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then it is known as effective communication. c    . Barriers to effective communication could cause roadblocks in your professional and personal life and it could be one of the major hurdles in achieving your professional goals. When your message is not clearly understood you should understand that you are facing a barrier to communication. a communication becomes successful only if the receiver understands what the sender is trying to convey. And if the message is conveyed clearly and unambiguously. Language is one of the major barriers to effective communication. This is a place where you meet people from different walks of life and also from different cultural background. Communication is a process by which you convey your message to someone or a group of people. the message you had send would reach the receiver with very little distortion. However. In effective communication.   Workplace communication is not easy.

background noise    . They estimate there are four basic places where communication could be interpreted wrongly. When a person uses inappropriate words while conversing or writing. Many social psychologists opine that there is 50% to 70% loss of meaning while conveying the messages from a sender to a receiver. you tend to have trouble listening to others or .  c  .Inability to converse in a language that is known by both the sender and receiver is the greatest barrier to effective communication. Other distractions that could cause a physical barrier in an organization are the environment. it could lead to misunderstanding between the sender and a receiver. Physical barriers in an organization includes large working areas that are physically separated from others.Your emotions could be a barrier to communication if you are engrossed in your emotions for some reason. A few barriers of effective communication in an organization are given below.   .One of the major barriers of communication in a workplace is the physical barrier.   An effective communication barrier is one of the problems faced by many organizations. In such cases.

anger. transactional analysis utilizes a contract for specific changes desired by the client and involves the "Adult" in both the client and the clinician to sort out behaviors. counseling.) Y Y ¢   Transactional analysis is a powerful tool to bring about human well being. he may find it difficult to understand the message.understanding the message conveyed to you. In psychotherapy. The above-mentioned barriers to effective communication are considered as filters of communications.  . (Also see Key Ideas in Transactional Analysis.) . protective. leading to communication distortion. Examples of transactional analysis psychotherapy can bee seen in our Master Therapists series. (Click here for a biography of Eric Berne. resentfulness and fear. Y Y á    Transactional analysis is a social psychology developed by Eric Berne.One of the major communication barriers faced by employees in most of the organization is stress. You can overcome the barriers to communication through effective and active listening. Transactional analysts intervene as they work with clients in a safe. emotions and thoughts that prevent the development of full human potential.1970). At the time of stress. Transactional analysts are able to use the many tools of psychotherapy. education. When a person is under immense stress. MD (d.If a person who sends a message lacks subject knowledge then he may not be able to convey his message clearly. and this could lead to a barrier to effective communication.environment to eliminate dysfunctional behaviors and establish and reinforce positive relationship styles and healthy functioning.) Over the past four decades Eric Berne's theory has evolved to include applications to psychotherapy. mutually respectful-OK/OK--. the Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson Couples Therapy Videotapes and the Carlo Moiso-Isabelle Crespelle DVD. ranging from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioral methods in effective and potent ways. we fail to realize the essence of communication. experiences. our psychological frame of mind depends on our beliefs. (See our Products page. and organizational development. goals and values. A few of the emotional interferences include hostility.     . Thus. The receiver could misunderstand his message.

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Counseling work focuses on creating productive problem solving behaviors.  . This working relationship provides tools clients can utilize in their day-to-day functions to improve the quality of their lives. Counselors who utilize transactional analysis work contractually on solving "here and now" problems. counselor's establish an egalitarian. Using transactional analysis. safe and mutually respectful working relationship with their clients.

learning and education. Educational TA is both preventive and restorative. TA concepts provide a flexible and creative approach to understanding how people function and to the connections between human behaviour. Teaching them to both teachers and students is a process of empowerment. to support people in developing their own personal and professional philosophies and to enable optimum psychological health and growth. enhancing effective methods of interaction and mutual recognition. The aim is to increase personal autonomy. Transactional Analysis is a practical educational psychology that offers a way of transforming educational philosophy and principles into everyday practice. TA concepts are developed and used with people of all ages and stages of development in their various social settings. The key philosophical concepts that underpin Educational TA are: `Y V Y Y  Y.


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 Y YY The process of educational TA is contractual. TA can be used to address important issues in: `Y YY Y Y YY `Y   Y. and what agreements have been made for what purposes. so that all parties know where they stand. Throughout the process the ideas and methods of TA are used openly to promote informed co-operation and the sharing of power between all parties.

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Above all educational TA is invaluable in helping people to thrive and in promoting healthy and effective learning in a wide variety of contexts. h.


Y . as well as eliminate dysfunctional organizational behaviors. Transactional Analysis is a powerful tool in the hands of organizational development specialists. Through presenting the basic concepts of transactional analysis and using it as the basic theory to undergird the objectives of their clients. organizational development specialists build a common strategy with which to address the particular needs of organizations and to build a functional relationship.