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Students Details

Div. Roll No Name of the Student Contact No. Email ID

1 D 2711174 Pratik Lakdawala 9158424329

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00% 2004 Science n or row.00% 2002 58. . X (10th XII (12th details) Engineering Diploma ( If app details) (10th %) YoP (12th %) Yop Background  (%) Yop 83.

eering Diploma ( If applicable) Graduation Board / College Name Grad.00% Knitting Technology . University Textile 58. (%) Background Spec.

Grade Veer Narmad Sarvajanik College 2008.00% South Gujarat of Engg. University . And Tech. Other courses Graduation ( If Applicable) %/ Yop College Name University Background Spec.

-Minor YoP Name Major Agree. 3 Sem.(%) Marketing 55.ther courses PGDM / MBA Details f Applicable) College / Institute Spec.80% 2011 .  Yop Spec. .

tails Summer Project Details College Project Title Company Name Location Surat- MIT-ISBJ Prism Thread Pvt Ltd Gujarat Customer buying behavior of Prism thread pvt ltd in local market .

Work Experience Person Company Name Job Title Duration Date of Birth Age 13-Apr-1987 23 .

Soni Faliya. Heights. Surat- Gujarati College. Shreeram 10/1779. Pune-411038 . English. Kothrud. Personal Details Correspondence Language known Permanent Address  Address c-17. Hindi. 395003. Gujarat. Near MIT popawala Street.

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