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Course Description (SolidWorks) Course Description (CATIA V5


Sketcher basics CATIA user interface

3D sketching Creating and editing sketches

Part modeling Creating sketch based features

Creating reference geometries Creating transformation features

Editing features Creating dress up features

Advanced modeling tools Creating advanced replication tools

Configuration Editing parts in assembly

Design table/library features Creating surface features

Import/Export of files Generative Sheetmetal design

Surface overview Drawing view generation

Bottom-up assembly Drawing view generation

Top-Down assembly Bill of materials, balloons

Exploding assemblies Finalizing the drawing and printing

Simulation/ Detailing Dress up on 2D Views

BOM, Balloon tools Real time rendering

Sheet metal Duration: 80 hrs

PDM Works


Duration: 80 hrs


Course Description (Unigraphics NX) User Interface Sketcher essentials Constraining sketches Managing sketches Datums Creating part features Editing parts Knowledge Fusion Creating fundamental curves Editing Curves Editing Freeform Features Basic Assembly Concepts Creating Assemblies Positioning Assembly Components Assembly Arrangements and Arrays Assembly Revisions and Component Replacements Assembly Sequencing and Motion Assemblies – Clearance and Analysis Deformable Components Part Families Introduction to Drafting Drawings and Viewss Creating dimensions. notes and labels Plotting Drawings GD&T Symbols Duration: 80 hrs .


Course Description (AutoCAD) Introduction to CAD Industry Drawing Settings Orthographic Drawings Isometric Drawings Perspective Drawings Editing the drawings Annotations andDimensions Layer management Project Planning and Management: An Overview Selection Methods Creating and UpdatingRepeated Elements Parametric Drawings Preparing Joinery Details /BOM Presenting the Project Working with a team Layout Management Scale setting and Plotting Import and Export Duration: 80 hrs .


Course Description (Pro/ENGINEER) Pro/ENGINEER concepts Using the Pro/ENGINEER interface Creating sketcher geometry Creating extrudes. Family tables & UDF Assembling with constraints Exploding assemblies Creating surface features Editing surface features in Pro/ENGINEER Creating drawing views Creating drawing details Using advanced assembly constraints Creating and using component interfaces Creating and using flexible components Using assembly features and shrinkwrap Replacing components in an assembly Understanding simplified reps Creating cross-sections. envelope. bend back and cuts Notches and punches . chamfers and Drafts Variable section sweeps. revolves. Secondary and unattached walls Unbend. Helical sweeps and Swept blends Creating patterns Group. display styles. and model Creating and using assembly structure and skeletons Introduction to sheet metal design Primary walls. and combined views Substituting components by rep. and mirror tools Measuring and inspecting models Advanced reference management Relations and parameters Layers. and ribs Selecting and editing Creating datum features Utilizing internal sketches and embedded datums Creating sweeps and blends Creating holes and shells Creating rounds. copy.

Sheet metal forms Bending & Unbending sheet metal geometry Converting solid parts Sheet metal drawings with flat states and bend order table Real time rendering Duration: 80 hrs .

and Model Understanding Advanced Simplified Rep Functionality Managing complex drawings Project Duration: 16 hrs . Envelope.Course Description (Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Design) Introduction to Mechanism Design Understanding the Mechanism Design Process Creating the Model Verifying the Mechanism Adding Servo Motors Preparing for Analysis of a Mechanism Analyzing the Mechanism Evaluating Analysis Results Substituting Components By Rep.


Course Description (Pro/ENGINEER Mold Design) Basic about mold Type of molds Mold parts Creating the reference model Understanding shrinkage Creating a work piece automatically Creating and assembling a work piece manually Mold volume creation Parting line and parting surface creation Splitting mold volumes Mold component extraction Mold features creation Filling and opening the mold Duration: 24 hrs .