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AGM  2011  


Oliver  Blackley  

I  am  standing  for  re-­‐election  because  I  believe  I  have  the  experience,  capability  and  dedication  to  continue  
serving  the  Kent  Debating  Society  and  bringing  it  above  and  beyond  what  it  is  currently  achieving.  

Firstly,  I  am  an  experienced  advocate,  public  speaker  and  debater.  I  was  an  avid  member  and  President  of  
my  Model  United  Nations  club  in  high  school,  attending  numerous  conferences  as  both  a  delegate,  chair  and  
president.  I  joined  debating  upon  arriving  at  Kent  in  my  first  year,  and  I  have  competed  at  Inner  Temple  IV,  
and  judged  at  Durham  Schools  and  King's  College  IV.  I  therefore  believe  that  I  have  the  debating  experience  
to  both  run  a  superb  debating  society  and  train,  coach  and  nurture  less  experienced  members.    

Secondly,   I'm   an   effective   organiser.   I   was   elected   Vice-­‐President   of   the   Student   Council     in   high   school,   I  
served  as  President  of  Keynes  College  this  year,  I  was  the  Debate  Convenor  of  this  society  in  my  first  year  
and  I  was  President  of  this  Society  in  my  second.  These  roles  have  given  me  vital  experience  in  organising  
events  and  running  organisations,  which  gives  me  the  capability  to  take  the  right  decisions  to  ensure  that  the  
debating   society   is   run   efficiently   and   responsibly.   I   believe   I   have   demonstrated   this   over   the   course   of   this  

I   also   believe   that   I   have   proven   myself   to   be   a   dedicated   member   of   the   Kent   Debating   Society.   I   have  
attended  every  event  since  the  first  reading  week  of  my  first  year,  sat  on  its  committee  as  Debate  Convenor  
and   President,   attended   numerous   competitions   and   organised   events   beyond   our   weekly   meetings.   I  
believe   that   this   demonstrates   that   I   can   make   this   society   truly   exceptional,   and   weave   it   into   the   academic  
and  extra-­‐curricular  fabric  of  this  campus  over  the  course  of  another  year.    

Finally,  I've  listened  to  some  constructive  criticism  through  the  year.  Members  want  more  opportunities  to  
learn   more   about   the   topics   they   debate   about,   and   more   opportunities   to   train   themselves   in   the   art   of  
debating.  If  re-­‐elected,  I  want  to  start  holding  sessions  dedicated  to  teaching  debating  skills,  and  I  want  to  try  
and  bring  in  guest  speakers  and  other  content  to  enrich  our  weekly  debates.    

So,  because  I  am  experienced,  capable,  and  dedicated,  please  re-­‐elect  me  as  President  of  the  Kent  Debating  


KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  
KDS  Manifestos  
AGM  2011  


Georgie  Tsui  

Despite   being   a   relatively   early   attendee   of   the   Debating   Society,   I   have   been   involved   in   all   of   its   events   and  
activities   available   to   a   member,   from   attending   the   Inner   Temple   Competition   to   debating   regularly   in  
Keynes  and  observing  others  debate.    

However,  I  wish  to  contribute  more  pro-­‐actively  to  this  society.  Concerning  the  many  issues  relevant  to  the  
Secretary   of   a   society,   such   as   communication   between   the   committee   and   its   members,   effectual  
administration   work   as   well   as   the   efficient   operation   of   the   Society,   I   believe   I   have   the   skills   to   tackle   them  
all.  Skills  including  an  impressive  word  per  minute  rating  (112,  if  you  were  interested),  which  will  help  me  
correspond   to   all   members   the   news,   decisions   and   activities   of   the   society   quickly   and   accurately   via   email,  
facebook   and   through   the   website.   I   also   happen   to   be   quite   proficient   at   administrational   work,   and   so  
keeping  minutes  at  meetings  need  not  be  a  problem.    

In  addition  to  these  tasks  which  I  will  carry  out  to  the  best  of  my  abilities,  I  will  endeavor  to  work  closely  
with  the  President  and  Publicity/Social  Officer  in  order  to  allow  as  many  people  as  possible  to  be  informed  
of  the  activities  of  the  Debating  Society,  of  how  to  get  involved  and  of  how  debating  could  develop  any  useful  
skills  as  well  as  be  a  great  source  of  passion  and  enjoyment,  as  it  has  been  for  me.  


KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  
KDS  Manifestos  
AGM  2011  


Oliver  Hartland  

Hello  fellow  debaters!  

My  name  is  Oliver  and  I  am  standing  for  election  as  the  position  of  treasurer  for  the  society.  

I   have   loved   my   first   experiences   of   being   on   the   committee   and   would   relish   the   opportunity   to   be   re-­‐
elected  and  to  be  able  to  contribute  even  more  to  the  success  of  the  society,  

I   feel   that   I   have   an   aptitude   towards   managing   finances   and   budgets   having   been   elected   as   Finance  
Manager   for   our   Young   Enterprise   company   at   school   as   well   as   having   a   major   influence   in   the   running   and  
finances   of   a   large   campsite   in   France.   Furthermore,   the   fact   that   I   am   a   student   means   I   am   obliged   to   work  
with   limited   funds   and   believe   I   manage   to   find   a   sensible   balance   between   being   a   spendthrift   and  

Whatever  the  result,  I  intend  to  continue  my  whole-­‐hearted  enthusiasm  and  support  in  order  to  further  the  
progression  of  a  society  of  which  I  am  proud  to  be  a  member.  


KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  
KDS  Manifestos  
AGM  2011  

Debate  Convenor  

Monifa  Walters  Thompson  

I'd  like  to  apply  for  the  position  of  debate  convenor  for  next  year  for  many  reasons.  My  first  is  my  inherent  
enjoyment  for  debating  the  dedication  I  will  bring  to  the  role  so  everyone  can  get  their  weekly  installment  of  
I'm   pretty   organised   and   will   happily   get   acquainted   with   the   process   of   booking   rooms   in   time   and   have  
already   formed   connections   with   the   head   of   the   CLS   for   next   year,   so   collaborations   with   other   vocal  
societies   will   certainly   be   on   the   cards.   In   terms   of   guest   speakers,   we   haven't   had   many   this   year   but   I'd  
happily  contact  as  many  people  as  possible  to  get  some  mildly  famous  and  certainly  interesting  faces  to  Kent.    
In  terms  of  administration  I  have  been  involved  in  another  debating  society  so  am  familiar  with  the  necessity  
of   good   motions   and   rooms.   Also,   when   I   have   something   to   do,   I   get   on   and   do   it   so   promptness   isn't   a  
problem  for  me.  As  debate  convenor  I'd  be  an  asset  to  the  society  happily  taking  responsibility  for  debates  
and  your  general  entertainment  every  Wednesday  evening  from  6  till  8.  


KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  
KDS  Manifestos  
AGM  2011  

Publicity  and  Socials  Officer  

Monifa  Walters  Thompson  

Us  debaters  are  a  social  lot  and  we  love  to  go  out  and  get  drunk.  This  is  something  I  would  love  to  facilitate  
with  ideas  for  debating  drinking  games  and  general  places  to  be  drunk  together.  In  addition  to  our  general  
trips  to  k  bar  I  feel  we  should  expand  our  knowledge  of  campus  bars  as  well  as  having  a  massive  beginning  of  
year   social   to   introduce   all   the   newbies   and   incorporate   our   old   timers!   Something   crazier   than   the   usual  
debating  activities  and  I'm  more  than  willing  to  try  and  charm  drinks  deals  out  of  wherever  I  can  -­‐  I  believe  
being   known   for   crazy   socials   and   good   drinks   deals   will   feed   into   the   other   part   of   my   role   as   publicity  
officer.  The  idea  of  doing  random  innocuous  posters  of  controversial  statements  to  draw  people  to  KLT5  is  
something  I  cannot  resist.      
I'll  definitely  try  and  lure  many  unsuspecting  bodies  into  the  society  and  hopefully  we  can  make  them  stay.  
The  fresher’s  fayre  stand  will  also  be  more  exiting  then  this  years  then  we  can  entice  more  people  from  the  
get   go.   I'd   be   exited   to   take   this   role   and   think   I   could   definately   raise   our   profile   in   the   eyes   of   general  
university  students!  
Mátyás  Juhász  
I   am   the   current   Publicity   and   Social   Officer   of   the   KDS.   I   am   responsible   for   advertising   the   Society   in  
general,   and   special   events,   like   the   AV   debate   on   the   31st   of   March.   Next   year   I   want   to   have   a   much   bigger  
publicity  campaign,  during  and  after  the  Fresher’s  Week,  to  increase  the  number  of  the  members.  I  want  to  
achieve  that  by  putting  up  more  posters  and  flyers,  advertising  the  Society  before  lectures  and  seminars  and  
by   sending   out   e-­‐mails.   I   strongly   believe   that   with   more   members,   the   standard   of   the   debates   will   also  
increase  and  they  will  become  even  more  interesting,  so  I  think  that  it  is  important  to  put  much  more  effort  
into  publicising  the  Society.  
On   the   social   side,   I   think   that   this   year   the   KDS   was   not   only   outstanding   in   the   level   of   the   debates,   but   the  
socials  were  also  very  enjoyable  and  many  members  became  friends  during  the  year.  I  am  planning  for  the  
summer  term  a  last  social,  to  bring  the  society  together,  once  more,  before  everyone  leaves  for  the  summer  
break.  For  next  year  I  am  planning  more  and  different  socials,  which  would  include  pub  crawls,  movies,  pool  
night  and  other  activities  depending  on  your  demands.  I  want  the  society  to  become  famous,  not  only  for  the  
high  level  debates,  but  also  for  its  great  socials.  Please  help  me  with  that,  by  voting  on  me.    
Thank  you.  

Louis  Wright  

I'd  like  to  apply  for  the  Publicity  and  Socials  Officer,  and  here's  why  –  I'd  like  to  help  define  the  'society'  in  
Debating  Society.  I  love  the  society  as  it  is  but  at  the  same  time  I  feel  like  my  own  ideas  could  help  shape  next  
year's   society.   Obviously   people   join   the   society   because   they   seek   a   group   that   shares   the   same   love   of  
structured  debate,  but  they  also  join  to  find  a  group  of  like-­‐minded  people  they  can  enjoy  the  company  of.  
For  me,  a  couple  of  goals  are  that  I  can:  
• Help  put  an  onus  on  socialising  by  organising  bar/pub  nights  for  members  to  get  to  know  each  other  and  
thus   feel   more   comfortable   coming   along   to   the   debates   themselves,   amongst   people   they   feel  
comfortable  around.  
• Aim  to  increase  the  amount  of  extra  events  so  that  current  members  have  a  chance  to  enjoy  themselves  
whilst   at   the   same   time   providing   opportunities   for   newer   members   to   get   to   know   our   society   in   an  
informal   climate.   By   introducing   more   informal   events   we   have   a   chance   to   say   to   prospective  

KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  
KDS  Manifestos  
AGM  2011  

members,  “Hey,  why  don't  you  come  out  with  us  on  this  night  and  get  to  know  all  of  us?”  
My  goals  above  show  how  I  would  use  the  position  to  make  Debate  Society  far  more  cohesive  and  familiar  
whilst  also  creating  ample  chance  for  new  members  to  comfortable  get  to  know  us  without  having  to  do  so  
through  formal  debate.  Of  course  I  also  intend  to  refresh  the  society's  publicity  in  the  following  ways:  
• Make  use  of  the  Facebook  page  to  keep  people  aware  of  the  upcoming  topics  IN  ADVANCE  of  when  they  
occur.  Almost  everyone  uses  Facebook  so  it  seems  only  natural  that  we  should  make  more  use  of  it  to  
make   people   aware   of   us.   By   making   sure   relatively   frequent   posts   appear   in   news   feeds   we   can  
ensure  that  people  know  what  debates  and  events  we  are  organising,  and  subsequently  be  interested  
in  coming  to  the  next  debate.  
• Publicity  is  also  about  maintaining  a  presence,  which  I  think,  can  be  improved  upon.  I  wasn't  even  aware  
of  a  website  until  recently  and  I  rarely  see  updates  via  Facebook  unless  it  is  the  day  of  the  debate.  I  
would  ensure  our  public  face(be  it  predominantly  Facebook  or  the  website)  is  always  up  to  date  so  
that   members   and   non-­‐members   alike   don't   have   to   look   hard   to   see   what   the   society   is   up   to   lately.  
Pro-­‐active   publicity   will   make   people   interested   because   we   will   seem   enthusiastic   ourselves.  
Nothing  sells  better  than  a  society  who  clearly  demonstrate  enthusiasm  in  their  own  events!  
My  focuses  above  demonstrate  how  I  have  a  clear  approach  and  understanding  of  how  to  both  increase  our  
publicity  and  rejuvenate  the  social  side  of  the  society,  providing  for  potential  members  and  newcomers  by  
garnering  publicity  whilst  organising  events  that  allow  them  to  comfortably  acclimatise  themselves  to  us  as  
a   society   and   also   giving   current   members   the   opportunity   to   have   a   laugh   with   one   another   –   or   even  
continue  recent  debates  held!  
Thank  you  for  reading  and  considering  this  manifesto  

Fiona  Brittle  

Hi,  I’m  Fiona  Brittle  and  I  am  running  for  the  position  of  Publicity  Officer.  Despite  the  fact  that  my  time  as  
part  of  the  Kent  Debating  Society  so  far  has  been  comparatively  short,  I’ve  already  developed  a  real  love  for  
the  art  of  debating.  I  know  that  I  would  be  a  valuable  part  of  the  committee  by  encouraging  a  wider  group  of  
aspiring   debaters   to   join   in,   perhaps   by   utilising   my   role   as   Vice   President   of   the   Critical   Law   Society   to  
advertise,  and  by  maintaining  the  channels  of  communication  we  already  use.    

Throughout   my   first   year   I   have   been   the   Social   Secretary   for   the   CLS   and   this   has   involved   organising  
socials   (unsurprisingly),   managing   events,   and   generally   being   one   of   the   public   faces   of   the   society   and  
making  it  known  to  people  who  may  otherwise  not  hear  about  it.  I  would  love  to  do  the  same  for  debating,  
and  I  think  that  I  have  the  experience,  skills,  and  characteristics  needed  for  this  role,  which  so  heavily  rests  
on   engaging   with   people.     If   elected,   I   would   relish   the   opportunity   to   work   hard   towards   increasing   the  
membership  figures  to  a  level  that  reflects  how  good  a  society  Kent  Debating  really  is.  Thank  you  for  your  

KDS  Manifestos    
AGM  2011  

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