbojets of ro,36o lb.s.t. and r5,435 lb. with reheat. Performance: M. speed, r,454 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; m. stabilised speed, r,zzz m.p.h. at 6o,ooo ft.; tac. rad. (to target at supersonic speed and return at 595 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.) 77o mls.; m. range (with two 55o Imp.

level tactical missions, and late production models carry additional low-level strike equipment and cxternal loads of conventional bombs or ASMs such as MATRA AS 37. A version of the basic design proposed for R.A.F. was to havc bccn powcred by two
Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans with which a maximum speed of Mach z'5 (r,65o m.p.h.) was anticipated.

France's Force Nucl6aire Stratcgique, carries extensive electronic countermeasures equipment, and possesses a similar speed performance with or without the semi-recessed nuclear weapon. This free-falling weapon can be detonated by chronometric fuse at high altitude or by radar at low altitude. Dimensions: Span, 38 ft. ro] in.; length, 76 ft. r r] in.; graph: The first production Mirage IVA.

The Mirage IVA provides the air component of

height, 17 ft. 8!

in.; wing area, 8:9.6 sq. ft.


gal. auxiliary tanks), 2,485 mls. at 595 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; climb to 36,o9o ft.,4 min. r! sec.; ceil.,

Oct. rz, 196r; (IVA-o3) June t, tg6z; (IVA-oa) Jan.23, 1963; (lVA No. r) Dcc. 7, t963. Production History: Prototypes (r); pre-production (3); production (62). Manufactured r96r-7.

Weights: Empty, 3r,967 lb.; nor, loaded, 69,666 1b.; max. loaded, 73,8oo lb. Armament: (Strategic mission) One 5o-kiloton bomb semi-recessed in fuselage; (tactical strike mission) up to sixteen r,ooo-lb. bombs externally (four beneath fuselage and six bencath each wing), or four AS.37 Martel anti-radar missiles. Opcrators: Fr. A.F. Ftust Flights: (Mirage IV-or) June q, rgsg; (IVA-oz)


Variants: Mirage IV-or-Prototype with Atar gB turbojets. Mirage lVA-oz-First pre-production

tion modcl rvhich cntcrcd service r,vith the 9rc Escadre of the Fr. A.Ir. in r965 in thc high-altitude strategic role, opcrating with thc Fr. A.F.'s force of C-r3!F' tankers. All production Miragc IVAs stressed for lorv-

aircraft rvith slightly increased overall dimensions, redesigned forrvard fuselage, new tail surfaces and repositioned undercarriagc. Mirage IVA-Produc-

Bombers & Attaclt Aircraft


?ormbets & Attach Airctalt


DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK supplied to Argentina. A-4C-Equipped for limited all-'ieather opiration. [-4E-Re-engined model. A-4F-Current model with more powerful engine,

steerable nosewheel, zero-zero escape system, updated avionics and wing lift spoilers. TA-4F-Tandem twodeliveries seaf trainer eouivalent of the A-aF. first deliveries A-4F, equivalent seat May VA-rz5 beinE made to VA-rz< in Mav rq66. being DimZnsions: Span, z7"ft. 6 in.; iength (A-+E) +z ft. ('IA-41),42 tt. O rn.; herght, 15 rt' (TA-aF), 4z.ft.; hei,ght, rs-ft' 3i 1!I., ro* ro| ro9 in. (TA-+F). +z ft. 6 in.; height, r5 ft' 3+ in.;

?ype.' Single-seat Shipboard Attack Aircraft and (TA-aE) Two-seat Shipboard Operational Trainer.
turbojet of 7,7oo lb.s.t., one (A-4E) Pratt & Whitney JSz-P-6A or 8,5oo lb.s.t., or (A-aF & TA-+F) JSz-P8A turbojet of 9,3oo lb.s.t. Performances: (Specification relates to A-4E, figures in
parcnthescs rclating
Power Plant: One (A-4B & A-aC) Wright J6S-W-I6A

wing area, z6b'sq.' ft. Photograph: A-4E (Bu. No.
VA-56. r<ooro\ of U.S. Naw Squadron VA-16. Navy r5oo3o)

Country o.f Origin: U.S.A.

two 3oo U.S. gal. tanks, r,7oo (r,555) mls. Weights: Dnrpty, 9,284 Qo,6oz) lb.; loaded, 14,647 (tS,srS) lb.; max., z4,5oo lb. Armamcnt: (A-aB, -aC & -4E) Two 2o-mm. cannon and up to 8,zoo lb. of external ordnance.

(66r) m.p.h. at s.1., .575 (56o) m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft.; m. cr., 5oo (+qS) -.p.h.; range, 9zo (828) mls., with

to the TA-4F) M.

speed, 685

First Flights: (YA-aA) June zz, r954; (A-4A) Aug. 14, rqS+; (A-+B) March 26, r956; (A-4C) Aug. zr, r959; (A-aE) July rz, t96r; (A-+F) Aug. 3r, r966; (TA-4F)

Operators: (A-aB) Arg.A.F., U.S.N. (Air Reserve); (A-aC, -ali & -aF) U.S.N., U.S.M.C. ;(TA-aF) U.S.N.

June 3o, r96.5. Production History: YA-4A (z); A-4A (165); A-48 G+z); A-+C (638); A-aE (5oo); A-4F (r.5o*). Manufactured r953*68. TA-4F (r39 ordered by beginning of 1966). *Plus eigl-rt and two TA-4Fs for 1967 delivery to R.A.N. Variants: A-4A-Initial model norv lclcgatcd to training. A-4B-New powered rudder, new glrn sight and

strengthened rear fusclagc, Refurbished examples

Ilombers & Attacls Aircrafl

DOUGLAS A-T SKYRAIDER Dimensions: Span, 5o ft. 9 in.; length (A-rE), 4o ft. r in., (A-rJ), 38 ft. ro in.; height (A-rE), r5 ft. ro in.; (A-rJ), 15 ft. 8| in.; wing area,4oo'33 sq. ft. Photograph: A-rE of U.S.A.F.'s rst Air Commando Group.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: (A-rD, Tybe: (A-rD. H & J) Si T) Single- and (A-rD) Two-seat Shipboard or Shore-based Tactical Attack Bomber, Bomber. Power Plant: One Wright R-335o-z6W radial engine of 3,ozo h.p., or (A-rJ) -z6WB of 3,o5o h.p. Performance: (A-rJ with A-rE in parentheses) M. speed,3r8 (3rr) m.p.h. at r8,5oo (r8,ooo) ft.; nor. cr., r88 (zoo) m.p.h.; nor. range, 9oo mls.; m. range,

Oz). r945-56. *Subsequently redesignated A-rD. A-rD-Earliest serving version. Of 88 supVariants: plied French and declared surplus 1965, a number delivered Camb. A.F. A-rE-Multi-purpose version adopted by U.S.A.F. for counter-insurgency role. A-rH-Special equipmcnt for low-level attack.


Operators: (A-rD) Camb.A.F., (A-rE) U.S.A.F., U.S.N., Viet. A.F.; (A-rH) U.S.N., Viet. A.F.; (A-rJ) U.S.N. First Flights : (XBTzD- r ) July 6, 1944 ; (A- r E) Aug. r 7, r95r; (A-rJ) Aug. r956. Production History : XBTzD-r (25) ; AD- r (277) ; AD-z (r78); AD-3 (r94); AD-4* Q,qz); A-rE, EA-rF &

Armament: Four zo-mm. cannon and max, of 8,ooo lb. ordnance on underwing pylons.

3,ooo (2,75o) mls.; in. cl., 2,38o (z,3oo) ft./min. Weights: Empty, tz,55o (rz,3t3) lb.; nor. loaded, rg,ooo (r8,799) lb.; max., z5,ooo lb.

A-rH (7r:); A-tI


A-rJ-Strengthcned structure for prolonged lowJevcl

Ilontbers & Attack Aircraft


Itornbers & Attack Aitcrafl

DOUGLAS A-3 SI{YWARRIOR rccce and ECM equipment. RA-38-Carries up to
t.rvelve vertical and oblique cameras.

Dimensions: Span, Tz

lreight, zz ft. 9] in., (EA-:B), 4 ft. 6 in.; rving area, 8rz sq. ft. Photograph: A-3B of U.S.N.'s VAH-8.

ft. 6 in.; lcngth, 76 ft. 4 in.;

Electronic and (RA-:B) Photo Reconnaissance Aircraft and (TA-:B) Bombardier Trainer. Power Plants: 'Iwo Pratt & Whitney J57-P-ro turbojets of ro,5oo lb.s.t. and rz,4oo lb. with water injection, Performance: (A-AB) M. speed, 6ro m.p.h. at ro,ooo ft.,56o m.p.h. at 36,000 ft.; tac. rad., r,o5o mls.;m, range,2,9oo mls.; s. ceil.,4r,ooo ft, Weights: (A-3B) Empty, 3g,4og lb.; loaded, 73,ooo lb.; max., 8z,ooo lb.
Country of Origin: U.S.A, Type: Three-seat Shipboard Attack Bomber, (EA-38)

Armament: Four z,ooo-Ib., twelve r,ooo-lb., or twenty-four 5oo-lb. bombs. Defensive: Twin zo-mm. cannon in tail barbette (some aircraft only). Accommodation: (EA-38) Crew of seven including four electronics operators in pressurized fuselage; (RA-:B) crew of five including photo-navigator and phototechnician; (TA-:B) pilot, instructor and six pupils. First Flights: (XA3D-I) Oct. 28, r95z; (YA3D-I) Sept. 16, 1953; (YRA-3B) July zz, rg58; (EA-:B) Dec. ro, 1958; (TA-3B) Aug. 29, r959. Production History: A-3A* (5o); A-38 (r6a); EA-38 (za); RA-38 (3o); TA-3R (rz). ManufactureC r9546r. *A number of A-3As converted to TA-3A
trainers, and fivc to EA-3As. Variants: A-3A-Initial model with JSZ-P-6 engines. EA-3B-Equippcd with forward- and sideJooking radar, infra-red scanner and other non-photographic
Operators: U.S.N.




Attaclt Aircrafl


Ilotnbers &, Attach Airat"oft



Dimensions: (P.R.

*Plus 49 Mk. 2s built in Australia as Mk. zos. ir.r.; length,6S (66)

ft. rr$ (ro)

rS ft. 7 in.; wing atea, 96o (r,o44) sq. ft. Pltotograph: I|.(I). Mk. e (N26rc7) of No. 14 Sqdn. R.N.Z.A.F.

Mk. 9 in parentheses) Span, 63 (67) ft. 6 (8) in.; height,

Country of Origin: United I{ingdom. Type: Two- (B.Mks.B,rz & .58; or Three-seat (B.Mks. 2,6;q.,r6 & 3o) Light Bombcr, Trvo-seat (F.R.Mks.3,
P.R" Mk. 9

Power Plants: Two Rolls-Royce Avon (Mks. i, 3, 4, r r & r3) ror turbojets of 6,5oo lb.s.t., (Mks. 6, j,-i<','ft, zo,-zr & 57) ro9 turbojets of 7,5oo lb.s.t., or (Mt . q) zo6 turbojets of rr,z-5o lb.s.t. Performa.nce: (ts. Mk. 6 rvith P.R. Mk. 9 in parentheses) \{. speed,5r8 m.p.h. at s.1.,.58o (SS:) m.p.h. at 3o,ooo (4o,ooo) lt.; m. range, 3,79o (3,79o) mls. Itrleights: Empty, zr,679 lb.; max. loaded, 55,ooo lb.

7, g,& Sl) Photo-reconnaissance, or Two/three seat (T.Mks. 4,r3 & zr) Operational and (T.Mks.rr & 17) ladar T_rainer, and (T.T.N{k.r8) Target Tug.

rr) R.A.F., Swed. A.F.; (Mk. rz) R.N.Z.A.F.; 9_.4.A.F.;(Mk.r3) R.N.Z.A.F.; (Mks.r5 & r6) R.A.F.; (Mks. zo & zr) lL.A.A.F.; (Mks. 57 & !8) I.A.F. First tr'lisltts: (Mk. r) May 13, 1949; (Ml<. z) Apr. 4, I_gio; (Mk. 3).[Irrr. 19, r9-5o; (Mk. +) June 6,- rg5z;

Operators:_ (Vt. R.R.A.F., Venez. A.F.; (Mk. :) R.$.F.: (Mk. a)") 11.A.F., I.A.F., R.R.A.F.,'Venez. 6) 4f i(Vtl(ryIk. R.A.F., Ecua.A.F.; (Mhs. Z & tt) R.4 p.; 8) R.A.F., Peru. A.F., Venci. A.F.;

Armantent: Six r,ooo-lb. bombs internallyind (Mks. 8,-r,2, 15, 16 & 5ti) two r,ooo-lb. bombs or tu'o packs of thirty-seven z-in. rockets externally, or (Mks.-8, rz & 58) four 2o-mm. crnnon and three r,ooo-lb bombs.

July 23, r9.54; (Mk. q) July 8,

(Mft.6) Jan. 26. r9.54;(Mh.7) Oct.28, 1953; (Mk.8)
I\'oduction Ilistory: Protot-vpcs (Z); ML. z* (.12.1); Mk

: (:6); N{k. 4 (7s); Mk. o-1"s);'vtt<. z ti,il;'ut. s (9o); Mh. q (+S); Mk. S8 (66). Manufactured rs49-

Ilombers & Attaclt Airtrafl

AZ &: Atto<:lt Aitctafl'

GRUMMAN A-6A INTRUDER Dimensions: Span, 53 ft. o in.; length, 55 ft. 6 in.;
lreight, 15 ft. ro in. (EA-6A), t6 ft.7 in. Photograph: An A-6,\ (Bu. No. 149956) olYA-42, the U.S. Navy's Intruder training squadron at Oceana N.A.S.

?ype.' Two-seat Shipboard Low-Level Strike and (EA-6A) Elcctronic Countermeasures Aircraft. Power Plants: Two Pratt & Whitney J5z-P-8A turbojets of 9,3oo lb.s.t. Performance: M. speed, 685 m.p.h. at s.l.;, 575 m.p.h. at 28,ooo ft.; low-level range cr. (high drag), 345 m.p.h.; low-level range, r,25o mls., (with five 3oo U.S. gal. tanks), r,95o mls.;m. range,z,6oo mls. at 28,ooo ft. Weights: Loaded (maximum intcrnal fuel), 43,ooo lb.;
Country oJ Oriein: U.S.A.

max. overload, .5.1,ooo lb. Armament: Max. load of r5,ooo lb. ordnance. Typical loads include four Bullpup ASMs, five r,ooo-lb. or z,ooo-lb. bombs, or up to thirty 5oo-lb. bombs.

: U.S.N., U.S.M.C. April rg, r96o. Production History: Initial orders called for eight evaluation aircraft, 77 production A-6As and o EAtr'irst tr'lights: (A-6A)

6As, and deliveries to U.S.N. began

computers, and automatic flight control. A-68-Simplified version rvith oraNr system deleted. Cancelled in favour of A-7A. EA-6A-Bombing and navigation system replaced by countcrmeasures equipment to confuse radar-controlled anti-aircraft weapons and detecting deviccs. EA-6B-Countermeasures version with lengthened nose housing four crew members. Currently under development.

Integratcd Attack System) including terrain mapping, search and Doppler radar, air data and central digital

Varinnts: A-6A-Is equipped rvith preNn (Digital



Ilornbers & Attaclt Aircraft



llotnbcrs & Attaels Aitcraft

HANDLEY PAGE VICTOR Dimensions: (8.K. Mk. rA in parentheses) Span, r2o (rro) ft.; iength, rr4 ft. rr in.; height, :o (28) ft. r* (r*) in.;wing area, 2,597 @,406) sq. ft. Photograph:
Victor B. Mk. z (XL5r3) of No. r39 Sqdn. R.A.F.


'Iype: (B.I<. Mk. rA) Flight Refuelling Tanker and (8. Mk. z) Long-range Medium Strategic Bomber. Power Plants: Four (B.K. Mk. rA) Bristol Siddeley Sapphire 2o2 turbojets of rr,ooo lb.s.t., or (8. Mk. z) Rolls-Royce Conway R.Co.r7 Mk. zor turbojets of
Estimated Performdnce: (Specification relates to B. Mk. z, figures in parentheses applying to B.K. Mk. rA). M. speed, 63o m.p.h. at 5o,ooo (4o,ooo) ft.; m. cr., 6ro (6oo) at 55,ooo (46,ooo) ft.; nor. cr., 56o m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; range with Blue Steel, z,3oo mls. at 5o,ooo55,ooo ft., r,73o m.p.h. at 5,ooo-ro,ooo ft.;s. ccil., 5-5,ooo (5o,ooo) ft. Weights: Approx. max. loaded, 2oo,ooo (r5o,ooo) lb. Armament: (B. Mk. z) One Avro Blue Steel Mk. r stand-off missile or thirty-five r,ooo-lb bombs. Accommodation: (B.I{. Mk. rA) Max. 52,86o lb. transferable fuel supplied to Mk. r7 hose drum unit in fuselage and Mk. zoB refuelling pod beneath each wing. Operators: R.A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) Dec. 21, tg5z; (znd. prototype) Sept. rr, r95+; (8. Mk. r) Feb. r, 1956; Production History: Prototypes (z); B.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.


r9,75o lb.s.t.

(Il. Mk. z) Feb. 20, rssg.
rs converted to B.

B. N{k. z (5o-6o). Manufactured 1954-6+. *8. Mk.

Mk. r* (6o-7o);

Variants : B. Mk. z-I)iffers front B. Mk. rA in having cnlarged lving, morc porverful cngines, etc. B.(S.R.) Mk. z-Reconnaissance conversion with weapons-bay camera packs.

to B.I{. Mk. rAs.

Mk. rA standards and subsequently

Ilombers & Attach Airaraft


llombers & Attaelc Airuaft

tractable 85.6o5 twin-barrel rocket and provision for AS.zo ASMs.

graph: A Buccaneer S. Mk. z (XN677) of the formcr
TooB Flight.

height, 16

Span,4z ft.4 in.; length, 63 ft. -5 in.; ft. 6 in.; wing area, 5o8'5 sq. ft. Photo-

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Two-seat Shipboard Low-level Strike Aircraft. Power Plants:'frvo (S. Mk. r) Bristol Siddeley Gyron

Junior ror turbojets of 7,roo lb.s.t., or (S. Mk. z & S. Mk. 5o) Rolls-Royce RB.r68-r Spey R.Sp.z Mk. ror turbofans of r r,o3o lb.s.t.
PerJormance: (Estimated specification applicable to S. Mk. z) M. speed, 7oo m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. 665 m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.;rnnge cr.,575 m.p.h. at 33,ooo ft.; tac. rad. (at range cr. altitudc without auxiliary fuel), 5oo-6oo mls.; ferry, z,ooo mls. Weights: Loaded (rvithout rveapons), 4z,ooo lb.; max. 5,1,ooo lb. Armament: Typical load comprises four r,ooo-lb.

bombs intcrnally and four r,ooo-Ib. bombs, Martin Bullpup ASMs or z-in. or 3-in. rocket pods on wing

First Flights: (rst Pre-production) April 30, r95B;
May 17, 1963; (S. Mk. z), June 5, 1964. Prodttction History: Pre-production (zo); S. Mk. r (So); S. Mk. z (current production); S. Mk. 5o (16). S. Mk. r manufactured 196r-4. Deliveries of S.

Operators: (S. Mks.

r & z) R.N.; (S. Mk. 5o) S.A.A.F.

(S. Mk. r) Jan. 23, 196z; (rst Spey

z commenced r965. S. Mk. 5o delivered tg65-6. Variants: S. Mk, r-Initial modcl became operational aboard Ark Royal in February r963. S. Mk, z-Current model. Bccame opcrational aboard Hermes early in t966. Equips Nos. 8oo, 8or and 8o9 Squadrons. S. Mk. 5o-Shore-based version for S.A.A.F. with re-


Bombers & Atlack Airerafl


Bombers 8: Atlach Aircroft

Photograph: The fifty-third production Vulcan B. Mk. z (XM57z) operated by No. r Group R.A.F. llomber Command.

HAWKDR SIDDELEY VULCAN 99 ft. r r in.; height, 27 ft.2 in.; wing area, 3,964 sq. ft.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Long-range Medium Strategic Bomber. Power Plants: Four Bristol Siddeley Olympus (B. Mk. -(n. ntt. z) 1A') ro4 turbojets of r3,ooo lb.s.t., or Olympus 3or turbojets of zo,ooo lb.s.t. lgrformance: (Specification applies to the B. Mk. z) M. speed, 645 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft. (Mach o.98); m. 9r., 627 m.p.h. at 55,ooo ft.; typical endurance, B hr.; low-level tactical radius, r,7oo mls.; high-altitude tac-

tical radius, z,3oo mls.l approx. unrefuelled

range, 4,75o mls.; s. ceil., 6.5,ooo ft. Weights: (8. Mk. z) Approx. loaded, zoo,ooo lb, Armarnent: (8. Mk. z) One Avro Blue Steel Mk. r stand-offmissile or tr.venty-one r,ooo-lb. g.p. bombs. Accommodation.' Normal crew of five comprlsing pilot, operator. Operators: R.A.F. Flights: (rst Prototype) Aug. 3o, r95z; (B. '.

co-pilot, navigator, air electronics officer and iadar Feb.4, (8. Mk. z) Aug. rg, rg.58.Mk. r)


approximation. Variants: B. Mk. rA-Modification of B. Mk. r with up-dated internal equipment and ECM in extreme rear fuselage. Withdrawn from R.A.F. Bomber Command and _placcd in leserve by 1966. B. Mk. z-Operated bV N9s. g, 12,27,35, -5o, 83 and 6r7 Squadrons R.A.F'. Bomber Command. Dimensions: (B. Mk. z) Span, rrr fr. o in.; length,

Hiltory. Prototype (z); B. Mk. r* (+S); B. Mk. z (roo*). B. Mk. r manufactured rqs+-8 a-nd B. Mk. z manufactured 1957-64. *8. Mli.- is ptogr_cssively up-dated to B. Mk. rA and subsequently Mk. rB standards. B. Mk. z production figure is an


Itombers & Attach Aitcraft

clcleted, and second cockpit installed ahead and below

normal cockpit. Dimensions: Span, To ft.4| in.; length' 57 ft. rof in.; wing area, 654'445 sq. ft' Photograqh: Al Il-28 of No. zr Squadron of the Indonesian A.U.R.I.

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Beagle and (I1-z8U) Mascot. Type: Three-seat Tactical Bomber, (Il-z8R) Reconnaissance, (Il-z8T) Torpedo-Bomber and (Il-zsu) Power Plants: Two Klimov VK-r turbojets of 5,952 lb.s.t. Performanee: M. speed, 497 s.1., 559 m.p.h. 14,760 ft., 523 m.p.h. at 36,o9o ft.; in. cl. (at 40,565 ^t lb.), 2,953 ft./r,:,in.; ceil., 4o,355 ft. ; range with m. fuel (r,738 Imp. gal. and z,zoq-lb. bomb load, 7o5 mls. at 472 n.p.h. at 3,28o ft., 88o rnls. at .5oz m.p.h. at 16,4oo ft., r,355 mls. at 478 m.p.h. at 3z,8oo ft. Weights: Nor. loaded, 40,565 lb.; nax., 46,297 Lb. Armament: Up to 6,6oo lb. bombs internally plus two fixed forward-firing z3-mm NR-23 cannon and two similar weapons in tail barbette. Operators: Alg. A.F., Afg. A.F., A.U.R.I., Chin. A.F.,


(Production) r95o. Production History : Manufacturcd ry49*6r. Variants:

A.F., Fin. A.F., G.I).R. Luft., Hun. A.F., K.P.A.F.A.F., P.L.W., Rum. A.F., Sov. A.F., Sov. Navy, UAR A.F., N. Viet. A.F., Pak. A.F. First Flights: (Prototype) r9,18; (Pre-series) r949;

version serving with Soviet Naly and carrying two torpedoes. Il-z8U-Conversion training variant of
the standard

ing flown with Rolls-Royce Nene (NIN-r) engines. Il-z8R-Tactical reconnaissance version with cameras in nose and weapons bay. Il-z8T-Torpedo-bombing

Il-28-Initial version entered service with lb.s.t. I(limov RD-45F turbojets, prototype hav-

Il-28. Ventral

radome and nose glazing


Attock Aircrofl'


llombers & Attaclt Aitctaft

LTV A-7 CORSAIR II lb. TF3o-P-S with short afterburner. A-7C-Proposed two-seat version of A-7A. A-ZD Modified
version for U.S.A.F. use with TF4r engine, a 2o-mm.

M-6r rotary cannon, additional armour, and multi-

position leading and trailing edge flaps. A-7E-Proposed U.S. Navy version with rrees (Integrated Light Attack Avionics System).

Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?i,pe; Single-seat Shipboard Light Attack Bomber and (A-rDl Shorc-based Strike and Close-support Fighter' Power'Plant: (A-7A) One Pratt & Whitney TF:o-P-6

Dimensions: Span,'38 ft. 8$ in.;length, 46 ft. r] in.; height, r6 ft.234in.; wing area, 375 sq. ft. Photograph: A-7A Corsair II (Bu. No. 15z659) of VA-r74.

turbofan of rr,35o lb.s.t., or (A-ZD) Allison TF4rA-r (Rolls-Royce Spcy zor) turbofan of r4,z5o lb's.t. Perfornance: (A-7A) M. speed (clean), 679 m.p.h. at ai s.1.; optimun' cr., 37+ m.p.h. at s.l'; tac.- rad. (3,6oo lb. ordnince and no extcrnal fuel), Bro mls' (inc. 265 mls. at s.l.), ferry range 3,o5o mls. at 542 m p.h' Weights: Empty, r5,037 lb.;loaded (clean), z6,4oolb., (for catapult) .32,.5oo lb.; max. overload, 35,65o lb. Armatnent: (A-ZA) Two 2o-mm. Mk. rz cannon with 2.5o r.p.g. nnd eight external stores stations (four 3,5oo16.


ft., with 3,6oo ib. of external stores, 578 m.q.h.

city inboai'd wing stations and trvo

5oo-1b. capacity fuselage stations). Typical limited rvarfate load comprises iwelve 5oo-lb. and trrelve 3oo- or z5o-lb. bombs'

capaiitv outboxrd rving stations, two z,5oo-1b. capa-

U-.S.A.F. Corsair II enteling service 1967. Landbased U.S.A.F. version scheduled for r969 operation.

Operators: (A-ZA) U.S.N., U.S.M.C.; (4-7D)

First Flights: (rst Rescarch A-7A) Sept. 27, !965. Productiin History: Initial contracts placed by beginning of r967 callcd for rgo A-7A Corsair IIs, including seven research and development airclaft, plus quantity of A-78s. Currcnt plans call for purchase of r,ooo plus aircraft for U.S.N. and U.S.M.C. by r97o, and some 6oo A-7Ds for U.S.A.F. Vaiants: A-7A-Initial production modcl for U.S.N.

and U.S.M.C. A-78-U.S. Narry version with rz,ooo

Ilombers & Attaek Aircraft


Rombers & Attaclr Aircraft

B-57 lb.s.t. J57-P-37A engines. Tirenty produced of which trvo supplied to C.N.A.F. Grounded in 1963 after structural failures, but nine returned to service r966


aftcr manufacture of new wings. B-57E-Multil)urpose version of " 8 " equipped for target-towing.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.


Bomber, (TB-57) .Transition Trainer, and (RB-57F) Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft. Power Plants: Two Wright J6S-W-S turbojets of 7,zzo lb.s.t., or (RB-SZF) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-rr turbolans of r8,ooo lb.s.t. and (optional) i*o J6o-P-9 turbojets of 3,3oo lb.s.t.
Performance: (Specifications relates to 8-578 but is generally_ applicable to all versions excepl RB-57F) M. speed, 582 m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft., 534 m-.p.h. at-s.l.;

Type: Two-seat Light Tactical

RB-57F-Capable of sustained flight at 9o-roo,ooo ft. :rnd ranges up to 4,ooo mls. Dimensions: Span (B), 6: ft. r r* in. (F), rzz ft.; length (B) 6S ft.6 in., (F),68 ft. ro in.; height (B), 15 ft. 7 in., (F), r9 ft.; wing area (B), 96o sq. ft. Photograph: B-578 (53-3826) of U.S.A.F.'s 8th Bomb Sqdn.


8,57 F

\eights: (B-SZB) Loaded, 49,ooo lb.; max., 55,ooo lb. Alma,ment: Eight o'5-in. machine guns, 5,ooo lb. bomb load internally and up to 3,ooo lb. externally.
Operators: (RB--sZA) A.N.G.; (B-SZB) U.S.A.F., 4rN.G l C.N.A.F., Pak.A.F., Viet:A.F.; (B-sZC) II.S.{F., A.N.c., Pak. A.F.; (RB-57D) U.S.A.F.; (B-szE) U.S.A.F., A.N.c.; (RB-s:F) U.S.A.F.

tac. rad., r,roo mls. at 48o m.p.h.; in. cl., ft./min.; s. ceil., 48,ooo ft.


First Fligltts: (B-SZA) July zo, r953; (B-578) June 28, rgS+; (B-sZC) Dec. 3o, r954. Production History: B-57A (8); RB-57A (62); F:s7Bit (zoz);B-57C (:8); RB-szD (zo); B-57E (68).

Manufactured rgsz-56. *A number of B-578s have been rebuilt and cxtensively modified by General pynamics' Fort Worth Division as RB-57Fs (tS6+-S). Varianx : B-57A-Americanised Canberra (see page 8f) retaining side-by-side seating. B-57B-Tandem seating introduccd. Relegated to A.N.G. and modified for reconnaissance then restored to bomber configuration (tS6+-S) for PacAl.' use in Vietnam. B-57C-Provision for dual controls. RB-57D-Electronlc reconnaissance model with long-span rving and rr,ooo

Bontbers & Attaclc



Iktntbcrs & Attaclt Aifcraft

l)inu:nsions: Span, 4z ft. 7l tn.; length (3zA), +8 ft. oiirr., (:zB) 47 ft. 634 in.; height (3zA), r5 ft. 7 in., (3zB),

,\ 3zA Lansen of F r5 with Rb o4 air-to-sca

r5 ft. 3 in.; wing area, 4c2'57 sq.


Photograph: An

Country oJ Origin: Sweden. Type: Two-seat (3zA) All-weather Attack, (3zB) Interceptor, and (3zC) Tactical Recce Aircraft. Power Plant: One (3zA & 3zC) S.F.A. RM -sA (Avon roo) turbojet of 7,94o lb.s.t. and g,g2o tb. with reheat,

or (3zB) RM 6A (Avon zoo) of rr,oz5 lb.s.t.
PerJormance: (Specilication relates

r4,33o lb. with reheat.


(7ro) m.p.h. at s.l.; nor. cr., 528 (53o) m.p.h. at 36,000 ft.; range, 8oo-9oo mls., with rzr Imp. gal. ventral tank, 9oo-r,ooo mls.; in. cl., rr,Boo (r9,7oo) ft./min.; s. ceil., 49,zoo (5z,5oo) ft. Weigltts: Empty, r6,:98 (r6,-S:S) lb.; nor. loaded,
Armament: (3zA) Four 2o-mm. Swedish Hispano cannon and two Rb o4 ASMs, twelve zzo-Ib., four 55o-1b., or two r,roo-lb. bombs, or twelve r8-cm., or twenty-four r5-cm. or r3.5-cm. HVARs. (:zB) Four 3o-mm. Aden M/55 cannon and four Rb 324 AAMs. Operators: Srved. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype 3zA) Nov. 3, rg5z; (prototype 3zB) Jan.7, rg57; (prototype 3zC) Mar. 26, 1957. Production History: All versions (45o). Manufacturcd (3zA) r953-58; (3zB) r958-6o; (3zC) r958-6o. Variants: Saab 3zA-f)esignated A 3zA in Swed. A.F. scrvice and operated by F 6, 7, 15 and 17. To be phased out during carly'scventies. Saab 3zB-J 3zB scrving u'ith F r and It rz. Proposals made in 196.5 to convert for atttcl< r'olc. Saab 32C-S 3zC scrves with F rr, carrying cameras and electronic recce
equipment. zz,956 (24,679) lb.; max. 28,66o (z9,76o) Lb.


parentheses applying

to the 3zB) M.

to Saab 3zA, figures

speed, 685

Ilotrtbt:t's <t rltlceft ,lirartft


Ilozrbcls .& Attecl: Aircraft TUPOLDV TU-r6 rrnd provision for stand-off missile. Also scrvcs in

clcctronic reconnaissance role. I)inensions: Sp:rn, rro ft.; lcngth, 126 ft.; hcight, 36 ft.; rving area, r,Br5 sq. ft. Photograph: A 'I'u-r6 (lladger-B) of thc A.U.R.I. rvith l{ennel missiles.

Pozuer C'ountry of Origin: U.S.S.R.

srnce Aircrzrft.

Type: Long-rrnge N{edium Bomber and Reconnais-

Code Name: Iladger.

r9,r[3o lb.s.t. Estinmted Perfontnnce: N1l. spced, 6zo m.p.h. at ro,ooo ft.,6ro m.p.h. at zo,ooo ft.; cr. specd,495 m.p.h. at 3fl,ooo ft.; rangc (7,ooo-lb. bombs), 3,8oo mls., (zo,ooo lb. bornbs) z,5oo mls., (rvith I{ipper missile),
z,8oo mls.
trVeigltts: Applox. loaded, rTo,ooo lb. .lfrnutnrcnt: A rnaximun'r internal bomb load of approx. r-nissilcs on undcrrving pylons, or (Badger-C) onc

Plants: Trvo N{ikulin AM-3NtI turbojets of

z:,ooo lb., or (Iladger-B) trvo I(ennel anti-shipping

Dcfensive arr-namcnt c<lnpriscs two 23-mm. crlnnon in each of dolsal ventral irnd tail positions, and one 23-mm. cannon ir-r fixed nose installation. First Flights: (Prototl'pc) r95z; (production) r954-5. Productinrt History: Betr.vccn r,.5oo and z,ooo Tu-t6s arc bclicvcd to h:rvc bccn manufactured r953-62.
Operators: Sov. A.F., Sov. Navy,

pcr stand-off rnissile semi-rccessed in wcapons


A.U.R.I., UAR A.F.

Variants: Badger-A--Originally florvn as Tu-88 in competition rvitl-r thc Ilyushin Il-46. Badger-B-Basic 'I'u-r6 modificd to carry trvo air-breathing antishipping missiles. Badger-C-I;lattcncd nose ridome



Attacls Aircr.aft




Attaclt AircraJt

with multi-megaton warhead. Dimensions*: Span, 163 ft.; length, r5o A.F.
40 ft. *Approximate. Photograph: A strategic rccot.rnaissance version of the Tu-zo (Bcar-A) of the Sov.



Cotmtry of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Natne: Rear. Type: Long-range Strategic Heavy Bomber and Photographic and Elcctronic Reconnaissance Aircraft. Power Plants: Four Kuznetsov NK-rzM turboprops of r4,75o s.h.p. Estimated Performance: M. speed, 5oo m.p.h. at 4r,ooo ft., 54o m.p.h. at rr,ooo ft.; cr. speed, 47o m.p.h. at 3z,ooo ft.; range (u'ith 25,ooo lb. bombs), 7,8oo mls. Weights: NIax. loaded, 37o,ooo lb.

Armament: A maximum internal load of approx. 2-5,ooo lb. of bombs, or (Bear-B) one l{angaroo standoff missile. Twin z3-mm. cannon in dorsal, ventral and tail positions. First Flights: (Prototype) r954; (production) r956. Production llistory: Some 3oo aircraft manufactured Variants: Beat-A-The initial service version of the Tu-zo nolv largely relegated to the strategic reconnaissance and flight refuelling tanker roles. Some examples have dorsal remotely-controlled gun barbette deleted. A high-speed transport conversion of the basic bomber was designated Tu-rr4D, only a few cxamples being produced. A commercial transport
r 95

Operators: Sov. A.F., Sov. Narry. 5-60.

development, the Tu-rr4 (which see page 3o Ciz:il volume) employs similar wings, undercarriage and much of the tail assembly. Bear-B-Features extensively modified nosc ernbodying a lnrge duckbillcd radome housing navigational search and guidance radar. Dxists in rccorrnaissance and missilccarrying versions, the latter carrying a single weapon

Bontbers & Attaclt Aircraft


Rombeta & Atlaclt Aircraft

TUPOLEV TU-zz interceptors and the guidance system of
Camera windows are situated


Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Blinder.

Dhnensions*: Span, 9r ft.; length, r33 ft.; height, r7 ft.; wing area,2,o3o sq. ft. *Approxirnate. Photograph: The missile-carrying variant of the Tu-zz with broad nose radome and prominent refuelling probe. -Atrole.' The designation " Tu-zz " rvas originally allocated to the Tu-82 (design bureau designation), the Soviet Union's first swept-wing bomber (1949) which failed to attain service status.

in the nose and aft.

Power Plants: Trvo axial-flow turbojets rated at rg,zoo* lb.s.t. and z6,5oo* lb. rvith reheat. *Approx.
Estimated Performance:

Strike-reconnaissance Aircraft.

Type: Long-range Medium Bomber and (Tu-zzR)

weapons housed internally,
O1>erators: Sov.

Armament: Various combinations of free-falling

r,4oo mls.; s. ceil., 6o,ooo ft. Weights: Approx. loaded, r85,ooo lb.

ft.; cr. speed, 63o m.p.h.

M. speed, 925 m.p.h.
at 4o,ooo


at tac. rad.,

ASM. Onc rcmotely-controlled z3-mm. tail

or single

semi-recessed cannon.

vanced Russian military aircraft publicly revealed. Displayed publicly over Tushino in June 196r, by which time it is believed to have attained pre-service status with the Sov. A.F., and a formation of nine examples participated in its Tushino d6but, together with a modified variant featuring a drooped and broader nose radome, a prominent refuelling probe mounted semi-recessed

First Flights: (Prototype) rgST-8i (production) rg6o-r. Production History: Production delivelies to the Sov. A.F. are believed to have commenced in 196r. Variants: The Tu-zz is currently one of the most ad-

in the weapons bay. The operational status of this version is not known with certainty. The standard model appears to be intended for both bombing and reconnaissance missions of intcrmediate range, and carries four crew rnembers. The tail gun is presumably intendcd to dispense a mixture of " chaff " and tracer to confuse the radar of

above the nose radar, and a large air-to-surface missile

Patrol, ASI, &




Patrol, ASli



tions (Viper turbojets, increased fuel, etc.) r967. l:rought up to Mk. zC standards from r96r, DCM and

I/ariants: M.R. Mk. 2C-Al1 M.R. Mk. 2s were

ASW equipment being brought up to M.R. Mk. 3 standards. To be replaced by HS. 8or. T. Mk. lConversion of M.R. Mk. r with additional radar positions for instructors and pupils, and specialised

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type : Long-range Maritime Reconnaissance Bomber. Power Plants: Four Rolls-Royce Griffon 57A liquidcooled engines of 2,45o h.p. and (M.R. Mk. 3 Phase 3)

ASW training equipment. Dimensions: Span (Mk. zC), tzo ft. o in., (Mk. :) rrg ft. ro in.; length, gz ft. 6 in.; height (Mk. zC), 16 ft. 9 in., (Mk. :), 4 ft. 4 in.;wing area (Mk. zC), ron, R.A.F.

r,+zt sq. ft., (Mk. 3), r,458 sq. ft. Photograph: A Shackleton M.R. Mk. 3 ffF7o7) of No. zor Squad-

2,5oo lb.s.t. for supplementary take-off power. Performance: (Specification applies to M.R. Mk. 3 but is generally applicable to M.R. Mk. zC) M. speed, 3o2 m.p.h. at rz,ooo ft.; m. cr.,2S3 m.p.h, at ro,oco ft.; econ. cr., zoo m.p.h. ; m, range,4,2r 5 mls. at 2oo m.p.h. at r,5oo ft.; in. cl. (at roo,ooo lb.), 85o ft./min, Weights: (M.R. Mk. zC in parentheses) Empty, 57,8oo (.S6,Soo) lb.; max. loaded, roo,ooo (qS,ooo) lb. Armament: Twin zo-mm. Hispano cannon in nose and

two Bristol Siddeley Viper B.S.V.rr turbojets of

buoys. Accommodation.' Crew of ten and, for emergency trans-

(tactical operations) twelve or (M.R. Mk. zC) fifteen r,ooo-lb. bombs. Typical A.S.W. stores load comprises three Mk. 3o acoustic torpedoes, nine Mk. r r depth charges, tz Mk. z mlrine markers and rz sono-

port role, tx'enty-nine troops and their equipment,

the latter storved in r.veapons-bay panniers. Operators: (M.R. Mk. zC) R.A.F.; (M.R. Mk. :) R.A,F., S.A.A.F. Fbst Flights: (rst Prototype) March 9, 1949; (M.R. Mk. r) Oct. 2+, rg5oi (prototype M.R. Mk. z) June r7, r95z; (M.R. Mk. 3) Sept. 2, rgSS; (M.R. Mk. 3 with Vipcrs) Jan.29, t965. Production History: Prototype (:); M.R. Mks. r & rA* (ZZ); M.R. Mk. z (69); M.R. Mk. 3** (42). *Small number converted 1956-57 as 'f. Mk. 4 crew trainers. **Surviving examples undergoing Phase 3 modifica-

Patrol, ASW & Rccce Aircraft



Patrol, ASIV & Ilecce Airuaft

graph: A Breguet AIiz6 of France's Adronavale.

BREGUET rc1o ALTZE Dimensions: Span,5r ft, z in.;length,45 ft.6 in.; height, 15 ft. 7 in.; wing area, 387'5 sq. ft. Photo-

Country oJ Origin: France. Type: Three-seat Shipboard Reconnaissance and AntiSubmarine Warfare Aircraft. Power Plant: One Rolls-Royce Dart R.Da.zr turboprop of r,95o s.h.p. Performance: M. speed, 285 m.p.h. at s.1., z9o m.p.h. at 3,ooo ft., zgz m.p.h, at ro,ooo ft.; normal patrol spced, r44 m.p.h. at r,5oo ft.;cndurance (radome extended), 5 hr. tz min. at r44 m.p.h. at r,5oo ft.; ferry range, r,785 mls.; in. cl. (at r8,roo lb.), r,38o ft./min.; s. ceil. (at r7,65o lb.), zo,5oo ft. Weights: Empty equip., rz,566lb.; nor. loaded, r8,roo lb. Armament: Three 353-1b. depth charges or one acoustic torpedo in weapons bay, plus two 353-1b. or 386-lb. depth charges and six 5-in, rockets or two SS.rrM wire-guided ASMs underwing. Operators : Adronavale, Indian Navy. First Flights: (Br. ro5o-or) Oct. 6, r956; (Br. ro5o-oz) Dec. zr, r956; (Br. ro5o-o3) April r9, rg57; (Br. ro5o No. r) March 26, ry59. Production History: Pre-production (z) and production (87). Manufactrred 1957-62. aboard the carriers Climenceau and Foch, seventy-five having been delivered to France's A6ronavale. Twelve aircraft rvere also delivered to the Indian Navy for service aboard the carrier Vihrant. The Alizri can undertake anti-shipping strike tasks.

Variants: Br. ro5o-The


(Tradewind) serves

!a."1, AS\V &




Patrol, ASW & Becce Air(ryaft

BREGUET II5O ATLANTIC Joint production programme by German,.Belgian, F.en"li and Dutch companies, Breguet retaining ret*Total orders placed at beginning of 1967 (4o for
'Adronavale and zo for Kriegsmarine). Production lcliveries commenced in December r96-5. Production tate of two-three per month during 1966-7.
.:Dimensions: Spanf rr9 ft. r{ in.;length, ro4 ft. r} in.; height, 37 ft. if in.; wing area, r,zgt'67 sq. ft' Photo-

sponsibility for development and final assembly.

griph: The Breguet r r5o-o3 Atlantic.

turboprops of_6. ro5 s.h.p,

Power plants: Two Rolls-_Royce Tync R.Ty.zo

Mk. zr

u, ,e, -'o.r,lof:,:.,i 1t o2o mls.; m. runge. -a.,

nte ( and from patr

iii:l#::i""{,tj.*,f !1.Hi;lll?i,ff -3i.."..1 !?5-zoo m.p.h. at r,ooo_r,5oo ft.; tvpi"ui_i.".ioi"o.o_

j# il "",^?;,i#Tl

.'tc con
od a i n.. Twelve r a""t oi?,rril;:: ".":::::"--bers on "pp".
t o






Production History: prototypes (4); production (6o*).

ffFf1*:",ll., ffi','.,','",,,,;

Patrol, ASW & Recce Ai:reraft


Patrol, ASIV & Ilecce Aircraft

tactical electronic equipment and aerodynamic refinernents. The Argus is employed operationally by Nos.4o4 and 4o5 Squadrons of the R.C.A.F. Maritime Air Command, and is the heaviest western maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Dimensions: Span, r4z ft. 3] in.; length, rz8 ft. 3 in.; height, 36 ft. 8|.in.; wing area, 2,075 sq. ft. Photograph: TL.e third production Arg,-rs Mk. z (zo7z).

Country of Origin: Canada. Type : Long-range Maritime Reconnaissance Bomber. Power Plants: Four Wright Turbo Compound R-335o (TCr8EAr) Type 98r radials of 3,4oo h.p. and 3,7oo h.p. with water injection. Performance: M. speed, 3r5 m.p.h. at zo,ooo ft., 288 m.p.h. at s.l.; m. ct.,23o m.p.h. at s.1.1 econ. cr., zz3 rn.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; typical patrol end at r9o m.p.h. below r,ooo ft. (at 83o-ml. range), rz hr., (at r,zro-ml. range), 8 hr., (at r,59o-ml. range), 4 hr.; cr. end., z4 hr. ; m. range, 5,9oo mls. ; in. cl., r,7oo ft. /rnin. Weights: Empty, 8r,ooo lb.; nor. loaded, r48,ooo lb. Armament: Up to 8,ooo lb. of depth charges, bombs or torpedoes internally, and up to 7,6oo lb. of ordnance on underwing pylons, Accommodation.' Crew of fifteen comprising three pilots, three navigators, two flight engineers and seven electronic equipment operators,
Operators: R.C.A.F. First Flights (Mk. r) March 28, 1957. Production History: Argus Mk. r (r3); Argus Mk.


Manufactured r956-6o.


designated CP-ro7 by the R.C.A.F., featured a larger

Mk. r-The initial variant of the


with diflering disposition of navigational and communications radio, and tactical electronic equipment. Mk. a-Definitive production version with improved

radome than the definitive Mk. z, together

Patrol, ASI; &




Patroa, ,4SIV & Rccce Aircraft

FAIREY GANNET A.E.W.3 the alternate component every hour. It serves with

No. 849 Squadron which provides A.E.W. flights for
R.N. carriers.


height, r6 ft. ro in.; rving area, 49o sq. ft. Photograph: A Gannet A.E.W. Mk. 3 of " A " Flight of the Iloyal Navy's No. 849 Squadron.

Span,54 ft.6 in.; length,44 ft. o in.;

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Shipbo^rd Early Warning Aircraft. Power Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Mamba roz double

turboprop of 3,875 e.h.p.
Estimated Performanee:



endurance, 5-6


hr. at r3o-r4o m.p.h.; s. ceil.,


speed, z5o m.p.h. at 5,ooo

Weights: Approx. loaded, zr,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of three comprising

two radar observers. Antenna for

radar housed by ventral radome. Operalors; R.N. First Fl.ights: (Aerodynamic prototype) Aug. zo, 1958; (rst production) Dec. z, r958.


Production History: Gannett A.E.W.

Manufactured 1958-6r. Variants: Retaining hardly more than the wing of the shipboard anti-submarine warfare Gannet, now withdrawn from operational service, the Gannet A.E.W Mk. 3 features an cntirely redesigned fuselage, and is intcnded to loiter at maximum endurance speeds on the defensive periphcry of the Fleet. The A.E.W. Mk. 3 normally cruises on only one of the two componcnts of its porver plant, each of these components being entircly independent, porver bcing changed to

Mk. 3


Patrol, ASIV & Beece Aircraft


Patrol, ASIV & Recce Airealt

Was used from 1966 to monitor and control all U.S. Navy air strikes over North Vietnam, one E-zA being capable of controlling 5o-roo aircraft simultancously, vectoring the flight leaders to their assigned targets, and also monitoring enemy interceptor flights.
Dimensions: Span, 8o

ft. 7 in.; length, 56 ft. 4 in.; height, 16 ft. 5 in.; wing area, 7oo sq. ft. Photograph: An E-aA Hawkeye (Bu. No. r487r r) of the U.S. Naval Air Test Centre.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?ype; Shipboard Early Waming Aircraft. Power Plants: Two Allison T56-A-8 turboprops of
4,o5o e.s.h.p. PerJormance:

m.p.h. at 3o,ooo ft.; m. endurance on station, 7 hr.; in. cl., 4,zoo ft./min. Weights: Empty, :7,qSo lb.; loaded, 49,o79 Lb. Accomnodation.' Crew of fivc on flight deck and in ATDS (Airborne Tactical I)ata System) compartment. E-zA is focal point of ATDS which is tied to the basic U.S. Navy NTDS (Navy Tactical Data System) by
high frcquency codcd transmission and reception links. The z4-ft. rotodome of the initial service model houses thc AN/APA-r43 antenna and rotates at 6 r.p.m. scanning speed. This is tied to AN/APS-96 radar. Has bccn tcsted rvith larger AN/APA-I64 rotodome antenna and AN/APS-r r r radar to reduce ground clutter and ease the distinguishing of approaching aircraft. Operators: U.S. Navy. First Flights: (Acrodynamic prototype) Oct. zr, 196o; (prototype with AN/APS-96) April zg, ry6t; (prototype with AN/APS-rrr) Aug. r7, 1965. Production History : Manufactured tg6r-7. Deliveries commenced January tg, ry64.

M. spced, 397 m.p.h. at s.l.; average cr., 3r5 m.p.h. at z7,ooo ft.; patrol speed, z5o-z8o

Variants: E-zA-Currcnt model entered service in 1964, Operates in teams circling naval task forces.

Patrol, /,SII7


Recce Air"craft


Patrolr 4SIY & Recce Aira'aft

GRUMMAN OV-r MOHAWI( The r,r5o e.s.h.p. T53-L-r5 is availablc as an altcrnative to the -7 in all versions.

height, rz ft. 8 in.; wing area, 3to sq. ft. Photograph: An OV-rA (foreground) and an OV-rB N4lohawk of the U.S. Army. The OV-IA is illustrated below.

Span,4z ft. o in.; length,4r ft. o in.;

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type.' Two-seat observation and reconnaissance aircraft. Power Plants: Two LycominS Tfi-L-7 turboprops of r,5oo e.s.h.p. Performance: (OV-rA) M. speed, 3o8 m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; m. cruise, 3o4 m.p.h,; econ. cruise, z5r m.p.h.; m. range (with tr,vo r5o U.S. gal. auxiliary tanks),

r,4ro mls.;in. cl.,2,95o ft./min.;s. ceil.,3o,ooo ft. (OV-IA) Empty, g,%7 1b.; loaded, n,672 lb.;max., r5,o3r lb. Armament: The OV-r normally carries no armament but strong points are provided for a total of six storcs stations for up to 4,ooo lb. of ordnance. Opcrators: U.S. Army. First Flights: (YOV-rA) April r4, r959. Production flistory: Total production all vcrsions Fiscal yeats fu-66 (268), including YOV-IA (S), OVrll (65), and OV-IC (z+). Additional orders for OV-IB and -rC for Fiscal 67 (3o), and production (of approx. 7o more) currently programmed through

APS-q+ SLAR (Side-looking radar) in under-fuselage container. OV-rC-Equipped rvith UAS-4 infrared survcillancc equipment, Thc equipment areas of all three vcrsions of this frontline observation and
reconnaissancc aircraft arc so alrangcd that equipment common to all models has a common Iocation, thus

KA-3o camera slrstem. OV-rB-Equipped with

Variants: OV-rA-Basic version of Mohawk with

pcrmitting one version to be convcrted to another.

Potrol,.,l,Sltr d.





/Datrol,.,l,SII' di Recce Aircrofl

but rvith Jezcbcl-Julie equipment. Has norv almost completely supplantcd earlier versions of the 'fraclier in the U.S. Navy's r8 shipboard anti-submirrine rv:rrfare fixed-u'ing squadrons. CSzF-z-Canadian-built S-zA (CSzF-r) with up-dated cquipmcnt. CSzF--r supplied to Braz. A.F. and R. Neth. N.A.S. Dimensions: (S-zA with -zD in parenthcscs) Span. 69

ft. 8 (7) in.; length, 42 ($) ft. o (6) in.; height, ft Q7) ft. :l (6) in.; rving arca,48.5 (+99) sq. ft.
A CSzF-z (r598) of thc II.C.N.

Country o/ Orrgir: U.S.A.

?ype.' Four-seat Shipboard or Land-based Anti-

submarinc Warfarc -\ircraft. Power Plants: T*'o Wright R-rSzo-SzWA radials of r,525 h.p. Performance: (S-zD) NI. speed, z8o m.p.h. at s.l.; cr. speed, r66 m.p.h. at .5,ooo ft.; pirtrol specd, r5o m.p.h. at r,5oo ft.; m. range, r,352 nrls.; cndurancc (ro')d reserves),9 hr.; s. ceil., zz,ooo ft. Weights: Iimpty, r8,3r-5 lb.; r-nax. loaded, z6;47 lb.

Armamcnt: 'frr'o homing torpedoes, tu'o Mk. ror depth bombs, or four 38.5-1b. depth charges internally, and six -5-in. IIVAI{s, z5o-lb. bombs or Zuni rockets. Operators: (S-zA) U.S.N., IL.C.N., Ilraz.A.F., R. Neth. N.A.S., Arg. Navy, Ital. Navl', J.M.S.D.I,-., R.A.N.; (T'S-zA, US-zC, S-zD & D) U.S.N. I"irst 7'lights: (XSzF-r) Dec.4, rgsz; (S-zD) May zr,
r 9-5 9.

Production Ilistory : S-zA (approx. 5oo); CSzF-r (roo); S-zC (6o). Production zrll versions exceeded 95o by beginning of 1967, including roo manufzrcturcd undcr licenco in Ctrnada as CSzIi-r, and was schcduled to continuc trt least through Fiscal r967.

metric cxtcnsion on portsiclc. S-zD-Increased dimensions, fuel and updated cquipmcnt. S-zE-As -zD

Variants: TS-zA-ASW training variant. S-zBS-zA modihed to carrv Jezehcl acoustic scarch and Julie localisation cquipr-nent. S-zC-Sixty built. Mostly converted as LIS-zC utility aircraft. Asym-


Plltrolt asw &



Patrol' ASIV & Ilecce Aircraft LOCKHEED P-Z NEPTUNE

tured 1945-62. Licence manufacture by

Definitive modified version of P-zH. P-zJ-Developed version with T64 turboprops evolved by Karvasaki, and to be delivered to J.M.S.D.F. from August r969. I)imensions: Span (over tip tanks) ro3 ft. ro in.; length, gr ft. 8 in.; height, z9 ft. 4 in.; wing area, r,ooo sq. ft. Photograph: P-zH (Bu. No. 14643r) of A6ronavale.

959-65. Variants :

P-zF-Equipped for mine-laying. SP-zH-

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: Maitirne Reconnaissance and Patrol Bomber. Power Plants: Two Wright R-335o-3zW radials of 3,5oo h.p. and two Wcstinghouse J:+-WE-:6 turbojets of 3,4oo lb.s.t. Performance: M. speed, 356 m.p.h. at ro,ooo ft., (piston engines only), 3o5 m.p.h. at 8,5oo ft., z6z m.p.h. at s.l.; m. end. patrol speed, r73-zo7 m.p.h. at r,ooo ft.; nor, range, z,zoo mls.; m. range, 3,685 mls. Weights: Empty, 49,935 lb.; m. loadcd, 79,895 lb. Armament: (Internal) Two 2,r65-lb. torpedoes, two z,ooo-lb. mines, eight r,ooo-lb. mines or bombs, or twelve 325-lb. depth chargcs and two Nord AS.rz ASMs.
Accommodation.' Crew

pilot, navigator-bombardier, radar/MAD-operator'

of seven comprising pilot, co-

radio-operator, sonobuoy-operator, and ordnanceman. The SP-zE and SP-zH have provision for Julie active explosive echo-sounding and complementary Jezcbel passive detector system. Operators: (P-zE) R.A.A.F., Port.A.F., Arg. Navy, Biaz. A.F., U.S.N.; (P-zF) A6ronavale; (P-zH) R.C.A.F., R.A.A.F., Adronavale, R. Neth. N.A.S.'

J.M.S.D.F., U.S.N.

First Flights: (XPzV-r) May 17,

194-5; (XPzV-z) Jan.7, rgqT; GzV-S) Aug. 6, rq+S; (PzV-+) Nov. r4, rq+q; (P-zE) Dec. zg, r95o; (P-zF) Oct. t6, rg5z; (YP-zH) April 26, rqS+; (P-zJ) July zr, r966. Production llistory: XPzV-r (z); I'zY-t (r-5); PzV-z (8r); PzV-: (83); PzV-a Gz); P-zE (+z+); P-zF (8:); P-zH (359); Kawasaki-built P-zH (aB). Manufac-

Platral, rtSII/ &


Ai ruaft
t: s


Patrol, ASIV & Ileece Aircraft

beginning of 1967.



introduied. The r34th P-3A introduced an auxiliary gas turbine power unit. P-38-T56-A-14 turboprop

of equipmcnt known as the Deltic installation
under test

Variants:P3A-With the rroth P-3A a new standard

standard. P-3C-More advanced avionics. YP-3C

Country oJ Origin: U.S.A. Type : Long-tange Maritime Reconnaissancc Aircraft. P-ower Planls: (P-3A) Four Allison T56-A-roW turboprops of 4,o5o c.s.h.p. (4,5oo e.s.h.p. rvet) or (P-3B) Ts6-4-r+ turboprops of 4,9ro e.s.h.p. Pirformance: (Figuies in parentheses relate to P-3B) M.-speed at roo,ooo (ro5,ooo) lb., 44o (476) m.p.h. at

ft. 8 in.; length, 116 ft. ro in.; height, 33 ft. 8 in.; wing area, r'3oo sq. ft. -Photograph: AP4A Orion (Bu. No. 15o6o8) of U.S. Narry Patrol Squadron 19 (VP-rg).
Dimensions: Span, 99



zo,ooo (r5,ooo) ft.; econ. cr., 4o3 (:97) m.p.h., at zo,ooo (zt,ooo) ft.; m. mission radius' (2,.533) mls'; in. cl. at rzT,Soo lb., z,o8o ft./min.; s. ceil', z7,ooo (z8,3oo) ft. We;ghti: Empty, 6o,ooo 1b.; max. normal -loaded,

rz7:Soo (rz7,zoo) lb.; max. overload, r34,ooo lb. Aim-ament: Max. external stores comprise ten Mk. 44 torpedoes or six z,ooo-lb. mines, eight r,ooo-lb. mi!es,

or ien 5oo-lb. mincs. (Internal) Two Mk, ror nuclcar depth bombs and four Mk. ++ torpedoes or three

r,ooo-lb. mines. Accommodation.' Crerv

of ten comprising pilot, copilot, radio-operator, flight engineer, navigator, tacordnanceman.

iical- co-ordinator, sonobuoy operator, Julie/ECM operator, radar /MAD /trail detector operator, and
Operators: U.S.N.; (P-3B) R.N.Z'A.F., *On order. First Flights: (YP-:A) Nov. 25, r959; (pre-production P-3A) April i5, i96r; (rst P-3A with T56-A-r4s) Oct. zo, r965. Production liislory.' Orders at beginning of r967 totalled zz< and compriscd zro for U.S.N., ro for R'A.A.F., uni fiu" for n.N.Z.A.F. Approx. r8o delivered by



Patrol, ASIV & Recce Aircroft



Country of Origin: IJ.S.A. Type: T\\ro-se^t Shipboard Reconnaissance and Attack Bomber, Powey Plants: Trvo General Electric J79-GE-8 turbojets of ro,9oo lb.s.t. and r7,ooo lb. with'reheat.

control, and increased internal fuel c:rpacity. Hurnpcd fuselage contolrrs. A1i convertcd to RA-.5C standarcls prior to dclivery. RA-5C-Emb<;dving similar rnodifications to those of A-5I3 but essentially a reconnaissancc aircr:rft rvith sccondar-v attack capability. Sidelooking aircraft radar housed in long ventral fairing. I)imensions: Span, -53 ft. o in.;length,73 ft.212 in.; height, 19 ft. 4:l in.; rving area (A-SA), 7oo sq. ft. Photograph: RA-5C of U.S. Navy Squadron I{VAH-5.

NORTII A\{IIRICAN A-5 VIGILANTE extension of llap surfaccs, modillcd boundary la1'cr

l'att'o! , ' l,9ll/ rt' R<'<'ct' 'liraroft

m. low-level cruisc,633 m.p.h.; range-cruise, s6o m.p.h. at 4o,ooo_ft._; tac. rad., r,ooo mls.; m. ,nn-g., 2,995 mls.; s. ceil., 64,ooo ft. Weights.: Nor. loaded, 6r,73o lb.; max. overload,
74,ooo lb.

Performane^e: (Specification applies to RA-5C) M. spee.d, r,385. m.p.h. at_ 4o,ooo ft., 685 m.p.h. ai s.l.;

Armament: (A-5A) Nuctear or conventional store in linear bay and two r,ooo-lb. or z,ooo-lb. bombs or Bullpup ASMs on underwing pylons; (RA-SC) Up to four r,ooo-lb. or z,ooo-lb. bombs br ASMs on
undervring pylons.
Operators: U.S.N. First FLights: (Y$-sA) Aug._3r, r958; (A-58) r96z; (RA-.5C) Junc ao, r962.



Produetion History: YA-5A (z); A-5A*

RA.-5.Cs 1965-66. All remaining A-5As progressively withdras.n from service and biought t6 ne-5C

manufactured r959-63 and RA-5C manufactur-ed 1963-6. *Initial batch of trventy-seven converted as




Variants: A-5A-Initial production model of Vicilante intended primarily for attack role, stores being e'iected rearward from a lincar \\'eapons bay, or tunnefrunning lengthwiqe in aft fuselage betrveen engines. Was


deployed opcrationally in August rq6z. A--SB-Intcnded primarily for attack role. Changcs includeci

AOI? Airo,aft





tail surfaccs, self-se:rline fuel turrlis, llrrli curtains and seat armour. TO-rD-Dual-corrtr.ol version lvith more comprehcnsive irlstrumcntiltir)l). O-rE-Essentially similar to O-rA r.vith r-ninor. irnfuselage and

changes dictated by operations in Vietnam. Corrverslorl programme continuing r967. Dimensions: Span, 36 ft. o in.;length,25 ft. ro in.; height, 7 ft. 4 in.; wing arca, r7,+ sq. ft. Photogral>lt:
operated by Escuadrilla 4oz

provements. O-rF-Modilication of O-r.\ ri,ith

L-rgE Bird Dog (L.rz) of


A.F. This t-vpe is fror. Torrejon (Madrid).



(O-rD) Instrument Training Aircraft.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?ype-' Trvo-seat Air Observation Post, Liaison and

Performance: (Specification refers

-rr "

M.C.; Viet A.F. First FLights: (Model 3o5A) Jan. rgso; (O-rA) Nov. r_95o; (XL-r98) Nov. z, r95z; (XL-r9C) Sept. r', r9.53. Production History: O-rA* (z,Ss+); O-rB i6c); O-iC (zs) :'lo-rD (:oi) ; o-rE* (asii Mlnrf"ctur..'d r9-5o 59 and 196z-3. *One O-rA converted as XL-I9B'and trvo as XL-rgC r95z-4. Later reconvertcd. Approx. roo additionrl O- r Es manufacture d in Jrrpan bv Fuii.

Operators: Aus. A.F.; Braz. A.F.; C:Lmb. A.F.; Can. 4.fy, 9Ul. A.F.; Fr. Army ; It. Army; J.G.S.D.F.; B.O.KrAf.;_LaosA.F.; R. No. A.F.; Pak.A.F.; ppql.4,F.; ThaiA.F.; U.S. Army; U.S.A.F.; U.S.

to O-rE) M. speed, r15 m.p.h.;nor. cr., ro4 mp.h. at 5,ooo ft.; range, /min., s. ceil., rtl,5oo ft. 5, , in. cl., r,r5o ft. \eights: Empty, r,614 lb., loaded, z,q3o lb-.

Plant: One Continental O-47o-r or (O-rE & F) flat-six " engine of zr3 h.p.

XL-r9B-O-rAfitted with zro h.p. Boeing XT5o-BO-r (5oz-8) turboprop. XL-rgC-Two O-rAi witi TurboO-rC-Extensively redesigned version for U.S.M.C. with 265 h.p. Continental O-47o-z enginc, redesigned
mdca Artouste turboprops and increased fuel capacity.

Variants: O-rA-lnitial and principal production version. O-rB-Identical to O-rA for U.S.M.C.

AOP zlircraft


A()I' Aitcruft DORNIER DO

rJcisht' of 3,a6r lb. Do z7A3-Loaded rveight increased tol,85tt lb. Do z7A-4-No ventritl doors' Loaded rv.ighr"of 4,o78 lb. Do z7B-r-D.ual controls'

r<o h.p. Ticre G-IVB engine' Do z7A-r-Loaded

Do z7$-z

Commcrcial versions (see page t56 Ltrtl volume') Dimensions: Span, 39 ft. a] in.: length, 3r ft 6 in-'; heisht, r) ft. z in.; winq arer, zo8'8 sq. ll. Plrclografh: C.tz7 (Do 27A-r) of Sprrnish Air Force.


h.p. GSO--18o-BrRQ e1.ei1e. Do z7.Q

Country of Origin: Federai Germany. Type: Arr Observation Post and Light Utilitl' Aircraft. Power Plant: One Lycoming GO-48o-BrA6 "flatsix " engine of z7oh.p. Performance: M. speed, r4r m.p.h. at 3,28o ft.; cr" (75o/e power), r3o m.p.h.; econ. cr. (65o/o power), ro9

m.p.h.; m. range, 685 mls.; in. cl., 65o ft./min.;

s. ceil., ro,8z5 ft. Weights: Empty, 2365 lb.; loaded, 4,o7B lb. Accommodation.' Tlvo seats side-by-side in cochpit and provision for four to six seats aft. Operators : Belg. Army; Con. A.F. ; Luft. ; Kriegsmarine ; Fe d. G. Army; Nig. A.F. ; Port. A.F. ; S.A.A.F.; Span. A.F.; Srved. Army; Swiss A.F.;

Turk- A.F.

June 27, 1955; (Do 27A) Oct. q, 19561- (CASA C.rzZ) Dec. r, r959. Production History: Do z5 Q); Do z7 prototypes (3);

First Flil4hts: (Do z5 Pr) June 25, 1954; (Do z7 Pr)

Do z7A-r* (r95); Do 27A13* (ZS); Do 27A-4 Gz); Do 27ts-r (88); Do zZB-: (r8); Do z7H-r (r); Do 2jH-2 (t2);Do z7Q-t (r.s); Do zTQt G); Do z7Q-4*
standards as Do z7A-5s. Trvo Do z7Q-4s modified

(:+); Do 27Q-S Og); Do z7S (r). Manufactured 1956-6-5. *Fifty additional Do z7A-rs by CASA in Spain as C.rz7s. Fifty Do z7A-3s modified to A-.1
Variants: Do z5-Original model built

Do z7Q-6s.


Spain with

AOP Airat'oft


N'Ik. 9 being withdrawn in the follorving ycar. Stressccl to a limiting load factor of 3.8 g, the HAOp-27 cr)rDlo\ s an essentially similar structurc to thut of thrl tn.o-sert

A()P Aireafl I-IAOI,-27 KRISFIAK N,II{. z LIAOP-27, rvere rnadc in 1965, the Auster A.O.p.



stccl-tubc fuselage also covered b1' fabric. production orclers^rcportedly placed in r966 irc expectcd to carrv nrrnufacrure into 1968. Dinensions-: Spq", :7 ft. 6 in.; Icnqth, 27 lt.. 7 in.; hcrqhl, rotl. gj rn.; rving area, 2oo sq. ft. Photoyroph: An _carh production HAOP-27 Krishak (llRa6ai ot the Indian Air' !-orce.

Pushpak, u'ith fabr:ic-covcred metal rvings and




Country oJ Origin: India ll\e: Aft Observation Post and Light Utility Aircraft.

enginc of 2zSh.p. Petfornnnce: M. speed, r3o m.p.h. at s.1., rr6 m.p.h. at 5,ooo.ft.;m. cruise (75o/s power) rro m.p.h.;econ. cruise (65!( powcr), roz m.p.h.;in. cl.9oo ft./min.; s. ceil., rg,5oo ft.;.m. r:rnge, zg3 mls. Weights: Empty, r,g7o lb.; loaded, z,8oo lb. Accornntodation: Two individual seats rvith optional su'ivclling seat for third crcw member. Dual cbntrols are standard and cabin arrangeci to accommod:rte a c:rsualty stretcher for air ambulzrncc duties. Operators: l.A.F. First Flights: (rst prototype) Nov. r959; (prototypc of Production Ilistory: Prototypes (z); FIAOP-27 (3o*). *Initial production order placed tn 1964 aeainst which dcliveries commenced r965. Additional order reported in r966, rvith deliveries into r967-8. Varinnts : Krishak was originally evoived as a four-seat rnulti-purposc developmcnt of the trvo-seat HIJL-26 Pushpak, and intended primarily as a touring aircraft. Development of an air observation post, li;ison and ambulance variant of the bzrsic design rvas initiated in

Pl.ant: One Continental O-47o-J .-,flat-six',

A.O.P. version) r965.

Air Force-Indian Army 9, and initial deliveries of this model, designated
requirement for a successor to the Auster A.O.P. N{k. meet a joint Indian


''\ ,;:'







-Atlas Dirnensions:- Spgn, 3z ft. roI in.; length, 3.5 ft. o in hcight, : r ft. 7.L in. ; rving area, zo4..5i.sq. Ti. pttrrtograph: At NlB.3z6li of rhe Ghurra Air Force.


onll' at timc of closing for press. MB.3z6M

Country of Origin: ltaly. Type: Tandern 'fwo-seat Basic Trainer and (MB.3z68, 3z6F &:z6G) Light Attack Aircraft Power Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Viper zz-r turboje,t of z,-5oo lb.s.t., or (MIl.3z6G) Viper zo Mk. 54o of 3,.1ro lb.s.t. Performance: (Spec. is applicable to all Viper zz-r vetsions in clean condition) M. speed, 5or m.p.h. at 2o,ooo tt.; range,69o mls. at 3o,ooo ft. at 3r6 m.p.h.;in. cl., 4,5oo ft./min.; time to zo,ooo ft., 6 min.; s. ceil., 44,ooo ft. (MB.3z6B with four z6o-lb. bombs, two o'5-in. gun pods and large wingtip tanks) M. speed, 39r m.p.h.; r^nge, 967 mls.; in. cl., z,3oo ft./min. IVeighx : Empty, 4,g3o lb. ; loaded (MB. :26) 7 ,;'47 lb., (N'IB.3z6B) 9,48o lb., (MB.3z6G) ro,ooo lb. - ' Armament: (NIB.3z6B & F) Trvo o'5-in. gun pods and four MATRA rz5 launchers cach witti sir z'75-in. r_ockets, four z6o-lb. bombs or twelve 5-in. HVARs. O. ;;_eratoru (MB.3z6) Ital.A.F.; (MB.3i6B) Tun.A.F.;

\ \



duction MB.3z6) Oct. 5, r96o. Pr,oduction History: Prototl'pes (z); MB.3z6 (roo); MB.3z68 (8); MB.3z6D (a); MB.3z6F(7). Licence manuthcture (MB.3z6H) being undertaken in Australia with initial order for 75 aircraft of which 3oth and subsequent of indigenous manufacture, and in South Africa where up to 3oo are to be built as the Atlas Impala. Variants: MB.3z6D-Alitalia version for pilot trainit-tg. MB.3z6G -More pox'erful light attack model.

(MB.:z6F) Ghan. A.F.; (MB.3z6H) R.A.A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototypo) Dec. ro, r957; (rst pro-




-PresslrrisedSpan, 3-5 ft.,1 in. (over tip tanks), 36 ft. Dinensions: rr in.; length ('1. NIks. 3 & +) 32 ft. 5 in., (T. N{k. 5), n ft. 7L in.; height, to ft. z in.; rving area, 2r3'7 sq.
and armed version for Saudi Arabia.


Photoerapft.' Jet provost


N'Ik. 3 (XN'I378).

Countrv of Oripin: United Kingdom' 7v4", Sid"-ttylsid. Two-seat Basic Trainer'

nt;ttot Siddelev Vipcr (T' Nlks^' 3 & bi'{r"rVt"7t '"o." .,) ,oz turboiet of r,7.5o lb.s.t.,-(T. Mks' 4. 5 *. S'l turboiet of z,5oo lb.s't., or (B'\C t67) vtpcr Vio", "o, zo-F.zo turboict of l,4ro lb.s.t ' i',r"r*",rr".,-isoecidcation relates to T' Mk' 4, figurcs i;'';;;;ii;;":-ielating to T. Mk. 5) M' speed, 3eo ?;;;;.;.h. ;i ..t., ;i; (.14o) m'p'h' it zo'ooo (25'ooo) i;.,?;;I; ;;; (qoo)'mI..'dt 3o,ooo (35'ooo) ft'; in' cl''
3,4oo (3,5-so) ft.
,.1,658 lb.r loaded., (7'6ze) lb'; (8,s2+) lh.; max' ovcrload' (9'2oo) lD' ma*.. ?.?oo , )i,i),i,'"),.: l{ii... s i & 5z) Two o'3ca-in' guns and



zi-ib. ,o"L"t. trvo roo-lb. or- eight 2.5-lb' bombs' Iti,rc 16zl ]laximum of 3,roo lh of ordnan-ce' 6;;;,';l;iT.-\ai*. a &"+) R.A.F.: (T. Mk. 5r.) R. 5z).lraqt il.' ,q.F., 'Sua. A'F., Kuw. A.l"'; (T' Mk'Saud.A'F' i:i'..' ;;;.A.i.' V*nez.A'F' I (BAC r67) R Mk z) 'i;,''i l:iii',iitr. Mr.. r) Junc' 26, rs51;1'l' h"or. t,'is-ssl'('l' Mk :) lune zz, 1958-, ^^, 2.(4); iriirri;ii'h'i'i'v, r."ivit. r (io);-T' -Mk' (zz); 5t ); r.'nii..'.'rr..l, f. ut. 4 (zoo(T. T,. Mk' I958-b2' ilIk' 3) l. nif.. iz (lql. Manufrctured 16z) from rq67' rl.'Mil. il ;dti. -i' ir. Mk s & BAC 'ior;i,','i'is{C t4; -T Mk."5 derivative.oF T' Mk' 4' ifiC';6;fT. Niii. + f,r."luec with underrving hard i"i"',. "ia vip"l-irt. BAC 166-T' Mk' 4tirframe i"i """r""ii."'*irn Vip". 5oo series engine' BAC 167

various undcrrving loads such as stx oo-lb or twclve





vcrsion (Nlodcl A4-5) served r954-6o. Tl'cr.rt1-four' C.C.F.-built A4.5s supplied'lurke-v. T-348-U.S. Navy version of A4-5. Some disposcd of
rrs surplus,

Argcntin:r (9o), Chile (66), Columbia (4r), N{exico (4), Ill Salvador (3), and Venezucla (4r). Dimensions: Span, 3z ft. 9f in.;lcngth, 25 ft. rr1 in.; height, 9 ft. 7 in.; n'ing area, 177'6 sq. lt. Plrctograph: Nlentor of Spanish Academia General del Aire.

the U.S. Civil Rcgister. 845 Export modcl ibr

of rvhich approximately 2oo arc activc on

Country of arigin: U.S.A. Type: Trnder,l T'wo-seat Primary Trainer. Power Plant: Onc Continental O-47o-r3A " flat-six " engine of zz5 h.p. Performance: M. speed, r89 m.p.h. at s.1., r85 m.p.h. at 7,5oo ft.; m. cr., r73 m.p.h. at ro,ooo fi.; e-on. cr., r7o m.p.h. at 7,\oo ft.; range (at 6o,/o powcr), 74o mls. at 7,Soo ft.; in. cl., r,z3o ft./min.; s. ceil., zo,ooo ft.: linrc to 5,ooo ft.. 4.g min. Weights: Empty, zSTo lb.lloadcd, z,goo lb. Op-erators: Ars. A.F'., Chil. A.l-., Col. A.F'., J.A.S.D.F., J.G.S:D.F., NIex. Navy, Phil. A.F., Sal. A.F., Span. A.F., Turk. A.F., R. Saud. A.F., U.S.N., Venez. A.F. F'irst Flights: (Model 45) Dec. z, tg+8; (YT-34) May

in Japan, and ninety asscmbled in Argentina. Manufactured by parent company tgs3-7, by Fuji r954-60, and asscmbled in Argentina tgs6-62. Variants: Model 45-Primary trainer derivative of the
licence by Fuji

(:); YT-:+ (:); T-:+A (3o6*); T-34B (423); Models A45 & 845 (5ro*). *Total includes fifty-six T-34As manufaciured by Canadian Car & Foundry. Total for A45 and B45 Mentors includcs twenty-four C.C.F.-built A45s, Iifty ts45s assembled and tz6 manufactured undlr
Production History: Model 45

r 95c).

Ilonanzzr (see page 186 of Ciztil volumc), cmplof ing similar rvings and unclercarriage. T-34A-U.S..\.F.



CANADAIR CL-+r TU'-IOR rvith dclivcries scheduled to commencc

'1\r'aincrs nrid-19(r7.

Pouer Plant: One Orenda J8S-CAN-+o (CJ6ro-rB) turbojot of z,6y lb.s.t., or (CL-arG) General Electric J85-J4 turbojet of 2,95o ib.s.t. Performance: (Specilication relates to CL-4rA with figures in parenthcscs applying to the CL-4rG) M. speed, 486 (47o) m.p.h. 27,Soo (z8,5oo) ft.; nor. ^t range, 944 mls., (rvith six 5o U.S. gal. tanks, r,34o mls.); in. cl., 4,zzo ft./min.; s. ceil., 43,ooo (4z,zoo) ft. trVeights: Empty, a,87o (5,296) lb.; loaded, 7,397 (2,288) lb.; max. loadcd, (rr,ooo) 1b. Armament: (CL-arG) Up to 3,5oo lb. of ordnance on six external pylons, a typical load comprising two o'3-in. six-barrcl Minigun pods, two 75o-1b. Napalm tanks and two z5o-lb. bombs. Operators: (CL-arA) R.C.A.F.; (CL-4IG) R. Mal. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) Jan. r3, r96o; (CL-4IA) Oct. 1963; (CL-arG) June 1964; (CL-arR) July r3, ?1,pe.' Side-bv-side Two-seat Basic Trainer and (CL-arG) Light Tactical Aircraft.
Country of Origin: Canada.

\\'ili perlorm br,tlr 6r. training and coultt.r-ilsur" !r( nc) _tasks in .NIalaysian serr icc. CL-4rR-Dxpcrirrrcntal s-ystcms trainer rvith provision for,lnn s1'stem in " needlc " nose. No production undertaken. l)inrcnsions: Spa,n, 36. ft. 5f in.; length, 3z ft. o in.; llgignf,q ft.4j in.;rving area, zzo sq. ft.' Thotograph:
't..t.rlr*rfr produc.tion C^L-4rA (CT-r ra) Tutor (z6ojo) ol' R.C..\. F'. Training Command.

CL-4rG (zo). Manufactured r963 67. *Second prototype completed as CL-4IR and r5th production CL-4rA modified as CL-4rG prototype. Variants : CT-rr4-R.C.A.F. designation for standard CL-4IA basic trainer. Cl-4rG-Tactical version rvith oversize tyres, crew protection and reflector sight. Initial order placed by Malal'sia for zo aircraft

t96z. Production History: Prototypes*

(z); CI--4rA (r9o);




Variants: T-37A-Initial model with 9zo lb.s't. J69'l-9 engines. T-37B-Uprated engines and new Otnni and UHF equipmcnt. Forty-six oldcrcd for Luftrvaffe use in U.S.A. Other deliveries to Pakistan (r2), Greece (zo), Peru (r5), Thailand (B), and Turkey. T-37C-Similar to 'f-37B but possessing wcapons

capability. A-37D-Counter-insurgency model.

Country oJ Orilrin: IJ.S.A. ?ype; Side-bv-Side 'fwo-scat Basic Traincr, (T_:ZC) Lisht Attack and (AT-37D) C.;;r.,.:i;;;;gl.l"viir_ crattPower Plants: Two Continental J69_T_zs turboiets of turbojets of z,+oo lb.s.i.' Perform.anrc:.(Spccification rclares to T_378 but is generally -applicable to T-37C in clcan speed, 4.26 m.p.h. at zo,oo6'ft.; nor. ".,ijiti."J'lt. ,0" 35,ooo lt.; .range, U7o mls. at 36o "r., "t. m.p.h., qr) nrls. h:t,(T-37C ) wirh.two" 6.; U. S. s;,t.'i"insr ip lj_1.33 l- | nrts. TanKS,, r,3^2+ ar 3o7 m.p.h.lin. cl.,3,37o fr./min.; s. cerl., 38,7oo ft. L(rights: Enrprr., 4.o56 lb.; nor. 6.crr lb. Arnnmcnt : ( f-:ZC) provision for two " undcrwing armament pods each contrining one o.5_in. or.. f_r, 2.75-in..rockets and eight 3_lb. prlcticc-bo;f,=: ir"n bontbs, or fou.r Sidcrvindcr AANIs. (AT_37D) "', \2iqo-lb. jyt")]-r^ of +,7oo lb. (two cre w. memb(.rsi i,'Sss t1. (one crew member) on cight rving pylons. ",

Dimensions: Spu.t, :: ft. rr] in.; length, zg ft. 3] in.; height, 9 ft. z] in. ; arca, r 83'9 sq. ft. Photograph: A T-378 of Pakistan Air Force College at Risalpur'


r,oz5 lb.s.t., or (A't'-.rzD) Geneiat Ati..tii" jSst"

9llbj f viSr, A.F., port.A. ir ; iffi -;;'ni' Sept.27, rust t ttshts:_(X'l'_37) Oct.-rz, p54; (T:37A) vi;ai(i.


Uferators: (T-.lZB) U.S.A.F., R.H.A.F., Luft., pak.

A.F.. Th,i A.F.; Tu;k.

ned to A-3711 standards and produciion begun -',-ja.-i_ rcl67.

"""'. 'ii!!i''i,'\!;;3'{;}3,,'"!?_l#*.,!1'd, i,+l brought T_378 stnndards ,95g .6o. Munu_ 37As r{rc,tured iJ--:Z4l res4-e, (!_:ze2 ,e'ii Oz, ti_iicl **lnitial quantity of f_lie. r.,i i"'o

le5s.; (T-378) re5e;





I tl


slrrndard U.S. Army primary trainer. Flighcr pt'r'lirlrrrrrrrcc than T-4rA and features constant-spcccl airsct t'tr', Ireirvicr noscwheel, more comprehensivc c<ltnnrtttticittions and navigation equipment and four inclivitlrrrrl scirts. Can also fulfil instailation support rolcs. I)inrcnsions: Span, 36 ft. z in.; length, z6 ft. rr in.; lrcight, 8 ft. 9l-in.; wing area, r74 sq. ft. Photogruplt:

'l'-4rA. T-4rB-Successor to 'fO-r llilcl l)og

t i. S.A.F. students receive 3o hours basic itts( I ttt:l iott ott



T-4rB of the U.S. Army.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. \rpe.' Side-by-side Two-seat Primary Trainer, and (T-arB) Four-seat A.O.P. Trainer. Power Plant: One Continental O-3oo-C " flat-six " engine of r45 h.p. Performance: (T-arB) M. speed, r53 m.p.h. ; m. cruise,

r48 m.p.h.; in. cl., 9ro ft./min.; s. ceil., r7,5oo ft.; m. range, -5oo mls. Weights: Empty, r,35o lb.; loaded, z,5oo lb. Production History: T-4rA* (r7o); T-4rB (255). T-4rA delivered to U.S.A.F. from September r964 to July 1965, and T-4rB to U.S. Army from November 1966 to March 1967. *T-4rA production quantity does not include eight for Ecuador and small (Frenchbuilt) quantity for Saudi Arabia.
commercial Model rTzF (See page zoo of Cez'rTvolume) with simplified interior and military equipment. Operators: (T-arA) U.S.A.F., Ecua. A.F., R. Saud. A.F.; (T-4rB) U.S. Army.

Variants: T-4rA-Off-the-shelf trainer version of


I l$


llying training is undcrtaken. l)imtnsions: Span, 38 ft. 7j in.; length, zli ft. ol in.; hcight, 9 ft. r in.; rving area, 249 sc1. ft. Photograph: 'L'hc trvcnty-second procluction CA-25 Winjeel (A85-

COMNIONWITAL'fH CA-z-; WINJIiDL rcntlv emplo,vs a Winjcel Vampit'c training sc(lucncc, thc Winjeel serving at l\rint Cooli u'hcrc all l;lsic

Coun!ry o-[ Origin: Australia. ?ype; Side-by-side Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plan.t: Onc Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-z Wasp radial of 445 h.p. Performancc: M. speed, r86 m.p.h.; m. cr., r65 m.p.h. at 8,5oo ft.; nor. cr., r58 n-r.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; cndur:rncc,5 hr.3o min.; in. cl., r,.5oo ft./min.; s. ceil.,

lb.; loadcd, 4,265 lb. Operators: R.A.A.F. I.'irst Fligltts: (CA-zz) r95o; (CA-2.5) Feb. 23, r955. Production History: CA-zz (z); CA-25 (62). N{anufactured r955-8. Variants: CA-zz-This designation was applied to thc prototypcs of the Winjeel (an aboriginal rvord meaning Eaglc), the second of which rvas powered by the indigenous Commonwealth Cicada engine of 45o h.p. rvhich, at onc timc, was to have been installed in the thirty-first and subsequent production aircraft. This proposal was abandoned, all production examples receiving the Wasp radial. CA-25-This designation was applied to thc production version of the Winjeel rvhich succeeded the Wirraway as standard R.A.A.F. training cquipment. Normally flown as a two-scater, although provision is made for a third scat, thc Winjeel is scheduled to bc replaced in the R.A.A.F. training sequencc by the Macchi MB.3z6H from r967, and is expected to be retired in 1968-9. The R.A.A.F. curW'eights: Empty, 3,289





FUJI TT l)imensiorts: Span, 3,1 ft. 51, in.; lengrh ('l'rA), 39 f't. q in., (TrB),39 ft. roft in.;height, r3 ft.4l in.; rvir.rg irea, 238'95 si1. ft. Photograph: Thc thirty-six!! production TrA (zS--S8+z) of the J.A.S.D.F. r3th 'lraining Wing, Ashiya.

il -\-Zi./



Country of Origin: Japan. Type: Tandern Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plant: One (TrA) Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 8o5o6 turbojet of 3,99o lb.s.t., or (TrB) Ishikawajima J3-IFII-3 turbojet of 2,645 lb.s.t., or (TrC) J3-IHI-a turbojet of 3,o86 lb.s.t. Performance: (The specification relates to the TrA, figures in parentheses referring to the TrB) M. speed, 576 (5r8) m.p.h. at zr,98o (r9,685) ft.; m. cr., +o3 (SS7) m.p.h.; range (clean), 652 mls.; in. c1., 6,66o G,7z+) ft./min ; s. ceil., 47,244 $937o) ft.
(q,628) lb., rvith


Weights: Empty, 6,o78 (6,26r) lb.; loaded, 9,5o2 two roo Imp. gal. tanks, rr,oo7 lb. Arntament: (TrA) Provision for one o 5-in. gun, and underrving ordnance loads may comprise trvo o.5-in. gun pods, trvo Sidewinder AAMs, four 5-in. HVARs, two M-3 packs of seven z'75-in. rockets, or two z5o-1b., 5oo-1b., or 75o-lb. bombs. Operators: J.A.S.D.F. First Flights: (rst prototype) Jan. r9, r958; (rst prototype with J3 engine) May 17, 196o. Production History: Prototypes (z); Prodn. prototypes (4); TrA (ao); TrB (zo). TrA manufactured r959-62, and TrB manufactured 196r-3. Variants : TrA-Formerly Tr Fz and initial production

model of basic design. TrB-Formerly TrFr and
for production by Fuji in 1965-6.

first variant with indigenous engine. TrC-One of the two prototypes re-engined with J3-IHI-4 and proposed







to facilitate its use in the armament training and counter-insurgency rolcs. I)imensions: Span,'35 ft. r] in.; lcngth, 34 ft. 9-r, in.; lrcight, rr ft. io! in.; wing area, 204'5 sq. ft. ._P-hotournihiTh" first prototype Kiran basic trainer (U327).




Country oJ Origin: lndra. ?ype j Side-by-side Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Viper A.S.V.rr turbojet of z,-5oo lb.s.t., or (proposed production model) HAL HJE-z5oo of z,5oo lb.s.t. Performance: (Viper A.S.V.r r) M. speed, +72 m.p.h. at s.1.,4S7 m.p.h. at 3o,ooo ft.; rangc cr., 23o m.p.h. at zo,ooo ft.;m. range, 6oo mls., with trvo 50 Imp. gal. tanks, 876 mls.; in. cl., 4,77+ ft./min.; time to 3o,ooo ft., ro min.; s. ceil., 4z,oco ft. Weights: Empty, 5,362 lb.; nor. loaded, 7,7e lb.; max., 8,66o lb. Operators: l.A.F. F'irst Flights: (rst Prototype) Sept. 4, 1964. Production History: Prototypes (z); pre-production pected to be completed in ry67 with production version possibly powered by indigenous engine following. Variants: Prototypes and pre-production examples of the I{iran are powered by the licence-built Viper tur-

(24*); production (r5o). *Pre-production batch ex-

bojet, but the principal model which is intended to
supplant the licence-built Vampire will have the HALdeveloped HJE-z5oo turbojet. The Kiran has been designed by a tcam headed by Dr. V. M. Ghatage, is fully pressurised and is equipped with side-by-side

zero-altitude fully-automatic Martin-Baker Mk. 4 eiection seats. It is anticipated that the production

I{iran will have provision for underwing



height, 16 ft.6 in.; wing area, 353 sq.


HAWKER SIDDELEY DOMINIE Dimensions: Span, 47 ft. o in.; length,47 ft. 5 in.;
The fifth production Dominie T. Mk. r (XS7r3).



Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type : Advanced Navigational Trainer. Power Plants: Two Bristol Siddeley Viper 3oo (5zo) turbojets of 3,rzo lb.s.t. Performance: M. cr. speed, 4g3 m.p.h. at 3o,ooo ft.; range cr.,433 38,ooo ft.;m. end. cr.,38o

m.p.h. at 38,ooo ft.;end.,3 hr.44 min.; nnge, gz7 mls. at 472 rn.p.h. at 25,ooo ft., r,338 mls. at 433 m.p.h. at 38,ooo ft.; climb to 25,ooo ft., r3 min. Weights : M. loaded, zt,2oo lb. Accommodation.' (Normai training flight) One pilot, a supernumary crew member, an instructor and two students are carried. An alternative interior layout permits an instructor and three students to be carried, and proposed alternative military roles for the basic aircraft include communications with two crew members and six passengers, or ambulance accommodating

four stretchers, two sitting casualties and a medical
Operators : R.A.F, Training Command. First Flights: (First production) Dec. 30, 1964.

Production History: T. Mk. r (zo). Manufactured ry65-6. Last delivered No. r Air Navigation School

August r966. Variants: Dorninie T. Mk. r-Military navigational training derivative of basic HS. rz5 executive aircraft (see page n8 of Ciail volume) rvith extended wing centre section fairing housing electronic equipment.




A.F. HA-zooB-Equipped with Ferranti ADF. HA-zooDSimilar to " A " rvith modernised systems. HA2ooE-More porvcrful version with more elaborate
gyroscopic gun-sight and Lear

HISPANO I{A-zoo SAETA l/ariants: HA-zooA-First production modcl for

communications and navigation avionics, modified

Dimensions: Span, 34

Country of Origin: Spain. Type: Tanden Two-seat Basic Trainer and (HA-zooB) Power Plants: (FIA-zooA,

undercarriage and intake de-icing provision. ft. z in., (over tip tanks), 35 ft. ro] in.;length, zg ft. 3$ in.; height, q ft.4 in.; wing area, r87'zg sq. ft. Photograph: An HA-zooA Saeta of the Grupo de Experimentacion en Vuelo at Torrejon de Ardoz.

Light Attack Aircraft.

Marbor6 II turbojets of 88o lb.s.t., or (HA-zooE) Marbor6 VI turbojets of r,o58 lb.s.t. Performance: (Specification applies to HA-zooD, figures in parentheses relating to HA-zooE) M. speed, +o+ (429) m.p.h. at s.1. (zz,966 ft.); cr. s., 324 Q4z)

B & D) Two


m.p.h. at s.l. (9,84o ft.); m. range,93o mls. at z9,5oo ft.; in. cL.,2,755 (3,o5o) ft./min.; s.ceil., 39,36o (36,o9o) ft. Weights: Iimpty, +,43 (+,+fi) lb.; nor. loaded, 5,842

lb.; max., 7,617 Q,q7) lb. Armament: Trvo 7'7-mm. machine guns or (HA-zooB) one 2o-mm. Hispano-Suiza cannon, and two MATRA
bombs. Operators: (HA-zooA,

38 rocket pods, four zz-lb. HVARs or four rro-lb. UAR A.F.

D & E) Span. A.F.; (HA-zooB)

First Flights: (rst Prototype) Aug. rz, rgSS ;(HA-zooA) Oct. rr, 196z; (HA-zooB) July zr, 196o; (HA-zooD)


Productiott History: Prototypes


HA-zooA (3o); HA-zooB (5*); HA-zooD (SS); HAzooE (roo**) *Five pre-production HA-zoos were rnodified as HA-zooBs and supplied to U.A.R. as
pattern aircraft for licence-built version, a small quan-

(z); HA-zoo (ro*);

tity of which had been delivered to UAR A.F. by beginning of 1966 as " Al Kahira ". **Current production order.





height, ro ft. z in.; rving area 2r3'r25 sc1. ft.. Photogriphi An L-29 Delfin tiaincr of the Czcch Air Forcc.


Code Nanrc: Mava. ?ype: Tandem Two-scai Basic Trainer. Power-Plant: One M-7or VC_r50;; S:5o turbojet of r,96o lb.s.t. Pertormance: M. speed, 4o7 m.p.h. at 16,4oo m.p.h.,at.s.l.; nor. cf.,34o m.p.h. at r6,+oo ft., rgz ft.':"m. rangc (5"% reserves), 398 mls. at 16,4oo ft., (with'two tmp. gal. ra^nks), 553 mls.; in. cl. 2,76o'ft./min.; 13



ttlry ol Origin : Czechoslovakia.


Variants.: Xl,-2g-First-protoiype *ith Bri.tol Sid_ o9lf{ ltper turboJ€t. L-zzg-Production prototvpe \vrth lndrgenous turbojet of centrifugal compres.o, typ". L-29-Winner of tbe-r962 contest"to ."t"it u-.-turrii.a Je^r Daslc trarner tor Warsaw pact countries. Evaluation of,.pre-production models U"g"n irr^'iq6r.'-'i"lilf oerlverres ot production L_zg to Soviet lJnion com_ menced May^1963. Now standard So". a.f,. iiul"".. utmensrcns: span,33 ft.9$ in.; length,35 ft.5$ in.;

Armamcnt: (Altcrnative to drop tanks) Two zzo_lb. two 7'o2-m_m. gun pods, or two Iaunchers each "911.o^., wlill tour ungurded rockcts. Operatorc: Sov. A.F., G.D.R. Luft., Czcch. A.F., Bul. i.F., A.U.R.I., Hun. A.F., R"-. A.F.. S;;.'A:FI"' Ai'li ;;' i sie I i't- jjei' l"r v r !i:' !': ! . li r9oo; (L-29) April rq6r. ^(xl2s) Production Histbry: Xl.]-zg (r); L_zzg (r). L_zo pro_ oucrron rnrtlated ro6z with first deliveries mid_l'g6f rvv , delivered by bcginning La;;66:.'" 'rru


Weights: Empty, 5,o26

to zo,ooo ft., rz min.; s. ceil., 37,7ob ft.







llt:t LOCKHEED T-33


l)inrtnsiotts: Span, 38 ft. rol in.; length, 37 ft. 9 in.; lreight, rr ft. B in.; rving area,237 sq. ft. Photograph: 'l'-33A of the Royal Netherlands Air Forcc.

Country of Origin: U.S,A. Type: Tandem Two-seat Advanccd Trainer. Power Plant: One Allison J:S-A-:S turbojet of 4,6oo lb.s.t. (5,4oo lb. wet) or (T-33A-N) Rolls-Royce Nenc ro turbojet of 5,roo lb.s.t. Performance: (The following specification is generally applicable to all versions) M. speed, 6oo m.p.h. at s.1., 543 m.p.h. at 25,ooo ft.; range, r,345 mls.; in. c1., 5,525 ft./min.; s. ceil., 47,5oo ft. Weights: Empty, 8,o84 lb.; loaded, rr,965 lb.; max., t4,4+2 lb. Armamcnt: Two o'5-in. M-3 machine guns. Operators: (T-g:A) Bel. A.F., Braz. A.F., Chil. A.F.' C.N.A.F., R. Dan. A.F., Ecua. A.F., Eth. A.F.' Fr'

A.F., Luft., Iran. A.F., Ital. A.F., J.A.S.D.F.' R.O.K.A.F., Mex. A.F., R. Neth. A.F., Nor. A.F., Pak. A.F., Phil. A.F., Port. A.F., R. Saud. A.F., Span. A.F., Thai A.F., U.S.A.F., Ur. A.F., Yugo' A.F., A.N.G.; (T-::B) U.S.N., Nic.A.F., Yugo.A.F.;

(T-:gA-N) R.C.A.F., R.C.N., R.H.A.F., Turk. A.F. First Flights: (Prototype) Marcli' zz, 1948. Production History: T-33A & B (S,6qr) plus licence manufacture by Kawasaki (zro) and Canadair (656). Produced by parent company rg48-59. Variants: T-j3A-N-Canadian licence-built version designated CL-3o by Canadair and Silver Star by the R.C:A.F. Mks. z and 3 were Nene-powered. T-33B Naly version essentially similar to T-:fA.
supply under MDAP for recce. No longer in service'

-U.S. RT-gA-Ninety-five T-3 gAs completed with camera nose ind rear cockpit occupied by instrumentation for






NIORANE-SAUI-NIER MS-76o PARIS NIS-76oIJ* (63). Mnnufacturcd rg5T-6+. *Totals includc 48 MS-76oAs assembled in Argentina and 4ll
NIS-76oBs assembled
I)inrcnsions: Span (over 32 ft. ro+ in.; height, 8
N,IS-76oAs have becn convcrtcd to MS-76oB standard.

in Brazil. A small numbcr ol
tip tanks), 33 ft. 3 in.; length, ft. 6 in.; wing area, 193.68 sq.


Photograph: The first Argentine-assernbled


Type: Two-seat Advanced Traincr, Photo-Survey, and Four-seat Liaison and Communications Aircraft. Power Plants: Two Turbomdca Marbord (MS-76oA) IIC turbojets of B8o lb.s.t., or (MS-76oB) Marbord VI turbojcts of r,o58 lb.s.t. Performance: (Specification is applicable to MS-76oA with figures in parentheses relating to the MS-76oB) M. speed, 345 G32) m.p.h. at zooo (z5,ooo) ft.; m. cr., 35o (:q:) -.p.h. at r6,4oo ft.; m. rangc, 93o (r,o8o) mls. at z3,ooo (z.5,ooo) ft.; in. c1., z,z6+ (2,+6o) ft./ min. 1s. ceil.,3z,8oo (:9,:Zo) ft. Weights: Dmpty cquipped, 4,28o (4,557) lb.; max. loaded, 7,65o (8,6a2) lb. Armament: Optional armament may comprise (training) two 7.5-mm. machine guns plus four 3.5-in. rockets or two rro-lb. bombs, or (light tactical rolc flown as a single-seater) one 3o-mm. cannon and two 7.5-mm. machine guns, plus eight rrzJb. bombs or two rrz-lb. and two z6o-lb. bombs. Accommodation' For the training role rcar seats and (for aerobatic training) the tip tanks are removed, full dual controls being provided, together with instrumentation for night- and blind-flying training, Country of Origin: France.

Operators: (MS-Z6oA) Fr.A.F., A6ronavale, Arg. A.F., Braz. A.F.; (MS-76oB) Fr. A.F., Braz. A.F. First Flights: (MS-76o-or) July 29, r954; (MS-76oA) Feb. 27, r958; (MS-76oB) Dec. t2, t96o. Production History: Prototype (r); MS-76oA* (rSo);




NORTH AMERICAN T-z BUCI{DYD lcngth, 38 ft. 3] in.; height, r,+ ft. 9l in.; wing aroa, 2-s.s sq. ft. Photograph: A T-zA Buckeye Q475tz) of
U..S.N. Training Sqdn. VT-7 which began to receive thc T-zB late in 196.5.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type : Two-seat Shipboard General-purpose Trainer. Power Plants: (T-zA) One Westinghouse J3a-WE-36 turbojet of 3,4oo lb.s.t., or (T-zB) two Pratt & Whitney J6o-P-3A turbojets of 3,ooo lb.s.t. Performance: (Specification applies to T-zA, figures in parentheses being applicable to T-zB) M. speed, 492 (538) m.p.h. at z5,ooo ft.; nor. cr. speed, 4zz m.p.h. at 3g,ooo-42,ooo ft.; nor. range, 550 mls., with two roo U.S. gal. wingtip tanks, 967 (95o) mls.; in. cl., 5,ooo (6,56o) ft./rnin.; s. ceil., 4z,5oo (44,ooo) ft.

Weights: Empty, 6,8qS (Z,S+:)

Armament: (Optional) Two o'5-in. gun packs, two Aero 6,4' packs containing z'71-in. rockets, two roo-lb.
bombs or two

rt373 Qz3ft) lb.

lb.; max.


First Flights: (T-zA) Jan. 3r, r958; (T-28 prototype) Aug.3o, 196z;(T-zB production) May zr, ry65. Production History : T-zA* (zt7); T-zB (6+**). Manufactured (T-zA) rgST-6r; (T-zB) r964-. *Two converted as prototypes of T-zB. **Production
deliveries commenced mid- r 965. Variants: T-zA-Designed for use throughout U.S.N. pilot training syllabus, from ab zrzilio instruction to carrier indoctrination. Now being succeeded by the T-zB. T-zB-An updated, twin-engined derivative of the T-zA. Entered service in November 1965. Dimensions: Span, (over tip tanks) 37 ft. ro+ in.;

Operators: U.S.N.


378-3 racks for practice bombs.



NORTH AMERICAN T-6 lrroduction terminated on April 2, rg54, and 2,068
wartime aircraft were re-manufactured r949-50


ft. o]'in.; length, 29 ft' 6 in.; rr ft. B| in.; wing area, 253'7 sq.ft. Photogriph: A Harvard Mk. zA employed in the photoheight,
g.aphic role by No. 3o6 Squadron, R. Neth' A'F'


Texans. Dimensions: Span, 4z

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: Tandern Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney R-r34o-AN-r radial of 55o h.p. Performance: (T-6G) M. speed, zrz rn.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.1 m. cr., r7o m.p.h.; econ. cr., 146 m.p.h.; nor range, 87o mls.; in. cl., r,643 ft./min.; s. ceil., 24,75o ft. Weights: Empty, 4,271 tb.; loaded, 5,617 lb. Operators: Arg. Navy, Bo1. A.F., Braz. A.F., C.N.A.F., Col. A.F., Dom. A.F., Ecua. A.F., Luft., R.H.A.F., Hait. A.C., Hon. A.F., Iran. A.F., I.D.F./A.F., Ital. A.F., Jor. A.F., Leb. A.F., Ivlex. A.F., R. Neth. A.F., R.N.Z.A.F., Nic. A.A.F., Pak. A.F., Para. A.F., Port. A.F., R. Saud. A.F., Sal. A.F., S.A.A.F., Span. A.F.,

Swed. A.F., Thai A.F., Turk. A.F., Ur. A.F. First Flights: (NA-26*) r937. Production History: *NA-26 was progenitor of series of advanced trainers with retractable undercarriages manufactured in 1939 for U.S. Army as BC-r (r77) and BC-IA (82), and for U.S. Navy as SNI-I (36).

T-6G fexan

rg4o the designation AT-6 supplanted BC-rA, and subsequent production in U.S.A. totalled 13,594, furthei r,5oo being built in Canada (as the Harvard),^ n'ere supplied to U.S. Navy as SNJ-4s, -5s and -6s, and 3,354 werc supplied to Allied nations under Lend-


bringing r94o-5 production to


of which 3,o3r

Harvard Mk. 24

Leas!.--The 4'T-6 was redesignated T-6 in 1948, and production continued in Canada (as the Harvard Mk. J and T-6J), a further 555 having been built when



'l-z8B (+qz); T-z8C (:or). *Convcrsion of


'I'-zSD (as of January r967). Thrcc to YA'l-z8lis. Variants: T-z8C-Identical to T-z8Il apart from arrcster hook. T-z8D-5-Differs from original 'l-z8D (of which r6o conversions) in having in-rving ammuniiion capacity.YAT-z8E-Exp.CO I Nturboprop version' Dimeniionsispan (T-z8A), 4o ft. r in., (T-z8B)' 4o ft. rl in.: lcnsth (T-z8A), -tz fr. o in., (T-z8B),32 ft. io lr.r.; h"ieht, rz ft. 8 in.; wing area (T-z8A), 268 sq. ft., (T-z8B), z7r'r sq. ft. Photograph: A T-z8B of thc Imperial Ethiopian Air Force.

?-16 to

Country oJ Origin: U.S.A. Type: Tandern Two-seat (T-z8A & B) Basic and (TzSC) Shipboard Trainer, or (T-zSD) Light Tactical and Counter-Insurgcncy Aircraft. Power Plant: One (T-z8A) Wright R-r3oo-rA radial of 8oo h.p., or (T-zBB & C) Wright R-r8zo-86 radial of r,425 h.p., or (T-z8D) R-r8zo-565 of r,3oo h.p. PerJormance: (Specification applies to T-28A, ligures in parentheses relating to T-z8B) M. speed, z8Z k+6) m.p.h. at 5,9oo (r8,ooo) ft.; nor. cr., r90 (zr9) m.p.h.; m. range) r,o55 (9o7) mls.; in. cl., r,87o (:,8:o) ft./ min.; s. ceil., z-5,3oo (37,ooo) ft. (T-zSD) M. speed, 3-52 m.p.h. at r8,ooo ft., 298 m.p.h. at s.l.; m. range, r,r84 mls. at zo3 m.p.h. Weights: (T-z8A) Empty, 5,rrr lb.; loaded, 7,4fu Ib. (T-z8B) Max., 8,584 lb. (T-z8D) Empty, 6,512 lb.; loaded, 8,rr8 lb.;max. (T-z8D-5), rr,5oo lb. Armament: (T-zSD) Up to 4,ooo lb. of ordnance in D-5 form, including two o's-in. gun pods. Opbrators: (T-z8A) Arg. A.F., Bol.A.F., Ecu.A.F., Eth. A.F., Mex. A.F., Phil. A.F., R.O.K.A.F., U.S.N.'

A.N.G.; (T-z8B) Con.A.F., Eth.A.F., U.S.M.C., U.S.N.; (T-z8C) U.S.N., Braz. A.F.; (T-zSD) Bo1.

A.F., Laos A.F., Thai A.F., Viet. A.F., U.S.A.F. First Flights: (XT-28) Sep. 26, 1949; (T-z8C) Sep.


r9, rgst; (T-zBD) 196r; (T-z8D-5) r965; (YAT zSE) Feb. r.5, 1963. Production History: XT-28 (z); T-z8A* (r,rgl);




height, 16 ft. o in.; wing area, 342'5-i sq. ft. Pltotograph: A T-:qA-r-NA (6r-o666) of the U.S'A'F.

NORTH AMERICAN T-3e Span,44 ft.4f; in.; length,43 ft' 9l in.;

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: (T1gA) Basic Utility, (T-:SB) Tactical Radar, and (T-39D) Maritime Radar Trainer. Power Plants: Two Pratt & Whitney J6o-P-3A turbojets of 3,ooo lb.s.t. Performance: (The specification applies specifically to the T-39A but is generally applicable to the T-398 and -39D versions) M. speed, 54o m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft.; m. cr., 5o2 m.p.h. at 43,5oo ft.;econ. cr.,4z6 m.p.h. at 35,ooo ft.;m. range, r,725 mls. Weiglts: Empty, ro,z5o lb.; m. loaded, rj,760tb, Aecomtnodation: (T-39A) Two crew members as combat readiness trainer, and four-eight passengers as utility transport. (T-39B) Tactical radar trainer with the complete NASAITR navigation and fire control system and Doppler of the F-ro5D for simultaneous schooling of up to three pupils, and (T-39D) maritime radar indoctrination trainer wrth a Magnavox system. Operators: (T-39A & B) U.S.A.F.; (T-SSD) U.S. Narry. First Flights: (NAza6) Sept. 16, rqS8; (T-gqA) June 3o, r96o. Production History :T lgA(t 43) ; T-:qB (6) ;T-ZgD(+z). Variants: T-3gA-Initial military derivate of private venture NAz46. First 88 as NAz65 and remainder as NAz76. T-398-For F-ro5D training as NAz7o. T-39D-First ten as NAz77 and remainder as NAz85. NAzSz-First exclusively civil variant of basic Sabreliner design. Powered by 2,75o lb. JTrzA-6As and accommodating up to nine passengels, See pages r4o/t of Ciail volume.





Close external similarity to F-5B lvhich featurcs major changes in wing structure, stores stations under each l'ing, and sturdier undercarriage to take greater loads,

rriners became operational on March q, 196r.

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type : Tanderr. Trvo-seat Advanced Trainer. Power Plants: Two General Electric J85-GE-5 turbojets of z,5oo lb.s.t. and 3,85o lb. with reheat. Performance: M. speed, 838 m.p.h. at 36,ooo ft.; m. cr.,63o m.p.h. at 4o,ooo ft.; range cr. 594 m.p,h. at 4o,ooo-47,ooo ft.; m. range (with zo min. hold-ofl at

plus up-rated engines, Talons purchased by Luft*affe are operated at the service's U.S, training bases, :rnd J.A.S.D.F. proposes to acquire either the Talon or the two-seat F-5 both as an F-86F Sabre replacement rund as a supersonic trainer pending availability of inrligcnous

T-X from tg74-5.

Dirnensions: Span, 2.5

lrcight, rz ft. r r in.; wing area, r7o sq. ft. Photograph: A 'f-38A Talon (6r-o825) of the U.S.A.F. Air Training Command, the eighty-fifth production example.

ft. 3 in.; length,46 ft. 4 in';


Operat ors : U.S.A.F., Luft. First Flights: (YT-:8) April ro, 1959; (T-38A) May

r, rz7 mls. ; in. cl. (5oo/o fuel), 3z,5oo s. ceil., 53,-5oo ft. Weights : Empty, 7,47o lb.; max. loaded, r r,8zo lb.




Production History: YT-:S (6); T-3SA (qSo*). Deliveries of T-38A to U.S.A.F. Air Training Command bcgan March 196r. The 5ooth T-38A delivered on November 3o, 1964, and approx, 8oo delivered by beginning of 1967 when production rate was twelve per month. *Programmed procurement for U.S.A,F. plus Luftwaffe order for 46. Variants: N-r56T-Conceived as training version of private-venture N-156 lightweight supersonic multipurpose aircraft. Developed in parallel with N-r56F


light tactical fighter, progenitor of the F-5 (see page

5a). YT-38-Supersonic basic trainer support system requirement issued by U.S.A.F. resulted in contract for variant of N-r56T design in r956. Six prototypes
second being initially flown

produced under YT-38 designation, the first and

YJS5-GE-r turbojets. T-38A-Production contract




1959, and

first production T-38A Talon




PIAGGIO P.r48 Air Forcc as part of the Italian technical aid pro-

ltralnmes to Somalia and thc Congolese Ilepublic. Although normally flolvn as a two-seatcr, the P.r48 has been certificated as a threc-seater, the third seat bcing located centrally behind the side-by-side front

Dimensions: Span, 36


height, 7

ft. 5f in.; length, z7 ft. Ba! in.; ft. rof in.; wing area, 202'5 sq. ft. PhotoA P.r48 (MM 53733) of the Amendola Flying

Country of Origin: ltaly. ?yp?.' Side-by-side Two-seat Primary Trainer. ,,flat-six', Plant: -One Lycoming O-+iS-A engrne ot r90 h.p. Performance: M. speed, r45 m.p.h. at s.1., r43 m.p.h. at 3,28o ft.;nor. cr., t27 m.p.h. at z,g5o fi.; raige, 573 mls. at rz7 m.p.h.; in. cl.,9oo ft./min.; time to 3,_z8o ft.,3.6r min., to 6,56o ft.,8.r7 min.; s. ceil.,

loaded, 2,645 Lb. Operators: Ital A.F., Som. A.C., Cong. A.F. (Prototype) Feb. rz, r9!r. First_Flights:

\eighx: Empty, r,93r lb.;


Production History: Total producfion: roo. Deliveries comrnenqed lune 1952. Manufactured r95r-5. Variants.: The P.r48 designed by Ing. C. P. Caiiiag[i was designed_to-meet an Italian Aii Force specifiEation which called for a primary trainer with a cockpit !3voqq following the standard pattern adopted by the R.A.F. and U.S.A.F., and was selected aJone oi two standard types for the ltal. A.F., the other being a licence-manufactured version of the Fokker SIrr which now has been disposed of by the service to
machines was subsequently augmented bv a further contract for a similar quantity, and a number of extransferred to the Somali Air Corps and the Congolese

clubs and schools. The initial contract for fifty

Ital.A.F. P.r48 primary trainers have now






rrrorc comprehensive instrumentation, and stick- in plirce of spectacle-type control, Seventy-two were srrpplicd to the Luftwaffe by the parent company, tlcliveries commencing in May 1957, sixteen more lrcing supplied as major components for assembly by lircturing completely a total of r9o, tr.venty-six being tltnsferred to the Nigerian Air Force in r965. I)intensions: Span, 36 ft. 6 in.; length, z8 ft. 9] in.; lrcight, g ft.6 in.; wing area, zo3 sq. ft. Photograph: A Focke-Wulf manufactured P.r49-D of the Luftl,ocke-Wulf, the German concern assembling or manu-

Country of Origin: Italy. Tybe: Side-by-side Two-seat Basic Trainer and Four/ five-seat Liaison and Communications Aircraft. Power Plant: One Piaggio-built Lycoming GO-48o8rA6 " flat-six " engine of z7o h.p. Performance: M, speed, r92 m.p.h. at s.1., r77 m.p.h. at 6,56o ft.; cr. speed (671o power), 165 m.p.h. at 7,5oo ft.; range cr., r45 m.p.h. at ro,8oo ft,; m, range (with 3o min. reserves), 68o mls.; in. cl., 98o ft./min.; s. ceil., rg,8oo ft. Weights: Empty, 2,557 lb.i loaded, 3,7o4tb. Accotnmodation' Full dual controls are provided for the basic training role for which the aircraft is normally flown as a side-by-side two-seater. Provision is made for a bench-type seat aft which may accommodate up to three persons. Operators: Luft., Nig. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) June rg, r953. Proiluction History: Prototypes (z); P.r49-D (268*). Manufactured (parent company) ry55-7; (FockeWulf) r956-9. *Total production figure includes r9o manufactured under licence in Germany. Variants: P.r4g-Originally designed as a four-seat tourer employing many of the structural components ofthe P.r48 primary trainer (see pages 176-7). P.r49D-A modified version of the basic desigrr selected by the Luftwaffe in 1955, the P.r49-D differs from the



in having a fully-glazed cockpit


:-.;. .-. r . ..,i:u. -..




r*, .= ffi r^;*****d*i*go*
5 .i

POTEZ CM r7o N{AGISTER cnsiltcs. CM r75--Ntvalizccl vctsion of CNII r7o-r lirr clcck operation. Knorvn as Z6phyr. P.S+A l)rir-atc venture developmcnt of CN{ r7o-z rvith
(jcctor seats, incroased fuel, etc., and prcviously designrtcd CM r73. No production of this model has becn
trrrde rtaken.

l)intensions: Span ( tiptanks), 37 fr. oI in.; length, .13 ft. 5+ in.; hcight, g ft. z1+ in.; s,ing area, 186.z15 s<1. ft. Photograph: CM r7o-r Magisters of the Bel. ,\.1,'. from the Centre de PerJectionnement at Brustem.

Country of Origin: France. Type: Tandem Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plants: Two Turbom6ca (CM r7o-r

Performance: (CM qo-z in pareniheses) M. speed, 4o3 (435) m.p.h. at s.1., 44,t (463) m.p.h. at 3o,oob ft.;

& CM r75) Marbor6 IIA turbojets of 88o lb.s.t., or (CM r7o-z & P.94A) Marbor6 VIC turbojets of r,o58 lb.s.t.

range with tiptanks, 735 07) mls.; in. cl., 3,345 (:,q:S) ft./min.; s. ceil.,36,ooo (44,3oo) ft. Weights: Empty, 4,74olb.; loaded, 6,835 (6,8ao) lb. Armament: Two 7.5-mm. or 7'62-mm. guns and two bombs, AS.r r ASMs or rocket pods.

*Israeli-built. First Flights: (CM r7o-or) July zl, r95z; (CM r7o-r No. r) Feb. zg, ry56; (CM r75-or) July 3r, 1956; tCM r75 No. r) May 30, 1959; (P.S+A) June 8, 1964. Production Llistory: Prototypes (6); pre-production

Operators: (CM r7o-r) Aus.A.F.; Bel.A.F.; Cam. A.F.; Con. A.F.; Fin. A.F.; Fr. A.F.; Luft.; I{riessmarine; I.D.F./A.F.; Mor. A.F.; *Ug. A.F. (CM r7o-z) Fr. A.F., Leb.A.F.; (CM r75) A6ronavale.

(ro); CM-r7o-r (ZZZ*);CM qo-z (t3o**);CM r75 kz). *Total includes rBB liccnce-manufactured in Germany, 57 in Finland, and 36 of thc roo* built in Israel (r'r'here production continues). **Currcnt Potcz-built modcl. Deliveries until late r968. Variants: CM r7o-z-Super Magister with uprated

c.M.l70 I




Country of Origin: Sweden.

Saab grB-Scventy-five for Sw. A.F. as Sli 5oI) basic trainers, cighteen to Eth. A.F. (inc. six frorn SABENA), and twenty-five to R, No. A.Ir., plus seventeen civil. Saab grC-Fourteen for Sw. A.F. as Sk 5oC, fourtccn for Eth. A.F. and eleven civil. Saab grD-For r\ustria (z+), Finland (35) and Tunisia (r5)' plus nventy-six civil. Dimensions: Span, 34 ft. 9 in.; length (9rB), z6 ft. o in., (9rD), z6 ft. 4 in.; height, 7 ft. zt 1n.; wing area, Flieger-Schulkompanie r.

146'3 sq.

ft. Photograph: Saab 9rD of Austrian

Type: Two-seat Basic Trainer and (9rA, Three- or (9rC) Four-seat Liaison Aircraft.

B & D)

Power Plant: One (9rB & C) Lycoming O-435-A " flat-six " engine of r9o h.p., or (9rD) 0-36o-.4'14' " flat-four " engine of r8o h,p. Performance: (Specification applies to 9rB, figures in parentheses referring to the 9rD) M. speed, r7r (r68) m.p.h.; m. cr., r52 (146) m.p.h.;econ. cr.' 44Q36) m.p.h.; m. range, 67o (66o) mls.; in. c1., r,r4o (8oo) ft./min.; s. ceil., zo,5oo (r6,4oo) ft. Weights: Empty, r,59o (r,57o) lb.; max. loaded, 2,686 Accommodation.'As pilot trainer pupil and instructor seated side by side, and (9rA, B & D) one passenger may be accommodated aft and to starboard, or (9rC) two passengers aft and side by side. Opeiators: (9rB) Sw. A.F., R. No. A.F., Eth. A.F.;
(2,66o) lb.

(qrC) Sw.A.F., Eth.A.F.; (9rD) Aus.A.F., Fin.
A.F., Tun. A.F.

First Flights: (Prototype) Nov. 2o, 1945; (9rB) Jan' :'8, rg4g (9rC) Sept. r953; (9rD) r957. Prodiiiion Historyl Saab 9rA (49); 9rB (r35*); grC (rg*); grD (roo). *Including rro Saab 9rB and ten grC Safirs manufactured r95z-3 under sub-contract
by De Schelde in the Netherlands. Manufactured by
parent company tg46-66.

examples, including eight for Rijksluchtvaartschool.

Gipsy Major ro. Ten to Sw. A.F. as Tp gr liaison aftctaft, sixteen to Eth. A.F., and twenty-three civil

Variants: Saab grA-Initial model with r45 h.p.



SAAB ro5
:rttack units undcr the designation A 6o. 'fhc Saab ro.5 is intended for liaison, executive transport and atnbullnce roles, in addition to training and attack. Dimensions: Span, 3r ft, z in.; length, 34 ft. 5 in.; hcight,8 ft. ro in.; wing area, r75 sq. ft. Photograph: The first production Sk 6o for the Sw. A.F.

SAAB ro5
Country of Origin: Srveden. ?yper Side-by-side Two-seat Basic Trainer and Light Attack and Reconnaissance Aircraft.

Power Plants: Two Turbom6ca Aubisque (RM

turbo-fans of r,64o lb.s.t. Performance: M. speed, 475 m.p.h. 2o,ooo ft., ++7 ^t m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr., 435 n-r.p.h. at zo,ooo ft.,426 m.p.h. at 3o,ooo ft.; range, 87o mls. at zo,ooo ft., r,106 mls. at 3o,ooo ft.; in. cl. (at 8,82o lb.),3,44o ft./min.; s. ceil. (at 7,g4olb.),3937o ft. Weights: Empty, 6,ozo 1b.; nor. loaded, 8,87o lb., (attack), 9,92o lb. Armament: (Attack) Up to r,543 lb. of ordnance on six underwing attachment points, including two 3omm. gun pods, twelve r5'5-cm. rockets, six 275-lb. bombs, two 55oJb. bombs, two Robot o5A ASMs, or two pods each containing nineteen 3-in. rockets. Operators: Sw. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) June 29, 1963; (znd Prototype) June 17, 1964; (rst Production) A:ug. 27,
r965. Produchon History : Prototypes (z) ; production (r 5o*). Production deliveries commenced late r965, *Orders placed by beginning of ry66. basic training version of the Saab ro5 by the Sw. A.F.,


Variants: Sk 6o-This designation is applied to the

and phased into the training syllabus during 1966. Sk 6o8 and Sk 6oC are designations applied to Sk 6o trainers that may be respectively converted for attack and reconnaissance. A 6o-All Saab ro5s for the Sw. A.F. are being delivered with pick-up points for ordnance loads, and the type

will equip

reserve ground







of maintenance under relatively prirnitive conditions. Single-seat ground attack derivativc lvith 3,r3o lb.s.t. Viper 53i turbojet is knorvn-as Jastrcb (Uawk). Built-in armament comprises thtec rz'7mm. machine suns. Dimensions: :+"ft. ol in. ; length, 33 ft. r r I in. ; height, ro ft. ro in.; wing irea, zog't4 sq. ft. Photograph: A pre-production example of the Gz-A Galeb basic

Country o.f Origin: Yugoslavia. Type: Tanderr. Two-seat Basic Trainer. Power Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Viper rr Mk' zz-6 turbojet of z,5oo lb.s.t. 2o,34o ft., 47o Performance: M. speed, 5o5 m.p.h. ^t m.p.h. at s.l.; m. range (with tip tanks),77o mls. at zg,5zo ft.;m. endurance, z'5 hr,; in. cl., 4,5oo ft./nin.; time to 9,84o ft., z'4 rnin., to 19,68o ft., 5'5 min., to zg,5zo ft., ro'z min. Weights: Empty, 5,485 lb.; loaded, 7,438 lb.

Annament: Provision for two o'5-in. Colt-Browning machine guns in nose and underwing racks for two roo-lb. bombs and four 5-in. HVARs. Operators: Yugo. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) May 196r; (rst preproduction) Feb. 1963. Production History: Production of the Galeb was initiated by Preduzece SOKO in 1963, and deliveries to training elements of the Yugo. A.F. commenced in

Vaiiants: The Gz-A Galeb (Gull), selected as the standard ab initio and intermediate trainer of the Yugoslav Air Force, is the first turbojet-driven aircraft of indigenous design to attain production status in Yugoslavia. The Galeb is capable of operating from semi-prepared grass strips, and is suitable for armament training and for use as a light counter-insurgency
ejector seats are installed, and the aircraft is of all-metal stressed-skin construction. Accent is placed on structural simplicity and


aircraft. Folland lightweight


I U!)


lrcight, ro ft. ro in.; rving area, r88'368 sq. ft. Plntotraph: The etghth pre-production TS- r r Iskra (Spark).


(WSK) TS-rr ISI(RA Span, 3z ft. 9l in.; lcngth, 36 ft.7 in.;

Country of Origin: Poland. Type: Tandem Two-seat Basic ilrainer. Power Plant: One OKL SO-r turbojet of 2,337 lb.s.t. ferlormance: .lvl. Performance: M. speed, 49r m.p.h. at 26,247 ft.; nor. 2b,247 tt.; nor 4gr m.p.h, ^t cr., 342 m.p.h.; range, 56o mls. (with overload fuel) fuel), 683 mls.; rn. cl.. a.<28 ft./min.; 68r mls.: in. cl.,4,528 ft./min.: s. ceil.. 39,370 ft. 063 mrs.; cl., 4,52d tt./mrn.; cell., ceil., qo.e;o tt. Weights: Ernpty, S,zgr lb. ; loaded, 6,834 lb. ; maximum loaded, r.oer lb. loaded. 7,937
Operators: P.W.S.

Armament: Provision made for underwing loads of light bombs and rockets for armament training.

First Flights: (rst Prototype) Feb. 5, 196o; (rst preproduction) Nov. 1962.
Production History: Prototypes

initiated r963, deliveries commencing April 1964.

(4); pre-production (ro). Currently in production. Quantity production
HO-ro turbojet. Adjudged second to L-29
Variants: Prototypes-Four powered by r,7oo lb.s.t.
(see page

r6o) in r96z contest to select standardjet basic trainer for Warsaw Pact countries. Pre-production-Several more powerful SO-r evolved for production version. Ten delivered by mid-r963. Production-Essenti-

retained HO-ro turbojet but remainder fitted with

ally similar to pre-production TS-rr. Currently manufactured by the WSK (Transport Equipment
Manufacturing Centre) at Mielec.




in the Soviet ljnion. Dimensions: Span, rz4 ft. 8] in.; length, r r r ft. :* in.; height, 3z ft. r{ in.; wing area, r,293 sq' ft, Photograph: An An-rz of the A.-V.D.V. (Aviation of tbe Airborne Troops), a major component of the Sov. A.F.
freighters are used for commercial purposes

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Cwb. ?yper Medium-range Freighter and Troop Transport. Power Plants: Four Ivchenko AI-zo turboprops of

4,or5 e.h.p.


at 3z,8oo ft.; econ. cr., 39r m.p.h.; m. range (with

M. speed, 444m.p.h.; m. cr.,4zz m.p.h.

zz,o+6-lb. payload and r hr. reserves), z,rr3 mls.; in. cl., r,96o ft./min.; s. ceil., 33,464 ft. Weights: Loaded, rr9,o5o lb.; max., r34,482 lb. Armament: Defensive afinament comprises two 20mm. cannon in tail position. Accommodation.' Crerv comprises five members, and maximum freight load is 44,o92 lb. Wheeled or
trackcd vehicles, or surface-to-air missiles and support equipment may be loaded via rear ramp.

A.l'., A.U.R.I., Ind. A.F. Productton History: The An-rz freighter derivative of
Variants: An-rz-Basic production model evolved from the commercial An-roA Ukraina from which it differs primarily in having a redesigned rear fuselage embodying an integral loading ramp which may be lowered in flight for air-drop operations, a defensive tail gun position and revised tail surfaces. An-rzVSimilar to basic model apart from having AI-zoM engines of 4,25o e.h.p. An-rzM-A version incorpor-

Operators: Sov. A.F., Alg.

A.F., UARA.F., Iraqi

the An-ro commercial transport (see page 3z of Ciail volume) first appeared in 1959, and has since been in continuous production.

ating modifications (the " M " suffix letter indicating Modifikatsiya), the precise nature of which have not been revealed. A substantial number of An-rz




design. Esscntially similar to sccond prototype which rcpresented an eighty per cent redesign of thc first prototype developed by Gcneral Aircraft and incomplete when company merged with Blackburn. Dimensions: Span, 16z ft. o in.; length.99 ft. 5 in.; height, 37 ft. 6 in.; wing alea, 2,916 sq. ft. Photo!!raph: Beverley C. Mk. r (XLr49) of Air Forces
Middle East.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Tactical Freight and Troop Transport. Power Plants: Four Bristol Centaurus r73 radial engines of 2,85o h.p. Performance: M. speed,238 m.p.h. at S,7oo ft.; m. cr, 223 m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; nor. cr. (at r25,ooo lb.), r75 m.p.h. at 8,ooo ft.; range (44,ooo-lb. payload), zoo mls. at r45 m.p.h. at 8,ooo ft.; ferry range, 3,69o mls. at r88 m.p.h. at 8,ooo ft.; in. cl., 76o ft./min.; s. ceil., r6,ooo ft. Weights: Empty equipped, 8z,roo lb.; loaded, r35,ooo lb.; max., r43,ooo lb.
Accommodation.' Crew

of four and 94 fully-equipped troops, 70 paratroops, 48 casualty stretchers and 34 sitting casualties, or up to 45,ooo lb. of freight, including wheeled vehicles with axle loads up to rz,5oo lb. Heal,ry drop platform retaining and release gear is provided for individual loads up to 25,ooo lb., the rear fairing doors being removed for dropping operations. Operators : R.A.F, First Fkghts: (rst Prototype) June zo, r95o; (2nd prototype) June 17, 1953; (Beverley C. Mk. t) lan. zg,
r955. Production History: Prototypes (z); Beverley C.

(47). Manufactured r954-8.



Variants: C. Mk. r-Sole production model of basic




l'l(l-rrsC (r7). *C-r3.5Bs converted as IiC-r3-5J, It('-r3-5C & E and WC-r35B (ro) versions. Manulrrclurcd r95.5-65, l)inttnsiorts: Span, r3o ft. ro in.; length (KC-r35A), r.16 I't. 3 in., (C-r35B), t34ft.6 in.; height (I{C-r35.A), sr1.


It. 4 in., (C-r35B),4r ft. 8 in.;wing atea, z,+33 lt. Photograph: NKC-r35A (6o-o37o) nuclear

rlrrst dctcction aircraft.

Type: (KC-45A & C-r35F) Dual-purpose Tankertransport, (RC-r35A) Photo-mapping and Charting, (RC-r358, C, D & E) Electronic Reconnaissance, (lKC-r35A)Radiation Measuring,Apollo Communications, (NKC-r35A) Nuclear Blast Detection, (WCr35B) Weather Reconnaissance, and (EC-r35C, G, H, J & K) Aerial Command Post Aircraft. Power Plants: Four (A-series) Pratt & Whitney J57P-3rW or -59W turbojets of rr,2oo lb.s.t. (r3,75o lb. wet), or (B-series) TF33-P-5 or -9 turbofans of
r8,ooo lb.s.t.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

speed, 6z+ (618) m.p.h. at z5,ooo (36,ooo) ft., m. cr., 592 (6o4) m.p.h. at 35,ooo (4o,ooo) ft.; range cr., S3z (528) m.p.h.; fuel transfer radius, r,r5o mls.1 in. cl., r,z9o ft./min. Weights: Empty, 98,466 (ro6,47o) lb.; loaded, z4s,ooo (z7s,ooo) lb.; max., z97,ooo (zqz,ooo) lb. Accotnmodation' Crew of four and (KC-I:5A) gr,3oo U.S. gal. oftransferable fuel, 5o,ooo lb. of cargo or 8o passengers, or (C-r35F) rz6 passengers, or 44 casualty stretchers and 54 sitting casualties. Operators: U.S.A.F. ; (C-r35F) Fr. A.F.


(KC-r35A with C-r35B in parentheses)

Production History: (A-series) KC-r35Ar* (ZSz); C-r35A* (r5); RC-I35A (4); C-r35F (rz). Manufactured r955-65. iiAll C-r3SAs and many KC-r35As converted as EC-I35A, G, H & K, RC-r35A (4) and D, JC-I35A, JKC-r35A, NC-r35A and NKC-r35A versions. (B-series) C-r358* (3o); RC-r358 (ro);

First Flights: (KC-I35A) Aug. 3r, 1956; (C-r35A) May r9, rq6r; (C-rgSB) Feb. r5, 1962.




CANADAIR CC-ro6 YUI{ON crrrplol,s a hinged rear fuselagc for frcight loading.
V.LP. use.

'l'lrc first and second Yukons have becn modified for
l)imensions: Span, r4z ft. 3$ in.;length, r36 ft. rot in.; lre iglrt, 36 ft. 73E 1n.; wing area, 2,o75 scl. ft. Photo-

gruph: A Yukon (r5924) of No. 437 Sqdn., R.C.A.F.

props of 5,73o e.h.p.
Performance: Power Plants: Four Rolls--Royce

Country oJ Origin: Canada. Type : Long-range Strategic Transport.

Tyne 5r5/ro turbo-

392 m.p,h, at 2o,ooo ft.; long-range cr., 38o m.p.h. at 3o,ooo ft.; econ. cr., 366 T.p.h.! range (max. payload-6o,48o lb.), 2,36o m1s., (max. fuel), 4,49o mls. Weights: Empty, gr,7z8 lb.; max. loaded, zo5,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of nine and r34 passengers or 8o casualty stretchers, or (freighter) crew of six and 6o,48o Ib. of cargo. Operators: R.C.A.F. F'irst Flights: (rst Production) Nov. r5, 1959. Production History: CC-ro6 (rz). Manufactured
958-6 r. Variants: CC-ro6-This designation is applied by the R.C.A.F. to the CL-44-6 which was derived originally

M. cr. speed,

from the Bristol Britannia (see page 14 of Ciail volume) from which it differs primarily in having a
longer fuselage and more powerful engines. The
CC-ro6 was procured for use primarily as a long-range cargo carrier, for which role it embodies a number of special features. Freight loading doors ahead and aft of the wing provide the principal difference between the CC-ro6 Yukon and its commercial equivalent, the CL-44D-4 (see page 6 of Cbil volume), which




I)It IIAVILLAND CANADA DHC-z BEAVER .clvice t'ith the U.S.A.F., fifty-eight of thcse bcing opelirted by Strategic Air Command for missilc sitc support. Beaver A.L. Mk. r-The Beaver was sclccted for service by British Army in r96o, thirtysix bcing delivered to this service. Beaver Mk. IIllxpcrimental model with 57o h.p. Alvis Leonides soz/4 engine. Beaver Mk. III-DHC-z Mk. III
'['urbo-Beaver is turbine-powered derivative currently in production with PT6A-6 turboprop.

Country of Origin: Canada. Type: Ligtrt Utiiity Transport. Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-I, -2, -3, -4, etc., radial engine of 45o h.p. Performance: M. speed, r4o m.p.h. at s.1.; m. cr., r35 m.p.h. at s.l.; econ. cr., tz1 m.p.h.; m. range (+5 min. reserves), 778 mls., (m. payload), 483 mls.; in. cl., r,ozo ft.frnin.; s. ceil., r8,ooo ft. 'lVeights: Empty, 2,85o lb.; max. loaded, 5,roo lb. Accommodation.' Pilot and seven passengers. Floor stressed for freight with lightweight collapsible bush

Ircight, 9 ft. o in.; wing area, z5o sq. ft. Photograph: A Beaver of No. 334 Sqdn. R. Neth. A.F.

Span,48 ft. o in.; length, 3o ft. 3 in.;

rvith cargo attachments. Arg. Nar.ry; Aus. A.F.; R.A.A.F.; Brit. Army; Camb. A.F.; R.C.A.F.; Chil. A.F.; Col. A.F.; Cuban A.F.; Dom. A.F.; Fin. A.F.;
seats interchangeable




R.Neth.A.F. ; Peru.A.F. ; S.O.A.F. ; Tanz.A.F.; U.S. A.F.; U.S. Army; Ur. A.F.;Zarn. A.F.; Yugo. A.F. First Flights: Aug. 16, 1947. Production History: Deliveries commenced rg54 and approx. r,6oo delivered by beginning of. ry67 of which r,356 exported (including 968 to U.S. Armed Forces), the majority of these being supplied to the armed forces of twcnty-three countries.

GhanaA.F.; Ken.A.F.; LaosA.F.; R.O.K.A.F.;

of design contest held in r95r. Approximately a quarter of the Beavers delivered to U.S. entered

Variants: U-6A-The Beaver has been supplied to the U.S. Army in large numbers after evaluation as winner


TrarePorts 2Ol DE HAVILLAND CANADA DHC-4 CARIBOU CV-zB-Equivalent to DHC-4A with gross rvcight laiscd from z6,ooo lb. to z8,,5oo lb. CC-ro8-R.C.A.F. tlcsignation for DHC-4 and -4A. Nine delivered to that scrvice. The DHC-4A is operated in commercial

ftrrm by Civil Air Transport of Taiwan and AnsettNIAI.. Dimensions: Span, 95 ft. 7l in.; length, 72 ft. 7 in.; lreight, 3r ft. 9 in.; wing area, 9rz sq. ft. Photograph: DHC-aA Caribou (A+-rSr) of No. 38 Sqdn. R.A.A.F.

Country of Origin: Canada. Type: Milit^ry Tactical Transport. Power Plants: Two Pratt & Whitney R-zooo-7Mz radials of r,45o h.p. Performance: M. speed, 2r6 m.p.h. at 6,5oo ft. ; m. cr., r8z m.p.h. at 7,Soo ft.; long-range cr., r54 m.p.h. at


Weights: Empty, 16,9zo lb.; nor. loaded, a8,5oo lb.; max. overload, 3r,3oo lb. Accommodation.' Two crew members and thirty-two troops, twenty-six paratroops, or twenty-two casualty stretchers, four sitting casualties and four medical
cargo or two fully-loaded jeeps.
Operators :R.

ft.; range (max. fuel and 5,r52-lb. payload), r,3o7 mls., (max. payload-8,74o lb.), z4z mls.; in. cl., r,355 ft./min.; s. ceil., z4,8oo ft.

attendants. Typical freight loads are three tons of

First Flights: (Proto.) July 3o,r958; (CV-zA) Mar.r959. Production History: Total orders to beginning of 1967 (z+z*). Production deliveries commenced in 1959 and were continuing into 1966. *Including 168 for IJ.S. government as CV-zA and -zB. Variants: CV-zA-Initial production model for the U.S. Army equivalent to the DHC-4. Five delivered for evaluation in 1959. All aircraft of this type, together with CV-zBs, transferred to U.S.A.F. in rq66.

A.F.;Kuw. A.F.;R. Mal. A.F.;Tan. A.F.;Zam. A.F.

A.A.F. ;R.C.A.F. ;Ghan.A.F. ;I.A.F. ;I(en.





tlcsignation has been applied to the version of thc DHe-5 ordered for the R.C.A.F. and fcaturing slight
tJ.S. Army under the designation CV-7A, thesc being transferred to the U.S.A.F. in 1966. CC-rr5-This

increases in power and overall length. Dimensions: Span, 96 ft. o in. ; length (CY-7A)' 77 ft. 4 in., (CC-rr5), Z,S ft. o in.; height, z8 ft. 8 in.;rving irrca, g45 sq. ft. Photograph: Th'e first CV-7A prototype (63-13$$S) for the U.S. Army, this being transferred to the U.S.A.F. during r966.

Country of Origin: Canada.

Power Plants: Two General Electric (CV-ZA) T6+-

: Military Tactical Transport.

GE-ro turboprops of 2,850 e.s.h.p., or (CC-rr5) T6a/Pz turboprops of 3,o55 e.s.h.p. Performance: (Specification refers to CV-7A but is generally applicable to CC-rr5) M. speed, z7r m.p.h. at rorooo ft.;econ. cr., zo8 m.p.h. at ro,ooo ft.; range (max. fuel and 4,ooo-lb. payload), z,r7o mls., (max. payload-r3,843 lb.), 5o7 mls.; in. cl., r,89o ft./min.;
s. ceil., 3o,ooo ft. Weights: Empty, zz,SS7 lb.; max. loaded, 4r,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of three plus forty-one troops, thirty-five paratroops, or twenty-four casualty

Variants: CV-7A-The DHC-5 was designed primarily to meet a U.S, Army requirement, development costs being shared equally between the U.S. Army, the Canadian government and de Havilland Canada, and four prototypes were delivered to the

stretchers and six sitting casualties. Eighty-eight per cent of all airborne equipment normally required by an Air Assault Division may be accommodated, and loads may include an llonest John missile and trailer, a Nike-Ajax missile, or a ros-mm. howitzer. Operator s : R.C.A.F. ; U. S.A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) Apr. 9, r964. Production History: CV-7A (a); CC-rr5* (r5). Production began r966 with first deliveries to R.C.A.F.* in spring o[ 1967.


Two Pratt & Whitney R-r83o-9oD or -92 radials o-f r,zoo_h.p., or (C-rr7D) Wright Ii-rgzo8o radials of r,535 h.p. lerforman_ce: (Applies C-47A rvith C-rr7D in parentheses). M..speed,.zzg (z7o) m.p.h. at 7,5oo fu,goo) tt.; cr. speed, I85 (?38) m.p.h. at 7,5oo (ro,ooo) ft.; ll.rcngc, z,rz5(z,5oo) mls. ;, r, {oo(r,rooj ft./min. 't6iae8,
Armamen!: (AC-+Z) Three fixed side-firins 7.62-mm. General Electric Miniguns for target satur;tion. Accommodatiou Crew-of rhree and z8 (35) troops. Note: ln U.S. service prefix letters indiiite mbdifi"d mission as follows: A (Attack); E (Special Electronics); H (Search & Rescue); L (Coid Weather): R (Recon(Staff Transport). Uperators-:,,(See p^ge 272 Operators-:..(See p^ge,272 for list of C-47 operators). Li-zf : Alb. A.F.; Bulg. A.F.; Chin. A.F.-: Czech.
Power Plants:

with new wings, tail assembly, undercarriage, tc. I)inensions: (C-r r7D in parentheses) Span, 95 (9o) ft.; lcngth, 64 (67) tt. 5! (8$) in.; height, 16 (r8) ft. r r (3) irr.; wing area, 987 (S6S) sq. ft. Photograph: C-47 of.

DOUGLAS C-47 SI{YTRAIN (DAKOTA) ,.irrns: C-47H & J, EC-a7FI & !, LC-+llI & J, SC.17II & J, TC-a7H, J & K, VC-+ZJ. C-rr7D-'I'his tlesignation appiied to roo U.S.N. C-47js re-en-

It.C.A.F. Training Command.

Country of Origin: lJ.S.A. ?ype: General-purpose Transport (see note).

-Fmpty, r6,s7o ('s,snj (3r,ooo.) lb.; ma-x., ?r,ooo lb.

if .;


naiss3lfc); S (Anti-submarine); T (fiaini;g); V

A.F.; Hun.A.F.; P.L.W.; Rum. A.F.; Sov. A.F. A.F.; A.F.: {,F.;_$un.A.F.; First Flights: (DC-S*) Dec. r7, g35; (C-47) rs4r. 19-+Z *u. militarized DC-s (wtrii6-jee p#6 z5'of
Production History: Total of ro froductton History:'lotal ro,368 C-+7s of all tvpes manufactured rn U.S.A. of which +68 io U.S.N.-and 2,96o supplied under Lend-Lease to Allies.t Approx. z,ooo built under licence in Soviet Union as Li-j. Variants: Current IJ.S.A.F. versions: AC-+ZA, C-+JA, P^& E, E_C-.12D, HC-47A & D, RC-a7A',TC-i;D, YC-a7A, B & D; currenr U.S.N. &,l.C. '""r-

Crzl Cioil volume).



DOUGLAS C-5,1 & C-r18
s+l',Q,R,S & T; EC-5aU; VC--s+N,P,Q & S. C-r18Nlilitary DC-6A serving with U.S.A.F. as C-r rBA and VC-rr8-A, and with U.S. Narry as C-rr8B and VCr r88. l)imensions: Span, r17 fr. 6 in.;length,93 ft. rr in. (ro5 ft.7-in.); height, 27 ft.6+ in. (28 ft. 5 in.); wing irrea, r,4-63 sq. ft. Photograph: C-tr8B of U.S. Navy Sqdn. VR-r.

Country of Origin: U,S.A. pPe.' M,edium- and Long-range Transport. Power Plants: Four Pratt & Whitnev R-zooo-? or -rr radials of r,35o,h.p., or (C-54G, S * f; R-zooo-g radrals of r,45o h.p., or (C-rr8) R-z8oo-5zW radiall of z,5oo h.p. Performance: (ppecification applies C-54D, figures in

m.p.h. at r4,ooo (r8,ooo) ft.; nor. cr., i3g (:oZ) hii.h. at r5,ooo (zz,4oo) fr.; m. range, r.qoo (a.oioj mts. Weights: Empty,_,38,2oo (ag,76o) lb. j'mrx. loaded, 7j,ooo (ro7,ooo) lb. Accornmodation.. Crew of five and 3z,ooo (z7,ooo) lb. freight or up to .qo (76) fully-equipped troops. ()peratols: (C-5a) A1S. ; Arg. Narry; Braz. A.F.; q"l.A.f.; Cong. A.F.; {.F.Dan. A.F.; Eir'. a.f.; f'r. R. A.F.; A6ronavale; Port. A.F. ; Span. A.F. ; R. Thai

parentheses relating

to C-rr8). M. speed, zi+ bZz)


s t_ F lig ht s :,(C - 5 4)Mar. z 6, r9a1 ; (C- r r 8A)Sept. r g4e. Production History: C-S+ @+); C-S+A (zoZ);- C--S+il '

tgr\. A.F.; U.S.A.F.; U.S.N.; Venez. A.F. (DC-6)Belg.A.F. ;C.N.A.F. ; 'see note.j I1.A.I,; f uft.j Ital.!.F.; Yugo.A.F. (f
(9-t'9) u.s.$.E.;urS.N.

(zzo);.C-.54D (:Jo);,9-s+E (rz5*1. C-'4 06zx*1. C-rr8A (ro_o); C-rr88 (65). Manufactured (C-54)

-,15_{nd & U for U.S.N. **Including 86 C-5aS & T-for U.S-.N. Note: I QC-p is commercialequivalentto C-rr8 (see page 38 Czozl volume) and serves with listed air arms. Variants : (U.S.A.F.)C--S4A,D,E & G ;EC-s+D (special elerctronic installation):HC-54D(search and reicue); TC-54D(training),& VC-54D & G (staff). (U.S.N.) C:

(C-rr8) r95o-55. *Including

So C--S+fi




APS-42 rveather scarch radar in thc nose (both fcaturcs later added to the C-rz4A). The Globcmaster II can accommodate ninety-four per ccnt of all U.S. Army

Field Force vehicles which may be transported fully assembled. The Globemaster II serves with the U.S.A.F.'s Military Airlift Command, Strategic Air Command, Air Force l,ogistics Command and Air
lreight, 48 ft. 3! in.; wing area, 2,5o6 sq. ft. _Ph-otograph: C-rz4A. Globemaster II (5r-or77) of M'A'C. liorce Reservc. Dimensions: Span, r74

ft. r; in.;length,


ft. 5 in.;



r950. Production. .History: _YC-.r24 Q); C-tz4A (zo$; f_C-1 zaB l!-; C- t z+9. (243). Manufactured r 9i9-j 5. Variants : YC-rz4-Originally fifth C-74 Globemasier I with new deep fuselage and clamshell-type nose loading doors. C-rz4A-Initial production model

First Flights: (YC-wQ Nov. 27, rg4g; (C-rz4A) May

Country of Origin: U.S.A. !!De : Long-range Strategic Transport. Power Planis : Four Pratt & Whitney R-4 36o- (C-n4A) zoWA radials of 3,5oo h.p., or (C-tzaC) 63A radiali of 3,8oo h.p. PerJormance: (C-rz4C but generally applicable to C-iz+A). M. ipeed, z7r m.pih, ut r.i., 3o4 m.p.h. at zo,8oo_ft.; m.,cr,,272 m,p.h.; econ. cr., z3o m.p.h.; range (56,ooo-lb. payload), t,z3z mls., (26 37 5-1b. pay load),.4,o3o m_ls.; m. range, 6,82o mls.; in. cl., 76o ft./min.; s. ceil., zr,8oo ft. Weights: ,Enqpty, ror,165 lb.; loaded, r85,ooo lb.; max, overload, r94,5oo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of five and up to 74,ooo lb. of cargo, 3oo troops or rz7 casualty stretchcrs and z5 medical attendants or sitting casualties, Operators: U.S.A.F.

with _R-436o-zoWA engines. YC-rz4B-Experi-

rvith combustion heaters in wingtip fairings and

mental version with four 5,5oo e.h.p. Pratt & Whiiney YT34-P-6 turboproqs and first flown on February z, rg;4. C-rz4C-Definitive model of Globemastei Ii

'l t 'l'


l)ttittrtsions: Span, r79 ft. 73a in.; length, r57 ft. 6l in.; lrliglrt, 48 ft. 13 in.; wing area, 2,673 sq. ft. Photolrrr1rlr.' Ninth C-r::A Cargomaster (54-or43) of the I I S.A.F. Military Airlift Command. The C-r33B
( 'ru g()rnrster

irrrrilirr to final thrce C-r33As but 7,ooo e.s.h.p. (rvct) i.1 -t'-7A turboprops replaced by uprated T34-P19Ws.

is illustrated below.

Power Plants: Four Pratt & Whitney T.l+-P-qW turboprops of 7,5oo e.s.h.p. (with watcr in jeciion).' Performance: M. speed, 359 m.p.h. at B,7oo ft. ; m. cr.,
Country of Origin: U.S.A. !!Fe : Long-range Strategic Freighter.

rn. cl., r,z8o ft./min.; s. ceil., zg,95o tt. \eights: P-pty, rzo,z63lb.; max. loaded, z86,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crerv of five and more than ioo,ooo lb. of freight. Typical loads include two prime movers each weighing more than 4o,ooo lb., 16 loaded jeeptype vehicles, 20 turbojets, or up to zoo passengers.Operators: U.S.A.F. First Flights: (C-r33A) Apr. 23, r956; (C-r338) Oct.

_323_m.p.h. at 26,85o ft.; range (with go,ooo-lb. payload)-, z,z 5o mls., (with 44,ooo-lb. payload), 4,3oo mls. ;

manded, initial production aircraft being used for flight testing. The final three production C-r33As introduced clamshell-type rear loading doors to -increase usable hold length and facilitate loading of Atlas

Variants: C-r33A--The Cargomaster was ordered into production in rg54, the contract calling for thirty-five aircraft_designated C-r33A, no protoiype being de-

Production History: C-r33A Manufactured tg54-6r,


ICBMs and Thor and Jupiter IRBMs. e-r338-






lrtight, z6 ft. 3 in.; wing area, 3,r5o sq. ft. PhotoA C-rr9J (5r-8r58) aeromedical evacuation rrircraft of the A.N.G. converted from a C-r rgF.

FAIRCHILD C-r19 FLYING BOXCAR l)itrrttttsions: Span, rog ft.3 in.; length,86 ft.6 in.;

Country of Origin: U.S.A. ?ype.' Medium-range Freight and Troop Carrier. Powcr Plants: Two-WrighiR-335o-B5 or -89A radials qf ?,5oo h.p. and (LA.F. C-rrgG) one HAl-built 'of' 7or booster turbojet 4,7oo lb.s.t. or Westinghouse J34 boosrer turbojet of 3,4oo lb.s.t. Perlormance: (The spccification applie"s specificallv to the C-rr9G but is generally applic;ble to the C-rioF and C-rr9J) M. speed, zg6 at r7,ooo ft.; n5r. cr.,,zoo m.p.h. at r5,ooo ft.; range (ro,ooo-lb,'pavload), z,ooo nrls.; in. cl., 75o ft./min. Weights:.Empty,' 39,g8z i5.; not. loaded, 64,ooo lb.; n. loaded, 74,4oo lb. Accommodation. Crew of five and sixtv-two fullveguipped troops or up to 3o,ooo lb. cargo.
Qy_eytors: _(Q-rrgF & G) U.S.A.F.*, Braz.A.F., p,N.A..L, B9l,,A..F., R. No. A.F., I.A.F., Ital. A.F., Y_oI.4.F,, _A.N.G. ; (C-rr9J) Ital. A.F.,'U.S.A.F.*; A.N.G. *A.F. Reserve units of Tactical Air Com.


F i r s t.F I ight s : (Proto. ) Nov.

C_-rr9Fs and.Gs subsequently convertcd as C-rr9Js. Manufactured r 948--5.5. Variants: C-lgG-Similar to C-rr9F apart from airscrew^s. Of 78 supplied to I.A.F., z7 relrofitted with

History: 9-ItSB (SS); C-rrgC (:ii); C-rrgF (zro); C-rrgG (+8o). Plls zo C-rroC"and C-rr9F transports for the U.S.M.C. A number of

47 ; (C- r ryG) Oct.z8, r 95z.


l9G (Orpheus)

Jg4 for thrust augmentation and'remainder with Orpheus 7or,. C-rrgJ-Conversion of C-rr9F or G
with beaver- instead of clamshell-type loading doors.






omitted. C-rz3J-Tip jets and wheel/ski
carriage for Arctic

culriage. C-rz3H-Similar to YC-rz3H but jct pods


has reverted to standard undercarriage. C-rz3KLow-drag turbojet nacelles, new wheels, etc. I)imensions: Span, rro ft. o in.; length, 76 ft. 3 in., (SC-rz3B) 78 ft. 6 in.; height, 34 ft. r in.; wing area, t,zz3 sq. ft. Photograph: A C-rzl| (54-647) of the I44th Air Transport Squadron, Alaska Air Guard.

Operated by Alaskan



ladials of z,5oo h.p. and (C-rz3J)'two Fairihild f++-n-q booster tu^rbojets of r,ooo lb.s.t., or (C-rz3K) General Electric J8-S-GE-rZ turboiets of z.8io lb.s-.t. Performance: (Speiification is ipplicabll-to both C-rz3B & C-rz3H) M. speed, 245 m.p.h. at 6,ooo ft.; m, cr.,.zo5 m.p.h.; nor. cr,, r9o m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; range (zo,ooo--lb. payload), r,47o mls. at r!,ooo ft.; in. cl., r,r5o ft./min.; s. ceil., z3,ooo ft. \eights: Empty, 3 r ,3Bo lb. ; m. loaded, 6o,ooo lb. Accommodation. Two crew members'and 6o fullyequipped troops, 50 casualty litters and four medical attendants or up to z4,ooo lb. cargo. O-perators._(C-Lz3B) U.S.A.F., Thai A.F., Viet. A.F., f_e1e7.3!.F,. (SC_-rz3p) _U.S.C.G.; (C-iz:H & K) U.S.A.F. ; (C-rz:J) A.N.c. First Flights: (XC-r33) Oct. 14, 1949; (XC-rz3A) Apr. zr_,:95r; (rst Fairchila-luitt C-izeB) Septl r, rg54; (YC-rz3H) July 3o, 196z; (C-rzrK) Oct. -ro66. -Ten
Production History: C-rz3B 13q5x). C-rjrBs converted to C-rz3Js and othert to SC-rz3Bs ind C-rz3Hs, and rzo being converted to C-rzrKs ro6668. C-rz3B mfg. r9-53-8. *First five Chaje-buift. Variants: SC-rz3B-Coast Guard conversion of Crz3B with APS-42 radar in extended nose. XC-rzlD

Country of Origin: U.S.A. lJPe: Medium Tactical Assault Transport. Power Plants: Two Pratt & Whitnev R-z8oo-ooW

c -1

-Experimental Pantobase

landing gear, YC-rz3HUnderwing J85 turbojets and-wrider-track uider-

boundary layer control




Trarepot ts





Itrotluclion History: Approx. 460 rnanufircturcd


HU-r6B-Improved - r 64' with enlargcd and rnodified rving. Most -r6As convertcd to -r6Il standards. HU-r6D-U.S.N. version of U.S.A.F.'s
[/ ar iants :


GRUMMAN HU-T6 ALBATROSS llqe: Amphibious Utility Transport and
Rescue Aircraft.

I IU-r68 supplied to R. No. A.F. and Span. A.F. I)inensions: (HU-r6.\ in parentheses) Span,96 (8o) ti (o) in. ; length, 6z (6o) ft. ro (8) in. ; height , 25 @4) ft. ro (ro) in.; wing area, r,o35 (8::) .q. ft. Photograph: A CSR-Iro (93o7) of R.C.A.F. Maritirne Air

undercarriage. A.S.W.-Anti-submarine version of

IIU-r68. HU-I6E-U.S.C.G. equivalent to HUr6D. CSR-Iro-R.C.A.F. version with triphibian


Country of Origin: U.S.A,.


in parentheses, relating to the HU-I6A). M.

Power Plants: Tu'o Wright R-r8ao-76A radials of r,425 h.p. or (CSR-Iro) R-r8zo-82 radials of r,525 h.p. Performance: (Specification relates to HU-r68, figures

39,353 (27,5oo) lb.; max., 35,7oo lb. Accommodation.. Crew (rescue mission) of six and twelve casualty stretchers, or (transport mission) crew of three^and-ro-22 passengers, or (A.S.W, mission) crew of four (see armament). Armament,: (A.S.W. version) Four Mk. 43 torpedoes, 'ja-z

m.p.h. at r8,8ob ft.; m. cr., 224 (zzS) m.p.h.; m. range, 3,zBr (2,683) mls.; in. cl., r,45o (r,4oo) ft./min.; s. ceil, zr,5oo ft.-' 'Weights.: Empty- 22,883 (zo,roo) ib. j-nor. loaded,
(241;) m-p.h. at s.1., 259 (z7o)



or trvo

A.F. ; C.N.A.F. ; Kriegsmarine; A.U.R.I.; Ital. A.F. ; J-M S_.D_jF ; R. No. A.F.; Pak. A.F.; Peru. A.F.;

Mk._ 43 torpedoes and two Mk. charges. Operators : Arg. Navy; Braz. A.F. ; R.C.A.F.

ror depth

br Mk.

; Chil.

Jan. r6, r956.

First Flights: (Prototype) Oct. 24, r947; (HU-r68)

U.S.A.F. ; U.S.N. ; U.S.C.G. ; A.N.c.

4f i-_Qnan.AF.; Port.A.F.; Venez.A.F.;

U.1 6B



has provision


,rr' 45o

tlclivery (COD) transport to the IJ.S. Naqy were rrrirde in 1966 to succeed the smaller C-rA Trader in 'crvice with Fleet Logistics Support and Transport Stluadrons. I)imensions: Span,8o ft. 7 in.;length, 56 ft. 6 in.; lrcight, 15 ft. rr in.; wing area, 7oo sq. ft. Photo-

for flight refuelling, and trvo 3oo IJ.S. gal. external fuel tanks or 'buddy' flight rrfuclling packs may be attached to the sides of the Itrselage. First deliveries ofthe C-aA carrier onboard

Country of Origin: U.S,A. Type: Carrier Onboard Delivery Transport. Power Plants: Two Allison T56-4-8 turboprops of
4,o5o s.h.p. Perfonnance:

qraph: The first pre-production Grumman C-zA.

M. speed, 329 m.p.h. at rr,3oo ft.; average cr., 3o6 m.p.h. at z7,3oo ft.; com. rad. (with ro,ooo-lb. payload), r,5zo mls.; in. cl., z,ogo ft./min. Weights: Empty, 3r,6741b.; loaded, 54,812 lb. Accommodatiott.' Crew of two and thirty-nine troops,
twenty casualty stretchers, or up to r5,ooo lb. of cargo. Cargo compartment may be adapted to accept Military Airlift Command 463L material handling and support
system. Operators: U.S.N.

First Flights: (rst Pre-production) Nov. r8, r964. Production History: Pre-production (3). Production deliveries commenced 1966. Plannine Gg6Z) calls for z4 aftctaft. Variants: The C-zA has been evolved specifically to transport freight and personnel between land bases and carriers at sea, and is compatible with the elevators and hangar decks of the U.S. Naq"s CVS-ro, CVA-r9 and larger carriers. It can be launched from H-8 and Crr-r catapuits, and offers tail-ramp loading from deck level. Derived from the E-zA Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft (see pages rr8-r9), the C-zA employs virtually identical wing, main undercarriage members, cockpit, power plants and tail surfaces, and offers similar all-weather capability. The


'!! I

lreight, ?z ft. 6 in.; rving arca, r,4o8 sq. ft. Photograph: Hastings C. Mk. rA (TG5z7) and silhouette depicts C. Mk. z.

Nlk. rA. C. Mk. 2-Latgcr tailplane set loivcr on Irrsclage, FIercules 106 engines and increased wing lrrnkagc. C. Mk. 3-Basically similar to C. Mk. z foi lf.N.Z.A.F. with Hercules 717 cngines. C. Mk. +\/.I.P. transport model. T. Mk. 5-Bomber radar lrriner conversion of Met. Mk. r which, in turn, was *cather reconnaissance conversion of C. Mk. r, I)itnensions: Span, rr3 ft. o in.; length, 8z ft. r in.;

IIANDI,DY PAGD HASTINGS lolnr of dctachablc ultclcrwiltg tal)lis. l{cdcsignatccl


Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Short- and Medium-range Multi-purpose Tactical Transport. Pouter Plants: Four Bristol Hercules ro6 radials of r_:62-S h.p. or Hercules zr6 radials of r,8oo h.p. Performance: M. spccd, 348 m.p.h. at zz,zoo-ft.;nor. ct., 29] m.p.h. at r5,zoo ft.,3o3 m.p.h. at 23,6cr0 ft.; lgJlce- (max. payload), r,69o mls., (max. fuel), 4,25o mls. IV'eights: Empty, 48,427 lb.; max. loaded, 8o,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of five and 5o fully equipped troops, 32 casualty stretchers and 28 sitting casualtles, or 30 paratroops. Max. payload of zo,3rr lb. Operators: R.A.F. ; *R.N.Z.A.F. *Succeeded in transport role by C-r3oH late 1966 and relegated to paratroop training pencling retirement. First Flights: (rst Prototype) May 7, r946; (C. Mk. r) {or. zs, rg47; (C.Mk. z) Nov. 14, r95o. Production History: Prototypes (z); C. Mk. r* (roo); factured 1946-52. *Fifteen converted as Met. Mk. rs and several of these later modified as T. Mk. 5s. All surviving C. Mk. rs brought up to C. Mk. rA standards (equivalent to C. Mk. z). Variants: C. Mk. r-Original production model with Hercules ror engines. These later replaced by Hercules ro6s or zr6s and increased tankagc provided in

C. Mk. z (42); C. Mk. s (+); C. Mk. a (a). Manu-





lras bccn ordered by the Braz.

licence for the I.A.F. by Hindustan Aeronautics at [(anpur. Two Andover C.C. Mk. 2s serve with The Queen's Flight,
Dimensions: Span, 98 ft. o in.;length,77 ft. rr in.; Ireight, z9 ft. 3 in.; wing area, 83r sq. ft. Photograph:

(ro), and twenty-four are being assemblcd

A.F, (6) and R.A.A.F.

'fhe first production Andover C. Mk. r (XS594).

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. 'Iype : Mllitary Tactical Transport.

zor turboprops of 3,245 e.s.h.p.

Plants! Two Rolls-Royce Dart R.Da.rz Mk'

Performaice: M. speed, 3oz m.p.h. at r5,ooo ft.; nor. cr.-(at 4o,ooo lb.l, z7o m.p.h., (at 45,ooo lb.), 258 lb.), -.p.h. ut 2o,ooo ft.; range (max. payload-r4,75o r,186 rz+ mls.; m. range (wiih ro,ooo-lb. payload), mls.; in. cl., r,r7o ft.,/min.;s. ceil, z4,ooo ft. Weights: Basic operational, z7,7og lb.; max. loaded, Accommodation' Crew of three comprising pilot, co5o,ooo lb.

pilot and navigator/radio-operator' Forty-fourtroops,

ihirty paratroops, or eighteen casualty stretchers, five sittine- casualties and three nursing attendants.

Wheeled or tracked vehicles may be loaded over rearloading ramp, typical military loads for air-dropping including three {-1en Land Rover, or a Land Rover and a Ferret scout car. Operators: R.A.F. First Flights: (Aerodynamic prototype) Dec. zr, 1963; (Andover C. Mk. r) July g' rg6s. Production History: C. Mk' r (3r); C'C. Mk. z (6). Production deliveries commenced late 1965. Variants: C. Mk. r-Derived from the commercial HS.Z+8 (see page 86 of Cittil volume) but featuring redeiigned rear-fuselage, " kneeling " -main under-

carriafe, and freight floor. C.C. Mk. 2-R.A.F' designltion for HS.748 Srs. z. The HS.748 Srs' z




ft. z in.; ft. o in.; wing area, r,458 sq. ft. Photograph: Argosy C. N{k. r (XP44z) of No. rr4 Sqdn.
height, z7

rveather radar and " beaver-tail " rear doors. Dimensions: Span, rr5 ft. o in.; length, 89

turboprops and the others bcing Series zzo airci.aft with z,o3o s.h.p. Dart 532/r engines and a boxspar rving with integral fuel tanks. The first Argosy 65o {_19y or January B, r959, and the commercial Argoiy differs externally from thc Argosy C. Mk. r illustritel in having the nose doors deleted to acconmodate

IIAWKDR SIDDEI.EY ARGOSY bcing Series roo ailcraft rvith r,9ro s.h.p. Drr.t

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Shofi- and Medium-range Tactical Transpor.t. Power Plants: Four Rolls-Rovce Dart R.Da.S Mk. ror turboprops of 2,47o s.h.p. (2,68o e.s.h.p. wet). Performance: Average cr. speed (at 8o,ooo 1b.), z69 m.p.h. at zo,ooo ft.; range (max. payload-zg,ooo lb. plus zoo/o reserves), 345 mls., (with zo,ooo 1b.) t,o7o mls.,(with overload fuel and r3o/q reserves), 3,2-5o mls. 'tVeights : Empty equipp ed, 57,4oo lb. ; normal loaded, 97,ooo lb.; max. overload, ro5,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of four and 69 troops, 54 pltatroops or 48 casualty stretchers. Loads may comprise palletised freight, supply dropping platforms, a Saracen armoured car, a ros-mrn, pack howitzer, or a Ferret scout car and Wombat anti-tank gun.

OPerators: R.A.F. First Flights: (C. Mk. r) March 4, 196r. Production Hislory: C.Mk. r(56). Manufactured r96o-4. Variants: Argosy 66o-A specialised military transport derivative of the civil Argosy 65o manufactured for the R.A.F. as the Argosy C. Mk. r and equipping Nos. ro5, rt+, 2rS and 267 Sqdns. R.A.F. Transport Command. Argosy 65o-A commercial freighter of which twenty examples have been built, the first ten





vcrsion. M.H.r5zrC-Commercial light utility
rvith double-slotted flaps and full-span wing leadingcclge slots. M.H.r53-Experimental turboprop (Turlrorn6ca Astazou) conversion of M.H.r5z prototype. Dinensions: Span,45 ft. r in.; length, z8 ft. z! in.; lrcight, 9 ft. z in.; wing area, 273.4 sq. ft. Photograph: N{.H.r5zrM No. ro8 of the Arm6e de I'Air.

licighter version. M.H.r5zz-Experimental variant

ry p, t "s;i-"iuf risht u;i[ty Transp ort and A. o. p. " Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-r Wasp radial engine of 45o h.p. Performance: M. speed, 168 m.p.h. at 3,28o ft.; m. cr. r5z m.p.h.; econ. cr., r43 m.p.h.; m. range, 745 mls.
r,o8z ft./min.; time to 4,92o ft., 5 min.
Country of Origin: France

at r3z m.p.h. at 3,28o ft.; s. ceil., r8,o45 ft.; in. cl.,

Weights: Empty, 3,373 lb.; loaded, 5,5rr lb.; max. overload, 5,953 lb. Accommodation.' One pilot and five passengers. Rear four seats removable for freight carrying or for the ambulance role in which two casualty stretchers and two sitting casualties may be accommodated. Operators: Fr. A.F., Fr. Army, Adronavale, Camer.

A.F., Iv.C.A.F., Maur.A.F., Madag.A.F., Mor.A.F.,
Niger.A.F., Port.A.F., Sen.A.F.,Togo A.F.,Up.V.A.F. r5zz) Feb. rr, r958. Production History: All versions

First Flights: (M.H.r5zrM) Nov, r7, r95z; (M.H. Variants: M.H.r5zrM-Basic military model of

(363). Manufactured

Broussard (Bushman) of which r 9o originally delivered to Armde de l'Air and 4o to French Army. A number

of surplus examples supplied air arms of former French colonies. M.H.r5zrA-Civil agricultural



/', r()SS; (C-r:oB) Nov. zo, r95ti; (C-r3oli) Ar-rg. z-;, r r-16r ;(HC-r3oH) Dec. 8, r964, (C-r3oI{) Oct. rs, r966. I'roduction History: YC-r3o (z); C-r3oA* (z3r); (rz) modilications.

I{C-r3oA (r6); C-r3oB** (z3o); C-r:oli (r+9); (l-r3oH (:); HC-r:oH (63); C-r3oI( (66). *'l'otal
includes JC-r3oA (r r) and C-r3oD

(.t) and HC-r3oG (rz) versions. I)imensions: Span, r3z ft.7f in.;length,97 ft.9 in., (lIC-r3oH),98 ft.9 in.; hcight,38 ft.3 in.; rving area, r,745 sq. ft. Photograph.'A C-r3oE of the Braz. A.F.

rF'fotal includes C-r3oF (7), I{C-r3oF (46), LC-r3oF

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Type: Tactrcal, (KC-r3ol.) Assault and (C-r3oE, H & K) Strategic Tlansport, (RC-r3oA) Photo Mapping and Charting, and (HC-r3oG) Search, Rescue and (HC-r3oH) Itecovcry Aircraft.
Power Plants: Four Allison (C-r3oA,


e.s.h.p., or (C-r3oH

(C-r3oB, E & F) 'f56-A-7A turboprops of 4,o5o & K) T56-A-15 turboprops of (C-r:oD rvith figurcs in parentheses relating to HC-r3oH) M. speed, 3+S b77) m.p.h.; m. cr., 345 (36r) m.p.h.; econ. cr., 334 m.p.h.; m. range, 4,joo (4,770) mls. rvith rg,+72 (19,+69) lb. payload; in. cl., r,6oo (r,9oo) ft./min.; s. ccil., z3,ooo (z6,ooo) ft.

D & RC-r3oA) -9 or -rr turboprops of 3,750 e.s.h.p.,

4,9ro e.s.h.p. Perforntance:

lb.; nor. loaded, r55,ooo lb.; max., r75,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew of four and 92 troops, 64 paratroops, or 7o casualty strctchefs.
U.S.A.F., R.C.A.F., A.U.R.I., Pak. A.F., Iran. A.F., S.A.A.F.; (C-r3oD) U.S.A.F.; (C-r3oE) U.S.A.F., R.C.A.F., R.A.A.F., Braz. A.F., Turk. A.F.; (C-r3oF') U.S.N.; (KC-r3oF) U.S.M.C.; (HC-r:oG) U.S.C.G. ; (C-r3oH) R.N.Z.A.F.; (HC-r3oH) U.S.A.F.; (C-r3oK) R.A.F. First Flights: (YC-r3o) Aug. 23, 1954; (C-r3oA) Apr.
Operators: (C-r3oA) U.S.A.F., R.A.A.F.; (C-r3oB)

Weights: Empty, 72,892 (7z,6tt)

...d*tr @:ilx




of the r5orst



Power Plants: Four Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-7 turbofans of zr,ooo lb.s.t. Performance: M. speed, 57o m.p.h.; m. cr., 558 m.p.h.; range cr., 5o6 m.p.h.; range (with 68,48o-1b. payload), 4,zrz mls., (max. fuel and 3r,84oJb. payload), 6,r64 mls.; ferry tange, 6,822 mls.; in. cl. (at 316,roo lb.), 3,3oo ft./min.; s. ccil. (at 25o,ooo lb.), 4o,ooo ft. Weights: Empty, r36,r4o lb.; max. loaded, 3r6,roo lb. Accommodation.' Normal flight crew of four. A maxiCountry of Origin: U.S.A, Type : Long-range Strategic Transport.

mum of r54 troops, r23 paratroops or 8o casualty stretchers with eight medical attendants may be

accommodated. A complete Minuteman ICBM container weighing 88,ooo lb. may be lifted. Operators: U.S.A.F. First Flights: (rst Evaluation acft.) Dec. q, 1963. Production History: At beginning of ry67 firm orders has been placed for 284 C-r4rAs. First delivery to

being delivered to the rsorst Air Transport Wing, on April e3, 1965. At the time of closing for press it was planned that fourteen Military Airlift Command will

M.A.C. effected Oct. 20, t964. Variants: C-r4rA-Entered service with 44th and 75th Air Transport Squadrons of the U.S.A.F.'s Military Airlift Command in 1965, the first aircraft


commercial model with lengthened fuselage and max. payload of rro,ooo lb. Dimensions: Span, 16o ft.

the C-r4rA by 1969. L-3ooB-Proposed



Iixpcrimcntal rnodel rvith Pratt & Whitncy It-z8ooCI3-r7 engines. N.z5o6-Refinemcnt of N.z5oz r.vith slotted flaps, air brakes, low-pressure tyres and

but Marbor6 wingtip jets added. Both prototypes to

" hneeling " main undercarriage legs. One prototype Ilown in r957. N.z5o8-Essentially similar to N.z5o3

Country of Origin: France. (N.z5o4) Naval A.S.W. Crclv Trainer. Power Plants: Two SNECMA-Bristol Hercules 738 or 758 radials of z,ogo h.p. and (N.z5oz & z5o4) two Turbomdca Marbord II turbojets of 882 lb.s.t. Performance: (N.z5or 45,+23 1b.) N{. speed, z5r

Luftwaffe as Transall C.r6o equipment test-beds. l)imensions: Span (N.z5or) rc6 ft. 7g in., (N.z5oz & N.z5o4), rro ft. zl in.; length, jz fr. o+ in.; height, 19 ft. 8t in.; wing area, r,o89 sq. ft. Photograph: An N.z5orD of Luftwaffe Transportgeschwader LTG 6r.

Type: (N.z5or) Medium Tactical Transport

m.p.h. at 5-ro,ooo ft.; ^t range cr., r94 m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft., zoo m.p.h. at ro,ooo ft.; range (with r4,gg4-lb. payload), r,7ro mls.; in. cl., r,rBo ft./nin.; s. ceil., z33oo ft. (N.z5oz) M. spccd (all cngines), 268 n-r.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; in. cl., r,z3o ft./n\ir'.; m. range, 2,485 mls.
48,5oo lb., (N.z5oz), 5o,7o6 lb. Accommodation.' Crerv of five and forty-five equipped troops, thirty-six paratroops or eighteen stretchers plus medical attendants. navaie,

lb.; loaded (N.zSor), 45,+4 lb.; max. (N.z5or),

Weights: (N.zSor) Dmpty, 29s27 Ib., (N.z5oz), 3o,o8z

Operators: (N.zsor) Fr. A.F., Luft., Nig. A.F.; (N.z5oz) Port.A.F., I.D.F./A.F.; (N.z5o4) Adro-

First Flights: (N.z5oo) Sept. ro, 1949; (N.z5or) Nov. 30, r95o; (N.z5oz) June r, 1955; (N.z5o4) Nov. 17, 1958; (N.z5o8) May zg, t957. Production History.' N.z5oo (r); N.z5or (4oo*); N.z5oz

(zr);N.z5o3 (r); N.z5o4 (5);N.z5o6 (r);N.z5o8 (z).

Manufactured r95r-64. *Includes r36 manufactured under licence in Germany as N.z5orD. Variants: N.z5oz-Originally evolved as civil model with reserve power provided by Marbor6s. N.z5o3-





vcrsions manufactured 1955-64, including 5o military cxamples ( 6 for R.A.F. and 14 for R.M.A.F.).

l,Il<. rs, all later being brought up to Srs. 3 standards. Series z-Commercial version with 6oo 6.p. Pratt & Whitney R-1:+o S3HI-G engines for Philippine Air l-ines. Series 3-Uprated Leonides engines. All l{.A.F. and R.M.A.F. machines brought up to this standard as C.C. N{k. zs.

r-Initial production model of the 54o h.p. Leonides rz8 engines of rvhich 36 supplicd to R.A.F. as Twin Pioneer C.C.
[/ariants: Series


Ircight. rz ft.

Span,76 ft.6 in.; length,45 ft.3 in.;

'l'win Pioneer C.C.Mk.z (XM96r) of No. zr Sqtn.

in.; wing area, 67o sq. ft.


Power Plants: (C.C. Mk. z) Two Alvis Leonides r38 radial engines of 6r5 h.p. Performance: M. speed, 165 m.p.h. ar. z,ooo ft.; m. cr'

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type: Lighrt ifactical and General-purpose Transport.

speed, r58 m.p.h. at z,5oo ft.; econ. cr., r34 m.p.h.; range (3,8ooJb. load), zro mls., (max. fuel), 733 mls.; in. cl., r,z5o ft./min.; s. ceil.,2o,ooo ft. 'Weights: Empty, ro,o6z lb.; max. loaded, 14,600 lb. Accommodation' Two crew members and thirteen troops, eleven paratroops, or nine casualty stretchers and three sitting casualties. Maximum cargo load is 3,4oo lb. A prone position for a bombardier is provided for the counter-insurgency role. Armammt: (Counter-insurgency) A 2,ooo-lb. load of bombs may be attached to sponsons, Operators : R.A.F. ; R.M.A.F. First Flights: (Prototype) June 25, r955; (rst production) Apr. 28, ry56; (C.C. Mk. r) Aug. 29, r9S7i (Srs. z) Apr. 16, 1959; (Srs. 3) July 7, t959. Production History: Total of 9r Twin Pioneers of all



xnd threc dclivcrcd by cnd of

uled for delivery in 1967. At time of closing for prcss consideration was being given to installation of 6,000 c.h.p. Tynes to improve "hot-and-high" performancc. Dimensions: Span, r5B ft. 9] in.; length, 136 ft. .5 in.; height, 47 ft. o in.; wing area, 2,466 sq. ft. Photorraph: A Belfast C. Mk. r (XR364) of No. 53 Sqdn.

ycar'. I,'inal scvcn schcd-

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Type : ldllitary Strategic Transport. Power Plants: Four Rolls-Royce Tyne R.Ty.rz Mk. ror turboprops of 5,73o e.h.p. Performance: (Applicable to fully modified aircraft. See note*) M. cruise (at 2oo,ooo lb.), 352 m.p.h. at z8,ooo ft.; econ. cr., 336 m.p.h. at 24,ooo ft.; m. range (zoo/o reserves), S,:oo mls. at 328 m.p.h. at z7,ooo ft.,



prevented initial five aircraft attaining these performance figurcs, but it was anticipated that they would be largely attained by second five aircraft which underwent drag-reduction modifications prior to completion.) Weights: Empty equipped, r25,ooo lb.; max. loaded,
225,ooo lb. Accommodation.' Crew

with max. payload-So,ooo lb. (and zo% reserves), r,ooo mls. at 3ro m.p.h. at 23,ooo ft.; in. cl., r,o6o ft./min.; s. ceil., 3o,ooo ft. (*A major drag problem

master, and up to 25,ooo lb. freight

or 8o,ooo lb. for short-range tactical operations. Typical military loads include three Alvis Saladin

of five including air quarterin strategic role

or four Whirlwind helicopters, or r5o troops. IJp to 25o troops may be accommodated with provision of
complete upper deck, Operators: R.A.F. First Flights: (rst Production) Jan. 5, 1964. Prodaction History: Belfast C. Mk. r (ro). Manufactured ry62-6. Tenth and last aircraft rolled out

armoured cars, tlvo Polaris-type missiles, three Wessex

late 1966.

Variants: First Belfast C. Mk. r handed over to R,A.F. Transport Command (No. S: Sqdn.) on lrn. zo, 1966,




and three for Germany. C.r6oC-Proposed comrnercial derivative, including Nord-Aviation proposal for a " stretched " r5o-passengcr model. C.r6oDVcrsion for Luftwaffe. C.r6oF-Version for Fr. A.F. Dimensions: Span, 13r ft. zl in.; length, ro5 ft. 3] in.; lreight, 38 ft. z$ in.; wing area, t,7zz.7 sq. ft. Photo: The first pre-series Transall
C. r 6o4'.

l/ariants: C.16oA -Pre-scrics aircraft u'ith zo-in. longer fusclage than prototypcs. 'fhrcc for Francc




Country of Origin: France & Gcrmany. I'vDr.' Medium-rangc Tactical Transport. Power Plants : Trvo Rolls-Royce Tyne R.Ty.zo }jlk. zz turboprops of 6,roo e.s.h.P. Per;foimaice: M. cruisc (at 9o,39o lb.), 3:r-m.p.h'; eco"n. cruise, 3o8 m.p.h.; rangc (with r7,64o-lb. payload), 3,oro m1s., (rviih 35,27o-lb. payload),. r,o7o mls-.; in. cl., r,378 ft./min.;s. ceil. (at 99,225 lb.), z7,9oo ft.

Weigh^;-Enpty equippcd, 6r,8+: lb.; nor. loaded, 97,lao lb.; max. overload, ro8,ooo lb' Accommodation.' Crerv of four comprising pllot, copilot, navigator and enginccr. Eighty-one troops- or ii*tr-t*o das.altv iitters and four attendants. Max. r"ri.ud. a<.zro ib.. and tvpical vchicle loads include trub tt,idsltt. Henschcl Hirr5 trucl<s, two r6,535-lb. self-propelled anti-tank guns, a r55-mm. field gun, or a .lz, EBRM 54 fighting vehicle.

Oieiaiors*: (C.r6oD) Luft.; (C.r6oF) Fr. A.F.; (i.ftoZ\ S.A.A.F. *To enter service during ry67-8. First Ftights: (C.16o Vr) Feb. 25, rg6:; (C.16o- Vz) May 25,1963; (C.r6o V:) Feb. ry, 1964; (C.16oA-or) Mav zr, rq6;. 'Hittory: Prototypes (g); C.r6oA (6); Prohuction(rro); C.r6oF* (So);Ct6oZ* (9). *Current C.r6oD*
production orders with deliveries to commence r967. -Being manufactured by the TRANSpoT!- All-iance Hamburger Flugzeugbau (HFB) and "o-[ Flugtechnische (VFW) in Germany and VereinigtJ Nord-Aviation in France.



Country oJ Origin: U.S.A. Role.'Three-seat Light Utility and (TH-r3) Two-seat Power Plant: One (OH-I3G & TH-I3M) Franklin 6Y4-zoo-C3z " flat-six " engine of zoo h.p., or

Instrument Trainer.

(OH-r3H & UH-r3H) Lycoming VO-435-ArA, -ArB or -ArD " flat-six " cngine of z4o h.p., or (OH-r35 &

TFI-r3T) Lycoming TVO-+:S-ArA "


ginc of z6o h.p. Perfonnance: (Specification applics to OH-r35 but is also applicable to the 'lFI-r3T and Sioux A.H. Mk. r except where indicated) M. spced, ro5 m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. speed, 86 m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; rangc, 324 mls., (Sioux A.H. Mk. r), 273 mls.; in. cl., 8Bo ft./min., (OH-r3S), r,r9o ft./min.; hov. ccil. (i.g.e.), OH-r3S, r8,ooo ft., TH-I3T, zo,ooo ft., Sioux A.H. Mk. r,



r6,roo ft., (o.g.e.), OH-r3S, r8,ooo ft., TH-r3T, r8,6oo ft., Sioux A.H. Mk. r, ro,6oo ft.; s. ceil. OH-r35, r8,ooo ft., TH-r3T, zo,ooo ft., Sioux A.H. Mk. r, r7,zoo ft. Weights: Empty (OH-r:S), r,q:6 lb., (TH-I3T), z,o;l Ib., (Sioux A.H. Mk. r), r,7g4lb.i max. loadcd, (OH-r3S), 2,85o lb., (TH-r3T & Sioux A.H. Mk. r),
2,950 lb.


Army. 3z

An Agusta-built AB-47G of the Italian
ft. t+ in. ; fuselage length,

Dimensions : Rotor diam., 37

height, 9 ft. 3t in.

ft.7 in., (Sioux A.H. Mk. r), 3r ft. 7 in.;

I{-r3Bs later converted as H-r3Cs with'stiipped rear fuselage and external stretchers. Model- iZD-rFirst three-seat model of basic design but supplied to U.S. Army both in tlvo-seat form as thc H-;3D (S7) and three-seat form as the OH-r3E i49o). U.5. Nar,y version was designated TH-r3L. Model 47E-Introduced zoo h.p. Franklin 6Y4-zoo-C3z bngine and

YH-I3C (r), and to U.S.N. ns HTL-z (rz).

in parcntheses under " Variants',. Variants: Model 4fA-First military vcrsion of the basic design supplied to thc (z) and U.S. Atnv itq as the YR-r3, and to the U.S.N. (ro) as the FITL-r. Powered by a r75 h.p. Irranklin O-33i-r and accommodating two persons. Model 47D-New cockpit enclosure and r78 h.p. Franklin 6Yj-r78-B3z engine. Supplied to U.S. Army as H-r.lB (6+) end 'Fifteen
services are quotecl

lnd. Jfre Model 47 is also manufactured in Japan by Kawasaki, Aircraft, this company having produced some_z5o by the beginning of r966. Produciion quantitics . for Model 47 versions supplied to the U.S.

goTplny has supplied fifty Model 47G-3Il-rs to the British- Ar-my_ and some components'forlhc production_ of a_ further r99 examples in the U.K. by West-

47G1R-l ig6z.' in continuous production for military and civil operators in progressively refined veriions since rg45, the paient company having produced more than 3,5oo. Llcence manufacture is undertaken in Italy by Agusta which
Prodrrction History: Model 47 has been

Ital. Na_vy; Ital. Arm_v; J.G.S.D.F. ; Mad. A.F. ; Mex A.Ir.; _Mor. 4.1t.; I{.N.Z.A.F.; R. No. A.F.;' pak. $_.1. i &t",4,F._; Scn. 1A..I,'. ; Span. A.F. ; 'lur-k. A.F.; U.S.A.F. ; U.S. Army; U.S.N. I"irst Flights: (N!oa"t 47) Dcc. 8, rg+5; (['Iodel a7A) -r946;,(j\alodel 47D) 1947; (\{odelaTG) r953; (Aguitab_u_ilt1\llodel 47G) May zz, r954; (Motiel a7G-z)\g5a; '(Modcl .47G-3) r95s; (Model

A.!'.; C.N.A.F.; Col. A.F,; R. Drn. A.F.; Fr..i Arn-ry; Luft.; l-ed. G. Army; Ilrit. Arm,v; Ital. A.F.;

SIOUX Operators: (All Modcl 47 variants) Arg. Navy i^t,.+..{1-.; Aus- A.F. ; I}raz. A.F.; tsur.'A.F.; n.C.N.

lllil-I- OII-r3


ploduccd for U.S.N. at H'll,-3.

Model 47G-

Generally cleaned-up vcrsion produced for IJ.S. Army as OH-r3G (265) and U.S.N. as TI.I-r3M. Model


47c-2-Introduced Lycomins VO-435 ctrginc and produced as OII-I3II 14oo*) for U.S. Army and UI-I-r3FI for U.S.A.F. Model 47G-3-Franklin

*,".-*a*r".rrrr -!sFds'

6VS-::S-A cngine of 225 h.p. introduced by this variant installed in trvo OH-r3Hs redesignatcd OH-r3Ks.

Model 47G-3B-Standard production examples ordered by U.S. Army as OH-r:S (zB:). Model
supplied by the Agusta and Westland companies.

47G-3B.-r Operated by U.S. Army as 'I'H-r3T (zzo) instrument trainer and by British Army as Sioux A.H. Mk. r. Those for the latter service have been
Operators: (UH-IA) U.S. Army; (UII-rB & Modcl TIPI R44F,; R.A.N.; Col.A.F.; J.G.S.D.F.; B.N.Z.A.,F. I U.S. Army; (AB-zo4B) Aus. A.F.; Ital. IF. ; Ital. Army; Ital. Navy; R. Neth. N.A.S.; Span. ljlyy;8. Nq A.F.; Sw. A.F.; Sw. Army; Swisi A.F.; (UH-r! & Model zo5) R.A.N.;Luft.jSpan.Army;
Span. Nar.ry; U.S.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.


(UH-rD) Assault, (UH-rE) Assault Support, (UH-tF) Missile Sitc Support, and (AH-rG) Fire Support and

(UH-IA & B) Casualty Evacuation, Utility,

Plant: One (UI-I-rB & D) I-ycoming T53-L-rr turboshaft of r,roo s.h.p., (AFI-rG) T53-L-r3 turboshaft of r,4oo s.h.p., or (UH-IF) General Elcctric TSS-GE-: turboshaft of r,325 s.h.p. Perfonnance: (Applicable to all vcrsions except rvhere specified) M. spccd, r38 m.p.h., (AH-rG: zrB m.p.h.); m. cr. speed, r35 m.p.h.; econ. cr. speed, rz5 m.p.h.; range (UH-IB), zrz mls., (UH-ID), 315 mls., (UHrF), 392 mls.; in. cl.,2,35o ft./min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.) UH-IB & E, 16,8oo ft., UFI-ID, r8,zoo ft., UH-rF, r8,7oo ft., (o.g.e.) UH-rl3 & E, rz,7oo ft., UII-rD, r4,ooo ft., UH-IF, r5,2oo ft.; s. ceil. UH-rB & E, 16,7oo ft., UH-rD & F, zz,ooo ft. Weights: Empty (UlI-rB), +,Stq lb., (UI{-rD), 4,7r7 lb., (UH-rD), 4,75oLb., (UH-rF),4,4o3 lb., (AH-rG), 5,288 lb.; max. loaded (UH-rB & D), 8,5oo lb., (UHrD), g,.soo lb., (UH-rF), 9,ooo lb., (AH-rG), 9,5oo lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam. (UH-IB, Ii & AH-IG), 44 ft. o in.; fuselage length (UH-IB & E), 4z ft. 7 in., (UHrD & F), 44ft.j in.; overall height, r4 ft. 7 in.

First Fl,ights: (XII-ao) Oct. zz, 1956; (UH-r) Sep. r958;(AP-zo,1B) May ro, r96r;(YUH-iD) Aug. r'6, r99r; (UH-rE) Feb. 1963; (UtI-rF) Feb. zo,1964; (AH-rG) Sep. 7, re6.5. Production Histrtry: XH-+o (:): YH-ao (6); UH-r (q); cluding military export versions of the Model zo4B had bcen dclivered by thc parent company by beginning-of_r967, and orders placcd during ryOl-|5'(tor 44o UH-rIls, r,o9r UH-rDs, 146 UH-rFs and ioo UH-rls) and, 1966 (7oB UH-rDs and 3zo AH-rGs)

rF) U.S.A.F. I (AH-rG) U.S. Army.

Arml'; (UH-rE) U.S.M.C.r (UH:

UH-rA (rro); YUH-rD (7): UH-rli (roo); UFI-;F (r46*). Approximately 3,5oo UH-rBs'and' -rDs, in-

extcnded production into r968. Licence manufacture of the n4odcl zo-1B is undcrtahen in Japan by Fuji llear.ry Ijrdustries, in Ital1. by Aqusta aJthe AB-zo+Il, and in Federal Germany thc Modei 2o5 (UH-rD) is b_e_ing produced, the main contractor b6ing DornicrWerke, zzo being scheduled for deliverv to the Gcrman services, 4z of these being supplied by Bcll. *Total orders placed by beginning of 1967. Photograph: Bell zo4ts of No. 9 Sqdn., R.A.A.F.




BELL UH-r IROQUOIS Variants:XH-4o--Model 2o4 winncr of U.S. Army utility helicoptcr design contest in Junc 1955 was


in prototype form undcr this designation rvith 7oo s.h.p. YT53 turboshaft. YH-4o-Service test model rvrth lengthened cabin and 77o s.h.p. YT53.

86o s.h.p. UItr-rB-Improved vcrsion (\llodel zo4B) initially rvith 96o s.h.p. T53-L-5 and later rvith r,roo

UH-rA-Initial production model rvith 'f53-L-rA of T53-L-rr. Accommodation for cretv of

and seven troops, or three litters and two sitting casualties. Ten-seat commercial version has z ft. longer tail boom and 48 ft. diam. rotor. AB-zo4BItalian licence-built version normally fitted with r,o5o
s.h.p. Bristol Siddeley Gnome H.rooo or r,z5o s.h.p. (de-rated to r,roo s.h.p.) Gnome H.rzoo turboshaft. ASW version delivered to Italian and Spanish Navies. UH-rD-Model zo5 featuring relocated fuel tankage

Role.' Medium Tactical Transport. Power Plants: Tu'o LycominSTss-L-Z turboshafts of 165_o s.h.p., or (CH-47B) T55-L-7Cs of z, s.h.p. ferJormance: (At 33,ooo lb.) M. spced, r67 m.p.h.-at s.l.; av. cr. speed, r5o m.p.h.; range, zlo mls.; in. cl.,

Country of Origin: lJ.S.A.

to allow up to twelve troops to be

Alternatively six litters and a medical attendant, or 4,ooo lb. freight may be carried. UH-rE-Assault version rvith personnel hoist, rotor brake and spccial U.S.N,t.C. electronics. Ilasically similar to UH-rll. UH-rF-Re-engined derivative of UH-rD equipped to handle up to 4,ooo lb. of cargo at missile site silos. AH-rG-(Model zo9 HueyCobra) Redesigned lorn'drag fuselage, stub rvings and armament. Interim
aerial fire support system helicoptel for service pending availability of Lockheed AH-56A. Total of 3zo scheduled for delivery by June r968.


r,75o ft./min.; hov. ceil. (o.g.e.), 7,71o ft.; s. ceil.; r4,2oo fL. I!/eights: Empty, r7,878 lb.; loaded, 33,ooo lb. Dimensions:-Rotor diam. (each), 59 ii.-ii in.; fuselage length, 5r lt o in.; overall heiahi; r8 ft.-6! in. Operators: U.S. Armv. First Flights: (YCH-a7A) Sept. 2r, r96r; (CH-47B) Uct. r966. Production History: YCII-47A z3o delivered by Jan. r967.

(5); CH-a7A (Approx.

: (Below) Prototype AH-rG FlueyCobra.

armed and armoured version of the CH-47A intended fire-suppression and escort roles was flown in November 1965, this carrying z,ooo lb. of bolt-on armour, a 4o-mm. M-5 grenade launcher under the nose, five swivelling 7,62-mm. guns, and fixed zo-mm. cannon. CH-47B-Uprated engines, new rotor blades

!/ari-afts: CH-47A-Standard U.S. Army medium battlefield mobility vehicle. Can accommod,ate 44 troops, 27 paratroops, or z4 casualty stretchers. An



and, 4zo/o payload increase, Deliveries commenced May r.967._CH;4ZC-For Spring 1968 delivery with 3,75o h.p. T55-L-r r.

A CH-47A (6o-345o) of the U.S. Army.



Country of Origin: U.S.A. Role: Assault Transport and Casualty Evacuation, Power Plants: Two General Electric T58-GE-8 turboshafts of r,z5o s.h.p. Performance: (At 19,43r lb.) M. specd, r54 m.p.h. at s.1.; nor. cr. spced, r5o m.p.h.; range (4,ooo-lb. payload),265 mls.,(6,33o-lb. payload),25o mls. ;, r,4oo f.t./rnin.; hov.ceil. (o.g.e.), 6,525 ft.; s.ceil., t4,7go ft. Weights: Empty, tz,57t lb.; max. loaded, zr,4ooIb. Dhnensions: Rotor diam. (oach), 5o ft. o in.; fuselage length, 44 ft. ro in.; overall height, 16 ft. r r! in. Operators: (CH-a6A) U.S.M.C. ; (UH-+6A) U.S.N. ; (CH-rr3) R.C.A.F.; (CI{-rr3A) Can. Army; (HKP +) Sw. A.F.; Sw. Navy.

First Flights: (CH-a6C) Lttg. 27, 1959; (CH-46A) Oct. 16, 196z; (HKP +) Apr. tg, 1963. Production History: C}J-46C* (:); CH-rrl (6); CH-rr34' (rz); HKP + (r:); CH-+6A (Approx. 3oo delivered by Jan. tg67 to meet U.S.M.C. requirement for 36o plus small U.S.N. requitement for UH-a6A). *One converted as Model ro7-II-r. Variants : CH-46A-Accomrnodating crerv of three and

Upcyatoys,: Arg. A.F.; R.C.A.F.; Can.Army; Chil. A.!.; lol._A.F.i R.N.; Guat. A.F.; Mex. A.F.'; Mor. 4 f ; R Neth. A.F.; Peru. A.F.; R. Thai. A.F.'; Uru. A.F.;

Country oJ Origin: IJ.S.A. 4a1e.' Three-seat Light Utility and Observation. Powe r Pl a n t : One (OH-z3D)- Lycomins VO-+r s-Ar C " flat-six " cngine of z5o h.p., or (OH-zlG) V6-s+oArB " flat-six " engine of 3o5 h.p. Performance: (OH-z3G) M. speed, 96 m.p.h., cr. speed, 9o- m.p.h.; m. mnge, z5o mls. at s.1., in. cl, (at z,8oo Ib.), r,z9o ft./min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 9,5oo It., (o.s.e.), 5,8oo ft.; s. ceil., r5,zoo ft. \gights: Empty, r,755 lb.; loadcd, z,Boo lb. Dinens,io.ns: Rotordiam., 35 ft. 4l in.; fuselage length, 18 ft. 6 in.; overall height, 9 ft. 3l in.


Production History: UH-rzA -UH-rzn

(-rzD) rqS6; (-rzE) rqSS; (-rzE-g ry6o.'

First Flights:

U.S. Army.

(UH-r zA) r95o;(-rzB) r95r ; (-rzC) r955;

Jlll-'rQ (zoo): UH-rzE-4* (87).

r7-25 troops (Model roZM). UH-46A-U.S.N. logistic support version. UH-46D-Version of UH-46A delivered from July r966 with r,4oo
s.h.p. T58-GE-ro turboshafts. CH-r13 LabradorR.C.A.F. search and rescue version (Model ro7-II-9). CH-rr3A Voyageur-Cargo version for Can. Army. Photograplt: UH-a6A (BU.No.r5o968) of U.S. Nar'1'.

Figures include z:S to N. American cottim"t"inl op-erutors and 335 for export (both military and commercial). Variants: OH-z3A-U.S. Army version of rzA (82).

(rsi);'UH-rzB (+<s); (+s+ji'U*t-'"s* (riii); *Production to .Tanuarv'ro66.

OH-z3B -U.S. Army version of rzB (289). OH-+:C Army vcrsion of lzc (rl::). Ofilz:O-fj."S. -U.S. velsion o! Arm.y 1zD (+B+). OH-z3F-UiS. Army vrrsion of E4. OH-z3G-U.S. Army version of ::.F,.
(Production quantities
Photograph: Can.

Army CH-rrz Nomad (OHz3G).






Country of Origin: U.S.A. Role.' Four-seat Light Observation and Utility. Power Plant: One Allison T63-A-5A turboshaft of
z5o s.h.p. Performance:

Country o.f Origin: U.S.A. Role.' Eight-seat Crash Rescue and Utility Transport. Power Plant: One Lycoming (HH-a3B) T53-L-rB turboshaft of 86o s.h.p. or (HH-43F) T53-L-rrA of

r4r m.p.h. at 5,ooo ft.; range, 345 mls. ; in. cl., z,tzo ft./min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 9,8oo ft., (o.g.e.), 5,ooo ft.;
s. ceil., r8,7oo ft.

M. speed, r5o m.p.h. at s.1,, econ. cruise,

Weights: Empty, r,163 Ib.; loaded, z363



2,6r3 lb.
Dinrcnsions: Rotor diam., 26 zr ft. 3 in.; overall height, 8

Operators: U.S.


ft. 3 in. ; fuselage length, ft. 8i in.

r,roo s.h.p. Performance: (HH-a3B at normal take-off weight with figurcs in parentheses relating to HH-43F performance differences) M. speed, rzo m.p.h. at s.1.; nor. cr. speed, rro m.p.h.; r^nge, 277 mls.; in. cl., z,ooo
(r,8oo) ft./min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), zr,ooo (zo,ooo) ft., (o.g...), r8,ooo (r6,ooo) ft.; s. ceil., z5,ooo (z3,ooo) ft. Weigltts: Empty, 4,469 (4,62o) lb.; nor. loaded, 5,969 (6,5oo) lb.; max., 9,r5o lb.




A.\-.; Btaz.

First Flights: (rst Prototype) Fcb. 27, ry63. Production History: Prototypes (5). Production deliveries to U.S. Army began September 1966 against initial purchase of r,o7r machines. Eventual U.S. Army orders expected to attain 3,5oo-4,ooo machincs. Variants: OH-6A-Designed to meet requirements of the U.S. Army's TS-r53 specification and selected as
I(ar.vasaki to

build 6o for J.G.S.D.F.

Dimensions: Rotor diam. (each),47 ft. o in.; fuselage lcngth, z5 ft. z in., overall height, rz ft. 7 in. Operators: U.S.A.F. ; Col. A.F. ; Thai A.F.; Bur. A.F. ; Iran. A.F.; Mor. A.F.; Pak. A.F. Fbst Flights: (Prototype) Sept. 27, r956; (HH-a3B) Dec. 13, rgSS; (HH-+:F) Aug. rq64.

winning entry in contest in May r965. Model 5ooA commercial five-seat derivative of the basic military design with 3r7 s.h.p. Allison z5o-Cr8 turboshaft derated twenty per cent. Model 5ooU-A strippcd utility version of the basic dcsign capable of carrying
seven persons or equivalent freight.

Production History: HH-438 Nllanufactured r958-65.

(r93); HH-43F


Photograph: One of five Hughes OH-6A prototypes.

V ariants : HH-43B-Turbine-powered development of piston-engincd (6oo h.p. P. & W.R.-r34o-43) HH-43A four-scat crash rescue helicopter ofwhich r8 delivercd. Equipped with hoist, litter racks and fire rescue kit. HH-43F-Upratcd engine for use rvhere altitude performance under hot day conditions required. Photograph:HH-43B Huskie (62-4538) of the U.S.A.F.



Country of Origin: U.S.A. Roler Six-seat Utility, Search and Rescue. Power Plants: One or (UH-zC) Two General Electric T58-GE-88 turboshafts oI r,z5o s.h.p. Performance-: (UH-zA) M. speed, 16z m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. specd, r5z_m.p.h.; econ. cr. speed, iz7 m.p.h.; ll. ralg^e, 67o-mls.;in. cl., t,7qo fi./min.; hov.-ceil. (l.g.e.), U,7oo ft., (o.g.e.), .5,roo ft.; s. ceil., ro.qoo ft.

*o/e ; Th.ree/fo^ur-seet Util it y an d Trainin g. Power Plant: One Ivchenko AI-z6V radia'l engine of 57s h.p. Pedormance: M. speed,. ro6 m.p.h.; m. cr. spced, g7 m.p.h.; m. range, zro mls.; hov. c-cil. 1i.g.e.), 9,g4zft.,
(9,g.."..), 6,56o

Country ol Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Natne: Harc.

Ilgishts: (UH-zA) Enlpry, 6,roo lb.; nor.'ioaded,
lb.; mnx., ro,gzo lb.


First Flighrs: (UH-zA) July z, r959. Production History: UH-zA* '(881: UH-zB (o6t. UH-zC* (3). Manufactured rq6)-2.' .UA-;t";;j vcrted from UH-zAs.

37 ft. o in.; overall height, r3 Operatols.' U.S.N.

Ilotor,diam., 44 ft. o in. ; fuselage length,


6 in.

(gights.: Empty, 3,994 Ib.; ioad"ed, 5,o62 Ib. Dimensions: Rotor djam., 46 ft._r r id.': fuselage length, 39 lt. 9 rn.; overall hcight, ro ft. ro in.

fr.; s. ceil.,



()perators: Alb.

puter and APN-r3o doppler). UH-zB--Built for
basic single-engined SeaSpiite first tested March r965. Three additional conversions intended as definitive configuration ordered under further IJ.S. Na\y contract. Photograph: UH-zA SeaSprite (Bu. No. r49o3r).
shore base operations and lacking the extensive navigatio-nal equipment of the -zA oiprovision for auxiliary. fuel. UH-zC-Twin-engined conversion of the

Variants: UH-zA-Sea search and rescue model with cxtensive,navigational equipment (ASA-r3.A com-

I'roduclion Hislory.. Manulactured r9.5o-6i and under Ircence in Poland (as SM-r) r955-63." Variants: GM-r-Designoiiotr""nppii"a to the three Plgto-tyjrgs. Mi-rU-Dual-cont;ol trainer version. Mi-rNKh-All-weather multi-purpose SM-r-Initial Polish-built model. ^ Slvt-rW-pofiri ""-..r"r"iot model with capacity increased from threc to fo.r, ."r_ sons. SM-IWZ - Polish lersion. SM_ development of basic design is turbine-power"d Mi_; (see page 264 Ciail volume) also built'in poland. Photograph: A Polish-built Mi- r of tlre p.L.W.

ductlon) I)ec. r95o; (production) Nov.'ro<r.

*.1'.;. Iruq.,4f..; *P.L.W.; Sov. A.F.; Sov. Navy; Syr. A.F.; UAR A.F. First. Flights: (rst Prototypc) Scpt. rg4gi (prc_Dro_ -





A.F.: Fin.

rWSZ-Polish-built dual-control trainer. f."rit",



Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Hound. Role: Tactical Assault and Utility Transport. Power Plant: One Shvetsov ASh-8zV radial engine of r,7oo h.p. Performance: M. speed, r15 m.p.h. at 4,gzo ft.; nor. cr. speed, 99 m.p.h.; range (max. payload), rr5 mls.,
s. ceil., r6,ooo ft. Weights: Empty, ro,Bo3 lb. ; nor. loaded, r53zz lb. Dimensions : Rotor diam., 68 ft. rof in. ; fuselage length, 55 ft. r in.; overall height, 17 ft. o in.

MtrL MI-ro
Country of Origin: U.S.S.R. NATO Code Name: Harke\ole: He,avy Flying Crane and Freight Transport. Power Plants: Two Soloviev Dz5 turboshafts of 5,5oo

(max. fuel), 255 mls.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 6,56o ft.;

s.h.p. Performance:. C1. gneed

(with empty cargo platform), rz4 m.p.h,, (rvith high-density platform loadweighing 26,455.1b.), 112 m.p.h.; range(with 26,a55-lb. load)] r5-5.mIs.,_(with_max. fuel), 39r mls.; s. ceil., 9,842 fi.
Weights: Max. loaded, g+,7gglb.


Operators: Afg.

P.L.W.; A.F.; Sov. A.F.; Sov. Narry; Syr. A.F.; UAR. A.F.; Yemen A.F.; Yugo. A.F. First Flights: (rst Prototype) Aug. r95z; (prod.) 1953. Production History: Approximately 3,ooo manufactured 1952-64. Also manufactured under licence in Variants: Produced primarily for military purposes, the N{i-4 has also been manufactured for civil roles, variants including the ro-passenger Mi-4P and the agricultural Mi-4S. The standard Mi-4 carries a crcw of three and up to fourteen troops, 3,525 lb. of freight, a GAZ-69 jeep-type vehicle or a 76-mm. antitank gun. Photograph: One of two Mi-4s of the Finnish A.F.

A.F.; Hun. A.F.; I.A.F.; A.U.R.I.; Iraq. A.F.;

A.F.; Bul. A.F.; Chin. A.F.; Cuban A.F.; Fin. A.F.; G.D.R. Luft.; Ghan.

Rotol diam., rr4 ft. ro in.; approx. fuserzo ft. ; approx. overall height, 4o ft. Operators: Sov. A.F, First- Flights : (Prototype) r96o; (production) r963-_1.
Dime,nsions: lqge length,_

Production History: Production deliveries to t[e-Sov.


by the Soviet armed forces for the transpoitation of missiles, artillery, tracked vehicles, etc., which are straddled by the quadruped undercarriage. Up to z8 passengers may be accommodated by the cabin. The Mi-ro was evolved from the Mi-6 (see page 265 CiDit volume) which, primarily a commercial tra-nsport helicopter, has been supplied to the armed forces of the Soviet Union, Egypt and Indonesia. Photograph: A modified version of the Mi-ro with an orthodox undercarriage in place of the quadruped gear.

armed forces are believed to have commenced in 1963, roo* were reportedly in service by 1967, Variants: The Mi-ro is a crane-type heli-coi2ter used



SII(ORSKY S-55 (UH-r9)
Utility Transport. Power Plant: One (UH-r98, D & F, & CH-r9E) Wright R-r3oo-3 radial of 8oo h.p. PerJormance: (Specification generally applicable to all R-r3oo-powered versions) M.speed,rrz m.p.h. ; econ. cr. speed,gr m.p.h. ; nor.range,36o mls. ; in,cl.,r,ozzft./ min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 5,8oo ft., (o.g.e.), z3oo ft. Weights: Empty, 5,25o ib.; max. loaded, 7,9oc lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam., 53 ft. o in.; fuselage length, 42 ft. 3 in., overall height, 13 ft. 4 in. Operators: (All velsions of S-55) Arg.A.F.; Arg.
Role.' Ten-seat General-purpose and

Country oJ Origin: rJ.S.A. Ro le.: (CH 4 a)_ _General-purp ose Transp ort, (UH-: +) Utility, and (SH-r+) Anti-submarine Warfaie. Plant: One Wright R-r8zo-84B or D radial engine of r,52.5 h.p. Perfonnance: (Specification applics to CH-r+A but is generally applicable to all veisions of the-S-5g) M. speed, rzz m.p.h._ at s.l.; nor. cr. speed, SZ -.'p.h.; nor. rangc, 247 n:,ls,; in. cl., r,roo ft./min,; hov.'ceil. Ll.F..e:), 4,9oo tt., (o.c.e.), z,4oo ft.; s. ceil., 9,5oo ft. max. loaded, r-1,ooo lb. Dimensio.ns: Rotor_diam., 56 ft. o in.; fuselage length, 46 ft. 9 iu.; overall height. r5 ft. r r jn. Operators: (All versioni of tlie S-58) Arg. Nal,ry; Belg.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.



R. Dan.

A.F. ; Itai. A.F. ; J.A.S.D.F. ; J.M.S.D.F. ; J.G.S.D.F. ; R.O.K.A.F.; Laos A.F.; R. No. A.F.; Pak. A.F.;

A.F.; R.C.N.; Chil. A.F.; C.N.A.F.; A.F.; Fr. A.F.; R.H.A.F.; LA.F.; I.D.F./

Weights: Empty .(CH-3+A), 7,750 lb.,' (tjH-:+D) (9H-:+D, 8,275 ib.; nor. loaded, i3,ooJ ib.;

A.F.; S.A.A.F.; Thai. A.F.; U.S.A.F.; U.S.N.; U.S. Army; U.S.M.C.; Vcncz. A.F.; Viet. A.F. First Flights: (YH-rq) Nov. ro, 1949. Production History: Total of r,z9o S-55 manufactured




A.F.; S.A.A.F.;


by parent company r9-50-.59 and 196r-62, a number of these being assemblcd in France and Japan. Variants: S-55A-Initial model rvith 6oo h.p. R-r34o-

cribcd above. S-55C-As S-5-5A rvith inclined tailboom Force,

57 engine (UH-I9C

& HIJ-I9G). S-558-As


(HH-r98). See page 267 for anglicised versions. Photograph: A UH-r9 of Japan Ground Self-Defence

Viet A.F. First Flights: (YSH_-3aG) March B, r954; (SH-3aG) ' '' Qgnt. zo, l9s4; (SH-34II) Jan. ro, tssi." Photograph: An SH-3aJ of thc R. Neth. N.A.S. Productiort History: Total of r,9or S-58 helicopters of all types manuflttured bv parcnt comDanv ro<a-6r this ttmpiisin c sl i", u. s.I. F-.,'4;;' ;;;'fi . 14r _for the U.S. Narry, 54o for U.S.-Marine Corps, six for U.S. Coast Guard, and 523 supplied against com-

{.F.; Narry; Cam. e.f'.; If.C.a.F.; fi. e.f.; Adronavale_;_Fl. 4r-y ; Luft. ; Kriegsmarine ; Fed. G. {rp;' ;.A._Il. $ l. ; I. D. F.,zA. F. ; Ital.Nar,y ; J. M. S.o. E. ; R.I"..t'. N.4.-S.;_ _Thai A.F. ; U.S.A.F. ; U.S.N.; U.S. Army; U.S.M.C.;




sr!_bs.cOucn tly-t



mcrcial and [oleiun nrililxl.y ordcrs,

gincral ,iiri,y i=,.t,,.'i]l ,r.,i S_.fJriiil crew of trv,r rrnd rccommojiltio,, irr"iO'_rS;;;;": c'ight crsuurr y .tr"r.h"... - ihi.' i.i-a"r"ii,ir' "j'l' ". uorps

trrnspo^rr anJ

n-"" n g a I urt yortatrts: CH-34A -" n u r""tu rr_Initi,,t h er I 66. Choctaw il'i'";',

.r 35 in Francc lrv-g11j-[yjx1lon', of these bcing rhis comprny


ot the CH-34C. UH_:,





V;:i;U "+ i}




:j'11 cmergency operation frorn 1y11sr
marrnc warfarc version


and utility transport twelve passens"...-' wiih"i"niitij.uio, ^"a*i *iti_,i-_ i. _iJ"ir:J'al".;g_ -tt

Country of Oriltin: IJ.S.A. Role ; Anti-subm:rrine Warfare. Power Plants: 1'rvo Gcneral Elcctric (SH-rA) T<g_ "iSif_jO;

" 3:J8313rH1""1"!lio'lin'"!ii,"f t::_*",i;_:.L-.,,,-, "

!;qg "q"ipp"J.,i1q,;;;;;.g sonar which may be replaceo by-wcapons. With auto_ m.atic stabil sati-on equ ipmen r,, ny"ri o.pp i;."'"'#

i1ii1"#"llrB.:?t'*;;:',':$$i#Ift nif : .f
;;;; .ri':;;ii:;ii::;i


o!d(r .rur 5_./ prssengcrs and provision for carrving stretchers. or

3lf ill:":':"ns

versio n wit h two en tra n cccabrn and accommodarion for twelve ;;.;;;;.:'th" S-58B and S-58D arc essentlllty straightforward

com_ of the mitita;y _.i"i."*i,"ir"U'#.n

998C9HE-2, and is ratcd q! r,5.25 h.p. for five minutcs. 'Ihe first commerciat d"livciici ;i mrde in t.9j6-S7r and the S_5gD was ,h" i::rit,,;.;r" *pl"ir""."r "" l:j:,'1ll.ii_! y ejcctor r.ype fuel transfer sy;i";l''i;._

cargo. In "om-"rcial _"J"1.,ii," n'lidr" dcsisnated Cyclone 98;Caii;:;'"r'.

model to attain_ produclion is the 'ungf ""fylrifri""'iia i"i."a-u", '-"-'"'"
known as the Wessex (see page 266)

i:^:. "i:,_,::l{ January,3o, r957,_and an example U"itt nv SrJ_n"irtron w rth trvo Turbom6ca Bastan, v rr *iriir, ffew on.Ocober 5, t96z, but thc



j i,"::

** r''*



in U.I(.

First.Flights_: (rst Prototypc) Mir. r r, r959. Productiott llistory : SH-lA manufrcturediq6r-s and succceded by Sl{-3D, deliveries of which comm6nced I966. SH-3A lssembled undcr licence in lapan for J.M.S.D.F., and in Canada (as CHSS-z) fo. jf.C.X. Liccnce manufircture of SH-3D being undertaken in Italy .!r_y Agustt, and to be inder.tak6n by Westland

-r,z5o !SS--GE-ro turboshafts of r,4oo s.h.p. PerJormance: (SH-3A) M. specd, r-iq m.p.h.: m. cr. specd, r+5 m.p;h..; range, (uirh mex. fuef, mls.; rn. c1.,, r,5oo It./mrn..; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 54o ft., 7,5oo (o.g.e.r, 5,ooo tt.; s. ccrl., re,ljoo ft. Weights: Empty, r r,4rg Ib.; nor. loaded. rS.oea lb. I)imensions: I{otor.diam-, 6z ft. o in. ; fuseltge ie ngrh, S^4 lt. 9 in.; overall hcight, r5 ft. 4 in. Uferators: (SH-3A) R.C. Navly; l.M.S.D.F.: U.S.N . (SH-:D) Ital. Nivl:; Sp,rrr. Navy; U-S.N. -

GE-SII turboshafts of

s.h.p., or



Variants: SItr-3A-Crcw of four, Bendix AeS_r3 Ilyurr AI,\-rro Dopplcr and 84o lb. ordn-ance. CH-38- nrissilt. .itt. and drone rccoverv ver_ sroq. Eiglrt sirrril:rr. "rrppoit for air-sea ,"r.ud *ith rrir.i'rrft

sion. VH-3A

countermeasures verSpct.irrllv t.tluippcd e xecurive transport. Photograph: Cl ISS-z (SIt-3A)bf R.C. Navy HS_io.

R. Dan.

A.l;. RII-3A .l\line






Country of Origin: Il.S.A,. Ro1e.' General-purpose Medium Support Transport. Power Plants: Two General Elcciric T5g-GE_gB turboshafts of r,z5o s.h.p., or 1-3n; T5S_'GE-5s of r,4oo s.h.p. Performance,: (CH-3C) M. speed, 165 m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr..speed, rs5 m.p.h i econ. cr. speed, r4z m.p.h.; range.(max. luel), 466 mls. ; in. cl., r,93o ft./min. :-hov. ce-ll. (l.g.e-), 6,zoo ft.; s. ceil. rr,7oo fi. Weigltts.; Empty, rr,o7z 1b.; load'ed, r9,5oo lb.; max., zz,ooo lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam., 6z ft. o in.; fusele,re lensth b_o lt. 9 in.; overrrll height, 18 ft. r in. Operators: U.S.A.F. Fir,st Flights: (S-6rR) June 17, 1963; (CH_3C) July

Variants: CH-3C-Crew"of t6ree and z5-3o fullycquippcd_troops,_r5 casualty strctchers .i i,"oo iU. cargo_._ CH-3!-Rc-engincd versjon of CU-:C. ffU3.u-Versron ior U.S.A.F. Rescue Scrvice with cx_ ternal rescue_hoist, armour protection and self-sealing tuel tanks. H.H-3F-Version of HH_3E for U.S.C.GI
Photograph: CH-3C of Military

Production History: Production of the CII-IC version of th,e 5-6rR for the U.S.A.F. F;Lilr;';;43, the first delivery bcing made in t.-he followinsij*16-_ bcr., ln.rtlal orders calling for 74 examples of which dellverles were continuing in 1966.



Uperators: U.S. Armv.First Fligltts:(S_6aAiMav n,^A_. /v^rr, r\ 6'" t ( YC H e': p' o a u' r foi'' " )it u o'";.:6 ?';{ prototvpcs (3); s-+A ) r q 6+' -e-'+A -l? YCH-<4A (6):

Pou,er Planls: Two p" t"'u*r'"iiJ'l'r o,;;:";:t & \vhitnel' JFTD reA- r rett.ormance : M. spced. ir7 rn.p.h. at s.l. with extcrnal n',; fr. ""1.,'ilii; '""s"-i;;;l?'ii,',e, (i'e'"' )' s'7oo rt. ;;. .f"l: ;,111;."i11 11;:..!3 g ";1, 4,7oo t.p,t, tg,zr7 lb.; to"aea, 3g,ooo lb. "1:rr,o Ketgttts.: t) tnenst on s : Rotor diam. 7o rt 3 i.,.; i'"","ori;:ililr:;J,ir:ril',i r'."tue" r"''sth,

C-ountry ol Origin: U.S.A. ,1{o1e..Hear.y Fiying Crane

SIKORSKY 5-644 SKyCRANE (CH_5aA) \ -^- J'
and Freight Transport.



Ior search and




rhotograph: YCH_54A (64_r4zo5) with detachable van.

ft ,,_Tg,^lir:?"*"'?:l%:":it-#f ,lJ$ j...:;i mrne--tayrng, cargo and mt and for amburance and anti-submi:l: i;?L:o"taton,

and r8 for ii67 delrvery. (::jr::'' YC$-S+A cvaluated in Vietnam re6.5_6 as parr _ot rnvestigation of h phasis on it;;.-;;;;;;,1.'ea\'v lrtt concept with emin u d es y;, i:l: f f sr "," ;;;;ti"";; ;.A"lt T:Rii ::l

le9*s,"1_a-.i*-i"r;,iJi#'iir:i,.l;d""T'"3"lill r964-5. Follow-on orde rs tor six




Counlry o[ Origin: France. Role.' Seven-seat General-purpose and Utility.


Country of Origin: France. Role.' Five-seat General-purpose and Utilitv. Pouer Plant: One Turbom6ca Artouste IIC.6 turboshaft of 36o s.h.p., or (SA-3r8o) Astazou IIA turboshaft of 55o s.h.p. Performance: (SA-3r8o in parcntheses) M. speed, rog (rzr) m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. speed, ro6 m.p.h.; range rvith Bz7 (96o) lb., 186 m1s.; in. c1., r,ooo ft./min.;

hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 6,56o (5,6oo) ft., (o.g.e.), (:,Soo) ft.; s. ceil., ro,5oo (9,85o) ft.
Dimensions: Rotor diam., 33


Weights : Empty, r,973( r,954)lb. ;loaded,3,5z7(3,3oo)lb.

Operators: Aus. A.F. ; Belg. Army; Cam. A.F. ; Con. A.F. ; Fr. A.F. ; A6ronavale ; Fr. Army; Luft. ; Fed. G. Army; Brit. Army; In. Nar.ry; I.D.F./A.F.; I(en. A.F.; Laos. A.F.; Leb. A.F.; Mor. A.F.; R. Neth. A.F.; Port. A.F.; S.A.A.F.; Sw. A.F.; Sw. Army;
Sw. Nar.ry; Swiss A.F.; Tun. A.F. First Flights: (SE-3r3o-or) Mar. rz, r955; (SA-3r8o) Jan.3r, r96r. Production llistory: Prototypes (z); pre-production (3); production* (SS:). *Total orders at January r967.

3r ft. ro in.; overall height, 9 ft. o in.




fusel:rge length,

Variants: SE-3r3o-Basic model can accommodate two casualty stretchers and be fitted with armament
powered variant for Fr. Army and Police. photograph: Alouette II of Belgian Army's r8th Sqdn,

taken in India. *Total orders at January r967. Variant-s: SE-3r6o-Derivative of SE-3r3o (see page z6o). Can accon'lrnodate two stretchers and two siitin. mountrng a 2o-tnrn. cannon. Photograph: Armed SE-3r6o Alouette

Pouer Plant: One Turbomdca Artouste IIIB turboshaft of 55o s.h.p. Performance: M, speed, r3r m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. sp,eed, r.r8 m.p.h.; range (rvith r,8ooJb. payload), 6z mls., (with r,4oo-lb. payload), 186 mls.; m. range, 3ro mls._; in. cl., r,o8z ft./min.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), 6,56o ft., (o.g.e.). r,8oo ft., s. ceil., r4,ooo ft. \eights: Empty, z,+26 lb.; max. loadcd, 4,63o lb. Dim_ens-ions: Rotor diam., z6 ft. r in.; fuselage length, Zz ft.81 in.; overall height, ro fr. r+ in. Operators: R.A.A.F.; Braz. Navy; Bur. A.F.; R. Dan. \ar.ry; Fr. A.F. ; A6ronavale; Fr. Army; I.A.F. ; 1.4.C.; Jor. A.F. ; Leb. A.F. ; Mex. A.F. ; Mex. Nar,ry; B.M.A.L; I{. Neth. A.F.; Peru. A.F.; R. Saud. A.F.; Srviss A.F. First Flights: (SE-316o-or) Feb. 28, 1959; (SE-316o No. r) July 196r. Production History: Prototypes (z); production* (+r8). Licence manufacture of the SE-3r6o is to be under-

for counter-insurgency tasks, SA-3r8o-Astazou-

"usriulti"s, missiles. SA-3r64-Redesigned for*'ard


b; fitted with SS.rr and AS.rl

III of Fr, A.F.



Country of Origin: Francc. Role.' Anti-submarine Warfare and Mcdium Trans_



shafts of r,5oo s.h.p. Performance: M. sp-eed, r46 m.p_.h. at s.l. m. cr. speed, ; m.p h ; range (rvith 5,925Jb. payload). 234 mls.; :30

Plants: Three Turbomica Turmo IIIC.3 turbo-

Origin: United Kingdom. Role; Gcneral-purpose, Rescue"and Transoort. Pozuer Plants: Two Napier Gazelle ror turboshafts of

C^ountry of


rcrry range,7Zo mls.;rn. cl., z,5oo ft./min.; s. ccil.,

5,75o tt.

Weights: P-qry,-13,558 lb.; nor. loaded, z4,21o lb.; max. overload.< lb. Rotordlim., 6z fr..o in.; fuselage length, limensions: overalI b2 tt. 3 in.; height, zz ft. o in. () pera! : Adronavalc I. D. F. ; /A. F. ; S.A.A. F. First Flights: (S.{-3zr-or) D"g._2, r96z; (SA-3zr_oz) 1\lay 28, r963; (SA-3zr No. r) Nov. So, iq6.S.' Production History: Prorotypc,s (z);" prejpioductio, (4); production* A.S.W. (27); transpori(r r j. *Orde.s placed by beginning of 1967. production deliveries
Variant^s : SA-3zr-'or-First prototype completed in form,of proposed Fr. A.F. vcrsion ,i.itf, u""ir--nao_ tion for 27-30 troops, r8 casualty stretchers o;65;"_

commenced late ro66-

CrPl. S{-3zr-oz-second prototyp" r"p.".".rtotirr" of SA-32 r G version u,'ith crerv-of four, stabitizing floats and all-weather A.S.W. capability. OrderEd - by A6ronaval_e (12) and S.A.A.F. lr5). hot ogr

9,9oo Ib. of internal or extern_al ir€ight. Six basicaiy sjmil3r examples ordered by I.D.F.7A.F. u"a fi"e-lo.

helicopter serving as test rigs for the Belve?ele. Equipping Nos. 26, 66 and TiSqnds. of the R.A.F., the Belvedere can accommodaie nineteen fully_
equip.ped troo-ps, twelve casualty stretchers, tw.o seated

Manufactured ry6o-2. Variants: Belvedere H.C. Mk. r-Orieinallv developcd_by the Helicopter Division of Bristll Aiicraft as thc 'l'ype r92, the Belvedere was preceded bv the cxperimental Type r73 Mks. r, z and 3, two exa#rples of the last-mentioned mark of this-piston-engined

M. speed, r38 _m.p.h.; econ. cr. speed, t5 -.p;h; i nor. range, 4--15 mls. ; in. cl., r,ooo ft./min. ; rr_o-v., 8.5oo fr., (o.g.".), 6,ooo ft. Weigltts: Emp.ty, rr,63-1 lb.;.ror.'loid"d, rg,ooo lb.; max., zo,ooo lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam. (cach),48 ft. rr in.;fuselage Icngth, 54 tl. 4 rn.; overall height, r7 ft. 3 in. ()perators: R.A.F. First.Flights: (Prototypc) July 5, r958. !'roductrcn Htstorv: Prototypes (r); production (25).

r,6.5o s.h.p. Performa,nce:

cargo rvhich_may be carried internally or'extemally. Electrically-driven winch providcd for-rescue role, An electrically-driven winih is provided for the rescue

casualties and a medical attendant,

or 6,ooo lb. of





-o6, 4th p re--production example,


PhotograDh: An earlv production Belvedere HC.

Mk. r.






Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Role.' Five-seat Rcconnaissance, Liaison and Gcneral-

Country of Origin: United Kingdom. Roie; Single-seat Anti-submarine Warfare and Fiveseat Gcneral-purpose and Training. Pozper Plant: One llristol Siddcley Nimbus 5o3 turboshaft of 7ro s.h.p. PerJormance: M. speed, rzo m.p.h.; m. cr. specd, rro

Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Nimbus ror or ro2 turboshaft of 685 s.h.p. Performance: M. speed, r3r m.p.h. at s.l.; m. cr. qpe€d., r22 m.p.h.; m. range, 315 mls.; in. c1., r,67o ft./mir'.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), r5,6oo ft., (o.g.e.), ro,zoo ft. Weights: Empty, 3,o84 lb., max. loaded, 5,3oo lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam., 32 ft. 3 in.; fuselage length, 3o ft.1f, in.; overall hcight, 8 ft. rr in. Operators : Brit. Army; Jor. Army; R.A.N. ; Ug. A.F. First Flights: (P.53r) July 20, r958; (P.53r-z) Arg. s, (rst pre-production) Aug. 4, r96o; (Scout A.H. -r959;
Production History: Pre-production (ro); Scout A.H. Mk. r* (rzo*). Deliveries began 196z and were conLtl"i"g in 1967. *Basic version for British Army. Variants: P.53r-Original model designed as piivate venture by Saunders-Roe. P.53r-z-Re-engined and modified development evolved by Westland to meet British Army requirements. First pre-production Scout florvn as P.53r-z Mk. r. Scout Mk. r Srs. 4=Version supplied to Bahrain State Police for communications, patrol and rescue. Generally similar to three- -supplied for_ Jor. Army. 'Iwo opcrated by R.A.N. for survey ships. Photograph: Scout A.H. Mk. r (XP884).

m.p.h.; m. rangc, 3o3 mls.; in. cl., r,435 ft./nin.; hov. ceil. (i.g.e.), rz,5oo ft., (o.g.e.), 8,9oo ft.

Mk. r) March 6, tg6r.

A.S. Mk. t) Oct. 28, 196z. Production lfistory: Production deliveries to Royal Navy began 1963 and continuing 1967. Variants: Wasp A.S. Mk. r-Royal Narry derivative of the Scout (see opposite page) intended primarily for operation from small platforms on frigates and destroyers in the anti-submarine weapon-carrying role, the normal load being two Mk. ++ torpedoes. For A.S.W. role the Wasp is normally crewed by a single pilot, but dual controls may be installed for instructional purposes, and up to four passengers may be carried. Diffcrences from Scout are a folding tail and special undercarriage for deck operations. photosraph: A Royal Nar,y Wasp A.S. Mk. r (XS463).

Weights: Empty, 3,+52 1b.; max. loaded, 5,5oo lb. Dimensions: Rotor diam., 32 ft. 3 in.; fuselage length, 3o ft. 5f-in.; overall height, 8 ft. 8 in. Operators: R.N.; Braz. Narry; S.A. Nalry, R.N.Z. Nar.ry; R. Neth. N.A.S. First Flights: (rst Prototype) July zo, 1958; (Wasp



of r,6oo s.h.p., or (Nlk..5) irvo coupled Blisiol lirddelcy Gnome r rol r I r turboshafts of i,35o s.h.p. PerJormance: (Applies specifically to Mk. *i,';in Vt. 3 5 rn parcnthcses).M. specd, r27 032) m.-p.h.; m. cr. speed, .rzr m.p.h.; nor. range, 3oo (z7o) mls.; in. cl., ,r.54o.(r,65o) .ft./min.; hov. ciil. (i.g.6.y, 5,!"o ft.,

r6itu._ Role: Ten-seat General-purpose Transport
Rcscue. Power Plant: (Srs.

Power Plunt: (Mk.3) One Rolls-Royce Gazelle

loie ;A.!.W.,Gencral-purpose ind Assault'fransporr.

Qorlntfy o;f Origin: United Kingdom.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.


to.g.e..l, 3,roo (+,ooo) fr.

(rr,.soo) lb.

trleigltts:..F;npty, 8,9oo (8,657)

lb.; loaded, r4,ooo

Di,nensions: Rotor diam., 56 ft. o in. ; fuselage length, +8 ft. +l in.; ovcrall height, r6 ft. z in.

ll) IL4 \r.;(NIk.5z) Iraq A.F.;(Mk.-s3) Ghan.'A.F. First Ftigltts:
duction continuing r967. No figures avaiiible.
(proto. Mk. 5) Mny_3-r, tqO:; (Mk. 5) N.r.-;;';6Z;' Production History: Manufactured from rosg u'"a

Operators: (Mks.r, 3 & 5) R.N.; (Mk.z) R.A.F.: (Mk.

(Protorype) May r7, i9571iMk.,)J,rr," zo, r958; (proto. Mk.z) Jan.i8,rs62i (Mk.2) Oct.c.ro6z.

Variants: H.A.S. Mk. r-Gazelle r6r-powered derivativc of Sikorsl{y S--58 (see page zSS) for A.S.W. role, Y\.-s_t b.:tlg. o Gazelle r65-powered equivalent for R.A.N. H.C. Mk. z-Coupled Gnome-powered transport for R.A.F. Mks. 5icnd .5r similai export


tion and Whirlwinds Srs. i & z converted to^similar
standards 253)

licence-manufacturedin Yugoslavia. **New produc-

radial of 75o h.p., or (Srs. 3) Rristol Siaaettv Gnome H.rooo (ror) turboshaft of r,o5o s.h.p. Performance: (Refgrs Srs. 3 u'ith Srs. z in parentheses) M-.speed, ro6 (ro6) m.p.h. at s.l.; econ. ci. speed, ro4 (86)_m.p.h.; m. range, 3oo (325) mls.; in. il., i,zoo (r,o6o) ft./min.; hov.-ceil. (i.g.e.), r5,8oo i7,o6oj ft., (o.g.e.), 6,9oo (4,ooo) ft. Weights: Empty, 4,g;z (SB79lb. ; loaded, 8,ooo lb. Dimensio.ns:.Rot-or diam., 53 ft. o in.;fuselage length, 4+ ft. z in. (+r ft. 8 j in.); ovcrall hcight, r3 ft. zl in. O_perators: (Srs,. z) Aus. A.F. ; R.A.F. ; n.N. f1or. A.n. ; t!uw. A,F.; Yugo A.F.; Span. A.F.; R. Saud. A.F. (Srs. :) R.A.F.; R.N.; Ghan. A.F. Fir st Flights : (Srs. z) Aug. 28, r 95 5 ; (Srs. 3) Feb. 28, r 959. Production History: Srs. r & z* (4ooi); Srs. 3 (rzo**). Srs. r & z manufactured r95o-6.j. *Some 6o-zo


z) One Alvis Leonides Major r55

by tg67 when conversion work continued.

models. H.A.S. Mk. r-Dcveloped"Mk. r. fi.U. Mk. 5 -Assault version"of Mk. z.' Photograph: Wessex H.A.S. Mk. 3 A.S.W. helicopter.

with R-r34o or R-r3oo engine. Srs.-z-similar to Srs. r apart from British engine. Srs. 3-Turboshaft adaptation. Mostly conv-rsions of Sis. r & z. Plntosraph: A Whirlwind H.A.R. Mk. ro (Srs. r).

Var.iants,: Srs.

r-Anglicised version of S-55 (see page

A-3 Skywarrior, Douclus. E: A-4 Skyhawk, Douclas. 73 A-5 Vigilante, North American.

A-r Skyraider, Douslas.


Rucctnecr, Hawker Siddelev. oo Iluckeye, North American. -r fiir

269 CL-28 Argus, Canadair, r14


CL-4r'futor, Canadair,

ljufialo, de Havilland


CI.-44 Yukon, Canadair, r96 CA-27 Sabre, 48


CM r7o Magister, Potez, r8o
Convair B-53 lJustler, 7.1 F- roz Delta Dagger, ro

Commonwealth CA-25 Wiqieel,

A-6 Intruder. Grumman. 86 A-7 Corsair II, Lins-'i'cncoVoucht. 06 A 3zA Lanscn, Saab. roo A-37D, Cessna, r.+4 A 6o, Saab, r84 AC-47A, Douslas. zoa Aermacchi MB. rz6- r 16 AH-rG, Bell, ziz ' "

C-47 Skytrain, Douslas. zoa C-54, l)ouslas. :o6 C-rr7D, Douglas, zo4 C-rr8, Douclas. :o6 C-r r9, Fairchild, zrz C-r z3 Provider, Fairchild. zr

C-zA Greyhound, Grumman. 2rll

F-ro6 Delta Dart, rz Ling-TemcoVought A-7, 96 Crusader, Ling-Tcmco-Vought

Corsair II,

zr6 Alizd, Brezuet roqo. r ro Alouette II. SudlAviation- z6o 2io III, Sud-Aviation. z6r C-r35, Boeing, r94 Andover. Hawker Siddelev- zzz C-r4rA Starlifter, Lockheed. Antonov An-rz, roo 230 Argosv. Hawker Siddelev- zza C.r6o. Transall. ze8 '

Albatross, Grumman HU-r6.

C-rz4 Globemaster lI. Douclas. zo8 C-r3o Hercules, Lockheed. zz8 C-r33 Cargomaster, Doriglas,

C'I'-rr4 Tutor, Canadair,
Cub (An-rz), rso CV-7, de Havilland, zoz

CSzt^-2, rzz CSI{-r ro, Grumman, zr6



F-ro4 Starfighter, Lockheed, 3-1 F-ro5 Thunderchief, Republic, F-ro6 Delta Dart, Convair, r2 F-r t r, General Dvnamics. zo Fagot (MiG-r.s), io Fairchild C-rrg, ztz C-rz3 Provider, zr+ Fairey Gannet A.E.W. Mk. :, Fiat G.!r, r8 Fiddler (Tupolev), 66
Farmer (MiG-rq), 44 FB-rrr. General Dvnamics. zo


Atlmtic, Bresuet rrso. rr2 Atlas MB.3z6M r16 Avro Shackleton, ro8
B-52 Stratofortress. Boeinq.
B--s7, Martin. o8 B--58 Hustler. Convair-

Argus, Canadair


CA-25 Winjeiel,- ComonCA-27 Sabre.' Comonwealthwealth. raS
Canadair CF-s, s+

Mirage III, 16 Mirage IV, 76 De Havilland Vampire, r5o
Canada Beaver. ro8 Canada Buffalo, zbz Canada Caribou, zoo

Dakota, Douglas C-+7, zo+ Dassault Etendard, r4




BAC r6Z, rr8


CL-28 Arzus. i ra

Sabre. +8

CL-4r Tutor. raz

Delfin, L-zq, r6o Delta Dagger, Convair F-toz, Flashlight-A l)elta Darr. Convair F-ro6, r2 Dominie, Hawker Siddeley, rs6 Dornicr Do 27, r 3z

Fishbed (MiG-zr), +6 Fishpot (Su-q), 64 Fitter (Su-7), 6z F irebar (Yakovlev), 7o

Jet Provost. rr8 -

Badger (Tu-r6). roz
Beagle (Il-28). d+

Lishtnins. 8

CC-ro6 Yukon- ro6 Canberra, Englis[ Eiectric, 8,1 Uargomaster, Douglas C-r33, Caribou, de Havillmd Canada, CC-ro6 Yukon. Canadair. ro6 CC-ro8, de Hivillmd Cinida.
20a 200 2\O

CT-rt4, r+z'

Flashlight-D (Yak-28), 68 I.lying Boxcar, Fairchild C-r rg, Folland Gnat, z6
Fresco (MiG-r7), +z

(Yak-z-q), 68

r98 Beech +s Mentor. r40 Belfast. Shon. z16 Bell OH-r3 Siorix. z+o UH-r Iroouois- zal Belvedere. Westland. z6e Beverley, Blackburn. roi Blackburn Beverlev- roz -

Beaver. de Havilland Canada

Bear (Tu-zo). rb+

A-3 Skywarrior,8z A-+ Skyhawk, r8 C-rr8,

A-r Skyraider,



Tr, lsz

C-47 Skytrain, 2o4 C-54, zo6

CC-rr5, de Havilland


Bird Doe. Cessna O-r.-rro Boejng B-52 Stratofortress, 7?

Cesna O-r Bird Dog, r3o 'l-37, r14 CF-s, Canadair. <a

Draken, Saab 3 5, 6o

C-rz4 Globemaster II, zo8 C-r33 Cargomaster, zro

General Dynamics, Fiat, r8 Galeb, SOKO Gz-A, r86 Gannet A.E.W.3, Fairev. r r6

Blinder (Tu-zz). ro6

CF-ror. McDonnell.'-r8

T-+t, r+6

Brewer (Yakovlev). 7o Broussatd, Holste M.H. r 5zrM,

-Vertol CH-46, 246 . -Vertol CH-47,245 ljreguet ro5o AlizC, rro r rso Atlmtic. r rz



CH-:, Sikorskv, ii8
CH-ro. Sikorskv.

Choctaw. Sikorskv-

CH-:+, Sikorski'. zii CH-+6, Boeinq-Veri6l. za6 CH-+7, Boeine-Vertol. zi< CH-54, Sikorsky, 2ss Chinook, Boeins-Vertol. 24< -

E-zA Hawkeye, Grumman, r r8 C-zA, EA-38 Skywarrior, Douslas, 8z Greyhound, Gman 2tl9 EA-6I} Intruder, Grumman, 86 Grmman A-6A Intruder, 86 EQ-47D, Douglas, zo4 C-zA Greyhound, z18 IIC-r3s, Boeing, ro+ E-zA Hawkeve. r r8 Inclish Electric Canberra. 8a

Globemaster II, Douglas, zo8 Gnat, Hawker Siddeley, z6

FB-rr r,




CL-r3 Sibre, Canidiir,



Iij Northrop, .i+ HAL HAOP-27 Krishak, r:+ F-8 Crusader, Ling-TemoHF-24 N{arut, 22
Vought, 3z

IVM, Dassault, 14 F-+ Phantom II. McDonnell-



HU-r6 Albatross, z16 OV-r Mohawk, rzo
S-z Tracker, rzz


HJT-r6 Kiran, r54

Handley Page Hastings, :zo

r l iphtnine' BAC' 8
I Lil$-Tlmi9-Y:ught I ( orsalr I tt rlu


Short Belfast,236 Sil<orshy S-55,25.1 S-58,255

\ icror, 8E iiuit,. fnti-'b),


P-z Neptune, Lockheed, rz4 P-r Orion, l,ockhcerl, tz6

I l;-8 Crusadcr' 3z I zz8 Harrier. Hawher Siddclcy.2E- I L;khc;d C-I3o.Hercules' ( -ratA start-ifter' 230 ijili,'"'"i,'rijiin,tmeiican. rr,8 t t;-+ Starfighter' 34 :,1 I II lervl<er Hunter. i i;;il;; bl;;;l;;luccanccr, oo I P-u Neptune'-tz4 H-l urlon' l2l .\nJovcr, z:z 1'13' t6z ,s:
Gnat,26 FIarricr. z8 I{estrel, z8

Harc (Mi-l), 251

I'. i r 27, Has ker Sidelelcy, z8 I'aris, Morane-Saulnier, r6-5 l)hantom Il, N{cDonnell F-4, 36 Piaggio P.r48, r76



P.r+9, r78 I'otez CM r7o Magister, r8o Provider, Irairchild C-t23, zrl


Macchi MB.rz(r, r 36 Mxsister, Potez CM r70, r80

Il.A-3Il Shyrvarrior, Douglas, 8z l{r\-5C Vigilantc, North r\merican. rz8 Ilaven, Ililler


Vrrlcan. q 1 IJarvkeve. Grumman D-2,A, r rE IIC-13;H Hercules, Lockheed'



N{artin. B-s7, s8 98 N{anrt HAL HF-24. 22 IAL tstl'-2+,22 Nlarut. HAl, HF
Mascoi (ll-2EU),94 Mava (L-zq), r6o

IiB-s7, Martin, q8 1{epublic F-84F'l'hunderstreak,



Sioux, Bell OH-r3,2,1o Sh 35C Dral<en, Saab,6o Sl< so, Saab, r8z Sk 6o, Saab, r8+ Skyharvk, Douglas A-4, 78 Skyraider, Doug)as A-r, tio Skytrain, Douglas C-47, zo.1 Skyu-arrior, Douglas A-3, 8z SOI{O Gz-A Galeb, 186 SP-z Neptune, Lockheed, rz-1

S-644, 259

Ijercules. Lockheed C-r30, HH- r Sihorsl<Y, 258



Mci)onnell F-+ Phantom II, F-ror Voodoo,38 Mentor. Beech 45, r4o Midget.(MiG-r 5UTl), +o

HH-i.r Huskie. Kaman,

Hillei-OH-z3 Raven, 247

z-19 ^


Hisoano HA-zoo Saeta, r5E HIf-r6 l{iran, HAL, I5+

IidiG-t7,42 MiG-rq, ++

RF-8+F'fhunderflash, Rcpub- Su.l--\r'ietion Alouettc i\louette III, 26r lic,58 Super lirclon, z6z RF-ror \/oodoo, McDonnell, 38

F-ro5 Thunderchief,56 RF-84F'fhunderflash, 58 RF-8 Crusader, Ling-'-femcoVought,3z

Starfighter, Loclheed


Starlifter, Lochheed C-r4rA,
Stratofortress, Boeing B-S2, 72



Hirlste M.H.l5zrM Broussard, Hound (Mi-+), z5z

MiG-2r,46 Mil Mi-r, z5r Mil Mi-+, z5z Mil Mi-to, 253

Il.F-rrr, General Dynamics, l{'f-33, Lockheed, r6z


Sulihoi Su-7,62

HU-r6 Albatross, Grumman,
HrrevCobra. Betl AH-rG' z4z Huehes OH-6A, z+8 Hunter. Hawlrer, z+ Huntinc Jet Provost, r38 Huskie. Kaman HH-+:' z+q Hustlei. Convair B-58, 74


III. Dassault, r6 MiraEe IV. Dassaulr, ?6

Mohiwh. Grumman OV-r, rzo
Nloncol (MiG-z rUTI). +6Morme-Saulnier MS-76o Parts' t64 Neptune, I.ockheed P-2, rz4

NKC-r:5, Boeing. r94
Noratlas. Nord, z3z North American A-5A Vicilante. rz8

S-z Traclicr, Grumman, r22 S 3zC Lansen, Saab, roo S 35E Drakcn, Saab,6o S-5-5, Sikorsky, 25.1 S-58, Sikorshy, 255 5-6r8, Sikorshy, 257 5-6rR, Sikorsky, 258 5-64A, Sikorsky, 259 Saab 3z I-ansen, roo

Super lirclon, Sud-Aviation,
Super Nlagister, Potez, r8o Super Sabre, North American


T-z Buckeye, North American, t66 T-6 Texan, North American,
T-28, North American, r7o
'I--33, Lockheed, r6z 'l-34, Ileech, r4o T-37, Cessna, r44

Ilurshin Il-28. q+ ii.nala. Atlas M8.326M. r36 Intruder, Grumman A-64' 86
Iroquois, Bell

gr Safir, r8z
ro-5, r8,+

35 Dral(en,60




F-86F Sabre, 48

F-too SuPer Sabre,52
RA-sC Vigilante, rz8 T-zBuckeYe, r66 T-6 Texan, 168

I ezB Lansen, Saab, roo i i< Draken. Saab, 6o

iet Piovost, BAC, r38
Kaman HH-43 Huskie, 249

rs. Boeing, r94

Sabre, Canadair CL-r3, ,48 Commonwealth CA.27, 48 North American F-86D, 50 North American F-86F, +8 Saeta, Hispano Hr\-zoo, r58 SaFr, Saab qr, r8: Scottish r\r'irtion l'rvin Pioneer,

'l'-38 Talon, Northrop, r74 'l--39, North American, r7z


UH-z SeaSPrite, z5o I(C-r r<. Boeing, r94 Kestril. Hawker SiddeleY' zE Kiran. HAL HJT-I6' t54 Krish;k, HAL HAoP-zz, r:+ L-zo Delfin, r6o
Lanien, Saab 32, roo

T49, t7z Northrop F-5, 54 T-38 Talon, r74

T-28, r1o

s"or?,3tv""ttu..t, rc4

'I'alon, Northrop T-38, r74 'I'B-58 Hustler, Convair, 74 'I'exan, North American 'I'-6,

'fA-4F Skyhawk, Douglas,

Cessna, 146



oH-6A. Huehes,

Bird Dog, Cessna, r3o

Scabat, Sikorsky SII-:+, zS6 Seahorse, Sikorsky UH-34, 256 Sea King, Sil<orsky SH-3, 257 Sea Knight, Boeing-Vertol, 246 SeaSprite, Kaman UH-2, z5o

TF-roz Delta Dagger, Convair,

TF-ro4 Starfighter, Lockheed,

OH-rr Sioux, Bell, z4o OH-zi Raven, FIi'ller' 247


Sca Vixen, Hawker Siddeley, 3o

TH-r:, Bell,


Lockheed Orion.'Mohawk, P-3, rzb Grumman' tzo OV-r

Shackleton, Avro. ro8

SII-34, Sikoreky,254


King, Sikorsky,

Thunderchief, Republic F-ro5



Thunderflash, Republic RFSaF. s8

Thunderstreali, Republic F-84F,
5E -fracker, Grumman S-2. rzz Transall C,r 6o. zr8 TS-rr Iskra, r88" Tupolev Tu-r6. roz


Victor, Handley Paee. 88 Vigilante, North American R-\-5C, rz8 Voodoo, McDonnell F-ror. r8 Vulcan, Hawker Siddcley, qj
Westland Beivedere. z6 r


Fiddler,66 Twin Pioneer. Scotrish Aviatton,234 U-6, de Havilland, ro8 UH-r lroquois. Bell-- ztz UH-z SeaSprite. Kahan. z<o

Tu-22. t06



Wasp,265 Wessex,266

\\'injeel, Commonwealth CA-25, r48
Yakovlev Brewer, ?o




UH-ro. Sikorskv.

A i r Forc e Spain gudan




Firebar, To Yak-z\-.68
Yak-28. 68

Vampire, de Havilland, r5o

Yukon, Cinadair CC-ro6, rq6
Spatr. A.F.

iat ions (C ontinued) Air I'orco l'lygvapnet Flugvaflo Sydao Air Force Tarzrni^n Ar Force Iloyal llhai Air Force Force Apdenne Toqotnise Am6e de I Ar TurJdiemc Tilrk I{ava Kuwetleri U,ganda Amy Air Forco Vue0no-Vuz,llsbny Sily Nurdkrya Avialuiyr Air Force oi tbo UnileLl Ar:rb Reprrllic nuyil Ar Forco Irleet Air Arrn Arrny Aviation Uniled Sktec Air Force UoilFd Suks NrW UDitcdSIates.MarineComs Air NatioDal cuard Force Adrientre de flaut€-Volia Fuerzc Aerea Uruguaya Iuerzas A6reas Venerolauas Vietnrmese People's Air Forco Vieinam$e Air Forc€ ,{ir Force of th€ Yemen JugoslovenskollatnoYazduhoploestyo Zambia Air lorce

Eiercito del Airo

SFitzerland Syria


gid. A.F, gfed. A.F.


A.F, Aw. t.F. Tin. A.F. R. Thai A.F.




Turk. A.F.
sov. Nary UAR A.F",

Togo A.F, Tuir. A.F.


Ug. A.A.F. Sov. A.],.

U.K. -do-


-dr -do-dr

n.A.t'. n.N. Brit. Amv U.S.A.F, '
U.S.N. U.S.M.C.


Upper Volta

A.N.G, Up, V,A.F.

Uiu. A.ts.

Vietnm (N)
Vietnam (8)
Yemen Yugoslayia Zarnbia

Venez. A.F.

N. Viet. A.I'. I'em. A.F.
Zam. A.F.

Viet. A_Fyugo.A.F.

an iDatividual mititary aircraft - A-o,uTi-p!g of iistilg cume_Dtisopemtors ofto rhe Dougls C-n? B[ytrain tne ts pro\ided. by the follovilg shich applicabl€ or Liakot.r trampoft (see paged 204-205): op?:a!on: Ars. A. E. Ars. _ A. ts.. ( amen A.F., Camb. A.F.,R.A.A.F., R.A.N., Bels. A.F.. Boliy. A.F., Bru. A.F., -Narry, aur. R.C.A.F., Chil. A.F., -.N.A.F., Col, A.F., Cong. A,t.; (u-b_an A.t., x. Dau. 4.F., UAR, A.l'.. Et!.4.q:, FiD. A.F., Fr. A.F.. Aeron;vatei t_utt.i x.H.A.F.. cuat. A.r'.. Hair. A.c., Eou. A.F., r.A.F., A.u:n.l.;1;;.;.i;ii. b.l.r., I.D.l'lA.F., ltat. A,I,., R.O.K.A.F., Laos A.F., Lib. i.F.. trad.'A.F; Uiuil e.e., Uer. A.F., R.-Nettr. A.F., Nis.r A.F., R.N.z.A.F.,lic. e.e., n. No e.i"- F#"lili., i;"-.,1.r., Phil. A.P. P^od. A.F. R. R. A. F., R. S,,rd. A. F., gat. A.F., SeD. A.i; a;; A.i- S.ea.r., tspe. Aud. A-F.. Swed. A.F.. aq._A.F., R. Thai A.F., Tut, A.F., Ua. f.A.f:; jlii., Uro. 1.F., u.s.A.F., u.s.x., u.e.M.c.

veoii e.r.-vi"t.

v-d"le.ii.,-i*. .r.r.





I. I2. I3.




I5. I6. I7. I8. I9.











28. ShA FISHES 29, FLACS 30. cA'l's

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37. SCULP'ltiRE



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